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Full text of "Alumni oxonienses; the members of the University of Oxford, 1500-1714; their parentage, birthplace, and year of birth, with a record of their degrees"

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tti UC^ 

. /> 


Hlumni ©ronienece: 

J • • 




ISCX3 — 1714: 




UDe /Dattfculation IRcdtster of tbe Tllnfperetts, 



JOSEPH FOSTER, Hon. M.A., Oxon, 



ffl) jcfotD : 





Addenda et Corrigenda, 

p. i86, par. 3a 

187. 5. 

188, 16. 

189, 29. 
















19s. 1. 

197. 26. 



















Brome, William, licenced (v.g.) 17 
July, 1682, aged 19, to marry Anne 
Turner, of St. Martins-in-tbe- 
Fields, spinster, aged 16. 

Bromhead, Hercy, M.A 1609. as 

Brooke. Edward, of St. Sepulchres, 
London, clerk, bachelor, aged 30, 
licenced (v.g.) 1 Aug., 1683, to 
marry Mary Burt, of city of Oiobrd, 
spinster, aged 20. 

Brooke, Samuel, baptised at All 
Saints pavement, York, 31 Aug., 

Broughe, William, M.A 1620. 

BrOTlgllton, Harvey, licenced (v.G.) 
13 April, 1689, to marry Francis 
Offley, of Lichfield St. Mary, 

Browne, Benjamin, licenced (v.g.) 
II Jan., 1692-3, to marry Ursula 
Michell, of Broxboume, Herts, 
spinster, aged 26. 

Browne, Christopher, M.A. 1620. 

Browne. Francis, buried in college 
chapel 13 June, 1703-4. See Gutcht 
i. app. 215. 

Browne, Francis, licenced (v.g.) 30 
May, 1682, to marry Anne Jenner, 
of St. Laurence, London, aged 17. 

Browne. John, perhaps the fellow of 
Balliol, and afterwards fellow of 
University Coll., B.D. 27 June, 
1594, D.D. 30 June, 1608, vicar of 
Be^ingstoke, Hants, a benefactor 
to Balliol. See Gutch, i. 49, 79. 

Browne^ John, s. John, citizen of 
Norwich, scholar of Gonville and 
Caius Coll., Cambridge, 10 April, 
1594, B.A. 1597-8, fdlow, M.A. 
1601, incorporated 14 July, 1607. 
See Vetiftt 78. 

Browne, John, M.A. 1623. 

Browne, John, B.Med. 1658, and 

D.Med. 1669, and perhaps B.A. 

1645, all from Jesus Coll. 
Browne, Thomas, LL.B. 1625, LL.D. 

1630, vide Pearson's Sketch of the 

Chaplains to the Levant Company ^ 
_ page 30. 
Browning, John, M.A. from Jesus 

Coll., Cambridge, 1617, B.D. 1624. 

Browning, Thomas, M.A. 1639. 
BrownlOW, Theodore, B.Med. 1658. 

Brownrlgg, Ralph, M.A. 1614, 

B.D. 1021, D.D. 1627, vice-chan- 
cellor 1631-8. 

Bmndisll, Robert, B.A. from Peter 
House, Cambridge, 1597-8, M.A. 
1601, incorporatf^ 16 July, 1601. 

Bryan, George, B.A from King's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1612-13, M.A 

Bryan, Noah, M.A. 1657. 

Bryan, Samuel, M.A. 1655. 

Buoke, James, M.A 1620, B.D. 

Buoke, John, perhaps B.A from 
Catherine Hail, Cambridge, z6i8- 
19, M.A. 1622, an esquire bedel, a 
partner in the printing business 
(University Press), died 22 Oct., 
1680 ; another John was B. A. from 
Catherine Hall 1638-9, and another 
B.A. from Magdalen Coll. 1652-3, 
M.A. 1656. 


205, par. 13. 

• 1 





















[ xiv ] 



























Baokle, William, licenced 16 A;t2, 

1689 (v.g.). to marry Eliza »r:' 

Smith, of Leatherhead, Sorrci 

spinster, aged 22. 
Bnokley, Peter, fellow and W~\- 

1608, as Bulkley. 
Bnokley, Thomas, M. A 1610, RD. 

Buggrs, Samuel, M.A 1614, BD 

iSh, D.D. per LU, Reg. 1631. 
Bull, Matthew, B.A. from EmmanB*^ 

Coll., Cambridge, 1590-1, MA 

BnllOOke, John, B.A. from Jess 

Coll., Cambridge, ZS73-4, M..*- 

1577, B.D. 1585. 
Bnndy, Richard, D.D. Lambeth n 

May, 1732. 
Bnrbanke, Robert, perhaps MA 

Borolier, Hugh, B.A Peter Ho35^ 

1580-1, 'M.A. 1584. 
Burden, Emel; of All Hallo^*^ 

Barking, licenced (v.g.) 7 Ji" 

1679-80, aged 26, to many Kath^.;-? 

Barber, of Su Olave's, Hart Stnset, 

aged 26. 

Barges, John, M.A. 1587. 

Barges, John, B. A from SL Jobs'? 
Coll., Cambridge, 1618-19, M..i. 

Burgoyne, John, B.A. from Jess 
Coll. 1580-1. M.A. 1584. 

Bnrnell, Laurence, B.A. from Sl 
John's 1600-1, M.A. 1604, B.D. 
161 1. D.D. per Lit. Beg. 1624. 

Bnrnet, William, D.Med. Anjou S 
Aug., 1663, hon. fellow college erf 
physicians 1680. See Munk's Rdl^ 
1. 410. 

Barnsell, John, B. A 3 July, 1639. 

Borrongll, ( ), perhaps Roben 

Burrows, admitted to Leyden 1 
Sept, 1706. 

Barton, Hemy, RA 1599-1600 
M.A 1603. 

Barton, Henry, B. A. from Pembroke 
Hall, Cambridge, 1611-12. M.A. 
1615, " tanquam socius " ; (inox- 
porated 15 July, 1617); born Oct, 
1590, admitted to Merchant Ixs- 
lors' school, Sept. x6oo. Sfc 
Robinson^ i. 46. 

Barton, John, M.A 1653. 

Barton, Richard, B.A. from Pem- 
broke Hall, Cambridge, 1583-4. 
M.A. 1587, B.D. from St Johns 
Coll. 1608. 

Barton, Robert, B.A. from Trinity 
ColL 1596-7, M.A. 1600. 

Bash, John, licenced (y.G.) 12 AprS. 
1694. to marry Susannah Rich, of 
St. Mary Redcliffe, city of Bristol. 
spinster, aged 25. 

Batler, Lilly, licenced (v.G. ) 21 Not.. 
1679, to marry Anne Houhlon. of 
Morton. Essex, spinster, aged 16. 

Batler, Richard, sizar St. John's 3 
Dec., 1580, B.A Z583-4, M.A 1587. 
B.D. 1594. 

Batler, Richard, M.A 1613, vicar of 
Stortford St. Michael 1633. 

Addenda et Corrigenda. 

X 323, par. 41. 





















234. 27. 



• * 






• 1 






















Butler, William, B.A from Pem- 
broke Hall or Christ's Coll. 1562*3 
(incorporated 1563), M.A. 1^66, 
fellow of Clare Hall, and liceotiate 
of medicine 1572, etc. 

Butler, William, perhaps B. A from 
Sidney Sussex 1667*8, as Butler, 
M.A per Literas Regias 167 1, as 

BnttresCL John, B.A from Jesus 
ColL XTO8-9, M.A. z6x2, incorpor- 
ated as Buttery. 

Button, William, father of Robert 
1639, and of Thomas 1637. 

Butts, Henry, M.A. 1598, D.D. 
1623, vice-chancellor 1^9-30, died 
I April, 1632. 

BjmgT) Andrew, B.A. 1590-1. M.A. 
1594, B.D. x6oi, D.D. 1606. 

Cade, Antony, M.A 1588, BD. 1599. 

Calamj, Edmund, M. A 1623. 

Galmady, Josias, licenced (v. g.) 99 
Dec., x6jBo, to marry Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Edward Waldo, of 
Cheapside, knight, spinster, aged 

Cambell, Edward, M.A. from 
Emmanuel Coll. x6o6. 

Campion, Abraham, of Newton 
Valence, Hants, his father esquire 
bedell of arts living at Oxford. 

Cane, James, of Crissall, Essex, esq. , 
widower, licenced 2 June, 1682, 
aged 24. to marry Anne Phellipps, 
0? Sunbuiy, Middlesex, spinster, 
aged 20. 

Cansfield, Robert, B.A. from 
Catherine Hall, or St. John's 
1570-1. M.A 1574, proctor 1588. 

Capell, Moses, M.A. 1626. 

Carpenter, John, Elton fellow 
Brasenose 1650-5. 

Carpender, William, licenced (v.G.) 
I June, 1682, to marry Mary 
Roberts, of Sl Faith's, London, 
spinster, aged 22. 

Carr, Mathew, B.A. from King's 
Coll. 1618-19, M.A. X622. 

Carslegll, Nicholas, of Exeter 
ColL 1613. See Corsley 331. 

Carter, Bartholomew, M.A. 1583. 

Carter, Charles, M.A. 1655. 

Carter. Nicholas, sizar Clare Hall 
17 Dec., 1646, B.A. 1648-9, M.A 
X652, and fellow, incorporated 14 
July, 1657, D.Med, 1665, per Idt 

Carter, Thomas, fellow collegiate 
church of Manchester 1559. 

Carter, Thomas, B.A. from St. 
John's i6ao-i, M.A. 1624. 

Carr, George, D.D. Lambeth 15 
March. 1664-5. 

Case, John, perhaps B.A from 
Corpus X620-1, M.A. 1616, as 

CateHne, Francis, B. A. from Christ's 
Coll. 1598-9, M.A. 1602. 

Cater, Andrew, B.A from Catherine 

Hail 1658. 
CaU8ton,John, fellow Bennet (C.C.) 

Coll., B.A 1585-6, M.A. 1589, 

B.D. 1596. 
Cave, Walter, B.A. 1658-9. 

p. 352, par. 26. 































Cawdrey, Anthony, B.A. from Christ's 

Coll. 1593-4. 
Cawdrey, 'I'homas, B. A from Christ's 

Coll. 1593-4. 
Caye, Abraham, of Lincoln's Inn, 1599. 
Ceely, Thomas, B.A. 19 Nov., 1633, 

M.A. 25 June, 1636. 
Chadderton, Alexander. B.A. from 

Queen's Coll. 1599-1600, M.A 

1603, B.D. 161 1. 

Chadwlok, Charles. B.D. 1590, D.D. 

Cliadwiok, William. M.A. 1649. 

Chadwlok, William, licenced (v.G.) 
16 July, 1691, to marry Anne Hall, 
of Wormley, Herts, spinster, 24. 

Chaloner, Nicholas, B.A. 1563-4, 
M.A 1567, B.D. 1575. 

Clialoner, Robert, canon of Windsor 
1589, until his death, buried at 
Agmondesham, i May, 1621. 
See Gutch, i. 435. 

Chamber, George, B.A. from 
Queen's 1623, M.A 1626. 

Chamber, Rot)ert, M.A x6x6, B.D. 
1624, as Chambers. 

Chamberlayne, Edmund. M.A. 

Chamberlayne, James, B.A. from 

Trinity riall 1030-1, M.A. 1634. 

Chambers, Edward, B.A. from 
Emmanuel Coll. 1647-8, M.A. 
1651. incorporated 11 July, 1654, 
as Chambrey. 

Chambers, Thomas, B.A. from 
Sydney Sussex or Peter House 
1609-10, M.A. 1613, B.D. 1623. 

Chantrell, Sol, M.A from Em- 
manuel ColL 1598, as William. 

Chapman, Edmund, rector of Ded- 
ham, died 7 Nov., x6o2. See 
East Anglian, ii. 15. 

Chapman. John, perhaps son of 
John, of Rede, Suffolk, mediocris 
fortunae ; sizar of Gonville and 
Caius Coll., Cambridge, 17 March, 
1594-S. aged 17, B.A. I598>9. M.A. 
1605. See Venn, 8x. 

Chapman, Marmaduke, M.A. from 
'Trinity Coll. 1595. 

Chapman, Thomas, licenced (v.G. ) 
10 Mardi, 1680 (then a widower), 
to marry Grace Butterfield, of 
Wobiume, Bucks, spinster, aged 


Charman, Stephen, of Battersea, 
clerk, licenced (v.G.) 14 Sept., 
1683, aged 40, to marry Elizabeth 
Gostwyke, of Wandsworth, Surrey, 
spinster, aged 22. 

Chamook, Stephen, M.A. 1649. 

Chase. Jeremias, B.A. from King's 
ColL 1623. M.A. 1626, as Chace. 

Chase, Richard. B.A. from Sidney 
Sussex X617-18, M.A. 1621, B.D. 

38a. Chatburne, Daniel, B. A. from Jesus 
Coll. 1 599-1600, M.A. 1603, incor- 
porated 30 Aug. , 1605. 

4. Cheeke, Sir John, B.A. Cambridge 
1530. first regius professor of 
Greek 1540-7, public orator 1542-6, 
and provost of King's Coll. X548-53. 












[ XV ] 

Addenda et Corrigenda. 

p. 366, par. 9. 















269, 19. 

270. 33- 



































Clieeke, Robert, B.A from Trinity 
Coll. 1 590-1, M. A 1594, B.D. i6ia 

Oheringrton, Joseph, bible clerk 
Merton, died 4 July, 1690, of a 
wound recseived by chance from the 
gun of R. T. scholar of Trinity ; 
buried in Merton ColL chapel the 
following day. See Gutch, i. app. 

Cheshire, Richard, M.A 1607, B.D. 
1615, D.D. 1637. 

Cheshire, Thomas, M. A from St 
John's Coll., Cambridge, 1633. 

Chester, Granado, B.D. i6a6, D.D. 

Chester, Robert, M.A. 1633, D.D. 
1636. See Al, West. 83. 

Cheswall, Richard, M.A 1633. 

Chetham, Henry, licenced (v.G.) 10 
July, 1685, to marry Mary Osborne, 
of Derby, spinster, aged 31. 

Cheyne, Thomas, of St. Augustine's, 
London, clerk, widower, licenced 
(v.G.) 9 June, 1683, aged 30, to 
marry Ellen Norton, of St. Mary 
Savoy, Middlesex, spinster, aged 

Chioheley, Richard, LL.B. Lam- 
beth 34 June. 1733. and secretary 
to the archishop of Canterbury. 
LL.D. Feb., 1738. 

Cholmlej, Hugh, B.D. 1603. 

Cholmley, Samuel, M.A. 1654. 

Churoh, Thomas, M.A 1570. 

Clare, Andrew, M.A- 1630, D.D. 1631. 

Clarke, Edward, perhaps B.A. from 
Jesus 1587-8, M.A- 1591. 

Clarke, George, perhaps M.A. from 
Emmanuel Coll. 1595. 

Clarke, Giles, perhaps bar.-at-law, 
Inner Temple, 1707. 

Clarke, James, s. James, of Lydiard, 
Somerset, scholar of Gonvifle and 
Caius Coll. 8 July, 1590, aged 15, 
B.A. 1593-4, M.A. 1597; incor- 
porated 13 July, 1597. Sec VenH» 

Clerk, John, perhaps B.A. from 
Pembroke Hall 15x8-19, M.A. 
152 1. 

Clerk, John, perhaps B.D. 1536. 

Clarke, John, perhaps B.A. from 
Clare Hall 1621-2, M.A. 1625. 

Clarke, Matthew, M.A. 1614, B.D. 

Clarke, Nathan, M.A 1654. 

Clarke, Samuel, fellow Pembroke 
Hall, B.A. 1641-3, M.A. 1648, in- 
corporated 11 July, 1654. 

Clerke, William, B.A. from King's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1508-9, M.A. 

Claverinff, Thomas, fellow King's 
ColL, Cambridge, B.A. 1619-30. 
M.A. 1633. See Harwood's Al. 

Clay, Robert, B.A. from Queen's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1580-1. 

Cleburne, Richard, B.A from 
Tnnity Coll. 1595^. B.D. from 
Sydney Sussex 1606, D.D. 1617. 

p. 388, par. 36. 

















I xvi ] 

Clebame, William. M.A. fi\^ 
Sydney Sussex 1608, B.D. frcr. 
St. John's 1615. 

Clement, John, perhaps LL.B. Ls.-^- 
beth 31 Sept., 1663, as J>:^ 

39* Clement, William, a A. from Triiur, 
ColL, Cambridge, 1590-1, MA 
1594, D.Med. Padua, fellow colk^ 
of physicians 1605. phyacian ij 
Christ's hospital, died xa Ml*. 
1636. See Munk's RoU^ i. 146. 

29O1 7. Clendon, Thomas, sizar EmmasiW 

Coll. 8 April, 1630, B.A 1623-4. 
M.A. 1637. 

Clewer, William, D.D. (per Lu, 
Reg.) Cambridge 1671. 

Clifford, James, M.A Lambeth 11 
Dec., 1677, succentor Sl Paul's. 

Cobbe, Charles, D.D. Lambeth s 
Apnl, i7aa 

Cobbe. Samuel, B. A from Emmanx: 
Coll. 1614-15, M.A- 1618. 

Cobden, Richard, rector of Asb 3^ 

iuly, 1713 ; died 4 Oct. following. 
1.1. uuildford, admon. (cp.u 
18 Nov., 1713. 

Cooke, George, perhaps B.A fra 
Christ's CoU. 1619-30. M.A. 1623 

Cooke. John, B.A. from KmasG^i 
ColL , Cambridge, 1647 ; inc r- 
porated 17 Nov., 1649, fellow New 
ColL by parliamentary visiu:-: 

1649, ejected 1660, M.A 37 Ja.> 

1650, rector of Heyford Warru-- 
See Ath, i. p. xxv; & Burr^fs:, 

Cooke. John, B.A. from Chris: 3 
Coll. 1658-9, M.A. 1663. 

Colbome, William, M,A. from St 
John's Coll. 1654. 

Colby, William, buried 4 Feb.. 
1687-8. See Guteh, i. app. 314. 

Colokester, Maynard, licenced ( v. a 1 
lA Jan., 1689-90, to marry SantL 
Clark, of St. Vedast, alias Foster « 

Coldwell, Thomas, M. A 1589. 

Cole, Abdiah, M.A 1607. 

Cole, Nathaniel, a pensioner of Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge. 36 April, 1575. 
B.A. 1578, M.A. 1583. 

Collet, Ferrars, M.A. 1643. 

Collier, Abel, a pensioner of Peter 
House, Cambridge, in March, 
1645-6, B.A. 1649-50, fellovRcolkgc 
of physicians 1668. See Munk: 
Roll, I. 357. 

Collier, George, warden of Man- 
chester collegiate church 1538, died 
about 1557. See Cketkam, voL s 
N.S. 55. 

Colling, Solomon, licenced (v. a) 26 
Au^, 1691, to marry Jane Bartleii. 
of St . Maiigaret's, Westminster, 
spinster, aged 34. 

^°Hi^J?' Edward, perhaps of Wim- 
bledon, Surrey, clerk, bacbelcr, 
hcenced (v.g. i Dec.. 1684. aged 
of J?^"'^ Elizabeth (3o).^ughier 
the said county, clerjc. 

• » 


















306. 35. 


308, 14. 

Addenda et Corrigenda. 

p. 308, par. 24. 

309. 5- 
313. 31- 




316, 31. 

318, 33. 

3»9. 22. 

aao. 18. 
»i 35. 

I* 33 & 33* 

321, 20, 
tf 36. 

















CtoUlnS, Henry, servitor, buried in 
Merton College churchyard 30 
Dec, 1668. See GutcA, i. app. 


Collins, John, M.A. 1657. 

Combe, John, bar.-at-law, Middle 
Temple, 1673, bencher 1696, chief 
justice court of session co. pala- 
tine Cheshire 1690, knighted 14 
Oct, 1695, all as Combes ; brother 
of Edward Combe 1665. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Combe, Matthew, buried in Win- 
chester cathedral 1748. 

Combe, William, died 30 Jan., 1666. 

Comberbaoh, Roger, LL.B. Lam- 
beth 6 Feb. , 1749. 

Coningsby, William, fellow of 
King's Coll., Cambridge, B.A. 
2655-6, M.A. 1659. See Harwood's 
AL Eton, 349. 

Conyers, (Sir) John, licenced (v.G.) 
16 Jan., 1680-1, to marry Man- 
Lee, of Farley, in East Grinstead, 
Sussex, spinster, aged 17. 

Cooke. Edmund, B.A. from King's 
Colt, Cambridge, 1604-5. ^ee 
Harwood's AL Eton, 305. 

Cooke, John, M.A. 1584. 

Cooke, John, perhaps B.A. from 
Jesus Coll., Cambridge, 1643. 

Cook, John, of Bristol, doctor of 
phjrsic, aged 30; licenced (v.G.) 13 
Jan. , 1693-^, to marry Mary Davys, 
of same, spmster, aged 35. 

Cooke, Philip, perhaps B.A. from 
Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 1583. 

Cooke. Richard, B.A. from King's 
ColL, Cambridge, 1596-7, M.A. 
x6oo, (B.D.), rector of St. Swithin's. 
London, 1605, until his death in 
1639. See Harwood's AL Eton. 

Cooke, Robert, B.A. from St John's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1577-8, M.A. 1583. 

Cooke, Thomas, M.A. 1611, RD. 

Cooke, William, M.A. 1655, taxor 
i66i. LL.D. 1673. 

Cooper, Anthony Ashley, 3nd earl of 
Shaftesbury, M. P. Melcombe 
Regis 1670-9, 1679, died 10 Nov., 
1699; see Foster's Parliamentary 
Dictionary \ in lieu of all after 

Cooper. Christopher, licenced (v.G.) 
16 Nov., 1686. to marry Isabella 
Lowe, of High Laver, Essex, 
spinster, aged 34. 

Cooper, Francis, M.A. 16x3, ED. 

Cooper, John, buried in Christ Church 
39 June, 1643. See Gutch^ i. 507. 

Cooper. William, s. William, of Lynn, 
Norfolk, scholar of Gonville and 
Caius Coll. 15 May, 1595, aged 16, 
B.A 1598-9, M.A 1603. See 
Venn^ 81. 

Cootes, Thomas, fellow Trinity Coll 
1605, B.A. 1605-6, M.A 1609, D.D. 
1617. See AL West. 70. 

Cope, Samuel, B.A. from Queen's 
Coll. 1599-1600, M.A, 1603 as 

p. 3^, par. 33. 

327. S- 

328. 14. 

3a9» lo- 





37 or 38 









339. 4a. 

340. la. 

342. 3». 












349. 3a- 

350. a3. 

351. aSa, 

353. 7. 
355. »a. 

3561 xa. 


3S7i 17. 

CopinflrertThomas. a A. from Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge. 1633-3, M.A. 
X636 ; incorporated it July, 1636, 
vicar of Trumpington, co. Cam- 
bridge, 1669, until his death 36 
April. X674 ; in lieu of notice. 

Coppin, William, s. Joseph, of Deal, 
Kent. ColL Reg. 

Corbett, Miles, of Lyon's Inn, 
London, gent. ; licenced (v.G.) 17 
April. 1680. aged 35, to marry 
Mary Body, of Chiswick, spinster, 
aged 19. 

Cordell, Thomas. M.A. from Peter 
House, Cambridge. 1598. 

Core, John. RD. X535. 

Corker, WilUam, M.A. X658. 

ComeiinS, John. M.A. x638. 

Cornish, William, an extra licentiate 

college of physicians x686. See 

Munk's Roll, i. 438. 

CotSford, Robert, B. A x630-x, M.A. 

Cotton, Atlin, his father lord mayor 
of London, and knighted 4 June, 
1636 ; died 1638. 
COYOU, John, of Christ's Coll.. not of 

Cowell, John, fellow King's Coll.. 
B.A. 1574-5, M.A X578. LL.D. 

Cowslade, Joseph, licenced (v.G.) 
i6 Dec., 1684. to mary Anne 
Hatton. of St Benet Fink, spinster, 
aged 31. 

Coxe, Charles, licenced (v.G. ) 15 Feb. , 
1693-3, to many Catherine, daughter 
of Thomas Chamberlayne of Warn- 
borough. Wilts, esq. 

Coxeter, George, licenced (v.G.) 33 
Jan., 1685-6. to marry Mary 
Bathurst. of Lechlade. co. Glou- 
cester, spinster, aged X9. 

Crabb, William, licenced (v.G.) 39 
July. 1686. to marry Jane Monk, of 
Child Okeford. 

CradOOk, Thomas. M.A. X657. 

Credeford, George, licenced (v.G. ) 3X 

Dec. 1688. to marry Amy Jess, of 

Torbrian, Devon, spinster, aged 3a 
Creighton, Robert, D.D. X643. 
Creswell, Robert, fellow Trinity 

Coll., M.A. 1639. ^etAL West, 

Crloke, James, B.A. from Trinity 

Coll., Cambridge, 1600-x, M.A. 

1604, D.D. from Magdalen CoU. 


Crlspe, William, licenced (v.G.) 10 
Nov., 1681, to marry Judith 
Winston, of Everdon, Northants, 
spinster, aged 35. 

Crofts, James, Duke of Monmouth. 
See Scott, page 1335. 

Croke, Richard, B.D. 1533. 
Cropley, John. B.A from Trinity 

ColL 1596-7. M.A x6oo. B.D. 

x6o8, D.D. 16x3. 
Crosse. Henry, delete B.A. from 

Wadham X699. 

Crosse, John. M.A 1631. 

Crosse, William, licenced (v.G.) X9 
Dec. , 1679, to marry Sarah Simpson , 
of Culliton, Devon, spinster, aged 

[ xvii ] 


Addenda et Corrigenda, 

P- 3S8» P^r. 3<x Crowther, Abraham, B.A. from 

Trinity 1668-9, M.A. 1672. 

360, 3. Gruso, John, M.A. 1639. 

361, a. Cudwortll, Ralph, B. A 1593-3, M. A. 

1596, B.U. 1603, D.D. 1619.. 
Onlmer, Richard, M.A. 168 1. 
Guniberland, Richard, M.A 1656. 













































Carle. Walter, M.A. 1598, in lieu of 
B.A. and M.A 1603. 

x8. Ourrer, Henry, licenced (v.G.) 6 
Nov., 1683, to marry Margaret, 
daughter of Abraham Fothergill, 
of St. Bride's, London, gent., 
spinster, aged 18. 

Cnrwen, Henry, M. A 1584. 

Gutte, Robert, M.A. 1593, as Cutts. 

"DSLgKOt^ Robert, M.A. i6z3, B.D. 

Dale, Robert, RA 1525. 

Daleohampe, Caleb, B.A. and M.A. 
from Trinity ColL 1624, by special 
grace he came from Sedan and 
studied fo years, B.D. 1633. 

Dalton, Francis, M.A. 1577, B.D. 

Dande, Oliver, M.A. 1627, B.D. 


Danson, Peter, M.A. 1607. 
Damton, Henry, B.A. from Trinity 
Coll 1584-5, M.A. 1588. 

Damton, John, M.A. 1654. 

Davenant, Edward, M.A 16x7, 
aD. 1624, D.D. 1639. 

25. Dayenant, Hu^h, vice>principal St. 
Alban Hall, died and was buried 4 
or 6 March, 1667-8, in Merton 
Coll. chapel. See Guich, i. app. 

7. Davenport, Edward, B.A. from 

Trinity Coll. 1606-7, M.A. i6ia 

42. Davy, William, M. A 1621. 

3a Davis, Sir John, M.P. Corfe Castle 
1601, solicitor-general Ireland 1603. 
and attorney-general 1606. 

14. Da vies, John, B. A 1654. 

8. Davis, Matthew (s. John, of Chicks- 

grove, parish of Tisbury, Wilts), 
vicar of Writtle, Elssex, 1607, and 
of Ickleford-cum-Pirton, Herts, 
1613, died at Writtle in 1624. 

31. Da vies. Nicholas, hon. fellow college 
of physicians 1664. See Munk's 
Roll, i. 348 

Davison, Thomas, M. A 1659. 
Dawkins, Polycarp, •• B.Med," 
D.Med. Lambeth 9 Sept., 1663. 

Dawson, Edward, B.A. from Sidney 
Sussex 1616-17, M.A. 1630. 

Day, Gamaliel, B.A. 1616-17, M.A. 

Day, Martin, B.A. from Christ's ColL 

1594, M.A. 1597, D.D. 1617. 
Day. Thomas (Dey), B.A. sup. 25 

Nov. , 1555, as Dennis. 
Day, WiUiam, died 29 Sept.. 1665. 

M.I. St Peter's-in-the-East See 

Heame, i. 136. 

12. Dee, Duncan, licenced (v.G.) 3 July, 

1682, to marry Mary Everard, of 
St. Stephen Walbrook, spinster. 

13. Dee, Francis, B.A. 1599-1600, M.A. 


p. 391, par. 21. 















39ai 9» 

II aa 

I. 35- 

393i 14- 











Deedes, William, licenced (v.G.) 25 
Nov., 1687, to marry Man. 
daughter of Henry Gregory, reciir 
of Middleton Stoney, Oxen. 

DelEray, John, licenced (v.G.) 15 
Oct., 1692, to marry Margaret 
Testard, of St. Anne, WestminsieT. 
spinster, aged ao. 

Delaore, EMward. B.A from Trinitj 
Coll. 1605-6, M.A. 1609. 

Delamott, Matthew, M.A. 19 Jan.. 

De L'Anfi>le. See also L'Angle, 
page 878. 

Delanne, Abraham, M.A 1618. 

Delbridge, Nathan, M.A. 1615. 
B.D. 1623. 

Dell, William, perhaps M.P. St. lv« 
April-May, 1640, secretary to arch- 
bishop Laud, afterwards a parsoc, 
compounded for the first fruits di 
Yeldon rectory, Beds, 10 March. 

Denham^ Arthur, B. A Trinity ColL 
Cambridge, 1582, as Antony. 

Denham, John, fellow of Lincoln 
Coll. 1521, parson of Barnack. 
Northants. See Gufch, L 240. 

Denhanlt, Henry, B.A. from St. 
John's Coll., Cambridge, 1611. 
M.A 16x5, B.D. 162a. 

Dennis, John, s. Francis, of London, 
harness maker, scholar of Gon>-in>' 
and Caius ColL, Cambridge, 13 
Jan., 1675-6, ageid 17, B.A. 1679- 
80; M.A. from Trinity Hall, Cam- 
bridge, 1683, incorporated 10 July, 

Dense, Philip, buried in Merton CoL 
chapel 4 Sept, 1507. See Gmfck, 
L app. 305. 

Denton, James, LL.D. (add) Va- 

Denton, John, M.A 1653, ejccttyl 
from Oswaldkirk 1663, rector of 
Stonegrave, Yorks, canon of York, 
1694, died 4 Jan., 1708-9. 

Derby. Edward (Darby), archdeacon 
of Stow 1507-43, canon of Lincr4a 
1^03, fellow of Lincoln Coll., and 
of Brasenose. See Gulcht i. 239. 


Dering, Francis, M.A 1613. 

DeringT) Henry, delete all after 1673. 
ancT substitute licenced (v.g.) ao 
Jan., 1685-6, aged 40, to marry 
Eleanor Pargiter, of St Giles-in- 
the-Fields, spinster, aged ao. Sec 
Foster's Judges and Barristin\ 
& Mayor^ 163. 

DiOOOnson, Abraham, M.A. 1589. 

Diohfleld, John. See AI. Wat, 

Dlokenson, Edmund, fellow King's 

ColL, Cambridge. B.A. 1618, M.A. 

x63i, rector of Stourminster. 

Dorset, deprived. See Harwood's 

AI. Eton. 

Diokenson, Leonard, M.A. 1621. 

Diokson, Tobias or Toby, s. Gcrvase, 
of Darfield, Yorks, medici ; pen- 
sioner St. John's ColL , Cambridge. 
33 April, 1651, aged 17, RA. 
1654-5. B.Med. 1656. D.Med. 1661, 
incorporated 9 July, 1661. See 
Mayor, 100. 

[ xviii ] 

Addenda et Corrigenda. 

p. 404. par. 25. 





405. lo- 

406. a. 



■ > 













414. 34. 
4»5. 29- 

Dillingham, Henry, died 28 Dec.. 
1674, buried next day in the out- 
ward chapel of \lerton. See 
Gutch, i. app. 211. 

DiUinghaniy John» M.A x639» B.D. 

Dillingliam, Thomas, M.A 1616. 
See Pearson's Sketches of the Chap^ 
lains to the Levant Company. 

Dillingham, Thomas, licenced ( v. g. ) 
26 April, 1693, then of Oundle, 
Northants, clerk, bachelor, aged 
^, to many Elizabeth Picker- 
mg, of St. James, Westminster, 

Dimsdale^ Thomas, B.A. from St. 
John's Coll. 1569-70. 

Disbrowe, Anthony, s. Anthony, of 
Chevington, Suffolk, mediocris 
fortunae; sizar of GonviUe and 
Caius Coll., Cambridge, 8 Sept., 
1586, aged 17, fellow, M.A. 1594 
(incorporated at Oxford 16 July, 
1601). D.D. z6io. See Venn, 62. 

Disney, Matthew, licenced (v. a) 29 
Sept., 1691, to marry Mary Dayrell, 
of Stepney, Middlesex, widow. 

Dlzon, John, M.A. 1609. 

Dlzon, Thomas, licenced (v.G.) 20 
Ma^, 1690, to marry Abigail 
Knight, of Bristol, spinster, aged 28. 

Dobbins, Thomas, died 22 I>ec, 
17x2, buried in the college chapel 
26. See Glitch, i. app. 216. 

Dobree, William, buried in the college 
chapel 9 May, 1676, D'Obrey. Siee 
Guicht i. 212, app. 

Dod, John, B. A i57S-^i M.A 1579. 
Dod, John, B.A. 1647. 
Dod, Thomas, B.A from Jesus CoU. 
1595-6, M.A. 1599, D.D. 1626. 

Dod, William, fellow of St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge, B.A 1598-9, 
M.A 1602, buned in the college 
chapel 17 May, 1632. 

Domelaw. John, B.A. from Christ's 
ColL, Cambridge, 1612-13, M.A 
1616, B.D. 1624, D.D. from 
Corpus Christi 1636. 

Donnell, Thomas, B.D. Cambridge 

Dormer, Robert, licenced (v.G.) 14 

Dec., 1683, to marry Mary, 

daughter of Sir Richard Blake, 

deceased, of St. James, Clerken- 

w^ell, spinster, aged 20. 

p. 416, par. 15. 


418. 23. 


419. 17. 



















429, la 













■ t 










Dorrin^ton, Marmaduke, fellow 

Trinity Coll., Cambridge, M.A 

1595. See Al. West, 60. 
D'Othon, Hippocrates, a licentiate 

of collie of physicians 1589. See 

Munk's Roll, i. 98. 
Dow, Christopher, M.A 1620, B.D. 

1627, D.D. 1638. 
DoweU, John, B.A from Christ's 

Coll., Cambridge, 1648, M.A 

Downe, John, M.A. 1593, B.D. 


Downe, Thomas, M.A 160^ 

Downes, Henry, D.D. Lambeth, 
14 Jan., 1717. 

Downes, John, F.R.S., physician to 
Christ s hospital, admon. 8 Nov., 
1694. See Muni's Roll, i. 369. 

Downham, George, M.A. 1588, B.D. 
1595. D.D. 1601. 

Drake, Humphrey, licenced (v.G.) 8 
July, 1691, to marry Catherine, 
daughter of Christopher Rigby, of 
Cosgrave, Northants. 

Dmry, William, M.A from Em- 
manuel ColL 1593. 

Dryden , John , perhaps M. A. Lambeth 
17 June, 1668. 

Duoane, John, M.A. 1627. 

Dnokfield, John, M.A 1647. 

Dudley, Joseph, died of small-pox, 

buned 15 Aug., 1675, i° ^^^ 

outward chapel of Merton Coll. 

See Gutch, L app. 211 ; delete 

see, etc. 
DafS.eld, John, M.A 1572, D.D. 1579. 

Dukeson, Richard, M.A 1620, B.D. 

1627, and D.D. 1637. 
Dnnbavin, Nathan, B.A from 

Christ's Coll., Cambridge, 1647-8. 
Dnnoombe, Thomas, M.A. 1608. 
Dnnkon, John, M.A 1627, B.D. 


Dunkyn, William, M.A. 1623. 

Dnnstan, Antony, perhaps B.A. 
Cambridge 1510. See Cooper, i. 

Dnrant, Thomas, M.A 16x9. 

Dyke, Daniel. B.D. 1506. 

Djmeley, John, m.a. 1613. 

Dyose, Thomas, licenced (v.G.) 7 
May, 1686,' a widower, aged 38, to 
marry Hannah Howard, of St. 
Andrew, Holbom, spinster, 21. 

[ xix ] 


Degrees of Cambridge Men incorporated at Oxford» and other matters, to be added to those 
names in the Text which are distinguished by an asterisk. An asterisk to a name 
in this addenda indicates that a star should be added to the corresponding entry is 
the body of the work. 










p. 443.par.99u Eokersall, Pctcr. RA from Em- 
manuel 1588-9. 

11. Edgar. Ezeckid, B.A from Emmanuel 
1598-9, M.A. 1602. 

35. Edgelej, George. KA. from Trinity 
1623-4, M.A. 1697. 

13. Edlln, Philip, B.A. from Emmanuel 
1617-18, M.A. 1631, B.D. 163& 

13. Edlln, Samuel, B.A. frt>m Magdalen 

5. Edwards, Israel. BA. from Queen's 
16067, M.A. i6ia 

2a Edwards, John, M.A. from Pembroke 

1. •Eedes, John, vicar of Colyton, 
Devon, 1608. 

2. Eedes, John, M.A. from St John's 
161 4. 

5. Eedes, John, M.A. ftx)m Catherine 
Hall 1654. 

12. Esrerton, Thomas, M.A. from Peter 
House 1571. 

la Egleston, William, M.A. frx)m Trinity 

24. ElborOW, Henry, M.A. from St. John's 


29. Ellis, Edward, M.A. from St John's 

458, 20. Ellis, John, R A. 1651-2, M.A. 1655. 

461, 30. Ely, Nathaniel, B.A. from St John's 

1593-4. M.A. 1597. 

., 32. Ely, Robert, M.A. 159a 

462, 37. ^Endall, Robert, vicar of St Evall, 
Cornwall, 1549. 

29. Eston, John, M. A. from Corpus Christi 
1621, B.D. 1629. 

18. *Evans, Cornelius, rector of the sinister 
or left portion of Westbury, Salop, 
1655, living x688. 

15. Evans, George, B.A. 1649-50, M.A. 
47O1 33i *Evanoe« John, rector of Llanmerewig. 

CO. Montgomery, 1688, until his 
death in 171 x. 

30. Evans, Thomas, B.A. from Pembroke 
1584-5. M.A. 1588. 

26. EvariU, Edward, M.A. 162a 
32. Eve, Henry, RA. fit>m Clare 1638-9, 
M.A. 1642. 
4. Eveleigll, Richard, M.A. 16x3. 







p. 474. par. x8. 

































Bve^H, William, M.A. from Trintr 

Evingrton, Robert, M.A. 1579. 
Pagg, Edward. M.A. 1583. 

Fairfax, Brian, delete B. A. etc. to 165:. 

Fairfax, Henry, M.A. x6xa 

Fairfax, William, M. A. from Jesus 1622. 

Farmer, Antony. See AtM. Ox. iv. 227 

Farmer, Richard, B.A. from Pembrclf 
1596-7, M.A. x6oo. 

Farmery, John, M.A. 1614, LLD. 













514. 14- 

Farrand. Charles, M.A. X582. 
A/. WtsL SI. 

Fantraite, Peter, M.A. 16x9. 

Fawkner, Robert, M.A. x6xx 

Feild, Theophilus, B.A. 1595-6, RD. 
x6o6, D.D. x6xx. 

Fenne, Dennis and William. See Venn, 

Fenwiok, John, M.A. 1654. 

Ferrers, George, LL.R X531. 
Fisher, George, M.A. X655. 
Fisher, John, B.A. 152X, M.A. 1524. 

FiBher, John, pensioner Trinity Coll 
7 July, 1649, B.A. 1652-3. 

Fitch, James, B.A. from Queen's 
X 579-80, M.A. 1583, B.D. 1590. 
D.D. 1597. 

Fitling, Edward, M.A. 1625. 

Flamanok, Charles, a A. from Maf- 
dalen 1596-7, M.A. from Jesus i6oa 

•Fleetwood, Charles, s. Sir William. 

•Fleetwood, George, was admitted to 
Trinity 24 Jan., 1663-4, as son of 
George, Baron of Stocldiolm, which 
negatives his supposed identity with 
the Middle Temple man. 

Flower, Christopher, B.A. from Em- 
manuel 1643-4, M.A. 1647, D.D. 
per LdU Reg, x66x. 

Flower, John. B.A. from Pembroke 
or Jesus 1571-2, M.A. 1575. 

FoUdnffham, William. M.A. 1649. 

*Foote, Thomas, delete, perhaps and 
all after. 

Ford, Anthony, B.A. from Christ's ColL 
1559-60. M.A. 1563, RD. 1570, 
chaplain to the Levant company. 

[ XX ] 

Addenda et Corrigenda. 

?• SiS-par-aa- 















• « 






531. 25- 


















• • 













f 1 







Ford, Robert, LL.a from Trinity 
Hall 1557. 

Forrest, John, B.A. from Queen's 

1594, M.A. 1597, B.D. 1604. 

Forrester, Abraham, M.A. 1616. 

Foster, Thomas, perhaps B.A. Camb. 
1505-6, and M.A. 1509. 

Fotherbie, Charles, M.A 1580, B.D. 

*Foantaine, John, M.A. from Trinity 
Hall 1621. 

Fowler, WiUiam, B.A. 1663, M.A 

Foxcroft, Moses. B.A. 1647-8. 

Foxton, Francis, M.A. from St. John's 

1595. B.D. 1603, D.D. 1609. 

Franke, Edmund, M.A. 1621. 

Franklyn, Richard, the B.D. was of 
Peter Hotise in 1606, so that Woods 
identification is erroneous. 

FraunolS. Manin, fellow Pembroke 
Hall. Cambridge, S.T.& fil., B.A. 
1651-2, M.A. 1655; incorporated 14 
July, 1657, from Trinity Coll. , Oxon. 

Freeman, George. M.A. Trinity 1598. 
See AL West, 62. 

Frenoh, Peter, M,A. 1639. 

Frere, Thomas. M.A. 1654. See 
Mayor ^ 83. 

Frodsham, John, B. A. i659-6a 

•Fryer, Thomas, probably a mistake 
for John, whom see. 

Fuller, William, aA. from Trinity 
1599-1600. M.A. 1603, B.D, from 
Catherine Hall 1610. 

Qardner, John, fellow Benet (or 
Corpus Christi), B.A. 1649-50, M.A. 
2653, RD. 1661, D.D. 1666. 

Qamons. John, M.A. 1615, B.D. 
1622, D.D. 1631. 

Garnons, John, perhaps M.A. from 
Emmanuel 1624, and B.D. 1631. 

*Qate, Anthony, substitute University 
for Trinity. 

*Gkltes, William. See Guter. 

*Gtoale, Thomas, s. Laurence, of Alton. 

Gelstliorpe, Edward, M.A. 1651, 
D.Med. 10 Oct., 1663, hon. fellow 
of college of physicians 1664. See 
Afu/ik's Roll^ i. 343. 

Q^nt, Edward. B.A, frx)m Corpus 
Christi 1596-7, M.A, i6qo. 

*Qerard, Philip, perhaps proctor 1653, 
as Ward. 

Gerard, Richard, s. William, of 
Harrow, Middlesex, gent, scholar 
Caius Coll., Cambridge, 4 Nov.. 
1567, aged 15; B.A. from Trinity 
1571-2 ; returned to Caius 29 March, 
1574, M.A. 1575 (incorporated at 
Oxford 15 July, 1578), B.D. 1582, 
rector of Stockport, etc. See also 
Venn, 13, 27. 

German, Daniel, M.A. 1613. 

Qibl)0ns, Hemj, perhaps intended 
for Henry Gibbs. B.A. from St. 
John's 1578-9, M.A. 1582. 

Gibson, Abraham. M.A. 1610, ED. 
1617, D.D. per Lit. Reg, 1624. 

Gibson, Peter, B.A. from Sidney 
Sussex 1603-4, M.A. 1607. 

P> 563, par. 9. Gifford, Emanuel, B. A. from Christ's 

Coll 1 599-1600. 

tl 10. Gifford, Francis, M.A 1654. 

564. 17. Gifford, Thomas, M.A. 1616. 

tl 27. Gilbert, Ambrose, M.A. 1617, RD. 

564, 28. ^Gilbert, Edward. B.A. 15667. M.A. 

566. 7. Gilbert, William, M.A. 1620, B.D. 

1637, D.D. 1632, and delete 
" possibly " (and) to the end of 

1 1 35* Giles, Tohn, RA. from Sidney Sussex 
160^, M.A. i6ia 

21. Gipi>S, George, M.A 1614. 

3. GlasOOOke, Edward, B.A. from 
Queen's 1590-1, M.A. 1594. 

23. Glover, John, fellow King's, a A. 
1607-8, M.A. 161 1, aD. 1626. 

la Glynne, William, a A. 1527, M.A. 


21. Goddard, John, M.A. 1645. 

5. Goddard, Thomas, B.A. from St. 
John's 1598-9, M.A. 1602. 

84. *Godsall, Thomas, s. Thomas, of 
Staplegrove, Somerset. 1674. aged 
18. See CoU. Reg. 

25. Godsalve, Richard, a A. i659-6a 
29. Goldesborongb, Nicholas. M.A. 

8. Gh>lding, Ed(ward), M.A. 1619. 

14. Gtoldingham, WiUiam, B.A. from 
Trinity Hail 1567-8, M.A. 1571, 
LUD. 1579. 

29. Gk)lt7, Samuel, M.A. 1648. 

14- (Stood, John, M.A. 1657. 

17. Good, Richard, perhaps Goad, aA. 
1581-2, M. A. 1585 or Roger Goad. 
B.A. 1589-90 and M.A. 1593. both 
fellows of King's. 

3. Goodman, George, M.A. 1620, aD. 

6. Goodman, Godfrey, M.A. 1607, B.D. 
1614, D.D. 1619. 

17. Goodwyn, Ralph, M.A. 1615. 

17. Gootes, Thomas (or Coote, see p. 326), 
fellow Trinity 1605, M.A 1609, l3.D. 
1617. See Al. West. 70. 

x8. Gk>rton, Thomas, B«A. from Trinity 
1650-1, M.A. 1657. 

29. Gk>Sling, John, M.A. 1590L 

z. GkiStwioki Roger, fellow King's. aA. 
1590-1. M.A. 1594, B.D. 1601. 

2. Gouffe, William. B.A. 1600-1, M.A. 

30. Graoe, John, B.A. from St. John's 
1601, M.A. 1604, B.D. 1612. 

39* G^ahame, George, perhaps M.A. 
from Christ's 1595 as Grave. 

14. Gray, Francis, M.A. 1619. 

30. Greaves, William, B.A. from Corpus 
1598-9, M.A. 1602, D.D. 1610. 

7. Greene, James, B.A. from Clare 
15967, M.A. i6oa 

154. Greene, John, B.A. from St John's 
Coll., Camb., 1600-1, M.A. 1604, 
incorporated at Oxford 12 July. 

6. Greene, Thomas, B.A. from Magdalen 





















[ xxi ] 

Addenda et Corrigenda. 



















• I 




624, xs. 



















636, 16. 























Greene, William, B. A from Pembroke 

X508-9, D.D. XS33. 

Greenwood, Rowland, pensioner St. 
John's 4 July, x6i6, M.A X623, B.D. 

Griffith, John, M.A. from Magdalen 

1589, RD. X596. 
Griffin. William, B. A from St. John's 

or Clare 1570-1, M.A. 1574. 
Gulliford, Robert, perhaps B. A from 

St. John's Z576. 

Gulson, Joseph, B.A. from Trinity 

x62a-3, M.A 1626. 
Garden, Nathaniel, M.A. 1657, D.D. 

per £aL Rtg. 1691. 

Garden, Philip, M.A from Emmanuel 
1657, not from Queen's. 

Garlin, Nathaniel, s. William, of 
Lynn, Norfolk, gent, deceased. 
Admitted to Caius Coll, Camb., 
xojune, 1612, aged 15; B. A 1614-15; 
(incorporated as Nathan Gwyn), 
M.A. X4 July, x6i8. See Venn, X22. 

Garney, Thomas, B.A. from Jesus 
X59a-3, M.A. 1596, D.Med. 1608. 

Gater, William, EA. from Emmanuel 
16x5-16, M.A. 1619, as Gates. 

Gwyn, Nathan, see Nathaniel Guriin 

named above. 
Haoket, John, M.A. 1616, B.D. 1623. 
Haggas, Benjamin, "M.A. X657." 

Hagget, Stephen, M.A. from Queen's 
1&6. B.D. 16x5, minister of St. 
Andrew the Great, Cambridge, 1607. 

Hall, Joseph, perhaps B.A from 

Emmanuel 1646-7. 
Hall, Robert, B.A. 1625-6. 
Hall. Stephen, M.A from Pembroke 

1018, B.D. from Jesus 1625. 

Hall, Thomas, fellow Queen's, B.A. 
1596-7, M.A 1600, taxor 1607. 

Hall, WiUiam, B.D. 159X. 
*Hallett, Thomas, of Stoke, Dorset, 
his father minister of Shaftesbury. 

Halls, Henry, B.A Queen's x6xo-ii, 
M.A x6x4, B.D. 1633, wouldnoX be 
the man who incorporated as M.A 
the following year. 

Halman, Nicholas, M.A. X633. 

Halse, John, B.A X599-1600, M.A. 

Halsey, James, M.A from Clare, 

1613, ly.D. per Lit. Reg. X631. 

Ham, Henry, see also Henry Heme, 

B.Med. 1639, page 697. 
Hambye, Richard, M.A. X59a 
Hammon, William, M.A. from Clare 

1617, B.D. 1634. 
Hanger, John, B.A. from Trinity 

1598, fellow Corpus, M.A. x6o3, 

B.D. 1610, D.D. 1620. 
Hanger, Richard, M.A. 1607, D.Med. 

. Hansbie, Ralph, B. A from St John's 

Coll., Camb., X607-8, M.A x6ix 

(incorporated 9 July, x6ii), taxor 

Hansbie, William. B.A. from St. 

John's x6oo-x, M.A. 1604. 

Haroook, Henry, M.A X657. 

p. 647, 

par. 8. 









• 1 




652, 18. 


























' 18. 













f f 


Hardestey, WiUiam, B.D. 1607. 

Harding, Michad, shot himself 11 
June, 1703. just before the time he 
was to have preached at St Mary's. 
See Aih. iv. 795. 

Hardyng, Samuel, M.A. 1614. 

Hardyng, Thomas, M.A. x6o8. 

Harley, Thomas. M.A 1648, probably 
brother of Edward 1638. 

Harman, Godfrey, B.A X522, M.A. 

*Harman, John, (add) archdeacon of 
Chester 1499, and of Barum 1503-8, 
precentor 1508, dean 1509. and bishop 
of Exeter 1519-51 and Sept. 1553, 
until his death 23 Oct . 1^54 ; perhaps 
vicar of Uddington, Wilts, 1514-16. 
Lansdowne MS. 98a ff- 141. '4^ 

Harper, John, perhaps B.A. from 
fSnmanuel 1634-5. M.A 1638 or 
B.A from Queen's 1623, M.A. 1626. 

Harper, Thomas, M.A 1634. 

Harris, Malachi, M.A 1630, aD. 

Harris, Philip, M.A 1635. 

Harris, Richard, B.A. from St John's 
1579-80, M.A X583, B.D. 1590, 
D.D. 1595. 

Harrison, Edward, M.A x63x. 

Harrison, James, B.A. from Christ's 
Coll. 1597-8, M.A. x6oi, B.D. 1609. 

Harrison, John, an error for the 

Harrison, Michael, M. A 1580. 

Harrison. Thomas, B. A from Trinity 
1577-8. M.A. 1581, B.D. 1589. 

Harrison, William, perhaps M.A- 
from Emmanuel 1595. 

Hartler, Christopher, M.A. 1631, as 

Harvey, Gabriel, delete LL.B. 1585. 

Harvey, John, licentiate of medicine 

Harvey, John, M.A. 1636. 

Harvey, Robert, B.A. from Christ's 
Coll. 1582-3, M.A 1586. 

. Haslop,Thomas(Has«lupp), B.A. from 
Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 1601-2. 
M.A. 1605 (incorporated at Oxford 
14 July, 1&7), B.D. 16x2. 

Hatley, Griffin, B.A firom Pembroke 
1658-9. M.A. 1663. D.Med. 1669. 

Hawford, Daniel, M.A. 1577. 

Hawkyns, Adrian, M.A 1633. 

Hawkyns, Henry. M.A. 1575, junior 

proctor 1583. 
Hawton, Nathaniel, B.A and M.A. 

•Hawtrey, John, bar.-at-law X659, not 

Hayes, Edmund, B. A from St John's 

1C9&-7 (as Hase). M.A. 1600 as 


Hayward, Edward. M.A 1624. as 

Heard, John. M.A 1578, D.D. 1587. 
Hearne, Arthur, B.A. from Christ's 

Coll. 1597-8, M.A. 1601. 

[ xxii ] 

Addenda et Corrigenda. 

p. 687. par. 32. 















• > 

























• f 












. * 





















Heaver, John, ra. 1639-40, m.a 

1643, V.'D, p€r Lit. Reg. x66i. 

Helnxes, William, oneWilliam Holmes. 
B.A, from Emmanuel 1636-7, M.A 

Hemming, Robert. M. A 1586. 

Henohman, Hmnphrey, M.A from 
Christ's Coll. 1616, B.D. from Clare 
1623, D.D. i6a8. 

Heppenstall, Brian, M.A 16x5. 

Hemiman, Bernard. M.A 1619. 

Heron, Edward, M.A 1609, B.D. 
1616, D.D. per Ut. Reg. 1631. 

Heron, Samuel, B.A 1578-9, B.D. 
1589, D.D. 1595. 

Hersent, Peter, M.A 1624. 
Hewley, Thomas. M.A. 1655. 

Heylyn, John. M.A 1626. 

Hejrrick, Tobias, M. A. from St John's 

Heywood, Robert. B.A from Magda- 
len 1627 as Haywood. 

Hickman, Henry. LL.D. 1585, and 
senior proctor 1583. 

Hieron, Thomas, M.A 1628. 

Higgin, Antony, M.A. 1575, RD. 

Hildersham, Samuel, B.A 1612-Z3. 
M.A 1616, B.D. 1623. 

Hill, Edward, B.D. i6ia 

Hill, James, M.A. 1572, B.D. 1579. 

Hill, John, B, A 1647. 

Hill, Rowland, M.A. 1587 and fellow. 

Hill, Thomas, fellow. M.A. 1659, B.D. 
1670. See.^/. West. 139. 

Hill, William, perhaps pensioner Jesus 
colL 27 June, 1588, M.A 1595, RD. 

Hills, Geoifre, perhaps B.A. 1626-7. 

Hills, John. M.A 1612. 

Hills, Richard, M.A. from Trinity 

Hinde, William. M.A. 162a 

Hindlj, Christopher. M.A 1648. 

Hitoh, Henry, B.A 1639-40. M.A. 


Hitoh, John, M.A 1657, LL.D. per 
Lit. Reg. 1669. 

Hoal, John, B.A. from Sidney Sussex 
iw>i-2, M.A. 1605. 

Hobbye, Richard, M.A. 1584. 

Hodges, James, M.A. 1653. 

Hodgson. Phineas. B.A. from Jesus 
1593-4. M.A 1597, D.D. 1609. 

Hodgson, Richard. M.A. from St. 
John's 16x4, B.D. 162X. 

Holder, Cement. M. A 1586. 

Holdsworth, Richard, RD. 1622, 
D.D. 1635. 

Holland, Thomas, — perhaps M.A 
1555— one Henry of Cams B.A 
1559-^. M.A. 1563, B.D. 1570. 

p. 735. par- 4. 







Hollymann , Lionel, M.A 1589, RD. 

from Corpus 1597. 

Hone, John, LL.B. X573, LL.D. 1579. 

19. Hooke, Thomas, called Hooker in 
Wood's Fasti, ii. 55. 

6. Horsey, George. M.A. 1627, dean of 
Ross in Ireland. See Al. West. 89. 















749' 3'* Horton,Thomas.B.A from Emmanuel 

1600-1, M.A 1604. 

PI 32. Horton, Thomas, D.D. from Queen's 

M 33. ^Horton, Thomas, M.A Balliol iz 
June, X634. 

Hougk, Edmund, M.A 1658. 

Howson, James, M. A 1631. 

Hudson, Richard, LL.D. from Peter 
House 1585. 

Humphrey, Christopher, M.A 1616. 

Hunt, Richard, M.A. 1617, B.D. 1624. 

Hunt, Roger, M.A 1609. 

Husband, Christopher, s. Thomas, 
(^ Norfolk, 'mediocris fortunse,' 
scholar Gonville and Caius ColL 
8 Sept. . x5po, aged x6 ; B. A 1647-8, 
fellow. M.A 1651. See Venn, 71. 

778, 17. HutOhinSOn, John, B.A from Pem- 
broke 1572-3, M.A 1576, RD. 

Hutohinson, Ralph, M.A 1628. 

Hutton, Gerard, B.A from Jesus 
X614-X5, M.A 16x8. 

Hutton, Richard, B.A from St. John's 

Huxley, Anthony, M. A z63a 

Hyde, Edward, M.A 1633, BD. 164a 

Hyde, Thomas, B.A from Christ's 
X599-X600, M.A 1603. 

21. Hyem, John, suppl. for incorporation 
7 Dec. ,1571. See O. H. S. x. 3sa 

ta, Ingmetkorp. See Igmethorp, 785, 

7. Ironside, Edward. B.A 1623, and 
M.A 1627, as Edmuxid. 

ti 26. Isaacson, William, M.A from Jesus 

1616, D.D. x63a 

79ii 3. Isbam, John, deputy organist St, 

Anne's. Westminster, organist X711, 
and of St. Andrew, Holborn, 1718, 
and of St Margaret's, Westminster, 
17x9, until his death in June, 1726. 

792, 19. Izaoke, Samuel, of the Inner Temple 

16 1 7, father of Richard. 

,. 22. Izard, Charles, -Charles Shillingford, 
alias Izard, of Middle Temple, 
gent., bachelor about 26, licenced 14 
Dec, X663, to marry Mary, daughter 
of George Pryor, of Little St. 
Helen, London, about 20. 

795t 2. Jackson, John. RA from Trinity 

1585-6. M.A 1589. 

8. Jackson, John, B.A from Christ's 

1653-4, M.A 1658. 

830, 43. *Jones, Thomas, rather son of Roger, 

of Abergele, co. Denbigh. See 
Coll. Reg. 

• 1 












[ xxiii ] 

Addenda et Corrigenda, 

p. 832. par. 21. * Jones, William, of St Marv Hall 

1670, perhaps entered Oriel Coll. 
as servitor in May, 1670, B. A 1673, 
M.A 1676. 

*JtLXOn, Bexsjamin, rector of Thome 
Falcon, Somerset, 1715-39. 

*KaT, George,B.A from Queen's Coll, 
Cambrid^, 1596-7, M.A 1600; in- 
corporated 16 July, 1600; vicar of 
Topcliffe. Yorks. 1614. See Foster's 
Index EccI, 

836, 15. 

837. IS«- 

857. 33- 

860, 4. 

867, 27. 

903. 5- 

920, 2a 





974. : 




X088, 10. 

1254, 2. 

1262, 23. 

Kinsman, John, clerk, Magdalen Coll.. 
1658-93, as Zinman. Bhxam, ii 71. 

^Kittermaster, Thomas, of Coleshill, 
CO. Warwick, his father (probably 
Thomas), of the same ** juris con- 
sultus." See ColL Reg. 

^Kyte, John, rector of St Stephen, 
Walbrook, resigned 1634. See New- 
couri, i. 540. 

*L'E8tran^, (Sir) Nicholas, M.P. 
Castle Rising 1685-7. 

*Littleton, (Sir) Thomas, after Much 
Wenlock, add M^P. April-May, 
1640, and 1640 (up.) till disabled 
2 May, 1643 ! ^ ^^i^ ^^ ^^^ admi- 
ralty i68x. 

^Littleton, (Sir) Thomas, delete, a 
lord of the admiralty 1681-2. . 

*L00ke, Zachary, is. Michael, of 
London, merchant, and grandson 
of Sir William, sheriff of London. 

*]iarsliall, Edmund, minister of 
Piddington, Oxon, died 17 June, 
1684. See Ath. iv« 443, 

*Napier, John, s. Robert, of Beds, bart 
{Coll. Reg. ) ; of Luton Hoo, created 
a baronet a March, 1660-1, M.P. 
Beds (May) 1664-78, died Aug., 
171 1 ; rather of the next-named, ^e 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

^Oldham, Abel, of Ashton-under-L^ne, 
CO. Lancaster: of Trinity Q>11., 
1658, from Rochdale school. 

*Rloliardson, Edward, s. William, of 
Norton Lindsey, co. Warwick, aged 

•Ro'bertS, " Jehoschuah," called John, 
s. Thomas, in Coll. Reg. ^ and bom 
at Bourton-on-the-Water. 

p. i278,par.28^.*Itonayiie, William, gcntTrinityCoB., 

matric. 31 July, 1671, aged 16; & 
student of Uray's Inn x^z. as xs. 
Patrick, of Cork city, merchant 

X3X2, 23. *Sanxay, James, RA 27 Feb., 1711- 


36. *Sargeant, Degory. B.A. fran 
Christ Church X5 March, X708^ 

X314, z8. *Saanders, Edward, O.S. EdwaixL of 
Charlewood, Surrey. See CoU, R^ 

1329, 38. *Seare, Richard, s. Thomas, of Haxop- 
stead, Herts, paup. See Cell, Reg, 

I349» 8. *Sherrier, Edward, s. John, of ChS- 
cote, Sussex, paup. See Coll, Reg. 

24. *Sniltlie, Nicholas, perhaps B.A x6 
April, x6o8, as Stoyte. 

*Soaoh, Winiam (3). See also Zouca. 

25. ♦Sontllby, Thomas, M. A X717. 

5. *Stanhope, Philip, delete, and Bratby. 

33. •Trobrydgre, George, s. George, d 
pansh of Crediton, Devon. See 
Coll. Reg, 

19. •Tyxer, Humphrey, of Alvechurdi, ca 
Worcester, aged 17, his father ••jorisp 
consultus," living at Elmley LovctL 
See Coll. Reg. 

4. Viokry, Francis, s. John, of Ash PrioR. 
Somerset, pleb. , aged x8. See Cdl. 

5. 'Waadee, John, of Clcydon-in'Cn^ 
redy, Oxon, pleb., from Wilscoc 
school See Coll, Reg, 

18. •Walker, John, s. William, of Oxford. 
See Coll. Reg. 

18. *Warren, Samuel, of Caropden, ca 
Gloucester, his father xnmister of 
Hempstead, Herts. See Co//. R^, 

X58X, 20. •Watkyns, Robert. M.A 13 June. 

x6a9. See WiLKS. 
4. •Webb, Thomas, from Shelsley, co. 
Worcester, his father living at Red- 
marley. in Great Witley. See Cell. 

18. •Welohman, Thomas, of Banhunr. 
Oxon, scholar 1656. See Coll, Reg. 

xo. •Whistler, John, of Whitchurch. Oxon. 
his father of the same, sacerdot See 
Coll. Reg, 









[ xxiv ] 

Abannan. See Ayahhah & Vannaii. 
Abba.Francij, s. George, of BriitoHdty).pl«b. PSM- 

BKOKE CoLu, nuuic 6 Nov., iGap, ajcd 17 ; B.A, 

It Oci., 1633. 
Abberlej. See Habbeklet. 

Abbey, GtOTEe, B.A from MAODALEN Cou_ B Feb., 
1593-4 (»ee O.H.S.. i. 370) ; M.A. from Bkoad- 
GATES Hall 4 May, 1619. See 0.//.S., xii. iBi. 

Abbinton, John. See Geokce Abtncton, 1706-7. 

Abbott, Dartholomew, of Londoa, gent BalliOI. 
Coll., mauic. 11 Moy, 1615. aged ij. [«] 

Abbott, Edward, B.A from Balliol Coll. 19 Feb., 
1591-5; M.A, from UNrvERSiTT CoLi. 16 Dec, 
1605 (ibea in orders), vicar of Ealing, Middlesex, 
1611-16. rector of Sl Marram, New Ftsb Street, 
London, i6ii-iG, view of All Hallows, Barking, 

Abbott, Fmnds, 1. Fiancis, of Wimbome, Donet, 
l^eb.. {xp. New Inm Hall, nuiric i April, 1664, 
aged 17. 

Abbotte, George, of Suncr, pleb. Balliol Coll., 
matrtc-enity under dale 3 May, 15S1, aged 18; 
1A, 31 May, 1582, M.A 17 Dec, isa;, sup. for 
tkEDCr to piiacb a March, 1593-4, B.D. 4 Marcb. 
1593-4, D.D. 9 May, 1597, maaler ot Universily 
College 1397-1610, vice-chancellor i6oo-3-£, was 
mainly instnimemal ia ctlabliihiag Pembnike Col- 
lege, oat of Broadgatei Hall ia 1614, one of the 
■lanslaion of Ihe New Teslantent, was neTttr bene- 
liced, dean of Winchester 1600, bishop of IJchfietd 
& CotcDlrr 1609, and of London 1610 (of the lonei 
Temple i6it). archbishop of Ciuitcrbuiy i6it, until 
bis death 4 Aug., 1633, aged 71, lOD of Mauriee 
Abbot, of Guildfont, Surrey, sberman. Sec AIA., 
11. sfir.Baa; 4 Cole') J/5., 5863, ar. 

Abbotts, Ceorge,geaL, bora in Middlon. Balliol 

1635 {ai Abbot), B.C.L. 16 Nov., 1630 (incorp. 
at CaiDbridge ifa?) ; this icholar is variously de- 
ictibed. as a clergyman and ai a son of Sir Maurice 
(Gecrge. soo of Maurice, died M. P. for GuQdford in 
1&45), and also as a sou or giandsoo of Sir Thomas 
Abbot, of EasingtOD, Yorks, KniEhl, where he was 
bom in 1603-4. from bis maliiculatloii entry it ap- 
pears he wBS bora in co. Middlesw in 160a. See 
D.JV.B. 4 0./f.S.. iv. aSa. [lO] 

Abbott. George, aim. Wadmau COLL.^'sabscribed' 


1655 (? bar. -ai-law ol Inner Temple 166^, 
a Di Maurice, of London, licence 5 May, 1665, 
marry Mn. Mary Reynolds, of Lee, Kent, widowy 

See Fosur't jitdga and Barrisltri. 
Abbot, Henry, i. H., of Glouceuer (diy), p.p. ST. 
Juum's Coll., matric 17 Nov., 1676, ajjed 17. 

Abbot, Henry, a. John, ot Glonceiier (city), cler, 1 
TRiNiTV Coll., matric. g July, 1697, aged 16, ' 
B.A. 1701 ; M.A, from Caius Coll.. Cambridge, , 
1717. chaplain to Allen, Lord BathursL vicar of 
HarcsReld 171a. and of Longney 1713. minister of 
Barawood, co. Gloucester, and lecturer of Sl. John's, 
citr of Gloucester, and masler Gloucester Collegiate 
School, master of Sir Thomas Rich Hospital at 
GtouccslFT, bora ag May, i6Sr, died at Bredoa, co, 
Worcester, buried in the chancel 11 Nov., 1738. 
See RawlinsBH. (fo.) i. p. i, Iv. 195 & lir. 10; 
Fosto's IhiUx Ettlaiasticus ; & Gtic.'i Mag., viL, 

Abbott, John, of Surrey, pleb. Balliol Coll, 
matnc. i Feb.. 1593-4, aged 17! B.A. 17 June. 
1597. M.A a6 Martli, 1601, licence to [Jeach i 
Feb., 1607-B, &D. as June, iGoS, D.D. ^ Jan., 
i6ia-i3. preb. of Canterbury 1613, rector of Great 
Chart, Kent, 1613, buried i SepL, 1613, See Fos- 
ter's iMdti Ecctesiasticiti. 

Abbott, John, of London, gent. Baluol Coll., 
mninc 16 Nov., 1604, aged 16; EA. ao April, 
1608. [16] 

Abbot, John, B-A. from SvDNEr SUSSEX Coll., 
Cambridge, 1606, M.A 1610 (incorp. 14 July. 
>6ia), B.D. 1617, ' poet ' tamed Catholic, admilled 
to tbe convent of St. John the Bapdst at Antwerp, 
See Dictionary vf NatioTtat Biography. 

Abbott, John, 'subscribed' iG April, 1613 ; B. A from 
Balliol Coll. aS Oct, 1G16, B.C.L from All 
Souls' Coll. i6aa. 

Abbott, John, a. William, of Preston, co. Lancaster, 
gent. Brasehose Coll., matric iSFeb., 1633-3. 
aged iB ; of Gray's Inn 1635. See Foster's Grayi 
Inn Reg. 

Abbott, John, s. Henry, of Gloucester (city), p.p. St. 

£)hn's Coll.. malric. ay June. 1671. aged 17, 
.A. 167s; M.A, from HART HALL 91 Feb., 
1677.8, rector of Great Widcombe, co. Gloucester, 
16S1. and minister of St. John's. Gloucester, father 
of tbe neit named and of Henry 1697. See Foster'l 
Index Ecclaiasticui. 

Abbot, John, a. John, of Gloocester (dly), der. 
Tbinitt Coll.. matric 30 May. 1707. aged 16 ; 
B.A. from New Inn Hall 171a, H.A. from Caius 
Cot-L., Cambridge. 1717. [ao] 

Abbott, Morris (Maurice In Afal. Rig.), of Middlesex. 
geai. Balliol Coli., matric 15 Oct., 1619, aged 
17; bar.-at-Iaw of the Inner Temple 1610. father 
of George 1655. and son and heir of Maurice of 
London. See Foster's Judga and Barrisltri. 

Abbott, Maurice, arm. Wadham C01.L.. matrJc. >4 
Nov.. 1650 : B.A. 34 Feb.. i65i.a (} of tbe Inner 
Temple 1655). See Foster's Inns of Cauti Stg. 

Abbotts, Nathaniel, of Wilts, cler. (il. Balliol 
Coll.. matric ao Nov., iGiS. aged 33 ; BA. ai 
Oct., 1619 (as Abbot), vicar of Pilton, Somerset. 
1633. See Foster's Indix Eccliiiatticn\ 


•_ • 

RioHXsff) Abbotts. 


1500— 1714, 

William Ablard. 

• • 

• • 

• • ■ 

Abbotta^Xlchord. s. Richard, of Guildford. Surrey, 

plefi:, Merton Coll., matric. 10 Oct., 1634, 

^ agte|>5. B.A. 13 Dec., 1637; M.A. from St. 

•. Alban Hall 20 June, 1640, fellow of Corpus 

'Chjcisti Coll. 1648 (by the parliamentary visitors). 

,'. •• ,6ee Burrows, 

./•.•*Xl)l>Ot, Robert, of Surrey, pleb. Balliol Coll., 
' *•.*•' matric. -entry under date ao Dec, 1^77, aged 17; 
BlA. z6 May, 1579, fellow 1581-8, M.A. 7 Feb., 
• X58a-3, sup. for uoenoe to pr^ich ax Jan., 1586^, 

B.D. 4 March, 1593-4, D.D. aa Nov.. 1596. master 
Z609-17. regius professor of divinity 16x2-15, rector 
of Bishops Hatfield. Herts. 2584. All Saints. Wor- 
cester. 1589, and of Bingham. Notts. 1598. chaplain 
to James I., preb. of Southwell x6xo, rector of 
Fillingbam. co. Lincoln. i6xx (of Gray's Inn i6xa), 
bishop of Salisbury x6x5, until his death a March, 
z6x7-x8, eldest son of Maurice Abbot, of Guildford. 
Surrey, sherman. See Ath. . ii. 224. 859 ; & Foster's 
Index Eccksiastiau, 

Abbot, Robert. EA. from Petes Hoitse. Cambridge. 
X605 ; inoorp. as M.A. 14 July, 1607, vicar of Cran- 
brook, Kent, i6x6*43, a sider with the Presbyterians 
in the RebeUion which began in x64a. minister of 
South wick, Hants, and of St Augustine's, Wat- 
ling Street See Fasti, i. 323 : & D.N.B, 

Abbott, Robert, s. Robert, of Cranebrook, Kent, 
'aaoerd.' Merton Coll., matric. xo Oct, 1634, 
aged 17, B.A 3X Oct, 1637 (as Abbots) ; M.A. 
from Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, 164a 

Abbot, Thomas (Abatt). BA. 8 March, i540-z : fellow 
All Souls' Coll. X542, M.A. 39 June. 1544. See 
OM.S., i. 198. [5] 

Abbot, Thomas, s. (Robert), of 00. Worcester, d.d. 
Baluol Coll., matric i Dec., X609, aged 15, 
B.A 19 July, x6ia ; fellow from All Souls' Coll., 
M.A 30 May, z6x6, his will proved at Oxford za 
Feb., z6ax-a. 

Abbott, Thomas, a. George, of Meller, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. St. Mary Hall, matric z^ April. X638, 
aged Z7S B.A x8 Feb., Z64Z-2, M.A 20 May, 

Abbott. Thomas, B.A. from Sydney Sussex Coll., 
Cambridge, Z670. M.A. Z683 ; incorp. as M.A. xo 

July, X683, as of London, clerk, widower, licence x6 
dav, Z693 (aged 31), to marry Miss Frances AlU- 
oocke, of St Mar^ret's. Westminster, spinster, 
aged 3a See Afarrtage Licetues, ed. Foster. 
Abbott, Walter, *8er.' Mert6n Coll., matric. 25 
Oct, z6s9; B.A. 1663, possibly rector of Dowles, 
Salop, x66o. See Foster^s Indtx EecUsiasticus, 
Abdy, l^ir) Anthony Thomas (Bart.), s. Anthony, of 
£asterford. Kelvedon, Essex, baronet Trinity 
Coll., matri<!. X9 April, X707, aged X7 ; of Lin- 
coln's Inn X708, 3rd baronet, of Felix Hall. Essex, 
married thrice, and died x June, X733. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Rig. ' [lO] 

Abdy, Christopher, ' cq. fiL' Merton Coll., matric 
32 Nov., X650; BA. a March. x6sx-a. bar.-at- 
law. Inner lemple. a6 May, i66x (as son of Sir 
Christopher, of Middlesex), baptized at Streatham 
3 April. x63a, licence 29 July, X663. to marry Mrs. 
uorothy Halsey, of Great Gaddesden, Herts. See 
Foster's ludga and Barristers, 
Abdie, Edmund, of London, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matric -entry under date 90 Dec. X577, 
aged z6; of Thavies Inn. bar.-at-Iaw. Lincoln's 
Inn, Z589, invited to the bench 1604. grandfather 
of Christopher x65a See Foster's Judges and Bar- 
Abdy, Edward, s. * Dni.' Robert, of Albins. Essex, 
baronet St. John's Coll., matric 27 June, X678, 
aged 17; died s. p. 
Abdye, George, *eq. fiL' Merton Coll., matric 
27 July. 1652 ; B.A. 6 July, 1652 (migrated from 
Cambridge), brother of Christopher aforesaid, bap- 
tised at Streatham 25 July, Z633. See Coll, Top,, 
iii. 3x1, / 

Abdie, James, s. James, of Wickersley. Yori^pWx 
Lincoln Coll., matric 6 July, X638, aged i, , 
B.A. 3 May, X642. Sec CaUmy, ii. 427- tl*. 

Abdv, (Sir) Robert (Bait), s John. «L g^f 
Garden, Westminster, baronet Trinity COLL-j^ 

matric 4 Aug.. X705. aged iS : 3^ J^'^'^V^ 
Albins, Essex: F.S.A., M.P. Essex m four pai^a- 
ments X727, until his death 27 Aug., Z74B. 

Abe, John, chorister MAGDALEN COLL. zsoi (as Av^ 
i A zs Jan.. xsxo-ii. B.Can.L. 25 June, I5«- ^ 
Bloxam, iv. 48 ; & 0,H,S„ i. 

Abell, George, of co. Derby, gent B^f^E^c^ 
Coll.. matric entry under ^te 8 I>ec^. i£*. 
aged X7 ; 'of StapenhiU. co. Dertjy, late of Clcn^ 
Inn.' admitted to the Inner Temple Z581. bee Fos- 
ter's Inns of Court Reg, 

Abell. John, s. Matthew, of Hinton, Berks, ca 
Magdalen Hall, nmtric 24 May, 1705. »?*« 
xa ^ ^ 

AbeU, Joseph, s. Hump, of St Dunstan's. LofO£». 
gent St. Edmund Hall, matnc aa Marca, 
X693-4, aged Z7 ; B.A from Lincoln Coll. 1697. 
fellow Merton Coll. Z700. M.A. Z703, ««f*<J« 
Farleigh, Surrey. Z707. vicar of Chelsbam and ^ar- 
bngham, Smrey, lyzs. See Heame, L IZ7 ; K^ 
Hnson, xx. 7 ; & Foster's Index Eee. i^Oi 


June, x6i6. 

Abel, Matthew, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matnc. ii 
March. X658-9 ; BA. Z662, M.A 1665, »:^V* V 
Hinton Waldrish, Berks. 1679. See Foster s luda 
EccUHasHcus & St, Paul's School Reg,, V- SP-^, ^ 

AbeU, Matthew, s. M., of Hinton, Berics. clcr. Mac- 
dalen Hall, matric zo April, Z70Z, aged u\ 
RA Z704. 

AbeU, Richard, of co. Warwick, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric 26 Oct. Z599, aged z8, B.A- a Julj. 
Z603; M.A. from Magdalen Hall 30 May. i6«30 
(ihen in oxtiers), vicar of Mancetter, co. Warwick. 
X622. See Foster's Index hcclesiasticus, 

AbeU. Richard, 'cler. fiL* Magdalen Hall, matric 
14 July. X694; B.A. 1698, M.A. 18 Jan.. 1700-1. 
See Lipscoiiibc's Bucks, i. Z64 ; & Foster's Parlic- 
mentary Dictionary. [25] 

AbeU, Thomas, chaplain, BA. 4 July. X513. M^ 27 
Tune, xsx6, • Catholic martyr.* rector of Bradwell. 
Essex, XS30 ; for denying the King's supremacy orer 
the Church, he was 'hanged, drawn, and quartered 
in Smithfield 30 July, 1540, inscription in the Beao- 
champ Tower. Tower of London. See Athenee^, 
i. XX9; O.H.S., i. 86; & D.N.B, 

Abel, William. B.A. from Pembroke Hall, Cam- 
bridge, x6s3 J incorp. as M. A Z4 July. X657, rector 
of Rawreth, Essex, Z667. See Foster's Index EecU- 

AbeU, William, s. William, of Tiverton. Devon, pleh. 
Balliol Coll., matric 3 Nov., X676. aged rj 
(called Abes in Mat. Reg.) ; B.A. 1680. M.A. 1683. 
one of these names rector of Studland, Dorset, ir* 
X691. See Foster's Index EecUsiasticus, 

Abendana, Isaacus. See Rawlinson, ii. 2x2. 

Abery, Thomas, s. John, of Reading. Berks, pleb. 
Trinitt Coll., matric 25 May, X7X0. aged 16; 
B.A. from New Coll. 29 Jan., X7X3-14, M.A. 
Z7x6. [30] 

Abingdon, Anton, created M.A 30 Aug., X605. 

Ablngton, Charles, s. C. , of London, gent Mertcx 
Coll., matric. x6 Oct, 1708, aged Z7 ; BA. 1712, 
M.A. X7X5. 

Abington, Edward (or Hablngton), RA. 4 Feb.. 
1573-4. of Exeter Coll. 

Abington, George, s. John, of Sherboum. Dorset 
arm. Hart Hall, matric ix Feb.. 1706-7 aged 17 
(called John Abbinton in Mat. Reg.). . 

Ablard, WiUiam, B.A from Magdalen Hall c Tane 


Thomas Abnett. 

1500— 1714, 

Robert Acland. 

Vbnetty Thomas, s. William, of Poole, aieshire, 
goat. Pembroke Coxx., matric. 5 June, 1668, 
aged 15. 

\.bnet« Thomas, s. William, of Stafford (town), gent. 
Oriel. Coll., matric. 26 June. 1703, aged 16; 
bar.-at-Iaw, Inner Temple, 1710. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, 

Ibnet, William, s. Thomas, of Audley, co. Stafford, 
gent. Magdalen Hall, matric. la May, 1637, 
aged 18. 

Lbnett, William, s. G. (' GuL '), of Andley. co. Sfcif. 
ford, gent Trinity Coll., matric. 13 Nov., 1704, 
aged 18. 

^bney, John, «. J., of Leicester (town), pleb. Lin- 
cols Coll., matric. 14 Nov., 1710, aged 18 ; RA. 
1714, vicar of Thornton, co. Leic, 1717, and vicar 
of Syston, co. Leic, 1718. Sec Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, [S] 

Lbney, (Sir) Thomas, y.s. Edw., of Willesley, co. 
Derby, equitis. Wadham Coll., matric. 2 Dec., 
1707, aged 16 ; of Willesley, co. Derby, bar.-at-law. 
Inner Temple. 1713, K.C., knighted 23 Dea, 1735, 
Serjeant 1740, attorney-general of the Duchy of Lan- 
caster 1733. judge of the Palace Court 1735, baron 
of the Elxchequer Z740, justice of Common Pleas 
1743. baptized 30 April, 1691, died 19 May, 1750^ 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

^brabally George, s. Richard, of Ingeston, co. Here- 
ford, gent Balliol Coll., matric. z8 Nov., 1635, 
aged 19 : B.A. 25 June, 1639. M.A. 6 July. 1642, 
vicar of Foye, ca Hereford, buried 21 Feb., 1673-4, 
father of the next named. 

Ibrahall, George, s. G., of Foye, co. Hereford, gent 
Oriel Coll.. matric. 23 March, 1676-7. aged 19 
(subs, as of Christ Church) ; baptized 7 April, 

Ibrahall, John, s. John, of Stoke Edith, co. Hereford, 
pleb. Oriel Coll., matric. 8 May, 1635. aged 17 ; 
B.A. 26 May, 1638. one of these names vicar of 
Longdon. co. Worcester, 1643. See Foster's Index 

Ibrahall, John, s. George, of Foye, co. Hereford, 
minister. Balliol COLL. , matria 13 March, 1672-3, 
aged x6 ; brother of George 1677. [lO] 

^brabaxn, Adam. s. Job., of Pnckington, Somerset, 
gent. WADHAM Coll., matric. 14 Feb., 1693-4, 
aged 26; B.A. 1697, M.A. 1700, died 12 Sept., 
Z709, Mon. Ins. at Winsham. See Gardiner^ 

ibrabazn, Edward, of Devon, cler. fiL Wadham 
Coll., matric. ai Feb.. 1616-7, aged 18: B.A. 6 
Feb. , i6ao-z, M.A. aa June, 1624, fdlow 1632. sub- 
dean 1629. librarian 1632, buried in the College 
Chapel 6 Dec., 1642. See Gardiner t 35. 

^.brabam, John, of ca Lancaster, pleb. Br asenose 
Coll.. matric. 29 Oct, 1585. aged 21 ; B.A. 5 June, 
1589, M.A. 9 June, 1592, then in orders, one of 
these names vicar of Colyton Rawleigh, Devon, 1596. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Ibraham, John, of Devon, der. fil. Wadham 
Coll., matric. 15 Nov.. 1616, aged 20, B.A. 18 May, 
2620 ; M. A. from St. Albak Hall, z July, Z623, 
rector of Stoodleigh, Devon, Z640. See Foster s 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Vbrabaxn, Wilham, of Backs, gent Hart Hall. 
raatric-entry under date Z579. aged z6. [15] 

ibrahaniy MTiIliam, gent Brasenose Coll. , matric 
29 Oct., Z657. (Memo. : W. A., son of William, of 
wingrave. Bucks, arm., admitted to Lincohi's Inn, 
X659. ) See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Absolon, William, at Corpus Christi Coll., Z554, 
from Kent, fellow Z556, B.A. 23 Feb., ZSS6.7, M.A. 
14 Feb.. Z564-5, preb. of Rochester Z576, rector of 
St. Olafe, Southwark, Z577, and of Cranfield. Beds, 
1579, and of Dengie, Essex, Z58Z, until his death in 
z^. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus^ 

Abson, John, 8. Lionell, of Rotherham, Yorks, pleb. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. ij May, Z708, aged Z9 ; 
B.A. Z2 March, Z7ZZ-Z2, M.A. Z71S. rector of Not- 
tingham, St Nicholas, Z7r4, preb. of Southwell 
Z720-49, vicar of Rolleston. Notts. Z729. dead before 
29 Tune. Z74p. See Le Neife, iii. 422 ; & Fostei^s 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

^ Aohelley, Thomas, of Salop, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 28 June, z6z6. aged Z9, B.A. Z9 
May, z6z7; M.A. from Broadgates Hall, z 
Feb., Z619-20, rector of Cold Weston, Salop, Z632. 

Aoland, Arthur, s. John, of Exeter, Devon, gent - 
Exeter Colu, matric. za Dec., Z634. aged Z5, 
B,A. 30 Oct, Z638 ; fellow Oriel Coll. z639. 
created M.A. a Dec, Z642. licenced to study civil 
law 1650 (and medicine Z653). licenced to practise 
medicine 9 March, 1657-8, brother of Baldwm z6a9. 
See Burrows^ 66, 94. [20] 

Acland, Arthur (subs. ' bart. '), s. John, of Killerton, 
Devon, baronet. Exeter Coll., matric. 27 July, 
Z669, aged Z4: 4th baronet, died in z67a. See 
Foster's Baronetage, 

Aolande, Baldwlne, of Devon, gent Exetrr Coll., 
matric. 26 May, Z609, aged z6. 

Acland, Baldwin, s. John, of Exeter. Devon, gent. 
Exeter Coll., matria 3 July, Z629, aged 20; 
fellow Z626-52. B.A. 9 July, z6a9, M.A. 28 April, 
Z632, proctor Z64Z, B.D. 22 Nov., 1642, nominated 
D.D. (then of University Coll.) z June, Z646, 
but refused to be created, rector of North Cadbury, , 
Somerset, Z643, and of Tedbnm St Mary, Devon, 
Z65Z-72, ' declined to take the engagement Z650,' ' 
tutor to Lord Cliffoid and George Bull, bishop of < 
Exeter, preb. of Lincoln z66o, preb. and treasurer ■ 
of Exeter Z667, died at Tedbum St Mary, Devon, ( 
27 Aug., Z672. See Boose, 63; Burrows, ijp\ &' 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, I 

Aoland, Henry (Ackland). s. Arth., of BOsdon (? BUta- .' 
don), Devon, gent Exeter Coll. , matric. 27 Feb. , ; 
i^3-4> aged Z5; his father M.P, Barnstaple Z679, • 
unseated In Dea, z68a 1 

Aoland, Hugh, *eq. fil.' ExETER Coll., matric. 27 
Nov., Z652; B.A. 22 June, Z655, probably 5th 
baronet M.P. Barnstaple 1679, and Tiverton Z685-7, 
who was buried 9 March, Z7Z3-Z4, at Broaddyst. 
and father of John z69a. [as] 

Aoland, Hu^rh, s. Joh., of Broadclyst, Devon, arm. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 9 June, Z7Z3, aged Z7 ; 6th 
baronet, M.P. Barnstaple Z7az-7, di«l 29 July, Z7a8. 
See Foster's Baronetage, , 

Aoland, James, s. Joh., of Aishburton, Devon, der. 
Exeter Coll., matric. za Dec.. Z706. aged ao; 
one of these names rector ot Willand, Devon, Z725. 
See Foster's Index Eulesiasticus, 

Acland, John. s. James, of Exeter, Devon, pleb. p.p. 
Exeter Coll., matric za July, z66z, aged z8 ; 
B.A. Z665. 

Aoland, John (Ackland), s. J., of Branton, Devon, 
pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. z8 March, Z668-9, 
aged z6; B.A. Z672, M.A. Z675, inoorp. at Cam- 
bridge z68o. rector of Bittadon, Devon, z68z, preb. 
of ^ors Bodmin in church of Endelion, Cornwall, 
Z682, rector of Littleham, Devon, Z682. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Aoland, John, s. H., of Broadclyst, Devon, baronet 
Exeter Coll., matric. za May, Z692, aged zt ; of 
Wooleigh, Devon, M.P. Callington Z702, until his 
death in his father's lifetime, buried at Broaddyst, 
90 May, Z703. [so] 

Acland, Richard (Ackland), s. Ric., of BamsUple, 
Devon, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 90 May, 
1697, agMl Z7 ; one of these names M.P. Barnstaple 
Z708-Z3 (? of Fremington, Devon). 

Aoland, Robert, 'eq. fiL' Exeter Coll., matric. 27 
Nov., Z652 ; died s.p., buried at Broaddyst, 24 
March, z655-6, brother of Hugh 


I — z 

Thomas Acland. 

1500— 17 14. 

Samuel Actok. 

Aoland, Thomas, s. Hug., of Killerton, Devon, 
baronet Wadham Coll., matric. 23 Nov., 1693, 
aged 16 ; fellow Exeter Coll. x July, 1696, B.A. 
1699, M.A. 170a, preb. of Cutton, in Castro Ezon, 
X703, preb. of Exeter X7I3-3S, rector of Nympton, 
St. George, 1713, vicar of Brent 17x6, died xz Sept, 
X735 ; there is just room for a doubt that the fellow 
of Exeter College matriculated from Wadham Col- 
lege. See Lt Neve, i. 436 : Foster's InHtx BuUsiau 
Hcus; Gardiner, 38a ; & Boose, 85. 

Aoley, Henry ; stndent of Christ Chubch, 1571, B.A. ; 
17 Dec., 1574. See 0,H,S„ xll 44. 

A'Coart, John, gent (subs, 'a Court*). Lincoln 
Coll,, malrlc aa July, X658 ; RA. X7 Jan.. 1661-a, 
fellow i66a, M.A. 1664, bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 
1673, bom a3 June, 1643 (eldest son of John, doth- 
worker), born at Raddon, Somerset, 83 June. 1643, 
admitted to Merchant Taylors' School 1656. of Rad- 
don aforesaid, probably father of Pelrce 1694. See 
HoHnson, L aa7 ; & Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

A'CoTirt, John (subs, 'a Court'), s. J., of Salisbury. 
Wilts, pleb. St. Alban Hall, matric. 38 March, 
1705, aged x8 ; B.A. from Oriel Coll. 1708. 

A'Oonrt, Peirce (subs. *a Court'), s. Jo., of Bath 
(city), Somerset, gent Lincoln Coll., matria ag 
March, x6( 4, aged x6 ; a A. X607, M.A. 1700, M. P. 
HeytesbdiY 1713, until his death ao March, 1734-5, 
ancestor or Lord Heytesbuxy. See Foster's Peerage, 

A'Conrt, William, (subs. * a Court '), s. John, of Raddon, 
Somerset, gent Lincoln Colu , matria X7 March, 
x66a-5 aged x6; probably brother of John, X658. 

Aoranlev, William (Accnmley), of Yorks, pleb. Lin- 
coln Coll., matric a Nlarch, x59a-3, aged 18 ; 
a A. ao Jan.. 1595-6. [7] 

Aores. See also Akers. 

Aores, Joseph, s. John, of East Hagbom, Berks, pleb. 
All Souls' Coll., matric x6 Dea, 1684, aged 17 \ 
B.A. 1688. chaplain of Magdalen College 1688, 
rector of Newbery. Beiks, lyaa See Foster's Index 
EtcUsiasHeus : Rawlinson, v. zo6, says vicar of 

Aoroyd, John, of Yorks, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matric. 30 Oct, z6xa, aged zy ; aA. i Dec., 16x3, 
M.A. 5 July, z6x6. rector of a moiety of Llntun, 
Yorks, x6ai. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Aoroyd, Matthew (Aickroid). of Yorks, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 13 Nov., x6x8, aged x6. [11] 

Acrode, Roger ; a A. from Clare Coll., Cambridge, 
1571. Incorp. as M.A. 15 July. 1578, rector of 

Goldsborough, Yorks, 1589, oF Whalton, Northum^ 
berland, X59X, and of Winston, co. Durham, XC91, 
B.D., preb. of Southwell X597, archdeacon of York 
(West Riding) 1600, rector of Bolton Percy, Yorks, 
x6oi, preb. of Hereford 16x3, died in 16x7. See Foi- 
ter^s Index BceletiasHeus ft Cole's MS., 586a, p. 34. 
Aoroyd, Samuel ( Akeroyd), of Yorks, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. az Jan., z6i9-ao, aged x8 ; B.A. 
6 Dec x6aa. 

Aoson, William, of Chester, pleb. Brasenosb Colu , 
matric 7 May, x6oa, aged x8 ; a A. ao July, x6c4, 
one of these names vicar of Pkinswick, oa Glouc., 
i6aa, and rector of Sbipton SoUars, co. Gloac., X643. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus. 

Aoton, Adam, s. Adam, of Ludlow, Salop, gent 
St. Alban Hall, matria 3X*March, 16^7, aged x6. 

Aoton, Daniel, s. Francis, of Canterbury, Kent, gent 
Magdalen Coll., matria 15 July, X639, aged X4 ; * 
demy x638.4a, aA. xa Feb., x64z-a, fellow x64a.6, 
M.A. ax Nov., X644. See ColL Reg,, v. XS3. [lel 

Aoton, Edmund, B.A. (sup. ax May), 1560, studied 
x6 years. 

Aoton, Edward (Bart.), s. Walter, of Aldenhara, Salop, 
Bart Queen's Coll., matric. 4 May, x666, aged, 
x6; created M.A. 33 April, X667, of the Inner) 
Temple X670, 3rd baronet, recorder of Bridgnorth I 
X70X, and M.P. in 7 parliaments x698-X705, died' 
a8 Sept. zyxa^ See Foster's Peerage. 


Aoton, Edward, s. Edward, of Basingstoke. Hants, 
gent Wadham Coll., matric. xo Dec., 1667, 
aged 16, B.A. 1671 ; M.A. from Hart Hall X674. 
rector of Bentworth, Hants, 1677. prebsndal rector 
of Wherwell X687, rector of Bradley 1697. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus. 
Aoton, Edward, s. Edw., of Bentworth, Hants, der. 
Corpus Christi Colu, matric. xo April. X701. 
aged X5 ; a A. from Oriel Coll. 34 March, lyoS-j, 
aCL. X707, rector of Bentworth 1719, and 01 
Shalden, Hants, 1737, brother of James 1704. See 
Fostei's Index Ecclesiastieus. [20^ 

^ Aoton, Fkands, ' subscribed,' 9 June, 1613. 

Aoton, Francis, s. John, of Haslington, Cheshire, 
gent Brasenose Coll., matric. 3 July, 1672. 
aged x8 ; of Lincoln's Inn x67a. See Foster's Imss 
of Court Reg.; & Helsby's Ormerods CMeshirt, in. 5f> 
Aoton, Francis, s. Th., of Chester (city), gent. BrasEp 
NOSE Coll., matric. a6 Feb., X674-5, aged 17: 
B.A. X678. M.A x68i, died 'a fellow' x March. 
x69a>3, buried in the chapel of Brasenose. Sse 
Gutch, L 379k 
Aoton, James, s. Edw., of Basingstoke, Hants, geat 
Wadham Coll., matric. 10 Dec, X667, aged 18; 
a student of the Middle Temple 1673, brother of 
Michael x68i. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. k 
Gardiner, 270. 
Aoton, James, s. Edward, of Bentworth, Hants, ckr. 
Wadham Coll., matric. 7 March, iTof. aged 15; 
exhibitioner 1704, B. A X707 ; fellow Alx. 5^^l>' 
Coll. 1710, aCL. Z713. admon. (Oxford), g:.. ! <d 
X7 Jan., X722-3. B^:t Gardiner, ^vj. jzz\ 

Aoton, John, X35a See Dictionary of Natuni^ 

Aoton. John, of Salop, gent Ballxol C01.L. , matr;& 
X4 tune 1582, aged 38 ; (? M.P. Droitwich 1597-8, 
and probably 5th son of William Acton, M. P. ) Sec 
Foster's Parliamentary Diciionarv, 
Aoton, John, s. John, of Namptwicli, Cheshire, pleh. 
Brasenose Coll.. matric. 29 March, 1667, »gel 
x8 ; a A. X670, M.A X673, one of these names 
vicar of Stapleford, Wilts, 1684. See Foster's Index 
Aoton, John, s. Edw., of Basingstoke, Hants, geo!. 
Hart Hall, matric. 23 Oct, 1674, aged xS; 
aC.L. 2 March, X684-5. bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 
X687. licence, 6 April, 1687, to marry Maxigaret CctLs 
of St Martin's-in-the-Fields, Middlesex, spinster. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 
Aoton, John, s. Edw., of Morvil, Salop. bart Balucl 
Coll., matric 29 March, X705, aged x6 ; a A. 170^. 
M.A X71X, D.C.L. 1726, vicar of Clun, Salop. 1713. 
rector of Acton Scott, 1726. See Foster's Indtx 1 
Ecclesiastieus, [30] 

Aoton, Michael, s. Edw., of Basingstoke, Hants, gcct 
Hart Hall, matric. 17 Feb., x68o-x, a^ed 16; 
B.A from NEW COLL. x686, M.A 14 Jan., 1689-90. 
brother of James X667, and Paul 1668. 
Aoton, Nicholas, s. Thomas, of Bockleton, co. Wc?* 
cester, gent Magdalen Hall, matric. 5 Dec. j 
X634, aged x8 (called Arton in Mat, R^.). 
Aoton, Paul, s. Edward, of Basingstoke, Hants, gent , 
Christ Church, matric. 20 March, X677-8. ai^nl 
17; chaplain New Coll., B.A x68i. M.A 16S4. 
prebendal rector of Wherwell, Hants, 1683, until h^ ' 
death, 2 Feb., x686, aged 20, will proved (Oxford) 1 
7 Feb., X687-8. See GutcA, 1. 222. j 

Aoton, Philip, aD. 3x May, X538, 'Cistercian, alias 
Bemardine,' provisor of St Bernard's College, ia 
the north suburb of Oxon. See Fasti, i. xo8. 
Aoton, Ralph, X4th cent See Dictionary of I^afiavsl 
Biografky, [35] 

Aoton, Roger, 'Obsonator ColL Exon.* Exetei 
«^ Coll., matric 22 June, 16x0, aged 30; R.A^ 
master of the Company of Cooks, nis will provei 
(Oxford) xy Feb., 1627-8. 
Aoton, Samuel, s. Th., of Chester, gent Brasenose 
Coll.. matric. 20 March, 1673-4, aged x8 ; admitted 
to Gray's Inn z674. See Foster's Grafs Inm Reg. 

14 J 

Thomas Actok. 

1500— 1714* 

John Adams. 

ActOXly Thomas, stndent of Chkist Chukch 1555, 
B.A. 14 Nov., Z558, M.A. 26 Jane, 1562. &)«e 
O^H.S., L 237. 

Acton, Thomas, of ca Worcester, pleb. Hast 
Hai.1^ matric. -entry under date 1573, aged 19. 

Acton, Thomas, is. William, of Wolverton, co. Wor- 
cester, arm. Wadham Coll., matric. 30 June, 
1626, aged 18. See Gardiner, 78. 

Acton, lliomas, s. Edward, of Aldenham, Salop, arm. 
Alban Hall, matric. 3 July, 1640, aged 17 ; (? of 
Gatacre Plu-k, Salop, and died in 1677). 

Acton, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Claverley, Salop, 
gent. Meston Coll., matric. 2z March, 1683-4, 
aged 17, [6] 

Acton, Thomas, s. Ra, of Keele, co. Stafford, pleb. 
BsASENOSE Coll., matric. 29 March, 1709, aged 19; 
B.A. 17x2. 

Acton, Valentine, of 00. Worcester, gent Hart 
Hali., matric. -entry under date 1574, aged 14. 

Acton, Whitmore, s. Edward, of Aldenham, Salop, 
baronet. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 14 Feb., 
X694-5, aged 17 ; of Middle Temple 1698, 4th baronet, 
M.P. Bridgnorth 1710-13, died 9 Jan., i73X-2. See 
Foster's Peerage. 

Acton, William, of Kent, gent Queen's Coll., 
matric ao Oct. 1598. aged 16 ; of Maidstone, Kent, 
late of Staple Inn, admitted to Gray's Inn 1607. See 
Foster's Grafs Inn Reg, 

Acton, William, s. Henry, of Longhope, co. Gloucester, 
gent. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 24 Oct, 1623, 
aged 19. [10] 

Acton, William, s. James, of London. Middlesex, gent 
Chsist Church, matric. x Sept, 1634, ageid x6; 
bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1644. See Foster's /»^«f 
and Barristers, 

Acworth, Allyn, of Oxon,s. John, of Deptford, Kent, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 4 Nov., 1631, aged 
x8 ; B.A. from New Inn Hall 14 May, 1^3, M. A. 
19 Jan., 1635-6, vicar of St Nicholas, Rochester, 
X656, of Wandsworth, Surrey, 1661, bom 25 July, 
1613. died in X674. See Robinson, i. X23 ; Foster's 
index Ecclesiastuus ; & Calamy, ii. 334. 

Acworth, George, LL.D., of Cunbridge, incorp. 22 
March. 1566-7 ; of ST. PETER House, Cambridge, 
matric. 12 Nov., 1548, B.A 1553, fellow 1554, M.A 
Z555* subscribed the Roman Catholic Articles, im- 
posed that year upon all graduates, studied dvil 
law in Fxanoe and Italy, temp. Q. Mary, public omtor 
2559> V^^' of Southwell 1559-66, rector of Aston 
Flarav^e 00. Leicester, X560, and of Fredcenham, 
Suffolk, 156X, an advocate 1562, created LL.D. 1563, 
? M.P. Hindon, Wilts, 1563-7, chancellor and vicar- 
general to Home, bishop of Winchester, rector of 
Wroughton, Wilts, X576, master of the faculties 
1576-7, and judge of the prerogative court in Ire- 
land 1578. See Cooper, i. 381, 566 ; Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus ; & Cole's MS. 5862, X2. 

Acwortli, Richard (Ackworth;, scholar Corpus 
Christi Colu 1579, B.A 23 Oct, 1585, M.A 21 
Feb. , or March, 1588-9, fellow 1588-9. See O.H. S. , 
xii. 131. 

Acwortn, Richard, of London, pleb. St. John's 
Coll.. matric. 17 Oct., 1589, aged 17 (as son of 
Richard, merchant taylor), he entered Merchant 
Taylors^ School 18 June, 1587. See Robinson, i. 

30- [18] 

Acwortli, Thomas, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 

8 Dec., 1658, B.A from Christ Church, X662, 

M.A. 1665. B.D. 1683, vicar of Pirton, Oxford, i68a. 

See Foster s Index Ecclesiasticus. 
Acwortli, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Oxford, der. 

Christ Church, matric. 11 Dec., 1705, aged 15 ; 

B.A- from Corpus Christi Coll. 1709. 
Adams, Andrew, B. A from Christ Church, 25 Oct., 

1599, MA. 8 June, 1602. 
Adam, Arthur, paup, Jesus COlu, matric. 19 May, 

Adames, Barnard, of London, pleb. Trinity Coll., 
matric. 22 Feb., 1582-3, aged 17; scholar 1583, 
B.A 17 Feb., 1586-7, fellow 1588, M.A 21 Jan., 
2590-x, bishop of limerick x6(^, and of Kilfenora 
X606-X7, preb. of Killaloe and vicar of Ballingarnr 
in diocese of Limerick, died 22 March, 1605-0. 
See Cotton's Fasti EccL Hib., i. 383; & Ath„ ii. 

869. [ao] 

Adams, Benjamin, s. George, of Kelson, Somerset, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., X3 May, 1703, aged 17. 

Adams, ^ase (Addams), of Northants, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 4 June, X619, aged x6 ; B.A« 
2^ Oct, 1622, M.A 7 July, 1625, rector Charwelton, 
Northants, 1651, buried there 4 Nov., 1659. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Adams, Charles, * der. fiL' Brasenose Coll., matric. 
25 June, 1657, B.A 1660, M.A 1663 (as Charles 
Adam), vicar Great Baldodc, Essex, 1663, rector St. 
Michael Royal, Paternoster Row, London, 1662, 
rector Chadwell, 'Essex, 1670. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, possibly brother of Richard X647, of 
Peter X649, and of Thomas 1653. See note to 

Adams, Constantine, created M.A. from Lincoln 
Coll. 17 April, 1638, fellow and vice- principal Jesus 
College X647, a delegate of the parliamentazy visitors 
2647, fellow Magdalen College 2648. See Burrows^ 
4, 17X, 202, 209. 

Adams, Edmund, s. Charles, of Presteign, co. Radnor, 
pleb. St. Mart Hall, matric z6 March, 1694-5. 
aged z8 ; BA. 1698. [asl 

Adams, Edmund ('Pharma'), s. Thomas, of Oxford 
(dtyf, privilegiatus, X2 April, 2700, aged 21. 

Adames, Edward, of GO. Stanord, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric. xx Feb., x^dk, aged 28. 

Adams, Edward, s. William, of Qiarwelton, Northants, 
gent Lincoln Coll., matric 37 Nov., 2640, aged 
26 ; of Welton, Northants, buried 2705. 

Adams, Edward, ' bookseller,' privilegiatuc, 23 June, 

Adams, Fitxhexbert, s. John, of Charwelton, Northants, 
arm. Lincoln Coll., matric. a April, 1669. aj^cd 
X7 ; a A 2672, M.A 2675, B.D. 2682. D.D. 2685, 
rector of Linoobi College, 2685-2729, vioe-chanoellor 
2605^. rector Washington, co. Durham 2683, preb. 
of Durham 2685. until his death 37 June, 1729 ; his will 
proved at Oxford 25 Sept , 2719. See Heame, L 218. 

Adams, Fitzwilliam, s. Clmries, of Bodenham, co. 
Hereford, gent Lincoln Coll., matric. 23 Feb., 
X637-8, aged 29. [31] 

Adams, Francis (Addams), s. Robert, of Houstone, 
Sussex, gent New Inn Hall, matric. 9 March, 
2675-6, aged 26 ; B. A 2679. 

Adams, George, BA. from Magdalen Coll., xx Feb.. 
2606-7, one of these names (M.A) rector of Plump- 
ton, Northants, 26x2, vicar of Staverton, 26x5, buried 
there 6 July, x66x. See Foster's Index Ecc, 

Adams, George, of 00. Pembroke, gent Jesus ColLh , 
matric. x8 Jan., x62x-2, aged 18; son of Thomas 
1590, sold Loveston. [84] 

Adams, George, s. Robert, of Shrewsbury, Salop, cler. 
Pembroke Coll., matric 13 Oct, X702, aged 16. 

Adam, Henry (Addam), s. WilUam, of London, gent 
Merton Colu, matric. 9 May, 1628, aged 20; 
BwA. xo Feb., 1^28-9, MA. vj Oct, X63X. 

Adams, James, B.A nom University Coll. xx July, 
•^ X579. M. A 6 July, X582. 

Adames, James, s. Nicholas, of Pegbury, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 28 March, 1704, aged 17. 

Adams, John , D. D. , vice-chancellor X505. See Foster^i 

Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Adams, John, chaplain, B. A (sup. 2 May), 2507. 

Adams, John, B. A (sup. 27 June), 25x7. [41] 

Adams, John (Adamys), B.A x6 May, 2528, fellow of 

Oriel Coll. 9 June, 2531, from Gloucestershire, 

in diocese of Hereford, M.A 3 Feb., 2532-3 (as 


Thomas). See Ce Neve, iii. 457; & O.H.S,, i. 

AdamSi Joooi B. A 1547, of Brasbi^osb Col^ 

John Adams. 

1500 — 1714. 

Robert Adams. 

Adams, John, of Somerset, pleb. Magdalen Coll. , 
matric-entry under date 1571, a^ed 17 ; demy 1572-7, 
of Furoival's Inn, bar.-at-law, LiDColn's Inn, 1587, 
See Yosiefs Judges and Barristers & Bhxam, iv. 188. 

Adams, John., s. John, of Allesley, ca Warwick, pleb. 
Tkinity Coll., matric. 6 March, 1634-5, aged 17. 

Adams, John, s. William, of Charwelton, Northants, 
gent Christ Chukch, matric. 17 July, 1635, aged 
15 ; of Lincoln's Inn 1637, succeeded to Charwelton 
in 1664, buried there 17 OcL, 1669. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Adams, John, 'stationer,' s. John, of Oxford, privilegi- 
atus, 24 July, 1635, aged 23 ; J. W., bookseller, will 
proved at Oxford, 20 Feb.. 1685-6. 

Adams, John, 'ser.,' s. William, of Wollaston, ca 
Stafford, pleb. Oriel Coll. , matric 9 April, 1647, 
aged 20 : B.A. from Trinity Coll. 4 April, 1650. 
(? of the Middle Temple 1649). See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, [5] 

Adams, John, pleb. Trinity Coll., matric. 20 March, 
1649-50 : B.A. 25 Jan., 1653-4. See Burrows , 35, 40. 

Adams. John, 'der. fil' Brasenose Coll., matric. 
20 May, 1653. 

Adams, John, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 10 March, 

Adams, John (Addams), s. Thomas, of Woodbury, 
Devon, pleb. Hart Hall, matric. 28 March, 1683, 
aged 19 ; B. A. from Lincoln Coll. 1686, vicar of 
Blackawton, Devon, x688. See Foster's Index Eec, 

Adams, John, s. William, of Daventrie, Northants, gent. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 12 May, 1687, aged 18. 

Adams, John, s. Tho., of Northwood, Flints, der. 
Br.\senosb Coll., matric 25 June, 1694, aged 17 ; 
BA 1700. [11] 

Adams, Jonathan, s. William, of Walford, 00. Here- 
ford, p.p. Magdalen Hall, matric 24 Feb., 
1668-9, &fi>cd 15. 

Adams, Knightley, s. William, of Charwelton. North- 
ants. gent Lincoln Coll., matric 4 April, 1696, 
aged x6; B.A 1699, M,A. 1702, B.D. 1712, fellow 
1700-42. rector of Great Leighs, Essex, 1741, until 
his death 28 Aug., 1755. See Foster's Index EecU- 

/.dams, Nathaniel, subscribed 3 June, 1614. 

Adams, Nathaniel, gent Balliol Coll., matric 28 
March, 165^. (Mema : Nathaniel Addaras, son and 
heir of William, late of More, Salop, gent, admitted 
to Lincoln's Inn 1656. J See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Adams, Nathaniel, s. William, of Walford, co. Here- 
ford, p. p. Wadham COLU, matric 19 March. 
1674-S, aged 17; B.A. from Hart Hall 1678, 
brother of William 1663. [10] 

Adams, Nicholas, of co. Pembroke, pleb. Jesus Coll. , 
matric 2 July, 1585, aged 2o('Sd)olaris Mri. Case'). 
Mema : One Nicholas Adams, of Clifford's Inn, 
gent, and bar.-at-law of the Middle Temple 1C94 
(as 2S. Henry, of Paterchurch, co. Pembroke, 
esquire), M. P. Pembroke 1589. died 22 Oct , 1628, 
father of William 1623. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers & Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Adams, Nicholas, of Devon, pleb. Broadgates 
Hall, matric. xo March, 1591-2, aged 26; B. A. 
6 Feb., 1594-5. 

Adams, Nicholas, s. William, of Oxford, pleb. Cor- 
pus Christi Coll., matric 13 May, 1700. aged 16 ; 
B.A 1706, M.A. Z708, rector of Speldhurst, Kent, 
1724-7, died curate of Penshurst, Kent See Fos- 
ter's Index Ecclesiasiicus 8t Rawlinson, vi. 251. 

Adams, Nicholas, s. Nicholas, of Soar, Devon, gent 
Oriel Coll., matric 8 May, 1707, aged 18 ; B.A. 
9 Feb., Z710-ZZ. [ao] 

Adams, Oliver. Cistercian; B.D. (sup. z6 March) 
Z505-6. See O.H.S,, i. 43. 

Adams, Peter, gent Brasenose Coll., matric 20 
Feb., 1648-9. created RA from University Coll. 
Z4 March, Z649-50, vicar of Hanney, Berks, 1661, 
and of Steeple Ashton, Wilts, Z663. See Foster's 
Index Beclesiasticus ; Burrows, 94, Z74; and sec 
Bote to Ralph, alias Randle, 

Adames, Ralph, of Oxon, pleb. Magdai.en Hall, 
matric 23 June, 1621. aged 17 ; demy Magdallk 
Coll., 1623-6, B.A. 30 June, 1625, M.A. Z2 J-Jy, 
Z628, probably Randle, uncle of Charles 1657. Pcicr 
1649. Richard 647. and of Thomas 1653. See Ath., 
iv. 603, note ; & Blcxam^ v. ziz. 

Adams, Randle. B.A St, Andrew's Universitt, 
Scotland ; incorp. 19 Jan.. 1624-5. M.A. from Cutt'^T 
Church 2oJune, 1625. See Add, AIS. , 15.670, p. i; i. 

Adams, Rice, s. Ri., of Meere, Wilts, pleb. Hart 
Hall, matric. 3 March, Z674-5. aged z8, B.A. 
1678; M.A from Pembroke Coll., Cambr.cgr 
z68i, rector of Donhead St. Mary, Wilts, 1693. aj>i 
preb. of Salisbury Z706, until his death. 8 Ap;.- 
1738. See Le Neve, ii. 65$ ; & Foster's Index £co\'- 
siasticus. [ZSi'- 

Adams. Richard, fellow of New Coll. Z509-17, fron 

St Cuthbert's, Wells, Somerset. B.A. 3 Julv, 1514, 

M.A. June, 1518. conduct of Winchester Colki:-.'. 

>J5i7» vicar of Cannington, Somerset, Z523. accl of 

Foyntington, Somerset, Z544. See Foster's /ftdex Ecc. 

Adams, Richard, B.A 8 July, Z52Z. 

Adams, Richard (Addams), of Sussex, gent. Svx 
Coll., matric. 26 Oct, Z604, aged 22 ; RA. 13 
April, z6o8, M.A 23 Jan., 1611-12, incorp. at Can;- 
bridge 163Z. See Le Neve, i. 198. 

Adams, Richard (Addams), of Dorset, pleb. H.u? 
Hall, matric 11 Dec, 1612, aged z8 ; clerk ' 
New Coll., B.A. 26 Oct, 1615. [29' 

Adams, Richard, s. ' Randolph!,' of Wem, Salop, pLb. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 31 Jan., 1633-4. aged 17. 

Adams. Richard, s. William, of Charwelton. Northani^. 
gent Christ Church, matric 17 July. i6?«;, ^^^ 
17 ; B.A. from Lincoln Colu 14 May, 1639", M..\- 
3 May, 1642 ; these degrees may, however, refer tj 
the preceding scholar ; brother of John, same 6r.\*'. 

Adams, Richai^, s. Charles, of Woodchurch, Cbesh.rr. 
cler. Brasenose Coll., matric 3 June, 1647, ^S^^ 
20 (having kept several terms at Cambridge) ; R.A. 
3 Nov., Z648, fellow z649>55, M.A 29 May, 1651. 
incorp. at Cambridge 1653, rector of St. Mildred's. 
Bread Street, 1655, and removed for nonconformitT 
1662, resided in Southwark, died 7 Feb., 16Q7I 
See note to Ralph ; Burrows, 67, 94, 174 ; At/i. , it. 
603 ; Easti, ii. 165 : & Heame, i. 118. 

Adams, Richaird, s. Abraham, of Marden,co. Hereford, 
gent St. John's Coll., matric 24 April. i66£, 
aged 17. B.A. 23 March, z67i-a ; M.A. from .All 
Souls' Coll. 1675, B. Med. 1679. D.Med. 1684, prr- 
cipal of Magdalen Hall 1694-171(3. admon. at Oxford 
granted 19 Jan., Z7Z6-Z7. See Munk's Roll, i. 5x2; 
& Atk. , i. cxvii. 

Adams, Richard, s. John, of Charwelton, Northants 
gent. Lincoln Coll.. matric. 5 Julv, 1677, a^cd 
15 ; demy Magdalen Coll., 1680. B.A. 1681. M..\. 

1684, fellow 1689-1721, B.D. 4 Feb., 1695-6, DO. 
1708, vice-president 1710, ensign of a company of 
scholars raised at the Duke of Monmouth's reberiion. 

1685, rector of Charwelton, Northants. 1695-7. and 
of Stanlakc, Oxon, Z721. until his death 8 Feb., 
Z723-4. See AtA., i., c iii. ; Heame, i. ziS ; Blcxan, 
vi. 26; Rugby School Reg., i. ; & Foster's Index 

Adams, Richard, s. F., of Newport, Salop, paup. 
Oriel Coll., matric z March, 1691-2, aged 18. 

Adams, Robert (Addams), of Chichester, pleb. New 
Coll., matric 7 Nov., 1600, aged 20; B. A, 20 
April, 1604, M.A 19 Jan., 1607-8, B. & D.D. 7 July, 
1628, rector of Bramdean i6z2t and of Kimpton. 
Hanu, 1613, preb. of St Paul's 1639. Sec Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus. [35^ 

Adams, Robert (Addams), s. John, of Chichester. i>u-^ 
sex, gent Magdalen Hall, matric 3Z Mardi. 
16371 aged Z7; B.A. Z2 Nov., Z640, M.A. 18 Jane. 
1643, rector of Singleton, Sussex, i66z. See Foster s 
Index EccUsiasticus, 

Adams. Robert, s. Thomas, of Swanbome, Bucks, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric Z5 May, Z640, aged 90, 


Samuel Adam. 

1500— 1714. 

William Adams. 

Adam, fwinmel, iooorp. as M.A. zo July, z6io. 

AdamSy Samuel, B.A. from Queen's Coll., Cam- 
bridge. 1665, M.A. Z669 (incorp. 16 April, 1670), 
B.D. from LiNGOLN Coll., Oxford. 1677, incorp. 
at Cambridge 1679, ^ica^ of Culhara, Oxon, 1674-9 ; 
(? rector of Banowden, Rutland, 1682-6). See 
Foster's Index EuUnasticus. 

Adams, Samuel, s. John, of Oxford, pleb. Exeter 
Coll., matric. 24 March, 1679-3. aged 17 ; B.A. 
1676. fellow X677-00, 1694- 1715, M.A. 1679, B.D. 
1690, rector of Wotton, Northants. 1716 ; died 3 
April, 174Z. See Boase^ 79 ; & Foster's Index Ecc. 

Adams, Samuel, s. Andrew, of Welton, Northants, 
gent. Magdalen Coll., matric. xa May, 1687, 
aged z6; B.A. 1690. M.A. 1693. fellow 1694, proctor 
1703, B. & D.Med. 1707. praelector of moral phil- 
osophy 1703, died 33 Apnl, 1711, will proved at 
Oxford 8 May. See Heame, ill 154 ; & GutcA, i. 337. 

Adams, Samuel, s. Thomas, of Ouord, gent. Hart 
Hall, matria 7 Feb., 1693-4, aged 17 ; fellow New 
Coll., B.A. 1699, M.A. 1702, B. &D.D. 1726, rector 
of AJvescot, OxoD, 3 April, 1701-51. See Saw/in- 
son, iL 350 ; & Foster's Index EcciesiasiUus. [5] 

Adams, Samuel, s. Rob., of Shrewsbury, Salop, cler. 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 13 Oct. 1702, aged 17. 

Adams, Simoo, B.A. (sup. a6 April) 1571. See 
O.H.S., i. 

Adams, Simon, s. S., of Moreton Pinkney, Northants, 
gent. Lincoln Coll., matric 11 Dec., 1684, aged 
15 : B.A. 1688, of Daventry, D.Med., died 1748, 
iither of Simon 1711. 

Adams, Simon, s. Thomas, of Oxford, gent. Uni- 
versity Coll., mauic. 28 May. z688, aged 16; 
B.A. 23 Jan., X69Z-2. M.A. 1694, rector of Clay 
Coton, Northants. 1697. brother of Samuel Z694. 
See Foster's Index EccieHasHcus. 

Adams, Simon, s. S., of Daventrie, Northants, gent. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 27 Jan., Z7zo-n. aged Z7; 
B.A. Z7Z4, M.A Z7Z7, vicar of Welton, Northants, 
1721, died there a Oct, Z73Z. See Foster's Index 
EccUtiasiicus, [lO] 

Adams, Sylvester, s. Walter, of Presteign, co. Here- 
ford, 'sacerd' (EpL Hib. fiL). Merton Coll., 
matric. 9 May, 1628, aged Z9 ; B.A. Z4 June, Z628, 
M.A. 5 May, Z63Z, incorp. at Cambridge 1632, vicar 
of Rustington, Sussex, Z636, of Rudgwiclc Z637, 
sequestered therefrom zy Jan., Z645-6. See Add. 
AfS., Z5.670,pb za 

Adams, Sylvester, ' cler. fil' Merton Coll., matric. 
31 July, Z658, B.A. z66z ; M.A. from St. Alban 
Hall Z9 Jan., Z663-4. rector of Wennington, Essex, 
1665-7. See Foster's Index EcclesiasHcus, 

Adams, Thcophilus, of London, arm. fil. naL max. 
St. John's Coll., matric. Z9 Oct.. Z604, aged 15 ; 
adm. to the Middle Temple z6o6, as son of Theo- 
philus, of London. See Fosters Inns of Court Reg, 

Adams, Thomas, RA. X3 May. Z567. See O.H.S,, i. 

Adams, Thomas, fellow of St. John's Coll. Z579. 

B.A 2Z Oct., Z583. B.C.L. 5 Nov., Z588, his will 

proved at Oxford Z3 Feb., Z607-8. See Foster's 

Judges and Barristers, [IS] 

Adams, Thomas, of London, gent St. John's Colu, 

matnc. 4 Aug., Z587, aged 23. 
Adams, Thomas (or Addams), of Oxon, pleb. Trinity 

Coll., matric. 26 June, zuo. aged 19. 
Adams, Thomas, of co. Pembroke, gent. jESUS 
Coll., matric. 33 Oct., Z590, aged 17 ; of Loveston, 
CO. Pembroke (son and heir of John, of the same), 
died Z636-7, father of George z632. 
Adams, Thomas, pleb. Brasrnose Coll., matric 
5 April, 1650; B.A. 8 Feb., Z652-3, fellow Z652, 
M.A 28 June, Z655, until (like his brother Richard) 
he was removed for nonconformity in 1662, 'went 
to London and carried on his nonconformity by 
preaching in Conventicles.' died zt Dec, 1670. Sec 
Fasti^ vol. iL Z87 ; & note to Ralph, alias Randle. 
Adams, Thomas, of co. Warwick, pleb. Merton 
Coll., matric. Z5 Dec, z6z5, aged 17; B.A. from 
Gloucbsteb Hall, 29 Feb., z632-3. [ao] 

Adams. Thomas, 'serv.' Balliol Coll., matric z 
April, Z656 ; B.A. Z659. 

Adams, Thomas, 'pharmacopola* privilegiatus, 14 
Dec, X67Z. 

Adams, Thomas, s. Richard, of Thombury, co. Glouc, 
gent Magdalen Hall, matric 3Z May, Z677. 
aged z6. 

Adams, Thomas, M.A. from Oriel Coll. 7 July, 
Z705 {Cat, Grads,) (? RA. from Sydney Sussex 
Coll., Cambridge, Z704), chaplain to the Countess 
Dowager of Clare, rector of Ightficld, Salop, Z708.2Z, 
vicar of St. Chad's, Shrewsbury, Z72Z, until his 
death, — Feb., Z722. See EawUnson, iv. 28 ; & 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. [a*] 

Adams, William, aA. ; sup. for B.C.L, March, Z509. 

Adams, William (Addams), of ca Glouc, pleb. New 
Coll., matric. 22 March, Z604-5, aged Z7 ; B.A. 
from Christ Church Z9 April, z6o8. See Foster's 
Index Rulesiasticus, 

Adams. William, zs. Nicholas, of Patterchurcb, co. 
Pembroke, arm. Jesus Coll., matric. 30 June, 
1623, aged zs. 

Adams, William, s. William, of Hereford (dty), pleb. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 2$ Nov., Z63Z, aged Z9 ; 
B.A. 8 May. Z634, M.A. 9 tcb., Z636-7, but did not 
pav his fees, degraded 23 Oct following, vicar of 
Felton, CO. Hereford, Z637, rector of Welsh Bicknor 

Adams, William (Addames). s. Philip, of Coventry, 
pleb. Oriel Coll., matric ay Oct., Z637, aged 

Adams, William, B.A. from Lincoln Coll. o June. 
Z640, another B.A. from St. Edmund Hall 7 
May. Z64Z, one of these probably refers to William, 
of Oriel, Z637. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Adams, William, arm. University Coll. matric. 
3 April, z 653. [31] 

Adams. William, • cler. fil.* Wadham COLI^ , matric, 
2 July, Z658, a A. z66z ; fellow Lincoln Coll. 
Z663-6, M.A. z6 March, Z663-4. 

Adams, William, s. William, of Wallford. co. Here- 
ford, cler. p. p. Balliol Coll., matric iz May, 
1663, aged z6 : B.A. za Feb., Z666.7, M.A. Z670, 
incorp. at Cambridge Z676, brother of Nathl. 1675. 

Adams, William, s. William, of Totnes. Devon, pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matric Z3 March. Z667-8, aged 17 ; 
B.A. Z67Z, vicar of Yealmpton, I>evon, z68z. See 
Foster's Index EceUsiasticus, 

Adams, William, s. William, of Oxford, privilegiatus, 
Z4 May, Z675, aged 25 ; subs, coquus. cc.c 
manciple of Corpus, admon. at Oxford granted zc 
March, Z723-4. \%%\ 

Adams, William, s. Andr., of Byfield, Northants, gent. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 6 April, Z677, agol z6 ; 
B.A. z68a M.A. Z683, rector ot Cbarwdton, Oxon, 
1697, until his death Sept., 173Z. 

Adams, William, s. Willikm, of Welton, NorthanU, 

.gent. Lincoln Coll. . matric zo May. Z678, aged 

Z5 ; of Welton, the army, buried 3 Feb. , zyoo-z. 

Adams, William, s. William, of Longdon, Salop, arm. 
Brasenosb Coll., matric. a6 May, z68a. aged z8 ; 
bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 24 May, Z691. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Adams, William, s. J., of Salop, f:ent. Christ 
Church, matric 4 July, Z69Z, aged 18 ; B.A Z695, 
M.A Z698, rector of Staunton-upon-Wye, CO. Here- 
ford, Z7T3, until his death in Z7Z4. See Alumni 
West., ii.Ki\ Heame t i. 239 ; & Eawlimson, iiL 396. 

Ada-ns, William, s. William, of Charwelton, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric 30 June, Z693. aged z8 ; 
B.A. Z697, M.A. 20 March, Z690-Z700, an intimate 
friend of Browne Willis {Alumnt West., 224), of the 
Middle Temple in Z694, rector of Charwelton Z697, 
until his death 9 Sept., Z73Z. See Foster's Index 
Eeclcsiasticus, [%o] 


William Adams. 


John Addison. 

Adams, Wnilam. a. Tha, of Newport, Salop, gent 
Christ Church, matric 14 April. 1698, a^ 18 ; 
B^ Z701, M.A. Z704. See Foster's Index EccUsi' 

Adamson, Daniel, s. Jos., of London, pleb. Pem- 
broke Coll., matric. 2a March, 1698-9, aged 16; 
B.A. Z703 ; M.A. from Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 
1726, vicar of Worfield, Salop, 1707. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Adamson, John, of Cumberland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric. aa Feb., 1604-5, b§^ '8; ^^ 
15 Dec., z6o8. See Foster's Index EuUsiasticus. 

AdOOOk, John (or Hadcoke), B.A. ay May, zsaa, 
M.A. (sup. zz June) Z526, a poor schoolmaster Z525 ; 
one of these names died rector of Great Hallingbury, 
Essex, in Z553. See Newcourt & O.H.S»t i. 

Adcook, Samuel, B.A. from Sidney Sussex Coll., 
Cambridge. Z665, M.A. 1669, inoorp. Z3 July, Z669, 
vicar of Louth, co. Lincoln, z668. rector of Gayton 
le Marsh Z67Z, and of Withem Z69Z. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasHcus, [5] 

Addenbrooke, Edward, s. Nic., of Old Swinbome, 
CO. Worcester, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 
30 March, Z6167, aged Z7 ; B.A. Z670, rector of 
Lower Sapey Z674. See Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus, 

AddenbroOKe, Edward, s. Ed., of ' Lower Sapey,' 
pauper. Pembroke Coll., matria 9 March, Z69Z- 
a, aged z6 ; B.A. Z696, rector of Lower Sapey, Z702. 
See Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus, 

Addenbrooke, John, s. John, of Newport, Salop, 
gent. Christ Church, matric. za June, Z7(», 
aged 19 ; B. A from St. Mary Hall zo March, 
1706-7, M.A from St. Catherine Hall. Cam- 
bridge (per Literas Regias) Z7Z0 {Alumni West. , 239), 
rector of Sutton , near Shrewsbury, Z7a4, and of Upper 
Sapey zya^, etc. See Foster's Index Ecclesitutieus, 

Addenbrooke, Nicholas, s. John, of Broseley, Salop, 
gent. St. Edmund Hall, matric. a8 Feb., Z675-6, 
aged Z7; B.A from Pembroke Coll. az Feb., 
Z679-80, M.A from St. Alban Hall z68a, rector 
Haddon, Hunts. z682-z7o8, and of Chesterton 
1696-1736. See Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus, 

Addenbrooke, Samuel, s. Roger, of Kingswinfoid, 
CO. Stafford, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. q 
May, z66a, aged z8 ; B. A Z665. [10] 

Adderley, Abraham, s. Gilbert, of Coventry, pleb. p. p. 
Pembroke Coll.. matric. 23 Oct., 1668, aged 18 ; 
R A from St. John's Coll. 167a, rector of Tydd St. 
Mary, co. Line, 1684. Sec Foster's Index Eeclesias- 

Adderley, Arden, 'equitls fil' Christ Church, 
matric. 35 July, z6^5. son and heir of Sir Charles, of 
Hams, CO. Warwick, knight, admitted to Middle 
Temple Z658, buried at Lea Marston, 8 April, Z727. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Adderley, Arden, of Lea Marston, go. Warwick, gent. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 3 Tune, z687.aged Z7 ; and 
son of Arden, of Hams Hall, co. Warwick, admitted 
to Middle Temple Z693, baptized at Lea Marston 9 
Nov., Z669. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Adderley, Charles, 'eq. fiL nat min.' Corpus 
Christi Coll., matnc. 8 Dec., Z658, and son of 
Sir Charles, of Hams, ca Warwick, knight, admitted 
to Middle Temple Z658, will dated za March, Z7zo-zz, 
proved 25 April, Z7Z3. See Foster s Inns of Courts 

Addenie, Edward, 8.Thomas, of Kinsale, Ireland, arm. 
St. EDMtmD Hall, matric. Z4 Nov., z66z, aged Z7. 

Adderley, Gilbert, bom in London, s. Wolston, arm. 
Trinity Coll., matric. Z9 March, z685-6, aged z8, 
bar.-at-law of Middle Timple Z696, his father of 
Weddington, co. Warwick. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers, [I6] 

Adderley, Humphrey, of 00. Warwick, gent St. Alban 
Hall, matria za Oct, Z599, aged Z4 ; admitted to 
Lincoln's Inn z6oz, son of Humphrey Adderley. of 
WeddiDfton, master of the wardrobe to Henry VH I. , 
Edward VL , Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth, died 
I Nor.i 1^7. See Foster's Inm of Court Rig. 

Adderley,. Ralph, of co. Lincoln, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric-entzy under date zo Jan., Z574-5. 
aged z6. 

Adderley, Ralph, of oa Stafford, gent , matric. 9 July, 
Z585. aged z6 ; (* scbolaris Mri. Case '), of BlakehaU, 
CO. SU^ord. 

Adderley, Richard, s. William, of London, arm. St. 
Edmund Hall, matric. Z9 May. z68a, aged Z5 ; 
bar.-at-law of Inner Temple. Z689. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, [ ao] 

Adderley, Robert, s. Arden, of Hams Hall, co. War- 
wick, gent University Coll., matric. 24 May. 
Z694, aged z6, B.A. a6 Feb., Z697-8; fellow All 
Souls Coll. , M. A Z70Z, proctor Z709. B. D. 1720. 
D.D. Z7 March, Z7Z3-Z4, will proved at Oxford a6 
July, Z7Z7, 

Adderley, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Down, 00. Deny, 
Ireland, arm. Oriel Coll. , matric. 30 April, 1635. 
aged Z9. See Gray^s Inn Reg., ed. Foster. 

Adderley, Thomas, s. Gilbert, of Coventry, pleb. 
University Coll.. matric. v; June, Z665. aged 16 ; 
B.A. from St. John's Coll., 6 May, Z669, chaplain 
to Sir Edward Boughton, of Warwickshire, baronet, 
vicar of Eccleshall. ca Stafford, z686, rector of 
Ightfield, Salop, z6i39. Fasti ii. 305 ; & Foster's 
Index Eeclesiasticus, 

Adderley* Thomas, s. John, of Apeton, co. Stafford, 
p.p. BRASENOSB COLL., matric. 5 May, Z673. aged 

Adderley, Thomas, s. Edward, of Adderley, co. 
Gloucester, arm. Lincoln Coll., matric. 9 March, 
z68a-3, aged z8. [25] 

Adderley, Thomas, s. Geoige, of ApetOD, co. Staffoid, 
pleb. Queen's Coll., matria a8 June, 1705, aged 
x6 ; E A Z709, vicar of Burton, Notts 171/^ recior 
of Cadeby, oa Leicester Z7Z9. See Foster's Index 

Adderley, William, s. William, of Vallance. Essex, 
pleb. St. John's Colu, matric. a4 May, 1633, 
aged zo; B.A from Magdalen Hall 229 Jan.. 
z 634-5, ^'CL. z6 July, Z636, preacher of the Charter- 
house in Z645, 'during pleasure,* bom zo Maj, 
z6z4. See Robinson, i. za3. 

Addin^ton, Richard, s. Henry, of Fringford, Oxon, 
gent New Inn Hall, matric. 8 Dec., Z637, aged 
zy ; B.A. z July, Z64Z, rector of Newton Parcel, 
Oxon, z66z. See Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus. 

Addington, Richard, s. R., of Newton Puree], Oxon. 

der. Lincoln Coll.. matric. zo March, 1674-5, 

aged Z7 ; D.A Z678, M. A Z683. 
Addin^on, Thomas, s. John, of Lee, Devon, arm. 

Exeter Coll., matric. Z4 July, Z665, aged z8. 

Addin^ton* William, s. William, of Fringford. Oxon. 
gent New Coll., matric zz Dec., Z674, .aged 

17- [31] 

- Addlshotte, John, B.C.L., June, Z5Z8. 

Addison, Anthony, of Tarpenny, Cumberland, p. p. 
Queen's Coll., matric 30 May, Z674, aged 16; 
B.A. Z678, M.A z68i. B.D. Z69Z, recior of Hamp- 
ton Poylc Oxon, Z693, chaplain to the Duke of 
Marlborough, vicar of St Helen's. Abingdon. Berks. 
Z698, buried there 13 Oct. , Z7Z9. See Heamt, L 120; 
Rawlinson, iv. a47 ; & Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus^ 

Addison, Henry (Addeson), of Yorks, gent LIN- 
COLN Coll., matric-enUy imder date drca Z581, 
aged zy. 

Addison, Henry, of Cumberland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric zy Nov., Z58Z, aged 34; B.A. i^ 
June, ZS83. [35; 

Addison, John (Aldeson), B.A, M.A sup. March. 

Addison, John, of Cumberland, * cler. fil* Queen's 
Coll., matric. a Nov., 1638, aged 15 ; B. A zi i>ec., 


Joseph Addison. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Adye. 

Addison* Joseph, bom at Mllston, Wilts, s. * Lancel/ 
dean ctf Lichfield. Queen's Coll. , matric. 12 July, 
Z687, aged 15; demy from Magdalen Coll. 
2689-97, B.A. X691, M.A. Z4 Feb., 1603-4, fellow 
X697-Z7XZ, author of *The Spectator,' M.P. Lost- 
witbiel 1708-9, Cavan 1709-13, Malmesbuiy in four 
parliaments 1710-19, privy councillor Z717, secretary 
of state 2717-18, bom x May, xdya, died at Holland 
House 17 June, 17x9, buried in Westminster Abbey 
26. See Atk, Or., it 603; Heame, i. XX9» 233; 
B:oxam, vi. 76 ; & Foster's Colleetanea Gttuakgwu 

Addison, Lanodot, ' senr.' Queen's Coll., matric. 
37 Feb., Z650-5X: tabarder B.A 25 Jan.. X654-5, 
M.A 4 July, 1657, BL and D.D. 6 July, 1675, vicar 
of Hilxnarton, Wilts, X662, rector of Milston, Wilts, 
1670, chaplain to the king, preb. of Salisbury X678, 
dean of Lichfidd X683, aruideaoon of Coventry X684 
(son of Lancelot Addison, a minister of God's Word, 
bom at Mauds Meabume, Westmorland), licenced 
XX June, 2670, to marry Jane Gulston, of St. Clement 
Danes, spinster ; he died 20 April, 1703. Sm Ath,^ 
hr. 5x7; Foster's index EuleHasHaa; Marriage 
Licences^ ed Foster ; & Heame, i. xzg. 

Addison, Lancelot, bom at Bulford, Wilts, s. (Lance- 
lot), dean of Lichfield. Queen's Coll., matric. 8 
Nov., 1696, aged X5 ; demy Magdalen Coll. 
x698-x7o6, BbA. X700, M. A 3 Feb., X7oa-3, died in 
India X7XX. See Bloxam, vi. X37. 

Addison, Richard (Adyson or Hadison), B. A 8 April, 
1537 ; administration of his effects was granted 30 
Oct., X527. See CI/.S,, i. X46. 

Addison, Thomas, s. Robert, of New Leas, Cumber- 
land, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric X7 Oct., 1634, 
aged x8 ; B. A 4 July, x639, M. A 7 July, X642. [5] 

Addison, WHliam, of Quntnidge, incorp. as M. A xo 
July, x6xo, one of these names, K. Brampton, 
St Maiy, Northants, 16x5, and of Whitfield 1633. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasiicns ; & Cole's MS., 
586a, p. 79u 

Addridge, Robert, of Somerset, pleb. Trinitt Coll. , 
roatric. x8 May, X604, aged X5 ; B.A 9 Nov., X607, 
M.A. from St. Edmund Hall, X5 April, x6xi, 
rector of Saltford, Somerset, x6xx, until his death in 
16x5. See Weaver, 

Adeane, Simon, s. Simon, of Cheriton, Hants, ami. 
WadhamColu, matric. X4jan., X7oo>i7oi,aged x6 ; 
Simon Whorwood Adeane, mairied at St. Michael's, 
Oxford, ao Oct., 1713, Mary Wright, and died 6 
Nov., X760, buried at Chalgrove ; father of Wiiliaro, 
of Merton College. 

Adee, Bayly, s. Nic., of Rodbum Cbeyney, Wilts, 
ckr. BsASENOSE Coll., matric. xx Nov., x68x, 
aged x6 ; scholar of Wadham Coll. x68a, B. A 
X685, M. A x688, prob. fellow X689. See Gardiner, 

Adee, Herbert, s. H., of St. Peter's, Oxfozd, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 9 Dec, X700, aged 17; 
B.A 1704, vicar of Friston, Suffolk, and of Snape, 
Norfolk, X707, and of Rendham, Norfolk, 1713, 
rector of Knoddishall X735. See Foster's Index 
Ecelesiaiticus, [lO] 

Adee, John, • scrv. ' Wadham Coll. , matric 25 J uiy , 

Adee, John, s. Nic, of Cricklade, Wilts, 'paup.* 
Magdalen Coll., matric X4 March, 1683-4, &ged 
17 ; BA. from Brasenose Coll. x688. 

Adee, Nicholas, 'serv.' Magdalen Hall, matric 
24 June, 1653, BwA. 28 June, X662 ; M. A from 
Peter House, Cambridge, X669. vicar of St. Paul, 
Malmesbury, X667, and of Rodbome Cheney, Wilts, 
idyx, father of Bayly Adee. See FasHt v. 2, a6i. 

Adse. Nicholas, s. N.. of Cricklade. Wilts, der. 
Wadham Coll., matric 3 May, X689, aged x8. 

Adelston, Thomas, Benedictine ; &D. 3 Ivfov., X535. 
bee FasH, i xoo. [I5] 

Aderston, Thomas (Aditston), Augustinian friar; 
^D, 99 Not, 1531. - 

Adioe, Edward, of Salop, pleb. Baluol Coll., 
'^ matric -entry under date X575, aged 22. 

Adis, Henry, of Dorset, gent. Gloucester Hall, 
matric 23 April, X585, aged 25. 

Adkins, Charles ; admitted to practice in surgery 21 
Nov., X683. 

^Adkyns, Thomas, of Cambridge ; inoorp. as M.A la 
r July, xs8a [ao] 

Adkins, Thomas, of Northants, pleb. Lincoln 
^ CoLU, matric S May, x6is, aged x6 ; B.A. xo Feb., 

Adlam, Richard, s. John, of Warraestry, Wilts, pleb. 
St. Alban Hall, matric. x6 April, X64X, aged X5 ; 
one of these names vicar of Kings Teignton, Devon, 
X666. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastics. 

Adland, Charles, pleb. St. John's Coll., matric. 13 
July, x66o ; (only son of Charles, of London, dealer) 
bom in St Stephen's, Coleman Street, xa July, 
X643, 3rd undermaster of Merchant Taylors' School 
X662-4. See EoHnsan, i. 226. 

Adlard, Anton. ; B.A from Emanuel Coll., Cam- 
bridge, X648. (Incorp. x6 Oct.), X649 ; fellow 
Lincoln Coll., Ozfoid, by parliamentary visitors, 
X650. M.A. X65X, incorp. at Cambridge x65a, rector 
of Warblington, Hants, X663. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiastiens & Burrows^ 30^, etc 

Adlesheim, Johan Philip Ab, Franco-Germanus ; 
master of the horse to Charles, count palatine of the 
Rhine, created D.C.L. 9 Sept, x68a Fasti, ii. 

378. [as] 

Adney, Andrew, of Salop, pleb. St. Mary Hall, 
matric X9 Oct., X599, aged x6; B.A. 5 March, 
1602-3, rector of Chetton, Salop, X604. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus. 

Adney, George (Adeney), der. fil. Balliol Coll., 
subscribed 7 Nov., x6s5 ; B.A 27 Jan., 1658-9 (as 
Adney), M. a s May, X662, rector of Cleobury North, 
Salop, X662. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastiens. 

Adney, George, s. G., of Westnott, Salop, pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., matric 8 Nov., X698, aged x6 ; 
B. A X702, vicar of Ditton Priors, Salop, X704. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Adney, Thomas, s. Geom, of Wcnlock, Salop, 
'sacerd.' Magdalen Hall, matric xx May, 
1632, aged 17 ; a A 29 Jan., 16345, M.A 19 Oct., 
X637, rector of Easthope, Salop, X639. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiastiens, 

Adrian, Barthol., s. Rich., of Walsgrave, co. Warwick 
(? Worcester), cler. St. Alban Hall, matric. X3 
May, X703, aged 16. [ao] 

Adsed, Thomas, B.Can.L. sup. 28 April, 1532. t>ee 

O.H.S.^i. t" r JO 

Adye, Andrew, M.A Aberdeen; incorp. 28 Mav, 

Adye, Bayly. See Adee. 

Ady, James, s. Edm., of Barham, Kent, gent. Wad- 
ham Coll., matric 23 May, 1673, aged x6 ; died in 
his minority. See Gardiner, 295. 

Adye, John, s. Edward, of Malsburie, co. Gloucester, 
gent. Queen's Coll., matric xx April, 1695, 
aged xy. [35] 

Adye, Nicholas, s. Nicholas, of Doddington, Kent, 
gent. Christ Church, matric 5 May, X673, aged 
X7 ; B.A xs Feb., 1676-7, M.A. X679, vicar of Fair, 
li^ht, Sussex, X692. See Foster's Index Ecclcsioi' 
tuns & Hasted, ii. 94. 
.^^dy, Thomas (Addy or Adde), chaplain ; E A xy Jan., 

Adye, Thomas, s. John, of Doddington, Kent, gent. 
Balliol Coll., matric xs Nov., 1639, aged 17; 
of the Middle Temple X64S, See Foster's Inns 0/ 
Court Reg. • 

Adye, Thomas, s. Reginald, of London, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric 5 July, 1667, aged x6 ; ? bar.- 
at-Iaw, Middle Temple, X676, licence 3 Feb., X67X-3, 
then of New Inn, to many Marv Carpenter, of St. 
Clement Danes, spinster* See roster's Judges (utd 


Robert Adyn. 

1500— 1714, 

Richard Aish. 

Adjrn, Robert, of Dorset, pleb. St. Alban Hall. 
matric. 5 March, 1584.5, aged 13 (? B.A. from New 
Coll. 27 April. 1598). 

Affleck, Gilbert, s. Job., of Fort St George, India, 
gent. Christ Church, matric. 6 Feb., 1701-2, 
aged 17 ; of Dalham Hall, Suffolk, M.P. Cambridge 
X722-7 & 1737-41. died la Nov., 1764, aged 79. See 
Foster's Baronetage, 

Agar, Andrew, of Cambridge; incorp. as B.C.L. 13 
July, 1619. See Cole's MS., 5863, p. 37. 

Agar, Thomas (or *Agre'), gent. Queen's Coll., 
matric. 31 July, 1658; created M.A. 9 Sept. 1661, 
(? bar.-at-la\v, Middle Temple, 1673), licence 8 June, 
1674. then a widower, to marry Mary Belles, of St. 
Clement Danes, Middlesex, spinster. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, 

Agard, Charles, s. Charles, of Foston, co. Derby, arm. 
Lincoln Coll., matria 30 June, 1665, aged z6; 
of the Inner Temple 1667. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. [5] 

Agard, John, s. Charles, of Foston, co. Derby, arm. 
University Coll., matric. 17 March, 1664-^. aged 
Z7 ; of the Inner Temple 1667. See Fosters inns 
of Court Reg, 

Ag^Td^ Stephen, of Northants, gent Universitt 
Coll., matria 8 July, X59'z, aged 15 ; B.A 3 July, 
X594f son and heir of Ambrose, of Broughton, 
Njorthants, esquire, admitted to the Middle Temple 
Z596. See Foster's /nns of Court Reg, 

Agas, Daniel, ' serv.' Lincoln Coll. , matria 8 June, 
1653 ; B.A. from Corpus Christi Colu 15 Oct., 
1656, M.A. 24 Feb., 1659-60, rector of Lawford, 
Essex, 1665. See Foster's Index EecUsiasticus, 

Aglionby, Edward (Egleonbie) ; M.A Cambridge. 
Incorp. 16 Oct, 15^, of Temple Balshall, ca War- 
wick, and of Farthmgstone, Northants ; elected from 
Eton to King's Coll., Cambridge, scholar 1536, 
B.A 1541, M.A 1544, M.P. Warwick 1571 (then of 
Edmersh). recorder 1573-87, son of Richard Aglionby, 
and bom at Carlisle. See Cooper. U. sz, 543; & 
O.H.S. , i. ^ ^.» 

Aglionby, Edward (Eaglionbee), 3s. Edward, of Car- 
lisle, Cumberland, ann. Queen's Coll., matria 
4 Nov., Z63Z, aged z8 ; RA. zo July, z^5, M.A 
z6 May, Z639. See Cumberland Visit, , ed. Foster. 

Aglionby, George (Aiglionby), of Oxford, doctoris fiL 
Christ Church, matria 9 Dea, z6z9. aged z6; 
B.A. 36 June, Z633 (incorp. at Cambridge z6a4), 
M.A. 9 May, z636, B.D. 3 April, Z633, D.D. 26 
July, Z635 (incorp. at Cambridge Z64Z), vicar of 
Cassington, Oxon, Z632, canon of Westminster Z638, 
preb. of Chichester Z639, compounded for deanery 
of Chichester 6 June, z64a, some time a master of 
Westminster School, and tutor to George, Duke of 
Buckingham, licensed 3 July, Z635, to marry Sibella 
Smith, of St Martin's-in-(he-Fields, spinster, buried 
in Christ Church Cathedral zz Nov., Z643. son of 
John, next named. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastic 
cus; Fasti, i. 476 ; & Alumni West,, 88. [ll] 

Aglionbye, John, of Cumberland, gent Queen's 
Coll., matric. Z3 Dec, Z583, aged z6 ; B.A. 38 
June, Z587, fellow & M.A. z July, Z590, B.D. za 
July, Z597, D.D. Z7 June, z6oo. licenced to preach 
6 Feb., Z604-5, principal of St Edmund Hall z6oz, 
admitted to Lincoln's Inn Z597, chaplain to Queen 
Elizabeth and to James I., one of the translators of 
tlie New Testament, rector of Bletchingdon z6oz, 
and of Islip, Oxon, Z607, until his death 6 Feb., 
Z609-Z0, buried in Islip church, father of George, 
last named, and son of Edward. See Ath,^ ii. 60 ; 
& Le Neve Mon, Angl, , iii. 24. 

Agrioonlus, Sam. Monsson, secretary to the Em- 
bassy-Extraordinary from the King of Sweden, 
created M. A 27 June, z664. See Fasti, ii. 346. 

Allier, John, of ' Par. St Laurenti,' Jersey, cier. fil. 
Pembroke Coll., matria Z3 July, 1677, aged Z7 
(calted AsuifiR in Mat^ Reg.), 

Ahier. Joshua, s. Guy, of St Saviour's. Isle of Jcrscv. 
pleb. , p. p.- New Coll. . matria 6 Dea . Z639, aged 
Z9 ; B.A. 4 July. 1643. M.A zo Nov., Z646, trans- 
lated from French into English *The Elements of 
Logic,' Oxon Z647. See Fasti, ii. 9r. [is] 

Ainge, Joseph (paup. schol.). s. Richard, of Hamp- 
ton, CO. Warwick, pleb. Queen's Coix.. ma the 
24 May, Z639, aged Z5 ; rector Handsworth, Staf- 
fordshire, Z659. perhaps lather of the next named. 
See Foster's Index Ecelesiastiau, 

Ainge. Samuel, s. Joseph, of Handsworth, co. War- 
wick, cler. Queen's Coll., 20 May, Z673, aged 
z6; B.A. 27 Jan., z675-6, M.A Z678, rector of 
Haseley. 00. Warwick. Z685-8, vicar of St Clement's, 
Cornwall. z688. See Foster's Index Ecelesiastiau. 

Ainger, William, of CO. Warwick, pleb. Magdalex 
Hall, matria zz Nov., Z586. aged Z5. 

Ainsworth, John (Aynesworth), B. A from Likooln 
Coll, z8 Nov., Z594. 

Ainswortll, Michael, s. Nat, of parish of St Giles. 
Dorset, pleb . U niversity Colu , matric. 24 Oct. . 
1707. aeed Z9. [ao] 

Ainswortn, Richard, s. Thomas, of Pleasington. co. 
Lancaster, gent Brasenose Coll., matria 9 
Dec, Z63Z, aged Z9. 

Ainswortn. Samuel (Einsworth), s. Simon, of North- 
ampton (town), pleb. Oriel Coll., matric 17 
Feb., Z63Z-2, aged Z9 ; B.A Z3 Nov., Z632, rector 
of Kelmarsh, Northants, Z653-64. See Calamj, 3, 
36 ; & Foster's ItuUx Ecclesiasticus, 

Ainswortlly Samuel, s. Samuel, of Kelmaisb, Morth- 
ants, der. Magdalen Hall, matria 27 May, 
z66z, mA z6 ; B A from Christ OiinecH Z664, 
M.A from Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, X667. 
rector of Marston Trussell, Northants, z6;^-92, and 
of Houghton, Hunts, z68z-Z7zo. See Foster's Index 

Airay. SeeAvRAT. 

Airson, Thomas, s. Job. of Durham (city). p.pu Lin- 
coln Coll., matria zoOct, Z706, aged 23; B. A. 
Z7Z0, vicar of Burcester, Oxon, Z7Z5. See Foster's 
Index Ecelesiasticus. [2S] 

Aisgill, Henry, of Westmoreland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll. , matria -entry under date 22 Dea , Z576, aged 
17; B.A zo July, Z579, M.A. 26 May, Z584, mb. 
of Gloucester Z599, rector of Llawhaden. ca Pem- 
broke, z6o6, chancellor of St David's Z605, died z8 
June, z6a2. See Le Neve, i. 3Z9, 448. 

Aisgill, John, Z657, St. John's Coll. See AscrtL. 

Aisgfill, Joshua, of co. Gloucester, cler. Queen's 
Coll., matria 8 July, Z603. aged z6; B.A. from 
Corpus Christi Coll. 4 Feb., z6o7-8. M.A. 14 
March, z6zo-zz, incorp. at Cambridge z6z7, B.D. 
from Brasenose 8 July, z6z9, D.D. from Corpus 
Z4 Oct, Z623, licence to preach 7 Feb., z623-4. 
licence zz Nov., Z628, to marry Hester Sandford, 
vicar of Down Hatherley, co. Gloucester. Z622. and 
of Lydd, Kent 1627, from which he was sequestered 
Z3 May, Z645, and from (Sterry?) 29 Nov. foUow- 
ing. See Proceedings of Committee for Plundered 
Ministers; Add. MS., Z5,669 ; & Foster's Index 

Aisll. See also ASH. 

Aish, Fidelis, s. William, of Seaborough, Somerset, 
pleb. WadhamColl., matric. z6 July, Z703, aged 
z6 ; servitor Z703, clerk Z705, B.A. Z707, M.A. from 
King's Coll., Cambridge, Z7Z9, vicar of Mistcrtoa 
Z708, and rector of Seaborough. Somerset. Z711. 
until his death in Z7aa See Foster's IndexjEcclesi- 
asticus, & Gardiner, 4Z6. [30^ 

Alsll, James (Aysshe), subscribed zz June, Z6Z3. 

Aish, James, s. James, of Westcombe, Somerset, gent 
Lincoln Coll., matria z6 March, z6a6-7, aged 
z6 ; B. A z6 May. zdao. 

Aish, James (Ayshe), of Somerset, gent. Exeter 
Coll., matria 3 April, Z674, aged Z7.f 

Aislli Richard (Aysshe), sabscribed 18 Nov., x6l). 



Robert Aish. 

1500— 1714. 

Lawrence Alcocke. 

Aish, Robert (Ajsh), of Somerset, pleb. Trinity 
Coll., matric. 13 Feb., 1606-7, aged 19: B.A. 3 
Nov., 1610, M.A. 10 Tune, 1613. preb. of Bath and 
Wells 1635, vicar of Clevedon, Somerset, 1636. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiastiau, 

Aish, Thomas ( Ayshe), of Oxon, gent Trinity Coll. , 
matric 36 June, 1590, aged 23. 

Aiah, William, s. William, of Seaborough, Somerset, 
pleb. Wadham Coll., matric. 20 May, 1697, 
aged x6; derk 1698-1700, B.A. so Feb., 1700-1, 
M.A. 1704, vicar of Burstock, Dorset, 1703, rector 
of Wayford, Somerset, 17x3, until bis death in 1735. 
See Gardiner, 395. 

Aishweeke, Bjrtba,s. William, of Ashborton, Devon, 
p. p. Wadham Coll., matric. x8 March, 1669-70, 
'aged 18 ; servitor 1669, * sepultus in daustro vel 
cemeterio ' 30 Aug. , 167a See Gardiner, 384. 

Aishweeke, Wiltiara, s. G. (?*Gur), of Ashburton, 
Devon, p. pi Wadham Coll., matric 10 March, 
Z675-6, aged x8 ; B.A. x6 Oct., 1679, as 'Ashweek.' 

AislabTy John, xsofit See Aslaoy. [6] 

AislabiOy Malory, of Yorks, arm. Magdalen Coll., 
matric 9 May, X683. See Walbran's StudUy Royal, 
Surtees Soc, 

Aialey, John. s. Robert, of Wolsingham, co. Durham, 
genL Queen's Coll., matric 19 July, 1663, aged 
X7 ; E.A. from Peter House, Cambridge, 1665, 
M.A. 1669, incorp. 13 July, 1669, rector of Wolsing- 
ham 1679^ See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Aisley, Thomas, M.A Cambridge, BD. from Mag* 
dalen Coll. 7 July, «97, rector of South Tidworth, 
Hants, X593, and of Fisherton Anger, Wilts, x6i3- 
xS. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Akers. John (Akyrs, or Achars), B.A Feb., X535-6, 
M A. 31 June, 1529, kept twelve terms at Cambridge, 
a canon of Cardinal College, vicar of Docking, and 
of Ludham. Norfolk. X554. See Fasti, i. 81 ; & 
Foster's Index Eulesiasticus. [lO] 

Akere, William, s. William, of Buckland, no. Gioii- 
cester, pleb. CHRIST CHURCH, matric 30 April, 
1667. aged X7. 

Alabaster, William, B.A from TRiNmr Coll., 
Cambridge, 1587-8 (incorp. as M. A ix July, 1592), 
(D.D.), an eminent poet and Grecian, *the double 
or treble turncoat' imprisoned in the Tower i6ox, 
and at Amsterdam 1610, rector of Landulph, Corn- 
wall, X596. preb. of Tottenhall in St. Paul's, and 
rector of Theriield, Herts, March, X614, admitted 
to Gray's Inn x6i8, rector of Little Shelford, co. 
Cambridge, 1637, lx>rn at Hadley. Suffolk, and there 
baptized 38 Feb., X567, licence 20 June, x6i8, to 
marry Katherine, widow of Thomas Lloyd, Esq., 
and died about April, 1640, buried in Holbom (?Sl 
Andrew's). See Records of the English Province of 
the Society of Jesus, xst series, i. 66, 6x9 ; Foster s 
iTidex Ecclesiasticus; Alumni West., 57 ; & Fasti, 
i. 259. 

Alambri£re» Nicolas (or Alynbryg), B» A $ Dec, X530, 
fellow All Soui-s' Coll. 1531, M.A 38 Flo., 
1534-5. B.Med. sup. Feb., 1544- 5. proctor X544. 
See O.H.S., i. 

Albany, Robert, of London, gent. Magdalen 
^ Hall, matric -entry under date 7 July, 1578, aged 
17 ; fellow All Souls' Coll. 1579, some time of 
Famival's Inn, admitted to Lincoln's Inn, 1582, 
knighted at Hampton Court sa May, 1605. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Albert, Joseph, s. Joh., of Worcester (city), p. p. St. 
Edmund Hall, matric. 9 March, 1695-6, aged 19. 

Albert!, George, lately of Heidelberg University. 
Created M.A from Wadham CoLL. 17 Dec, 1631, 
left Germany on account of the wars ; George Albert, 
rector of Quermington, co. Glonc, 1636. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus / & Fasti, i. 464. [16] 

Albery, John, s. J. (or John), of Arundel, Sussex, gent. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 3 March. 1676-7, aged 
x6 ; BA 1680, M.A X683, rector of Clapham x^, 
vicar of Tortington x6oo, and of Hunston 1703, all 
la Sussex, Sec Fosters Index EccUsiasticus^ 

Albery, Nehemiah, s. J., of Arundel, Sussex, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric 17 May, X673, aged 16. 

Albin, Henry, 1624-961 Dictionary of National 

Albin, John, s. Henry, of Brewton, Somerset, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 25 May, X677, aged x8, 
B.A. z Feb., 1680-1; M.A from Hart Hall 

X684. faol 

Albin, Robert, s. Robert, of Brewton, Somerset, pleb. 
ExKTER Coll.. matric. 13 May, X637, aged 18 ; 
B.A from Oriel Coll. 37 Oct., 1640, created 
M.A. 3 Nov., X647, but ejected the following year, a 
soldier in the garrison at Oxford. See Burrows, X64. 

Albons, Antony, BA 37 Feb., 1532-3, M.A. 37 
March, x^9, fellow of Oriel Coll. X536. from 
Herefordshire, principal of St. Mary Hall 1543-6. 

Albon, John, B.A 3 March, XS38-9. See O.H.S., 1. 

Albrlfirbt, Robert (Allbright), s. William, of White, 
Wilts, 'saoerd.' Gloucester Hall, matric 16 
Nov. X633, aged X9 ; B.A. from Pembroke Coll. 
6 May, X634, M.A from Gloucester Hall x8 
Feb., x6j6-7. 

Albrigbt, William, B. A from Magdalen Hall 17 
OcL, X607, M.A. 5 July, 16x0, possibly father of the 
last named. See Add. MS., X5,670, p. 675. [as] 

Allbrlgbt, William, s. Lawrence, of Mickleton, 00. 
Glouc, pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric x6Nov., 
X633, aged 18; BA from Pembroke Coll., 6 
May, X634, M.A. from Gloucester HALL 3X Jan. , 
X636-7, to officiate at Fryern Bamet, Herts, x8 April, 
X646. See Add. MS., X5,670, p. 65. 

Aloe, John, of Sussex, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matric. -entry under date 15 April, X580, aged x8. 

Alohom, Edward, of Kent, gent St. Alban Hall, 
matric 31 Oct, x6o6, aged x8 ; (? B A from Clare 
Coll., Cambridge, x6i6, and incorp. as M.A. xo 
July, 1631) of Boughton Monchelsea, Kent, late of 
Clifford's Inn, admitted to Inner Temple in x6o6. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Alohom, John, arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric 
*3 J"/f 1656; (? bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, X663) 
son of John, of Frant, Sussex, arm., died 7 Oct, 
X669. See Foster^s Judges and Barristers. 

Alobome, William, 8. Alex., of Southampton, arm. 
Balliol Coll., matric 18 Feb., i703-3, aged 
x8. [30] 

Aloooke, John, B.A sup. 38 June, 1526. See 
O.H.S., i. 

Aloook, John, of Oxon, arm. University Coll., 
matric. x Dec, xs8x, aged 15. See Foster's Gray's 
Inn Reg. 

Aloooke, John, gent Brasenosb Coll., matric 
6 Nov. , 165a 

Aloook, John, s. John, of Runcome. Cheshire, p. p. 
Brasenose Coll., matric xo April, 1690, aged 30 ; 
B.A 1693. 

Aloook, John. s. Laur., of Midhurst, Sussex, gent. 
Queen's Coll., matric. xi May, X699, aged X9,' 
B.C.L. from St. Edmund Hall i Dec., X710, of 
the Middle Temple 1697, rector of Trotton X70S, 
and of Bepton, Sussex, 171 1, until his death 36 Aug., 
X736. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. & Index 
Ecclesiasticus. [86] 

Aloooke, Lawrence (or Awcocke), of co. Worcester, 
pleb. St. Mary Hall, matric 23 Feb., X582'3, 
aged 25 ; R A from New Coll. 1$ March, 1583-4, 
M.A x8 June, X586, rector of Tillington, Sussex. 
X587, preb. of Chichester 1589, vicar of Preston with 
Hove 1593. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Aloooke, Laurence, of Sussex, *cler. fiL' Brasenosb 
Coll., matric 24 Nov., 1609, aged 15 ; B.A. from 
Trinity Coll. 17 Feb., x6zi-i2, M.A 6 July, 
X615, B.D. 3 July, X623, rector Lurgarshall 1627, 
brother of Thomas X609. See Foster's Index Ecclesi* 

Aloooke, LAwrence, s. Thomas, of Chichester, Sussex, 
* sacred.' Brasbnose Coll., matric la May, 1637, 


Laurence Alcock. 

1500 — 1714- 

Francis Aldrich. 

Alcook, Laomice, s. Lanr., of Midhnrst, Sussex, gent. 
New Colu, matiic. 24 Aug., 1694. aged 17 : of 
Midhurst and TroUon Place, Sussex, M.P. for Mid- 
hurst io six parliaments, 1700-13, of the Inner Temple 
1694. died 8 July, 1733. See F^tei^s Parliamentary 

AlCOOke, Simoo, temp. 1400. See Dictimutry of 
National Biography. 

Aloooke, Thomas, of Sussex, ' der. fil' Brasenose 
Coll., matric 24 Nov., 1609, aged x6 ; B.A. 15 
Feb., x6zz-i2, M.A. 7 July, 1614, rector of TiUing- 
ton, Sussex, 1624, brother of Laurence 1609. See 
Foster's Index EccUHtuHcus & Inns of Court Reg. 

Aloooky William, gent. Brasenose Qxx., mauic. 
14 July, 171 1 ; B.A. sm June, 1715. 

AlcOOKSOn, Humfry, BwA. 24 Oct., 1552, chaplain 
Magdalen Coll. 2553, kept some terms at Cam- 
bridge, preb. of Sl Pauls 1560, died before 14 April, 
Z561. See Le Neve, iL 390 ; & Bloxam, ii 127. [6] 

Aldoroftf 'Galfridus,' pleh. Brasenose coll., 
matric. 6 Nov. , z65a 

Aldexn, Mordecal, student of Christ Church 1564, 
B.A. 17 Feb., 1568-9, M.A. 29 March, 157a; fellow 
of Eton between 1575 & xc82, canon of Windsor 
1607, until his death in 16x5 (see /^ Neve, liL 399, as 
Murdoch Aldem); H^itM/ states that be also became 
a physician. See O.H,S„ L 273 ; xii. 19 ; & Fasti, 
L 189. 

Alden, John (Allden), s.* John, of Wing, Bucks, pleb. 
Hart Hall, matric. 28 June, 1633, aged 17 ; B. A 
from Magdalen Coll. 15 Oct., 1636. M.A. 28 
June, 1639, as *Alderne. See Foster's Index 

Alden, Thomas, s. John, of Nympton Regis, Devon, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric. 7 De&, 1677, aged 
z8 ; B.A. z68i, M.A. 1684, rector of E^gesford, 
Devon, 1691, of Washford Pyne 1699, and of East 
Worllngton 1700. See Foster s Index BccleHasticus, 

Alder, Bryan, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 31 Oct, 
z62»9, aged x8 ; B.A. 28 Oct., X629, M.A. 7 June, 
1632. [10] 

Alder, John, of Kent, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric. X3 July, 1604. aged z6; B.A. 27 June, 
x6o8, died X609. See Robinson, \, 42. 

Alder, John, s. Bryan, of Peasmore, Berks, der. 
Pembroke Coll., matric. zo Dec., 1675, aged 17 ; 
B.A 1679, M.A. i68a. 

Alder, Nathan. See Nathaniel Aller. 

Alderley, John (Aldersley), secular priest, B.A. 12 
July* IS35- See O.H.S,, L 

Aldeme, Daniel, 8. Thomas, of Hereford (town), gent. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 13 July. 1638, aged X4 ; of 
the Middle Temple X64Z. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus ft Inns of Court Reg, [15I 

Alderne, Edward, B.C.L. from £xbter Coll. 18 
April, i634« D.C.L. X3 June X638, chancellor of the 
diocese of Rochester, as son and heir of Thomas 
(father of Daniel last named), entered the Middle 
Temple 1629, and died at Rochester in X67X. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. ft Fasti, i. C02. 

Aldeme. Frands, of CO. Worcester ( ' famulus Dr. Ayray 
Vice Cancellarii J. Queen's Coll. , matric. 21 >fov. , 
z6o6, aged 25 ; Ix A from Balliol Coll. xi June, 
x6xo, vicar ofTaynton, Oxon, 1616, rector of upper 
Swell, CO. Glouc, 1621. 

Aldeme, Thomas, 3s. Thomas, of Yasor, co. Here- 
ford, pleb. Christ Church, matric. x8 March, 
X683-4, aged 19. 

Aldeme, William, of CO. Worcester, pleb. St. 
Mary Hall, matric. 7 Nov., 1589, aged ax. 

Alders. See also Aldus. [ao] 

Alders, John, B.A. from St. John's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, x672 (incorp. X3 July, 1675), M.A. 1676, 
sequestered to rectory of Fulboume, co. Cambridge, 
x6 May, 1646. See Add. MS,, X5.670. 

Aldersey, Hugh, of Cheshire, gent. Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 30 March, X604, aged x8 ; B.A. 19 
Nov. , 1607, of the Inner Temple, x6o8. See Foster's 
inm of Court Reg, 


Aldersey, John, of Cheshire, gent Brasenose 
Coll., matric. X4 Feb., X588^, aged 19- See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Aldersey. Riduud, a A, from Brasenose Colx., 30 
Oct., loxo. 

Aldersey, Samuel, s. Thomas, of Spurstow, Cheshire, 
arm. Brasenose Coll., matric 28 March, 1691. 
aged x6; RA. X694. M.A. X700, of Aldersey and 
Spurstow, rector of Wigan 17x4. until his death in 
X742. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, [25j 

Aldersey, Terrey, s. Thomas, of HasUnp, Sussex, 
gent. MAGDALEN Hall, matri& X2 May, 1637, 
aged x8 ; of Bredgar. Kent, died xo July, X670. 
father of Thomas, X664. 

Aldersey, Thomas^gent Brasenose Coll. , niatiic. 
ao May, X653. "^ A., son of Thomas A., of Spar- 
stow, ca Chester, admitted to Gray's Inn. X654* 
bar.-at-Uw 1663, died 20 May, X715. Sec Fosters 
Graft Inn Reg, 

Aldersey. Thomas, s. Terrey, of Bredgar, Kent, 
gent Magdalen Hall, matric ax Ocl, x664« 
aged X5, of Bredgar, died 31 March. 1707. 

Aldersey, WiUiam, of Cheshire, gent. Lincoln 
Coll., matric. 38 Nov.. 1581, aged 15. 

Aldersey, Waiiam, s. WiUiam, of Chester (city), arm. 
Brasenose Coll., matric. 9 Dec., X63X. aged 19 ; 
B.A. 6 Feb.. X632.3, fellow, M.A. 3 Dec, 1635; 
incorp. at Cambridge X639, buried in the Temj^e 
Church, Whit-Sunday 29 May, 1642 admon. at 
Oxford 3 June following. [SO] 

Alderson, feamabas, s. Robert, of Worcester (city.». 
pauper. New Coll., matric a6 Nov., x68o, aged 
X9 ; B.A. xo June, 1684 (as Bartholomew), vicar of 
Allensmore, 00. Hereford, and of Clehonger x683. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Alderson, John, of London, gent Gloucester 
Hall, matric xa June, XS9X, aged xs ; (? bar.- 
at-law Lincoln's Inn X603). See Foster's fudges and 

Alderson, William, son of a yeoman. Lincoln 
Colu, matric xa Nov., 1650, one of these names 
rector of Axbridge, Somerset, x66x, and vicar of 
Winsoombe, X67X. See Foster's Index Eeclesias- 

Aldertonn, Henry, of Sussex, pleb. Queen's Coll.. 
matric 28 April, x6x5, aged ax. 

Aldey, Edward, matric ax Oct, 1614, B.A. from Hakt 
HALL, 6 Feb., i6x5-x6, M.A. 8 July. x6x9, rector of 
Paddlesworth, Kent, X624, and of Su Andrew, Can- 
terbuzy, X624. See Foster's Index Bcclesiasticus 
& Le Neve, i. 6a [35] 

Aldey, Walter, s. Roger, of Hardwicke, co. Monmouth, 
gent. Queen's Coll., matric xo March, 1664-5. 
aged xy. 

Aldred, john, B.A. from Magdalen Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 165a (incorporated as M.A. X2 July. X664). 
M.A. X664, rector of Mavis Endertiy, oow Hinooln, 
X667, and of Wester Kele, X679. preb. of L.incola 
x66o, until his death in X698. See Foster's Index 

Aldred, Richard (Abede), of ca Lancaster, pleb. 

^ Queen's Coll., matric -entry under date xo Jan.. 
XS74-S1 «god xy ; B.A. 26 Feb., X578-9. 

Aldrlon, Charles, s. Ed., of London, geot. Chsist 
Church, matric ax June, X699, aged x8 ; B.A. 
X703, M.A 12 March, X70S-6, RD. 17x5, D.D. 1722. 
rector of Henley-on-Thames, 1709, chaplaio to 
Frederick Prince of Wales X737. bom in St. Mar- 
garet's, Westminster, 8 Oct, x68x, died at Henley 
8 Nov., X737, buried in the church within the rn^s 
of the communion tabic See Almnni Wesi^^ 236; 
Heame, W, 947 ; & Rawfinson, f. 10, 34S. 

Aldrioll, Francis, a pensioner of Clarb Hazx>, Cam- 
bridge. June, X589, B.A. 1593, M.A. 1596. fellovr 
Sydney Sussex Coll. X599, B.D. 1603 (incorp. 
xo July, x6o6), master x6o8, created D.D. 1609, 
died 27 Dec, x6o9,aged 33. See Coc^, it 524; 
^ CoW» MS,, 5860, p. 77, CSA 

George Aldrich. 

1500— 1714. 

Francis Alexander. 

Aldrichy Geoise, s. G., of London, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., roatria 3 July, 1689, aged 17; B.A. 1693, 
M.A. 1697, vicar of Kixtlington, Oxon, 1698, bora 
in May, 1^2. See Foster's Index Ecctesitutuus & 
JdpHnsoitf i. 316. 

Aldriohy George, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 5 
Dec., Z709, aged 18 ; B.A. 17x3. 

Aldrich, Hemy, s. Henry, of Westminster, gent. 
Ckrist Chusch, matric. zo July, 1662, aged 15 ; 
B. A. x666. M. A. 1669, R ami D.D. 3 March, i68i-a, 
canon i68a, dean 17 Jnne, 2689, rector of Wem, 
Salop, vioe-cfaanoeUor 1693-5, died in Christ Church, 
14 Dec., 17x0, buried there, will proved at Oxford, 
5 Jan., i7ix-xa. See Alttmni West,, i^\Ath., iv. 
6^2 ; ft Rmolinsom^ i. z6. 

Aldnoll, Henry, pAup. Balltol Coll., matric. zx 
May. X683, 6. A. X Feb., 1686-7 \ o°e of these names 
rector of Darley, ca Derby, X69X. See Foster's 
Index EccUnasHcms, 

Aldrioh, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Hessett, Suffolk, gent. 
Christ Chukch, matric. x6 June, X694, aged 17 ; of 
Lincoln's Inn, X697. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Aldridg^, Richard, B.D. 23 June. X585, 33 years m 
Theology, preb. of Hereford X560, vicar of Bur- 
cester, Oxon, X564, rector of Fringford, Oxon, X565, 
and of Byford, 00. Hereford, X578. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasHcus ; 8lO.H.S.,\, [0] 

AldridgB, Robert jAlderige), elected from Eton to 
King's Coll., Cambridge, X507, B.A. xsxs, M.A. 
Z515, B.D. proctor 1535, incorporated X5 March, 
X 529-30, D.D. (Oxford) 8 April, X530, master of Eton 
Z5Z5-X8, preb. of Lincoln X538, archdeacon of Col- 
chester X53X, canon of V^ndsor, registrar of ' the 
Garter,' 1534, fellow of Eton and provost of Eton 
'534* ^ord high almoner, bishop of Carlisle X537, 
until his death at Homcastle, co. Lincoln, 5 March, 
X555-6, compiled the Register of the Most Noble Order 
oTthe Garter. See Ath., i. 33a ; ft Cooper, i. X43. 

Aldus. See also Alders. 

Aldus, William, B.A from Christ Church, 38 
March, x639, incorporated at Cambridge X63X, rector 
of Copdock, Suffolk, X643, sequestered therefrom in 
X645, rector of Blaxhall X653. See Foster's Index 
EcctetiasHcus ft Add, MS,, X5,669. 

AldwyUy Antony, B.A 38 Nov., X534. M.A. 18 June. 
X528, vicar of Awre, co. Gloucester, 1545. See Foster's 
Index Bcclenasticus, [lO] 

Aldwiliy John, s. William, of Plumpton, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. Z3 June, Z705, aged z6 ; 
RA Z709. 

Aldwortn. Charles, s. Richard, of Twyford, Berks, 
gent. ST. John's Coll.. matric. X9 Oct, 1666, 
aged xy; den^ Magdalen Coll. X668-73. B.A 
1670, M.A 4 Feb., X67X-3, fellow z673-i72o. B. and 
D.CL. X3 July, 1686, vice-president 1687-8. Camden 
prof, of history 1691, until his death, x6 April, X73o, 
will proved at Oxford 3 May following. See Bloxam, 
T. 379 : & Heame, L 338. 

Aldworth. Giles (Alworth), s. Henry, of Westcott, 
Wilts, IJ.CU Christ Church, matric. 6 March, 
X674- ^, aged X4 ; B. C L. from Pembroke Coll. X683. 

Aldworth, Henry, created D.CL. from New Coll. 

9 March, 1660, see Atlworth, page 49, father of 
Giles and Henry z686. 

Ald'Worth, Henry, s. Francis, of Oxford (dty), privi- 
l^giatns, 34 Oct, 1689, aged 34; *Promus, Wad- 
ta2un. afterwards butler, his will proved at Oxford, 

10 Jan. , x6Q9-i7oa [I5] 
AldliFOrtll, Henry, s. H., of Qanfield, Oxon, LL.D. 

Christ Church, matric, zo May, x686, aged X5 
(sobscribed Alworth) ; RA. X690, M.A. X692. 

Aldworthe, John, E A from St. Alban hall, 3 
March, iST^S, M.A 35 June, X577, vicar of Comp- 
too, Berks, X574. See Foster's Index EccUsiasHcus. 

Aldwortll, John, of CO. Gloucester, pleb. St. Mary 
Hall, matric. 34 Oct, X595, aged 31, B.A. X5 Nov., 
Z597; M.A from St. Alban Hall, 9 July, z6ox, 
vicar of Bromsgrove, co. Woroester, z6o6. Sec 
Foster's Indix Eaksiastkus. 


Aldworth, John, s. Rich., of Hurst, Wilts, gent St. 
John's Coll., matric. xx Dec, x668, aged X5, B.A. 
1673; M.A from All Souls' Coll. 1676, rector of 
Elmley, Kent, 1683. and of Lockinge, Berks, x6S^. 
See Foster^s Index EccUsiasticus, 

Aldworth, John, s. Rich., of Dublin, Ireland, gent 
Christ Church, matric. 34 Oct, 1696, aged 16; 
of Stanlake, Berks, brother of Richard, xyox. [ao] 

Aldworthe, Nathaniel, of co. Gloucester, pleb. St. 
Mary Hall, matric. 34 Oct., X595. aged 33, R A 
z Feb., X596-7; M.A from St. Alban Hall 9 July, 
x6ox, rector of Barasley, co. Gloucester, x6o2. Sec 
Foster's Index EccUsiasHcus, 

Aldworth, Richard, BbA, 5 June, X537, as ' Holdes- 

Aldworth, Richard, zs. William, of Newmarket, co. 
Cork, Ireland, arm. St. John's Coll., matric. x6 
May, X635, aged X9 ; created B.C.L. x Nov., 1642, 
probably of Newmarket and Ballyhooly, knight, 
ancestor of the family seated at Newmarket afore- 

Aldworth, Richard, bom at Lambeth, Surrey, s. 
Richard, arm. St. John's Coll., matric. 30 Nov., 
x66i, aged x5 ; B. A from All Souls' Coll. X665, 
MA XX Feb., X668-9, bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 
X673, possibly of Stanlake, Berks. King[s remem- 
brancer in Ireland, M.P. Dublin University 1695-9. 
his will proved in Dublin 5 July, X707. father of 
Richard xtox. See Foster's ludges and Barristers, 

Aldworth, Richard, s. John, of Fyfield, Berks, gent 
St. John's Coll., matric. 8 March, X672-3, aged 
X7; B.C.U X7May, x68i. D.CL. 7 July. 1687, of 
Letcombe R^is, Berks, and of the Middle Temple 
1675, his will proved at Oxford, X5 Oct, X701. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg» [23 ] 

Aldworth, Richard, s. R., of Stanlake, Berks, arm. 
Wadham Coll., matria xo Dec., xtox, aged x6 ; 
of Stanlake, yeoman of the Jewel Office, a com- 
missioner of taxes, and verderer of Windsor Forest, 
of the Inner Temple X7a4, died May, X738. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, ft Peerage, a Bray- 

Aldworth, Robert, s. Richard, of Bristol (dty), gent 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 6 July, X638. aged X4; 
bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, X647, treasurer 1674. 
M.P. Bristol Z654-9, and of Devizes x66o. See 
Foster's Ju^es and Barristers, 

Aldworth, laomas (Aldorth); demy Magdalen 
Coll. 1553, R A 4 July, 1554, fellow 1555-6. See 
Bioxam, iv. X45. 

Aldworth, Thomas, a. (Richard), of Berks, pleb. St. 
John's Coll., matric. — Nov., 1581, aged 15; 
fellow X583. B.A. XX Oct, X586, M.A 3 June, 1590, 
BwD. 5 July, X598, vicar of Congresbunr, Somerset, 
X59X, dead in X615. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticut 
& O.M,S„ xii. X36. 

Aldworth, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Wantage, Berks, 
gent Magdalrn Hall, matria xo May, X667, 
aged x6 ; B.A 8 Feb., X670-X, M.A 4 Nov., X673. 

Aldworthe, William, of Berks; demy Magdalkn 
Coll. X563-5, fellow X565-7X, B.A 39 July. 1566, 
M.A. 34 April, X57a See BUxam, iv. X64 ; & 
0,H,S„ i. 360. [81] 

Aldworth, William, s. William, of Wantage, Berks, 
p. p. Christ Church, matric. 3 April, X674. aged 
x^ : B.A. X677, M.A x68o, vicar of Harringworih, 
Northants, i68a 

Alexander, Charles, subs. 9 Dec. , X631 ; B. A from 
ExKTER Coll. aa Oct , x^3, ' eq. aur. fiL' locorp. 
at Cambridge 1634. 

Alexander, Francis, of Hants, pleb. New Coll., 
matric. — Oct, X597. aged x8; B.C.Lk xs April. 
X605, D.CL. 30 AprU, x6xo. rector of Birdham. 
Sussex, X607. of Overton, Hants, 1611, and of 
Houghton, Hants, X613, preb. of Winchester 1613. 
sequestered about X646, father of Gerard and of 
I^onard. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus & Add, 
MS,, Z5,67o, pp. 80, 8X| 207. 


George Alexander. 

1500 — 1714, 

Andrew Allam. 

Alexander, George ; demy Magdalen Coll. 1643. 
expelled by the parliamentary visitors 26 May, 1648, 
restored i66o-z, M.A. 33 Aug., 1660. See Bloxam, 
V. 19s ; & Burrows, 527, etc. 

AlOZander, Gerard, s. Francis, of Winchester, Hants, 
D.C.L. WADHAM COLL., matric. 9 Peb., 1637-8, 
aged 17. 

Alexander. James, of Berks, arm. Queen's Coll., 
matric. 10 June, z6zo, aged 15. 

Alexander, John, s. J., of 'Sooti,* gent Balliol 
Coll., matric 16 Dec., 1687, aged 32. 

Alexander, Joseph, s. J., of Bromsgrove, 00. Worces- 
ter, pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric. 13 July, 1700. 
aged 15; B. A. 1704. SctFostefs index Ecclestasticuj, 

Alexander, Leonard, s. Francis, of Winchester, 
Hants, LL.D. New Coll., matric. 4 May, 1637, 
aged 19; B.CL. 18 April, 1634, vicar of Barton 
Siacey, Hants, 1630, rector of Iping, Sussex, 1660, 
and of Kingsworthy. Hants, 1663, preb. of Chichester 
i66z-3. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, [6] 

Alexander, Nicholas ; B.A. from ST. MARY Hall 
18 June, 1573, M.A. 6 July, 1575. 

Alexander. Richard, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 10 
March. z6s6-7. See St PauTs School Reg,, 48. 

Alexander, Robert, s. Hen., of Binfield, Berks, arm. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 7 April, 1693, sfi^^ i9* 

Alexander, Thomas, s. Francis, of Winton, Hants, 
D.C.L. New Coll., matric. 39 Oct., Z64Z, aged 
Z9,* fellow Z643, B.A. 9 Feb., Z646-7, expelled by 
the parliamentary visitors Z648. See Foster's index 
EcclesiasHcus & Burrows, 48, etc. [lO] 

Alexander, Tristram, s. Francis, of Rumsey, Hants, 
gent Corpus Christi Coll., matric Z7 March, 
1643.3, aged Z5. 

Alexander, William, s. William, of Camden, ca 
Gloucester, pleb. Trinity Coll., matric. 8 July, 
i^* Aged z6; B.A 170Z, M.A Z704, rector of 
Colesboume, co. Gloucester, Z713, vicar of Hartpury 
1738. See Foster's index EcclesiasHcus, 

Alfiatt, Matthew, s. Edmund, of Bristol, pleb. Pem- 
broke Coll., matric. zo July, Z640, aged z6 ; 
rector of Clatton, Somerset, 16^ Calamy says he 
usurped it in Z663. See Foster's Index Ecclesias^ 
ticus & Calamy, iit. Z84. 

Alford. See also Elford. 

Alforde, Edward, of Middlesex, arm. TftiNiTY Coll., 
matric^entry under date zo April, Z581, aged Z5. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, [15] 

Alford, Edward, of London, arm. Christ Church. 
matric. 30 Oct., z6z3, aged Z7. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg, & Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Alford, Edward, s. William, of Purton. Wilts, cler. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 36 May, Z664, aged Z9 ; 
B.A. z668, M.A. Z67Z. 

Alford, Francis, of Christ Church Z550, B.A. of Cam- 
bridge, sup. in Z55Z, for incorp., Nf.A.(sup.) i55z-3. 
sup. for D. C. L. z^ Oct , Z560, but was never admitted. 
^ccYasXc^sParluimentary Dictionary & Fastis i. 158. 

Alford, George, of Somerset, pleb. Balliol Coll.. 
matric z July, Z603, aged z6; B.A 38 Jan., 1607-8. 
rector of Poyntingdon, Somerset. z6z8. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Alford, George, s. John, of Heavitree. Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 3 Feb., 163Z-3, aged 30; 
B.A sz June, z6j73. [20] 

Alford, Hennr, of Bucks, arm. Exeter Coll., 
matric. 33 Feb., Z593-4, aged zo ; admitted to Gray's 
Inn z6oz as son and heir of John, of Fawley, Bucks, 
arm. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Alford, John, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll. . matric. 
Z4 Oct., zSQ^t aged 33 ; one of these names rector of 
Ashton. Devon. z6z5. See Foster^s Index EccU- 

Alford, John, of London, arm. St. John's Coll., 
matric. Z3 Feb., z6o6*7, aged z6. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Alford, John, of Devon, pleb. Merton Coll. 
matric z6 Dec., z6o8, aged z8 ; B.A from St. 
Alban Hall 14 May, z6z3. See OM,S„ zii. 


Alford, John. 'fil. mix.' {sic) of Edward, of Offingtoo. 
Sussex, equitis. Christ Church, matric. x8 Nov.. 
Z664. aged Z7 ; of Offington, M.P. Midburst 1679-81, 
Bramber Z688-9, died z6 May, Z69Z. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary, [2S] 

Alford, John, s. Theop.. of Brentwood. Essex, cier. 
TuiNiTY Coll.. matric. 3 March. Z674-5. aged i6u 

Alford, John. s. Job., of Offington. Sussex, arm. 
New Coll.. matric. Z3 Oct. ztoz. aged z8. 

Alford, Joseph. Z649. See Ath. Ox., iii. 363. 

Alford, Marmaduke, s. Rob., of Curry Rivell. Somerset, 
p. p. Wadham Coll.. matria zz Dea. x668, aged 
zy ; B.A Z674, yeoman of the Chapel Royal 1^5. 
and Serjeant of the same, March. Z7Z4-Z5. died 10 
Mav. Z7Z5, aged 68. See Rawlinson, v. 139. 

Alford, Melchizadec, s. William, of Lyme Regis. 
Dorset, gent Christ CHxmcH, matric zo Dec. 
Z64Z, ag^ z8 (' B.A Z648, absent divers years, and 
expelled Z648.' See Burrows, 3x3) ; vicar of Ottery 
St. Mary. Devon. z66z*o5. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus & Alumni West, zzy. [SO] 

Alford, Richard, s. Richard, of Lyme, Dorset, irent 
Lincoln Coll., matria zz Dec.. 1640, aged z8. 

Alford, Robert, of London, pleb. Christ Church. 
matric. 37 Dec, Z595, aged 38 ; BA. 39 Jan., 1596-7, 
M.A z8June, z6o7,vicarof Down Ampney. co. GIoa> 
cester, Z603. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastictts. 

Alford, Tbeophilus. s. John, of Ashton, Devon, 
'saoerd.' IIiinity Coll.. matric. ix July. 1634. 
aged zy, B.A. zz Feb.. z635-6; M.A. from Hakt 
Hall 30 Oct. Z638, incorp. at Cambridge Z640, 
vicar of St. Stephen Coleman, London, i66x. and 
of South Weald. Essex. z663. See Foster's Index 

Alford, Thomas, s. Richard, of Weston, Somerset, 
paup. All Souls' Coll.. matric. 38 Feb.. x688'0, 
aged z6. B.A. Z693 ; M.A. from St. Mary Hall 
Z695. vicar of Curry Rivell. Somerset, 1697. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Alforde, Walter, of co. Worcester, pleb. Exeter 
Coll., matric. 33 March, Z58Z-3, aged 18. [35] 

Alford, William, secular priest, B.Can.L. sup. z6 July, 
Z533. See 0./^.5., i. 

Alford, William, of Yorks. gent. Magdalen Hall. 
matric. 39 April, Z586, aged Z5. 

Alford, William (Allford), of Sussex, arm. St. Mart 
--^ Hall, zz April, z6z7, aged Z7 ; B.A. 3 Nov., 1619, 
M.A 35 June. Z633, vicar of Purton. Wilts, 1629^ 
See Foster's index Ecclesiasticus, 

Alfray. See Allfray. 

Allngrton, Henry, s. William, of Hogsden. Middle- 
sex, gent Queen's Coll.. matric za Dec. Z623. 
aged zy. [*Ol 

^Allngton, Robert, B.CL. 30 June. zsz6, B.Can.L. la 
July, Z534, rector of Aisholt. Somerset, zssol See 
Weaver &O.H.S.,i, 

Alison, Thomas (Alyson). B.A Z5Z8, M.A 35 Feb.. 
Z533-4. See 0,II.S,, i. 

Alison, William, B.C.U Z4 March, Z533-4. See Fos- 
ter's index Ecclesiasticus, 

Alkin, John, s. Sam., of Fostell, co. Derby, p. p. Pem- 
broke Coll.. matric Z3 May. zyoo. aged 19, B..^ 
Z704. M.A. from Clare Coll., Cambridge, zyzo ; 
vicar of North Mimms, Herts. X707. See Foster' 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 
^ Alkinton, John, of London, pleb. St, John's Coll., 
1$ Nov., x6z6. aged 15; B.A. X9 Oct, 1610, as 

Allaloy, William (subs. ' scr % s. William, of Osga- 
thorpe. CO. Leicester, p.p. Lincoln Coll. , matric 
35 May. z66z. aged z8. 

Allam, Andrew, s. Andrew, of Garsington. Oxon, pleb. 
St. Edmund Hall, 5 May. zdyz. aged 16 ; bat- 
telar Z67Z. B.A Z9 Jan.. Z674-5 (incorp. at Cam- 
bridge Z675). M. A Z677. vice-principal, a master of 
the schools Z683. laid the foundation of a * Kotitii 
Ecclesiae Anglicans.' baptized at Garsin^on 23 
April. Z655, died zy June, z68s, buried In St. Peter-ln- 
the-East, Oxfoid. See^M., iv. X74; ft Hcame, m. 35. 

John Allam. 

1500 — 1714. 

Edward Alleine. 

Allam, John, • Bibliopol ' priTflegiatns 28 Feb., 16x6-7, 
aged ai. 

Allam , TboRtts (or Almonc), plch. Balliol Coll., 
ixiatric.9Nov..z65o; B.A. zsOct.idsa.feUow.MJV. 
IS June, X655, incorp. at Cambridge 1671, died 17 
Aug. , X67Z. buried in the cbanoel oTSt. Cross, Holy- 
wdJ. Sec^/il.. i.lxr. 

Allam, Thomas, s. Tha, of London, gent. Balliol 
Cou-.. matria 31 March, 1705, aged 18 ; of the Middle 
Temple X700. See Foster's /nns of Court Reg, 

Allanby. Cfaiistopher (Alambie, or Alumbe, or Alen- 
bie) ; B.A 4 Joly. X5^. M.A. xa May, 1563, fellow 
of QusEN's Coll. X563, rector of Aostey, Herts, 
1568, until his death in XS84. See Foster's Index 
£cci£siasticus. [^1 

AlanbyOy FnmdS (or Allambye), of Cumberland, geat. 
Queen's Coll.. matric. 24 Nov., 1581, aged x6. 

Alanby, Robert (Alamby), of Queen's Coll. 1565, 
B.A. 9 July. 1568. M.A. z8 June, 1572, rector of 
Aikton,Camberland,x573. SceYosXct^s Index Ecc, 

Alanbye, Thomas, of Cumberland, gent QUEEN'8 
COLX.. matria 24 Nor., 1581, aged 18. 

Allanaon, Christopher, of London, gent Waoham 
CoLX., matric. 24 Nov., x6ao, aged x6; aA. 7 
Feb., x6a3-4, admitted to the Inner Temple x6az. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Re^, 

AUansonn, Edmund, s. Chnstopher, of London, 
gent. Chsist Chukch, matric. 28 Nov., 1634. 
aged 17 ; of the Inner Temple 1636. See Foster s 
J nns of Court R^, 

AllailBOXl« Edward, s. John, of London, gent New 
CoLX, matric. 15 Nov., 1639, aged 19 ; fellow 1641, 
B. A. 8 Dec., 1646, M.A. 3 June, 1647. a delegate of 
the visitors X647, presented for the rectorship 1649. 
See Burrows^ 4, etc. [lO] 

Allanson, Edward (Alanson). s. Edward, of Winwick. 
CO. Lancaster, der. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 3 
July, X7X2, aged x6 ; B. A. 1716, M.A. 1719, rector 
of Clifton Kmes X7a3, and of Hardmead. Bucks, 
Z729. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus & Raw- 
linsoH, v. 46. 

AUanson, George (Allenson), B.A (sap.) 1547-8, 
fellow of Merton Colu X548. 

Allanson, George, s. George, of St Bride's, London, 
gent Christ Chxtrch. matric. 23 June, X713, 
aged x8; EA. 17x7, M.A. 1720 (? admitted to the 
Middle Temple X7i^), rector of St Tudy. Cornwall, 
1727, vicar of St. Gluvias X730, preb. of Exeter 1730, 
archdeacon of Cornwall X737, until his death X74X. 
See Alumni West., 259 ; & Foster's Index, 

Allanson, John, s. John, of Warley, Essex, gent 
Trinity Cou., matric. x8 Nov., 1631, aged 16 ; of 
the Middle Temple X63X. See Gray's Inn Reg., ed. 

Allanson. John, s. John, of Northwood. Middlesex, 
gent New Coll., matric. 29 Jan.. 1661-2, aged 
20; B.A 2 March, 1664-5. [IS] 

Allansonn, Rees, of London, gent Exeter Colu, 
xnatric. 2 June, 16x7, aged X7 ; fellow 1619-26. B.A. 
18 July, 1622, bom 29 Maurch, x6oi. See Boose, 
60 ; & Robinson, i. 8^ 

Allanson, Robert (AlUnson), s. Ralph, of Stanton 
Parva. oa Durham, pleb. University Coll., 
matric. XX May, 1677, aged x8. 

Allansone, Stephen, of Yorkshire, pleb. Univer- 
sity Coll.. matric. Nov., 1597, aged x6, B.A. 21 
Feb., i6oo-x ; M.A. from Brasenose Coll. 7 July, 
z6o8, E.D. 8 July, 1619, licence to preach 4 Dec., 
x6ao, rector of Oving, Bucks. x6i6. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus, 

Allanson, Thomas (Alanson), B.A; from University 
Coll. 6 Felx, 16x1-12, M.A 7 July, 1615, one of 
these names rector of Hasfield, ca Gloucester, x6a6. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Allard, Frands, of Kent, gent St. Alban Hall, 
matric. 8 July, x?86, aged 13. J^O] 

AUard, Richard, of Kent. pleb. ST. Alban Hall, 
matric 5 June, z6i8« aged 15; B.A 23 Jan., 

Allason, John, s. J. of Loudwater, Cumberland, paup» 
Queen's Coll. , matric. x8 Dec , x68a, aged 15 ; 
M.A. X690, B. & D.D. 1699, rector of Middleton in 
Teesdale, co. Durham, 1700. See Foster's Index 

AUasson, John, s. John, of parish of St Michael, Wor- 
cester (dty), pleb. Balliol Coll., matric 3 July, 
X712, aged 18, B.A X716 (? M.A. from Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge, X738), rector of Worcester St 
Hden X72a See Foster's ItuUx EccUsiasticus. 

Allaway, Edward, of Oxon, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric xo June, 1608, aged 34; vicar of 
Chipping Norton, Oxon, x6o8. 

Alloraft, Jflunes, s. of Thomas, of Adderley, Salop, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric xo Sept., X634, aged xy. 

Allen, Abraham, &A from Corpus Christi Coll. 
x8 May, X603. [26] 

AUe^n, Abraham. B. A from Trinity Coll.. Cam- 
bridge, 1631. incorp. as D.D. X3 July, X669, vicar of 
Witham-on-the-Hill. co. Lincoln. X641. rector of 
Wymondham 1648. and of West Meon, Hants, 
x66o, preb. of Wells X67X See Foster's Index 
Ecclestasticus &. Cole's MS., 5863, p. 44. 

Alleyn, Abmham, s. Ab., of West Meon, Hants, doc- 
toris. Magdalen Hall, matric 3 Dec , 1684, aged 
xy : B. A x688, M.A X696, vicar of Milbome Port, 
Somerset X708. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Allen, Andrew (Allane), of Cambridge University ; 
incorp. as M. A xx July, 16x5, BbD. irom Wadhau 
Coll. 13 Nov., X632. 

Allen, Andrew (Allin), s. William, of St Thomas 
parish. Oxford (dty), pleb. Privilegiatus 4 June, 
1624, aged 37. r 

Allen, Andrew (Allane), s. Henry, of Wells, Somerset, 
sacerd. Wadham Coll., matric 6 June, X634, 
aged 20, B. A from St. Edmund Hall 7 Feb.. 
X634-5. See Gardiner, X15. [Sl] 

Allen, Benjamin, cler. fit Exeter Coll., matric 
xo March, X656-7 ; B.A x66o, clerk of Magdalen 
College x65o-6x, rector of Lamorran, Cornwall, x66o. 
of Binstead, Isle of 'N^ght. 1663, of St Michael, 
Penkevill, Cornwall. X663. See Foster's Index 
Ecetesiasticus & Bloxam, ti. 72. 

Alleyn, Charles, s. Abr., of West Meon, Hants, 
'doctoris.' Magdalen Hall, matric 14 July. 
X682, aged X5 ; demy Magdalen Colu 1683-90, 
B.A x686, M.A 7 March, 1688-9, fellow X690-8, 
vicar of Bramber, Sussex, X687, tmtil his death, 
buried there 26 April, X7X5. See Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus & Bloxam, vi. 45. 

Allen, Charles (Aleyn), s. Giles, of Wandsford, 
Northants, cler. Lincoln Coll., matric xo Dec. 
1686. aged X7. 

Allen, Christopher (Alyn). fellow of New Coll. 15x5. 
from Heyworth. Wilts ; B.A. 33 May, 15x9, M.A. 
21 July, 1523, died X5a6. See O.H.S,, i. [ss] 

Allen, David, of Oxon. pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matric-entry under date 20 Dec. X577, aged 17 ; 
B. A 5 April, X583, vicar of Brixwortb, Northants, 
X583. rector of Ludborough, 00. Lincoln. X594. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus.] 

Allen, Edmund, of London, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric-entry under date 20 Dec, 1577, aged x8 ; 
fellow X577, B.A. x8 Nov., X58X (son of Edmund, 
after Bishop of Rochester), died young. See Rodin* 
son, i. 16, 

Allen, Edward, s. John, of Streatlye, Berks, pleb. 
Merton Coll., matric 9 March, X631-2, aged x8 ; 
B.A 20 Oct, X632, fellow X633, Nf.A. ao Feb.. 
1638-9, ED. xo luly, X644; <^^ o^ these names 
rector of West Halton, co. Lincoln, X640-57. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Allelne, Edward, s. Tobias, of Devizes. V^ts. gent. 
New Inn Hall, matric xx March, 1635-6, aged 
X7 ; B.A 22 Oct. 1639, M.A. 15 June, x64a, in 
orders, dic^ 1645, brother of Joseph 1651. 


Francis Allem. 

1500— 1714. 

John Allek. 

Allen. Francis, B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 
13 Dec., 1610, M.A. from LINCOLN CoLL. 6 July, 
1613, B.D. zo July, 1623, licence to preach 8 April, 
1635, preb. of Lincoln 1621, and rector of Bottes- 
ford, CO. Leicester, 1621, vicar of Kintbury, Berks, 
1625, and of Compton Beauchamp 1643. ^^ Fostex^s 
Index RccUnasticus, 

Allen, GeorTC (Alen), of co. Lincoln, gent. Broad- 
GATES Hall, matric. -entry under date a8 April, 
1580. aged 18. 

Allen, George, of co. Warwick, pleb. Queen's Coll., 
roatric. — May, 1596. aged z6; ? B.A. from 
Broadgates Hall, 5 July, 1604. See Foster's 
Index EcclesiasHcus, 

Allen. George, ' serviens.* Christ Church, matric. 
8 Dec, 1658. 

Allen, George, s. G., of London, Middlesex, der. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 27 March, 1691, aged x6. 
B.A. 1694; M.A from St. Alban Hall z^. [s] 

Allen, Giles (Aleyne), of Cambridge University, incorp. 
as M.A. za July, z6o8, vicar of Mucking, Essex, 
x6z<, rector of Little Walthams z6i8. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus, 

Alien, Grifiin (Gressin), of Berics, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. iz Nov., Z586, aged Z4. 

Allen, Henry, of Northants, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric. -entry under date 3 Dec., zc/^, aged Z7. 

Allen, Henry (Allan), of Cambridge University, incorp. 
as M.A.'8 Feb., z6z5-z6, B.D. from WADiiAU 
Coll. 4 March, z6z5'z6, preb. of Wells z6o8, vicar 
of South Brent, Somerset, z6z2-ai, of Buckland- 
Newton, Dorset, Z62Z-4, and of Weare, Somerset, 
Z624-6. See Foster's Index EcclesiasHcus, 

Allen, Henry, s. Henry, of Horton, Bucks, gent 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 30 April, Z624, aged 17, 

Allen, Henry, s. John, of Bruton, Somerset, pleb. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matria zz July, Z634, 
aged Z7 ; R A 2 June, z63^, M. A 8 May, Z638. 
See Foster^s Index EccUsiasticus, [ll] 

Allen, Henry, s. William, of Hereford (city), der. 

Christ Church, matria 8 May, z666, aged Z5 ; 

B.A from Brasbnose Coll. Z5 March, Z669-70, 

> rector of Ullingswick. 00. Hereford, Z675, father of 

Henry zyoa See Fostez^s Index EccUnasticus. 

Alleyn, Henry, s. Abraham, of West Meon, Hants, cler. 
Christ CnintCH, matric. 5 May, z668, aged Z7 ; 
demy Magdalen Coll. Z670-8, RA 22 Feb., 
Z67Z-2. M.A Z674, fellow Z678-8Z, vicar of Beeding 
alias Sde, Sussex, z68o, and preb. of Chichester Z693, 
until his death in Z720, buried at Piddlehinton, Dorset. 
See Foster's Index Eulesiasticus & Bloxam, v. 3Z0. 

Allen, Henry, of TufiBey, oa Gloucester, pleb. Brasr- 
NOSE Coll., matria 20 May, Z672, aged Z7 ; BbA 
29 Jan., Z675-6, M.A 2Z Jan., Z678-9. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus, 

Allen, Henry, s. H., of Urllngwick, co. Hereford, der. 
Christ Church, matric. 4 May. Z700, aged Z7; 
B.A. Z704, B.C.L. Z7Z8, vicar of Almdey, oa Here- 
ford Z7Z4, rector of Kinnersley Z7z8. See Foster^s 
Index EccUsiasticus. [IB] 

Allen, Henry, s. John, of Campden, 00. Gloucester, 
gent Pembroke Coll., matric. 26 March, Z7Z3, 
aged Z5. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Allen, Isaac, B.A from Queen's Coll. 7 Feb., z6z5- 
z6, M.A from Oriel Coll. 27 Nov. z6i8, rector 
of Prestwich, co. Lancaster, 1632. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus, 

Allen, James, of London, pleb. Trinitv Coll., 
matric. 28 June, Z594, aged Z5 ; B.A. 2^ Feb., 
Z597-8 ; one of these names rector of Little Henny, 
luisex, z62z. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Allen. James, s. Thomas, of Tuffley, co. Gloucester, 
pleb. New Inn Hall., matric. z3 Nov., Z635, 
aged z8 ; B.A. 22 June, Z639, M.A. Z5 June, 1642. 

Allen, James, 'cler. fil.' Magdalen hall, manic 
z6 March, Z649-SO ; chaplain New Coll. (bv the 
parly, visitors) Z649. and fellow Z650, B. A 28 April, 
1652, M.A 30 May, z6s4. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus & Burrows, Z70 bis^ [ao] 

Allen, Jeremy, & William, of Bloxum, Oxod. pleb. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 8 July, Z625, aged 19; 
B.A from All Souls' Coll. 4 Feb., Z629-30. 
M.A from Oriel Coll. 25 Oct, 1632. See Fosters 
Index EccUnasticus. 

Allen, John (Alen), D.L.L. abroad, sup. for tDoorp. 9 
Mareh, 1535*6, vicar of Deptford St. Mich. z5o>a. 
and of Qiislet, Kent, Z503, rector of Sundridge. 
Kent, 7507-29, and of Aldington z5zo-zz, rector of 
Riseborough, co. Lincoln, z5zz-29, and of South 
Ockenden, Essex, z^Z5-a6, vicar of Albome Z524, 
rector of Galby, co. Leicester, rector of Uaniestyn, 
oa Carnarvon, 2525, preb. of Lincoln 1508. of 
Southwell Z526-8, and of St. Paul's Z527, chancellor 
of Ireland Z528, archbishop of Dublin 2529. slain 
27 or 28 July, Z534. See Athena., L 76 ; Cotton, il 
z8 ; O.H.S., i. ; Cooper, L 49 ; & Cole's MS., 5862. 

Allen, John (Allyn), M.A 17 July, 2553. See O.H.S.X 

Allen, John, B.A Cantab., incorp. Z572, M.A. from 
Universitt Coll. s July, 2572. See 0,H,S. , x. .1^. 

Allen. John, scholar of Corpus Christi Coll.. it:69. 

a A Z7 Dec., ZS76. [as; 

AUeinO; John, of co. Hereford , gent. Lincoln Coll. , 

matnc 28 Nov., Z58Z. aged 15. 
Allenn, ' Johun,' of Ireland, gent. Matria 28 April, 

1587, aged z8 ; Mr. Case's scholar. 
Allen, John (Alane or Allin), of Salop, pleh. St. 

Mary Hall, matric. 27 Feb., zc89-9o. aged 21, 

B.A 6 Feb.. X593-4: M.A from New Coll. (sup) 

6 July, Z596. See roster's Index EccUsiasticus. 
Allen, John, organLst of Chester; B.Mus. 9 July, 

Alleyne. John, 2S. RIdmrd, of Stoaghting, Kent. 

S.T.D. Oriel Coll., matric Z7 Jan., Z622-3. 

aged z6 ; BA. 7 July, Z625. M. A Z5 May. 162S ; 

one of these names vicar of Marston, Oxon, Z637. 
Allen, John, 8. Robert, of Horley, Oxon, pIeK 

Magdalen Coll., matric. 27 June, Z633. sged 

z8, sup. for B.A Z9 Oct, Z624. See O.H.S., .til. 

435- [31] 

Allen, John, & Thomas, of Droitwich ('Dratewatch*). 
CO. Worcester, gent. Christ Church, matric 
9 April, Z647, aged Z7. 

Allen. John, gent Magdalen Coll., matri& 22 
Feb., Z650-Z, appointed demy fby parly, visiton) 
Z648, resigned Z656. See Bloxam, v. 203; & 
Burrows, zyz. 

Allen, John, 'serv.' Brasbnose Coll,, matric 9 
1^*1 1653. 

Allen, John, 8. Richard, of Basildon, Berks, gent 
Balliol Coll., matric. Z4 Dec., z666, aged 90; 
B.A. Z670, M.A Z673 (sttbs. •Allienus'). ?S^ 
Le Neve, iiL 266. 27Z. [3S] 

Allern, John, warden of Dulwich Concge i677-£6 ; 
D. C. L. by diploma 20 Dec. , z67a See Fasti, iL 335. 

Allen, John, S.J., of Tamworth, co. Warwick, geoL 
Pembroke CToll., matric 5 May, Z676, aged 16; 
B.A 20 Jan., z679'8a See Le Neve, ii. 165. 

Allen, John, a. J., of Coton, Northants, p. p. St. 
John's Coll., matric. 8 April, Z679, aged z6 ; EA. 

Allen, John, s. Tho., of Bruton, Somerset, gent 
Wadhau Coll.. matric. Z9 May, z68z, aged x;: I 
of the Middle Temple Z687. See Foster's Inns (/ ' 
Court Reg, 

Alleyne, John, s. John, of Grisley, ca Derby, arm. 
Queens Coll., matric. z? Oct, Z687, aged Z7. 

Allen, John, s. Edward, of East Sheen, Surrey, am. 
St. John's Coll., matric. 26 Jan., Z7oz-2. aged 17; 
of tne Middle Temple Z70Z. See Foster's Inus of 
Court Reg, [ftl] 

Allen, John, 8. William, of Mudi Hadham (*Adam'}. 
Herts, gent Merton Coll., matric. 5 April, Z704, 
aged z6 ; B.A 1707, fellow Z7Z2, M.A 17Z4, chap- 
lain to the English factorv at Aleppo 1722, rector 
of Widford and of Eastwick, Herts, Z726, baptized 
at Much Hadham aforesaid z6 Oct., Z687. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Rawlinson, i 22; 
VL iz6 ; XX. zo. -• 


John Allen. 

1500— 1714. 

Thomas Allen. 

Allen, John s. William, of Gelliswick, co. Pembroke, 
gent. Jesus Coll., matric. 27 March, 1708, aged 
z6 ; of Llaoelly, shaifif ca Carmarthen 1734, ched 
25 May. X743. 

Alleyiie, John, s. Reynold, of Barbados, arm. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 14 Jan., 1711-12, aged 15 ; of 
Four Kills. Barbados, admitted to the Middle Temple 
1710, died at Bath 1730. See Foster's Baronetage. 

Allen, Joseph, of Berks. ' der. fil.' Magdalen Hall, 
matric. 17 April, 1618. aged x6 ; b.A. lajune, 1621, 
M.A. 16 April. 1624. 

Alien, Joseph; RA. from St. Masy Hall 15 Jan., 


Allen, Joseph, 'scrv/ Christ Chukch. matric. 26 
Nov., x6sa [B] 

AUeine, Joseph, pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., 
mairic. 14 Nov., 1651 ; scholar 1651, chaplain 1653, 
BhA. 6 July, 1653, originally of Lincoln College, 
'snapped for a Conventicler * and committed to 
prison at Taunton, son of Tobie Allein, of Devizes, 
Wilts, bom in 1633, died Nov., 1668, buried in the 
chancel of Taunton St. Magdalen, brother of Edwud 
X636. See.<4M:,iii.8x9. 

Allen, Joseph, 'cler. fiL' (subs. ' scholaris '). New 
Coll., matric. 2 Oct, 1652 ; B.C.L. 12 Oct., 1659, 
appointed fellow by the parliamentary visitors 1655, 
and ejected 1660. See Foster's Index EuUsiasticus 
& Burrows, 403. 404. 

Allen, Lemuel, of co. Warwick, pleb. Cerist 
Church, matric. 9 May, 16x7, aged 15. 

Allen, Nathaniel, subs, z July, 1613. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasiicus, 

Allen, Peter, of ca Derby, gent. Christ Church, 
matric. 15 Oct, 1605, aged 17, B.A. 18 Nov.. 1609; 
1^1. A. from Broadgates Hall 30 June, 1612. vicur 
of Tollesbury. Essex, 16x7, from which he was 
sequestered about X645. ^ '^^- ^S,, X5.669, 
p. 24a [10] 

Allen, Peter (Allin), gent. Christ Church, matric. 
31 July, 1658; a A. 17 Jan., X659-60, M.A. X662, 
licence xo Aug., x666, to marry Mrs. Francis Barker, 
of city of Oxford, spinster ; rector of Stoke Talmage, 
Oxford, x666. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastuus & 
Alumni West., X45. 

Allen. Ralph (or Allyn). of Brasenosb Coll. 15(6. 
RA. xs Jan., 1559-60, M.A. X4 Feb., X564-5. Siee 

Allen, Rali^, RA. from Clare Coll., danibridge, 
1507* sup. for incorp. yDet . X571. See O.H.S.^x. 36a. 

Allen, Ralph (Aleyn), of London, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric. 14 March, x6x6-x7, aged 17, B.A. 

16 Dec., X620; M.A. from Macdalen HAtL 10 
May. 1634. 

Allen, Richajnd (AUyng); RA. 4 July, 1513. See 
O.H.S., i. [IB] 

Alien, Richard (Allan), nt Corpus Christi Coll., 
1546. fellow, from Gloucester, B.A. sup. March, 
1547-8. See OM,S,, i. 

Allen, Richard (Allyn, Alyn, or Alan), of Christ 
Church 1552 ; B.A. sup. 20 Dec., 1555, M.A. 21 
Nov., 1558. See O.H.S., i. 

Ulen, Richard, RA. 23 June, X561. See 0,/I,S., i. 

Ulen, Richard (Allyn), scholar of Corpus Christi 
Coll. in or before 1564. B.A. 3 April, X566 (? in- 
ventory dated xz July, 1567). See Alumni Wat,, 
46; & OM,S„ i. 261. 

Ulen, Richard, scholar of Trinity COLU X572, B..A. 

17 May, 1576, fellow X578, M.A. 2Z April, 1580. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Grays Inn 

^cf- [ao] 

Ulen, Richard (Allyn). of co. Lincoln, der. fil. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 23 Feb., 1587-8, 
aged 15; B.A. 5 Feb., 1590-1, M.A. X2 Dec, 1594, 
li. D. 7 J uly, 1603, D. D. 30 June, x6o8. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Allen, Richard (Allln), of co. Lincoln, pleb. Corpus 
Christi Coll., matric. 23 July. 1596, aged 16; 
RA. 23 July, X599, M.A. 9 July, X603. See Foster^* 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Allen, Richard, of Salop, pleb. St. Edmund Hall, 
matric. x6 De&, x6o8, aged xy ; B.A. 31 Jan.« 

Allen, Richard, of Berks, pleb. Balliol Coll., 
matric. x6 July, X621, aged x6, B.A. 10 June, X624; 
fellow of Pembroke coll., M.A. 17 April, i6xj. 
See Ath, Ox, iii. 262. 

Alien, Richard, of co. Worcester, doctoris fU. Corpus 
Christi Coll., matric. 9 Nov., X621, aged x8; 
B.A. from Oriel Coll. 25 Oct., X623, M.A x^ 
June, 1626. [aSj 

Allen, Richard (Alleine), 8. Richard, of Dicheat, 
Somerset, sacerd. St. Alban Hall, matric. X5 
Oct., 1630, aged X9. B.A. 20 June, 1631 ; M.A. from 
New Inn Hall 29 April, X634, rector of Batcomb, 
Somerset, X641, until deprived in 1662, *a preacher 
up of sedition, a sealous covenanteer,' died at Frome 
Sclwood 22 Sept., x68i, his father rector of Dicheat 
x6o6. See Ath., iv. X3 ; & Notes and Queries, 6th 
series, vL 305. 

Allen, Richard (AUeyn), ' cler. fil.' Magdalen Hall, 
matrix 29 Oct., 1657 ; B.A from Corpus Christi 
Coll. x66i. MA. 21 Feb., x664-5. 

Allen, Richard. Christ Church, X682. See 

Allen, Robert (Alen), B.A. 15 June, 1544. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasiicus & O.H,S., i. 

AUexi. Robert, of Dorset, pleb. Oriel Coll. . matria 
4 Dec, x6z2, aged x8 ; RA x Feb.. i6i4-x5, M.A. 
X2 June, x6x8, then in orden. See 0,11,5,, xii. 

334. [»o] 

Allen, Roger ; M. A 13 July. 155 . See 0,H.S,, i. 
Allen, Roger, of co. Worcester, pleb. Brasenosb 

Coll.. matric. x6 Feb., X58x-a, aged xy. 
Allen. Samuel, of Berks ; demy of Magdalen Coll. 

X505-7X, B.A 23 Oct., X570, fellow X57X-82. M.A 

yuly, X574. dean of divinity X578, rector of 
etby, 00. Lincoln, X579. See Bloxam, iv. X65. 

Allen, Samuel (Alleine), of 00. Hereford, gent Lin- 
coln Coll., matric. 28 Nov., 158X, agi^ 17. 

Allen, Samuel, s. Thomas, of Thurmarston. co. Leices- 
ter, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matria xo Oct., X682, 
aged X5. [SB] 

Allen, Simon (Alyn or Alen). RA. xx May. X539, 
M.A X2 July. 1542. vicar of Cookham. Berks, X553, 
rector of Strathfieldsaye. Hants, 1559. canon of 
Windsor X559, died before 29 June. x^63. See Lt 
Neve, iii. 395 ; & Foster's Ittdtx Ecclesiasticus, 

Allen, Thomas (Aleyn), chapbun, RA sup. 20 March, 

Allen, Thomas (AUyng). fellow of Exeter Colu 
X513, B. A 3 July, X514, M.A x6 Dec, X516. See 
Boase, 3a 

Allen, Thomas (Aleyn or Alyn), R A 37 May, X52a. 

Allen, Thomas (Alyn or Alen or Halyn), secular chap- 
lain, RA X4 Feb., X533-4. M.A xa March, X538-9 
(? fellow of MERTON 1549-56). See 0,H,S„ iv. 260. 

Allen, Thomas (Alyn), B.A, M.A X4 July, X553, of 
Lincoln Colu See O.H,S„ i. L^l] 

Allen. Thomas, scholar Trinity Coll. 4 June, X561, 
B.A. X3 May, XS63, fellow X565-70, M.A ax April, 
X567, of Gloucester Hall 1570, an eminent 
antiquary, philosopher, and mathematician, died in 
Gloucester Hall 30 Sept, X632, aged 90, buried 
in chapel of Trinity College. See Gutch, i, 534; 
0,H.S,, L 35X ; Ath,, ii 54X ; & Heame, iiL 78. 

Allen, Thomas, of Salop, pleb. Queen's Coll., 
matric. ao July, X582, ^ed X7. 

Allen, Thomas (Allin), ofco. Leicester, pleb. Lin- 
coln Colu, matric. 9 Mayi 1589, aged X4 ; B.A 3 
Feb., 1593-3. 


Thomas Allen. 

1500— 1714. 

William Allestry. 

Allen, Thomas, of co. Worcester, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric. 31 Oct.. 1589, aged z6 ; B.A. z6 
Dec., X593, fellow of Merton Coll. 1593. M.A. 
a July, Z597, aa einiaent Grecian, fellow of Eton, 
1604, and died there 1636, a benefactor to Merton. 
See O.H.S,, iv. 375 ; & Atk., ii. 603. 

Allen, Thomas, of London, pleb. Broaxxsates Hall, 
matric. 30 Oct.. z6oz, aged 27 ; B.A sa Oct., 1604, 
fellow Merton Coll. z6o6, M.A. 13 Dec. x6io. 
vicar of Elham, Kent, 1614, father of Thomas 
1633. Sec FfMtfs Index BccUsiasHatJ & 0,//,S,t 
iv. 378. 

Allen, Thomas, of London, arm., ' fiL nat. max.* St. 
John's Coll., matric. 33 Nov., z6si, aged zB. 
B.A. z8 July, x622: M.A. from Oriel Coll., Z3 
June, Z636. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasiicus, 

Alien, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Elham, Kent, Sacerd. 
Gloucester Hall, matria 8 June, 2633. aged z6 ; 
B.A from Merton Coll., 37 Feb., Z635-6.' 

Allen, Thomas, s. Thomas, of London, pleb. All 
Souls' Coll., matric. Z9 July, Z663, aged z8. [b] 

Allen, Thomas, of Gonville and Caius Coll., 
Cambridge; incorp. as D.Med. Z3 July, Z675, 
son of Francis Allen, gent, of BraugUng, Herts, 
admitted scholar of Gonville and Caius College 9 
July, Z659, aged 29. See Venn, 349 ; & Fastt, ii. 


Allen. Thomas, s. Christopher, of Kingsdowne, Kent, 
pleb. University Coll., matric. 33 June, z683, 
aged z6 ; B. A. z686, M.A. Z689, rector of Kings- 
downe Z7za See Foster's Index EcclesiasHetu ; Bl 
Heame, iL 39Z, iii. Z35, eta 

Allen, Thomas, s. T., of Oxford (city), pleb. Wad- 
HAM Coll., matric. 8 July, Z099. aged z6; RA. 
Z705, bred in New College School, clerk in Lincoln's 
Inn two years, master of the Chantiy School, St. 
Andrew, Holbom, rector of Kettering, Northants. 
Z7Z^, and vicar of Irchester Z706-Z5, he was bom in 
Ox^rd on Christmas Day, z68z {his grandfather, 
Thomas, chamberlain of the dty), died while reading 
prayers 31 May, Z755. See Rawlinson, i. 34 ; v. 
183 ; xvi. 460-478 ; & XX. Z9. 

Allen, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Middleham, Yorks. der. 
Trinity Coll., matric. az May, ztos, aged z6. 

Allen, Thomas, s. James, of Tamwoith, 00. Warwick, 
p.p. Queen's Coll.. matric. Z9 May, Z704, aged 
z6 ; B.A. from New Coll. Z707. [10] 

Alleirne, Timothy, s. Thomas, of Barbados, arm. 
Queen's Coll., matric 37 March, Z708, aged Z7 ; 
of Black Jacks, Barbados, admitted to the Middle 
Temple Z706. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Allen, Timothy, s. Thomas, of Oxford (city), pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. Z3 Nov., Z7zz, aged Z7 ; 
clerk Z7ZZ-33, B.A. Z7ZS, M.A. Z718. vicar ofBetch- 
worth. Surrey, 1736-62, vicar of Ifield, Sussex. Z738, 
died 8 March, z?;^ See Bloxam, ii. 87 ; & Foster's 
Index Ecclesuuticus, 

Allene, Valentine, of co. Leicester, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. Z5 June, Z604, aged z8. 

Allen, Walter, of Oxon, pleb. University Coll, 
matric. 3 July. Z590, nged z8 ; B.A 4 June, Z594, 
M.A. 7 July. Z597. 

Allen, Walter, a A. from CORPUS Christi Coll.. z8 
April, z$97. [IB] 

Allen, William (Alvn), chaplain, B.A. Z3 Dec, Z5za, 
M.A. (sup.) z5 Oct.. zszs. 

Allen, William (Alyn), of Oriel Coll. Z547, fellow 
and B.A Z550, from co. Lancaster, M.A. sup. 5 
April, Z554, proctor Z556, principal of St. Marv 
Hall Z5M (as. John, of Rossall), ? canon of York 
Z558-60, D.D. Douay Z57Z. canon of Cambrav, 
Z575, canon of Rheimes, priest cardinal Z587, arcn- 
blshop of Mechlin, the metropolis of Brabant, Z589, 
died in Rome, z6 Oct, Z594; Cardinal Allen and his 
fellow exiles were mainly instrumental in urging the 
invasion of England by Philip of Spain, which 
resulted In the destruction of the 'Amiada.' See / 
Athena, i. 61$ ; ii, 836 ; & D.N,B, / 


Allen, William (Allan), of Berks, chorister ; Mag- 
DALEN Coll. zs48. demy z55i-9. B-A. a June. 
Z5S9. See Bloxam, iv. Z38. 

Allen, William (Allane). R A 3Z May, zs68. 

Allen, William, of Oxon, pleb. Hart Hall, inatnc, 
3 March, 1592-3. aged Z9. t-^«^ 

AUen. William, of co. Worcester, pleb. ST. Johns 
Coll., matric. 5 Nov., 1596. ag«* ^ _ 

Allen, William, of Northants. ple^ Brasenose Colu . 
matric. 33 Oct, z6o3, aged x6. 

Allen, William, of co. Derby, pleb. Balliol Coli.. 
matric. Z9 Nov., z6o3, aged z8. rktTT»-r'«s 

Allen. WilUam (Allin). of Oxon, gcnL Queea ^ 
Coll.. matric. s Dec.. z6z7, ag«l z6. 

Allen, William, sf Edward, of Ducklington. Oxor. 
pleb. MAGDALEN COLL., m^ijc. 38 Feb.. ito-S 
Siorister Z620.30. B.A Z9 Feb. z6a9-3o. clerk 
T6ai.9 M A. 3^ Oct, z63a. See Bloxam, v. 30. 

Allen, ttmfAUeine).\ Richard, of Ditctot. 
sSfneiset, saceid. New Inn Hall. «;tnc 4 Nov.. 
Z63Z. aged Z7; B.A. 39 Apni. Z634. 5fA-,'9 Jan^ 
1656:7. vicar of BlanSord. 'repeatedly plun^ 
and maltreated,' died Oct, 1677. See Calam^^i-, 

Allen, William, s. Thomas, of Oxford («ty). Pf^. 
MAGDALEN CoLL., matric, 8 July, X636, aged zo . 

B. A 6 July, Z638. ^ . .^ r-, 

Allen, William, gent Christ Church, mainc 13 
July, z66o. B.A from Magdalen Hall 1663 M.A. 
from UNCOLN Coll. z666. B.C L. from All bouLi* 
Coll. Z670. See Fosters Index EccUitasi%cus. 

Allen, William, s. Thomas, of Goring. Oxoo. gent. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 35 May. 1664. aged 15 ; o* 
the Middle Temple, Z67Z. See Fosters Inns &J 
Court Reg, , «. , 

Allen, William, s. R., of Sadburgh, ca Durham, p.p. 
Brasenose Coll., matric Z7 Dec., X669, aged ib. 

Allen, William, s. Stc, of Darsingham, Norfolk. p.p. 
Pembroke Coll., matric. ao May (nghUy ApnU. 
1668, aged Z4. t.**J 

Allen, Wintmer (Alan or Alane), B. A of Cambridge 
University, incorp. 7 Dec., zsas. 

Aller, Nathaniel (or Nathan Alder), s. John, of Samp- 
ford Courtenay, Devon, pleb. Balliol Coll., 
matric. 3 April, 1674. aged z8 ; B.A. Z677. 

AUestry, Charles, s. William, of Derby (town), gent 
Ckrist Church, matric. 3Z March, zo7z,aged 17. 
student, B. A. Z674, M.A Z677. of Gray's Inn 1674. 
vicar of Cassington, Oxon, z68s. and of mveniiy, 
Northants, 1687, u»til his death, buried at Cassing- 
ton 38 March, Z707. See Gray s Inn Reg„cA, Foster ; 
In. Ecc, ;Ath,, i v. 656 ; Fasti, ii. 36Z ; & Heame, L «S. 

Allestry, James, s. James, of London. genL Christ 
Church, matric. 3 July, z67a, aged z8 ; B.A. 1676, 
M.A Z67Q (incorp. at Cambridge z68o), music reader 
1679, philologist and poet, died in Oxford Z5 Oct.. 
Z686. See.<4M.. iv. 303; & Alumni West., Z73. [S5J 

Allestree, James, s. Tho., of Wolverhampton, co. 
Stafford, der. New Inn Hall, matric. 6 April, 
Z704, aged z8 ; B.A. Z707, M. A Z7Z0. 

Allestree, Richard, s. Robert, of Uppington, Salop, 
pleb. Christ Church, matric. Z7 Feb., 1636-7, 
aged Z5 ; student Z637, B.A. 34 Oct, 1640, M.A. 
3 June, Z643. expelled by the parliamentary visitors 
Z648, created D.D. 3 Oct., z66o, canon of Christ 
Church z66o, chaplain to the King, regias professor 
of divinity Z663-80. provost of £ton z66s, bore arms 
for the King z64a, whom he attended at Roueo. 
' snapt at Dover ' Z659, and committed prisoner to 
Lambeth House, died 38 Jan., z68o-z, aged 6t. 
See Burrows, 30, 33, 9a ; & Ath., iii. 1369. 

Allestry, William, gent Queen's Coll., matric 
31 March, z658-9, B.A from Christ Church z662. 
M.A. Z665, query son and heir of Roger, of Derby, 
admitted to Gray's Inn Z659, M.P. Derby z685-7' 
licence 14 Oct, z668, to marry Mrs. Fraoo» 
Lorymer. of St James's, Clerkenwell, spinster. See 
Foster's Inns of Court R^, 

[ 18 1 

William Allestry. 

1500 — 1714. 

Daniel Almond. 

Allestzy, William, s. George, of Darby (town), gent. 

Cheist Church, matric. 37 May, 1661, aged la 
Allett, Richard. &A. from Christ Church x8 Feb., 

^S^^- See Gra/s Inn Rer,, ed. Foster, 
^ett, Thomas, & George, of London, gent Balliol 
CoLU. matric. 9 Jaly, 171 z, aged 17; son of a 
watchmaker, bound apprentice to Henrv Clements, 
bookseller, of St null's Churchyard, London, 
curate at Rochester, Kent See RawUnson, i. 55. 431. 
Allett, Thomas, s. Job., of London, gent Univer- 
sity CoLX., matric. so March, Z7iz-za, aged 16. 
Alley, Frauds, a captain in Oxford garrison. Created 
M.A. X4 April, Z648, ' lived at or near Abingdon, 
and died, but in a sorry condition.' See Fasti, n. iii. 
Alleye, Jerome, of Devon, gent Christ Church. 
matric 27 Nov., z^8z. ag^ aa. [6] 

Alley»WilluLm. B. &D.D. (nip.) zz Nov., Z56Z, a native 
of Chipping Wycombe, Bucks, elected from Eton to 
King's Coll., Cambridge, Z528 ; RA. Z533. rector 
of Oakford, Devon, Z544, and of Croscombe, Somer- 
^^1 X549> vicar of Donington, co. Lincoln, 1550, 
prc^ of St Paul's Z559, bishop of Exeter Z560. 
until his death iK April. z57a See Cooper, u 284 ; 
Atk,. L 376 ; & O.H.S,, i. 
Alley, Zachary. of Broadgates Hall, Z572; EA« 

28 Feb., 1575-6. See O.H,S., xi. 32. 
Allfraye, Frauds (Alfraye), of Sussex, eent Queen's 
Coll., matric 26 Oct., z62z, agea Z9; B.A. 90 
Nov. , 1604. as ' Alvrey.' 
AUfiray , Richard, gent. Oriel Coll. , matric. 2 July, 
xoj><s ; son of Richard late of Potmans, parish of 
Catsfield, Sussex, gent., admitted to Gray's Inn 
1658. buried at Bexhill Z684. See Grays Inn Reg., 
ed. Foster. [lO] 

Allibond, John, s. (Peter), of Bucks, der. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. 7 June, z6z6, aged zq; chorister 
i6i2-z6^ B.A. 3 July, z6z6, clerk z6z7'25, M.A. 9 
June. 16Z9, master 1625-32. created D.D. Z7 Oct, 
1643, chief master of the free school joining to 
Magdalen College 1625-32, rector of St. Mary-le- 
Crypt. Gloucester, 1634-8, perp. curate of St. 
Nicholas, Gloucester, z635-4.5, rector of Bradwell, 
CO. Gloucester, i636> until his death in Z658. See 
Bloxam, i 33 ; & F€uH, ii. 69. 
Allihondy Peter, of Oxon, pteb. Magdalen Hall, 
matria -entry under date Z5 April, Z580, aged ao ; 
B.A. 2Z Feb., Z58z-a. M.A. 6 July. Z585. rector of 
Cheneys, Bucks. Z592, until his death 6 March, 
1628-9. buried in the chancel, father of the kist 
named and of the next named. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiastieus ^ Ath., ii. 44a 
Alliboild, Peter, s. Peter, of Cheneys, Bucks, sacerd. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. za March, z6a3-4, aged z6, 
B.A. z5 Dec., Z627, M.A. from Magdalen Coll. 
19 July, 1630 (incorp. at Cambridge Z634) ; proctor 
1640, until his death about Feb. fdlowing, inventory 
dated 19 Feb., 1641, fdlow of Lincoln. 
AUioocke, Benjamin, s. Joh., of Loddington, North- 
ants, arm. Trinity Coll., matria 4 May, 1699, 
aged 15 ; of the Inner Temple 1700, See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 
Allicockf Walter, s. Joh. of Hootharpnorton (? Ho- 
tbrop, Northants), arm. Trinity Coll., matria 
2 Dea, 1708, aged 17 ; B.A. 1712, M.A. 7 March, 
1715-6, rector of Shangton, co. Ldcester, 1719, and 
of Harrington, Northants, 1724. See Foster s Index 
Ecclesiastieus. [IB] 

Allis, Charies, s. Thomas, of Poole. Wilts, pleb. 
Queen's Coll., matria 1 April, ^674, aged 19 ; 
RA. 1677, M.A. 1680. 
Alliz, Peter, D.D. Cambridge comitiis regiis, 1690. 
Incorp. 13 June. 1692 (son of Pierre Allix, pastor of 
the Reformed Church of France at Alen9on), pastor 
of the church of St Agobille in Champagne, and of 
Charentoo, Paris, came to England on the revocation 
of the edict of Nantes, treasurer Salisbury Cathedral 
2690. died 3 Febw, Z7Z6-Z7, ' universally esteemed the 
l^eatest master of the age in Rabbinical learning.' 
See Historical Reg. & D,N.B. 

Allman, Charles, s. William, of Hardwick, Bodo, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matria 8 April, 1647, aged 
Z5. See Burrows, 86. 

Allmon, William, B.A. sup. April, 1570 (? of Gra/f 
Inn, Z568). See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, & 
O. H.S. , i. See also Almond bek>w. 

Alnntt, (Sir) Henry (or Almott), s. Zachariah, of Ibstonet 
Bucks, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matria Z3 June, 
1634, aged z8 ; B.A. 4 Tune, Z635, M.A. 9 April, 
Z638, of Ibstone, Bucks, knighted zy March, 1682-3, 
justice of the peace, fiither of the next named, [ao] 

Allnntt, Henry, s* H., of Ibstone, Beiks, ann. 
Queen's Coll., matria aa Oct, z66p, aged 19 ; 
bar.-at-law of the Middle Temple Z679, bencher 
1696. See Foster^s Judges and Barristers, 

Allott, Brian, s. Bartin, of Clayton, Yorks, gent 
University Coll., matric. 3 July, 17x2. aged Z7, 
of Bilham Grange, Yorks ; vicar of Sdnton, Notts, 
Z734, rector of Londesborough, Yorks, Z736, rector 
of Kirk Heaton, Yorks, Z757, died Z773. ^ Gent's 
Mag, & Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus, 

Allot, Francis, B.A. from St. John's Coll., Camb- 
riage, z6oo ; incorp. as M.A. a April, z6i2, rector 
of Hayes, Kent, Z6Z3. See Foster s Index Ecclesi* 

Allot, Hugh (AUat), s. William, of Barkpyl, ca 
Leicester, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matria 31 
Jan., Z622-3, aeed z8. 

Allott, John, subscribed 3 Dea, z6z4 f? B.A. from 
St. John's Coll., Cambridge, z6z7); incorp. as 
ED. 2Z Nov., Z648, rector of Little Thurlow, 
Suffolk, Z628, and of Little Wratting. Suffolk, Z63Z. 

Allott, Richaid (Allett), student of Christ Church in 
or before Z564 : B.A. vj Feb., Z568-9. [a6] 

Allott, Robert (AUatte), of ca LincoUi, gent Corpus 
Christi Coll., matria -entry under date (dzca 
X581), aged 18 ; of Driby, ca Lincoln, admitted to 
the Inner Temple 1584. See D.N,B. & Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Allott, WiUiam, s. Robert, of DaifieM, Yorks, pleb. 
University Coll., matric. z8 June, 1630, aged z8. 

Allway. Henry, s. H., der. Magdalen Hall, 
matna 29 Mardi, 1693, aged zy ; RA. Z696, M.A. 

Allway, Samuel, s. Hear., of Hawkesbury Upton, co. 
Gloucester, pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matria z 
AprU, Z664, aged z8 ; B.A. Z667. [so] 

Allwin. See Aylwin. 

AUyn, Richsud, s. John, of Plymouth, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matria 3Z lyfarch, Z682, aged Z5 ; 
scholar of Corpus Christi Coll., B.A. Z685, M.A. 

SMardi, Z688-9, B.D. Z607, chapkun ot H.M. 
istoms Qo years, rector of Little Staughton, Beds, 
Z699, and of Maiden Z704. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiastieus & Rawlinson, xx. 23. 

Allworth, Henry; Hart Hall, z6z8. See Ayi- 

Almond, Charles, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 
22 Jan., Z648-9; chorister Z648-52, B.A. 25 Feb., 
Z650-Z, rector of Thornton z66o. vicar of Kingsey, 
Budcs, Z665, intruded rector of Thornton z66^, died 
zyoQ. See Bloxam, i. 69 ; Burrows, 172 ; & roster's 
Index Ecclesiastieus, 

Almonde, Edward, of co. Warwick, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matria 8 May, z6oz, aged z6 ; B.A. za Oct., 
Z605, rector of St. Mary Port, Bristol, z6az. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus, [SB] 

Almond, Thomas (Allmond), of co. Warwick, pleb. 
New Coll. , matria Z5 June, Z604, ^^ >3' 

Almond, William, a A. 15 Feb.. 15767. See also 
Allmon above. ; 

Almont, Bartholomew, s. B., of Oxford (city), pleb. • 
Magdalen Coll., matria z8 March, Z699-Z700. | 
aged z6 ; chorister z690-Z707, & A. 6 March, Z7o6-7. 
See Bloxam, i. Z22. 

Almond, Danid, s. Roger, of Kidlington, Oxon, gent 
Lincoln Coll., matria 25 Nov., Z63Z, aged ao 
&A. 98 Jan., 1633-4, M.A. 15 Oct., 1636. 


2— s 

Oliver Almonde. 

1500 — 1714. 

Michael Altham. 

Almonde, Oliver* of Oxon, pleb. Brascnosb 
CoLi«., matric-entry under date 8 Dec, Z578» 
aged 17. 

AlSLOnt, Robert, s. Edw., of Kidlington, Oxon. pleb. 
Trinitt Coll., matric. 25 May, x666, aged ia; 
demy Magdalen Coll. x668-74. B.A. X669, M.A. 
z(>7a, fellow 1674-98, B.D. 1683, vice-president 1689. 
expelled by the royal visitors 1687, restored x638, 
rector of Appleton, Berks, X696, until his death 
Z4 So9., Z709. See hostel's Imdex EccUsiasHcus ; 
Bloxam^ v. 283 ; & Ilearm^ i. 154. 

Alxnonte, Roger (or Almon), of Oxon. arm. Brass- 
NOSE CoLi«., matric 20 Oct.. 1592, aged 17. 

Almont. Roger, gent Exeter Coll., matric 23 
March, 1658-9 ; B.A. from Trinity Coll. 24 Feb., 
Z663.3. M.A. x666, ED. 1677, <^ed 3X Aug., 17x0, 
aged 67, monumental inscription Trinitv College, 
will proved (Oxford), 16 Dec, 1720. See Gutch^ 

Alney, Robert, student in medicine Peubrokb 
Coll., B.Med, sup. 31 May, 1637; [5] 

Alnewlok, Amon, of London, ' Gen. Con.' Christ 
Church, matric 17 Dec, 1586, aged z8 : B.A. 
14 Dec, X590, M.A. X3 May, 1594, rector of Didcot, 
Berlcs, 1597. preb. of Lincoln 1612. See Foster's 
Index EccUsicuiUus Bi Alumni West, 59. 

Alnwick, Arthur, B.A. from Edmund Hall 23 May, 
169X, vicar of Alnham, Northumberland, 1699. See 
Foster's /ndex MceUsiasiicus, 

Alparte, Edward (Allpart), of co. Stafford, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric 26 Oct., 1599, aged 19; 
one of these names rector of Penarth, co. Glamorgan, 

Alport, Philip, * Serv. Doctris. Bambrig.,' privilegiatus 
28 May, X641, aged 34. 

Alport, Richard (Allporte), s. Richard, of Overton, 
Cheshire, arm. St. £duund Hall, matric 5 
March, 1633-4, ft^ed 20. [loj 

Alporte, Richard, pleb. Merton Coll., matric 25 
Oct, 1659 ; BbA. 28 Feb., 1662-3. 

Alport, William, s. Rich., of Cannock, eo. Stafford, 
gent Lincoln Coll., matric X4 July, X665, aged 
17; B.A. X669, M.A. 18 Jan.. z67z-a, vicar of 
Stewkley, Bucks, X674. 

Alsop, Antony, of Darley. co. Derby, gent. Christ 
Church, matric za July, Z690, aged x8 ; B.A. 29 
Jan., 1694-5, M.A. 23 March, 1696-7, ED. 1706 
(inoorp. at Cambridge X707), rector of Nursling, 
Hants, Z712, of Alverstoke Z7Z4, and of Brightwell, 
Berks, 17x5, preb. of Winchester 17x5, where he 
died zo June, Z726. See Foster's Index EecUsias^ 
ticus ; Alumni West., 2x5 ; Eawlinson, fo. i 57, 
ii. z8o : & D.N,B, 

Alsop, George (Awsopp), of Cambridge University, 
incorp. as M.A. 29 July, 1560. See OM.S,, i. 

Alsop, Geoige, s. Nath., of Leicester (town), cler. 
Bra£ENOse Coll.. matric X5 March, 1694-5, a^ed 
Z7 ; EA. X698, M.A. X701, rector of Church 
Langton, co. Leicester, Z711. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasiicus, [15] 

Alsop, John (Alsopp). student of Christ Church 
iS6x, B.A. xz Feb., X563-4, M.A. 25 June. 1566; 
one of these nnmes rector of Beeby, co. Leicester, 
X586. See 0./A5., i. 253. 

Alsop, John, BA. from Christ Coll., Cambridge, 
z&o : incorp. as M.A Z3 July, X624, rector of 
Fordham, Essex, X633, and of Great Wigborough, 
X639. See Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus, 

Alsop, John, B.A. from Christ Coll., Cambridge, 
1667 (incorp. X5 June, Z669), M.A. x68x. 

Alsop, John, s, Walter (or William), of Ashboum, ca 
Derby, gent. ST. MARY Hall, matric 19 May, 
X702, aged az. 

Alsop. Nathaniel, gent. Brasekosz Coll.. metric 
^S July. 1655 : B-A. za Feb., 1658-9, M.A. X5 Ocl, 
z66i. B.D. z6 April, Z670 (incorp. at Cambridge 
z68o), proctor Z669, rector of Church Langton ' m his 
native county/ Leicester, 1670, licence zx July, 1671. 
to marry Joanna Gregory, of Norton, near Golby, 
CO. Leicester. See I* osier's Index Ecclesiastxcus ; 
Afarria/fe LicenceSt cd. Foster ; & Fasti, ii. 320. 

Alsoppe, Nicholas, of London, plebb Cukist 
Church, matric ay Nov., X58X, aged 24; M.A., 
clerk, cumte of All Hallows-the-L^ licenced 13 
Dec, Z603, to marry Frances, widow of Robert 
Coppocke, late curate of Bridewell Cbapel. See 
Marriage Utences, ed. Foster. [2Xj 

Alsop, William, s. Nath., of Langton, 00. Leicester, 
cler. Brasbnosb Coll., matric x8 May, Z700. 
aged 16; B.A. x8 Jan., Z703-4, M.A. Z706. See 
Nichols' Leicester, ii. 694* ; iv. 802. 

Alston, Charles, fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridee, 
EA. X669, IfcLA. x673^ (incorp. 3 May, X676). D.D. 
X685 (incorp. as D.U. X3 July, x666), rector of 
Strixton x68i, vicar of Northall, Middlesex. 1C35, 
preb. of St. Paul's x68x, and treasurer X707. arch- 
deacon of Middlesex 1689, and of Essex 1689, died 
in Z7Z4, son of Sir Edward, of Strixton, Northants. 
See Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus. 

Alstone, Edward, LL.B., Cambridge University, 
incorp. xo July, x6az (one of these names rector of 
Pentlow, Essex, X623, from which he was ^ -questercd 
Z3 Dec, Z645. ^^ AdcL MS., Z5,669, p. 227. 

Alstone, (Sir) Edward. B.A. from St. John's Coll.. 

X Cambridge, 16x5, M.A. X619, D.Med. x626, incorp. 
zo July, 1626 (son of Edward, of Edwardston, 
Suffolk), fellow College of Ph)rsicians X63X, treasurer 
1649-54, president Z655-66, knighted by Charles II. 
3 Sept., z66o, died in Great St Helen's, Bishopsgate, 
24 Dec, Z669. See Munk's Eoll, i. 20a; & Fasti, 

Alston, Edward, B.A from Sydney Sussex Coll.. 
Cambridge, Z665, M.A. x668 (incorp. X3 July. 1669). 
RD. z^5, brother of Charles, archdeacon of 
Middlesex, admitted to Gray's Inn z66a. rector of 
Brantham, Suffolk, Z679. of Newton juxta Sudbury 
Z683. See Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus. [a6j 

Alston, Edward, s. Joseph, of Chelsea. Middlesex, 
gent. Magdalen Hall, matric 17 Dec., 1670. 
aged 19 ; (his father created a baronet 20 Jan. , i63i), 
grandfather of the next n.imed. 

Alstone, Edward, s. Jos., of Bradwell Abbey. Bucks, 
gent. Merton Coll., matric X7 July, X685, aged 
x6; RA. 1689, M.A. X694, admitted to the Inner 
Temple Z690, rector of Layer Mamey X695. and 
of Wivenhoe Z698. See Foster's luns 0/ CouH 

Alston. John, ' Benedictine,' admitted to oppose in 
theology, 23 Jan., Z506-7. See O.H.S.t U 49- 

Alstone, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Asin, Suffolk, gent 
St. John's Colu, matric 8 July, 1625, aged 16; 
(? bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 1639), of Geddingh.i;i, 
Suffolk, licence 6 Aug., X684, to marry Anne 
Guilford, of Chelsea, Middlesex, widow. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, [30] 

Alston, Thomas, s. Tho. , of Odell. Beds, baroneL St. 
Edmund Hall, matric. 9 Nov., z666, aged z8; 
died at Oxford, 2 June, z668. 

Alstons, Vere John, s. Rowland, of Odell, Beds, gent 
Lincoln Coli», matric 3Z Jan., X705-6, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 22 Oct., 1709 (as John), rector ot Odell 1714. 
until his death in Z762. See Foster's Index Eeclesi- 

Altham, Michael, of Christ Coll., Cambridgv^. 
incorp. as M.A. zz July, x68a, rector of Eostwick. 
Herts, X664, vicar of Latton, Essex, z68z, father of 
Roger X677. See Fasti, ii. 384. 




Richard Ames. 

Althaxn, Roger, s. Roger, of Settle, Yorks, gent 
Christ Church, matric 17 Dec, 1668, agedfi9; 
EA. 1672, M.A. 1675, proctor 1683, B.D. 1683, 
D.D. 1694, preb. of York 1683, of Southwell 1685. 
and of Ripon 1689, canon of Christ Church and 
regios professor of Hebrew i6qi, deprived 1697, 
restored 1708-15. rector of Nanbumholme, Yorks, 
16S4, vicar of FInedon, Northants, 1688, died 25 
Aug., I7i4i ^'ill proved at Oxford, za April, 17x5. 
See Aiummi IVest., 165. 

Altham, Roger, s. Mich., of Eastwick, Herts, cler. 
Christ Church, matric. 4 Dec, 1677, aged 19 ; 
B.A. i68z, M.A. 1684. proctor 2693, B.D. 1694, 
D.D. 170Z, lecturer in moral philosophy 1693, 
licence 2a May, 1705, to marry Mazy Altham, of 
Latton, Essex, spinster, preb. of St. Paul's 1695, 
rector of Andrew-under-Shaft, with St Mary Axe 
1O97, and of St Botolph, Bishopsgate, 1701, vicar of 
Latton, Essex, 1705. archdeacon of Middlesex 17x6, 
died in London a8 Feb., X729-30, buried in chancel 
Latton Church. See JdawUnson, fo. i. 61 ; Almmmi 
lies/., 180 ; //eami, L 230 ; & A/A., i., p. xcL 

Alton, Andrew, Benedictine, B.D. 90 March, 1533-4. 
prior of the Monk's living in Gloucester College in 
the suburb of Oxon. See Fasti, i. 96. 

Alvey, Arthur, of Hunts, pleb. Trinity Coll., 
matric. -entry under date 90 Dec, 1577, aged x6; 
scholar Z577, B.A. 3 July. 1581, fellow 1583, M.A. 
26 &I^t ^S^St rector of Knotting, Beds, X593. See 
O.H.S., xii. 96. 

Alvey, Edward, of Cambridge University ; inoorp. as 
M.A. 9 July. XS77. Cb] 

Alvey, Joseph, of Beds, 'cler. fiL* Trinity Coll., 
matric. 15 Oct, 16x9, aged 19 ; B.A. 27 June, 1631, 
M.A. 28 May, 1625. 

Alvey, Stephen, pleb. St. John's Coll., matric. 15 
July. 1652 ; B.A. 23 April, X656. M.A. 14 April, 1659 
(2nd sou of Thomas, of London, mercer), t>orn in 
parish of St Faith 26 Dec. , X635. See Robinson ^ v. X64. 

Alvey, Thomas, gent. Mbrton Coll., matric. 22 
Ntirch, 1658-9: postmaster 1660, B.A. X662, fellow 
1663. M.A. 1667, BwMed. X669, D.Med. 1671, a 
fellow of the College of Physicians X676 (4th son of 
Thomas, merdhant taylor), bom in St. Faith's parish 
4 May, 1645, died in 1704. See OM.S., iv. 295 : 
Munk's HoU, l 389 \ Ath.t iv. 479 ; Fasti, il. 329 ; 
& Kobinson^ i. 254. 

Alvey, YcWard, of Beds, 'der. fit* Trinity Coll., 
matric. 15 June, x6zo, aged x6, B.A. 25 June, 1614, 
M.A. 18 May, x6i8 ; (incorp. at Cambridge X619), 
B.D. 8 July, 1625, vicar of Eglingbam, Northumber- 
land, 1627. and of Newcastle-on-Tyne 1631, until 
sequestered in 1645, buried X9 March, 1648. See 
Arcfutologia AEliana, L 14a ; & Foster's Jndcx 

Alwood, John, priest: B.A. sup. — Nov., X558. [loj 

Alwood,Theophilus,of CO. Derby, gent. Trinity Coll., 
matric 15 C>ct. , 16x9, aged x8 (AtwooD in Mat. AV/. j. 

Alworth, Giles, 1675 '• Henry x66x ; and Henry 1686. 
See Aldworth & Aylworth. 

Alye, Abel, s. Ed., of Powick, co. Worcester, gent 
University Coll., matric. 26 Oct, X667, aged 16. 

Amadas, Gregory, of Devon, gent. Exeter Coll., 
matric. 28 March, X595, aged z8. See Vivian's 
Visitations of Devon, p. xa. 

Amadas, John, of Devon, gent Exeter Coll., 
matric X Dec, X587, aged x6. [IB] 

Ambler, Abraham, of Norbury, Salop, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric X9june, x688. aged xy : B.A. 1692. 

Ambler, Bryan, postmaster of Merton Coll. 1650 ; 
rector of Lydham, Salop, 1661, and vicar of Lydburv 
North. X667. Seie Foster's Index Eccltsiasticus k 
Burrows, 82, etc 

Ambler, John. *cler. fil' Magdalen Coll.. matric 
XX April, 16x7, aged X7 ; B. A. from St. Mary Hall 
lo May, x6ao, M.A. 8 July, 1623, vicar of Lydbury 
North, Salop, 1624. and of Lydham 1636, preb. of 
Kkind^la in Collegiate Church of Aberguilly (St 
David's) 1^39. See Foster's Index Eccksiastiius, 


Ambler, John, s. Brian, of Lidbury, Salop, der. All 
Souls Coll., matric 9 April, 1690, aged xy ; BlA. 
from Balliol Coll. X693. M.A. X697, vicar of 
Lydbury North, Salop, 1698. See Foster's Indix 

Ambler, Samuel, 'cler. fiL' Balliol Coll., matric 

Q Nov., x6so. [ao] 

'^v^nXDrose, Henry, of co. Lincoln, pleb. Brasenosk 

Coll. , matric -entry under date 8 Dec . x^78. aged ax. 

Ambrose, Hemy, of CO. Lancaster. ' cler. liL' Brasb- 
NOSB Coll., matric 2a June. x6xo, aged x6. 

Ambrose, Isaac, of ca Lancaster, picb. (? der. fit). 
Brasenosr Coll., matric. 2 Nov., x6ax, aged 17; 
battelar x62X. B.A. 25 Feb., x6a4'5. incorporated as 
M.A. at Cambridge in X632, incumbent ot the * little 
cure ' of Castleton, ca Derby, x6a7-3x, one of the four 
king's preachers for the Duchy of Lancaster X63X, 
vicar of Preston X640. minister of Garstang x654-6a, 
buried at Preston 25 Jan., x663-4. See Chitham, 
X05, pp. 154-X76; Ath., iii. 659, 66x ; & D.NM. 

Ambrose, Joshua, a A. Harvard Coll., Cam- 
bridge, New England. Pembroke Coll., incorp. 
3X May, 1655 ; M.A. 6 March, x6s5-6, vicar of 
Child wall, co. Lancaster, X664, See Foster's Index^ 

Ambrose, Richard, of ExETER CoLL. in or before 
XS72; B.A 4 Dec, 1573. [as] 

Ambrose, Thomas, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Trinity 
Coll., matric. 22 May, i6ox, aecd x8. 

Ambrose, Thomas, s. William, of Evesham, ca Wor« 
cester, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric 6 Dec, 1633. 
aged x8; B.A 22 June, X637. See Foster's Index 

■Ambrose, William, Benedictine, secular chaplain; 
B.D. 23 July, 1538. 

Ambros, William, of CO. Lancaster, arm. Brase- 
NOSE Coll., matric 28 March, X595, aged x6. See 
Foster's Gray's Inn Reg. 

Ambrose, William, of CO. Lancaster, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric. 7 May, x6oa, aged 17. [30] 

Amerideth. Edward, of Devon, arm. Exeter Coll. , 
matric 26 Jan., x 598-9, aged X5 ; son and heir of 
Thomas, of Slapton, Devon, admitted to the Middle 
Temple x6ox, of Marston at the herald's visitation of 
X620, died XX Dec, X633. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, 

Amerideth, Edward, s. Edward, of Tamerton, Devon, 
gent. Trinity Coll.. matric ao March. x634-5, 
aged X7 ; rector of Landulph, Cornwall, x643, 
drowned 8 May, x66x. See Foster's Index EccU^ 

Amerideth, Lewis, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll.. 
matric xo Dec. X585, aged X4 ; and son of Edward, 
of Slapton, Devon, admitted to the Middle Temple 
X587. baptised at Crediton x8 Dec, X568, buried at 
St. Andrew's, Plymouth, ao April, x6a4. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Amerson, Oswald (Amorson or Emerson), 'Minister 
of the Word' and eight years in theology; B.D. 
sup. xo April, 1562, but not admitted, demy Mag- 
DALEN Coll. X546. See Bloxam, iv. X34. *^ 

Amersone, Paul, probably chaplain in and before 
1564: clerk of Magdalen Coll. xssy-S, n.A. 28 
April, X559, fellow X559*6o, cliaplaln 1553-9 or 
X56o-a. See Bioxam, ii. 39. [3S] 

Amerie, Robert, s. Robert, of Chester (city), pleb. 
Bkasenose Coll.. matric. 20 Oct, x625, aged x6 ; 
B. A. X4 Feb. , 1628-9. 

Amery, Robert, s. George, of London, gent. Pem- 
broke Coll., matric 7 Dec, 1627, aged ax. 

Ames, Gregory (or George Amys) ; R A. xy July, X525. 
See O.U.S,, J. 

Ames, Richard; B.A. from Queen's Coll.. Cam- 
bridge, x6x7. Incorp. ao Jun?. x6x7 ; M.A. from 
Exeter Coll. 4 July, x6x7. See O.H.S., x. 377. 

Ames, Richard, s. William, of Wcndham. Salop, p. p. 
BalIjIOL Coll., matric. 5 July, x68o, aged x8 j 
B.A. 1684. rector of Cresswell, co. Siafibnl, 1693. 
Sec Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, [ftOj 


Richard Ames. 


Edward Ancketvll. 

Ames. Ridiaid, s. John, of NewcasUe-nnder-Lyne, 
pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 3 July, x^xs, aged 
Z7 ; B.A. Z716, M.A. 6 Feb., 1718-9, vicar of Stretton- 
upon-Dnnsmore, ca Warwick, 1722, and of Sedgley, 
00. Stafifoid, 1729. 

Ames. Robert (Amys), secular priest and chaplain ; 
B.A. a JoljT, Z526, M.A. 7 Feb., 2599-30. Mema : 
Robert Anus or Avis, a fdlow of Eton Collie 1553. 

AnieSi William, of London, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
roatric. 33 Oct, z6z8, aged z8 (son of George, mer- 
chant tayknr); bom Z9 Feb., z6oz, buried at Sl 
Mary Magdalen, Oxford, z6a4 (pi 60), vicar of 
Barking and there buried 6 Oct, Z653 (p. 84). See 
Robinson, L 60 & 84. 

Ames, William (Amyes), EA. from Queen's Coll., 
Cambridge, ZQ49 ; incorp. as M. A 24 March, Z65Z-2, 
vicar of Great Wenlock, Salop, Z656. See Fostei^s 
Index EccUsiasHcus. 

Amherst, Arthur, s. Teflfemy, of Horsmonden, Kent, 
saoerd. St. Johns Coll., matric Z9 May, 1637, 
aged Z7 ; E A. 28 Jan., Z640-Z, D. Med. of Bouiges, 
incorp. zz Nov., z66a, practiced his faculty at 
HasUngs, Sussex, and Tunbridge, Kent, where he 
died 2 July, Z678, brother of John and Richard. See 
FasH, U. 262. [B] 

Amhorst, George, BlA. fh)m Queen's Coll., 23 
June, Z580, vicar of Yalding, Kent, Z585, until his 
death, Z592. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasiicus, 

Amherst. Henry, s. ' Godefridi,' of Tunbridge, Kent, 
arm. University Coll., matric. 8 May, Z7P3, 
aged z8 ; B. A Z3 Feb., Z7o6^, as * Amhurst.' 

Amherst, Jeffery, of Kent, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric in ' Magna Vacatione,' Z595, aged z8 ; R A 
2^ June, Z599, M.A. 28 June, z6o6 (son of Ridiard), 
vicar of Fletching, Sussex, z6op. rector of Southease, 
1609, rector of Horsroondien, Kent, z6z5, died Z662, 
father of Arthur, John and Richard. See Foster's 
Index Eecleiiasiicus, 

Amherst, John, s. Jeffny, of Horsmonden, Kent, 
sacerd. ST. John's Coll., matric Z9 May, Z637, 
Bgcd z6: bar.-at-law, Grav's Inn, Z646, treasurer 
1673-5. died 4 Mav, Z69X. brother of Arthur. See 
FostePs /udgips ana Barristers. 

Amherst, Richard (Amerstl, of Kent, pleb. St. 
John's Coll., matric 6 July, Z582, aged zy; of 
Bay Hall in Pembury, Kent, and of Lewes, Sussex, 
bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, Z592, bencher z6z2, went 
out serjeant-at-law 2 Aug., Z623, founded the alms- 
houses at Pembunr, M.P. for Lewes, z6x4, z62z-2, 
made his will 8 Aug., Z630, proved 3 Mlay, Z632. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, [lO] 

Amherst, Richard, of Kent, arm. St. John's Coll., 
matric 4 Dec, z6z8, aged zy ; eldest son of Richard, 
of Gray's Inn, reader, admitted to Gray's Inn z6z2, 
died 20 Aug., Z664. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Amherst, Richard, s. Jeffrey, of Horsmonden. Kent, 
saoerd. St. John's Colu, matric 27 June, Z634. 
aged Z7, B.A 3z Jan., Z637-8 ; M.A Z3 May, Z64Z, 
rector of Southease, Sussex, Z642. 

Amirant. See Amyxant. 

Ammon, Andrew, died Z517. AtK, 1. aa 

Amner. John, sup. for EMus., za May, z6z3, incorpi 

at Cambridge, z6z4, organist of Ely Cathedral z6io, 

died Z64Z. See Grove's Dictionary ofAfnsie, i. 6z ; & 

FasH, i. 3SZ. [IS] 

Amner, Thomas (or Anmer). of Somerset, pleb. 

Trinhy Coll., matric. -entry under date ao Dec, 

»S77» ftRcd X9. 
Amory, John, of Devon, gent Balliol Coll., 

roatric. z6 Oct, Z607, aged z8. See Vivian's Devon 

Amorye, John, of Bishops Teignton, Devon, gent 

Balliol Coll., matric. za June, Z635, aged z8. 
Amphlett, John, s. William, of Asly, co. Worcester, 

gent Balliol Coll., matric. 27 March, Z7Z0. 

aged z6 ; B.A zyzs, M.A1 Z7z6, vicar of Halesowen 

Z7191 died 173Z. See Foster's Index Beclesiasticus, 

Amphlett, Robert, s. Richard, of Newport, Salop, p.p. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 26 Jane, z668, aged 17. 

AmpthUl, Heniy (or Hamptell), Benedictine, RD. 
(sup.) z6 June, Z5Z2; [2l] 

AmjBS. Peter (Amias), of Oxon, gent Mebton Coll, 
matnc zo Nov., Z598, aged zs; B.A from St. 
Alban Hall Z9 June, z6oz. 

Amyas, Thomas (Amyes), of Salop, arm. Queek's 
Coll., matric z6 Oct, z6oz, aged Z4, B.A. 39 
April, Z605 ; M. A from All Somas' Coll. 13 Joiy, 
Z609 (as 'AlfiAS'), possibly vicar of Stoddesdoc, 
Salop. See Add, MS., Z5,67z, pp. 3S. 59. 63. 

AmyaSf William, of Salop, gent Brasenosb Coll., 
matnc 24 Nov., Z58Z, a^ 35. 

Amjsitt, James, s. John, of Aveton Gilford. Devoo, 
cler. WADHAU Coll., matric. 28 March, 1702, 
aged z6; scholar Z7p3>zz, exhibitioner Z705, BwA. 
Z705, M.A. Z7Z0, rector of Thro wldgh, Devon, 1711, 
and of Gidleigh Z7a6. See FostoPs Ittdex £uU^ 
siasticus & Gardiner, 4ZZ. [as] 

Amyatt, John, s. John, of Todies, Devon, p. p. Exetts 
Coll., matric Z3 March, Z667-8, aged z6; B..\. 
Z67Z, M.A Z674, rector of Aveton GifTord, Derac, 
Z678. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus, 

Amyatt, William, s. Richard, of Totnes, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric az June, Z633, aged z6. 

V Amje, Bernard, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll, 
matric z6 June, z6io, aged Z7. 

Amy, James, s. William, of Untagel, Cornwall, pteh. 
Christ Church, matric 31 March, z6q6, aged 17; 
B.A 1699, rector of Forrabury, Cornwall, zyoi, and 
of Minster Z702. See Fostei's Index EccUkasticui. 

Amy, John, s. Edward, of Silverton, Devon, geot. 
Christ Church, matric za Dec, z66z, aged x8: 
buried in Christ Church ao Sept, Z663. Gutck, L 

5". [»•'. 

Amye, Richard, of Devon, gent. Exeter Coll. 
mairic 23 March, ZS98^ aged z6 (sub. Z4 July, 
Z602) ; B.A. Z5 July, z6oa, fellow Z604, M.A. 17 
Dec, 1605, B.U. zy Dec, z6z6, licence to preach 7 
July, z6i6, rector of Oxford, St Martin, Z617, in- 
ventory (at Oxford) 25 Jan., Z6Z9. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus & ffoase, 55. 

Amye, Samuel, geot Exeter Coll., matric is 

Nov., Z650. 
Amyrant, Moses, of Orleans Universitt, incorp. 

as LL.D. Z5 July, zyoo, father of the next named. 

Amyrant, Moses, born in Paris, s. M., gent Que£N's 
Coll, matric 7 May, zyoo, aged Z4; bar.-at-Uw. 
Inner Temple, Z706. Set TosXet's Judges and Bar- 

Amyrant, Paul (Amirant), of Germany, pleb. Exetez 
Coll., matric zy Dec, z6z9, aged z8; a Noocoa- 
formist divine, rector of Irmingknd, Norfolk, 162;. 
deprived Z636, of Wolteiton z6^, deprived 165S, 
next beneficed in Essex, vicar of East Dereham it^Z, 
rector of Mundesley, Norfolk, deprived, pastor of 
an Independent church at South Repps, where be 
died. See D.N,B, ; Foster's Index Ecciesiasticm : 
& Calamy, iii. 7. [%y 

Anaroy, Thomas, Benedictine, B.D. (sup.). Z3 Mav, 
Z5za See O.H.S,, i. 

Anby, John, s. J., of Sherwood, par. KOIington. Yorics. 
gent Brasenosb Coll.. matric 26 May, x68i. 
aged Z5; BA. 28 Jan., Z685-6, M.A 22 March, 
Z688-9, rector of Thomhill, Yorks, zyoz. !xe 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Anoketyll, Brereton (AnketyU),arm. Queen's Coll> 
matnc zy March, Z653-4, son-and-heir apparent 
of Francis, of Shaftesbury, Dorset, admitted to 
Gray's Inn, Z654, died s.p., will proved z66z. See 
Foster's Gra/s Inn Reg. 

Anoketyll, Edward, B.A. from St. EDMimo Hau. 
3 May, Z636, M. A 4 Julv, Z639, rector of Clapto?. 
Somerset, Z642, until his death in z686» See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 


Edward Ancketyll. 

1500 — 1714. 

William Anderton. 

Ancketyll, Edward (fiL Edward), of Wraxhall, 
Sorooset, der. New Inn Hall, matric. la Dec, 
i^3> aged 17; EA. 1677, M.A. z68o, rector of 
Clapton, Somerset, z686, until his death in 1698. 

Sec Weaver, 254, 303. 
Ancketjll, Hemy, of 

Donet, arm. University 
CoLxL, matria 8 Nov., 1605, aged 17, B.A. 19 June, 
1609, M.A. zo July, z6ia ; an original fellow 5f 
Wadram Coll. z6z3-3z, created D.D. 16 Jan., 
1642-3, red or of Mells Z620, and of Clapton, Somer- 
set, 1635-42, preb. of Bath and Wells, Z639, vicar East 
Harptree 1640, 'CoL Anlcetell, the priest or 
malinant doctor,' Royalist Governor of Corfe 
Castle; See Gardiner, 8 ; ft Foster's Index EccU- 

Anderdon, John, s. Ferdinand, of Bridgewater, 
Somerset, gent University Coll., matric. 6 
March, Z7X2-Z3, aged Z7 ; B.A. Z7z6, M.A. Z7Z9, 
EMed. Z732. ^ 

AndeiBOily Edmund, Lord Chief Justice of Common 
Pleas, died z Aug., Z605. See AiA. i. 753. 

Anderson, Edward, of London, 'miL fiL , privilegiatus 
38 June, Z588, aged Z5 ; son and heir of Sir Edmund, 
chief justice, admitted to the Inner Temple Z590. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [B] 

Anderson. Edward, of Kent, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matric. Nov., Z597, aged z6. 

Anderson, Edward, ' paup. schol.* EXETBR Coll., 
matric Z3 Nov., Z650, servitor, B.A. a March, 
'653-4, fellow University Coll. Z654, M.A. Z9 
Tunc. Z656. See Burrows, 399. 

Anderson, Francis, of London, 'militis fiL,' privflegia- 
lus, 28 June. Z588, aged Z4 (son of Sir Edmund 
aforesaid) ; of Eyworth, Beds, admitted to the Inner 
Temple 1590, knighted before z Julv, Z605, died 22 
Dec , z6x6l See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Anderson, Frauds, s. Roger, of Newcastle, North- 
umberland, arm. Corpus Christi Coll., matric 
24 Jan., Z633-4, aged 19 ; B.A. 28 Jan., z633-4. Sir 
Fninds, of Bradley, co. Durham, admitted to Gray's 
Inn 1634, M.P. for Newcastle-on-Tyne z66o-79. 
Sec Foster's Grains Inn Reg» 

Anderson, Henry, of Northumberland, arm. Christ 
Church, matric 24 Nov., Z599, aged Z7, of Long 
Cowton, Yorks (son-and heir of Henry, of Newcastle, 
ann.). ? knighted at Allerton, 4 Aug., z6o8, M.P. for 
Newcastle-oU'Tyne, 1614, i62Z-2, 1624-6, 1640 (L.P.) 
until disabled, 4 Sept, Z643. See Foster's Parlia- 
mentarj Dictionary. [^O] 

Anderson. Henrv, 'zs. Henry, of Haswell, co. bur- 
ham, militis. 'TRiKiTy Coll., matric zz July, Z623, 
aged Z7. See Surtees' DurAam, 

Anderson. Hennr, EA. from Magdalen Coll., 
Cambriage, z6a>, M.A. z666 ; inoorp. Z3 July, 1669, 
vicar of Kings Somboume, Hants, z666, father of 
Richard Z690. See Fasti, iL 3Z3 ; & Foster^s Index 

Anderson, Henry Warwick, zs. Richard, of Penley, 
Herts, militis. PEMBROKE COLL., matric. 2 Dec, 
i^5i aged 17 ; of Lincoln's Inn, Z628, created a 
baronet 3 July, Z643, d>cd 7 July. Z658, buried at 
Tring. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Anderson, Jonathan, * der. fil' New Coll., matric 
21 July, 165Z ; M.A. 6 July, z65<, rector of Saunder- 
ton, Bucks, Z656, vicar of Greenborough, Z662. See 
Foster's Index Ecetesiasticus. 

Anderson, Nathaniel, of New Inn Hall Z648; 
scholar of Corpus Christi Coll. by parliamentary 
visitors 1649. See Burrcws, 38, Z73, 256. [iBj 

Anderson, Nathaniel, s. Jon. , of Greenborough, Bucks, 
cler. New Coll., matric 2 July, Z675, ^^ ^^\ 
B.A. from Magdalen Hall Z679, vicar of Green* 
borough Z682, rector of Hawridge Z692. 

Anderson, Richard, of London, gent. Brasenose 
Coll., matric 22 May, z6oz» aged Z7 ; B.A. Z5 
Feb., Z603-4. 

Anderson, Richard, s. Henr., of Kings Sombome, 
Hants, p. p. Balliol Coll,, matric 96 June, 
X690, aged x8i 

Anderson, Robert, as. Richard, of Penley, Herts, 
militis. Pembroke Coll., matric. a Dec, Z625, 
aged z6 : bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, z636. See 
Foster's fudges and Barristers. 

Anderson, Robert, genL University Coll. , matric 
23 July, Z656; B.A. Z659 f? bar.-at-law. Middle 
']^^ple, z668), son and heir 01 Robert, of Newcastle- 
on-Tyne, gent, deceased. See also Foster^s Index 
Ecclesiasticus. [20] 

Anderson, Stephen, s. Step., of London, baronet. 
University Coll., matric 37 April, Z696, aged 

Anderson, William, 4s. Richard, of Penley, Herts, 
equitis. Balliol Coll., matric Z4 May, Z64Z, 
aged Z7 ; brother of Henry W. and Robot 1625. 
See QuttertMick's Herts, L 285. 

Anderson, William, ^ John, of Denton, oa Lincoln, 
paup. St. John's Coll., matric 23 March, z674-5. 
ag«l z8 ; chaplain to the East India Company. Sob 
Rawlinson^ vL 4. 

Anderson. William, s. WiUiam, of StirUng, 'Sooti.' 
pleb. BALLIOL Coll., matric 9 Mart^, 1687-8, 
aged 22. 

Anderton, Christopher, R A. from Gloucester Hall 

LDec, Z570, M.A. 30 July, Z573, ? admitted to 
nooln's Inn Z562. Memo. : Christopher Anderton 
probably dead before 8 April, z6a9. See Griffith's 
Index to Oxford Wills; Robinson, i zo ; ft O.H.S., 
zi. 3- [as] 

Anderton, Edward, s. Edward, of Ledlngton, 
Cheshire, p.p. CHRIST Church, matric z6 March, 
Z684-5, aged Z7. 

Anderton, Hugh, a A. from St. Mary Hall 3 April, 
Z566, M.A. in or before Z57a, B.CL. Z4 July, 1572. 
See Lancashire Visitations. 

Anderton, Hugh, of co. Lancaster, arm. Matric 4 
Dec , Z590, aged Z3 ; ' Mr. Case's scholar.' 
^ Anderton, James, B.A. 9 Dec, Z574. 

Anderton, James, of 00. Lancaster, arm. Matric. 4 
Dec, Z590, aged Z4, ' Mr. Case's scholar' ; of Clay- 
ton, CO. Lancaster, admitted to Gray's Inn 1593. 
See Foster's Grafs Inn Reg. fSO] 

Anderton, James, s. John, of West Halton, 00. Lan- 
caster, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 9 Dec, 
Z63Z, aged 21 ; B.A. Z4 May, Z633, M.A. 20 Feb., 
1635-6, reclor of Boxford, Berks, Z66Z-72. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Anderton, James, s. James, of Boxford, Berks, saoerd. 
Trinity Coll., matric 25 Jan., z665*6. aged Z7; 
B.A. from New Coll. Z671, M.A. Z4 Jan.. 1673-4, 
rector of Boxford, Berks, Z672. See Foster's Index 

Anderton, Matthew, of co. Lancaster, genL Brase- 
nose Coll., matric 7 May, z6o2, aged Z7, RA. 
26 Oct.. Z602; BwCL. from All Souls' Coll. z4 
Dec, Z609. 
^^ Anderton, Robert, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric-entry under date ao July, Z578, 
aged z8. 

Anderton, Roger, of ca Lancaster, arm. Brasenosb 
Coll., mauic 12 Feb., Z584-5, aged Z5. See 
Foster's Grafs Inn Reg. [SB] 

Anderton, Thomas, B.A. 30 June, 1505. See 

Anderton, Thomas, of Bucks^ pleb. All Souls* 
Coll., matric 20 Oct, Z620, aged 28 ; B.A. 9 Nov., 
zfoo, one of these names vicar of Ashby-de-la- 
Launde, 00. Lincoln. z6a9. sector of Salmonby Z642, 
and of Somersby z66z. See Foster's Index EuU* 

Anderton, Thomas, s. Th., of Walton, co. Lane, 
p. p. Brasenose Coll., matric az June, 2^578, 
affed X7 
\JLnderton, Thurstan, B.A. sup. Z4 May, Z577. See 

O.H.S., xii. 7Z. 
^ Anderton, ^ViUiam, of ca Lane, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coll., matric za March. z6i8-Z9, aged ao; B.A. 
Z9 April, z6z9. [ikO] 


William Amderton. 


Joseph Andrews. 

Anderton, 'V^Tilliam, s. Christopher, of Oxford, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 2 July, 1624, aged 13 ; 
chorister 1621-32. See Bloxam, i. 37. 

Andleser, Edward, of Christ Church 1550, B.A. 
sup. 1551. M.A. Z2 July, X5SS, B.D. 15 Feb., 1565-6 ; 
incorp. at Cambridge 1566, vicar of Epping, Essex, 
X568, rector of Wood Norton, Norfolk, 1580, and of 
Clcy-next-the-Sea, 1600. See Foster's Index EccU- 

Andrewes, Andrew, of co. Glamorgan, gent. Jesus 
Coll., matric. 10 Nov., 2621, aged 17. 

Andrew,^ Antony, B.A sup. Ocl, Z535. See 

C/./r.ib., 1. 

Andrew, Anthony, of Northants, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 5 Nov., 1585, aged 24. [6] 

Andrewes, Anthony, of CO. Worcester, gent. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 28 April, 26x5, aged 18. 

Andrewes, Antony, of CO. Gloucester, arm. Trinity 
Coll., matric. 26 Oct., 162X, aged 27; B.A. 6 July, 
2625, M.A. 22 June, 1629, vicar of Burford, Oxford, 
2634, rector of Great Stanibridge, Essex, 1635-41, 
vicar of North Shoebury X637-40 (? preb. of Gloucester 
x66^, until his death in 2668). See Le Neve, i. 449 ; 
& Foster's Index Ecclesiasttcus, 

Andrewes, Arnold, s. Am., of Watton, co. Gloucester, 
pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 5 June, 2668, 
aged 26. 

Andrewes, Augustine, s. Thomas, of Weston-on-the- 
Green, Oxon ; privilegiatus 21 Feb., 2662-2, aged 
p ; • Servus Mr!. Bold. CCC 

Andrews, Benjamin, s. Rob., of London, gent. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 24 Oct., 17x0, aged 25 ; 
B.A. 1714, M.A 1717, rector of Ockliam, Surrey, 
1727, preb. of Rochester X729, until his death in 
1736. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, [10] 

Andrewes, Charles, of Southampton (town), gent. 
New Coll., matric. 4 Sept., 2679, »g«l 19 ; B.A 

Andrew, Christopher (Androwe), B.Can.L. 22 July, 
i«4, chaplain or chantry priest of Castle Frome, 
Hereford, X541, rector of DowdeswcU, co. Gloucester, 
2554. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticui, 

Andrews. Daniel (Androys or Andros), B.A. 31 Jan., 
2520-2 (as • David '), M.A. sup. 28 Jan., 2525-6, rector 
of Castle Hadleigh, Essex, 2530. See Newcouri. 

Andrews, Daniel (or Andros), B.A. 5 March, 2525-6^ 

Andrews, Dummer, s. Robert, of Swathling, Hants, 
gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 15 Dec, 1709, aged 
27 ; B.A. 2723, M.A 1716, vicar of Hound, Hants, 
X720. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, [IB] 

Andrew, Edmund, B.C.L. sup. x July, 2524. See 

Andrew, Edward, of co. Glamorgan, gent St. Mary 
Hall, matric. 2^ April, 2603, aged 20 ; B. A from 
Jesus Coll. 20 May, 2607. 

Andrew, Edward, admitted to Brasenose Coll. 
2608 ; B.A. 26 June, 2620, M.A. 23 June, 1613. Sec 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Brasenose Calendar, 

Andrews, Edward (Andros), s. John, of Much Fawley, 
CO. Hereford, gent. Brasenose Coll., matric. i 
June, X636, aged 14 ; bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 2646^ 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Andrews, Eusebius (Andrews), of Northants, arm. 
Magdalen Coll., matric Lent term, 2597-8, aged 
19; bar.-at-law Lincoln's Inn x6o8, bencher X624, 
royalist, committed to the Tower for treason and 
executed on Tower Hill 22 Aug., 165a See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers & D. N, B, [ao] 

Andrew, George, of Northants, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 2x March, 2588-9, aged 13 ; B.A. 5 
May, 2592, MA. 5 July, 2599, dean of Limerick 
2603, precentor of St. Patrick s, Dublin, 2603, bishop 
of Ferns and Leigblin 2635, preb. of Ferns and of 
Leighlin 2636, foroed to fly on the rebellion of 2641, 
died Oct, 2648, buried in St. Clement Danes. See 
Cotton's Fasti EccU hib,, ii. 337 ; &AtA., iv. 806. 

Andrewes, George. *cler. fii.'^ Trinity Coll., 
nutric 33 July, 2656, 

Andrew, Giles, s. Giles, of Grantham, co. Lincc's 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric 24 Oct., 2628, age 
20; B.A. 30 April, 2632, M.A 28 Jan.. 1633-4. 

Andrew, Henry (Andrew), chaplain, B.Can.L. 3 Jul) 
15x4. See Bloxam, ii. X25. 

Andrew, Henry, of Northants, pleb. Magdali: 
Hall, matric. 22 March, 2588*9, aged 25. [2J 

Andrewes, Henry, serv., s. Lewis, of Stanford Din=; 1 
Berks, p. p. Balliol Coll., matric. 22 Maid 
2666-7, &fi»^ '^* 

Andrews, Henry, B. A. from Corpus Christi Coll 
Cambridge. 2677, M.A 268a ; incorp. 22 July, 168 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Andrewes, Henry, s. Joh., of Topsham, Devon, p.] 
Balliol Coll., matric. 32 March, 2696, aged ] 
B.A. 2699 (? M.A from King's Coij-., Cimbridgi 
2727; rector of Ludgvan, Cornwall, 2706. S 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Andrews, James (Andros), of co. Gloucester, pld 
Oriel Coll., matric. 30 June, 2592, aged 22 ; B.J 
from Christ Church 5 June, 2594, M.A- froi 
Oriel Coll. 8 July, 2597. 

Andrews, James (Andros), s. James, of Weston-01 
the-Green, Oxon, saccrd. New Coll.. matric i 
March, 2632-2, aged 27; B«A. from Gloucests 
Hall 32 Jan. , 2636-7. [ 3< 

Andrews, James, s. Richard, of Hereford (city), pld 
St. John's Coll., matric. 29 Nov., 1666. aged 15 
B.A X670, vicar of Peterchurch, co. Hereford. 167 
and of Much Dewchurch. co. Hereford, 2678. 5>i 
Foster^ s Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Andrewes, John, of co. Somerset, pleb. Trinii 
CoLU, matric. 9 July, 2602, aged 29 ; B.A 17 Dec 
X605, 'a painful preacher,' seems to have bee 
minister and preacher at Berwick Basset, Wilts. S« 
Ath., 11.403; &D.N.B. 

Andrewes, John, s. Robert, of Hereford (city), plel 
Jesus Coll., matric. 25 Jan., X627-8. aged 22. 

Andrewes, John, s. Christopher, of Pimperne. Dorsei 
gent. Wadham Coll., matric. 6 March, 1634- < 
aged x8 ; B.A. from Gloucester Hall ao April 
2638, M.A 22 March, x640-x. 

Andrew, John, s. Thomas, of Seawell, NorthantJ 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. X7 Oct, 1634, ago 
x5 ; a A. from Hart Hall 30 Oct., 1638. M.A. i 
June, 164X (as Andrews), rector of Boughion 
Northants, X64X, until sequestered in X645. ^ 
Add. MS., X5,669, p. x8. [3S 

Andrewes, John, • serv.' Magdalen Coll, . mairrf 
23 Feb., X650-X. 

Andrews, John, of Southam, co. Warwick, * cicr nL 
Trinity Coll., matric. 26 Jan., X676-7. aged n 
(son of Samuel) ; of the Middle Temple, 1679. Se 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Andrews, John, s. Richard, of Hereford (city), paaa 
Christ Church, 26 June, x688. aged 27. 

Andrewes, John, s. Lewis, of Bradfield, Berks, p)ifc 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 8 March. 2688-9. age 
18 ; B.A. X692. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticui. 

Andrews. John, B. A from Christ Coll., Cambrd;* 
1696 ; M.A. X703, incorp. X3 July, X703. L*^ 

Andrews, John, s. Richard, of Amesbury, Wilts, plep 
Queen's Coll., matric. 5 March, 170X-3, aged x6 
B.A. 2705. 

Andrews, John, s. J., of Boscott, co. Warwick, genl 
Lincoln Coll., matric 26 March, 2704-5, age! 
27 ; B. A 2708. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticui. 

Andrewes, Joseph, s. Philip, of Plymouth, Devon 
pleb. Alban Hall, matric. 4 May, 2627, aged i3 

Andrews, Joseph, s. Sam., of Wantage, Berks, pleb 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 6 Nov.. 27x3, aged 17 
chorister 2709-24, demy 2714-23, B.A. 2727, M.A 
2720, fellow 2723-47, proctor 2730, B.D. 2731, D.D 
1736, vice-president 2737, keeper of the Ashmoieai 
Museum 2731, rector of Candlesby X732, of Saliflecibj 
All Saints 1738, and of Stan way, Essex, X746. unti 
his death, buried there 26 Feb., 17x4. See Fosters 
Index Ecclesiastics & Bloxam, i, 232, 


UfBLIOTHECA BOOLEIANA. OXONIA. <n-{/j,at4u i,u^^^ ^ Oric^^ 

(7Me9n/i4U^^ PutUc wBODLEIAN LIBRARY in. 0a:^0«!3/-<miu £^ 

Lancelot Andrews. 

1500 — 1714. 

William Andrews, 

Andrews, Lancelot, scholar, Pembroke Hall, Gam- 
bridge, 1571 ; B.A. Z574, fellow 1576 (incorp. as 
M.A. IX July, Z581), master 1598, vicar of St Gfles. 
Cripplegate, 1588-1604, preb. of Southwell 1589, 
canon of St Paul's 15819, and of Westminster 1598, 
and dean 1601, of Gray's Inn 1590, bishop of 
Chichester 1605, and lord high almoner, bishop of 
Ely 1609, ^^^ ^^ Winchester 1619, and dean of the 
chapel royal 1619, until his death 26 Sept, 1626, 
father of Roger 1603. See Foster^s Gra/j Inn Reg, ; 
Ri^nstm, i. p. z ;A/umm West.,i$ \ & Feuti^ i. 219. 

Andrews, Nicholas (Androwe, or Androys), benedic- 
Une, B.D. 3 Nov., 1535 ; one of these names vicar 
of Huish Episcopi and Langport, Wilts, 1551. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasHcus, 

Andrews, Nicholas, of Pembroke Hall, 1619 ; B.A. 
1632, fellow 1624, incorp. as M.A. 31 Jan., 1626-7, 
D.D. and re>inooip. 13 Aug., 1645. rector of Guild- 
ford Z631, vicar of Godalming, Surrey, 1635, ejected 
1643. 2>c^ Foster's Index RccIesicuHcus ; Fasti, L 
428 ; ft Add, MS., 15,669 & Z5,67a 

Andrews, Nich., s. Sam., of Wantage, Berks, p.p. 
Gloucester Hall, matric. 33 Jan.. 1697-8, aged 
16 : B.A. 15 March, 1702-3, vicar of Great Bedwin, 
Wilts, 1715. 

Andrews, Oswald, EA from Christ CntntcH 13 

March, i699-i7oa [6 J 

Andrews, rhineas, s. Thomas, of Denton, Kent, 
gent Qxtebn's Coll., matric. 4 Dec, 1677, aged 
i^; bar.-at-law of the Inner Temple 1694. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Andrews, Ralph, of Oxon, 'serviens.' Broadgatbs 
Hall, matric-entryunder date 30 July, Z578,agedi6. 

Andrews, Randle, s. Sam., of Omukirk, co. I^ncas- 
ter. gent St. EDMtJND HALL, matric. z July, 1670, 
aged Z7. 

Andrews, Richard (Androos), gi^t Magdalen 
COLU. matric. -entry under date 10 Jan., 1574-51 
aged 30. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Andrewe, Richard, of Northants, gent. Queen's 
CoLi^t matric -endry under date 23 Dec, 1576, aged 
13, ' Oxoniam venit i July' ; B.A from St. Alban 
Hall ax June, 1581. [lO] 

Andrews, Richard, s. Edmond, of I<ondon, pleb. 
St. John's Coll., matric Z5 Oct., 1591, aged 16 ; 
B.A 5 July, Z595, M.A. 21 May, 1599 (incorp. at 
Cambfidge i6(^), RMed. z June, Z607, D.Med, z 
June, z6o8, F.R.CP. 1610, died 25 June or July, 
1634. See Mnnk's Roll, i. 15^ ; & Robinson, I 24. 

Andrewes, Richard (Androwes), of co. Gloucester, 
gent Hart Hall, matric 3Z Oct , 1617, aged 2a 

Andrews, Richard, M.A. Cantab, incorp. 3Z Jan. 

Andrewe, Robert, zs. Thomas, of Harlston, Northants, 
arm. LINCOLN CoLL., matric 23 May, Z623, 
aged z6; (? B.A from Trinity Coll. 6 Feb., 1625-6,. 
as Roger Andrews), of the Middle Temple Z623.' 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Andrew, Robert, of Harlston, Northants, arm. Wad- 
ham Coll., matric Z7 Oct, Z690; of Harleston, 
son of Thomas, of the same, died 7 July, Z739. See 
Baker's Northants, \, z68. [iS] 

Andrews, Roger, RA 7 April, Z56C See O.H.i>., i. 

Andrews, Roger, of Cambridge University ; incorp. 
as M.A 26 March. z6o2, rector of St Martin Orgar, 
London, x6cn, vicar of Cbigwell, Essex, 1606, 
chancellor of Chichester z6o6, and archdeacon 1608, 
vicar of Cowfold, Sussex, and of Cuckfield Z609, preb. 
of Southwell Z609, of Ely 1617, of Winchester 1635. 
rector of Elme, co. Cambridge, z6z5, and of Chere- 
ton, Hants, Z622, died in Z635. See Foster's Index 

Andrews, Roger, B.A. from Trinity Coll. 6 Feb., 
1^5-6, one of these names vicar of Cocking and 
rector of Nui hurst, Sussex, z66o. 

^drewes, Samuel, s. Nicholas, of Kingswood, 
Wilts, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric 8 Dec, Z637, 
Aged 16 ; B.A. z July, Z64Z, rector of Southam. co. 
Warwick, Z654. See Add MS, , Z5,669 & Z5.671. 



One of these scholars 
graduated B.A. 
from Queen's 
Coll. 5 July, 1598, 
as Thomas. See 
0,H,S., xii. aia 

iv Andrews, Simon (Andros), of Northants, 'eq. fiL' 
^ Lincoln Coll., matric -entry under date ao Dec, 

1577. aged 17, [aoj 

Andrew, Solomon, s. Sol., of Lyme, Dorset, gent 

Wadham Coll., matric zz Dec, z668, aged z8. 

See Gardiner, ay$. 

Andrewes. Theophilus, s. John, of Greenwich, Kent, 
gent Christ Church, matric 24 Feb., Z63Z-2, 
aged 90. See Alumni U'est., J63, 

Andrew, Thomas (Androws), B.C.U 4 July, Z5Z3. 
See OJI,S., i. 

Andrew, Thomas (Androw), EA. 22 Jan., Z566^. 

Andrew, Thomas, B.A. z6 Dec Z569. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Andrew, Thomas, of Northants, gent 
Coll., matric 5 Nov., Z585, ag^ Z7. 

Andrewe, Thonuu, of 00. Wor-^ 
cester, pleb. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric — Nov., Z594, 
aged z6. 

Andrewe, Thomas, of 00. Wor- 
cester, pleh. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric — Nov., Z594, 
aged Z4. See Foster's fudges 
and Barristers, ' 

Andrewes, Thomas, of Beds, pleb. Oriel Coll., 
matric 26 Feb., 1607-8, aged Z5; fellow Corpus 
Christi Coll., B.A. zaOct, z6zz, M.A 24 Jan., 
z6x4-i5, died m Z6Z7. See GutcA, i. 408. 

Andrews. Thomas, s. Richard, of Thorpe Under- 
wood, Northants, arm. New Inn Hall, matric 
4 Nov., Z63Z, aged Z7 ; EA Z4 May, Z633, incorp. 
at Cambridge Z633. of the Middle Temple Z632. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [so] 

Andrewes. Thomas, s. George, of Bishops Cannmgs, 
Wilts, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric 9 Feb., 
Z637-8, aged 33. 

Andrewe, Thomas, 'serv.' Exeter Coll., matric 
zz April, z66o ; B.A Z663, M.A. z666, admon. at 
Oxford 23 Aug., Z673. 

Andrewes, Thomas, s. Anth., of Harsfield, 00. 
Gloucester, der. Baluol Coll^, matric 2Z May, 
Z669, aged zy. 

Andrew, Thomas, s. Th., of Taunton. Somerset, p. p. 
Trinity Coll., matric 3 Dec, Z669. aged Z5. 

Andrew, Thomas, s. William, of • St. Germ,' Corn- 
wall, p. p. St. Alban Hall, matric zo April, 
Z674, aged z8. [SB] 

Andrews, Thomas, s. Jona., of Bimes, ca Worcester, 
gent UNIVEUSITY Coll., matric. 3 March, Z692-3, 
aged z8. 

Andrewes, Thomas, s. Tho., of Mitcheldean, co. 
Gloucester, cler. Christ Church, nutric. xz 
Feb., 1695-6, aged Z7 ; B.A 27 Feb., 1700-1, ? M.A. 
from King's Coll.. Cambridge, Z7Z0, vicar of Pcb- 
worth, CO. Gloucester, 1715, and of Elburton, in 
Bristol, Z7Z4. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Andrews, Thomas, s. Geor., of Rittersea, Surrey, 
gent Queen's Coll., matric 26 May, 1699. aged 
20; B.A. Z703, M.A Z2 March. Z705-6, vicar of 
Llanover, co. Monmouth, Z703, and of Biirbage, 
Wilts. See Rawlinson, vi. 85, xx. 29. 

Andrews, Thomas, s. • Ellas,' of Chipping Norton, 
Oxon, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric Z7 March, 
Z7o6-7, aged Z7. 

Andrews, Warden, s. Geo., of Barbados, arm. 
University Coll., matric. 9 June, 1697, aged 15 ; 
of the Middle Temple Z696. Sec Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. [*oJ 

Andrewes, William (Andrucs), zs. John of Witherlcy, 
CO. Leicester, arm. University Coll., matric 
6 Dec, Z622, aged zy. 

Andrew, William, s. Giles, of Grantham, co. Lincoln, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric 22 April, Z63Z, 
aged z6; B.A. 9 May, 1633, M.A. Z9 Jan., Z635-6. 

Andrews, William, s. T.. of Worcester (city), pleb, 
St. Edmund Hall, matric % July, Z669, aged 


William Andrews. 

1500 — 1714. 

George Annesley. 

Andrews, William, s. J., of 'Oxton, Notts.' arm. 
Brasenosb Coll., matric. 2 June. 1679, aged z6; 
a student of Lincoln's Inn 1680 (as Andrew). 

AndrewSy William, s. John, of Bishops Cannings, 
Wilts, p.p. Lincoln Coll., matric. 25 July, 1690, 
aged 24 ; EA. 1695. 

Andrews, William, s. James, of London, gent. 
Christ Church, matric. z8 June, 1695, <^cd 17 ; 
RA. 16^. M.A. 19 March, 1701-2. one of these 
names vicar of St BartholomeW'tbe-Less, London, 
171C-20, rector of Meesden, Herts, 1720, and vicar of 
Barkway 1727. See Foster's Index EccUnasticus 
& Alumni West.^ 229. 

Angell, Edward, B.A. from All Soul's Coll. 21 
Feb., i6zq-i6, one of these names rector of People- 
ton, CO. Worcester, 1623. 

Angrel, John, scholar of Corpus Christi Coll. 1554, 
from Gloucester. B.A. 17 Dec, 1557, M.A 8 July, 
y72, B.D. sup. 25 Nov., 1572, possibly rector of 
Elingdon, also Wroughton. Wilis, 1570, preb. of 
Gloucester 1571, died 1577. See Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus & Le Neve^ i. 447. [5] 

Anffely John, subscribed 23 April. 1613 ; BA. from 
Magualen Hall 9 Feb., 1613-14. M.A s J«ly. 
z6i6 (a painful preacher), lecturer at Leicester and at 
Grantham, co. Lincoln, wtee he was buried 6 June, 
Z65C. See ^4*.. 111397. 

Anffell, John, of CO. Gloucester, pldi. Magdalen 
hall, matric. Z7 June, z6ai, aged z8 ; BA. 6 July, 
Z621, M.A. 7 July, Z625. 

Angell, John, of Worcester, s. William, of Bristol 
(city), gent Balliol Coll., matric. zs June. 
z6^2, aged z8. 

Angell, John, 8. Robert, of London, gent. Pem- 
broke Coll., matric. 6 Nov., Z635. aged Z5; of 
Grav's Inn Z637. See Foster's Gra/j Inn Reg, 

Angell. John, *cler. fil.' Magdalen Hall, matric. 
Z9 Nov., Z650, student of Christ Church bypariy. 
visitors z6so. See Burrows, Z7Z, 33Z. [10] 

Angell, Michael, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Magda- 
len Hall, matric-entiy under date 7 July, 1578, 
aged Z4 ; one of these names vicar of Neveme, co. 
Pembroke, z6oo, preb. of Llandegwy, in Brecon, 
z6oz. and of Llangan, in St. David's, z6oi, vicar of 
Nantmel, 00. Radnor, z6za See Foster's Index 

Angell, Robert, of 00. Gloaoester. pleb. Magdalen 
HALL, matria-entrv under date 7 July, Z578,aged 15. 

Angell, William, s. William, of London, gent Pem- 
broke Coll. , matric 7 Julv. Z674, aged z6 ; of the 
Middle Temple Z673. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Anger, See also Aungier. 

Anger. Jeffry, of Oriel Coll., July, zc62, ' his tutor 
Richard Pigott of OrieU' See 0.M5., i. 245. [15] 

Anger, Stephen, of Berks, gent St. John's Coll., 
matric. Z5 Nov., Z605, aged zy. For one of this 
name, ZQ70, see RoHnson, i Z3. 

Anger, William; Magdalen Hall, Z586. See 

Angler, Samuel ; Christ Church, subscribed 8 Dec., 
1658, bom at Dedham, Essex, 28 Aug., Z639, a 
zealous Nonconformist, ejected from his studentship 
underthc Act of Uniformity, admitted a minister of the 
Presbyterian Church Z672, officiated at Dukinfield. 
Cheshire, where he died in Z7Z3, aged 74. See 
Alumni West, Z49; & Calamy, 1. 220. 

Angove, Abel, s. Rena. , of Trevenyon, Cornwall, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric. za Nov., Z692, aged Z9. 

Angram, Marmaduke, of Yorks, pleb. Broadgates 
hall, matric. Z4 May, Z59Z, aged Z9 ; subscribed 
as 'Engrome,' B.A 6 Feb., ZS94-S. M.A 7 July, 
Z598, rector of Edgmond, Salop, Z605. ^^ Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus. [20] 

Angwyne, Thomas (Angewyn), fellow of New Coll., 
Z502-Z8; from Winslow. Bucks, M.A. 26 June, zszz. 
' sup. z May, z^z^, for leave to practice medicine.' 
rector of Little Witchingham Z5Z7. See OM,S„ i. 

Aningtoni John, 15x4. See Avxngton, 

Ankers. Thomas, s. Thomas, of Hodnet, Salop, pleb. 
St. EDMUND Hall, matiia 23 May. Z677. aged zy. 

Anlabji John. & Matthew, of Leverston, Yorlcs, arm. 
Oriel Coll., matzic. z Jan., Z695-6, aged 17 ; B.A. 

Anlaby, Richard ; B.A ao Jnne, 1524. See O.H.S., i. 

Anley, Philip, s. Philip, of Sauvem'. Jersey. p.pL Mer- 
TON CoUL., matric. Z7 Dec., z666, aged z6 ; B.A 
from Gloucester Hall 9 March, Z672-3, M.A. 
1675. ra6] 

Annand, William, 'cler. fil.' UNnrsBsmr Coll., 
matria 27 July, Z652; B.A 30 Jan., 1655-6, M.A. 
6 July, z658(inoorp. at Cambridge Z659), D.D. St 
Andrews Z685, preacher at Weston-on-the-Grecn 
Z656, vicar of Leighton Bozsaid. Beds, instituted to 
the Tolbooth Chorch in Edinburgh Z663. and to the 
Trone Church of that dhr. dean of Edinburgh 1685. 
died Z3 June, Z689 (his father. William, was parson 
of Ayr, vicar of Throwley, Kent, Z649, and rector of 
Leveland in the same county). See Atk,, iv. 257 ; 
D,N,B, ; ft FasH Eccl Scot,, ii. 87. 

Anne, Edward; scholar of Corpus Christi Colu. 
X550i from Oxon ; fellow of All Souls' Coll. Z555, 
B.A z8 March, Z56Z-2, M.A. 30 Jan., 1569-70, B.D. 
33 June, Z579, for making a copy of verses ag^nst 
the Mass, the dean of Corpus ' whipc him in the 
Common Hall, giving him a lash for e v e ry verse,' 
x|54f rector of ICing's Nympton, Devon, Z56f , vicar 
of Chittlehampton Z572. See Foster's Index Ecciesi- 
asticus & Gutck, ii. Z23. 

Anne, Gervys, of Yorks. E3EBTBE Coll., matric- 
entry under date 3 Dec, Z575, aged Z7 ; of Thorpe. 
Yorks. his will proved in London ao Sept, z6o6. 
See Foster's Yorkshire Collection, 

Anne, John, s. Thomas, of Erchfont, WDts, der. 
Magdalen Coli^., Z4 July, zdyz, aged z6; dert 
Z672-6. R A 26 June, 1675, rector of Orchard Port- 
man, Somerset, z68z, vicar of Pitminster Z685 (then 
M.A). See Bloxam, ii. 76. [30] 

Anne, Richard (Ane), of co. Stafford, pld>. Trinity 
Coll., matric. -entry under date za Dec.. Z572. 
aged IK (?z6); *Mro. Chamberlaine Tutori dud.* 
oee \/»MM,iS%t Xm 

Anne, Thomas, 8. John, of Highworih, V^ts, pleb. 

Pembroke Coll., matric. zo Oct. Z634. aged z8 ; 

B. A. 3 Nov., Z636, vicar of Erchfont, Wilts. z66a. 
Anneday, Thomas (Anydan), '£riar.' D.D. 4 July, 

151^ See O.H.S,, i. 
Anneslej, Aliham, s. Arthur, Earl of Anglesey. 

Magdalen Coll., matria zs Sept, z669,aged 17 ; 

created M.A z Feb., Z670-Z. bar.-at-lawof Lincoln's 

Inn Z677, created Baron Altham Z4 Feb., z68o-i, 

attainted by Parliament of James IL, died 26 April, 

Z690. See Foster^s Judges and Barristers, 
Anneisley, Arthur, Earl of Anglesey, of Magdalen 

Coll. Z630, died z686. See^/A.,iv. z8z. [35] 
Annealej, Arthur, bom at Exeter, s. Richard, Baron 

Altham, Christ Church, matric. 8 June. Z703. 

aged Z5; 4th Lord Altham, M.P. for Cambridge 

University zyoa-zo, died Z4 Nov., Z727. See Foster's 

Peerage, V. Valentia. 
Annesley, Charles, student of Christ Church 1648. 

Set Burrows, Z52. 

Anneslej, Edmund (Ansley), B.A (sup.) Z7 Jan., 
Z55^.6, fellow of Merton Coll. Z557, fellow of 
College of Physicians. See O.II.S,, iv. 263. 

Annesley, Edmund (Ansley), of Oxon, gent Trinitt 
Coll., matric -entry under date zo April, Z58Z. aged 
Z4 ; possibly brother of John, Z585 (see Visitation 0) 
Oxon, 963), perhaps then son <» Edmond, knighted 
at Whitehall 23 July, Z603. 

Annesley, George s. Frauds, Vtscount Valentia. 
student of Christ Church ; R A a6 Mardi, Z650, 
M. A. 24 March, Z652-3. major in .the army» drowned 
forty days before the restomtion, buried in St. Mar- 
garet's, Westminster, z8 April, z66a See Alumni 
'^tst,t Z38 ; Burrowst 70 ; ft Feuti, U. zyz. [40] 




Jambs Annesley. 

1500 — 1714. 

Ralph Antrobus, 

AnnealeTy James, s. Arthur, Earl of Anglesey. Visoount 
Valeniia. CHRIST Chuhch, roatric. 4 Uec., 1661, 
aged 16; and Earl, M.P. for co. Watecford z666, 
died z April, 1690, father of the next named. 

Annesley, James, srd Earl of Anglesey. Christ 
Church, matric. xs July. 1690, died 21 Jan., 

Annesley, John (Ansley), of Oxon, pleb. Trinity 
COLU, matric. 35 Jane, 1585, aged 17 ; B.A. 3 June, 
15^ J* A. of Chipping Norton, Oxon (as. of Sir 
Edmund), late of Clement's Inn, admitted to the 
Inner Temple 159a See Foster's /hms of Court 

Anneslay, John, of Notts, arm. fiL nat max. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 8 July. 1603. aged 18. 

Annesley, Ralph, of Bucks, genL Trinity Coll., 
matric. 14 March, 1C99-1600, aged 16; B.A. 15 
Dec . 1603, M. A. 10 July, 1607, rector of Easter Keal. 
CO. Lincmn, 1612. [5] 

Annesley, Richard, s. Arthur, Earl of Anglesey. 
Magdalen Coll., matric 15 Sept., 1669, aged 14; 
created M.A. z Feb., Z670-Z, B.D. 23 tune, Z677 
(incorp. at Cambridge Z678), D.D. ^ July, 1689, of 
Lincoln's Inn, Z670, preb. of Westmmster Z679, and 
of Exeter z68z, and dean z68i. vicar of Coliton Raw- 
Idgh, Devon, 1689, 30! Baron Althani, died Z9 
Nov., 170Z, buriecl in Westminster Abbey. See 
Foster's Peerage ft Westminster Ahbey J?^., 249. 

Znnesley, Samuel (Anneley), s. John, of Haseley, ca 
Warwick, pleb. QfJEBNS COLL., matric. 21 Oct, 
1636, aged Z5; B.A. az Nov.,' Z639, created D.C.L. 
Z4 April, Z648, ' fell in with the rebellious times, 
preacned long and loud ' at Cliffe, Kent, and at St. 
John the Evangelist, FHday Street, preacher at St. 
Paul's, pastor of St. Giles, Crippl^ate, refused to 
conform and became a Nonconformist divine, died 
Z3 Dec, Z696, aged 77. See Foster's /Ve/i^ (V. 
VALENTIA) ; Atk., iv. 509 ; & Fasti, ii. ZZ4. 

Annesley, William, of Oxon, gent. Trinity Coll. , 
matric 30 June, z6ic, aged Z5. 

Annin^. William, s. Henry, of Axminster, Devon, 
pleb. Wadham Coll., matric 24 May, Z705, aged 
16 ; EA. from St. Alban Hall zyza 

Annis, Benjamin, s. Ben., of Avon Dassett, oa War- 
wick. Nkw Inn Hall, matric Z4 July, Z713. 
aged aa [lO] 

Ansell, Nicholas, s. Ric, of Graveneys, Beds, cler. 
Balliol Coll., matric ao March. Z672-3, aged 17. 

Ansell, William, of co. Gloucester. St. Alban Hall, 
roatric 22 Feb.. z6zo-zz, aged Z7; 'paup. schoL', 
B. A. 29 Oct, z6z4, rector of Matson, oa Gloucester, 

Anson, Thomas, of ' P. College.' s. William, of ca 
Sufford. bT. John's Coll.. matric 2 June. 17ZZ. 
aged 15 ; of Shugborough, co. Stafford, bar.-at-law 
of the Inner Temple Z7Z9, M.P. for Lichfield z747to 
Jan.. Z770, died 30 March, Z773. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Anstis, John, s, J[ohn]. of St Neot, Cornwall, gent. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 27 March, 1685. aged Z5; 
bar.-at-Iaw of the Middle Temple Z699, treasurer 
1730. M.P. for St Germain's z/oa-s. St Mawes 
Jan., Z7Z1-Z3, Lannceston Z7Z3-Z5, Z7Z5-22. trea- 
sorer of the Stannaries, Cornwall, a principal com- 
missioner of prises z Sept . a Q. Anne, nad a patent of 
the reveision of Garter King of Arms (zyzS), ' sole 
contriver of the method of bringing into credit the 
order of the bath, which he new modelled,' governor 
of Bridewell and Bethlehem hospitals Z7Z9, bom at 
Lnnna, parish of St Neots aforesaid, 28 Sept., 
1669, died ± March, 1744-5, ^^ ^^^ John, of Corpus, 
succeeded him as Garter. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers: Rawlinson^ i. z6a, it 269, xvt 80; & 
Noble's CoUege of Arms. 

Anstye, Edmond. of Northants, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric 8 Julv, Z586, aged Z7. [IB] 

Ansty, Edward (Anstej, of Middlesex, gent Queen s 
Coll., oatcici 90 May, 1594, aged 18. 

Anstie, Michael (or Anstead), EA. zz Dec, Z570, 
rector of LuUingstone. Kent, Z578. 
v^Anstey, Thomas, of Dorset, pleb. Broadgates 
Hall, matric-entry under date 23 July. Z579, aged 
9z : one of fitese names rector of Witchampton, 
Dorset, Z59a. 

Ansty, Thomas, s. Nicholas, of Tarnint-Hinton, Dor- 
set, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 7 June, Z638, 
aged Z5 ; B.A. 26 April, z64a, M. A. 23 Aug., z66o, 
father of the next named. 

Ansty, Thomas (Aynstee), s. Tho., of Wimbome, 
Dorset, cler. New Inn Hall, matric 4 March. 
z670*z, aged Z5 ; B.A. Z674, M.A. 1677, vicar of 
Sopley, Hants, Z689. See Foster's Index Ecclesias' 
ticus. [20] 

Ansty, William (Anste), B. A. from ST. Edmund Hall 
Z5 Feb.. Z633-4. 

Answorth. Thomas, s. T., of Wrexham, ca Denbigh, 
pleb. Christ Church, matric i April, Z7Z2, aged 
z8 ; B.A. Z7Z5. 

Anthonio, Anthony de, of London, pleb. St. Alban 
Hall, matric-entry under date 28 Feb., Z580-Z, 
aged Z7 ; fellow of Merton Coll. Z580, B.A. 4 
June, Z580, M.A. 9 July, Z585, the matric-entry is 
evidently post dated. See 0,H^., z. 377. 

Anthony, Charles (Antony), B.A. from Jesus Coll., 
Cambridge. Z623 ; incorp. as M.A. Z3 July. Z624. 

Anthony, David, of Bucks, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric z6 Nov., i63z, aged Z7 ; BA. 7 
Feb., z6a3-4. See Lipsoombe's Bucks, ii. 309. fasj 

Anthoziy, Edward, 4 years of Kino's Coll., Cam- 
bridge. B.A. from MAGDALEN Hall Z7 Oct, 
Z648, M.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 3Z May. 

Anthill, John, B.A. from St. John's Coll., Cam- 
bi^g^i x654f M.A. from Emanuel Coll., Cam- 
bridge ; incorp. Z3 July, Z658, rector of Hitcham, 
Suffolk, z66o. See Foster^s Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Antrim, Benjamin, s. William, of Salisbury, Wilts, 
pleb. Hart Hall, matric 4 March, 1670-z, 
aged z8. 

Antram, John, of Wilts, pleb. Maodalbk Coll., 
matric 25 Oct, Z589, aged zy ; B.A. z Feb., Z59Z-2, 
M.A. 7 July. Z598, rector of Little Langford, Wilts, 
Z604. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Antram, John. s. John, of Langford parva, Wilts, 
'sacerd.' New Coll., matric Z4 March. Z627-8. 
aged z8; B.A. from Hart Hall Z7 Oct, Z63Z, 
M.A. zz June. Z634, vicar of Hilton, Dorset, Z641. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [so] 

Antram, John, s. Joh., of Hilton, Dorset, der. 
New INN Hall, matric Z7 March. Z664-5. aged 
ao ; B.A. from New Coll. z668. M.A. from New 
Inn Hall Z678, vicar of Hilton. Dorset, Z669. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Antram, John, ' der. fit' Hart Hall, subs, z8 May 
(? April), Z694, B.A. from Wadham Coll. az 
March. Z697-8, M.A. from Sidney Sussex Coll., 
Cambridge, Z708. rector of Kimbolton, Hunts. Z702, 
and of Swineshead, ca Lincohi, Z708. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Antram, Richard, of Wilts, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric 27 June, z6o6, aged z8; B.A. 5 Feb., 

Antrobas, George, pleb. Br asbnose Coll. , matric. 
29 Oct, Z657. B.A. Z5 Oct, Z657, M.A. from Jesus 
Coll., Cambridge, z66a G.A. of Clifford's Ian, 
gent bach., aged 30, licenced. 27 Jan., z66z, to 
marry Catherine Bramstoo, of St Bride. London, 
spinster. See Marriage Licences, ed. Foster. 

Antrobas, George, B.A. from Clare Hall, Cam- 
bridge, Z702. M.A. Z706 : incorp. Z2 April. Z709. 

Antrobns, John, of ca Warwick, 'der. fiL* Mag- 
dalen coll., matric 8 July, Z603, aged z6 ; B.A. 
from Magdalen Hall 28 April. Z607, MJL z6 
Feb., Z609-ZO. ' then in orders.' [96] 

Antrobns, Ralph (Anterbus), of Cheshire. Brase- 
NOSE Coll.. matric. Z7 May, Z596, aged aa See 
Ormerod's CAeshirc, I 658, 



1506 — 1714. 


AntrobuB. Richard, B.A. from New Inn Hall 27 
Nov. , 1609. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

AntrobQS, Robert, of Kent.s. Richard, of St. Stephen. 
Hereford, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 38 
Jan., 1630-1. aged 90; demy 1628-33, B.A. 11 Feb., 
Z630-1, M.A. 17 Dea, 1633, fellow 1633-9, incorp. 
at Cambridge 1635, licenced. 17 Nov., 1638, to 
marry Mary, daughter of John Fairbeard, of Burficld, 
Berks, spinster ; vicar of Pembury, Kent, 164a, rector 
of Bromley, Kent, 1646. See Add, MS., 15,^0; 
Marriage Licences ^ ed. Foster ; & Bloxam, v. 123. 

Antrobns. Thomas (or Anthony), of Cumberland, 
pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 27 Feb.. 1600-1, 
aged 16. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus. 

Antrobus, Thomas, of London, genu Brasenose 
Coll., matric. q April, 1601, aged 15; B.A. 15 
July, 1603, of Lincoln's Inn 1604. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Anwill, Ellis, s. Thomas, of Uandyning, ca Carnar- 
von, pleb. Tesus Coll., matric 16 March, 1684-5, 
aged 18 ; B.A. 1688, M.A. 1691, rector of Llaniestyn, 
CO. Carmarthen, 1695. See Foster's Index Ecclesi- 
astieus, [S] 

Anwill, Evan, 'serv.,' s. William, of X>olge11y. co. 
Merioneth, p.p. jEst« Coll., matric. 17 May, 

1661, aged 17. 

Anwill, John, of ca Merioneth, pleb. Hart Hall, 
<i- matric. 16 June, 1610, aged 15 ; B. A. 17 June, 1613, 

M.A. 4 June, 1616, rector of Llandanwg, co. Merion, 
1627. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus. 
Anwill, Lewis, of Co. Merioneth, arm. Oriel Coll., 
- -» matric. 4 Dec., 1612, aged 16; of the Park, Mer- 

ioneth, admitted to the Inner Temple 1612. Sec 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 
Anwill, Lewis, s. Rob., of Lanioth, 00. Merioneth, 
arm. St. John's Coll., matric. go April, 1669, 
aged z6. 
Anwill; Maurice, s. William, of 'Trausfynydd, ca 
Merioneth, gent. Jesus Coll., matric. 14 Mav, 

1662, aged 18 ; of Lincoln's Inn 1663. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. [lO] 

Anwill, Owen, s. Robert, of Parke, co. Merioneth, 
arm. Oriel Coll., matric. ai May, 1669 ; of Lin- 
coln's Inn 1660. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Anwill, Richard, of co. Merioneth, pleb. Hart 

Hall, matric. x6 June, 1610, aged 16. See Foster's 

Grays Inn Reg. 

Anwill, Richard, s. Wflltam (? ap) Lewis, of Llan- 
frothen, co. Merioneth, gent. Oriel Coll., 
matric. zo June. 1637, aged 17; RA. 25 Feb., 
1640-X, of the Inner Temple 1639. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Anwyell, William, s. Lewis, of Tallyllyn, co. Mer- 
ioneth, paup. Jesus Coll., matric. 22 March, 
1687-8, aged 17; B.A. from St. John's Coll. 
Z691, rector of Llanfrothen, co. Merioneth, 1709, 
of Festiniog 27x3. See Foster's Index EcclesiaS" 

AnWTll, William, s. Maurice, of Llanrddwro, co. 
Carnarvon, gent. JE£US COLL.. matric. 90 March, 
1683-4, aged x6. [IB] 

Any an, Richard (Anian), demy Magdalen Coll. 
x6ia-i5, B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. x Dec, 
z6x5. M.A. 6 Nov., x6x9, B.D. 26 July, 1628, 
chaplain, died z6 Dec. X639. See Gutch, L 408 ; 
O.H.S,t iv. 280, xii. 340; SiBloxam, v. 43. 

Anyan, Thomas, of Kent, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matric. — Nov., X597, aged 16 ; B.A. from Corpus 
Christi Coll. 7 June, 1602, M.A. 2 May, x6o6, 
B.D. 10 Dec., 1612, D.D. 6 July, 16x4, president of 
Corpus Christi College 16x4-29, rector of Becken- 
ham. Kent, and Asbstead, Surrey, X6X3. preb. of 
Gloucester x6x2, and of Canterbury x6x4 (Le Neve), 
rector of Checkendon, Oxon, Z625, and of Cmnley, 
Surrey, X629, cliaplain to the king, died at Canter- 
bury X632. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus & Fasti, 

*• 359- 
Apley, PbiUp, of Devon, gent. Braseno$e Coll., 

matric. 3 April, z6oi, aged 18. 

Apper, James, Jesus Coll. See RawUnson, iv. 

Apperley, John, s. William, of co. Worcester, p^p. 

rfEW Inn Hall, matric. 8 March, Z677-3, aged 

17. lao] 

Appleby, Ambrose, B.A. 29 Jan., 1559^60; fellow 
Merton Coll. 1560-3, M.A. 12 May, 1563. 

Appleby, Capel, s. Christopher, of 'St Andrews^* 
Xondon. CHRIST Church, matric 7 May. X7X2, 
aged z6 ; bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1736. 6ee 
Arlet ; & Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Appleby, Henry, created M.A. 31 Aug., X636. 

Applebee, John, s. Thomas, of Oxford (city), pleb. 

MERTON Coll., matric. 2 Nov., X667. aged 16; 

B.A. X67X, M.A. X674, rector of Earls' Croome. co. 

Worcester, 1678, and of Woolston 1684. Soe 

Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus. 

Appleby, Thomas (Appulby), B.A 2 May, 15x0, 
' licenced M.A. 27 June, Z5X5, and created M.A. 
8 July, X515,' of Balliol Coll., one of these 
names vicar of Takeley, Essex, Z53X, and of Brain* 
treex533. ^ka Newcourt. [25] 

Alipleby, William (Appulby), B.A 13 Dec, i5i9t 
' secular chaplain, M.A 25 March, zsas, had a 
cure of Souls 1525. 

Appleford, Daniel, s. Daniel, of MichlemarsK, Hants, 
arm. New Coll., matric. 6 Nov., Z635, aged 19 : 
EA. Z3 June, X639, M.A. X2 April, 1643, his will 
proved at Oxford 5 Aug., 1645. 

Appleford, Daniel (Apleford), s. Edward, of Winton 
(city), gent. New Coll., matric. X3 Oct, x66s, 
aged X9: B.A. z666, M.A. Z4jan., X669-70, of the 
Middle Temple X664, rector of Warmingham. Che- 
shire, x68a See Foster^s Index Ecclesiastieus & 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Appleford, Edward (Apleford), s. Daniel, of Pittfarme. 
Hants, gent. Hart Hall, matric. 4, May. 1627, 
aged Z9 ; of the Middle Temple 1627. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Appleford, Richard (Apleford), s. Charles, of Chilbol- 
ton, Hants, der. wadham Coll., matric. 6 Dec. 
Z667, aged Z5 ; buried in his college chapel 29 Aug.. 
z668. See Gutch, L [SOJ 

Appleford, Stephen, of Wilts, pleb New Coll., 
matric. 24 Nov., Z58X, aged 20 ; scholar Z580. 

Appleford, Tliomas (Apleford), s. Edward, of Win- 
chester (dty), gent. Christ Church, matric 28 
Nov., X665, ag^ x8 ; of the Inner Temple z668. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Applegard, Robert, of Cadbury. Somerset, gent 
Magdalen Hall, matric. xoOcl. 1699, aficd xS. 

Appleton, Henry, gent, St. John's Coll.. matric. 
29 Oct, X657, B.A. from St. John's Coll. i66t 
? bar.-at-law Lincoln's Inn, Z669. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Appletre, Anthony, of Oxon, pleb. Trinitt Coll, 
matric. 22 May, X590, aged X7, RA. 8 Feb.» 15^3-4 : 
M.A from Jesus Coll. 6 July, X598. [35] 

Appletre, John, of Trinity Colu in or before X572. 
— B. A. 24 Nov., X573. 

Appletree, John, s. Summers, of London, gent. St. 
Mary Hall, matric. 5 March, X679-80. aged x6. 

Appletree, Robert, of Oxon, gent. St. Maky Hall. 
— matric. 24 May, x6xi, aged 32. 

Appletree, Thomas, ' Scholar faa Art,* demy Mag- 
dalen Coll. X648, fellow All Souls' Colj^ id^g. 
M.A. 24 July, X652, B.CL. xi April, 1654, 'son ot 
one of the parliamentary visitors,' admitted to the 
Inner Temple 1650, as son and heir of Thomas, of 
Doddington, Oxon , arm. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court 
Rqf. ; Bloxam, v. 204 ; & Burrows, 171 , etc 

Appletree, Thomas (Apletree), arnu All Soul's 
Coll., matric. X4 Feb., 1653^ [m] 

Appletre, Thomas (Apletre), s. John, of Haobury. co.' 
Worcester, gent Balliol Coll. , matric. 9 March, 
1695-6, aged 15 ; B.A. X690, of the Middle Temple 
X699. See Foster's /iMw^Cmr/^^, 


Matthew Appleyard, 

1500— 1714, 

John Archer. 

Apple jard, Matthew, s. 'Jont/ of St Maiy-West. 
gcni. St. John's Coll. , matric. 3 July, 1711, aged 
17 ; B.C.L. 27 Jan., 17x7-18. 

Applejard, Robert, Magdalen Hall, 1699. See 

Appleyard, Thomas, s. John, of Barnaby, oa Lincoln, 
gent. Lincoln Coll.. matric. 13 May, 1703. aged 

Ax>sla2id9 William, B.A. 19 Not., 1561, of All Souls' 
Coll., M.A. (sup.) 26 Jan., 1572-3 as Apsley. 
chaplain to Queen Elizabeth, naaster of the hospital 
called the Savoy, in the Strand. See Fasti, i. x6a. 

Al>aley» AUen, subscribed z8 Nov., 1631 ; Sir Allen 
Apsley, knight, originally of Trinity Coll., Ox- 
ford, created M.A. aS Sept. 1663, (s. of Sir Allen 
Apsley, lieuf. of the Tower), baptized at All Hallows, 
Barking, 5 Sept, i6z6, of the Inner Temple 1639, 
Governor of the Fort at Exeter, and of Barnstaple, 
capt-lieut in Tames, Duke of York's regiment (on 
the restoration}, treasurer of bis household, and re^ 
ceiver-general, falconer to Charles II., M.P. for 
Thetford 1661 (L.P.), died 15 Oct, 1683, buried in 
Westminster Abbey, father of Peter. See Fastis if. 
272 : RoHnsoH, i X15 ; & D.N.B. [S] 

Apsley f Anthony, of Sussex, arm. Balliol Coll., 
matnc. zo Oct, 1^89, aged z8 ; of Horsham, some- 
time of Clifford's inn, and a bar.-at-law of the Inner 
Temple 2508. See Berry's Sussex, 150 ; & Foster's 
Judgu and Barristers, 

Apsley, John, of Sussex, gent Maodalen Hall, 
matric. ax Jan., 16x9-20, aged 19 ; sometime of 
Staple Inn, bar.-at-Iaw of Gray's Inn X636 (? son- 
and-heir of Anthony, of Ticehurst, last named). 
See Foster's Judga and Barristers, 

Apsley, Peter, bom in Ireland, 'eq. fil. nat max.* 
Christ Church, matric xo Nov., 1621, aeed 15 ; 
B.A. 13 Feb., X622-3, brother of Allen, aforesaid. 
See Grays Inn Reg, 

Apsley, Peter, is. Allen, of Westminster, eq. St. 
John's Coll., matric 7 Oct, 1671, aged 14 ; of the 
loner Temple 1673, knighted at Whitehall 15 Jan., 
>674-5, died 10 and buried X3 Jan., X691-2, at Iver, 
Bucks. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Apsley, William, 1561. See Apsland. [XO] 

Aram, John, s. Thomas, of Gloucester (city), gent 
TrinittColl., matric 28 Nov., 1671, aged 17 ; of 
the Middle Temple 1675. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Araa, John, B.CL., BbCan.L., sup. xx March, 1508-91 
Arblaster. Edmund, 8. Ed., of Longdon. co. Stafford, 
arm. utASENOSR Coll., matric. 3 April, X691, 
aged 17 ; of the Inner Temple 1693. Sm Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Aroll, John. B.Cas.L. — June, xsx8. See O.H,S., i 
Arcllv Richard. EL.L., D.CL., sup. Jan., X537-8, prin- 
cipal of Broadgates Hall 1526, one of these names 
vicar of Ramsbury, Wilts, X518, and of Avebury 1530, 
chaplain to the King 1538, canon of Windsor X538-54, 
treastxrer of Salisbury Cathedral X551, preb. 2554, 
vicar of Haimey, Berks, X5^3, rector of Clewer, X554. 
See Foster's Index Ecclestasticus, caUed Archer in 
FasH, i X061 |lB] 

Arcliard* See also Orchard. 

Archard, Jonathan, s. John, of East Garston, Berks, 

pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., matria 6 Dec. , 1639, 

aged x8. 

Archard, WilUam, of Oxon. Magdalen Coli*, 
matric. 32 June, x6xo, aged x6 ; ' paup. schol.* 

Archard, William, s. William, of Niblev, co. Glouces- 
ter, gent Queen's Coll., matric 7 March, 1646-7. 
aged x6 ; expelled by the Parliamentary visitors X5 
May, 1648. See Burrows, 77, 9a 

Archbold, Edward (Archpolle), (B.A. Cantab. 23 Jan.. 
X567-8;, B.CL. sup. Oct. Z573 as aA. of 6 years' 
standing, [aoj 

Arohbole, Edward, s. George, of Newport, Bucks, 
pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 7 April, 1635, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 3 Dec., X638, M.A. 7 July, i64x, as 
' Archbold,' one of these names vicar ot TrotiiscUffe, 
Kent, x666. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Archbold, Richard (Archibold). B.A. sap. 27 Jane, 

Archbole, Richard, &C.L.. from New Inn Hall, 
21 Nov., x6t5 Pbar.-At-law Middle Temple, 24 June, 
X631, as 3rd son of Edward, late of the College of 
Worcester, gent., deceased. See Foster's fudges and 

Archedale, Abraham, of Oxon, gent Gloucester 
Hall, matric. za Feb., 1^89-90, aged 25. 

Archedale, Richard, s. Richard, of London, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric. 28 Jan., X630-X, aired 18, 
B.A. from New Inn Hall, 29 April, 1634 ; B.C.L. 
from Wadham Coll. 3 May, 1636. I^'l 

Archdale, Robert, B.A. from Christ Coll.. Caiu- 
bridge, 1607, incorp. xo July, x6io, rector of Trim- 
k^, St Martin's, Suffolk, 1627. See O.H,S„ z, 
367 : & Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Archedale, Robert, ot X^ondon. s. Richard, of Wick- 
ham, Bucks, gent Lincoln Coll., matric. a 
March. 1637-8, aged 17 ; R A. 3 July, X641. 

Archdale, Thomas, s. J., of Great Wickham, Bucks, 
arm. wadham Coll., matric. 11 March, i69r-2, 
aged x6 ; died 9 Aug., X71X, aged 36, monumenul 
inscription at High Wycombe. See Gardiner, 374. 

Archere, Adam, of Wilts, armiger. Balliol Coll., 
matric. 24 Oct., 159^, aged 18. 

Archer, Andrew, s. Humphry, of * Tyso sup.* (? on 
Stour), CO. Warwick, gent Oriel Coll., matric. 
6 Feb., X672-3, aged 17: B.A. X676, M.A. 1679, 
brother of Simon. [30] 

Archer, Andrew, s. Th., of Warwick, gent Trinity 
Coll., matric. 3 May, 1678, aged 18 ; of the Inner 
Temple, x68a See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Archer, Andrew, s. Simon, of Edgbaston, co. War- 
wick, der. Merton Colu, matric. i March, 
X69X-2, aged x6 ; B.A. X695. M.A. 1699, B. and D.D. 
17x3. curate of Tunbridge Wells, rector of Solihull, 
CO. Warwick, XToe, where he died in X728. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Rawlinson, iv. 222. 

Archer, Benjamin, s. Ed., of Cookham, Oxon, pleb. 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 17 May, 1670. aged 15 ; 
BJV. 20 Jan., 1673-4, fellow Exeter Coll., 1674-92, 
M.A. i&jt (incorp. at Cambridge. 1681). B.D. 1688, 
(? vicar of Easter Alui, Essex, 167X), rector of Wex- 
ham, Bucks. 1683, and vicar of Quainton 1692, until 
bis death in X732. See Foster^s Index Ecclesiasticus : 
Boose, 78 ; & Atk,, L, p. xcvii. 

Aroher, Edmond, s. Robert, of London, pletx ST. 
John's Coll., matric. 1 July, 169X, aged 17 ; scholar 
X691, fellow 1694-1713, B.A. 1695, M.A. 1699, B.IX 
X705, D.D. 1711, licenced to serve the cure of 
St Mary Magdalen, Taunton. X696, preb. of Wells 
1699. vicar of Creech St Michael, X702, and 
rector of Alsholt, Somerset, X706. rector of Thurl- 
bear and St. Mary, Stoke. X7Q4-20. archdeacon 
of Taunton X7X2. vicar of North Petherton 1715, 
canon residentiary of Wells X716, and archdeacon 
if26, bom in parish of St Mary-at-Hill, London, 
13 Aug., X673. died Oct., X739 (Le Neve\ See 
RoHnson, L 3x3 ; & Rawlinson, i. X30 ; xvi. 86. 

Archer, Edward, 'cler. fil.' Exeter Coll., matric 
13 July, x66o, B.A. X664, vicar of Manaccan, Corn- 
wall, 1666. Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, fSS] 

Archer, Ferdinand, B.A. from Christ Coll., Cam- 
bridge. X636 ; incorp. as M.A. from Queen's Coll., 
Cambridge, xo July, 1655. 

Archer, Henry, 1515. See Harcher. 

Archer, James, B, A 5 July, X535. See 0.ff,S., l 

Archer, James Ogle, s. 'John O.,' of Dublin, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric. 8 Dec., 1682, aged ao. 

Archer, John, B.C.L. sup. xi June, 1526; fellow of 
All Souls' Coll. XS27, one of these names vicar 
of Tottenham, Middlesex, X5a6. SecNeiocourt. [fto] 



John Archer. 


Thomas Arlisshe. 

Aroher, John, s. WiUlam, of Blaseley, Cornwall, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric 16 July, 1625, aged 19; 
B.A. 23 Oct, 1627, rector of Carhays St. Stephen's, 
Denys, Cornwall, 1644. See Foster's Index EccU- 

Aroher, John, zs. J., of Thaydon Gamon, Essex, 
equitis. ST. Edmund Hall, matric. 17 May, 
1672, aged x6 ; of Coopersale, Essex, admitted to 
Gray's Inn 1674, said to have been knighted, licence 
9 Feb., 1677-8. to many Mary Jhones, of Welford, 
Berks, spinster, daughter of Mrs. Anne Whitehead, 
of Titherley, Southants. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Aroher, John, s. Miles, of Kendall. Westmorbnd, 
gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 9 April, 1690, aged 

Aroner^ Killingworth, of London, gent. Hart Hall, 

matnc. 13 Dec., 1583, aged 17. 

Aroher, Leigh, s. Ino., of Tamworth, ca Warwick, 
gent. Trinity Coll., niatric. 30 Oct., 1679, aged 
17 ; of the Inner Temple 1678, uncle of Thomas 
Z712, zst Lord Archer. See Foster's Inns of Court 
Reg. [5] 

Aroher, Richard, s. John, of Snelson, co. Derby, pleb. 
Merton Coll., matric. 90 Jan., 1625-6. aged z8 ; 
B.A 30 Jan., 16267, M.A zo July, 1629. one of 
these names vicar of Hayton, Notts, 1642. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Aroher, Richard, s. Edward, of Kendall, Westmore> 
land, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 21 Nov., 1628, 
aged 18 ; bateler 1625, BA. 24 July. 1630, M.A. 27 
June, 1633, fellow 1633-46, created B.D. i or 2 Nov., 
1642, rector of Windermere. See Nicolson and 
Bum, i. 179. 

Archer, Richard, s. John, of Islington, Devon, pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 9 Dec, 1670, aged 19; 
B.A. Z674. 

Aroher, Robert, s. Robert, of Worcester (city), pleb. 
p. p. Queen's Coll., matric. 14 March, 1662-3, 
aged i& 

Aroher, Robert, s. Joseph, of London, gent Christ 
Church, matric. z6 July, z666, aged 18 ; bar. -at- 
law. Middle Temple, 16^, licence 16 Dec., 1674. to 
marry Anne Ironside, of Heath and Reach. Beds, 
spinster. See Tosiei^s fudges and Barristers, [10] 

Aroher, Rowland, s. Richard, of Hethrop, Oxon, arm. 
Lincoln Coll., matria 6 July, 1638, aged z8. 

Aroher, Simon, 8. Sim., of Welland, ca Worcester, 
pleb. All Souls' Coll., matric. 31 March, 1671, 
aged 16 ; B. A 167^. 

Archer, Simon, s. Humphrey, of 'IVso Sup.' (on 
Stour), CO. Warvrick, gent Oriel Coll., matric. 
6 Feb., 1672-3, aged 18; vicar of Tamworth, co. 
Warwick, 1675, rector of Sherrington, co. Glouces- 
ter, 1678, brother of Andrew same date. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Aroher, Thomas, fellow of Trinity Coll. , Cambridge, 
_ B. A 1580. M. A 1582 ; incorp. 23 July, 1591, chap- 
Iain to bis kinsman. John May, bishop of Cartisle. 
public preacher to the University of Cambridge 1588, 
rector of Houghton Conquest and Houghton Gild- 
abte. Beds, 1589. See D.N.B. & Foster's Index 

Archer, Thomas, s. Giles, of Reading, Berks, pleb. 
Merton Coll., matric. 17 Oct, 1634, aged 16. [ib] 

Archer, Thomas, s.' John, of London, gent. St. 
John's Coll., matric. 23 March, 1665-6, aged 18 ; 
of Gray's Inn x666. See Foster's Gray's Inn Re^. 

Archer, Thomas, s. T., of Tamworth, co. Warwick, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 12 June, 1686. aged 
17 ; sroom-porter to Queen Anne and to George I. 
and II., died in 1743. brother of Leigh. 

Archer, Thomas, s. And., of Tamworth, co. Warwick, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 25 July, 1712, aged 
17; of Umberskde, co. Warwick, M.P. Warwick 
1735-40, and of Bramber 1741, until created Baron 
Archer 1747, died 17 Oct, 1768. 

Arden, Evans, of Oxon, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
mauic -entry tmder date zo Jan., X574'5i offcd 2a 

Arden, Geoige, 'serv.' Merton Coll., matric. a? 
Nov., 1650 ; B.A sz Feb.. 1653^4. [20] 

Arden, John, commoner of Trinity Coll. in oc 
before 1564. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Arden, John, subs. 4 Nov., 16x4 ; B.A from Exetes 
"""—- Coll. 23 Oct, x6i6, M.A 26 June, Z619. 

Arden, Richard, gent Trinity Coll., matric. 31 
March, 1653. 

Arden, Walter, s. Ambrose, of Longcrosse, ca Stafford, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matric. 5 Dec, 1623, aged t8. 

Arden, William (Ardynn), of Somerset, pleb^ Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. Z3 March, 1589-90, aged 19 ; 
B.A 4 Dec., Z592, M.A 4 July. Z595, rector ot 
Lufton, Somerset. 1596. and of'^Brimpton 1613. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [as] 

Ardeme, Gabriel, of co. Letoester, pleb. Lincoln 
COLU, matric. 23 June, Z615, aged 18 ; RA. 24 April 
i6z6. vicar of Holy Cross, Westgate. and rector cf 
St Mildred in Canterbury Z662. See Foster's /nitx 

Ardeme, James, of Christ Coll., Cambridge. 9 
July, Z653, B.A Z656; inoorp. as M.A. 13 luly, 
Z658 (D.D. Dublin, incorp. at Cambridge 1671}, rt- 
incorp. as D.D. 15 July, 1673. minister of St Botolph, 
Aldgate, chaplain-in-ordinary to Charles II., rector 
of Thomton-in-le-Moor z666, and of Davenham. 
Cheshirc, z68a, vicar of Neston 1687, dean of Chester 
July, 1682. died z8 Sept, 1691. See EanoaMer,i, 
470 ; Le Neve, iii. 265 ; & FasH, iL 338. 

Ardem, John, sutis. II Nov., 1614; a. A. from Uni- 
— VERSITY Coll. 26 July, 1617. M.A. 19 June. i6ao. 

Ardeme. Leonard (Ardren), at CORPUS Christi Coll. 
I Q28, from OxoD ; B. A. 23 June, Z531, fellow 153a, 
M.A 28 June. 1534, B.D. 26 Sept, 1540. 

Ardem, Richard (Ardren), B.A 12 July, 1529, M.A. 
25 Feb., Z533-4. proctor 1538. See O.H.S,, \. 30; 

Ardeme, Richaid, y.s. Joh., of Harding. Chcshu>;, 
equitis. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 15 March, 
1694-5, ^S^ '^ » ^'^ Z698, M.A I March. 1702-3. 

Ardeme, Thomas, of Christ Church ; B.A. 8 Feb.. 
1536-7, MA. 2 May, 1539, of Lincoln College and 
Christ Church, vicar otSouth Stoke, Oxon. 1551. 
rector of Hartlebury, co. Worcester, 1554. pretl of 
York, 1556, of Worcester 1558. See Foster's Inda 
Ecclesiasticus & Fasti, i. 109. 

Ardeme, Thomas, s. Richard, of Chichester, Susser. 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 22 Jan., 1629^30, 
aged 21 ; RA 3 Feb., 1629-30, M.A. 25 Oct., 1632. 

Ardem, William (Arden), Dominican ; B.D. (sup.) » 
June, 1509, sup. 14 Oct, 1520, for incorp. as D.D. 
in the Court of Rome, prior elect of the College or 
Convent of the Black Fryers in the south suburb of 
Oxford. See O.H.S., L 66 ; & FasH, L 38. 52. 

Ardem, William, of CO. Chester, gent St. Mart 
Hall, matric. 19 Jan., 1581-2, aged 17. [35] 

Aretius. Jacob (Germano Britannus), 'studied now m 
•^ Oxon 1613. See Fasti, i. 355. 

Argall , Gabriell. of Christ Church 1561 ; B. A iS 
March. i569-7a See O.H.S., i. 

Argall, John ; student of Christ Church, B.A 22 
Oct, 1562, M.A. 13 Feb., 1565-6, B.D. 19 Feb., 
1582-3, licence to preach 23 Oct., 1605, vicar d 
Chalgrove. Oxon, 1571, rector of Cadldgh. Devoo« 
1573* of Halesworth, Suffolk, 1580. and of Holetoa, 
Z585, and of Heveningham, 1590, buried at Hales- 
worth, Suffolk, 8 Oct, x6o6 (3s. of Thomas Argall, 
by Margaret, dau. of John Talkame, of Cornwall, 
born in Lrf>ndon). See Foster's Index Bcclesiasticta 
&AtA.,L 76a 

Argall, Samuel, of Essex. D.Med. Padoa 1648, is- 
Corp. zz March, 165 1-2. See Fasti, iL 167. 

Argent, John; RA from Peter HotTSS. Camb.. 1581. 
sup. for incorp. 7 May. 2583, M.A from Exeter 

^ Coll. 27 June, 1584. See O.H.S., sl 364. [tO. 

Aris. See Arris. 

Arley, Henry (or Appld>y), created M.A. 31 Aug., 1636. 
r Arlioge, William, subscribed 23 April, X013. 

Arlissne, Thomas; fellow of Queen's Coll.. will 
proved at Oxford 18 July, Z436. 

[30 J 

John Armamar. 

150a— 1714, 

Robert Arnolds. 

Aniiaxiar,John.orWllts,pleb. Hart Haxx. matric 
29 lane, i6io» aged aa « «. ^^ 

Armeu, WQliaiD. s. Geoixe, of Thorodee, 00. Stafford, 
plebu Magdalin Hall, matric. 4 Dec.. 1699, 
aged 90; RA. 98 June, 1633, vicar of Biddalpb, 
X663. See Fostei^s Index EuUsiasHcta, 

Armistead, Wmiam (Harmestede); M.A. abroad, 
inoorp. 8 July. 1527. and *iap. la Dec, 1527, for 
Inoorp. as BbD./ canon of St Paul's XS39, D.D., and 
a master in chancery, vicar of All Saints. Northamp- 
ton, 1545-50, rector of Kislingbury, Northants, 1542, 
until his death 31 Oct. , 1558. See roster^s Index Ecc, 

Armit, William (Armytt, or Ermite), B.A. a June, 
1C15. SeeO.//:5..i ~ 

Azmitage, James, s. Ant, of Ahnondbory, Yorks, p.p. 
UNiVEBsnr Coll., matric. 17 Dec., 1^4. aged zS. 

Annitag:e, John; M.A. of Cambridge University, 
incorpw 9 Jnlv, i6aa ; John Amytage, of Kirklees «. 
(son of John}, was a student of the Inner Temple 
16x8. buried at Hartshead 6 July, 1624. [6] 

Armitage, John, gent Univessitt Coll., matric. 
a April. 1653: BlA. 96 Nov., 1656, M.A. 3 June, 
1659, incorp. at Cambridge 1663 (perhaps of Ker- 
resforth Hall. Yorks). 

Armitage* Thomas (Armytage), zs. John, of Kirklees, 
Yorks, bart University Coll., matric. 19 Dec, 
1668, aged z6 ; 3rd baronet, died between Feb. and 
May, 169^ See Foster^s Yorkshire CoUectiom. 

Armitsteade, James, s. Robert, of Mursley, Bucks, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matria 5 April, 1707, 
aged 17; BlA. 17x0 (as ' Armestead '), rector of 
Ashingdon, Essex, 17x2. See Foster's Index Ecc, 

AnnltSteadf Robert, s. Hugh, of Clayton, Yorks, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. aa June, 1714, 
aged 31 ; &A. 1718. [lO] 

Armitatead, William, s. Hugh, of Cbpharo, Yorks, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 14 July, 1707, 
aged 3Z ; B.A. 171 1, vkar of Sbottswelf, oa War- 
wick. 17x3. and of Chalcombe, Northants, 17x7, 
buried there 98 Aug., 1737. See Foitai^s Index Ecc. 

Armorer, Sir Nicholas ; created D.CI* 4Fd>., z666^. 
M.P. for Taghmon X665. oa Wexford x666. depuQr. 
governor of Fort of Dnngannon X67X (then a captain), 
died 25 Feb., 1685. 

Armorer, William, created M.A. 28 Sept, 1663. 

Armstead, Thomas, s. Mich., of Shrewsbury, der. 
Christ CBintCH. matric. 3 April. 1677, aged 15 ; 
student (deprived 1693), B.A. 1683, M.A. x686, 
author of 'a dialogue.' See Ath,, iv. 66x ; & FasH, 

ii. 399> 

Armston, V^lliam, of co. Leicester, pleb. Balliql 
Coll., matria x Dec, 1609, aged x8; B.A. 4 Feb., 
x6za-z3, M.A. 15 May, x6i6, incorp. at Cambridge 
1617. [15] 

ArmstrongTt y«<1ninnd (Armestronge), B.A. a June, 

Annstxong^, Hugh, subscribed ax Oct., x6x4 ; one of 

these names rector of Thorpe in Glebis, Notts. X625, 

and of Rempstone, Notts, x63> 
Armstronj?. John, BA. 20 July, 1553, M.A. 93 Jan., 

1537-8. IlMed. sup. July. X5^8. 
Arms^roxige, John, of Cambridge University, ineorp. 

as M.A. zsTuly, x6a4 ; one of these names rector of ^ 

South Lu£fenham, Rutland, X633. See Foster's 

Index EccUsiasHcus, 
AimstrORgf Thomas, s. Thomas, of parish of St 

James, London, gent Christ Church, matric. 

13 May, Z709, aged x5 ; B.A. 25 Feb., X7X3-X4, M.A. 

X716. [ao] 

Amey, Hemy, of ca Monmouth, gent Oriel Coll., 
matric X4 Oct, X597, aged X5. 

Amey, John, B. A. 25 Ftb. , X52X-3. See 0,H,S,^i, — — 

Amey, Rees, of ca Monmouth, gent Brasenose 
Coll., matric 28 March, 1617, aged z8. '"- 

Amey, WOliam ; B.A. from St. Edmund Hall, 18 
Feb., x6o8^, M.A. 4 July, i6ix. vicar of Nash, ca 
Monmouth, x6x7, preb. of Llandaff X619, rector of 
Llansoy. oa Monmouth. 1620, died aboot 163X. 
See Fostei's Index EccUsiastiats, 

Amey, William, s. Alexander, of Bamsley, Dorset, 
pleb. Wadham Coll.. matric 3 Nov., x6a6, aged 
xy; B.A. from St. Edmund Hall xg Feb., 
1627-8. [as] 

Arnold, Andrew, s. Andrew, of Lndgate Hill, London, 
gent Pembroke Coll., matric x6 April, X64X, 

Arnold, Charles, gent TRiNmr Coll., matric 25 
July. x6ss. 

Arnold, Edmund, of Mbrton Coll., created B.C.U 
xo Oct, x66x, of the Court of Arches. See FaUip 
ii. 252. 

Arnold, Edmund, s. Edmund, of London, arm. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 23 Feb., 1665-6, aged 17. 

Arnold, Francis; B.A. from Magdalen Coll. 26 
May. 1587, admon. of the effects of. a^ chaplain of 
Merton, of these names, granted at Oxford ax June. 

1587. [»o] 

Arnold, Harman, B.A. xa July. 1535. 
"TCnolde, Hemv, of Dorset, gent Wadham Coll.. 
matric 24 April, x6i8, aged x8 ; son and heir of 
Henry, of Milton, Dorset, admitted to Middle 
Temple 162a See Foster's Inns t/ Court Reg.: 
Hutchin's Dorsei^ ii. 6x8 ; & Gardiner^ 29. 

Amoll, Jeremias, of Cambridge University ; incorp. as 
M. A. 16 July. 160X. 

Arnold, John, B.A. 3 July, X5X4. See O.H,S„ i 

Arnold* John (Amall). of Notts, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric 13 March, X589^, aged X3. [SB] 

Arnold, John, 1638. See Alumni Wat, xoo (? Au- 

Arnold, John, B.Med. from Lkyden University, 
inoorp. 24 May, X649 ; 'put in fellow of Merton 
Coll. by the visitors — Feb., x649*5o, originally an 
apothecary's boy,' D.Med, from Merton Coll. xx 
April, X654, practised in York until his death. See 
Burrows, X76, 297 ; OM.S,, Iv. 391 ; ft I^ti, ii. 
124. x83. 

Arnold, John, 'serviens,' s. James, of Upton-on- 
Sevem, oa Worcester, p.p. Balliol Coll., 
matric 24 May. x66i. aged x8 ; EA. from All 
Souls' Coll. i6iS4. rector of Pendock, co. Worces- 
ter, x668. father of John X684. See Foster's Inns of 
Court R^, 

Arnold, John, s. Mich., of Westminster, gent St. 
John's Coll., matric 17 June, 1670, aged 16 ; B.A. 
X674, of Gray's Inn X678. See Fosters Graffs Inn 
Reg. [39] 

Amoul, John, s. J., of Pendock. ca Worcester, cler. 
All Soin^' Coll.. matric 2 July. X684. aged 18. 

Arnold, John. s. Anton., of Gloucester (city), gent 
Wadham Coll.. matric. 16 May, X689. aged 16. 

Arnold, Nicholas, s. John, of Lbmtonie, co. Mon- 
mouth, arm. St. Alban Hall, matric 29 Nov., 
x6i6, aged x6. 

Amoldy Nicholas, s. Joh., of Highnam. co. Gloucester, 
arm. Jesus Coll., matric 27 April, X683. aged 
15. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Arnold, Philip, RA. I Feb., X5767, M.A. 9 March, 
1570-80. See OM.S., xU. 64. 

Amola, Ralph, s. 'GuiUe,' of Dorking. Surrey, p. p. 
TRINITY Coll., matric 4 Nov.. X673. aged xy ; 
B.A. from NEVir Inn Hall 1677, M.A. x68o. [ftB] 

Arnold, Richard, of Dorset, 'der. fil.* Wadham 
Coll., matric 24 April, x6x8. aged x<; scholar 
1610^. B.A. 30 Jan., 1626-7. See Gardiner, 51. 

Arnold, Richard, s. Antony, of ca Gloucester, gent 
Balliol Colu, matric xa Sept, X640. aged X4. 

Arnold, Richard, s. Ant, of Gloucester (city), gent 
Brasenose Coll., matric x March, 1677-8, aged 
x6; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, X687. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Amolde, Robert, of Dorset, gent CHRIST Church, 
matric. 15 June. X582, aged 15. 

Amolde, Robert, of ST. MARY HALL ; admon. at 
Oxf<vd granted 13 Feb. (? 1588). [jiO] 


Robert Arnold, 

1500— 1714. 

John Arscot. 

Arnold, Robert, of Dorset, 'cler. fil.* New Coll., 
matnc. 19 Jiioe, 1610, aged 18 ; B.A. from Wad- 
ham Coll. 10 Nov., 1614, chaplain, M.A. 23 June, 
16x7, rector of Melcombe Horsey, Dorset, x6i6-48. 
See Foster's Indtx Ecclesiasticus & Gardiner^ 20. 

Arnold, Robert, subscribed 3 June, 1614 ; B.A. from 
Wadham Coll. 25 Feb., 1616-17, fellow 1619-33, 
M.A, 24 May, x6alo ; incorp. at Cambridge 1628. 
libmrian 1631, buried in the north part of the outer 
chapel 24 June, 1635. See Gardiner, 14. 

Arnold, Samuel, s. Tanner, of Westminster, Middle- 
sex, gent. Merton Coll., matric. 22 April, 1692, 
aged 17 ; B. A. 1695. M.A. 1698, prcb. of Chichester 
1706, rector of Nettleton, Wilts. 1714. 

Arnold, Thomas, B.A. from Peter House, Cam- 
bridge, 1658. M.A 1662 (incorp. za July, 2664), 
LL.D. i68a 

Arnold, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Haselbury-Brian, 
Dorset, cler. Wadham Coll., matric. a April, 
1669, ^S^ ^7 • o^c o^ these names rector of Hasel- 
bury-Drian 1661. [S] 

Arnold, Thomas, s. T., of Betchworth, Surrey, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 27 June, 1711, aged 17. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Arnold, William, student of Christ Chitrch 1573, 
B.A 28 Feb., 1575-6, M.A 22 June, 1579; one of 
these names rector of Melcombe Horsey, Dorset, 
Z584 & 1616. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & 
0.//,S., xii. 56. 

Arnold, William, subscribed 3 Jane. 26x4 ; B.A. from 
Wadham Coll. 25 Feb., 1616-17, M.A. i July, 
1620, fellow 1621-38, librarian, sub-warden 1632. 
See Gardiner, 14. 

Arnold, William, s. William, of 'Portwais,' Salop, 
pleb. Baluol Coll., matiic. 6 Nov., 17x2. aged 
16 ; B.A. 17x6, M.A 17x9. 

Amway, John, of Salop, pleb. St. Edmund Hall, 
matria 4 Dec., 16x8, aged 18 ; B.A. 27 Feb., 1621-2, 
M.A. 2 June, X624, created D.D. ao Dea, 1642, 
royalist divine, rector of Hod net, and of Ight- 
field, Salop, X635, preb. of Lichfield 1633, arch- 
deacon of Coventry 1642, his estate was sequestrated 
and he imprisoned ; on the King's death he retired 
to the Hague, died in Virginia 1653. See Ath,, iii. 

307- [10] 

Arris, Eldridge (Aris), s. William, of Oxford (dty), pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. aa March, 1677-8, aged 
z8 ; clerk of Magdalen Coll. 1680-6. B.A. x68x, 
M.A. 1684, rector of Stoke Gifford, co. Gloucester, 
1688, preb. of Bath and Wells X689. vicar of Ched- 
dar. Somerset, x6^. See Foster's Index EcclesiaS' 
ticus & Blaxam, ii. 78. 

Arris, John, X509. See Aras. 

Arris, John (Aris, Ayris, or Aras). B.A. from Mag- 
dalen Coll. 9 July, 1613, M.A 3 July, 16x6, 
rector of Passenham, Northants, X626. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Arris, John. s. John, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric 27 June, 1623, aged X7; B.A 
27 Feb., X627-8, M.A 8 June, 1630, vicar of Steeple 
Claydon x6a8, rector of Middle Claydon, Bucks, 
1630. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Arris, Robert, s. Rolandi of co. Gloucester, gent 
Magdalen Hall, matric. z8 May, 1639, aged 
x6 ; died unmarried. [18] 

Arris, Rowland, gent. MAGDALEN Hall. matric. X3 
Oct, Z65X ; B.A 16 Nov., 1651. M.A. 2X July, 1654 
(son of Rowland, of Charringworth. 00. Gloucester), 
rector of Whatcott, co. Warwick, 1666, died in 170a. 
See Burrows, 123. 

Arris, Thomas, B.Med. z & D.Med, zo Aug., X65Z, of 
13 years* standing in the University; incorp. at 
Cambridge 1657. of Great Munden, Herts. M.r St. 
Albans X66X-78, bon. fellow of College of Physicians 
1644 (eldest son of Edward Arris, of London, 
serjeant-surgeon to the King), died master of the 
Company of Barber Surgeons 165X, lather of Thomas 
Z669. See Monk's I^oU, i 34a ; ft Fasti, il 267. 

Arris, Thomas (Aris). of Oxon, pleb. Magdalln 
Hall, matric. 30 July, X596, aged 17 ; B.A from 
Brasenose Coll. xo Feb., 1598-9. 

Arris, Thomas, s. Thomas, of St Albans, Herts, 
D.Med. Merton Coll., matric. X3 July, 1669. 
aged x6 ; of Lincoln's Inn 1672. See Foster's Inrs 
of Court Reg. [l9] 

Arris, William (Aris), 'servile* ; subs. 24 July, 1654. 

Arris. William (Aris), s. William, of Oxford (city), 
piftb. All Souls' Coix., matric. a6 March. 1670, 
aged 17; B.A from St. Edmund Hall 1673; 
M.A. from All Souls' Coll. x68a, rector of Sbep- 
ton Mallet x68o, and of Famborough X683, father of 
the next named. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Arris, William (Aris). s. G. (? ' Gul'), of Famborough, 
Somerset, cler. Balliol Colu, matric. 29 March. 
1709, aged 18 ; B.A. x8 March, i7ia-X3, vicar of 
Keynsbam 17x7. See Foster's Index Eulesiasticus. 

Arrowsmith, Edward, s. Joh., of Warrington, co. 
Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. ao 
March, 1706-7, aged X7; EA 17x0, M.A 1715. 
vicar of Mitcham, Surrey, 1717^ rector of St. OUve, 
Hart Street, x7ao, president of the Corporation of 
the London Clergy X737. See Foster's Index EccU- 
siasticus & Rawlittson iii. X65 ; xvi. 94. 

Arrowsznytll, John, of Berks, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 33 Nov., 1593, aged X5. 

Arrowsmith, John, s. J. , of Grappenhall, Cheshire, 
paup. Brasenose Coll. , matric. 18 March, x69x-2. 
aged x8 ; B.A 1695. [as] 

Arrowsmith, Thomas, B.A. from TiiNiTT Coll, 
Cambridge, X693, M.A X697; incorp. xi July. 1682, 
rector of Aldburgh and Starston. Norfolk, 16991 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Hearne, i. aS?. 

Arsoot, Ailnoth. BCan.L., D.Can.L.., sup. ao Nov., 
15x31 principal of Peckwater Inn X503, ' now in- 
volved within the limits of Christ Church ' (son 
of John Arscott, of Arscott, Devon, see Vivian's 
Devon Visitations) ? rector of Asbwater 1504. and 
of Cheriton Fitzpaine X5a7, died 6 March, 1537. 
See Fasti, L 38. 

Arsoott, Alex., s. John, of Nympton St. Geor^, 
Devon, cler. Balliol Coll., matric. 8 July. 1693. 
aged x8 ; expelled the University, turned Quaklr. 
and lived at Bristol, died in March, 1737. See A'<r£>- 
linson, vi. x68, xvi. 96. 

Arsoot, Arthur, of Devon, arm. Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 6 May, 1597, aged x6. 

Arscott, Arthur, s. William, of Tetoott. Devon, gent 
Trinity Coll.. matric. 5 May. x668, aged 16; 
of the Inner Temple 1669. See Fostei^s /nns of 
Court Reg. [36] 

Arscott, Dennis, s. Joh., of Tetcott. Devon, arm.' 
Exeter Coll., matric. a June. xyox. aged 16 ; of 
Ethy, Cornwall, sherifif X718, of the Inner Temple 
X70X, buried a5 April, X73X. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, 

Arscott, Edmond. of Devon, arm. Exeter Coll.. 
matric. a4 May, X599, aged x8 ; B. A. 3X Jan. . 1599- 
x6oo (eldest son of Arthur, of Tetcott), specially 
admitted, of the Inner Temple x6ox, buried st 
Tettoott z Oct, 1656, brother of Esekiel x6o<: See 
Foster's Inns qf Court Reg. & O.H.S., x. 371. 

Arscott, Edmond, s. Joh., of Tetcott, Devon, arm. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 33 Feb., 1703-4, aged 17; 
baptized 30 March, X686-7, buried x6 April, 17x9. 

Arscott, Ezeckiel (Ayscott), of Devon, gent. St. 
Alban Hall, matria a8 June, X605, aged 15 ; R^ 
15 Dec, x6o8, M.A 7 July, 16x5, of Lamertoo, 
Devon, made his will 3 Msu^, X647, proved 22 
March, 1653. 

Arscott, Hercules, of Devon, gent Broadgates 
Hall, matric. zz Oct, X583, aged xq; (son of 
Richard], baptized at Asbwater, xa May, X56a. [35] 

Arscot, John (or Ascot), B.A. la March, Z54o-z, M.A. 
7 March, X54x-a, possibly nephew of Ailnoth (or 
Halnath) aforesaid, and of Arscott and Holsworthy. 
and of tne Inner 'Temple, died x May, X563. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & OM»S„ U 


John Arscott, 

1500— 1714, 


Arscott, John (or Ascott), s. J., of Tetcott, Devon, 
arm. EXETER COLL., matric. 14 April, 1698, aged 
16 ; of the Inner Temple 1700, buned at Tetcott, 
32 Dec. , 1701. See Foster's Inms of Court Reg. 

Arscotty Richard (Ascott), of Devon, pleb. Exeter 
Coll., matric. 28 June, z6x6, aged 34; B.A. az 
Oct., i6z9b 

Arscott, Thomas (Asket, or Haskott, or Arstede), 
EA. Z2 Nov., 1527, M.A. 5 Dec, 1530, admitted 
a Med. and to practice xa July, 1535. See O, H, S, , i. 

Althington, Fnmds, s. William, of Arthington, 
Yorks, arm. University Coll., matric. 19 Oct, 
1638, aged 17. See Foster's YorJh Visitations, 

Arthing^n, Percevall, secular chaplain, B.Can.L., 
sap. 23 Nov., X527. See a/r.5., L [5] 

Arthur, Baldwin, of Somerset, arm. fit nat max. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 8 Dec., 16x5, aged X7 ; as 
SOD and hdr of Thomas, of Bristol, gent, admitted 
to the Middle Temple x6i6. See Foster's Imu of 
Court Reg, 

Arthur, Charles, s. John, of Doncaster, Yorks, gent 
Lincoln Coll., matria Easter, 1704, aged 17 ; 
B.A. X767, M. A. 1710, vicar of Wadworth, Yorks, 
7712. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Arthur, Hdier, s. Helier, of Jersey, pleb., p.p. Christ 
Church, matric. ax Oct, X664, aged i$\ B.A. 
1670, M.A. 1673. 

Arthur, John, minorite, B.D. sup. May 1533^ ' 

Arthure, John ; St. Edmund Hall B. A. , 3 Dec , 1599. 

Arthur, John, s. John, of Uangadwallader, Anglesea, 
pleb. Hart Hall, matria 18 March, x63S-6, 
•ged 14. Txi] 

Arthur, John, D.D. by diploma 10 Oct, 1660; B.A. 
from Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, 1632, rector of 
Clapham, Surrey, 1643, ejected for Nonconformity 
1662. Sec Fasti, iL 241. 

Arthur, John, s. John, of Clapham, Surrey, Med. 
Doc. Magdalen Coll., matric. 3 June, 1665, 
aged 18 ; of the Middle Temple X663, his father 
there desc ri bed as doctor of theology. Memo. : J. A. 
rector of Clapham, Suxrey, 1642. 

Arthur, John, s. W., of Guildford, Surrey, pleb. 
Magdalen Hah., matric. 26 July, 1672, agea 16 ; 
B. A. X676, M.A. i678. See Foster's Index Ecclesi- 

Arthur, Mahcfal (Arture), EA. 30 April, 1512, sup. 
as D.Med, of Bononia 5 Nov., 1516, for leave to 
practice. See Fasti, L 43 ; & OM.S., i. 76. [is] 

Arthur, Owen, of Anglesea, pleb. Christ Church, 
^ matric. 38 March, X617, aged xy ; B.A. 17 Dec., 
X619, rector of Lynch, Sussex, 1622, and vicar of 
Ferring, Sussex, X632. See Foster's Index Ecclesi- 

Arthur, Richard, s. Richard, of Blackwell, Somerset, 

e'cb. Trinity Coll. , matric 13 May, x64a, aged 17, 
ur, Rk:hard. s. Fran., of Norleigh, ca Gloucester, 
p. p. Balliol Coll., matric x6 March, 1705-6, 
aged 18 : B. A. 1709, rector of Tredunnock, oa Mon- 
mouth, X713, vicar of DriflSeW, co. Gloucester, 173a, 
rector of Leckhampton 1738, and of Hamhill, 00. 
Gloucester, Z73a See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Arthur, Rowland, & William, of Bangor, co. Carnar- 
von, plebu Jesus Coll., matric xa Nov., z68o, 
aged zo ; B.A. 1684. 

Arthur, Thomas, ann. Christ Church, matric 26 
Nov.,x6sa [zo] 

Amndell, Alexander (Arrundell), of Devon, gent 
Broadgates Haul, matric 3 April, 1596. aged 
2A ; B.A. from ExsTER Coll. xa July, 1599, one 
of these names rector of Lapford, Devon, Z623. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Amudell, Charles, s. George, of St Mawgan, Corn- 
wall, arm. Gloucester Hall, matric za Dec, 
1634, aged x6. 

AnmdelL Daniel, of go. Gloucester, gent Brase- 
NosE Coll., matric 22 March, 1593-4, aged 17. 
aA. 26 Oct, X597, M.A. 4 Julv, 1600, rector of 
LLingattock. ca Monmouth, zoxa Se^ Foster's 
Index Eccksiastiau, 

Arundelli Edward, s. Fr., of Stoak Park, Northants, 
arm. Queen's Coll., matric 5 Nov., X708, aged 
x6 ; B.A. Z712, M.A. 1715, rector of Houghton, 
Northants, X718, brother of John X700. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus & Vivian's Cornwall Visita- 
tions, r3. 

Arundell, Ellis, of Somerset, ' der. fit' Queen's 
Coll., matric 5 Dec, x6o6, aged xy; B.A. 23 
June, x6x0b M.A. 8 July, 1613, vicar of OverStowey, 
Somerset, x6x9, rector of Elworthy, Somerset, X635. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. fael 

ArundeJJL Emannel, subscnbed x8 Nov., 1614 ; B.A. 
from OiRiST Church 23 Jan., x6x7-x8, M.A. 26 
June, z6ao, rector of Stoko Bniem, Northants, X625, 
sequestered 1648, buried at Roade ao July, 1649. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Add. MS., X5.67a 

Arundell, Fhmds, s. John, of Newland, Cornwall, arm. 
Gloucester Hall, matric 31 March. 1637, aged x6. 

Arundell, Gregory, of Comwail, ' der. fiL' Exeter 
Coll., matnc 29 Feb., Z599-Z600, aged z6 ; B.A. 

from Broadgates Hall Z5 Jul^. 1603, ^*A. 3 
Julv, z6o6, son of Walter, rector of Sheviocke. Corn- 
wall, and of LAdock Z6Z3. See Foster's Index Ecclesi- 


Arundoll, John, died Z503-4. See Atk., ii. 692. 

Arundell, John, determined from Broadgates Hall 
X619-20 (B.A.). See O.H.S., x. 291 ; xii. 379. [30I 

Arundell, John, s. Thomas, of Sithny, Cornwall, 
militis. !£XETER COLL., matric 28 May, x6a4, 
aged 19 ; of Truthall, Cornwall, a colond of horse 
for Charles I., deputy-governor of Pendennis Castle, 
buried at Sithney 25 May, i67X, lather of John X655. 

Arundell, John, subscribed 9 Dec, X63X ; John, son 
and heir of John, of Trerioe, Cornwall, arm. ; 
admitted to Lincoln's Inn X633. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. 

ArundelL John, s. Himiphiy, of Humditch, Devon, 
pleb. Exeter Coll. , matric z6 Oct , X640, aged x8. 

Arundell, John, arm. Exeter Coll., matric 31 
May, X655 ; John, ddest son of John, of Tmbhail, 
Cornwall; Esq., admitted to the Middle Templo 
Z657. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Arundell, John, o. s. Richard, Baron ofT^rerise, Com- 
walL WADHAM Coll., matric. 13 Tune, 1667, 
aged x8 ; and Lord Arundd of Irerise In 1688, 
buried in St James's, Westminster, 23 June, 1698. 

Amndellj, John, s. John, of T^emadart, Cornwall, 
arm. &XETBR Coll., matric 27 June, X67X, aged 
x8. [36] 

Arundell, John, s. Fhmcis, of Stoakbrewem, North- 
ants, arm. Queen's Coll., matric ax March, 
X699-X700, a£^ z6 ; B.A. X703. M.A. X706, rector 
of Great Houghton, Northants, X707, brother of 
Edward X708. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Arundell, John, s. J., of Exeter (dty), gent Baluol 
Coll., matric ao March, X699-X700, aged xc 

Arundel, Nathanid, of Somerset, * der. nl' Corpus 
Christi Coll., matric z Dec, X615, aged x8,* 
B. A. xa June, X6X9. 

Amndell, Nathanid, ' der. fil' Hart Hall, matric 
X7 March, x65|-4 ; B.A. X3 Oct , 1657, M.A. az June, 
z66o, B.D. adjan., X669-70, rector of Exford, Somer- 
set, x668. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [ftO] 

Arundell, Thomas, of Comvrall, gent, 'scholaris 
Mri. Case.' JBSUS Coll., matric a Nov., X58a, 
aged X3. 

ATTindeu^ Thomas (Arrundell), of Cornwall, equitis 
fil. Exeter Coll., matric Oct, 1594, aged X7 ; 
probably Sb: Thomas, of Triithall. knighted at 
Greenwich 1603, died X630 (son of Sir John, of Td- 
veme), father <» John X624. 

Amndell, Thomas, of Somerset, 'cler. fiL' Queen's 
Coll., matric 3 May, z6xi, aged x8, B.A. 30 June, 
16x4; M.A. from Broadgates Hall 30 June, 
X617, then in orders, rector of Merrow, Surrey, 
X627. and of East Clandon 16401 See Postal's Index 

Arundell, William, of Somerset, 'der. fit' Mbrton 
Coll., matric zo Nov.i z6az, aged ax. 


William Arumdell. 

1500— 1714. 

William Ashby. 

AxtUldell,WniuuD,orCorawaU,uiiL ExetbrColi^ 
nutric. 9 Dec 1631, aged 15; Wm., 3s. John, of 
Troioe, Cornwall, &q., admitted to Linootn's Inn, 
1633. See Fotuts Jmns of Court Reg. 

AmnaeU, WDUam, * wen: Hast Hall, matric. 5 
April, 165^ ; EA. 4 Nor., 1658, rector of Norton 
Malreward, Somerset, 166a. Siee Fottei's Judex 
EccUsiasticus & luus of Court Reg, 

Anindell, WiUlam, ann. Magdalbn Hau^ matric 
99 Oct., 1657. 

AnmdeU, WiUiaffl, a. WnUam, of Fafanoatb. Corn- 
wall. p.p. 'ntwirr Coll., matrfc. 3 Nov., 1674, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 1678, rector of FUldgb, Devon, 168a. 

Arundell, WlUiam, I. David, of Whitney. Oxon, pipi 
TftiNiTY Coll.. matiic. Easter term 1704, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 96 Jan., 1707-8, rector of Great Houghton, 
Northants, 1708. See Foster's Judex EccUsiasticus, 

Arundale. WUliam; M.A. from Tkinity Coll.. 
Cambridge, 1705 ; incorp. 5 March, 1708-9. [e] 

Arwaker. Mark, «. Francis, of Chehnsford, Essex. 
pleb. Wadhau Coll., matric. 12 July. 2670. aged 
Z7 ; B.A. 1674, rector of Chignell Smeely. Es^. 
1677, as Marcus. See Foster's Judex EccUsiasticus. 

Asaravia, Adrian, D.D., rector of the University of 
Leyden, incorp. 9 July, 1590^ See OM.S.t z. ^ 

Asoham. Giles ; scholar Tkinitt Coll., Cambridge. 
1578, B.A. 1583, fellow 1583, M.A. 1586. incorp. as 
M.A. zi July, 1586. and again zo July, 1593 (the 
eldest son of Queen Elizabeth's famous tutor, Roger 
Ascham). on the foundation of Westminster school 
Z573. ^cai* of Trumpington 2591, rector of Stoke 
Fleming. Devon. Z594, and of Duxforth St Peter, 
Cambridge. Z59C, made his will 15 June, Z5961. See 

Cooper, ii. 907 : ft Alumui lVest,,KK. 
Asoham, Humph. B.A. from St. Mast Hall, zo 

Afldiiam, JLewis. RA. from Gloucester Hall. 6 
Feb., Z579-3 ; fellow of Oribl Coll.. Z574, M.A. 
sup. 29 Jan.. Z577-8. See O.JJ.S,, xi. 34, xii. 25. 

Asgrlu. See also AiSG|LL. 

Afl^ll, John, pleU St. John's Coll., matric. 99 
Oct, Z657; RA. z66x. M.A. X665, as. of John, 
painter, bom in Gracechurch parish 84 Aug., Z637. 
See RoHnsou^ i. 189. 

ABhawe. See ASSHAWE. 

Aah1)0ld, Henry. BA. from St. John's Coll.. Cam- 
bridge, z63s; incorp. 15 July, zdaa [15] 

Ashbrldge, Robert (Asbridge). «. Robert, of Cald- 
beck, Cumberland, pleb., p. p. Queen's Coll., 
matric. 30 Oct, 1663. aged Z7; BA. 1668, M.A. zi 
March, zdyi-a. head-master of Rugby 1674-81, lather 
of the next named. See Rugby School Reg. , x. 

Ashbrld^, Samuel, s. Robert, of Courteenhnll, 
Northants, cler. Lincoln Coll., matria 14 March, 
1^-5* <^8ed Z7; dcroy Magdalen Coll. 1605- 
Z704. B.A. 1698, M.A. Z701. fellow 1704. until liis 
death 23 Feb.,/X709-ia See B/oxam, vi. Z3a 

Ashbroke, John (Asbroke), BA. sup. 1548-9, M.A* 
Z5 July, Z553, of Brasbnosb Coll., one of these 
names fellow of Eton 1558. See 0,/J,S., i. 

ABhbroke, John, scholar of Trinity Coll. Z566, 
B.A. za Feb., Z57i-a. See 0,JJ.S,, L 283 ; xii. 12. 

Aflllbrooke, John, pleb. Rrasenose Coll.. matric. 
3 July. 1640, aged z6; B.A. 7 May, Z644. See 
Fosters Judex Ecclesiasticus, [20] 

Ashbrooke, John (Asbrooke), s. John, of Stanuey, 
Cheshire, pleb. Brasbnosb Coll.. matric. 26 
Nov., i66a, aged z6u 

ABhbrooki Thomas (Assbrooke), B.Gram. zo July, 
Z568, a student In erammar ao years, and a school- 
master. See hasttt i. z8z. 

Aflhbroke, William, of co. Lancaster, pleb. St. 
John's Coll., matric-entry under date Z575. aged 

Ashbame, Robert, s. R., of Cockeiham, 00. Lancas- 
ter, p. p. Corpus Christi Colu, matric. a April, 
z68o, aged ao; B.A. Z683. M.A. 28 Feb. z68i5-7. 
rector of Bramdean, Hants, Z695. See Foster's 
Judex EccUsiasticus* 

Aahbome* Solomon, s. &. of Crowle. ca Lincoln, 
der. Lincoln Coll.. matric za May, Z687. a^ed 
Z5; RA. Z9 Jan.. Z690-Z. M.A. Z693. B.D. Z706, 
vicar of Crowle, ca Lincoln, 1713 [his father. Solo 
mon. rector of Kiricby Laythorpe, St. I>enis. and 
vicar of Osgaxby. ca Linootn, z66s. vicar of Crowte 
Z669, and of DuIUngham, co. Liocohi, Z669I [as] 

Aabblinij Thomas, s. John, of Althropp. ca Lincoln, 
cler. Lincoln Coll.. matric. 17 March. 1702-3, 
i^red z6; B.A. Z706. fdlov, M.A. Z7Z2, B.D. 1733, 
vicar of Crowle. oa Lincohi, Z7Z2, admon. (at Oxford j 
az Jan., zyac See Foster's Judex EccUsiasticus. 

Aahbnmer, lliomas, fellow Pembroke Coll. , Cam- 
bridge, RA. ZToa, M.A. Z706: incorp. 9 July. 17x1, 
vicar of Chrishall. Essex, zyia, and of Wendy. 00. 
Cambridge, Z7Z9^ See Foster's Judex EccUsiasticus. 

Aahbnmhani, Bertrand. s. J., of Ashbumham. Sos- 
sex, arm] CHRIST CUURCH, matric. Z4 E>ec, z663, 
aged z6 ; bar.-at-law of the Middle Temple Z669. 
brother of Charles z66o. See Foster's Judges ^nd 

Aahbnmliam, Charles, of Sussex, gent St. Alban 

Hall, matric Z3 Nov., z6o2. aged zs. B.A. z July, 

z6o6: B.C.L. from All Souls* Coll. ar Jan.. 

z6z2-Z3 (son of Adam), brother of Edward z6os, cf 

John z^98, and of LaurenoQ Z598. 

Asfibamnam, Charies, s. J. of Ashbamham, Sussex, 
arm. Christ Church, matric. Z4 Dec., z66o. of 
the Middle Temple 1660, brother of Bertxand i66cx 
See Foster's Jnus of Court Reg, { S O] 

Ashbamliam, Edward, of Sussex, gent St. Alban 
Hall, matria \\ Nov.. z6o2, aged 13 : B.A. i July, 
z6o6, M.A. 13 July, z6ii (son of Adam), vicar of 
Tunbridge. Kent, 1617. rector Gnestling, Sussex, 
Z632, preb. of Chichester 1642. brotherof Charles. 160a, 
and John. Z598. See Foster's Judex Ecclesiasticus, 

Ashbumham, John, B.A. 9 Dec.. ZS54. Sec 
O.H.S., i. 

Ashbumhaztt, John, of Sussex, gent St. Alb an 
Hall, matnc. zo Nov., Z598. aged Z4 ; admitted to 
Gray's Inn z6o2. as second son of Adam, of Brom- 
ham, Sussex, knighted at Titchfield. Hants. 12 
Sept, z6a5. somedme servant to the Queen of 
Bohemia. See Foster's Graj^s Juu Reg. 

Ashbamham. John, s. Denny, of Gestling. Sussex, 
Bart., St. Mary Hall, matric. 30 March, Z669. 
aged x8 ; of the Middle Temple z669^ 

Ashbamham, Lawrence, of Sussex, gent St. Alb.\x 
Hall, matric. zo Nov., ZS98, aged zs ; of Bromhani, 
Sussex, admitted to Giay's Inn i6oa (son of Adan>^. 
married at All Hallows-in-the-Wall roPeb.. Z617-13, 
Bridget, eldest dau. of Sir George Fleetwood, of tlie 
Vacbe. Bucks, grandfather of John last named. Se«? 
Foster's Grafs Juu Reg, [%S\ 

Ashbamham, Richard. Exeter Coll., B.A sop.' 

26 May, 16x9. See O.JJ.S,, xii. 379. 

Ashby, Edward (Ashbie), of co. Leicester, gent. 

■•^ Lincoln Coll., matric. 5 May, X615, aged Z9. 

Ashby, Francis (s. Robert), of Middlesex, 'equitis.' 
CoAPUS Christi Coll., matric. 9 Feb., Z609-10, 
aged 16 ; B.A. from Trinity Colu a July. z6i2. 
of BrnJcspears, Middlesex, and of Gray's Inn X609. 
knighted at Ashby-de>Ia-Zouch 2 Sept, Z617, created 
a baronet z8 June. z6a2, baptized at Harefield zoOct . 
1592, died 23 Dec., Z623. See ColL Top,^ v. za9. 

Ashbey, Luke, s. Richard, of Worcester (city), {^eb 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 30 March. Z677, aged i; : 
EA. x68o, M.A. Z683. vicar Stoke Bliss, 00. Here- 
ford, Z683. I 

Ashby, Richard (Ashbie), gent Lincoln COLU. matric 
9 Feb. , 1648-9. See Foster's Jnus of Court Reg. 

Ashby , William, M.A. of Cambridge Universitt 
incorp. az June, Z566, from Christ Church (son of 
Everard Ashby. of Loseby. co. Leic.), fdlow-oorr- 
moner Peterbouse, Cambridge, created M.A. X566, 
M.P. for Grantham Z586-7, Queen's resident am> 
bassador for Scotland June, Z588. died on his return 
journey in Jan.|Z589*9a See OM.S,, i. ; & Cco/er, 

i». 79- " l«J 


William Ashby. 

1500 — 1714. 

Samuel Ashhurst. 

Ashby, "Williani, of 00. Leicester, gent. Balliol 
f'l-fcTT^ , matric. -entry under date ao March. 1578-9, <-* 
aged X7 ; of Loseby Hall, co. Leic., admitted to 
the Inner Temple 1576. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court 

AahdO'vn, John (Asshedowne), Qiiniac, prior of Lewes 
1506-32. from Cambridge, B. & D.Can.L. sup. 29 
March. 1506. See O.H.S,, I. 44 J & Cooper, 1. 46, 
states that he was incorporated B.Can«Lb 1506. 
Ashe. See also Aishe. 

Ashe, Alexander, s. William, of Heytesbury, Wilts, 
arm. Chbxst Church, matric 11 July, 1693, aged 
15, B.A 1697; fellow Oriel Colu 1700, MA. 
X70X, brother of Edward, 169a 
Ashe, Dillon, scholar Trinity Coll.. Dublin, 1685, 
B.A. z688 (admitted ad eundem 19, and incorp. 2a 
May, 1690, M.A from Magdalen Hall sjuly. 
1690), D.D. 1703 (3s. of Thomas, of Sl Johns 
Abbey, ca Meathj. canon of Killala 2693. arch- 
<leacoa of Qogher 1704-5, chancellor of Clogher 
1705. and of Aimagh 1706, made his will 10 Jaly, 
17x3. proved in 1716. brother of St. George. See 
Cotton's Fasti Eccl, Hib. [6] 

Ashe, Edward, gent. Lincoln Coll., matric 19 
Nov., x6so. son-and-heir of Edward, of Hcytesbury, 
Wilts, arm., admitted to Inner Temple 1649. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 
Ashe, Edward, s. William, of Hcytesbury, Wilts, arm. 
^VADHAM Coll., matric 7 April, 1690, aged 16 ; 
a commissioner of trade, M.P. for Heytesbury in 
fourteen parliaments, 1695, until his death, s.p. aa 
May. X748, aged 75, 
Ashe, Henry (Asshc), s. Henry, of Souton, Devon, gent. 
Oriel Coll., matric 10 May, 1667, aged 17 ; B.A. 
xSjan., I670-I. 

Ashe, James (Asshe or Aysshe), fellow of New Coll., 

1590-8, from St. Bridget's, in Aysshe. Herts, B.CL. 
z8 Feb., X527-8. See OM.S,, l 
Ashe, John (Asshe or Asse), B. A 7 Mwr, 1544. one of 

these names rector of Charborough, Dorset, 1551. 
Ash, John, s. Richard, of Bristol (city), pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll.. matric 17 April, 1668, aged 17 ; 
chorister x666^, B.A sa Feb., 2671-2. SeeBloxam, 

Ashe, John. s. James, of Fyficld, Wilts, gent. Oriel 
Coix., matric. 24 May, 1672, aged 18 ; possibly the 
M.P. for Westbury in x68x. 

Ashe, Jonathan, s. John, of Freshford, Somerset, arm. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 25 May, x66i. aged 16; 
B. A from Oriel Coll. x666. M.A x668. of Clan- 
william, ca TIppemry, admitted to the Inner Temple 
X664. Sec Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Ash, Joseph, s. Edward, 01 Dorchester, Dorset, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric a% Oct., 2635, aged 28. 

Ashe, Joseph, s. Samuel, of Langley, Wilts, arm. 
Christ Church, matric 4 March, 2702-2. aged 27 ; 
bar. -at-law Inner Temple, 2708. See Foster's lud^s 
and Barristers. [l5] 

Ashe, Richaid, of co. Warwick, pleb. Brasenosb 
Coix.. matric 24 Oct, 2595, aged 29 ; B A 32 
OcL, 2600, one of these names vicar of Marnham, 
Notts, 2629. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Ashe, Richard, R A, from Queen's Coll., Cambridge. 
2626. incorp. as M.A 2a July, 2623. / — 

Ashe, Robert, paup., pleb. Brasenose Coll. , matnc 
29 March, 2693, aged 27 ; a A 2696, M.A 1699, 
5car of Newbottle. Northants, 1699. See Fosters 
Index Eulesiasticus, 
Ashe Sl George, scholar of TRiNmr COLL., Dubhn 
1674, B.A 2676. M.A 2679 (incorp. as MA 20 
July, 2683). ab. 2687, D.D. 269a, provost 2692 (son 
if Thomas, of St John's Abbey, co. Meath), bom 
3 March, 2657, fdlow and provost Trinity College, 
Dubim, vice^ancdlor Dublin University 2702, 
F.R-S.. bishop of Cloyne 2692-2727. Clogher 2695, 
and Derry 2727, until his death in Dublin 27 Feb., 
X727-28. bttxied in Christ Church Cathedral, brother 
of DillotL See Cotton's Fasti Beck Hit. 

Ashe, Thomas (Asche), a A 3 March. 2562-2. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, & O.H,S„ i. [20] 

Ashe, Thomas (Asche), a A 26 Oct, 2529, fellow 
of Oriel Coll. 2522, from Somerset See - 
0.//.5., i. 

Ashe, William, s. Edward, of Heytesbury, Wilte, arm. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 22 Nov., 2664, a^ed 27 ; 
of the Inner Temple, M.P. for Heytesbury m nine 
parliaments, 2668-2702, 2708-23, Wilts 1702-a. died 
2723, father of Alexander and Edward 2690. See 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Ashenden, Moses, s. • G.,' of Pontefract Yorks. gent. 
University Coll., matric 23 May, 2667, aged 26; 
B.C.L. 5 March, 2673-4. 

Ashenharst. Edmund, • cler. fiL' Pembroke Coll. , 
matric ao March, 2693-4, 2s. Francis, of Kmgswm- 
ford, Stafford, clerk, bar.-at-law Inner Temple 2700. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Ashenhursti Francis, pleb, St. Alban Hall, 
matric 3 May, 2659. [a*] 

Ashenhurst, Frauds, s. Edmund, of Old Parke, co. 
Stafford, pleb. St. Mary Hall, matric 22 March. 
2662-2, aged 28 ; created M.A ao Dec, 2670, vicar 
of Wootton Wawen, co. Warwick, 2664, rector of 
Kingswinford, co. Stafford, 2670, master or custos 
of the Hospital of St John Baptist, Lichfield, 
1673. preb. of Uchfield 2689, archdeacon of Derby 
2689, and preb. of Uncohx 2689. Sec Foster's Index 

ABhenhurst, Frauds. 8. 'F.* (Francis), of King- 
swinford, CO. Stafford, archdeacon. Merton Coll. , 
matric Easter Term 2704, aged 26, B.A 26 Jan., 
2707-8 ; M. A from St. Alban Hall 2722. 

Ashenhurst, James, s. Frauds, of KiugswinfoM, co. 
Stafford, der. Pembroke Coll., matnc. 22 March. 
2699-2700, aged 27. 

Ashenhurst, Ward Gray, s. Francis, of Kingswin- 
ford, CO. Stafford, archdeacon. Pembroke Coll., 
matric 2 June, 2702, aged 27. ^. t « 

Ashfleld, Anthony, of Oxon, arm. New Inn Hall, 
roatric-cntry under date 28 Oct, 2579, aged 4a. See 
O II S i L*® J 

Ashfeiide, Edmund, of Bucks, gent Trinity 
Coll.. matric-entry under date 22 Dec, 2572, aged 
X2, • Mro. Chamberiaine, Tuiori Gram, 
Ashfleld, Edmund (Ashfyld), of Budu, pleb. St. 
MARSHALL, matric 26 Oct, 1584. a«d 28 ; 
Edmund A, of Chesham, Bucks, late of Cliffo^s 
Inn. gent . admitted to the Inner Temple 2594. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 
Ashflelde, Michad, of Oxon, gent St. Mary Hall, 
matric i4 Aug., 258a, aged 26 ; a A sup. 9 May, 
ic;8«c See 0,H,S„ xiL 23a. 
Ashfefld, Richard, s. R., of Eastwood, co. Glou^ter, 
bSl 'Magdalen Coll., matric. 27 Feb. . 2673^4. 
aged 27; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 268a. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 
Ashfeiide, Thomas, of Oxon, arm. BALLiOL ^o^» 

Ashfeild, ?h{,fc'^&^K Witner, Oxon, ^JS? 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric 28 Au^., 26J4, 
aged 27: a A 31 Oct.. 2637. Sec Fosters In^x 
Bcclestasticus, ,, . «> u % da 

Ashfleld, William (Ashfyldc, or HashefyldeJ, aA. 
27 July, 2525, M.A sup. 25 June, 2528, B.D. 27 
Dec 2d2 

Ashflelde, WiUiam, of ca Gloucester, gent Brase- 
N^E^CJOLL., matric 4 July, ^^w, a^d 27, BA^ 
20 March, 2603-4; M.A from St. Mary hall 
A May 2608, rector of Tormarton, co. GloucestCT, 
t^/^^of Hulcott. Bud«, X628. See Foster's 
Inaex Ecclesiasticus, ^ _ 

Ashurst, James, fcUow Magdalen Coll. See 
Blaxak, ii., cxviU. ; & Calan^, L 245; 

Ashhurst, Samud, scholar of Corpus Christi Coll. 
2649. M. A from MAGDALEN Coll. 29 April. 
2653. See Burrows, 273, etc L»»J 



Thomas Ashhurst. 

1500 — 1714. 

William Ashtom. 

Ashlmrst, Thomas, arm. Corpus Christi Coll., 
matric. 28 March, 1655, is. of William, of Ashhurst. 
ca Lancaster, esq., admitted to Gray's Inn 1654. 
See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, & Burrows, 238, etc. 

AshleTy Anthony, created M.A. 37 Sept, 1593, 
made additions to ' The Mariner's Mirroar,' brother 
of Fkands and Robert. See FasH, L 262 ; & 
Hoaze's Wilts, V. i. 24. 

Ashley, Anthony, Trinity Coll., z666. See Cooper. 

Ashley, Ftancis, at Corpus Christi Coll. 1542, 

from Durham, B. A. sup. — July, 1546, fellow 1547. 

See OmH»S*, i. 

Ashley, Francis, B. A. from Magdalen Hall 5 June, 
1589 ; ? third son of Anthony, of Damerhara, Wilts, 
bar.-at-Iaw, Middle Temple, 1596, sexjt-at-law. x6i8, 
knighted 5 July, z6i8, recorder of Dorchester. M.P. 
X614, Mvdi, 1621, to Feb., 1622, 2625, died 28 
Nov., 163?. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Ashley, Ckibriel, s. G., of Salisbury, Wilts, arm. 
Balliol Coll., matric. j Sept, 1698, aged 15 ; of 
Lincoln's Inn 1699. See !• oster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Ashley, Gilbert, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Queen^s 
Coll., matric-entiy under date zo Jan., Z574:5> 
aged 2a [7J 

Ashley, Henry (Asheley), of Dorset, arm. Magda- 
len Hall, matric. 2 July, 1591, aged 12. 

Ashley, John (Asheley). B.C.lI 26 Jan., 1506-7; one 
of these names from Worcester (city) was fellow of 
New College 1503-ix, when he was promoted to an 
office at Calais. See O.H.S., i. 5a 

Ashley, John, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 
mien, term 1657; demy Magdalen Coll. 1659- 
6^, B.A. 24 Jan. , z66o-z, M.A. Z663, rector of Paul's 
Cray, Kent, 1663. See Bloxam, v. 238. [10] 

Ashley, Joseph (or Aishley), s. Joseph, of London, 
arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 6 June, 2707, 
aged z6 ; B.A« Z7zz, M.A. 29 Jan., 2723-14. 

Ashley^ Kelam, of Oxon, pleb. Brasenosb Coll., 
matna -entry under date 20 July, 2578, aged 25. 

Ashleye, Robert, of Wilts, arm. . Hart Hall, 
_ roatric-entry under date 20 May, 2580, aged 25 ; 
B.A. from Magdalen Hall (sup. zo Oct) 2583, 
fellow of Magdalen Coll. 2584. M.A. 22 June, 
2587, bar.-at-law of the Middle Temple 2505, M.P. 
Dorchester 2597-8 (and son of Anthony, of Daroer- 
ham, Wilts, ^sqX buried in the Temple Church 
4 Oct, 2642. See Foster's Judges and Barris- 
ters; Add, MS,, 2,205 ; & Ath,, iii. 29. 

Ashley, Robert, s. Tho., of Grantham, oa Lincoln, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 6 June, 2687, aged 

Ashley, Thomas (Asheley), B.C.L. sup. 28 March, 
2522 ; fellow All Souls Coll. 2525. [isl 

Ashley. Thomas, M.A. from Magdalen Coll.^ 
Cambridge ; inoorp. 22 Nov., 2595. 

Ashley, William (Ascheley), M.A. 2 Dec., 2528. 

Ashley, William, s. John, of Blower, co. Stafford, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. 3 July, 2640, aged 25 ; 
B.A. fljuly, 2647. 

Ashmead, Thomas, student in Med. ; licence to 
practice 25 March, 2659-60. 

Ashznole, Elias, * sometime of Brasenosb Coll. ' 
(2644), U.Med, by diploma 2 Nov., 2669, chief com- 
troller of H.M. excise in England and Wales 2668, 
'the greatest virtuoso and curioso' of his time 
(only son and child of Sunon Ashmole, of Lichfield, 
Sadler), bom there 23 May, 2627, a chorister of 
Lichfield Cathedral, a solicitor in chancery 2638, of 
Clement's Inn Feb., 2640, an attorney of Court of 
Common Pleas 22 Feb., 2640, a captain in Lord 
Ashley's regiment of foot at Worcester 2646, bar.-at- 
law of the Middle Temple 2660, had a grant of 
Windsor Heiald 2660, F.R.S. 2662, licence, 24 Oct, 
2668, then a widower, to many Elizabeth Dugdale, 
of St Dunstans-in-the-West, spr., a great benefactor 
to Oxford (the Ashmolean Museum), died at Lam- 
beth 26 May, 269s. ScsFosta'sJua^amlBarriS' 
ten ft Hearmo^ ill. 206. [ao] 

Ashton. See also Assheton. 

AJShton, Charles, B.A. sup. 4 March. 2576-7 (? of 
University Coll.). See O.H.S., xi. 43. 

Ashton. Charles, feUow of Queens Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 2687. B.A. 2685. M.A. 2689. incorp. 22 July. 

2693. B.D. 26^, D.D from Jesus Coll. 2702, 
roaster 2701-5, vio&<Aancellor 270a, rector of Rci- 
tendon, £ssex, March to Tunc 2699. chaplain of 
Chelsea Hospital, preb. 'of Ely 2702, until his dcalhi 
32 March, 2752. See Le Neve, i. 358 ; & />.A^. A 

Ashton, Christopher (or Aston). «. Ben., of Hathers- 
age, CO. Deifoy. gent Magdalen Hall, matnc 

go March, 2694, aged 25 ; of Gray's Inn 2698. 
rother of Robert of same dale. See Fo^er s /«« 
of Court Reg. & 0,H,S., x. 36a, 

Ashton, Edward (Asbeton), B.A. from St. Johns 
Coll., Cambridge, 2569, incorp. 22 Feb., 1571-3 
(? M.A. 24 April, 2573. as Aston) ; one of these 
names and a bachelor of artr-was of University 
College about this date (2573). See O.II.S A 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. [ZS] 

Ashton, George, s. William, of London, gent Lin- 
coln Coll., matric. 30 April, 2624, aged 26 ; B.A. 
22 Oct, 2626, M.A. 23 June. 2629. B.D. 9 Dec., 
2636, rector of Bow Brickhill. Bucks. 263a, and of 
Beaoonsfield 2637 (sequestered in 2646), preb. of 
Lincoln 2660, died Feb. , 2668-9. Sec Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus & Add, AfS„ 25.670, p. 8a 

Ashton, James, of co. Lancaster, gent Brasknose 
Coll., matric. 20 Nov., 2615, aged 29; B.A. 28 

•— Jan., 2617-28, M. A. 6 July, 262a. See Foster's /uicr 

Ashton, John, pleb. EXETER COLL., matnc. 22 Nov., 
2650 ; (? son of Robert, of Shepley, co. Lancaster, 
arm., bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 2658. signed his pedi- 
gree at Dugdale's Visitation, aged 33, in 2664). bee 
Foster's Jwlges and Barristers, 

Ashton, John, s. Job., of Market Hatboroogh, ca 
Leicester, pleb. Magdalen Hall, mairic as 
Feb., 2695-6, aged 25 ; RA. 2699, vicar of Foxton 

Ashton, Ralph, of Cambridge University ; incorp. as 
M.A, 9 July, 2626. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Reg, [»?J 

Ashton, Richard, B.A (sup. 7 Dec), 2572. See Lc 

Neve, L 60s; &0,II,S„i. 
Ashton, Richard, of Hants, pleh. MagdalejJ 

Hall, ma trie -entry under date 25 Feb., 2580-1, 

aged 90. See Foster's Gra/s Inn Reg, 
Ashton, Richard, subscribed 23 May, 2623: B.A. 
from Brasenosb Coll. 29 Oct, 2624, M.A 23 

June, 2627. 
Ashton, Robert, bom in London, s. William, gent 

Lincoln Coll., matric. 30 April, 2624, aged 17; 

(? 2son of William, of 'Hngreth, Beds, arm.). 

txir.-at-law, of Lincoln's Inn, 2633, treasurer 1661. 

See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 
Ashton, Robert (or Aston), s. Ben., of Hathersage, ca 

Derby, gent Magdalen Hall, matric 30 March. 

2694, aged 26 ; brother of Christopher same date. 
Ashton, Samuel, of Yorks, gent Universitt Coll. 

matric. 23 Oct, 2602, aged 29. See Foster's Inder 
Ecclesiasticus, [36: 

Ashton, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Tumdlye, ca Lan- 
caster, pleb. Brasenosb Coll., matric 29 June, 
2647, aged 26 ; servitor 2647, B.A. 7 Feb., 2650-1. 
M.A. 22 Oct, 2653, fellow 2656, 'a malepeit 
preacher in and near Oxon,' chaplain to the forces 
m Jersey 2656, beneficed in Herts. See Bunvses, 
68, etc. ; & Pasti, ii. 276. 

Ashton, William, of Middlesex, arm. fiL nat mix. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 9 Nov., 2622. aged 16; 
B.A. 6 Feb., 2623-4 (? created M.A. 2 Nov., 1642, 
as Aston}. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, & 
Alumni Wat,, 9a 

Ashton, William, fellow of St. John's Coll.. Cam- 
bridge, B.A. 2673 (inoorp. 23 July, 2675). MA 
2677, B.D. 2684, rector of P2estwich, co. llincaster, 
2685. See Foster's Index Ecclesiajticus, 



1500 — I714, 

William Asplin. 

Aflhweeke. See Aishwsbke. 

Ashvell. Geoige, a. Robert, of Harrow-on-the-Hill, 
Middlesex, pleb. Wadham Coll., matric. 20 
Oct, 1639, aged 16; scholar 1639, B.A. 4 Dec., 
1633, M.A. 37 June, 1635, fellow 1636, librarian 
1636, sub-warden 1644 & 1647, created B.D. 33 
lone, 1646, 'a noted tutor,' bom in the parish of 
St. Martin, Ludgate, 8 Nov., x6i3, rector of Han- 
well, Oxen, 1658. until his death there 8 Feb., 1693-4. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasHcus ; Ath,, iv. 396; 
Bmrraws, 91 ; & Gardiner, 96. 

Ash welly John (Aschewell), chaplaia, B.Can.L. ; 
D.CaD.L.. sup. ao June, Z5ia See Cooper ^ L 57, 
530 ; & OM.S,, L 

Ashwell, John (or Aswell), studied three years at Cam- 
bridge and three at Oxford, and read the Institute 
publidy in New Inn Hall, B.C.L. za July, 1539 ; 
fellow of All Souls' Colu 1539, B.Can.L. la 
July, 1535. See Newcourt's Repertorium. 

Ashwell, William (Aswell), a Can. U (disp. 13 Dec.). 

1515- [8] 

Ashwood, Bartholomew, of co. Warwick, pleb. Mag- 
dalsn Coll., matric 4 Feb., i59i-3, aged 13; 
chorister i59z-7» B.A. 4 March, 1596-7, M.A. 3 July, 
z6oi, rector of Lambley, Notts, 1608, and of Bick- 
Idgh, Devon, x6za See Fosta^s Index JSceUsiasiicvs 
& Bloxamt, L 36. 

Aahwood, Bartholomew, sacerd. fil. St. Alban 
Hall, matxia 33 March, 1638-9, aged z6; B.A. 
from Exeter Coll. 33 Dec., 1643 (a Nonconformist 
divine), ' Puritanically educated, beneficed, and be- 
came a man of the times,' rector of Bicklcigh, Devon, 
and vicar of Axminster, Devon, ejected 1663, died 
about z68o. See Calamy and Palmer , ii. 3 ; & ^M. , 
iii 1373. 

Ashwoody Hemy, chorister of Magdalen Coli^ 
1597-1604, B.A. 6 Feb., 1606-7 ; M.A. from Christ 
Churcii zo July, z6z8, rector of Cranford, Middlesex, 
1638. See Fostei's Inns of Court Reg. & Bloxam, i. 38. 

Ashwortlly Edward, of Oxon, gent. Oriel Coll., 
matric. Z3 Nov., i6oz, aged Z4, B.A. 33 Jan., 
1604-5; ^'A. from All Souls' Coll. 30 Oct, 
1608, B.Med. zo July, Z6Z5. 

Ashwortll. Henry, B.A. from Oriel Coll. z Dec., 
Z573, icUow Z574, M.A. 37 Feb., Z577-8, B.Med. 
and licenced to practice medicine zo July, ZC85, 
D.Med. Z3 Aug. , Z605. See Fasti, L 3zz ; & O.H.S., 
X. 336 ; zii. Z7, flO] 

Ashworthy John^ B.A. from Oriel Coll. 34 Oct., 
1608 (7 son of Henry, of Oxford, D.Med.), bar.-at- 
law, Lincoln's Inn, Z6X7. See Foster's Judges and 

Ashworthy John, created B.A. from St. John's Coll. 
zx June, 1649, by favour of Thomas, Lord Fairfax, 
and Oliver Cromwell ; vicar of Ormskirk, co. Lancas- 
ter, 1663. 

ABhwortne, Nathan, of ca Lancaster, 'cler. fil.' 
Bbasenose Coll., matric. Z4 March, 1605-6, aged 
z8 ; B.A. 39 Nov., 1609. 

Aake, John, esquire, created M.A. 9 July, Z594. See 
Foster's Yonshire Visitations. 

Askell, John, s. John, of Gaydon, co. Warwick, 
pksb. TRiNmr Coll., matric. x8 March, z635-6, 
aged Z7. [15] 

Askell, Michael, s. Mi., of Geydon, co. Warwick, gent. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 17 March, 1693-3, aged X5. 

Aakell, William, of co. Warwick, pleb. Trinity 
Coll., matric. z Dec, Z581. aged x6. 

Askewe, 'iEgeon,' of CO. Lancaster, pleb. Queen's 
COUU, matric. 6 July, X593, aged 18 ; B.A. 30 
April, Z597, chaplain Z598, M.A. Z7 June, z6oo, 
'minister of Greenwich, Kent,' rector of Great 
Hampden, Bucks, Z609, probably brother of Thomas. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus & Atk, i. 756. 

Askew, Robert (Ascne), of Essex, gent. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric. z8 June, Z585, aged 34. 

Askew, Robert, s. Robert, of Dapwonh. ca Wamrk, 
pleb. Pbmbrokb Coll., matric. z April, 1542, 
aged i8. See Feeler's Index Ecclesiasticus, [20] 

Askew, Roger, s. William, of Standingstones, Comber- 
land, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric 17 Oct, X634, 
aged x6 ; B.A. 26 June, Z638, vicar of Milium, 
Cumberland, x66x. 

Askewe, Thomas, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric x6 Febu, Z598-9, aged X9 ; B.A. from 
St. Edmund Hall 30 April, x6oa, vicar of Kirby 
Irdeth, co. Lancaster, x6o6, probably brother oif 

Aslaby, John, M.A. disp. zo Feb., Z505'6, D.D, Z5 
Feb., ZC05-6. 

Aslowe, John (Ashelok), BJL 4 J^ly* X52Z. See 
a/^.5., i. 

Asmead; Thomas, licensed to practice physic, 20 Feb., 
z6c9-^ [28 

Aspiden. John, chaplain, B.A a July, Z515. See 
OM,S., i. 95. 

Aspin. Harvev, fellow of Magdalen Coll., Cam- 
briage, B.A. Z689, M.A Z693; incorp. zz July, 
Z693, one of these names rector of Elvetham, Hants, 
Z740, etc See Foster's Index Ecelesiasticus, 

Asplnallf Alexander, of 00. Lancaster, admitted to 
Brasenose Coll., drca Z566, aged ao; B.A. 25 
Feb., 1574-5, M.A. X2 June, X578. 

Aspinall. Aicxander, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Brase- 
nose COLL., matric 3 April, z6oz, aged 18 ; EA. 
9 Feb., x6o4-5. 

Aspinall, Brian, of co. Lancaster, pleb. University 
Coll., matric z July, Z603, aged Z5. fso] 

Aspinally Miles, of CO. Lancaster, pleb. St. Mary 
Hall, matric -entry under date, circa X581, aged 
33; B.A a8 Nov., 158X, M.A. 97 June, X584, died 
in x5oq. See Chetham Miscellany , v. 37. 

Aspinall, Thomas (Aspenhall), M. A. of Cambridge ; 
incorp. 23 Dec, Z54a. See Foster's Index EcclestaS" 

Aspinall, Thomas, 'serv.' Brasenose Coll., 
matric 6 Nov., Z650; B.A. 8 Feb., x65a-3, M.A. 
a July, Z659. 

Aspinwall, Edward, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric 33 April, Z585, aged X5. 

Asplnwall, Edward, s. Edward, of Aspinwall, co. 
Lancaster, gent. Christ Church, matric. xi May, 
1665, aged X7 ; bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1674. Sv.*c 
Foster's Judjns and Barristers. [3S] 

Aspinwall, Gilbert, s. Edward, of Aspinwall, co. 
Lancaster, gent. Christ Church, matric. xx May, 
1665, aged z8 ; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 1672, 
licence o May, z67a, to marry Mrs. Maiy Bushel i, 
of Hackney, Middlesex, spinster. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Aspinwall, John (or Appinwally), s. J., of Blackboume, 
CO. Lancaster, pleb. St. NIary Hall, matric 3 
Jan., Z7oa-3, aged ao. 

Aspinwall, reter, s. Edward, of Ormskirk, ca Lan- 
caster, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric z April, 
z64a, aged 20; B.A. 24 Jan., Z645-6. See Calamy, 
iii. ; & Burrows, 365. 

Aspinwall, Peter, 'cler. fiL' Brasenose Coll., 
matric. 25 July, X655, B.A. ao Jan., X658-9. 

Aspinwall, Timothy, of co. Lancaster, gent Brase- 
nose Coll., matric a8 Jan., 16x9-20, aged 17. 

Aspinwall, William, of CO. Lancaster, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric a Nov., z63x, aged z8 ; B.A. 
25 Feb., 1624-5. [♦!] 

Aspley, Walter, s. John, of Wollaston, ca Stafford, 
pleb. University Coll., matric z July, Z702, 
aged Z7 ; B. A Z706. 

Asplin, Robert (Asplyn), Benedictine, B.Can.L. sup. 
x6 Jan., Z508-9. See O.H.S., L 

Asplin, William, s. WUliam, of ' Tardebig,' co. Wor- 
cester, gent. Trinity Coll., matric z Feb., T703-4, 
aged z5 ; B.A from St. Alban Hall Z707. M.A. 
X7X0. and vice-principal, had the donative of Chilton, 
BucLo, chapl:i.«i to a regiment on foreign service, 
vicar of Banbury, Oxon, Z7Z7, and of Horley and 
Homton Z7a3, rector of Borthrope, co. Gloucester, 
Z733. ^<i <U^ ^^ '758- See Foster's Index Beck* 
nasticui & Rawli/uon, xvl 98, , 


George Asquith. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Astley. 

As^nith, George, of London, pleb, Exbtbr Coll., 
matric. 31 Oct, 1589, aged 14. 

Asqaithy Michael, of ^rks, 'der. fiL' Queen's 
C^OLL. , matric. 3 Julr, 1592, aged x6. 

Asshawe. Leonard, of co. Lancaster, gent Brasb- 
NOSE Coll., matric 50 Oct 1584, aged 25 ; B.A. a 
July, 1588. 

Assheton. See also Asrton. 

Assheton. Edmnnd, arm. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 
11 April, z66o, admitted to Gray's Inn z6^, as of 
Chadderton, 00. Lancaster, eldest son of fames of 
Chadderton. See Dugdale's VisUatum k GraVs 
Inn Reg.^ ed. Foster. [8] 

Assheton. John, s. Ralph, of Coerdale, co. Lancaster, 
' militis. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 9 Dea, 1631, 
aged 17; brother of Richard, same date. See 
Foster's Lancaster ColUcHon & Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Assheton, Raddiffe, of co. Lancaster, arm. Brase- 
nosb Coll., matric. z6 Feb., 1598^. aged 15 ; of 
Gray's Inn z6oi, ss. of Ralph, of Lever, 00. 
Lancaster, arm., died 19 Jan., z644« See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Assheton, Ralphe (Ashton), of ca Lancaster, arm. 
Brasenosb Coll., matnc. z6 Feb., X598-9, aged 
Z7 : (son and heir of Ralph, of Lever, co. Lancaster, 
arm.), of Great Lever and Whalley, co. Lancaster, 
admitted to Gray's Inn z6oi, created a baronet 28 
June, 1620, buried at Whalley z8 Oct, 2644. See 
Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

Assheton, Ralph, s. Ralph, of Whalley, co. Lancaster, 
baronet University Coll., matric. 3z Febu, 
1622-3, ^^cd 17 : 2nd baronet, of Gray's Inn Z624, 
M.P. for Clitberoe 1640-53, z66o until his death, 
30 Jan., 1679-do, one of his Majesty's receivers for 
the duchy revenues. See Foster's Grafs Inn Reg. 

Assheton, Ralph (Bart), s. R., of Middleton, ca 
Lancaster, baronet BRASENOSB COLL., matric. z6 
July, z668, aged z6 ; created M. A. 6 July, Z669, 4th 
and last baronet of Lever, co. Lancaster, M.P. for 
Liverpool Z677-9, co. Lancaster Z694-8, died 4 May, 
1 716. See Foster's Lancashire Collection, [lO] 

Assheton, Ralph, s. R., of Blackburn, co. Lancaster, 
arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 23 March, Z7Z2-Z3, 
aged z6 ; of Downham and Cuerdale, co. Lancaster, 
died 2z Sept, Z7a9. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Assheton, Richard, s. Ralph, of Whalley, co. Lan- 
caster, ' militis.' Brasenosb Coll. , matric. 9 Dec. , 
163Z, aged Z9 ; sup. for B.A zo Oct., Z633, of 
Gray's Ion Z633, brother of John. 

Assheton, Richard, s. Robert, of Rochdale, co. Lan- 
caster, oer. Brasenosb Coll., matric. zz Feb., 
Z711-Z2, aged Z7 ; B.A. Z7Z5, M.A. 13 Tan., Z7Z8-Z9. 
Assneton, 'Thomas, s. Thomas, of Whalley, co. Lan- 
caster gent. Brasenosb Coll., matric 28 May, 
z666, aged Z9 ; died 9 Aug, , Z670, and buried in the 
chapel of Brasenose. See Gutch,, i- 38a 
Assheton, Thomas (or Ashelton), s. "ni., of Aishley, 
CO. Chester, arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 2a 
Feb., 1695-6, aged z6. See Fostei^s Grafs Inn 

R^» [18] 

Assheton, William, 'der. fil.' Brasenosb Coll., 
matric. Z7 July, Z658, aged z6; B.A Z662, fellow 
Z663, M.A. z8 Jan., Z664-5, B.D. z67a, D.D. 23 
Jan., 1673-4 (s. William, rector of Middleton, co. 
Lancaster, z633-62), vicar of Knaresborough Z674, 
preb. of York Z674, rector of St. Antholin, London, 
Z674, rector of Fyfield, Hants, Z677, chaplain to 
James, Duke of Ormond, chancellor of the univer- 
sity 7673, rector of Beckenham, Kent, Z677, licenced 
Z5 May, Z689, to marry Anne Peache, of Rotherhithe, 
Surrey, widow. See AtA, Ox., Iv. 606 ; Rawlinson, 
L 244; BsAfke^s Lancashire, ii. 606-zo; Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus : Thomas, 787; & Heame, iii. 27Z. 
Astbrooke, John, of Cheshire, pleb. UNiVBKbiTY 

Coll. . matric. Z5 April, Z586, aged 23. 
^Sthrooke, Thomas of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric xo Nov., 1691, aged ij. 

Astell, Edward (or Anstall), of Northants, pleb. Hart 

Hall, matric Z7 June, Z597, aged 26; B.A. ^ 

Jan., Z598-9. 
Astell. John (Hastel), RA ax Joly, 1522. See Foster's 

Index Ecclesiasticus. [20] 

Astellj,John,ofOxon, pleb. Christ Church, maLric. 

27 Feb., z6oo-x, ageid Z7 ; R A 22 May, 1606. See 

Foster^s Index Ecclesiasticus, 
Astell, Roger, of Northants, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
•"-« matric. 2Z Jan. , z6z9h90, aged 22 ; B.A. 28 June, i6o)x 
Aster, John, s. Francis, of Swansea, co. damorgan, 

pleb. Jesus Coll., matric z6 April, Z64Z, aged x6. 
AstlU, William, of Northants, pleb. St. Alb an Hall. 

matric. 7 May, Z59Z. aged Z7 ; B.A 12 Feb., Z594-5, 

M. A 20 May, Z59i3. 
Astley, Edward (Asteley), s. John, of Worcester (dty), 

gent. Balliol Coll., matric Z4 Jan., z7oi-a. 

aged z8 ; B.A Z705, M.A Z708, rector of Sutton- 

under-Brails, 00. Gloucester, Z71 z, rector of Welford. 

Z7Z2. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [25] 

Astley, Francis (Asteley), s. Thomas, of Clav^rb-y, 

Salop, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric za March, 

Z707-8, aged 17 ; B. A. Z7zz. 
Astlay, George, B. Gram., 8 Dec, Z526. 
Astley, George, s. John, of Woolvey, 00. Warwick. 

arm. Lincoln Coll., matric 20 Oct., 1696, aged 

Z7 ; of Middle Temple Z698. See Foster's Inns of 

Court Reg. 
Astley, Giles, s. Thomas, of Woolvey, co. Warwick. 

gent Hart Hall, matric zo Dec, Z630, aged 20. 

B.A. 8 Feb., Z630-Z ; M.A. from Oriel Coll. 29 

Oct., Z633, i^ector of Solihull, oa Warwick, 16461. 

See Add. MS., Z5,670, p. Z02. 
Astley, Herbert, dean of Norwich Z670-8Z. See Fasti, ^ 

ii. 242. [sOj 

Astley, Jacob (or James), arm. Christ CHTRai. 

matric Z9 July, Z659, probably Sir Jacob Astky 

(Knight), created a faeuronet 25 June, z66o, M.P. for 

Norfolk 1685-7, Z689-90, Z695-Z70Z, 2702-5, 17Z3-22, 

died Z7 Aug., Z729. aged 9a 
Astley, Jacob, s. J., of Melton Constable, Northants. 

baronet Christ Church, matric Z5 June. z68o, 

aged z6 ; died at Oxford 9 June, z68z. 
Astley, John, s. J., of Woolvey, ca Waiwurk, gent 

Oriel Coll. , matric. z8 June, Z673, aged 19 : of 

the Middle Temple Z674. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Astley, John, s. James, of Bladcpr., 00. Lancaster. 

pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 5 Feb., 1685 A 

aged z8 ; B. A Z689. 
Astley, Ralph, s. Ralph, of Goldbome, Cheshune, pleb. 

Brasenose Coll., matric 20 Oct., Z626, aged 18 ; 

B.A 28 Jan., Z629-3CW [35] 

Astley, Richard, B.A. from Lincoln Coll., 3 teb., 

1592-31 M.A from All Souls' Coll.. 9 Nov., 1596. 

B.D. Z9 Nov., z6o6, D.D. March, 1618-19. warden 

z6x8 until his death, 23 Feb., z63^-6, buried in the 

chapel, will proved at Oxford 27 April, Z636L Sec 

Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 
Astley, Richard, B.A from All Souls' Coll., 5 July. 

Z609, M.A from St. Mary Hall 9 July, Z6Z3. S<» 

Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & O.H.S., m. 289. 
Astley, Samuel (Asteley), s. John, of Worcester (dtr). 

gent. Christ Church, matric. Z4 July, Z676. agfed 

z8 ; RA 25 Feb., z68o-z, M.A. Z683, vicar of While- 

ladies, Aston Z687, rector Bredicot Z7zz, both co. 

Worcester. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus k 

Alumni West., Z78. 
Astley, Thomas, of co. Lancaster, genL Lincx}L.n 

Coll., matric 8 Nov., Z594, aged z8. 
Astley, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Staikes, co. Lancaster, 

gent. All Souls' Colu, matric 9 April, 165^. 

aged z6. [40, 

Astley, Thomas, s. Th., of * Winton,* genL Trlntty 

Coll., matric 22 Nov., z672.aged z8. 
Astley, Thomas (Asteley), s. John, of Worcester (ciiyk 

gent Christ Church, 19 July, Z673, aged zs ; of 

the Inner Temple 1675. See Foster's Inm of Coat t 

Reg. ^ 


Walter Astley. 

1500 — 1714, 

Ambrose Atfeild. 

Astley, Walter (Asteley), gent Christ Church, 
matric 2 April, 1691 ; B.A. i69<, rector of Standon, 
ca Stafford, 2707. See FosIcts Indix EecUsiasti' 


AsUey, Winiam (or Ashley), of oa Lancaster, gent. 

Brasenosb Coll.. matric. 5 May, 1598, aged z8 ; 

a A. from St. Makt Hall 23 Oct., z6oi. 
Astley, WiUiam.s. William, of London, arm. Queen's 

Coll., matric. 25 Mav, 1666, aged 16, B.A. 8 Feb., 

1669^70 ; M.A. from Hart Hall 1673. 

Aston, Antony, s. John, of Gretton, co. Gloucester, 
pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric. az Oct., Z636, 
aged 27 ; RA. 9 May, Z640, M.A. z Feb., Z643-3, 
rector of Uttle Comberton, ca Worcester, Z644. 
See Fostei^s Index Ecclestasticiu, 

Aston, Sir Arthur, created D.Med, z May, Z644 (son of 
Sir Arthur, of Fulham, Middlesex), royalist general, 
commanded the dragoons at Edghill fight, governor 
of the Reading garrison, and of the Oxk>rd garrison, 
and afterwazds governor of Drogheda, where he 
' vas hewen in pieces, and his brains beat out of his 
head with his wooden leg,' Sept., Z649. See Fasti, 
iL 77. [6] 

Aston, ' Deveroz.' of 00. Stafford, militis ill. Christ 
Church, matric. 28 July, Z587, aged z6 ; son of Sir 
Walter, died unmarried. 

Aston, Edward, gent Pembroke Coll., matric. 25 
July, 1655 ; of Lincoln's Inn, Z655, as son and heir 
of John, of Ludlow, Salop, arm. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Rej(, 

Aston, Edward, s. Walter, of Wollaston, ca Stafford, 
gent.] Brasenose Coll., matric. 5 July, Z667, aged 
14 ; B. A. Z67Z, one of these names rector of Kem- 
berton, Salop, 2690. See Foster's Index Ecckd- 

Aston, Geor^fe (?Ashton), 'Eq. aur. fiL' Lincoln 
Coll. , B. A. snpi Z9 June, Z629. 

Aston, Gervase, of oa Lincoln. ' der. fiL ' Magdalen 
^ Coll., matric. zo Nov., z6z5, aged z6. [lO] 

Aston. Hugh (Ashden), B. A disp. ao March, Z505-6, 
M.A. sup. 25 March, Z505-6, licence ^ Oct., 1507, 
a« Austen, incepL as Austell (? sup. ior B.Mus. 20 
Nov., 2510), preb. of York Z5X5, archdeacon of the 
West Riding of York Z5Z6, until his death in Dec., 
1522. See Foiti, i. 2a 

Aston, Tames, s. Edmund, of Hereford (city), pleb. 
St. John's Coll., matric. za July, Z639, aged Z7 ; 
B.A ao April, Z643, fellow Z642. ejected Z648, 
created M.A. Z7 Tune, Z6146. a captain in the King's 
Army, Canon 01 Wells z668, rector of Dowlish 
Wake, Somerset, Z670, and of Puckington Z673, 
rector of Ram|»sham, DotKt, Z677, bom 3 July, 
163 1. See RoHnson^ i. Z39 ; Foster's Index Ecclesi- 
a>tuus: Burrows t Z98 ; & Fasti, ii. 95. 

Aston, John, of Salop, arm. Brasknose Coll., 
matric. 28 March. z6z7, aged Z5. 

Aston, Philip, Z653. See Elston. 

Aston, Richard, of co. Stafford, pleb. Merton 
Coll., matric-entxy under date 20 Dec., Z577, 
agcdz3. [15] 

Aston, Richard, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. Z7 
March, z 653-4. 

Aston, Robert ; fellow or scholar of New Coll. in or 
before Z564, ? barrister of Gray's Inn Z58Z. and 
younger brother of Sir Edward Aston, of lixall, co. 
Stafford. See Foster's ludgts and Barristers, 

Aston, Sir Roger, created M.A. 30 Aug., Z605 (natural 
son of John, 2s. of Richard Aston, of Aston, in 
Cheshire), knighted z8 April, Z603, groom of the 
bedchamber to James I. , and also to his father and 
his grandfather, master of the great wardrobe ; of 
Grays Inn Z603, died 23 May, z6z2, buried in Cran- 
ford church, Middlesex. See Fasti, L 3Z5. 

Aston, (Sir) Thomas, of Cheshiie. arm. Brasenose 
CoLU, matric 4 May, Z599, aged Z7 ; B.A. z8 June, 

1602. of Ascon, Cheshire, admitted to Gray's Inn 

1603, knighted z8 April, Z603, died in z6z3, £athcr 
of Ucorgc See Graft Inn Jxeg., ed. Foster, 

Aston, Thomas, of Surrey, gent Corpus Christi 
Coll.. matric. 7 April, Z609, aged z6; bar.-at-law 
of the Inner Temple z630, of Famham. See Foster's 
ludges and Barristers, [20] 

Aston, Thomas, bom in Salop, arm. Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 28 March, z6z7, aged z6 ; B. A 
8 July, z6z9 (son of John Aston, of Aston. Cheshire, 
by Maud his wife, daughter of Robert Nedham, of 
Shenton, Salop), ' a high-flown monarchist,' of Lin- 
coln's Inn z6ao, created a baronet 25 July, z628, 
raised a party of horse, slightly wounded, died at 
Stafford 24 ^Ia^ch, Z645-6. See Atk., iii. Z84. 

Aston, Thomas (or Ashton) ; St. John's Coll., 
matric. zy March, Z653-4. 

Aston, Thomas Fitz Richard, s. Richard, of London, 
genu Merton Coll., matric. 22 Oct.. z68o. aged 
z6 ; of the Middle Temple z68x See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg, 

Aston, William, of co. Stafford, mil. fiL University 
CoLl«., matric. -entry under date Z574, aged Z9; 
perhaps of Milwich, co. Stafford, buried at Tixall 6 
May, Z628, and brother of Devereux. See O.H.S./u 

Aston, William, created M.A z Nov., Z642, ' William, 
son and heir of John, of Tixall, ca Staflord, gent., 
admitted to Gray's Inn, z639b' See Foster's Gra/s 
Inn Reg, [as] 

Aston, William, s. John, of Acton Piggot, Salop, pleb. 
St. Alban Hall, matric 3 March, z665-6, aged 19 ; 
one of these names vicar of Wroxeter, Salop, z68z. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Astry, Francis, y.s. James, of London, equltis. 
Brasenose Coll., matric. 28 May, 169a, aged Z5, 
B.A. z Feb., Z69S-6 ; fellow of Merton Coll. 
Feb., z^-9i M.A Z702, B. & D.D. Z7zs, rector of 
Comwell, Oxon, Z705. dom. chaplain to Dr. John 
Robinson (bishop of London) Z7Z4, rector of St 
Martin's, Ludgate, London, Z7Z4-Z7, treasurer of 
Sl Paul's Z7Z5, preb. Z7Z8. rector of Orsett, Essex. 
Z7Z7. and of Sl James's, Garlick, Hythe, Z730, born 
in London az Aug., Z676, died 30 Oct., Z766. See 
Rawtinson, ii. 242, xvi. 99, & xviii. , 236. 

Astrey, Francis, s. F., of Oxford (city), gent. Mer- 
ton Coll., matric. 3 Feb., zyoz-a, aged Z5 ; fellow 
Z700, B.A Z706, M.A. Z708, vicar of Necn Savage, 
Salop, Z7ZZ-S4. 

Astrey, (Sir) James, 8. Frauds, of Harlington Wood- 
end, Beds. arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. Z4 
July, Z67Z, aged z6 ; B.C.L. 2 Aug., Z677, high 
sheriff Beds z68a, bar.-at-Iaw of the Middle Temple 
Z683. a master in chancery, Z683-Q4, knighted at 
Whitehall 20 Nov., Z683. died z5 Nov., Z709. See 
Fasti, ii. 36Z ; & Foster's fudges and Barristers, 

Astry. James, s. James, of Harlington Woodend, 
Beds, eq. aur. Brasenose Coll. , matric. 25 Aug. , 
J!6gi, aged z6 ; secretary of the comptrollers of the 
army accounts Z7Z2, buried Z9 Oct, Z7z6. [30] 

AstXT, Luke, a A from Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 
Z006, incorp. as M.A 9 July, z6zz. 

Astry, Luke, s. S[amuel], of Henbury, 00. Gloucester, 

auitis. Hart Hall, matric. z^ Nov.. Z690; of 
ncoln's Inn, Z692, died 7 May, zyoz. See Foster's 

Inns of Court Reg, 
Astyn, James, gent Queen's Coll., matric. 10 

Nov., Z654; son and heir of Edward, of city of 

Oxford, gent, bar.-at-law of Gray's Iim Z664. See 

Foster's judges and Barristers, 
AsweU. See Asuwell. 
Atewe, Richard, B.A Z3 June, Z544, as ' Nicholas.' 

See O.H,S„ i. [36] 

Atey. See Atye. 
Atfeild, Ambrose, B. A from Balliol Coll. a Aug., 

Z65Z, M.A 6 April, Z654, fellow Z655, vicar of St. 

Leonard, Shorcditch. 1666, rector of St. Mary, 

Somerset, with St Mary, Mounthaw, London, Z676, 

preb. of St Paul's Z683, died before z April, Z684. 

See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus & Burrows, 104, 

164, X99b 


John Atfeild. 

1500— 1714. 

John Atkins. 

Atfeild, John, s. Richard, of Kingsdere, Hants, pleh. 
Oriel Cozx., matria 6 Dec., 1622, aged x6; B.A« 
from Corpus Chsisti Coll. 9 Feb., z635-6, M.A. 
8 July, 1638. 

Atfield, John, D.Med, of Caen UNivExsmr 9 July, 
X657, incorp. 4 March, z66i, fellow of the College of 
Physicians 1675, censor 1683. See Munk's Roll, i. 369. 

AtlianasiuSi (Archidiaconus Thrac.), created M.A. z 
Sept, Z701. 

Atherton, George, 'der. fil.' Brasenosb Colv, 
matric. x6 Nov., 1650 ; student of Christ Church 
1650, B.A 16 Feb., 1652-3. M.A 4 July, 1655, died 
15 Oct, 170Z, aged 71, will proved at Oxford 5 Nov., 
Z70Z. Seie Gutck, i. 486 ; dc Burrows, 171, etc. 

Atherton, Henry, D.Med, from Christ Coll., Cam- 
bridge ; incorp. X5 July, Z673, author of • The 
Christian Physician,' practiced physic at Truro, and 
from thence removed to NewcastloK>n-Tyne, died ao 
Jan., X694-C. See/?iM/«, ii.338. [b] 

Atherton. John, of Queen's Colu in or before 1564. 
See O.Ar.5., i. 283. 

Atherton, John, scholar of Trinity Coll. Z568, 
B. A sup. 26 April, 157Z. See Foster's IruUx EuU- 

Atherton, John (Adderton), B.A from Brasenose 

Coll. z^ Feb., ZS76-7. feUow ZS79, M.A 26 June, 

z^z [? if rector of Bawdrip, Somerset, Z585-1609, 
M.A.), preb. of St. Paul's Z592. See Foster's Intkx 
Ecclesiasticus & O.H.S,, xii. 66. 

Atherton, John, s. (John), of Somerset, der. Glou- 
cester Hall, matric. 24 Oct., z6z7, aged Z9, 

B.A. 27 Nov., Z617; M.A from Lincoln Coll. 

zi June, Z621, rector of Huish Champflower, Somer- 
set, Z622, until bishop of Waterford and Lismore 
Z636, pretx Z630-5, and chanodlor of Christ Church, 
Dublin, Z635-9, chancdlor of Killaloe z634-6, on the 
perjured evidence of a single person (who was him- 
sdi eventually executed) he was found guilty and 
hanged at Dublin, 5 Dec., Z645. See Cotton's 
Fasti Eccl Hib„ i. 127 ; & Ath,, li. 89Z. 

Atherton, John, zs. Ric, of Bewsey, co. Lancaster, 
eq. aur. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 5 May, Z694, 
aged z6 ; of Gray's Inn Z697. See Foster's Grays 
Inn Rtg, [lO] 

Atherton, Richard, s. John, of Atherton, co. Lancas- 
ter, arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 16 Nov., 
Z672, aged Z7; of Gray's Inn Z67S, knighted at 
Windsor Castle 22 June, Z684, mayor of Liverpool 
Z684, M.P. Z677-9 « 1685, until his death in z686. 
See Foster's Grains Inn Reg, 
— Atherwold, WilUam, « Cluniac' B.D. 27 June, zsz6. 

Atho, Henry, of co. Pembroke, pleb. Jesus Coll., 
matric. z July. Z603, aged zs ; EA zo Dec., z6o6, 
M. A z Feb., z6io-zz, then in orders. 

Athow, Nlcfaohy; RA from Clare Hall Z569, M.A 

. ^ JS73. Incorp. u July^ Z586. 

Athrop, John, pkb. Merton Coll., matric 6 
May. Z651 ; B.A. zo March, Z65A-5, M.A 4 July, 
Z657. vicar of Frodingham, co. Lincoln, Z665 (as 
Athorpe), [15] 

Athrop, John (' Adoptivo nomine'), bom at Starstone, 
Norfolk, *cier. fil.' Lincoln Coll., matric. Z4 
Oct., Z689, aged Z4. (Memo. : John Athorpe, tUias 
Browne, sth son of Cuthbert, of Treeton, Yorks, 
deik, 9iotpost, admitted to the Middle Temple Z692.) 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Athy, Nicholas, of co. Durham, arm. *fiL nat ma.x.' 

Queen's Coll., matric. z8 June, Z619, aged Z7. 

Atkey, Alexander, ' serv.' Exeter Coll., matric. 20 
July, z6s4, a A. Z5 Jan., Z657-8 ; M.A. from Jesus 
Coll. 30 Oct , 1660. vicar of Ilfraoombe Z663. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Atkey, Thomas, s. Th., of Ilfracombe, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 9 Dec., z68z, aged Z7: 
a A Z685. » -© / . 

Atkins, Antony, B. A z^s ; fellow of Merton Coll. 

until escpelled for decbning the oath of ro^ supre- 

I roacy oa Elimbetb's accession. See OM,S., iv. 

I »6fc [ao] 

Atkins. Charles, ' chinuigeon/ s. C, of Oxford (city 
priviiegiatus, 20 Aug., Z683, aged 23 ; admittci 1 
pracdoe in surgery ai Nov., Z683 (as * Adkyns 'K 

Atkins, David, s. William, of Ludlow, Salop, p.] 
Wadham Coll., matric. Z7 Dec., Z664, a«ed zg. 

Atkins, Edward, of co. Carmarthen, pleb. J esc 
Coll., matric 4 Feb., Z59Z-2, aged z8 ; B.A. froi 
Trinity Coll. z6 Feb., zs9S-6 ; M.A from Jesi 
Coll. 2 May, Z599. 

Atkins, Edward (Atkys), arm., bom izil Esse: 
Queen's Coll., matric. zz May, z6q4. aged i 
(son of Richard Atkyns, a bencher of Lincoln's Inn, 
bar.-at-law, Lincoln s Inn, Z6Z3, went oat serjean 
at-Iaw Z9 May, Z640, a baron of the £xcliequ( 
Z645, a judge of Common Pleas Z649. knightc 
2 July z66o, died in Z669. aged 82, brother of Frand 
ZKX4. See Foster's lunges and Barristers* 

Atkyns, Edward, s. Robert, of Sapeiton, co. Glouce 
ter, eq. aur. Queen's Coll., matric. Z5 April, z67t 
aged Z5 ; bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, z^6y went ca 
Serjeant (Foss) Z679, a baron of the Exchequer ad 
]might«l 26 July, Z679, lord chief baron z686-£ 
licence 8 Feb.. Z676-7. to marry Agnes, daughter c 
Sir Richard Atkins, of Hadham, Herts, baronet, ai» 
died in London Z698. See Foster's Judges an* 
Barristers, Tss 

Atkins, Francis, of Essex, arm. Queen's Coix. 
matria zz May, Z604, aged 15 ; probably brother 
Edward Atkyns of same date and College. 

Atkins, Francis, s. John, of Charde, Somerset, gent 
Wadham Coll., matria 30 Oct, Z629, aged iS 
scholar Z63Z, B.A 4 Dea, Z632, M.A 27 Jiia^ 
Z635, fellow Z639-48, expelled by the pariiameDtAn 
visitors Z648. restored z66o, resigned z66z, preh. d 
Bath and Wells Z660-72, vicar of Chard z 661-72. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus; Gardiner, xoo ; 
& Burrows, 162, Z96. 

Atkins, Francis, s. John, of North ParroU, Irdana 
{sic), pleb. Wadham Coll., matria ao May, 
1642, aged 2Z (see John z6z8). 

Atkins, Francis, s. F., of Chard, Somerset, der. 
Wadham Coll., matria Z7 Oct. Z687, aged i6l 

Atkins, Gabriel, of ca Gloucester, gent Brasencsi: 
Coll., matria-entry under date 3 Nov., Z58Z, agM 
z6. Seeajy.5..i. [so; 

Atkins, George, a. Francis, of Bucklebuiy, Ber<;>. 
pleb. Christ Church, matria zo Feb., z625a. 
aged 20 ; B. A 6 July, Z637. 

Atkins, Henry, of Christ Church zsso. HA 04 
Jan., Z554-S. M.A 20 June, Z558. 

Atkins, Henry, of Herts, pleb. Trinitt Coll, 
»-7« niatria-en try under date zz Nov., Z574. tiged 19: 
B.A. zo Jtme, Z575, M.A 25 Feb.. Z577-8 (son of 
Richard Atkins, of Great Beiidiampstead. Herts, 
g^u), D.Med. Nantes, fellow of College of Pby- 
sicians Z588, president z6o6^, z6z6-z7, & Z634-5. 
ph]rsician-in-ordinary for the space of 32 yeais to 
King James and King Charles, said to have de> 
din^ the first patent for a baronetcy, died in War- 
wick Court, London, az Sept, Z635. ^^^ Monk's 
Roll, i. 93. 

Atkyns, Henry, fellow of Magdalen Coll^ ; Inieo- 
.^ tory of effects (at Oxford) 25 Sept. , Z580. 
Atkins, Henry, of London, D.Med. fiL Trikitt 
Coll., matria 7 April, Z609, aged za ; B. A. 28 Jan., 
z6xo-zz. (Memo. : Henry, son of Henry, admitted 
to Middle Temple z6o8, Icnighted 27 Dec., 1630,, 
died 8 July, Z638. ) See Foster's Inns of Court Rtf,. 

Atkins, Henry, 'baronet.' s. R., of Hanwell, Middle- 
sex, baronet. Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 33 
April, Z700, aged z6 ; 3rd baronet, died in Z712. 

Atkins, James, died in Z687. See^/IA., iv. 870 ;& 

Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [37] 

Atkins, John, B.A from Brasenoss COLL. 30 Jail. 

. ., ^,569-70, M. A 4 May, ZS7S. 
Atkins, John, B.A. 28 March, Z57r. 
— Atkins, John, scholar of Trinity Colx«. Z572, H.A. 
Z2 June, ZS73. feUow ZS74, M.A. ax May, 1577. 
See Foster'9 /nu^ i7^AKf w/yofj. ' I 


John Atkins. 

1500 — 1714. 

John Atkinson. 

AUdnSf John, of Oxoti, pleb. Brasenosb Coll., 
matne.-«atx7 under date 3 Nov., 1581, aged 15. 

Atkins, John, of Somerset, plcb. Christ Church, 
matnc. 7 April, 2587, aged 33. See Foster's Index 

Atkins, John, of Somerset, pleb. Balliol Coll., 
matnc 6 April, 1593. aged x8 ; B. A. ax Feb. ^ 1595-6W 

Atkrns, John, Bj\.,nom Balliol Coll. 17 Dec, i6oa 

Atkins, John, M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 13 
Feb. , 1617-18, rector of North Parrott, Somerset, 
1618-35, possibly fother of Francis 164a. See Foster's 
Index EcclesiasHau & Fasti, L , 373. [S] 

Atkins, Ralph (or Raphael), 1571. See Atkinson. 

Atkins, Richard, 2593. See Etkins. 

Atkins, Richard, of co. Gloucester, arm. Queen's 
Coll., matric 36 Oct., 1599, aged 15 ; of Lincolo's 
Ino x6oi, son of Richard Atkyns, a bencher of 
Lincoln's Inn. brother of Edward 2604. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

AtkinSy Richard, of Baluol Coll. 2639, aged 24. 
See Aik, Ojt., iiL 1x36. 

Atkins, Richard, s. Rich., of Llansanfrayd, co. Mont« 
gomery, p.p. GLOUCESTER Hall, matric xa July, 
X667, aged aou [lOl 

Atkins, Robert, of co. Cardigan, 'verbi minister, 
fiL Jesus Coll., matric -entry under date ax 
March. x598-9^ 

Atkins, Robert, of Somerset, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matnc 16 June, x6io. aged x8 ; B.A. 9 July, x6i3, 
M.A xy June, 16x5, then in orders. 

AtkinSy Robert, s. Aaron, of Chard, Somerset, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric. 9 April, X647, aged x8 ; 
scholar X648, B. A 5 June, X649, fellow X650-61, M.A 
15 May, X653. vicar of St. John's Bowe, Exeter, x66o, 
chaplain to OliTer Cromwell, incumbent of Tbcydon 
X653-7, preacher East Peter's Church, Exeter, ejected 
2660. St. John's, Exeter, x66o, ejected x663, died 
98 March, 1685. See D.N,B. ; Rawlinstm, !▼. zxa ; 
Bunvws, xxy, 276 ; Gardiner, x66 ; & Calamy, iL iia. 

Atkyns, Sir Robert, created M.A. 38 Sept., X663 (son 
of Sir Edward, a justice of the King's Bench), bar.- 
at-Iaw of Lincoln's Ion 1645, treasurer X664, went out 
seijt.-at-]aw 34 April, x673, K.B. at the coronation of 
Charles II. 33 April, x66i, solicitor-general to the 
Queen, a judge of common pleas X673-80, P.C 
speaker of the House of Lords X689-93, licence^ai 
April, x68x, then a widower, to marry Anne, daughter 
of Sir Thomas Dacres, late of Chesbunt, Herts, and 
died x8 Feb., X709-XO. See Foster's Judges and 
Barristers Sl Fasti, iL 373. 

Atkyns, (Sir) Robert, xs. Robert, of Saperton, co. 
Gloucester, Knight of the Bath. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric 14 March, X663-3, aged X5 ; bar.-at- 
law, Lincoln's Inn, X664, licence, 5 July, 1669, to 
marry Louise, daughter of Sir George de Cartcrett, 
Kt; knighted at Bristol, 5 Sept.. X663, M.P. Ciren- 
cester in three parliaments, X679-81, and for Glouces- 
tershire X685-7, author of * The Ancient and Present 
State of Gloucestershire,' folio, died 39 Nov., 17XX. 
Sec Foster's Judges and Barristers, [IS] 

Atkins, Robert, s. John, of Swinford, co. Leicester, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 33 March, X688-9, 
aged x8 ; B.A. X692. 

Atkyns, Robert, s. Edw., of London, arm, Christ 
Church, matric 5 .Sept , X694, aged 15. 

Atkins, Simon jAtkyn), admitted to Corpus Christi 

^ Coll. 1518, nom Devon, fellow 1519, M.A. xo Feb., 
1533-3, B.D. 38 June, X530, D.D. sup. Nov., 1532; 
one of these names rector of Little Petherick tilias 
Nassington, Cornwall, X544. See Foster's Index 

Atkins, Thomas, B.A. from Brasbnose Coll. x6 
Jo'y. 1554. fdlow of Merton Coll. 1554. 'fuit 
procuTator generalis re^us apud Wallos, et reginsc 
£lizabethae k consiliis ibidem, et ad audiendem et 
determinandnm malefacta cujuscunq ; generis justi- 
tiarius, etc ' (Fasti, i X43) ; Tbos., son and heir of 
lohn,of Ozleworth, co. Gloucester, gent., admitted to 
Middle Temple 1558, ^ttYwixx*unns<>f Court Keg, 

Atkins, Thomas, of Wnts, pleb. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric-entry under date 33 Dec., X576, aged 
x6. See O.H.S,, L [ao] 

Atkjms^ Thomas, of co. Gloucester, gent Magda- 
len Hall, matric 30 July, X596, aged x8 ; son and 
heir of Richard, bencher of Lincoln's Inn, admitted 
X598. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

AtkynSy Thomas, B.A. from Jfisus Coll. 30 June, 
X6X4. See Thomas, 684. 

Atkins, Thomas, of Lincoln Coll. X615. See 


Atkins, WiUiam (or Atkyngs), fellow of New Colu 
1540-6, from Sulgrave, Notts, BA. 20 Feb., X543-4. 

Atkins, William, student residing in the town in July, 
X563, tutor William Lye, of Brasenose Coll. 

Atkins, William (Atkens), of Somerset, pleb. jESUS 
Coll., matric 4 May, X604, aged x8 ; B.A from 
Broadgatbs Hall xa Nov., X607. [26] 

Atkins, William, created D.C.L., i or 3 Nov., X043. 

Atkinson, Abraham, BA. from Magdalen Coll. 
XX Feb., X607-8. 

Atkinson, Abraham, s. Chr., of Hooke, Hants, p.p. 
St. John's Coll., matric. 30 Feb., X676-7, aged x6. 

Atkinson, Anthony, B.A 37 Nov., X553, M.A. ly 
July, X556. See O.H.S., L axo, 333. [30] 

AtUnson« Arthur, s. William, of Morbnd, Westmor- 
land, cler. Queen's Coll., matric 37 March, 
X699, aged X5 ; B.A. X703, M.A. ao Jan., X706-7, 
rector of Sulhampstead Abbot and Bannister, Berks, 
X733. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Atkinson, Carleton, s. Joh., of Appleby, Westmor- 
land, cler. Queen's Coll., matnc 37 Oct, X703, 
aged 16 ; B. A. xa March, X707-8, M.A. X7X0, rector 
of Broughton, Westmorland, X7X4, and of Kirkby 
Thore, X7a3. 

Atkinson, Christopher, EA. 33 Oct, 1565, fellow 
Merton Coll. X565-76, M.A 30 May, X570 
(incorp. at Cambridge X573), B. and D.Med, and 
admitted to practice 8 Julv, X585 ; one of these 
names rector of Stanford Rivers, Essex, X578. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus; Fasti, i. 33X ; & 
O.H.S., iv. 363, 368; X. 358 ; xii. 133. 

Atkinson. Edward, surgeon to Sir lliomas Fairfax, 
the parliamentary general, licence to practice X3 
Oct, X646. 

Atkinson, Francis, s. Thomas, of Stanton Lacy, 
Salop, cler. Christ Church, matric. 34 May, 
x66x, B.A. 3 Feb., X664-5, M.A. from Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge, 1679, rector of Winstanton, 
Salop, X678, and of Aston llottrell X679. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. [38] 

Atkinson, George, RA. 4. Dec, X544, M.A. 6 June, 
X559 (? fellow of Corpus Christi Coll. 1564), 
one of these names fellow of Eton aa Feb.. x 559-60, 
rector of Steeple Aston, Oxon, 1566, and of Everdon, 
Northants, X573, will proved at Oxford x6 June, 1583. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Atkinson, George, s. William, of Withamfriary, 
Somerset, gent All Sotn^'s Colu, matric 8 
March, X687-8, aged x6, B.A. X691 ; M.A from 
New Coll. X694 ; one of these names preb. of 
Higher Line, in Collegiate Church of Chumleigh, 
Devon, X70C See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Atkinson, Gilbert, s. Gilbert, of Warram, Yorks. gent 
Trinity Coll., matric. x Dec, X636, aged 18; 
B.A. X4 Feb., X638-9, M.A. X7 Oct, X63X, rector of 
West Winch, NorfoUc, x6^9. 

Atkinson, Henry (Atkison), of Berks, gent Hart 
Hall, matric X5 April, 1586, aged X4. 

Atkinson, Henry, of Westmorland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric 38 April, 1615. aged 19. [fto] 

Atkinson, Henry, s. Charles, of Tolston, Yorks, gent. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 30 Oct., X636, aged 18 ; 
of Gray's Inn 1627. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Atkinson, Tames, of Yorks, pleb. Queen's Coll., 
matric. xo Feb., XS97-8, aged X7 ; B. A. 30 June, x6o3. 

Atkinson, John, B.A 6 July 1560 ; fellow of Balliol 
Coll. X560-9, M.A. x6 Dec, 2564, inventory (at 
Oxford) 7 Nov., 1570, 


John Atkinson. 

1500 — 1714. 

Francis Atterbury; 

Atkinson, John, of Yorks, pleb. Queen's Colu, 
^_ matric. -entry under date 22 Dec, 1576, aged 18. 
See Foster's Index Ecckiiasticns, 

Atkinsonne, John , of Yorks. pleb. Queen's Coll. , 
matric. la March, 1596-7, aged z8. See Foster's 
Gray*! Inn Reg, 

Atkinson^ John, s. Thomas, of Stanton Lacy, Salop, 
der. Christ Church, matric. 34 May. 1661, aged 
15 ; of the Middle Temple 1662. See Foster^s Inns 
of Court Reg. 

Atkinson, John, s. J. , of Appleby, Westmorland, pleb. 
Queen's Coll.. matric. a March, 1687-8, aged 18 ; 
B. A. 16^3. M. A. 1696, vicar of Kirkby Stephen 1700, 
preb. of Carlisle 1703. rector of Brougham 1708. 

Atkinson. John, s. George, of Westward, Cumber- 
land, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 9 July, 17x3. 
aged z8 ; E>A. 1718. [5] 

Atkinson, Lavrrence, s. Lawrence, of London, pleb. 
Broadgates Hall, matric. 11 July, 1623, aged 

Atkinson, Leonard, B.A 30 Oct., 1572. 

Atkinson. Miles, B.A. 30 May, 1536, M.A. 4 May. 
z^, fellow of Queen's Colu 1541, and fdlow of 
Eton 19 Aug. , 1544. 

Atkinson. Nicholas, of St. Alban Hall in or before 
^— 1572. See O.H.S,, xi. 41. 

Atkinson, Philip, B.A, from Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge 1679, ^-A. 1683 (incorp. 6 June, 1687), D.D. 
1697, vicar of Duloe, Cornwall. 1683, rector of St. 
Peter's, Northampton, 1698. flO] 

Atkinson, Ralph (Atkins), of Hants, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric -entry under date 1571. aged 
"■^ 17 ; demy as Atkinson 1568-77, fellow 1577-83, B.A. 
X Feb., 1577-8, M.A. S April, 1581, rector of Cand- 
lesby 1584, vicar of rlndon 15^0-7. See Foster's 
IniUx EccUnasticus & Bhxam, iv. 17a. 

Atkinson, Richard, a native of Ripley, Yorkshire, 
elected from Eton to King's Coll., Cambridge, 
1527, B.A. 1530. M.A. 1535. B.D. iS4a, D.D. 1545 
(incorp. 14 April, isM)i rector of Stour Provost 
Z546 (and vicar of Woodchurch, Kent), provost of 
King's 1553, died of the plague about Sept . 1556. 
See Fosters Index Ecclesiasticus ; Cooper, L z6z ; 
ft Fastit i. 144. 

Atkinson, Richard, of Berks, ' der. fil.' Magdalen 

Hall, matric. 31 May, 1616, aged az ; E.A 6 June, 

z6i6. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasiicus. 

Atkinson, Richard. B.A. from Christ Church 
7 June, Z67Z (? son-and-heir of John, of Widding- 
ton, Yorks), bar.-at-law of Gray's Inn Z676. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Atkinson, Thomas (RA.), M.A 30 May. Z555. fellow 
of Lincoln Coll. (? rector of Bulmer and preb. of 
York 156a See Le Nevt^ iii. az3.) [15] 

Atkinson, Thomas, M. A. of Cambridge Uniyersity, 
incorp. zz July, Z586, sub. dean of St. Flaul's 1607, 
died April t6z6. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasiicus; 
Alumni West., zz ; & Fasti ^ i. 339. 

Atkinson, Thomas, of Cumberland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric. 8 May. z6o7,aged z8 ; B.A z6De&, 
161X, M.A. 30 June. 1614. 

Atkinson, Thomas, of London, gent St. John's 
Coll., matric. Z3 Oct., z6z5, aged z6 ; B.A. za Mav. 
" Z619, fellow. M.A. a6 April, z63q, proctor z6a9, B.D. 

za May, Z630, rector of South Wamborough, Hants, 
Z638, and of Islip. by exchange, 1638, bom Aug., 
'599 (or 1600), buried in chapelof St John's 6 Feb., 
Z638-9, admon. (at Oxford) az Feb., 1639-40. See 
Gutch,, ]. 568 : Robinson, i. 59; & Fasti,, i. 456. 

Atkinson. Thomas, B.A. from Trinity Coll., Z5 
June. ioa6, M.A az April. z6a9. See Fo&ier'i Index 

Atkinson, Thomas, s. Francis, of Hadley, Middlesex, 
gent TRINITY Coll., matric. 4 Nov., 1636 ; aged 

16. [ao] 

Atkinson, Thomas, 'serv.' Brasenosb Coll., 

matric 6 June, z66a 
Atkinson, wllliam, M.A., disp. for part of his fees z6 

March, 1505-6^ See OM»S,, L 43. 

Atkinson, William, B.A. zo Dec., Z543. See lA 

Neve, ii ao6. 

Atkinson, William, B. A 6 July, Z556, M.A. aS April, 
Z559, fdlow of Queen's COLL., 1559, one of these 
names vicar of Shalford, Essex, 1559 (Newcoort). 
See Fostor's Index Ecclesiasiicus, 
Atkinson, William (? aA.) of Cambridge Univer- 
sity (? Z565), sup. (?for incorp.) as M.A. 15 Juiy^ 
Z57a. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. & 0,H.S,. 
X. 350. [2S] 

Atkinson, William, of co. Lincoln, *c]er. fiL* Brasb- 
NOSB Coll., matri& z6 June, z6z5. ^^ <7 • ^-^ 

Z9 May, z6z7, M. A 6 July, z6ao, vicar of AVillougb- 

ton, CO. Lincolnshire, 161a. 
Atkinson, William, s. William, ol KynkeD (? Kirstall), 
Yorlcs. pleb. Magdai^en Hall, matric. za May, 
1^3. 8*ed Z5. 
Atkinson, WilUam, s. G. ('Gul.') of Morland. West- 
morlana, p. p. Queen's Coll.. matric zo March, 
x67^-6> aged 15; B.A 9 Feb., z68o-z, M.A Z684, 
ensign of a company of scholars 1685 on the breaking 
out of the Duke of Monmouth's rebellion (? vicar Si 
Morland z68o). admon. (at Oxford) 6 Nov., 17001 
See Foster's Index Ecclestasticus & Ath., i., ciL 
Atkinson, William, s. G.. pleb. St. Mary Hall, 
subscribed 3Z March, Z694 ; B^A. from All Souls* 
Coll. a6 Feb., z697-8, M.A from St. Mary Hall 
Z700. one of these names rector of Alderiey, ca 
Gloucester, Z70Z. 
Atkinson. Wiliiam. s. William, of Morland, West- 
morlana, der. Queen's Coll., matric. 37 Oct.. 
Z703. aged Z7,* B.A. z8 March, Z707-8, M.A. 17x1. 
• See Foster's Index Ecclesicuticus. [ZO] 

Atlee, John. ' der. fil.' New Colu , matiia 8 Dec. , 165a. 
Atslowe, Ambrose, of London, pleb. New Coll., 
matric. Oct., Z597, aged z8 ; B.CL. la April, Z605. 
D.OL* (sup* fl8 May) z6z4« 
AtSiOW, Edward (Attislow), fellow New Coll. 
Z55i'6a. from Eversholt. Beds, B. A a6 June, 1555. 
M.A 30 May, ZS59, B.Med. (sup. za April) Z564. 
created D.Med. 37 Aug., Z566, fellow College of 
Physicians, imprisoned for designing the escape of 
Mary Queen of Scots, physician to the Duke of Nor- 
folk, and racked in the Tower on his aooount, died 
in Z594. See Munk's Roll,, I 67 ; Gutck, iL 144 ; 
Atslowe, Luke, fellow of New Coll. 1556-8. from 
Eversholt, Beds, B.A. a4 Jan., Z5S9-60. M-A. 19 
Felx, Z564-5, removed from his fdlowship because 
he would not take holy orders according to the 
statute. See Gutch,, ii. Z45 ; & 0,H,S„ i. a4z. 
Atterbory, Bedingfidd, s. (Lewis), of London, der. 
Christ Church, matric. 9 April, Z7za, aged 18 : 
B.A. Z715. M.A. Z7z8. [SSj 

AtterbtLTji Francis, of Northants. pleb. Magdaij^n 
Hall, matric. 5 May. z6ao, aged z6 ; B.A 33 Oct, 
z6a3, M.A. Z5 June, i6a6, rector of Milton, North- 
""^ ants, z6a7, and of Maidsmorton, Bocks, z666. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasiicus, 

Atterbury, Francis, s. Lewis, of Middleton, Bucks, 
D.D. CHRIST CHinscH. matri& ty Dec., 1680, 
aged Z7 ; BA. Z684, M.A. Z687, D.D. by diploraa 
5 May, Z70Z, preacher of Bridewell Z693, and of (be 
Rolls Chapel 1698, chaplain to William III. and 
Q. Mary 1694, and to Queen Anne ZToa, arcbdeacoa 
of Totnes Z70Z, preb. of Elxeter Z704, dean of Car- 
lisle Z7Q4, and of Christ Church, Oxford Z7ZZ-X3, and 
of Westminster Z7Z3, a governor of Bridewell asd 
Bethlehem Hospital a6 Feb., Z7Z3-i4, bishop of 
Rochester Z7Z3, deprived June, 1733, on suspidoo 
of favouring tne Pretender, sent to the Tower 24 
Aug., ZTaa, taken oat Z9 June, Z7a3, and passported 
in uie Aldborough, man-of-war, two days after, bom 
at Milton Keynes, Bucks, z6 March, i66a, died at 
Paris in exile zs Feb., Z73a. See Ath, Ox., iv. 665: 
Alumni West,, Z85 ; Rawlinsom, i.47, 393, iv. z6;,n 
87; & Witt AM^ Rigu ^^ 


Frakgis Atterbury. 

1500— 1714. 

Samuell Atwood. 

Atterburyj Frands, s. Frands, of Milton, Northants, 
der. Christ Chukch, matric. 29 Mardi, 1667, aged 
z6 ; B.A. from St. Alban Hall 1670, M.A. 2673, 
bar.-at-law Cnfs Inn 1685, bdng reduced to want 
^^^ £5 allowed him 26 Nov., 1734, and again 13 
Nov., X725, Gra/s /»». Act books, unde of Bishop 
Atterbury. See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Atterbury, Lewis (Atterberye), of Northants, pleb. 
MAGDAL£if Hall, matric. 5 March, 1584-5, aged 


Atterbury, Lewis, s. Francis, of Milton, Northants, 
saoerd. Chkist Church, matric. 9 April, 1647, 
aged z6 ; student 1648. B.A 93 Feb., 1649-50, 
created M.A i March, 1651-2, created D.D. z Dec., 
1660 (incorp. at Cambridge 1664), preb. of Lincoln 
1690, rector of Middleton Keynes, cucks, 1657, and 
of Long Rissington, 00. Gloucester, 1654. drowned 
in. Dec , Z693, fiather of Frauds z68o, and of Lewis, 
next named. See Burrows^ 73. 170 ; & WM., iv. 395. 

Atterbury «Lewis, s. L., of Middleton, Bucks, &T.D. 
Chhist Chitrch, matric 10 April, 1674, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 1677. M.A z68o (incorp. at Cambridge i68x), 
B. and D.CL. 1687, lecturer of St. Mary-at-Hill 
and minister of Highgate and reader of Homerton, 
Middlesex, rector 1719, one of the six preachers to 
Princess Anne, rector of Sywdl, Nortnants, 1685- 
1707, rector of Shepperton, Middlesex, 1707, died at 
Bath 90 Oct., X731, brother of Francis z68o, and 
fetber of Bedingfidd. See Foster's Index EccUsias- 
iicMs; Bawlinson^ ii. 70; & D.N.B. 

Atton, George, of Rutland, pleb. St. Mart Hall, 
matric 9 Nov., 1582, aged 27; B.A. 28 Feb., 

1583-4- [«] 

Attree, John, s. Edmnnd, of Dichling, Sussex, pleb. 

Magdalen Hall, matric 10 May, 1638, aged 17 ; 

of Lincoln's Inn 1640. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Reg. .'*- 

Atwater, William, fellow Magdalen Coll. Z480, 
vice-chancellor 1500-2, canon of Windsor 1504, and 
registrar of the garter, chancellor of Lincoln 1506, 
preb. 15x2, dean of Salisbury 1509, archdeacoa of 
Lewes and of Huntingdon 1514, bishop of Lincoln 
15x4, died 4 Feb., 2520-1. See Le Neve & Ath,, ii. 

Atwell, Gcoig^e (Attwell), B.A 26 March, 2534, M. A 
14 May, 1537, of Lincoln Coll. ; vicar of New- 
bold, Yorks, 2545. See Foster's Indtx EccUsiasti- 


Attwell, George, s. George, of Barton, Northants, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matric z8 Nov., 1631, 
aged 2a 

Atwell, Joseph, & M[atbcw], of Buckland Monacho- 
rura, Devon, der. £xeter Coll., matric 12 April, 
17x2, aged 16 ; B.A X7X5, fellow X7i8, M.A. 17x8, 
RD. 1728, rector 2733-7, D.D. 1738, took priest's 
orders 2736, preb. of Southwell 2737, of Gloucester 
2737, and of York 2739, rector of Oddington, cc 
Gloncester, 2739, vicar of Fairford 2738, canon of 
Westminster 2759, died before 22 Aug., 2768. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus ; Boase^ 90 ; & Rawlin- 
son MS., vi 54, xvi. 202. [lO] 

Atwell, Matthew, s. Matt., of Walkhampton, Devon, 
gent. Exeter Coll., matric 22 March, 2666-7, 
aged 29 ; B. A 2670, M.A. 2673, vicar of St. Cleere, 
Cx>mwall, 2695, rector of Moretonhampstead, Devon, 
1696. father of the last named and of the next 

Atwell, Matt., s. M., of Buckland Monachorum, 
Devon, der. Exeter Coll., matric. 12 April, 
2722. a^ 28. BA 2727 ; M.A. from Peter House, 
Cambndge, 2728. 

Atwell, Simon, secular chaplain, R A 2a May, 2529. 

Atwill, John, of Devon, gent. Exeter Coll., 
matric. 23 Nov., 2607, aged 27. See Foster's Index 

AtwUl, John, s. John, of Mamhead, Devon, gent. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 27 Nov., 2637, aged 28. 

AtwiU, John, s» John, of Were, Devon, pleb. Exeter 
COLL.y matric 6 May, 2642, aged 28. [16] 

Atwill, Peter, of Devon, arm. fiL natu. max. Wad- 
ham Coll., matric z6 April, 26x9, aged 27 ; son of 
William, of Kenton. See Devon Visitation, 162a 

Atwill. Thomas, of Devon, pleb. Hart Hall, matric- 
entrv under date 2572, aged 25 ; B.A 22. Feb., 
2576-7, rector of Weare Gififord, Devon, 2587. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Atwill, Thomas, * subscribed' 28 Nov., 2624, RA 
from Exeter Coll. 22 April, 26x8. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Atwyll, William, * capellanns,' rector of Bondldgh, 
l5evon, will proved at Oxford 24 Aug., 2465. See 
GHffith. [ao] 

Atwood, Andrew (Hatwoode), of co. Gloucester, pleb. 
Broadgates Hall, matric-entry under date 20 
July. 1578. aged 2a 

Atwood, Edmund, of co. Gloucester, pleb. Oriel 
Coll., matric. 24 OcL, 2596, aged 23; B.A from 
Corpus Christi Coll. 23 Feb., 2602-2, M.A. 27 
April, 2605, rector of Staunton, co. Worcester. 2625, 
vicar of Hartpury, co. Gloucester, 2634. See Fos- 
ter's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Atwood, George, s. George, of Bristol (dty), gent. 
Balliol Coll., matric 27 July, 2700, aged 24; 
scholar 2700-4, and of St. John's Coll. 2704, fdlow 
Z707, BA 2708, M.A. 27x2, B.D. 27x7, domestic 
chaplain to George Hooper, bishop of Bath and 
Wells, presented to the donative cure of St. James's, 
Taunton, and also of Truli in 17x3. rector of Clapton, 
Somerset, 2726, preb. of Wells 2722, archdeacon of 
Taunton 2726, minisier of St. James's, Taunton, 
rector of West Bagtx>rough, Somerset, 2729, bom in 
parish of St. Thomas, Bristol, 9 March, 2685, died 
26 Dec, 2752. See Rawlinson, v. 67, xvi. 86^ 

Atwood. Harman, s. H., of Westminster, gent St. 
John s Coll., matric. 22 Nov., 2679, aged 26 ; of 
the Middle Temple 2682, brother of King. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Atwood, Henry (Atwodd), of Christ Church 1553, 
B. A 29 May, 2557 ; fdlow of Merton Colu 
2557-62. M.A 25 Feb., 2559-60, junior Linacre lec- 
turer 2560. See O.H.S., iv. 264. [25] 

Atwoode, Henry (or Hatwood), of co. Warwick, pleb. 
Merton Coll., matric 27 March, 2586-7, aged 26. 

Atwood, Henry, gent Madgalen Coll., matric 
22 Jan., 2648-9, appointed clerk 2648 by parliamen- 
tary visitors, resigned 265a See Bloxam, ii. 68; 
Burrows, 272, etc 

Atwood, Henry, arm. Exeter Coll., matric. 
Michaelmas term 2655. 

Atwood, John (Atwod). priest. B. A sup. Jan., 2557-8. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Atwood. John, 8. Patrick, of Newton St Loe, Somer* 
set, pleb. Oriel Coll., matric. 5 Feb., 2629-30. 
aged 27. [30] 

Atwood, John, fellow of Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, 
B.A. 2649, B.D. 2660, incorp. 9 July, 2662. rector 
of North Cadbury, Somerset, 2663, until his death 
in 2689. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Atwood, John, s. George, of Sanderstead, Surrey, arm. 
Merton Coll., matric. 26 April, 2705, aged X7 ; 
bar.-at-law of the Inner Temple 1723, di^ 2759. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Atwood, Joseph, ' serv.' MAGDALEN Hall, matric 
19 Nov., 2650, BA. 6 July, X654. 

Atwood, Kinge, s. Harman, of Sanderstead, Surrey, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 27 June, 2623, 
aged 26; B.A. 22 Oct, 2626. M.A. 9 July, 2629, 
rector of Sanderstead 2630, died 2 April, 2674. 

Atwood, Richard (Atwode), BA 27 Jan., 2572-3, 
M.A 7 July, 2576, rector of Somerford Magna, 
Wilts, 2578. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Atwood, Richard, M.A. from Christ Church 8 July, 
2600 ; one of these names rector of Edgcott, Bucks, 
2625. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [36] 

Atwood, Samuel], s. Sam., of Sandhurst, Kent, der. 
Magdalen Hall,- matric 30 May, 2690 ; B.A 27 
Feb., 2693-4, M.A 2696, rector of Ash, Kent, xtox. 
See Foster'9 Index Ecclesiasticus, 


Thomas Atwood. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Awbrey. 

Atwood, Thomas, B.C.L. 28 Feb., 1518-19. See 
O.H.S,, I. 

Atwoodf Thomas (Attwood), Si Ant, of Elmbridge, 
CO. Worcester, gent. Oriel Coll. , matric. a April, 
1690, aged xs ; R A. 1693. 

Atwood, Thomas, s. Geoige, of Sanderstead, Surrey, 
gent. Merton Coll., matric. 5 July, 1707, aged 17. 

Atye, Sir Arthur (Atie). student of Christ Church, 
B.A. z July, 1560 ; fellow of Merton Coll. 156a, 
M.A. (? 14 April) 1564, B. & D.CL. (sup. 27 Oct.), 
1574, principial of St Alban Hall 1569-81, proctor 
Z570, public orator 1572-82, private secretary to Lord 
lleicester, knighted by James I. zz May, Z603, died 
a Dec., Z604, buried at Harrow, father of the next 
named. See FasH, i. Z65 ; & O.H,S, , iv. 265, zi. ao, 47. 

Atye, Robert, of Middlesex, arm. Merton Coll., 
matric. z6 Oct, z6oz, aged Z3 ; B.A. 5 July, Z604, 
*son of Arthur, late secretary to Robert, Earl of 
Leicester.' [5] 

Atye, Thomas ( Atey) , of Middlesex, gent New Coll. , 
matric. — July, ZS85, aged Z9 ; scholar Z584; B.A. 
Z4 June, Z588, bar.-at-lawof the Inner Temple Z598. 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers & 0,H,S», zii. 

AubertUS, Antonius, of Deinse (le Diois), inoorp. as 
M.A. 16 Oct, Z638. See /w/», i. 503. 

AubiXL, Germain, s. John, of Jersey, Hants, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric zi Dec., Z635, aged z6. 

Anbin, John, s. J., of • Gall.' gent Christ Church, 
matric. az ]une, Z699, aged 22 ; B. A. Z703, M.A. Z2 
March, Z70S-6. See Alumni West., 236. 

Aubery, Arthur, of London, gen. ; fellow of St. 
Johns Coll. Z574, matric. -entry under date Z575. 
aged z8: B.A. 14 May, Z578, M.A. 4 May, Z582 
gncorp. at Cambridge, Z583), B.D. Z7 Feb., z 595-6, 
D.D. 3Z March, Z596, rector of Kingston Bagpute, 
Berks, Z586, and of Alvescott, Oxford, Z592. 

Awbroy, Charles, of Jesus Coll., in or before Z572-3. 
See O.l/.S., i. [ll] 

Aubrey, Edward, of Cambridge University ; inoorp. 
B.CL zz July, Z598. 

Awbrey, Havard, of co. Brecknock, eq. aur. fil. 
Jesus Coll., matric. 3 May, z6i6, aged zy; 5ih 
son of Sir Edward of Tredomen. 

Aubrey, Herbert, arm. Queen's Coll., matric. zo 
Nov., Z65Z, B.A. a Feb., Z653-4 ; son and heir 
apparent of Herbert, of Clehonger, co. Hereford, 
Esq., M.P. for Hereford z68z, Z685-7, admitted to 
Gray's Inn Z653, buried 9 Nov., Z69Z, father of the 
next, and of Reginald. See Foster's GraVs Inn Reg, 

Awbreye, Herbert (s. Samuel), of 00. Hereford, eq. 
Magdalen Coll., matria 26 June, z62z. aged Z7 ; 
of Clehonger, co. Hereford, admitted to the Middle 
Temple 1^3, died 22 Dec., Z67Z, father of the next 
named. Sec Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [15] 

Aubrey, Herbert, s. H., of Clehonger, co. Hereford, 
arm. Queen's Coll., matric. z8 Dec, Z682, aged 
zd ; of Clehonger, buried 24 Jan., Z744, father of the T€ 
next named. Nr^ 

Aubrey, Herbert, s. H., of Clehonger, co. HerefordrX 
arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 2z Oct., Z708, nijed 
Z5 ; of Clehonger, admitted to the Middle Ten>ple, 
Z7Z0, buried Z5 Nov., Z758, Sec Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Aubrey, John (Auberie), B.A. $ July, Z558, one of 
these names rector of Llanwrihwl, co. Brecon, Z559, 
and of Penboyr, co. Carmarthen, Z559. 

Awbrey, John, of London, gent. Magdalen Coll., 
matric. 26 June, Z621, aged z6 : demy Z620-30, B.A. 
26 June, Z624, M.A. Z7 April, Z627, B.Mcd. and 
licenced to practice 2Z Oct, Z634, D.Med. 5 July, 
Z639, admon. at Oxford Z9 Sept., Z639. See 
Bloxantt v. zo6. 

Awbrey, John, zs. Thomas, of Llantrithid, co. Gla- 
morgan, militis. Wadham Coll., matric. 3 Nov., 
Z626, aged 20 ; created a baronet 23 July, z66o, 
admitted to Gray's Inn x6a6, buried at Llantrithvd 
95 March, Z679, brother of Thomas Z627. Stc 
Foster's Gra/s Inn Reg, [ao] 

Awbrey, John, s. John, of Grendon, co. Hereford,, 
gent. Christ Church, matric. 9 May, z623,; 
aged 20, student Z627, expelled by order 15 Mayj 
Z648 ; B A. from Brasenosb Colu 3 July. z628.i 
M.A. from Christ Church 30 April, Z63Z, crcatej^ 
B.D. z Feb., Z647-8 (and admitted 2 Nov. foIlowingK 
buried in Christ Church 29 March, Z649. Sed 
Gutch^ i. 5ZZ ; ft Burrows, 30, 92, eta 

Aubrey, John, s. Richard, of Broad Cbalke, WilU. 
gent. Trinity Col., matric. 4 June. Z64X, aged 
z6 ; F.R.& Z663, a student of the Middle Temple 
z64i6 ; for a very curious acooant of his manyj 
accidents see Rawlinson MS.^ xx. 30 (his £itbe^ 
died 2Z Oct, Z652, see also Rawlinson MS., iv. 8z). 
his collections for a history of Wiltshire were printed 
by Sir Thos. Phillipps; died at Oxford in June, 
Z697. SeeZ^.A^.A &'w4/A.,L, p. k. 

Awbrey, (Sir) John, s. John, of Llantrythydd, co. 
Glamorgan, Bart Jesus Coll., matric. 39 Oct. 
z668, aged zS; of Uantrithyd, and baronet. M.P. 
Brackley Z698-Z700, killed Sept, Z70Q, by a fall from 
his horse, father of the next named. 

Awbrey, (Sir) John, s. J. , of Llantrythydd. 00. Glamor- 
gan, Bart jESUS Coll. , matric 7 April, Z698. aged 
Z7; 3rd baronet, M.P. Cardi£f Feb., Z706-ZO, died 
z6 April, Z743. 

Awbrey, Lewis, s. Matth., of Cardiff, co. Glamotgan. 
p.p. Christ Church, matria az June. Z677, »ged 
Z5 ; B.A. z68z, M.A. 29 Jan., Z683-4, vicar of East 
Garston, Berks, z68z, rector of Lantrithyd. ca 
Glamorgan, Z685, and of Llanthetty, oa Brecon, 
zyoa See Foster's Index EcclesiasHeus, [25 j 

Aubrey, Nicholas (Aubrye), of co. Warwick, plei*. 
Magdalen Hail, matric. -entry under date 25 Feb., 

■*" Z580-Z, aged za 

Aw'brye, Oliver, of Middlesex, gent Exster Coll., 
matria z6 Febb, Z586-7, aged 25 ; B.A. from Hart 
Hall Z7 Feb., Z586^, rector of East Donylaod, 
Essex, Z590 {Neufcourt), of Cliddesden, and of 
Farley Chamberlaine, Hants, Z599, father of Walter 
1628. See Fostet's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Aubrey, Ranald, s. Herb., of Hereford (dty), gent 
Baluol Coll., matric 3Z March, Z69Z, aged Z5: 
B.A. Z694, MA. Z697, vicar of Foy, co. Hereford. 
Z698, rector of Brampton Abbots Z7Z3. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

iLVrhTQjj Richard, of ca Brecknock, gent. Jesus 

_^ Coll., matric. az March, z6z6-Z7, aged 23 ; rector 
of Llanwrtbwl, co. Brecon, z6a3, vicar of Boughrood, 
CO. Brecon, Z630. See Foster's Index JZcclesiasficus, 

Awbrey, Robert, subscribed 30 April, Z6Z3. [30] 

Aubrey, Samuel ('Aubry'), of London, gent. St. 
John s Coll., matric. 6 July, Z593, aged Z4; (wa 
and hdr of Morgan, of London, esquire.) of Cle- 
honger, CO. Hereford, admitted to the Middle Temple 
X598^ knighted July or Aug., Z620, died zg May, 
Z645, buried in Hereford Cathedral, fatlicr of Herlxat 
z62z. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Aubrey, Thomas (Aubene), student of Christ 

Church Z569, RA, 7 July, Z573, M.A- aa May. 

Z577, admou. at Oxford 6 Jan., Z596-7. See OM.S.t 

xiL 29. 

—Awbrey, Thomas, of Jesus Coll. in or before ZS72-3. 

Awbrey, Thomas, of co. Brecon, pleb. jEStrs Coll.. 
matric. 24 Nov., Z58Z, aged z6 (? B.A. from CHRI^r 
Church 5 Feb., Z583-4, M.A. z6 March. Z586-7, 
R. & D.D. 23 March, Z593-4). 

Awbrey, Thomas, as. Thomas, of Llantrithyd, ca 
Glamorgan, militis. WadhaM Coll., matric. 15 
June, Z627, aged Z7 ; (? B.C.L. from Jesus Coll. 
21 Feb., Z63Z-2,) chancellor of St. David's, brother 
of John z6a6, his father knighted 7 March, z6oo-i(x 
See Gardiner, 88. [35] 

Awbrey, Thomas, p.p. St. Alban Hall, matric 
Z3 July, Z663. 

Awbrey, Thomas, s. John, of Carmanhen (town). p.|x 
Jesus Coll., matric. 3 March, z695>6, aged 18. 
B.A. Z699; M.A. from ST. John's Coll., Camp 
bridge, i^. See Foster's Index Eccksiasticui, 


Timothy Awbrey. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Austen. 

Avbrey, Tlmothjr, s. William, of Breckxu)ck (town), 
sent Nsw Coll., matric. 13 Nov., 1691, aged 
17; B.A. 1695, M.A. 1699, B. & D.D. 17x1, rector 
of Stanton Sl John, Oxon, 1710, See Foster's 
Index Ecciesiasttau & Rawlinsom, i. 236. 

iwbrey. Walter, of CO. Carmarthen, pletx Jesus 
Coll., matric. 2 July, 1585, aged 29 (? 19); B.A. 
from CmusT Church is June, 1588, M. A. 25 June, 

Awbrey, Walter, s. Oliver, of Qydsden, Hants, saoerd. 
New coll., matric 24 March, 1627-8. aged 19, 
B.A. z April, 2628; M.A. from Hart Hall 3 
June, 1630^ near of Morebath, Devon, 164a See 
r ester's Judex Rceltsiasticus, 

Aubrey, wmiam, RC U , fellow of All Souls' Coll. 
1547; principal of New Inn Hall 1550, D.CU 
16 July, z^, an advocate in the Court of Arches, 
fellow of Jesus Colleee, regius professor of dvil law 
i55>4i a master in Qiancery, and a master of re- 
quests, vicar-general to Archbishop of Canterbury, 
ambassador in Fhmce, M.P. Carmarthen April to 
^ay* X5S4* Bredmock 1558, Hindon 2550, Arundel 
1563^. Taunton 2593, a writer, died 23 July, 2595, 
boned in St Paul's, grandfather of John 26aiSu bee 
FoiH^ i. 228, 243; 0,U,S„ i. 225 ; & D,N,D, 

Anbreye, William, of 00. Brecon, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric 20 Nov., 2580, aged 29; B.A. 
^ 23 Jan., 2583-3, M.A. 20 May, 25^ proctor 26 
April, 2<93, K ft D.CU 9 July, 2597 ; of Brox- 
boome. Herts, advocate of the Court of Arches, Lon- 
don, elected M.P. Cardigan 2602 (probably never 
sat), licence 22 Dec, 2622, then a widower, to marry 
Anne Bayley, widow. See Marriage Licences, ed. 
Foster. [5] 

Awbrey, WHliam, of co. Brecon, arm. Brassnose 
Coll., matric 26 Jan., 2587-8, aged 25 ; B.A. (sup. 
from Christ Church) 7 May, 2593, ^^^^ ^^ VtH' 
doylao, cxx Glamorgan, 2613, rector of Llanwrthwl, 
ca Brecon, 2623, etc See Foster's Index Ecciesi" 

Awbrey, William, of Wilts, gent. Exeter Coll., 
matric 23Dec, 2509, aged 28. 

Aubrey, Wlliam, of co. Brecon, arm. Univer- 
sity Coll., matric 28 July, 2600, aged 26; of New 
lnn« gent, son of John, of Brecon, esquire, admitted 
to the Middle Temple 260a See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Awbrey, William, s. G. ('GuL'), of St. Mary, Breck- 
nock, gent. New Coll., matric 26 June, 2692, 
aged 20 ; B.C.L. 2698. 

Ancher, Anthony, eq. fil. natu. max. Waoham 
Coll., matric 20 March, 26^6-7 ; died in the life< 
time of his lather, buried at Bourne 22 Sept, 2^3, 
ddest son of Sir Anthony Aucher, of Bisbopsboume. 
Kent, Bart. See Berrv's Kent, [lO] 

Anoher, Robert, 45. Anthony, of Bisbopsboume, 
Kent, equitis. QUEEN'S CoLL., matric 20 June, 
2^» aged 28 ; B.A. 2668, M.A. 23 Feb., 2070-2, 
rector of KJngstone, Kent, 2672, until his death 2682. 

Andienoe, Richard, of Middlesex, pleb. Balliol 
Coll., matric -entry under date 20 Dee., 2577, 
aged 24. 

k ndley. See also Touchbt. 

/.ndley, Andrew, of co. Southants, gent Matric 
from Hart Hall 25 Oct, 2585, aged 26 ; called 
Studley in Mat, Reg. See Studley. 

Aadley, Charles, s. Robert, of Biggleswade, Beds, 
gent Corpus Christi Coll., matric 20 March, 
'^5-^f aS^ 17 : BJL 2679, M.A. 6 March, 2683-3. 

Andley, Edmund, bishop of Rochester 2480, of Here- 
ford 2402, and of Salisbury 2502, died 23 Aug., 
2<24. Sce^i*.,iL72S. [I6] 

Aadley, John, gent Christ Church, matric 22 
May. 2622, aged 26 ; B.A. 4 July, 2624, M.A. 25 

June, 2627, rector of Fobbing, Essex, 2627. See 
'osier's Index Ecclesiasticus, 
Aadley, John, fellow of Peter Coll., Cambridge, 
B.^ 2699, M.A. 2703, LL.D. 2720; inoorp. 24 
July, 2722. See Fosters Index Eaiesiasticus, 

Audley, Matthew, s. RIc , of London, pleb. Trinitt 
Coll., matric 20 March, 2696-7, aged 28, B.A. 
2700 ; M.A. from St. Alban Hall 1703, curate of 
the united nirishes of St Mary Abcburch and of St. 
Lawrence Fountney, and grammar-master Christ's 
Hospital, London, 2729, curate and lecturer of 
Rotherhitbe, Surrey. See Rami, MSS„ iii. 258; 
vl 266 ; xvi. 203 ; xx. 36. 

Audley, Richard (Awdley), of Essex, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 28 Nov., 2584, aged 2a 

Audley, Richard, of Wilts, arm. St. Alban Hall, 
matnc 23 Nov., 2503, aged 25 ; a A 2 July, 2597. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [ai] 

Audoenus, John, died in 2622. See Ath,, ii. 320. 

Augar. Nicholas (aA from St. John's Coll., Cam- 
l)ridge, 2608) : incorp. as M. A 24 July, 2622. 

Aufinistine, iliomas, regular canon, B.Can.L. 9 
July, 2522. 

Aulcrafte, John, of Salop. Trinity Coll., matric. 
8 May, 2607, aged 28 ; ' famulus Mri. Chetwodc' 

Ault, William (or Hult), s. G. (?*Gul.') of Langford, 
CO. Derby, p.p. St. Edmund Hall, matric 4 

- ■ 1] 

March, 2705-^, aged 28. [ 

Aungrior, Nicholas. See also Angar. 

Aun^er, Frands (Angler), a A from Trinity Coll., 
Cambridge, 2665, M.A. 2669 (as Aungier) ; incorp. 
23 June, 2674, created D.C.L 6 Aug., 2^, then 
viscount Longford, a member of Gra/s Inn 2674, 
Baron Longford 2655, created viscount 2675, and 
earl 2677, died s.p. 22 Dec, 270a See Foster's 
Gra^s Inn Reg, ft FaUi, IL 364. 

Anng^flr, John (Angler), s. John, of Westminster, 
gent Christ Church, matric 30 March. 2666, 
aged 26 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 2675 (as 
Angier). See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Aungrior. Joseph, 'serv.,' s. Job., of Golders, Berks, 
p. p. WADHAM Coll., matric 23 July, 2666, aged 
28 ; buried in the outer College Chapel 8 Aug., 2068. 
See GuUh, i. [SO] 

Austen, Greaves, B.A. from Christ CHtntCH 26 Jan., 
2660-2. See Alumni West,, 247. 

Austen. James, of Kent, ' cler. fil.' St. Mary Hall, 
matnc 25 Oct, 258^, aged 27 ; a A from Corpus 
Christi Coll. 25 June, 2589, M.A 3 April, 2593. 

Austen. John, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matnc -entry under date 3 Dec, 2575. aged 29. «^ 

Austen, John, subscribed 22 June, 262a * — 

Austen, John, s. John, of London, arm. Christ 
Church, matric 3 Feb., 2670-2, aged 29. [35] 

Austen, John. s. £dward, of Bexley, Kent, gent. 
Trinity Coll., matric 30 June, 2708, aged 28; 
B. A 2722, of the Middle Temple 2724. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. & Index Ecclesiasticus, 

AUBten,Ralph (' Juramentum non susoepit'), subscribed 

9 May, 2627 ; oemy Magdalen Colu 2624-29, B. A. — 
27 dct, 2627, fdlow 2629-32, M.A 2 July, 2620 
(incorp. at Cambridge 2622), B.D. 22 May, 2632, 
proctor 2630 (son of George Austen, of Shalford, 
Surrey), vicar of Selboroe 4 Aug., 2632, admon. 
(at Oxford) 20 May, 2632. See Bloxam, v. ^6. 
The biographer of the ' Dictionary of Nadonal Bio- 
graphy' baa confused this scholar with the visitors' 
deputy registrary of the same name, who died 96 
Oct , 2676. See Fasti, ii. 74. 

Austen, Richard (Asten), of Kent, pleb. Merton 
Coll., matric 24 Nov., 2582, aged 20. 

Austen, Richard, B.A from Merton Colu 9 July, 

Austen, Richard, s. John, of Shalford, Surrey, arm. 
Hart Hall, matnc 25 May, 2640, aged 24 ; of the 
Middle Temple 2639. See Foster's Inns of Court 
Reg. [40] 

Austen, Thomas, s. Thomas, of London, arm. Lin- 
coln Coll., matric 24 April, 2640, aged 27 ; bar.- 
at-law, Lincoln's Inn, Z053. See Foster's /utiles f 
and Barristers* / 


Thomas Austen. 

1500— 1714. 

John Avington. 

AnSten, Thomas, s. Tha, of Hoxton, Middlesex, arm. 
Balliol Coll., matric. z6 July, 1664, aged 17 ; of 
Lincoln's Inn 1669. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Anstin, Benjamin, of Northanls. s. Richard, of Benen- 
den, Kent, der. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 6 
Dec., 1622, aged z8; B.A. 9 Feb., 1625-6 (?also 
29 Jan., 162^), M.A. 17 June, 1629, rector of 
Bradden, Northants, 1629. See Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus : Plundertd AtinUttH Aeeounts, Add, 
MS.t 15,669. 

AOBtine, Ceasar (or Angnstinus), of London, pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 14 SepL, 1582, aged 15. 

Austlne, Edmund, of London, pleb. St. Mary 
Hall, roatria x6 Oct., 1584, aged 16; one of 
these names vicar of Frieston, 00. Lincoln, 1591. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Austin, James, is. James, of Soathwatic, equltis. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 5 April, z666, aged 15 ; of 
Lincoln's Inn 1665 (his father knighted zo Dec., 
x66i). See Fosters Inns of Court Reg, [5] 

Austin, John (Austen, Austyn, or Augustine), B.A. 
z8 Feb., Z537-8 ; fellow of All Souls' Coll. 1538, 
M.A. 4 Dec.. 1541, vicar of Burmarsb, Kent, 1544. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Austin^ John, s. Abr., of Bovingdon, Herts, pleb. 
TRINITY Coll., matric. z6 July, 1680, aged 16 
(? RA. from New Inn Hall 13 July, 1689). 

Austin, John, s. J., of Wootton-under-Edge, co. 
Gloucester, gent. University Coll., matric. 6 
March, 1706^, aged 16 ; B. A. 1710, M.A. 1713, rector 
of Grafton Regis, Northants, 1721, and of Alderton 
1748, until his death, buried at Grafton 16 Nov. , 1764. 

AustlnOy Nicholas, of co. Gloucester. Magdalen 
Hall, matric -entry under date 20 Dec.. 1^77 
aged 2a Seea/f.5.,i. '^' 

Austin, Rich. , s. Galfr., of Glastonbury, Somerset, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 17 July, 1640. aged 16. 

Austin, Richard, 'cler. fil.' Brasenosb Coll., matric. 

* % J"^^' '^55 ; B.A. 28 Feb.. i659-6a [ill 

Austin, Robert, of Cambridge University ; incorp. as 
M.A M July, 1610. See Foster's Index Eee. 

Austin, Roger, s. Roger, of Lyfton, Devon, pleb. 
Gloucester Hall, matric. z July, z64a, aged z8. 

Austin, Samuel, s. Thomas, of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, 
pleb. Exeter Coll., matric z6 July, z6a5, aged 
Z9 ; B.A. ai Feb., z627-8, M.A 9 July, Z630, pro- 
bably father of the next named. See Add, MS,, 

. IS.669-7Z. 

Austin, Samuel (or Astin), 'cler. fil.* WadhamColl., 
matnc 2 Oct., z6s2; B.A Z3 Oct., Z656, poetical 
writer, died about Z665. See^^M., iii. 675 ; Gardiner, 
Z97 ; & Bibl. Comud., i. 8. [15] 

Austin, Thomas (Austyne), of Surrey, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 24 Nov., Z58Z, aged Z7; 
B.A. from Christ Church Z4 June, Z585. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Austin, William (Austen), KA, 23 Jan., Z544-5 (?!n- 
vcntory (at Oxford) 26 Jan. , Z572). See GrifitAs, 

Austin, William, subscribed z6 April, 16Z3. • 

Austin, William, of Peter House, Cambridge (ad- 
mitted zo Feb., z645^), RA. from Lincoln Coll. 
z May, z64p, practised physic at Cranbrook, Kent, 
extra licenuate of the CoUege of Physicians May, 
Z657. See Munk's Eoii, L 276 ; & Burrows, 86. 

Auverauerque, Henry de, zs. Henry de Nassau, 
Lord of Auvcrquerque, captain of the horse to the 
Prince of Orange, created D.C.L. 9 Nov., Z695, 
LL.D. of Cambridge 25 April, Z728, created Eari 
of Grantham 24 Dec, Z698, lord chamberlain to 
Caroline when Princess of Wales Z7Z6-29, and when 
Queen Z7a7.37, P.C Z727, died 5 Dec. Z754. [ao] 

AVannan, Laurence (Abannan), of Somerset, pleb. 
Broadgates Hall, matric. -entry under date circa, 

^ 1581. «ged Z9. See 0,/I.S., ii 98. 

Avant, PhiUp. a. HiiUp, of 'St Budokes,' Cornwall. 
pleb.,p.p. Gloucester Hall, matric. az Feb., 
z66i-a, aged Z9 ; vicar of Salcombe, Devon, z666. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiastiau. 

Avant, Stephen, s. Ph., of Saloomb Regis, I>evon 
cler. Exeter Coll., matric. 25 Feb., 1684-5 
aged Z4; B.A 7 Feb., Z693-4. 

Avant, Thomas, s. Phil., of Salcomb Regis. I>eToa 
paup. Exeter Coll., matric. 3Z March, 16S2 

Ave, John, Magdalen Coll. Z50Z. See Abb. [28 

Avenant, Alexander, of Cambridge University 
incorp. B. A 30 May, Z566 ; of Brasenosb Coll. 
M.A z6 Feb., Z569-70, sup. for licence to pread 
Z4 Jan., Z574-5. See O.H.S., i. 262 ; sdi. 54. 

Avenant, Caleb, s. Rich., of SheU^ey^parva* co 
Worcester, gent Trinity Coll., matnc 14 Jfune, 
1677, aged Z5. 

Avenant, Thomas, s. John, of King's Noitoo, co. Wor 
caster, pleb., p. p. New Inn Hall, matria 14 June, 
z66i, aged z8 ; rector of Avon Dassett, co. Warwick, 
Z676. vicar of Dormington, co, Hereford, Z685, and 
of Newent, co. Gloucester, Z69Z. See Foster'i 
Index EccUsiasticus. 

Avenell, Edward, of Berks, pleb. HART Hall, 
matria 2Z Oct, Z586, ^ed z8. 
^-.JLvenell, Walter, B.A. 6 Feb., Z577-8. [30] 

Avenon, Alexander, of London, gent St. John's 
Coll., matric. 4 Dec., Z590, a^d z8; B.A. from 
Gloucester Hall a July, Z593, bar.^t-la\r. 
Lincoln's Inn, Z604 ; licence, 2 May, Z597, to marry 
Mary, daughter of John Aldersey, of St. Benet 
Sherehog, London. See Fosters Judges and Barris- 

Avent, James s. Thom., of Plymouth, Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric z Julv, Z70Z, ag^ed 17 \ 
B. A. Z705, rector of Otterham, Cornwall, Z708. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Avery, Allen, s. Dudley, of Streatley, Berks, gent 
! Pembroke Coll., matric. 24 March. Z674-5, aged 


Avery, Chamell, s. Joseph, of Markfield, ca Leicester, 
paup. Lincoln Coll., matri& 3 July, z688, aged 
z6 ; B. A Z692. 

Avery, John, D.D. ; vice-chancellor Z507. See Fasfi, 
i. 6, 2a [35] 

Averay, John^ s. John, of Colebrooke, Devon, gert. 
Oriel Coll., matric. Z9 March, Z668-9. aged 

Avery, Joseph, of Berks, pleb. Queen's Coll., 
matric. 28 April, z6i^, aged 15 ; B. A from ^r. 

^.-^ Edmund Hall zo JuIv, x6z8, M.A Z9 April, 
Z621, vicar of Romsey, Hants, z626. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus, 

Avery. Richard, 'serv.* Wadham Coll., matric. 
24 June, Z653 ; demy Magdalen Coll. Z656-9. 
B.A. Z3 Dea, Z656, M.A 2 June, Z659, feiiow 
Z659-60, eject^ from a Beriubize living. See 
BUxam, v. 223. ' 

Avery, Robert, B.A from St. Alban Hall, isi 

V June, z6z6 (? M.A from Hart Hall z6 June, I 

Z620, as Alwyn). See Aylwyn, p. 48. 1 

Avery, Robert, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 9 Dec, | 
z^53 ; admitted to Gray's Inn 16^7, as son and hdr < 
apparent of Robert Avery, of Witheridge, Devon, 
gent See Foster's Gray's Inn Reg. [40] 

Avery, Thomas, of ca Leicester, pleb. Broadgates { 
Hall, matric. Z4 Nov., Z589, aged ao; sup. for 
B.A from Christ Church 30 June, Z593. S«t 
O.H,S.,JXL. Z79. 

Averev, William, chaplain, B.A Z2 March, 1540-^ 
M.A. sup. Z4june, Z544. 

Avery, William, s. Edward, of Kingston-on-lluunes^ 
Surrey, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. 13 Juir, 
1638, aged z8 ; B.A 5 May. Z642. vicar of Warii- 
ham, Sussex. Z648. See Foster Index EccUsuxsti- 

Avery, William, s. Winiam, of Hampton, ca Wa^ 
wick, pleb. St. Alban Hall, matric. Z9 Oa, 
Z693, aged zo. See Foster's Imu of Court Reg. 

Avington, John (or Avygton), Benedictine. RU 
98 May. Z5Z4, D.D. 28 Feb., Z5Z8-Z9. Callt^i 
Anington in Wood's fasti, L 49. [t$] 


Robert Avys. 

1500— 1714. 

John Ayliffe. 

Atts, Robot, of NorUunts, pleb. Trinut Coll., 
nttiric-cDtty under date ao SepL, I574» aged 16 ; 

-^ scholar 1576, KA. aa March, 1577-8 (as Uavys), 
fcBow 1580. M.A. 4 July. 158a. B.D. 7 Tulv, 1591, 
liocDoe to preach 2a Feb., 1604-5. ^icar of Watling- 
toD. Ozon, 1^89. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus 
k 0.//.S., zii. 74. 

Awdry, Henry (Audry), s. Thomas, of Tanoton, 
Somenet, pleb. MssTON COLL., matric. xo Oct, 
1634. aged xa 

AwdJT. John (Audrey), ED. from St. Alban Hall 
zi May, x6a4, ficar of Melksham, Wilts, x6ox, father 
of the nest named. 

A\rdT7, John. a. John, of Melcham, Wilts, saoerd. 
Merton Coll., matric. 30 Jan., 1623-4, aged 17 ; 
EA X Feb., X696-7, M.A. 10 July, x6aQ. 

Axe. Ambrose, s. George, of Ottery, Devon, p. p. 
l^LiNiTY Coll., matric ay Fd>., x665-6, aged 17 ; 
B.A X669W [0] 

Axe, James, s. James, of Famham, Suney, p. p. 
Christ Chukch, matric. 37 Sept., 1667, aged 19, 
B.A X67X; derk of Magdalen Coll. 1671-80, 
M.A z^4« vicar of Stockbury, Kent, xyii. See 
Foster's Imdex Bcclesiastiau 8t Bloxam, iL 76. 

Axe. John, a, J., of Stoke-infrarHampton. Somerset, 
p. p. Magdalen Coll., matric. 30 May, 1677, 
aged 18 ; B.A. x March, x68o>x, rector of Laverton, 
Somerset, 1687, and of Orchardldgh 2692. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Axe, Robert, s. Thomas, of Ottery, Devon, pleb. 
WADHAM Coll.. matric aa June, 1638, aged xy ; 
EA xy Nov., X642, vicar of East Pennard. Somer- 
set. x65o, vicar of Long Sutton x66x, rector of 
Staple -^tzpaine. Somerset, 26791 See Fostex's 
Indtx EccUnastUus. 

Axford, Nicholas, a. Richard, of Botusfleming, Com- 
wali, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric 9 Sept., 2634, 

Axon, Thomas, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenosb Coll. , 
matric x6 Nov., x6ax, aged aa [lO] 

Axon, William, a. Thomas, of London, gent. New 
Coll., matric X5 Oct, 1624, aged ax ; B.C.Lk 21 
April, X63X, rector of Halstead, Kent, X635, and of 
Great Chart X639, until sequestered in xd44. See 
Fostcr^s Index EccksiasHeus ft Add, MS,, 15.669. 

Axtell, Daniel, arm. fil. nat max. Christ Church, 
matric a Nov. , X658 ; admitted to Lincoln's Inn 
1659. as son and heir of Daniel, of Berkhamstead, 
Herts, aim. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Axtell, John, & William, of Berkhamstead, Herts, pleb. 
PeuBROKE Coll., matric 38 June, X633. aged 18 ; 
B.A. a June, X635, bom 14 Aug., X615 or x6i6, 
called AzTiLL in Robinson^ i. 133. 

Axtell, Stephen, s. John, of Chesbam, Bocks, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric 5 Dec, 1623. aged X7; 
EA xo Dec, 2625, B.M6a. and licenced to practice 

s July. 16301 

Ayer. See also Etrs. [16] 

Ayer, Thomas, of ca Gloucester, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric 27 Oct., X59a. aged X5. 

AyerBt, Thomas, pleb. (fil. Thomas). University 
Coll., matric 30 March, X653 ; scholar. KA. 31 
Oct, X656, M.A. a ]une, X659, vicar of Sbome, 
Kent, X67X, died X7«, aged 76. monumental inscrip- 
tion in the chancel, father of William X7oa See 
Foster's Index Ecclesunticus & RawUnson, xvL X05. 

Ayerst, WQUam, pleb. University Coll., matric 
3 May. X663 ; &A. x666, M.A. 1669. 

Ayerst, William, s. Thomas, of Shome, Kent, der. 
University Coll., matric ao March, X699-1700, 
aged 25 ; B.A. X703, M.A. by diploma X707 (incorp. 
at Cambridge x7Z5ri B.D. 1717, and a few days after 
went out ad eundem at Cambridge, fellow of Queen's 
College X717-X8, chaplain to Thomas, Lord Rat^, 
when ambauador to Frederick I., King of Prussia. 
1705. to the States General X7xa, and at the Con- 
gress of Utrecht X7xa, secretary to the Embassy at 
the States General X7X4, rector of Birch Magna, 
Hssex, 27x6, and of Birch Fdrva 27x8, chapUim and 

secretary to Sir Robert Sutton in his embassy to 
Louis XV. 2790, rector of Gravesend X733-6, vicar 
of Northfleet 1793-6, canon of Canterbury 1724, 
rector of Stourmouth 1726. and of St. George-the- 
Martyr and St Mary Magdalen, Canterbury, X726, 
created D.D. by Archbishop Wake 5 June, X728, 
rector of St. Swithin, London Stone, and of Su 
Mary Bothaw X729, and of North Cray and Rokes- 
ley X7a9, chaplain to the Earl of Strafiford, died 9 
May, X765, aged 8a. See Raw/. AfSS,, i\. 279; 
xvL X05; xviU. 99; ft Foster^s Index Ecclesias* 

Aylss, Silas, t. Christopher, of Ewen-Minster. Dorset, 
paup. Wadham Coll., matric 29 April. 1684, 
ai^ed ao ; RA. from Hart Hall X684. vicar of 
Chilthome Dormer, Somerset, X705, and rector of 
Hawkhurst, Dorset, X738. until his death in X738. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, [20] 

Aylesbury, Thomas, of London, gent. Chkist 
CHtntCH, matric 24 Nov., 1598. aged x8; BbA. 30 
June, x6o3, M.A. 9 June, X605 (and son of Wm. 
Aylesbury), master of the Requests and master of 
the Mint, and created a baronet X9 April, x6a7, re- 
tired to Antwerp on the death of the icing, died at 
Breda X657, aged 8x. See Alumni Wat,, 67 ; & 
Fasti, i. 305. 

Aylesborie, Thomas, B.A from Christ Coll., 
Cambridge, X615 ; incorp. as M.A. 9 Julv. 1632. and ED. xojuly, x6a6 ; vicar of Cardworth, 
""^ CO. Warwick, x6x8, rector of Berwick St. Leonard, 
Wilts, X635, preb. of Heytesbury X63X, and rector 
of Kingston Deverell X643, sequestered X646. See 
Tosvea^s Index EcclesiasticMs ; Easti, L 427 ; ft Add. 
AfS., X5i670. 

Aylesbury, Thomas, s. Tha, of Berwick St. 
Leonardo, Wilts, pleb., p.p. St. John's Coll., 
matric X7 May, X667, aged x6 ; rector of Corsley, 
WUts, x^a. brother of William x66x. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus. 

Aylesbury, WiUiam (Aflcsbury), 'regular canon of 
the Order of Nicholas, of Arrowvise in the diocese 
of Arras, in France ' ; B. Can. L^ sup. May, X534. 
See Fasti, i. 97. 

Aylesbury, William, s. Thomas, of Westminster, 
Middlesex, militis. Christ Church, matric 18 
July, X628, aged xy ; B.A. 27 April, X63X, of Lin- 
coln's Iim X63X, secretary to the governor of 
Jamaica, died there 24 Aug., X656. See Ath., 

liL 440- [25] 

Aylesbury, William, s. Thomas, of Kingston-Deverill, 
Wilts, ^minister p.p.' Christ Church, matric 
X4 Nov., i66x, aged ao; vicar of East Pfcnnard, 
Somerset, x66o. brother of Thomas X667. 

Aylesbury, Willson, s. The, of Packwood, co. 
Warwick, gent. Merton Coll., matric ay June, 
X7X3, aged x6 ; B. A 17x7. 

Ay let, Robert, of Trinity Hall. Cambridge; (incorp. 
as M.A xa July. x6o8), LL.D. x6x4, master of the 
faculties Dec, x64a, a master in chancery X638-55. 
See Fasti, i. 338. 

Ayleway, Hugh (or Aneway). of co. Hereford, gent. 
Hart Hall, matric 39 Jan., x59o-x, aged 30: 
B.A from Balliol Coll. 6 Feb., X593-4, M.A. 
6 July, X597 (Ht^h Ayleway rector of Slapton, 
Northants. x637'i and buned there 17 June, X650). 

Ayleyurd, William, *Decretam Doctor' ; admon. at 
Oxford 3X Sept. X466. See Grijiths, [soj 

AyUffe, John, s. William, of Comborough, Essex, 
gent. Trinity Coll.. matric x8 Nov., 2631, 
aged x6. 

Ayliffe, John, s. John, of Foxley, Wilts, arm. St. 
Edmund Hall, matric 19 July, 1663, aged xy ; 
of the Inner Temple X664, supposed to be the John 
Ayloffe who was executeid before the gate 01 the 
Inner Temple on 30 Oct., X685, for his participation 
in the Rye House ploL See Foster's Inns 0/ Court 
Reg. ft D,N.B. 

Aylifra, John, s. Geo. , of Foxley, Wilts, arm. Queen s 
CoLU, matric xo June, 2691, aged 27* 


John Aylifp. 


Henry Aylworth. 

Ayllff, John, s. Job., of Peinber, Hants, gent. New 
Coll., matria i Feb., 1695-6, aged 19 (from 
Winchester); B.A. 1699, M.A. 1703, B. & D.CL. 
X710, practiced as a proctor, an advocate in vice- 
chancellor's court at Oxford, and by a sentence of 
that court he wsls degraded 4 Feb., X7Z4-Z5, and 
expelled from the University three days after for 
publishing ' The Ancient and Present State of the 
University of Oxford, 1714;' a commissioner for 
licencing hawkers and pedlars, died in Crane Court, 
Fleet Street, 5 Nov. , X732, and buried in St Dunstans. 
See Rawlinson MSS, , li. ag ; xvi. 108 ; Heame, i. 24a 

Ayloffe, (Sir) Joseph (6th Bart), s. Jos., ot London, 
arm. (after a baronet). Christ Church, matric. 
z March, Z677-8, agea X4 ; B.A. i68i, bor.-at-law. 
Gray's Inn, Z689, nominated a bencher Z709, clerk 
to the commissioners for the building of Westminster 
bridge Z737, F.R.S. Z732, F.S.A. Z73a, one of the 
keepers ofthe state paper office X763. died Z9 April, 
Z78Z. See Foster's Judges and Barristers ; Rawlifi' 
sons AfSS., xvi. XZ3 : & D,N.B: 

Ayliffe, Richard (Alyffs or Haylyfe), B.A. sup. 27 June, 
1509, M.A. 5 Feb.,z5z6-Z7. See O.H.S., i. 

Ayliffe, Richard, of Hants, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric. -entry under date 8 Dec., X578. aged zc 

Ayliffe, Richard (Ayleife), gent Magdalen Coll., 
matric. Z5 June, Z657, son and heir of Thomas, late 
of Skeeres, Southants. arm. ; admitted to Lincoln's 
Inn z6S9. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [5] 

Ayliffe, St John, 8. George, of Greatenham, Wilis, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. zyOct, Z634, aged 
Z7 ; B.A. 30 April, Z635 (his father a knight). 

Ayloffe, Tliomas, fellow. Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 
LL.B. z686, LL.D. X696, incorp. 15 Jan., X699-Z700, 
regius-prof. of civil law in Cambridge Z702. 

Ayliffe, WilUam (Aileffs or Hayleff) ; fellow New 
Coll. xS3o-7, from Wootton, Hants, B.A. a March, 
z_534-5, M.A. 13 Feb., Z537-8, perhaps iather of 
Wm. Ayloflf, the Judge. See Foss^ 99. 

Ayliffe, WilUam, of Winchester College z63a! feUow 
New Coll. Z640, B.C.L. xz Dec, Z646, head master 
Thame School Z647-55. vicar of Ambrosden, Oxon, 
X655, until his death 38 April, Z664. See Foster^s 
Index Ecclesiasticus & AiA,, i., p. liv. 

Ayloffe, William, s. Jos., of London, gent Christ 
Church, matric. 2 Dec, z68z. aged z6 ; of Gray's 
Inn z68a See Foster's Grays inn Reg, [lO] 

Ayllng, John, pleb. ^ Magdalen Hall, matric 35 
July, z65S ; B.A. Z2 Feb., Z658-9. M.A. z66x, incorp. 
at Cambridge z668, vicar of NIonkton, Kent, Z663. 
Sgs Foster's Index JSeelesiasticus, 

Aylmer, Anthony (Aylemer), 3s. Samuel, of Akenham 
Hall, Essex, arm. 'St. Alban Hall, matric. 3 
March, Z634-5, aged z6 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 
Z635. father of Brabazon Aylmer, a bookseller in 
London, See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Aylmer, Arthur, a A. (sup.) Nov., ZS44 ; one of these 
names rector of Portlemoulh, Devon, Z5S4, rector of 
Chalton. Hants. 1559. See Fosters Index Ecc 

Aylmer, Edward (Aylemer), as. Samuel, of Akenham 
Hall, Essex, arm. St. Alban's Hall, matric 3 
March, Z624-5, aged z8 ; B. A. from Queen's Coll., 
Cambridge, zday, M.A. Z630, created D.D. zo July, 
X645, of Claydon Hall, Suffolk (a grandson of John 
Aylmer, bishop of London), espoused the royal cause 
and compounded for his estates,' rector of West Han- 
ningfield, Essex, Z63Z, died x65<. See Fasti, ii. 89. 

Aylmer.George, s. John, of Petersheld, Southants, pleb. 
All soul's Coll., matric z8 Nov., 1684, aged z8. 

Aylmer, John (Aylemer), zs. Samuel, of Akenham 
Hall. Essex, arm. St. Alban's Hall, matric 3 
March, z624-5 aged X9 ; of Mugdon or Moglynton 
Hall. Essex, admitted to the Middle Temple Z627. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [16 ] 

Aylmer, John (Ailmer), gent New Coll., matric. 
z6 Nov., 1650; fcUow Z653, B.C.L. — July, z6^6, 
D.CU 1663, 'esteemed an excellent Grecian,' died 
at Petersfiekl, Hants, 5 April, Z673, buried in Havant 
Church. See Ath,^ )SL 957. 

Aylmer, John (Elmer), archdeacon, B. & D.D. zo Oct, 
Z573, after 30 years in theology ; fellow Queen's 
Coll., Cambridge, B.A. Z54Z, M.A. 1545, tutor to 
Lady Jane Grey, rector of Rodney Stoke and Stoke 
Giffard z^t, vicar of Wellington, Somerset, Z543, 
preb. of Wells Z543. archdeacon of Stow (in Lindolo) 
Z5 June, Z553, deprived within a vear. held it again 
Z559; rector of Ca^ngton. co. Leicester, Z56Z, arch- 
deacon Z56a and. preb. of Lincoln 1564, bishop of 
London 24 March, Z5767, queen's almoner, died 3 
June, z^94, buried in St Paul's Cathedral* iather of 
Kathani^L and.Zachaiy. See Ath,, iL 83a ; Cooper t 
ii. z68 ; ft Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Aylmer, John, of Chkist Church, B.A. 5 Feb., 


Aylmer, Justinian, pleb. Trinity Coll., matric 
33 July, Z656. B.A« 34 Oct, Z657, rector of Sl 
Clements, Ipswich, Z699. See Foster's /«d!er Ecclesi- 
asticus, [ao] 

Aylmer, Nathaniel (Elmore), bom in 00. Leicester,' 
' episcopi fiL' Exeter Coll., matric. 28 April, 
Z593, aged z6; fellow* i59^* until his death 3 
March, Z594-5, son of John, bishop of London. See 
BoasCt 50. 

Aylmer, Richard, Crrist^Church, 1574. See Elmer. 
^ Aylmer, Thomas, subscribed az Oct., z6z4. 

Aylmer, Zachary, of 00. Lincoln, * episoopL fit' New 
Coll., matric. 3z Jan.. Z59Z-3, ag^ Z9 ; B.C.L. 5 
Feb., Z598^, ofncial to his brotherTheophilus, arch- 
deacon of London. 

Aylward, Peter, of GO. Waterford, Ireland, ' mflitU. 
fit' Bkoadgates Hall, matric. 8 March, 1604-5. 
aged IK ; of the Inner Temple z6o6i See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. [25] 

Ayl win. John, of Sussex, gent Jesus Coll. , marnc 
Z5 March, z58a-3, aged 33 ; ' scholaris Mri. Case.' 
See Daliaway's Sussex, i. 30a 

Aylwin. Robert (Allwin), subscribed sz Oct, Z614 

(? B.A. from St. Alban's Hall za June, z6i6, as 

' Avert '), M.A. from Hart Hall z6 June, Z620, 
as « Alwyn.* See 0,/I,S„ xii. 359. 

Aylwin, Robert (Alwin), s. Wilham, of Treyford, 
Sussex, gent Magdalen Coll., matria 7 July, 
Z637, aged Z4. See Daliaway's Sussex, I aca 

Aylwin, Robert (Allwyn). s. William, of Treford, 
Sussex, gent New Coll., matric ao May, 1703. 
aged zo. See Beny's Sussex, Z67. 

Aylwin, Thomas, student of Christ Church tsjg, 
B.A. 36 Jan., Z579-80, M.A. zs Feb., 1583-3, su- 
perior bedel of arts, admon. at Oxford a Dec., Z605. 
Seea//:5.,xiL87. [SOj 

Aylwin, William (Alwin), of Sussex, gent. Mau- 
-^ DALEN Hall, matric. z6June, z6zo, aged Z7. 

Aylworth, Anthony (Alworth or Aleworihe), fellow 
of New Coll. Z563-83 (from London), U.A. 10 
Oct, Z566, M.A. 6 July, Z570, B.Med. 8 March, 
Z577-8, D.Med. 5 July, Z58a, licenced to practice 
medicine 5 Julv, Z583, r^us prof, of medidae 
Z583-97, physician to Queen Elizabeth, died iS 
Aprils Z619, buried in New College Chapel. See 
Gutck, i. 303 ; Fasti, I 333. 

Aylworth, Anthony, of ca Gloucester, arm. Broad- 

^.^ gates Hall, matric. z8 June, z6zo, aged 17; 
admitted to the Middle Temple z6zz, as and son of 
Edward, of Aylworth, ca Gloucester, esquire. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Aylworth, Bmy, s. Edward, of Bourton-on-the-Water, 
CO. Gloucester, gent Exeter Coll.. matric. 27 
Oct, Z637, aged z6 : see also Richard Z635. 

Aylworth, Edward, of Oxon. gent Exeter Coll., 
matric. Z7 April, Z607, aged Z7. [35 j 

Aylworth, Giles (Alworth), s. Henry, of Westco'i. 
Wilts, D.CU Christ CRtJRCH. matria 6 March. 
1674-5. aRed'Z4; &C.L. from Pembroke Coll. 
Z683. brother of Henry z686. 

Aylworth, Henry, ZS73. See AsHWORTH. 

Aylworth, Henry (AUworth), of Wilts, pleb., matric 
from Hart Hall Z3 Nov., z6z8, aged 30; B.CL 

^^ from St. Edmund Hall 17 Pec., i68a. 



i;66, [Facsimili /rBW Hturn 


Henry Aylworth. 


William Ayray. 

Aylworth. Henry, chancellor of the diocese of Oxford, 
B.CL. from New Coll. 2 Nov., 1647, fellow 1643, 
ejected 1648, D.C.L. 9 March, 1660-1. lieutenant of 
ihe University troop 1685 on the breaking out of the 
Duke of Monmouth's rebellion, died in 1699, father 
of Giles and of the next named. See Burrows, 48, 
etc. ; Ath,^ i, p. cl. ; & Fasti, xL 233. 

Ajlwortb, Henry, s. H., of Ckmfield, Oxon, LL.D. 
Christ Church, matric. 10 May. 1686, aged 15 
(subsciibed as • Alworth'); BA. 2690, M.A. 1692, 
brother of Giles 1675. 

AylworUl, Humphrey (Ailworth). of co. Warwick, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 29 April, 1586, aged 15 ; 
R A. from Broadgates Hall 16 Dec., 1589, rector 
of St. Mary Bothaw, London, 1602, of Harbledon, 
Kent. i6oi,of Calverton. Bucks, 1604, of Uandyssil, 
00. Cardigan, 1609, of Tackley, Oxon, 1609. and of 
Witney 1614. See Foster's Index EccUsiasHcus, 

Aylwortil, John, subscribed 26 April, 1605 (? B. A. from 
Oriel coll. 24 Oct, 1608, as Ashworth). of the 
Inner Temple in 1608,. as of Hinton Charterhouse, 
Somerset, gent. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Aylworth, John. s. Samuel, of Wdlesboam, ca War- 
wick, gent. Magdalen Coll., matric. 21 May, 
1669. aged 16; a A- 20 Jan., 1672-3, M.A. 1675, 
rector of Cold Higham. Northants, 1681, and vicar 
of the nether moiety of Pattishall 1683, buried at 
Cold Higham 33 April, 1729. See Foster's Index 
££clesiastiaa. [g] 

Aylworthy John (AHsworth), s. Tha. of Wellesboum. 
CO. Warwick, gent. Waduam Coll., matric. 94 
Feb., 1707-8, aged x6 ; exhibitioner 1709. Set: 
Gardiner t 433. 

Aylworth, Joshua (Ayleworth). arm. Trinity Coll. , 
matric. 13 Nov., 1674, son and heir of Richazd, of 
Gloooester, admitted to Middle Temple i^. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Aylworth, Martyne, of Oxon, med. doc. fil. Hart 
" Hall, matric. 16 June, 1610, aged x8 ; fellow All 
Soul's Coll. z6zx, B.C.L. 22 Nov., 16x5. D.C.U 
37 Nov., x62X, died xx Jan., x657-8, buried in the 
coU^e chapel. See Gutch, i. 303 ; & Burrows, 34, 

Aylworth, Richard (Ayleworth). xs. Bray, of Bourton, 
00. Gloucester, arm. Pembroke Coll., matric 
6 Afarch, X634-5, aged 3o ; B. A. 8 May, X635. See 
also Brat. x^. 

Aylworth, Thomas, arm. Balliol Coll., matric 
19 June, z6ox, aged z6. See Foster's Inns of Court 
Rtg. [10] . 

Aylworthe, William, of oa Gloucester, arm. Hart 
Hall, matric 5 June, X584, aged x8. 

Aynscombe, Henry (Ainscombe), of Sussex, sent. 
St. Alban Hall, matric 8 Dec, X609, aged xy, 
B.A. 8 June, X613; fellow Merton Coll. 16x3, 
M.A. 19 June, x6i8. See O.H.S., iv. 28a 

Aynscoxxib6, John, s. Thomas, of Mayfield, Sussex, 
f;cQL St. Alban Hall, matric. 3X March, X637, 
aged 16 ; B.A. xo Nov., X640. 

Aynscombei Thomas (Einscomm), commoner of 
Trinity Coll. in or before X564. 

Aynsoomhe, Thomas, s. John, of Battell, Sussex, 
geat. Magdalen Hall, matric. 27 June, 1633, 
aged X7; B.A. X4 Feb., X625-6, M.A. 25 June, 1628, 
of the Inner Temple X623, rector of Cowden, Kent, 
1634, father of Thomas 1663. See Fosters Inns of 
Cifurt Reg, & Index RccUsiasticus, [15J 

AynsconiDe. Thomas, gent. Magdalen Coll., 
nutric 18 March, x657^. 

Aynscomhe, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Cowden, Kent, 
der. Wadham Coll., matric 9 April, X663, aged 
16 ; died 23 Sept x666. buried in the outer chapel 
of his college. See Gutch, 

Aynscongh, Radley, s. Tho., of Bowden, Cheshire, 
cler. Bkasenosb Coll., matric 8 March, X699- 
1700. aged 18 ; B.A. X703. 

Aynsworth, Thomas, servitor Christ Church 8 
March X7zx-x2, curate of Westwell, Oxon. See 
Rawlinson, ii. 5. 

Ayray, Adam, s. John, of Lowe Winder, Westmor- 
land, pleb.. p. p. Queen's Coll., matric X5 Nov., 
1639. aged x6 ; B.A. 28 Nov., X644. [20J 

Ayray, Adam, of Westmorland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric x8 March. x6o4-5, aged X9; B.A. 
2X Oct., x6o8, M.A. 5 July, x6xx, B.D. 17 Dec, 
X619. licenced to preach x8 May, X621, D.D. from 
St. Edmund Hall 6 July, X637, rector of Oakley, 
Hants. x6a2, vicar of Sparsholt X628, and of Sher- 
borne Monks 1635. rector of CharUon-on-Otmoor, 
Oxon, X653, and prind^d of St. Edmund Hall 
X631, until his death 16 Dec, 1658, buried in church 
of Charlton. See Foster's Index RccUsiasticus, 

Ayraye, Anthony, of 00. Durham , pleb. Oriel Coll. , 
matric xz & Z2july, Z588, aged zy; B.A. 3 Feb., 

Ayraye, Christopher (Airay), of Westmorland, pleb. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 9 Nov., x62x, aged 18; 
B.A. 16 Dec, X625, fellow X627, M.A. 29 Jan., 
X628-9, created B.D. x or 2 Nov., 1642, vicar of 
Milford, Hants, until his death on x8 Oct, X670, 
aged 69, father of Tohn X667. See AiA., iii. 907. 

Ayray. Christopher (Airay). bookbinder, privilegiatus 

20 Sept., X659. &tner of the next named. 
Ayray, Christopher (Airay), s. C, of Oxford city, 

gent. St. Edmund Hall, matric xojan., i63i-3, 
aged X7 ; B. A x68^ [as] 

Ayraye, Ewan, of co. Durham, pleb. Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric 7 Dec. x 582, aged x6; B.A. 9 Nov., 
X586, M.A X June, X590, brother of Henry next named. 

Ayray, Henry (Ayrey), of Westmorland, pleb. St. 
Edmund hall, matric -entiy under date 29 March, 
X580, aged 20 ; tabarder Queen's Coll. 1583, E A. 
X9 June, 1583, M.A X5 June, 1586, fellow X586, 
B.D. x6 Dec, X594, D.D. xy June, x6oo, vice-chan- 
cellor x6o6, provost of Queen's ColL x^99, rector of 
Charlton-upon-Otmoor z6o6 (son of William Airay, 
the favourite servant of Bernard Gilpin, the apostle 
of the north), preb. of Canterbury X609. rector of 
Blctchington X615. died 6 of Ides of October, i.r., 
xo Oct., x6z6. aged 57 ; his will proved at Oxford 

21 Dec. x6i6. See Atk, ii X77; GutcA i. 161; 
& Foster's Index Rcclesieuticus, 

Ayray, Henry (Airay), of Westmorland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll.. matric 8 Dec, X609, aged 2a 

AjTOJ^ Hugh, tabarder of Queen's Coll. 1572, EA. 
II July, X572, M.A. 6 July, X57S (Hugh Arye, vicar 
of Holbeton, Devon, X586). See O.H.S., xii. 16. 

Ayray, John (Airay). s. Christopher, of Milford, Hants, 
cler. Queen's Coll., matric X3 Dec, X667, aged 
x6 ; R A. X67X. M.A X674, one of these names rector 
of Huggate, Yorks, 1691. See Foster's Index EccU" 
siasticus, [SO] 

Ayray. Leonard (Airay), s. Charles, of Kenton, West- 
morland, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric 13 Aug., 
X637, aged x8 ; ' serv. famulus ven. viri Dris. Potter 
ColL Reg. pnepositi.' 

Ayraye, Richard, of Westmorland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric ix July, X589, aged xy ; B. A 27 Jan., 


Ayray, Richard (or Ayre), of Westmorland, pleb. 
Queen's Coll., matric X5 June, X593, aged 31 ; 
B.A 4 Feb., 1596-7- 

Ayray, Richard (Airaye), s. Richard, of Sheepil, co. 
Leicester, saoerd. Queen's Coll., matric 30 Oct., 
1637, aged X7 ; B. A 36 June, X64X, incorp. at Cam- 
bridge X643, rector of North Sheepy, co. Leicester, 
X653. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Ayray, Samuel (Ayrey), of 00. Worcester, pleb. St. 
Edmund Hall, matric -entry under date 39 March, 
X580, aged 15. See O.H,S„ xi. [35] 

Ayr&je, Thomas, of ca Durham, pleb. Oriel Coll , 
matric 7 April, x^9a, aged 16 ; B.A. xy Oct.. 1598. 

Ayray, William (Airay). s. Christopher, of Barton. 
Westmorland. Magdalen Coll. , matric. xx Dec , 
X713, aged 33; chorister x699-X7o8, clerk x7o8-3o, 
married Stonhill's daughter, and died 39 Sept., 
1720. buried at St. Peter's Church in the East, 
Oxon. See Bioxam, i. X26. 


William Ayray. 

1500— 1714. 


Ayray, William (Airay), subscribed 29 Oct., 1613, B.A. 
from St. Edmund Hall 10 June 1618. 

Ayre. See also Eyre. 

Ayre, Ralph (Aer), chaplain, B.Can.L. (sup. 15 May), 

Ayre, Robert, B.A. from Pembroke Coll. 29 Oct, 
1627, M.A 3 Nov., 1630, as Eyre. 

Ayre, William, of Berks, pleb. ; of Jesus Coll. 9 Oct., 
1586, aged S3. [5] 

Ayre, William, of Bucks, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
mairic. 13 Oct., 1598, aged 15. 

Ayres, Dahus, B.A. from St. Alban Hall, 1617. 
See Eyres. 

Ayres, John, 'Janitor Trinity,' s. L, of Newenham 
Courtney, Oxon, ' privilegiatus 17 Dec, 1686, 
aged 39 ; manciple of Trinity, admon. at Oxford 26 
June, 1705. 

Ayres, Philip, of St. John's Coll., Oxford ; bom at 
Cottingham, Northants, 1638, died z, and buried 4 
Dec., 1672, in Agmondesham Church, Bucks, monu- 
mental inscription. See Rawlinsan, i. 197 ; v. 22a 

Ayres, Thomas, s. Ralph, of Witham, Berks, pleb., 
matric 23 Oct. , 1629, aged 24 ; servant Mro. Geo. 
Harrison, M.A St. John's. [lO] 

Ayres, William, s. George, of Newington, Middlesex, 
pleb. Balliol Coll., matric 31 March, 1707, 
aged IX. 

Aysoougn, Allan (Aiscoughe), of Yorks, arm. ' fil. nat 
max.' Queen's Coll.,^ May, 1605, aged 17 ; of 
Skewsby. Yorks (son of dhristopher, of Richmond), 
aged 70 in z666. See Yorkshire VisHation. 

Aysoouglie, James, s. Edward, of Hempsell, Notts, 
gent Balliol Coll., matric 15 Nov., 1639, aged 
17; bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1649. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, 

Aysooagll, John, s. Thomas, of Tame, Oxon, gent. 
Wadham Coll., matric. 28 May, 1696, aged 16. 

Aysoonglie, Roger, of CO. Lincoln. Exeter Coll., 
matric -entry under date 3 Dec. 1575, aged 16; 
perhaps Sir Roger, of Nuthall. Notts, son of Sir 
Francis, who was knighted at the winning of Bou- 
logne, 37 Henry VIII.. and grandiather of James. 

Aysll. See Ashe and Aish. [16] 

Ayshooinbe, John (Aisbcumbe), of Berks, gent. 
Jesus Coll., matric. 5 Mardi, 1584-5, aged 17 ; 
' scbolaris Mri. Case.' s. of Oliver, of Ly/ord. Berks, 
esquire, bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 1600, father of 
William, 1623. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Ayshoombe, John (Ascombe), of Berks, gent. St. 
Mary Hall, matric 15 Oct, 1590, aged 12 ; son 
and heir of Oliver, of Lyford, Berks, admitted to the 
Middle Temple 1589. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Ayshooni'be, Oliver, ' subscribed 18 Tune, 16x3, ^^^' 
and-heir of John, of Lyford, Berks, bar.-at-law. 

Middle Temple, 1621. 

See Foster's Jitdges and 

Ayshoombe, Oliver, s. John, of Lyford, Berks, an 
St. John's Coll., matric 9 Nov., 1693, aged 17. 

Ayshoombe, Richard, 4s. John, of Lyford. Berl 
arm. Magdalen Hall, matric 31 Jan.. 162E- 
aged 19 ; of the Middle Temple, 1632. See Fost' 
Inns of Court Reg. [ 2 

Ayshoombe, Thomas (Aisbcombe), of Oxon, gei 
St. John's Coll., matric. 4 Dec. 1601, aged 14. 

Ayshoombe, William (Aisbcombe), of Oxon, get 
St. John's Coll., matric 4 Dec, i6ox. aged 13. 

Ayshoombe, William, 3s. John, of Lyford, Berl 
arm. Queen's Coll., matric 14 Feb.. 1622- 
aged x6; bar.-at-law Middle Temple 1633. S 
Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Ayshford, Arthur, s. John, of Wonwell, gent. Exfti 
Coll., matric 23 Nov., z666, aged 17. \ 21 

Ayshford, Daniel, s. Edm., of Combe Pyne. DJvo 
p. pi Wadham Coll., matric iz Dec, x663. s^< 
18; servitor 1668. B.A. 1672. chaplain 1674, M..- 
i675i vicar of Hurley, Berks, 1683, rector of S\vv 
combe, Oxon, 1696. See Foster's Index Hcckiu 

Ayshford, Edmond, s. John, of Ottery Sl Mar 
Devon, pleb. Waduam Coll., matric 14 Jul 
1626, aged 17 ; B.A. 13 Feb., i628«9, M.A. 12 Nov 
163 1, B.D. 10 Dec, 1639, rector of Combe V\i 
Z63Z, and chaplain priest of St. Mary Ottery. De%'cri 
died apparently i66z, father of DanieL Sec G&< 
diner ^ 84. 

Ayshford, Edmond, *cler. fiL* Exeter C;:^ 
* subscribed 7 Nov., 1655. 

Ayshford, Henry, arm. Exetek Coll., subscr.L. 
7 Nov., 1655. 

Ayshford, John, s. Thomas, of Uplyme, Devon, ckt 
Hart Hall, matric 9 March, i68z-a, ag:ed it 
B.A. 1685, rector of Musbury, Devon, 1687. Sd 
Foster's index Ecclesiasticus, [SQ 

Ayshford, Nath. (Alshford), s. Arthur, of RingiDorii 
Devon, pleb, Exeter Coll., matric 24 July, 1642 
aged 22. 

Ayshford, Robert, of Devon, gent. Lincoln Coil. 
matric 24 Nov. , 1599. aged 19. 

Ayshford, Robert, gent. Exeter Coll., sub 
scribed 7 Nov., 1655. 

Ayshford, Roger, of Devon, gent. Wadham Colli 

^^ matric. 24 Nov., 1620, aged 16 ; B.A. 7 Feb., 1623-4J 

M.A. 26 Feb., 1626-7, rector of Bridford. DevoDl 

1635, buried 2 Jan., 1638-9. See Foster's Index 

Ecclesiasticus a Gardiner^ 54. 

Ayshford, Thomas, of Oitery St. Mary, Devon, derf 
of Wadham Coll. 1647, schokiri65i, B.A. xo Julji 
1651, as Ashford, one of these names vicar o( .Ai* 
minster 13 Feb. , i66o-z, and rector of Uplyme. De\ uRj 
1662, father of John 1682. See Foster's Index Etdts 
siasticus & Gardiner, i6d. [35 

Azard, William (or Hazard), principal of MAGDALd 
Hall 1507, until his death, 26 Aug., 1509, buried a 
Magdalen College chapeL 

[ rn 1 

BsaJ, Joachim, 1583. See Ball. 

Babb, Bernard, s. Roben, of Ingleiham, Wilts, mlntiler. 
Hart Hall, mauic 33 No*.. 1664, aged iS : &A. 
1667. M.A. 1669. vicar of logleibani 1669-1703. 
ixe Foster's lailex Eeelaiatlieus. 

Babbe, John, teHow of Exf.ter Coll. 1559. B,A. 14 
Dec. 1561, M.A. (up.) 10 March, 1564-5. Sec 
£uuf, 41 

Babb, JohD, oT CO. Lincoln, pleb. Uagd^ylbn Hall, 
raaliic. 30 July, 1596. aged 14. 

Bab, Robert, gent St. Alb AN Hall, mnliic. 4 Nov. , 
1633. aged iB; KA. 7 Feb., 1G13-4, rector oC Heath- 
tt\A, Souiersel. iSaS, vicar of l^ivettoa 1639, rector 
ol tjieter Sl George 1633. See Foiter's Inilai Ee. 

Babbe, Roberl, 1. Bcmanl, of Selon, Devon, pleb. 
Ntw IHN Hall, malric, 16 March, 1637-S, a^ed 17 : 
D.A. 9 Nov., 1641, M.A. S June, 1649, ticar of 
Ingle^luun, Wills, 1644-69, hther of Bernard. See 
Foster's /tuUi EccUsiaslinis. [(] 

Babb, Thomas, serviena. Magdalek Coll.. malric. 
15 June, .657- 

Baber, Edward. 'lubscrrlied ' i July, 1614, B.A. from 
Tki.vitvColl., a May, 1616, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's 
Inn. 1627. OS son-and-heir of Francis, of Chew 
Mngna, Somerset, Esq. See Foster's Judga and 

Baber, Edward, of Soml 

t, pleb^ Balliol Coll., 

Inda EccUiia. 

Baber, Ed*ard, 5. John, of Old Cleve, .'^omersel, arm. 
Ma(;dalen C0LI-, malric a July, 16S0, oeed 16 : 
a student of Middle Temple i6Ba. See Foslcr's 

Baber, Fmnd!, of London, arm. Macdalek Hall, 
jnAinc. 6 April. ijBa, aged 16 ; a smdent of XJn- 
niln's Inn 15B6, as of Somersd (his father Eduranl 
was a benclier of Lincoln's Ion 1569, and serjeant- 
at-law 1577). See Foster's Inia of Court Xig. & 
Afarriagi Licences, ed. Foster. [lO] 

Baber, Frauds, of Somerset, gent. TWNnr Coll., 
irLillic 13 Dec, 1616, a«d 17; B.A. 17 Feb, 1619- 
K), M.A.a6 June, i6a3,B.C.L7july, 1614, D.CL. 
S ]aij. 163S, chancellor of the diocese of Gloucester 
1&30. until his death 17 June, 1669, buried in the 
sou'.b Side of choir. See Faili, I. 443, 

Baber. Frands. s. John, of Covent Garden, Middlesex, 
'equiiis.' Balliol Coll, malric. a6 June, 1674, 
^i;ed 16, a student of Ljncoln'i Inn 167B. See 
Fmiers /mri 0}' Court Reg. 

Baber, Francis, s. William, of London, ami. Bal- 
liol CoLi-, manic. 14 July. i;o<. aged 15 ; a 
student ol Llocolo'i Inn 1707. See roster's Inns of 
Court Rig. 


Baber, John, of Somenet, pleb. Magdalen Hall. 

10 Dec, 1586; B.D. iiFeb.. IS93-4. D.D. 30 Jan.. 
t59S-*' Pf^ti- °f Eieler 1590, vicar of Chew Magn» 
1589, rector of Tormarton, co. Gloucester, 1591, 
father of the next named. See Foster's Index Be- 
Baber, John, of Somerset, s.t.p, fiL Lincoln Coll., 
matnc ^S Ap"'. "^o*. "S*d 15 ; RA. sa May, 1611 
(son and hdr of John, of Tormarton. co. Gloucester, 
--• ■- — '■—'--'- '- i6ai, bencher 

DicliiiHaty ofM.P.'s. [H] 

aber, (Sirnotn, s. John, of Welti, Somerset, gent. 

Christ Church, matric 3r Oct., 164a, aged 17; 

student 164a, from Weslminsier, ejected by tho 

1650, fellow of College of l4iyslclans 1657, physician 
to Charles II.. knighted 19 March, 1660-1. practiced 
bis faculty in King Street, Covent Garden, where he 
died in 1704. aged 79, father of Kiacds 1674, of 
John next named, andor William 1673. ^.eeAiumnl 
Wat., iiB; Munk'i Roll. i. 377; Fasti, IL 163 ; & 

Baber, John. IS. John, of London, eq. aur. Chkist 
ChubCH, matnc 35 Nov., 167a, aged 16 : a student 
of Lincoln's Inn 1669. Sea i ostec s Inns of Ctvrt 

Baber, John. s. John, of Sunnlnghiil, Berks, nrtiu 
Exeter Coll., malric ta June, 170a, aged iS, 

Baber, John, s. J. (Job), of London, genL Queen's 
C0LI-, matric 11 April. 1706, aged 17. 

Baber, Willlam, 1531. See Badbuky. [ao] 

Baber, WIlliaiD, y.s. John, of Covent Garden, equitis. 
ChkiSt Church, matric 39 March, 1673, a^ed ic ; 
bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1683. See FostePl 

Babtaam, Henry, of Bucks, pleb. St. Albah Hall, 
matric 3B Nov., 1617, aged 17. 

Babham, John IBabam), B.A. ao Feb., 1513-4. 

Bablnsrton, Adrian, of co. Leicester, attn. Christ 
Church, matric. — Feb., 1597-8, aged 17; B.A. 
a4 0cL, 1601, M.A. 4 July. "604 (^cieBledb.D. 16 
Jan., i64a-3, bat see Mathew], son of Humphrey, of 
Rolhley Temple ; rectot of Cossington, co. lleicesler, 
1607, canon of Lichfield 1608. and vicar of Rolh- 
tey 1608, died in 1635, father of Thomas 1638. 

Babln^ton, Brutus, matric from Christ's Coll.. 
Cambridge, 17 June, 1573, RA. 1576, fellow 1576, 
M.A. 1579: iacorp. ij July, IS7B, canon of Lich- 
fidd 159a (Brulus or Bryan), rector of Tburcaston, 
ca Leicester, ispa. and o( Tatlenhill. co. Stafford, 
bisnop of Deny 1610, died in 1611. SeeO./t.S., x. 
364 ; FasH, i. an ; & D.^.B. [as] 


Francis Babington. 

1500— 1714. 

Peter Bachelar. 

Babington, Francis. Christ's Coll., Cambridge, 
matric. — Nov., 1544. B.A. 1548-9, fellow 1550-1 ; 
fellow of All Souls' Coll.. Oxford, , (? M.A. 

5 Jjjy. 1554). proctor iw, B.D. 9 July, 1558, D.D. 
29 Feb., 1559-60, ▼ice-cliancellor 1560-a, Lady Mar- 
caret professor of divinity 1561-3, vicar of Aldworth, 
Berks, 1557. rector of Adstock and of Sherrington, 
both in Bucks, 1557, professed Protestant opinions 
on the accession of Q. Elizabeth, master of Balliol 
College 1^59^1 rector of Caytborpe, co. Lincoln, 
and of Middleton Kejmes, Bucks, zc6o, vice-chan- 
cellor 1560-8, rector of Lincoln College 1560-3. of 
Twyford, Bucks, 1560-3, and of Holsworthy, Devon, 
256-2, in 1565 he was deprived of his benefices as a 
concealed Papist Sec Fastis L 157 ; Cooper, i. 557 ; 

6 D.N,B. 

Babington, Gervase, of Notts (son of Bernard). B. A. 
from Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 2571, fellow 1573 ; 
incorp. as M.A. 1? July, 2578, D.D. (2580), chaplain 
to Henry, Earl of Pembroke, warden of St. Giles's 
Hospital, Wilton, 2582, vicar of Bulbridge, Wilis, 
1585, rector of Ditchampton, Wilts, 258$, and of 
Wilton Sl Mary 2585, preb. of Lland^la in Col- 
legiate Church of Brecon 2588, rector of Stokein- 
teignhead, Devon, 2597, preb. of Hereford 2588, 
treasurer of IJandaff 2590, and bishop 2592-5. bisnop 
of Exeter 2595, and of Worcester 2^97, until his death 
27 May, 2620, aged 60. father of John 2603. See 
Tcp. and Gen,, i. 336 ; Foster's Index EcclesictsHcus; 
D.N,B,; & FasttiL 222. 

Bablng[ton, Henry, of Oxon, arm. Oriel Coll., 
matric. 20 June, 2597, aged 26 ; son of Philip, of 
Kiddington, Oxon, aged 24. at the Herald's Visitation 
in 2595, sold his paternal estate and purchased the 
estate of Heaton Jesmond in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
knighted by James I. 2 May, 2627, either at Heaton 
or Hexham, father of William 2624. 

Babingrton, John, of Notts, gent. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. -entry under date 2a Dec., 2576, aged 
x8 ; ' Oxoniam venit 20 July, 2576,' possibly of 
Rampton, and first cousin of Gervase. 

Babington, John (s. Gervase), ' epi. vigom.' Corpus 
CHRIST! Coll., matric. 23 July, 2603, aged 28; a 
student of the Inner Temple 2606. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. [5] 

Babinfirton, John, arm. Pembroke Coll., matric. 

23 July, 2656; B.A. 22 Feb., 2658-9, either this 
scholar or the next named son and heir of Zachary, 
of Curdborough, ca Stafiford, arm., and bar.-at-Iaw, 
Lincoln's Inn, 2663. See Foster's Judges and Bar- 

Babln/grton, John, gent Magdalen Coll., matric. 
2^ June, 2657 ; demy 2653-7. See Bloxam, v. 214. 

Babfngrton. Matthew, • cler. fiL' All Souls' Coll. , 
matric. 28 Nov., 2632, aged 28 (probably 4 May, 
2632) ; M.A. from St. Mary Hall 6 June, 2635 
(? created D.D. 22 Jan., 2642-3), but see Foster's 
judges and Barristers, 

Babln^rton, Philip, student of Christ Church by 
parliamentary visitors 2650, of Hamham, Northum- 
berland (son of William 2624), of Gray's Inn 2662, 
M.P. Berwick-on-Tweed 2689-90, a colonel in the 
parliamentary army, governor of Berwick for Charles 
11. See Burrows, 272. 

Bablng^n, Thomas, s. Adrian, of Cossington, co. 
Leicester, sacerd. Lincoln Coll., matric. 24 
Oct., 2628, aged 26 ; B.A. 20 Dec., 2632, died in 

^^3- [10] 

Babing^OXL William, of CO. Stafford, doctoris fiL 

Christ Church, matric. 27 Oct., 1600. aged 28; 

died in 2625. probably son of Zachary 2573, and 

grandfather of Zachary 266a. See Heamt, il£ 253. 
Babinfirton» WiUiam, B.A. from Magdalen Coll. 

24 July, 2622: 

Babingrton, William, xs. Henry, of Ogle Castle, 
Northumberland, militis. University Coll., 
matric. x6 April, 2624, aged 26 ; of Heaton Tes- 
roond, Northumberland, father of Philip x6eo. 



Babingrton, Zachary, of St. Alban Hall, B-\ 
Feb., 2569.70, M.A. 22 Jan., 2572-3 ; B. & D.q 
from merton Coll. 27 June. 2599 (son 
Thomas, of Cossington, co. I^icester, bapt:^ 
there 9 July, 2549), canon of Lichfield 2582, ^ 
centor 2589, chancellor 2598, rector of Sudbury, j 
Derby, 2583. of Hoggeston, Bucks, 2588, of La^ 
with, CO. Darby, 2594, and of Cossington. \ 
Leicester, 2603, died in 2623. See Foster's /d 
Ecclesiasticus & Fasti, i. 282. 

Babington* Zachary, s. Zac , of Lichfield, co. StafTq 
arm. Christ Church, matric. 29 July, 2662, aj 
28; student 2662 (from Westminster), B.A. i' 
M.A. 2669, vicar of Trelleck, co. Monmouth, 2 
7a See Alumni West., 254; & Foster's In, 

Babington, Zachary, s. John, of Packiogton 
Stam>rd, gent University Coli*., niatric 
March, 2707, aged 27; a student of the In 
Temple 2708, died 25 Oct., 2745. See Foster's / 
of Court Reg. 

Baone, Arthur, of Devon. • der. fil.* Exeter Coli 
matric. 26 Oct, 2628. aged 28 ; B.A. 32 Jan.. 1621 
vicar of Anthony, Cornwall, 2628. See Fo&ie) 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Baohe, James (Batche), of Salop, pld>. £x 
Coll., matric 30 March, 2593. aged 18. 

Baobe, James, of Devdh, • der. fiL* Exeter CoM 
matric. 3 May, 2622, aged 18. 

Baobe, John, s. John, of Cleobury Mor-'nier, S1I 
pleb. p. p. Brasenose Coll., mat hr. 26 Ap 
2662, aged 28 ; RA. from All Souls' Coll. i 
M.A. 2668, rector of Shepton Beanchamp, Sotr. 
set, 2672. See Foster's Index EccUsiaOicus, [ 

Baohe, Thomas, of co. Worcester, pleb. Brasen 
Coll., matric. -entry under date 5 April, 2576. a^ 
27 ; student of Christ Church 2579. B. A. 26 Jaa 
2579-80, M.A. 25 Feb., 2582.3, rector of Whitbourn 
CO. Hereford, 2596. canon of Hereford 2598. die 
about 2632. See Foster's Index £cclesiasticus 
O.H,S., xiL 87. 

Baohe, Thomas, s. WiUiam, of Northfidd. co. Woroe 
ter, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. xo Maj 
2667, aged 26 ; B.A. from Pembroke Coll. 
Feb,, 2^0-2, M.A. 2673. 

Baobe, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Whitbourn, co. H 
ford, p. p. Christ Church, matric, 23 No%'., 167c 
aged 29 (Bates in Mat. Reg.). 

Baone, William (or Beche), s. John, of Chcsteito 
Worfidd, Salop, pleb. Christ Church, matn^ 
20 May, 2686. aged 28 ; B.A. 2690, M.A. i6d 
rector of Burghfield, Berks, 2699. See Fosierj 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bacbeler, Christopher (Batcheler), of Kent, pi 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric 29 April, i^i 
aged 26 ; BA. 26 E)ec., 2614, M.A. 22 July. i^t> 
a student of the Inner Temple 2622, as of Cantd 
bury, gent, rector of Hinxhill, Kent, 2619, 2S^ c 
Kingsdowne 2623, vicar of Tonge 2628. Se 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [23 

Baobelar, Edmund, B A. 27 July, 2525. 

Baobeior, John (Bacchder), minorite, sup. for B.D. ii 
June, 2533, sub-guardian of the Franciscan Coll^ 
in Oxford. See Fasti, i. 96. 

Bachler, John, s. John, of Burlingham, co. Worcester 
pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric. 4 July. i6d 
aged 28 ; RA. 32 Jan., 2636-7. M.A. 22 June, 1640 
fellow of Eton 2647. See Fasti, i. 515. 

Baobelor, John, M.A. from Sydney Sussex Coll, 
Cambridge ; incorp. 24 July, 2722 (Memo. : WiUiat^ 
Batchdler was M.A. from Sydney Sussex Collj 
2689), vicar of Hitchendon, Bucks, 2723. rector d 
Bow Brickhill 2720, and of Radnage 2724. Sec 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Baohelar, Peter, demy Magdalen Coll. i547> ^ 
24 July, 2553, fellow 2553-8 (of Notts), M.A. 3 Jq«. 
I557> niaster of the College School 2557. until his 
death in 2558, aged a6. See Bloxam, iii. 12$'. >^- 
234. [sol 


Richard Bachelar. 

1500 — 1714. 

Augustine Badger. 

Baolielar, Richard (Bechelar), s. John, of Ashmers- 
wonh. CO. Soathampton, pleb. Lincoln Coll.. 
mattic x8 Nov., 1636, aged 16 ; B.A- 9 June. 1640. 
rector of Camley, Somerset, X653, until ejected in 
1662. See Caiamy, iii. z8z. 

Bachiler, Stephen. St. John's Coll., matric. circa 
1581; aA. 3 Feb., 1585-6. rector of WherweU, 
Hants. Z587. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Bachiler, Stephen, of CO. Southampton, 'cler. ftV 
Magdalen Coll., matri& 18 June. 1610, aged 16. 

Bachiler, William, of co. Worcester, pIeK St. John's 
Coll.. matric 24 Oct., 1600, aged 21. 

Bacheler, William (Batcbeler). of Oxon. pleb. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 23 June. i6ai, aged 16 ; B. A- 
21 Oct., 1624. M.A. z June. Z627. [S] 

Blaokaller, Henry, s. John, of Axminster. Devon, 
pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. 6 April, 1638, aged 
aa See Caia»ty» 

Backaller, Henry, plcbw Exeter Coll, matric. 27 
March. 1653*4. 

Backhouse, cdwaid, s. Thomas, of Colbeck. Cum- 
berland, pleb. Queen's Coll. , matric. 9 July, 1713. 
aged 18 ; a A. 1717, rector of Uldale. Cumberland. 
1719- Sec Foster's Jmdex £cclaiasticus. 

Backhoosey Isaac, s. Adam, of London, pleb. St. 
Johns Coll.. matric 22 July, 1664. aged 18 ; B.A. 
5 May, 1668, M.A. 30 March, 167a, incorp. at Cam- 
bridge Z69X, bom in St Martin's-le-Grand 17 April. 
1645. under master Merchant Taylors 1674-7, master 
of Wolverhampton school 1680-5. sinecure rector of 
Lbnarmon in Yale. z686, rector of Northop. FJint?. 
z68z,and vicar of Hasilngfield, near Cambridge. 1688. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus & Robinson^ i. 254. 

aackhouse, John, arm. Wadham Coll.. matric. z 
April, z656j a student of the Middle Temple Z656, 
as eldest son of William, of Swallowfield. Berks. 
Esq. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. • [10] 

Sackhouse, Robert, s. Edward, of Morland, West- 
morland, gent Queen's Coll., matric za March. 
X708-9, aged z6 ; B.A. 24 March, Z7Z4-Z5, M. A. Z7X8. 
inccrp. at Cambridge Z730. rector of Newton-juxta« 
i>adlmry, Suffolk, Z723, victor of Newbold Pacey. co. 
Warwick, Z734. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

ktckhouse, William (Bacchus), secular chaplain, 
B.A. x6Dec. z^. M.A. 4 Feb. (or March), Z539-40. 

iackhonse, William, of Berks, arm. Christ 
Church, matric. 23 Feb., z6zo-zz. aged Z7 ; a 
joanger son of Samuel, of Swallowfield, Berks. ' a 
most renowned diymist, Rosicrucian.' etc. died 30 
May. Z663. Seey^/i. Or., lit 576 ; & D.N,B, 

lackhonse, William, s. Roland, of London, gent. 
St. John's Coll.. matric 20 Jan., Z625-6, aged ao ; 
fi.A Tx Feb., z6a5-6. 

tackshell, John. B.C.L. from New Coll. zp June. 
2717, D.C.L.. Z5 Oct.. Z74Z, canon of Chichester 
1720. rector of Burton. Sussex. Z7Z8. vicar of Portsea. 
Hants. X738, rector of Felphajn, Sussex, Z739. ^c 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. [15] 

laeon, Edmund, B.A. from Clare Coll., Cambridge, 
1620, incorp. as M.A. zo July, Z627, one of these 
names a student of Grav's Inn z6z6, as son of Robert, 
of Riborough, Norfolk, arm. See Foster's Grays 
Inn Admissions. 

•aeon. Edward (Bakyn). student of Christ Church 
X566, from Westminster, B.A. 26 Jan.. Z569-70. of 
Shrobland Hall. Suffolk (half brother to 'the im- 
mortal' Lord Bacon), M.P. Great Yarmouth Z576- 
83, Tavistock Z584-5, Weymouth and Melcorabe 
Regis Z586^, knighted at the Charter House zz May, 
1603, died 8 Sept, z6z8. aeed 7a See Alumni 
HVj/ zi;66 : & Foster's Grays Inn. Admissions, 

aeon, Francis, s. Fracds. of Ansley. co. Warwick, min. 
Lincoln Coll. , matric za July, z66z. aged Z9 ; B. A. 
15 March, Z663-4, M.A. z6 Feb., 1666^7, vicar of 
&xleshall in city of Coventry Z663. canon of Chiches- 
ter 1669, rector of Birdham. Sussex. Z679, ^i^ father 
vicar of Ansley z63^. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

aeon, Matthias, of London, gent. Hakt Hall, 
Datric -entry under date Z7 Dec, Z576, aged z6. 

Baoon, Nathaniel, of Suffolk, admitted to Queen's 
Coll., Cambridge. Z7 July, Z658. B.A. Z662, M.A. 
z666. incorp. 9 July. 1672. one of these names vicar 
of Fulboume, All Saints. Cambridge z669^ See 
Fasti, ii. 333 ; Foster's Index EccUsiasticus ; & 
Gray's Inn Admissions. [20] 

Baoon, Phanuel, of London, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric z July, Z670. aged z8 ; scholar. B.A. Z674. 
M.A. 23 March. z677-8, fellow, B.D. 1684 ; bom zz 
Sept. z65a. vicar of St Lawrence, Reading. t689, 
father of Phanuel Z7Z5. See Rawlinson, vi. 348 ; 
Robinson f i. 273 : & Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Baoon, Richard. Wadham Coll., matric 28 April, 
Z659 ; servitor, B.A. Z662. 

Baoon, Robert (Bakon), s. John, of East Gaston, Berks, 
pleb. Corpus Chkisti Coll., matric. a Dec. Z63Z. 
aged Z9 ; B.A. 23 April, z63|, M.A. Z5 Feb., Z637-8. 

Baoon» Waller, s. Francis, 01 London, arm. Christ 
Church, matric 23 Feb.. Z685-6. aged z6 ; of Earl- 
ham. Norfolk, bar.-at-law Gray's Inn Z693. bencher 
Z709, treasurer Z73Z-3, M.P. for Norwich in six par- 
liaments. Z705-7. Z708-Z0, Z7Z5, until his death, zz 
Nov., Z734. See Foster's Grays Inn Admissions & 
Yorkshire Pedigrees. 

Bacon, William, gent Oriel Coll. , matric za Nov. , 
Z65Z. B.A. Z5 June. z6ss. [as] 

BaOOn, William, s. William, of Maunsell, Somerset, 
gent, matric 26 Nov.. Z675, aged z6. 

Badbury, William (Batbue or Babure). RA. 7 Feb., 

Badoook, John, of Berks, pleb. Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric a8 April, Z587, aged z8. See Simon, 
same date. 

Badoock, John. Magdalen Coll.. B.A. 20 May, 
z6o6. M.A. z8 April. i6zz one of these names vicir 
of Milboume St Andrew, Dorset. 2628. rector of 
Bickton. Devon, Z63Z. &c See Foster's Index. 

BadOOOke, Nathaniel, of Devon, *cler. fil.' Bkoad- 
gates nALL. matric. Z9 Oct. z62t. aged az ; RA. 
14 Nov.. z62z. M.A. zo June, Z624, his will proved 
at Oxford 3Z May, Z628. [30] 

BadOOOk, Nicolas, secular chaplain, B. Gram. Z4 
June, Z53X, one of these names rector of Llanma- 
dock, CO. Glamorgan, X545. See Foster's Index. 

Badcooko, Nicholas, s. Richard, of Garford, Berks, pleb. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 3 May, Z662. aged z6. 

Badoook, Robert, s. John, of White&tone. Cornwall, 
pleb. £XBTER Coll., matric z July, Z670, aged 
Z9 ; B.A. Z674. 

Badcooke, Simon, of Berks, pleb. Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric 28 April, Z587, aged Z4. See John 
same date. 

Baddeley, George (Badcley). s. George, of Great 
Ness^ Salop, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 5 July, 
Z667, aged Z9 ; B.A. Z67X. 1'^] 

Baddeley, James, s. Ralph, of Chesterton, co. Stafford, 
pleb. Christ Church, matric Z5 June, z68o, aged 
Z7; RA. Z684, M.A. x69a, vicar of Bisham, Berks, 
Z69Z. rector of Wamford, Hants, Z704, See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus. 

Baddeley, Ralph, s. Richard, of Chesterton, co. Staf- 
ford, pleb. Oriel Coll.. matric. 30 Oct, Z707. 
aged Z7 ; B.A. Z7ZZ. M.A. Z7Z4. rector of Havant, 
Hants, Z723. vicar of Tunworth Z728. See Foster s 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Baddiford, William, s. Thomas, of Dartmouth, Devon, 
gent. Hart Hall, matric zz Feb.. z69a-3. aged 
z8. RA. Z696 ; M.A. from Gloucester Hall z^, 
B.Med. 29 Jan., Z70Z-a; D.Med, from Exetlr 
Coll Z705. 

Baden, Giles, B.A. from Peter House, Cambridge, 
z6za. incorp. as B.D. Z4 July. z6a3. 

Baden, Thomas, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 9 
Dec. z6s3, B.A. Z3 Nov., Z656. fftoj 

Badeer, (Andrew), M.A. Cambridge, incorp. 24 July, 

Badger, Augustine, of co. Gloucester, gent. Glou- 
cester Hall, matric 24 April, Z597, a^cd 45. 
See Bigland's GUuccsUrshire, iL 323. 


Charles Badger. 

1500 — 1714. 

Robert Bagnald. 

Badger, Charles, s. James, of Hanley Castle, co. Wor- 
ctsicr, cler. Hart Hall, subscribed ao Oct. , 1707, 
aged 18, B.A. 171X ; M.A. from King's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1726, vicar of Aston Blank, or Cold 
Aston, CO. Gloucester, 1725. See Foster^s Index, 

Badger, Edward, s. George, of Frilwell, Oxon, pleb. 
All Souls' Coll., matric. 15 Dec., 1701. agea z6 ; 
B.A. 1705, vicar of Great Packington, co. Warwick, 
2709^6, and rector of Little Paddngton 1732-7. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Bac^rer, Henry, of CO. Southampton, gent. Balliol 
Coll., matric. 6 July, 16x3, aged 24 ; B.A. 27 May, 

Badger, James, s. John, of Westbury, ca Gloucester, 
pieb. Brasenose Coll., matric ao Nov., 1663, 
aged 15; B.A. 1667, rector of Ubley, Somerset, 
167Q, vicar of Beckford, 00. Gloucester, 1674, and 
of Hanley Castle, co. Worcester, 1601, father of 
Charles 1707. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Badfi*er, James, s. Henry, of Winton, Hants, gent. 
New Coll., matric. 30 May, 1679, aged 20 ; B.A. 
i^ Tan., 1682-3, fellow. M.A. 1686, master of New 
College Schools 30 years, died 11 May, 1717, aged 
57, monumental inscription St. Peter's-in-the-East, 
Oxford, admon. at Oxford 16 Oct, 1717. See 
Heame, L 230 ; & RawHnson. xviii. 234. fs] 

Badger, John (Bager), of Christ Church, 1550, 
B.A. I Dec., 1553, M.A. ^o May, 1555 ; John 
Badger, superior bedel of divinity, made his will 15 

^ July, 1577. 

Badger, John, s. John, of Westbury, co. Gloucester, 
pTeb., p.p. New Coll.. matric. 15 May, 1662, 
aged 16, B.A. 1666 ; M.A. from St. Mary Hall 
1670, vicar of Kempsey, co. Worcester, 1674, and 
of Bedwardine Sl John 1676, See Foster's Index 

Badger, John, s. James, of Great Malvern, co. Wor* 
cester, cler. Balliol Coll., matric. 27 OcL, 1701, 
aged 16 : B.A. 1706. 

Badger, Roland, of CO. Worcester, gent. Hart 
HALL, matric-entry under date 1573. aged 16. 

Badger, Talbot, s. John, of Poolehouse, co. Worces- 
ter, gent. Lincoln Coll., matric. 5 April, 1639, 
aged 17 ; M.P. co. Worcester 1654-5. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary, fio] 

Badger, William, schokir of New Coll. 1569. B.A. 
15 Dec., 1572, canon of Sarum 1579. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus & O.H.S,^ xii. 18. 

Badham, Benjamin, s. Joh., of Pembridge, co. Here- 
ford, gent. Brasenose Coll., matric. 8 April, 
170X, aged 24 ; one of these names vicar of Lyons- 
hall, CO. Hereford, 1737. See Foster's Index Ac, 

Badham, Francis, s. Fr., of Wigan, co. Lalicaster, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 29 Oct, x668, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 1672. 

Badlxam, James, s. Jo., of Felton, co. Hereford, p. p. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 14 July, 1677, aged 17. 

Badlambe, John, s. Walter, of Milton Abbott, Devon, 
pleb. Exeter Coll., matric 25 Nov., 1631, aged 
17 ; a A. 20 May, 1634. [is] 

Badland, Robert, Christ Church, RA. 19 July, 1634. 

Badland, Thomas, serviens. Pembroke Coll., 
matric 27 Nov., 1650; B.A. 20 Nov., 1653. 

Badsey, Willkim, s. William, of Dichford, co. Wor- 
cester, gent New Coll., matric a April, 1669, 
aged 16; B.C.U 1676. 

Baeshe, Edward, s. Ralph, of Stanstede, Essex, 
equitis. St. John's Coll., matric 28 May. 1668, 
aged 15 ; a student of Gray's Inn 1^0, imigrated to 
Lincoln's Inn the same year, licenced 26 July, X671, 
to marry Anne Waad, of Battle, Sussex, spinster. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bagarde, Thomas, of New Inn, and one of the first 
canons of Cardinal Coll. , B.CL. 29 April, X521, 
D.C.L. 22 July, 1528, chancellor of the diocese of 
Worcester 1535. canon of Worcester 1542, rector of 
Alvechurch 1541, and of Bredon 1543, both in co. 
Worcester, died 2544. See Foster's Index EccUsi- 
tuHcus; D,N,B; & FasH, i 80. [20] 

Bagge, Simon, s. Simon, of Cocklcy Cley, Norfoll 
admitted to Gonville and Caius Coli^, Cai 
bridge, zo April, 1656, aged x6; B.A. 1659, fellt 
(incorp. la July, 1664), M.A. x666, died unmarrie 
See Vennj^ 24a 

Baghott, Thomas, s. William, of Prestbnry, c 
Gloucester, gent Oriel Colu, matric zo Oc 
Z7XZ. aged x8; B.A. X715, M.A. X7Z8, rector 
Dumbleton. co. Gloucester, 1718-35, and of A11«I< 
oa Warwick, Z723. See Foster's Index EccUsiuM 

Bagley, Charles (Baggaley), serviens, 31 July, X65! 
B.A. from Christ Church 26 April, Z662, M.. 
30 May, Z665, rector of Datchwortfa, Herts, 167 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasHcus, 

Bagley, Henry, 'M.A. fil. et theologi.' RA. fro 
MERTON Coll. 30 Jan.. z6io-ii. M.A. 3 Fefc 
16x4-5, vicar of Iver, Bucks, 16x8, and of Mod bur 
Devon, Z633, father of the next. See Foster's ludi 
EccUsiasticus & O.H,S.t xiL 30a 

Bagley, Henry, s. Heniy, of Modburie, Devon, sa 
EXETER Coll., matric Z2 Oct. X638, a^ed z; 
rector of Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset. z66o<i7o 
and of Gosebradon, Somerset, Z669-Z709L ;^ 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [^{ 

Bagley, Henry, s. Henry, of Hatch, Somerset, cir 
BRASENOSE CoLL., matric 3 April, 1674, aged i! 
B.A. Z677 ; M,A. from Gloucester Hall i6rj 
vicar of Ilminster, Somerset, x 680-3. ^^^^ Foster 
Index EccUsiasticus, 

Bagley, John, s. William, of Walford, co. Hereford 
minister. Balliol Coll., matric 17 May. i5r: 
aged x8; B.A. 29 Jan., 1675-6, M.A. i6;«, 'a/iei 
wards took the D.Med, degree at Utrecht and pub 
lished his theses.' See Fasti, ii. 366. 

Bagnall, Ambrose, of co. Carnarvon. miL fil ; c 
JESUS Coll. in or before X572-^, aged 13 ; HA 
Irom University Coll. xa Nov., X578. M.A 

7 June, X58X, a student of Gray's Inn X583, as 3^ 
son of Sir Nicholas. See Foster's Grays Inn kf^ 
A O.ff.S,, XiL 76, 

Bagenall, Dudley, arm. St. John's Cou^, mstik 

8 Dec , X658 ; a student of the Middle Temple X65S 
as eldest son of Walter, of Dunleckney, col CarIo« 
Esq. See Fostcr*s Inns 0/ Court Reg. , 

Bagnall, George, s. Gibbons, of Worcester (city), plo 
Pembroke Coll., matric z April, X664, aged 17, 
a A. X667, M.A. X670. [S9^ 

Bagnall, Gibbons, s. Gibbons, of London, Middlesex 
gen. Balliol Coll., matric 7 July, 1706, ago 
x8 ; bar.-at-Iaw, Inner Temple, Z7X3. See Fos:<3^ 
ludges and BarrisUrs, 

Bagnall, Henry, of co. Carnarvon, mil. fiL ; of Je 
Coll. after 1572-3, aged x6. O.H.S., xii. : Sir H- 
Bagnall, of Stoke, co. Stafford, and of Norley C 
fand son of Sir Nicholas. M.P.). knighted in x 
M.P. Anglesey Z586-7, knight-marshall and i 
deputv of Ireland, slain at Bkckwater X4 Aug., i. 

Bagnall, Henry, s. William, of Baddlesmere. K 
cler. All Souls' Coll., matric x Dec. 1^9 
aged x7, B.A. 1695; M.A. from Jesus Coi 
Cambridge, X7a3, rector of Fawkenhurst, K 
X704, vicar of Lympne X723, and rector of Fritxi 
den 1726-37, brother of Thomas X698. See Fostd 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bagenall, Nicholas, of co. Carnarvon, gent OrH 
Coll., matric z^ Oct., X597, aged X5. 

Bagnoll, Ralph, or Gloucester Halu, B.A. (stq^ 
29 Jan., Z570-1, M.A. 8 July, Z575. Sec 0.H.& 
xi. 28x. ;3 

Bagnall, Raffe, of co. Worcester, genL Exk 
Coll., matric. 24 May, X599, aged Z5 ; a studcni 
the Inner Temple X605. See Foster's Inns of C 

Bagnald, Robert, of co. Stafford, pleb. Magdai^ 
HALL, matric 4 Dec, Z584, aged 24; RA. ^rol 
Balliol Coll. 4 July, Z588, rector of Roi^ 
Somerset, X589-X6X6, rector of Hutton, Somer^ 
i6z6. See l* oster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 



Robert Bagnalde. 

1500— 1714. 

Francis Bagshaw.. 

Bagnalde, Robert, of co. Sfafford, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric. 4 July, 1589, aged 18 ; a A. 27 
Oct,, 1592. 

Bagnall, Thomas, & John, of Barlastoo, co. StafTord, 
gent. Brasenose Coll., matric. 20 Oct, 1676, 
aged 16; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1685. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Bagnall, Thomas, s. Waiiam, of Baddlesmcre, Kent, 
clef. Merton Coll., matria 17 Not., 1698, aged 
18 ; B. A. Z703, rector of Cholmden als. Chellenden, 
Kent- 1710, and of Frittenden 1725, brother of 
Henry 1691. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Ba^gOt, Anthony, of co. Stafford, arm. Merton 
COLL., matria-entry under date 20 Dea, 1577, aged 
19 ; 2nd son of Richard, of Blithfield, bom 20 Nov., 
1558, died unmarried. See Cooper, W, 542. 

BagOt, (Sir) Edward (and Bart), s. Hervey, of Fldd, 
CO. Stafford, equitis. Trinity Coll., matric 20 
Feb.. 1634-5, aged 18 ; a student of Middle Temple 
1635, M,P. ca Stafford 1660, died 30 March. 1673, 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [S] 

Ba^ot, (Sir) Edward (4th Bart.l, s. Walter, of BUih- 
iield, CO. Stafford, Bart. Christ Church, matric. 
15 Dec., 1691, aged 17 ; a student of Middle Temple 
1692, M.P. CO. Stafford 1698-1708. died in May, 
1712, brother of Walter 1695, and William 1701. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Eaffot, Hervey, arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 18 
Xov.. 1608. aged 18: Of Blithfield, co. Stafford, 
created a baronet 30 May, 1627 (son of Walter 1577), 
M.P. CO. Stafford 1628-9 & 1^0, until disabled in 
Nov.. 1642, born 8 Feb., 1590-1, died 27 Dec., 1660, 
father of Edward & Hervev next named. 

Ba^tt, Hervey, s. Hervey, of Field, co. Stafford, equitis. 
Trinity Coll.. matric 20 Feb., 1634-5, aged 17; 
of Pipe Hall, co. Stafford, bom 26 June, 1617, a 
student of the Middle Temple 1637, one of the band 
of gent, pensioners to Charles U. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. 

Baeot, Lambart, s. Edward, of Blithfield. co. Stafford, 
knt. & bart. Trinity Coll., matric. 13 March, 
1667-8, aged 17 ; of Maids Morton, Bucks, a student 
of the Middle Temple 1668, born a Aug., 1649, died 
3 Jan., 1702. unmarried. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Ba^ott, Lewis, of ca Stafford, arm. fiL nat. max. 
j:xErEK Coll., matric. 16 July, 1602, aged 15 ; 
eldest son of Walter, of Blythfield, 1577, and 
brother of Hervey 1608, and William 1619; bom 
19 April, 1587, died unmarried. [lO] 

Bagott^ Robert, pleb. Pembroke Coll., subscribed 
10 March, 1656-7 ; one of these names son and heir 
apparent of Richard, of city of Worcester, gent., 
bar.-at-law. Lincoln's Inn, 1666. See Foster's judges 
and Barristers, 

Ha^tt, Thomas. Oriel Coll. 17x1. See Bag- 

Ba^ot, Thomas Ardcn, s. Arden, of Yam ton, co. 
vV'arwick. gent. Trinity Coll., matric. 28 March, 
1705. aged z6 ; of Pipe Hall, co. Warwick, died 11 
June, 1729, buried in Ripon Cathedral. 

Baggot, Walter, of co. Stafford, arm. Merton Coll. , 
matric. -entry under date 20 Dec, 1577. aged 20 ; of 
Blyihfield. co. Staff, twice high sheriff. M.P. Tam- 
worth 1586-7, bom 24 and baptized 2^ Oct., 1557, 
buried at BIythfield 17 March, 1622, father of Lewis 
and Hervey. 

BagOt, (Sir) Walter (3rd baronet), s. Edward, of Blith- 
field, ca Stafford, bort. Christ Church, matric. 26 
Nov. , 1662, aged 17 ; a student of the Middle Temple 
1666, bom 21 March. 1644, M. P. co. Stafford, 1679-81, 
1685-90, Dec. 1693-5, died 15 Feb., 1704, brother of 
Lambart. and father of the next named. See Foster's 
Peerage. [15] 

BagOtt, Walter, s. Walter, of Blithfield, co. Stafford, 
bnn. Christ Church, matric. 11 Oct, 1695, aged 
17 ; a student of ihe Middle Temple 1696, brother 
of Edward 1691, and William 1701. See Foster's 
Inm of Court Reg, 

Bagptt, William, of co. Stafford, arm. fil. nat. 39; 
Trinity Coll., matric. 15 Oct, 1619, aged 14; 
created M.A. 31 Aug., 1636, a student of the Inner 
Temple 1623, brother of Hervey 1608, and of Lewis. 

BagOt, William, s. Edward, of Blithfield, ca Stafford. 
i>art. Christ Church, matric 10 April, 1674, aged 
z8 ; of Colton, co. Stafford, a student of the Middle 
Temple 1676, died 6 Nov., 1699. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg, 

Bagot, WilUam. s. Walter, of BUthfidd, co. Stafford, 
bart Christ Church, matric. 7 July, 1705, aged 
18; died unmarried 13 Dec, 1733, brother of Edward 
t6oi, and Walter 1695. 

Bagsnawe, Charles, s. Cha. , of Bume, co. Lincoln, gect. 
Christ Church, matric. 25 May, 1637, aged 16. 

Bagshaw, Christopher, fellow of Balliol Coll. 
1572, B.A. 12 July, 1572, M.A. 21 June, 1575, after 
S.S.T.P. (ParisiusJ. principal of Worcester College 
1579-81, canon of Lichfield 1578, a Jesuit, committed 
prisoner to Wisbech Castle, co. Cambridge. 1593. 
See Ath., ii. 65, (rj, 389. , . \2X\ 

Bagshaw, Edward, fellow of All Souls' Coll. 1C47, 
B.A. 1547-8, an Edward Bagshawe, M.A., was vicar 
of Mountncssing, Essex, 1559. Sec Newcourt. 

Bagshawe, Edward, of London, gent. Brasenose 
Coll., matric 22 Feb., 1604-5, &^ed 15 ; B.A. 
7 July, 1608 (2nd son of Edward, late of city of 
London, gent., deceased), bar.-at-law of the Middle 
Temple 16x5, Lent reader 1640, treasurer z66o, M.P. 
Southwark 1640 (L.P.), until disabled 22 Jan., 1643-4, 
sat in the Parliament at Oxford, taken prisoner by 
the Pariiamentary forces and sent to the king's bench, 
Southwark. 29 June, 1644. died 12 Sept. (or Oct.). 
1662, buried m Morton Pinkney Church, father of 
Francis 1634, of John 1636, of lienry 1651. and of 
Edward next named. See Foster's fudges and Bar- 
ristef's: Ath., iii. 618 ; & D.N.B, 

Bagshawe, Edward, of Morton, Northants, arm. 
Christ church, matric i Feb.. 1646-7, aged 17; 
student 1646 from Westminster, B.A. 6 Nov.. 1640, 
M.A. 18 June. 1651, incorp. at Cambridge 1654 (a 
student ot Gray's Inn 1652, as son of Edward), and 
master at Westminster School 1656, vicar of Am- 
brosden, Oxon, 1659, but ejected for nonconformity 
1661, for abusing the Government, King, Church, 
and Bishops ; he was imprisoned in the Gate 
House, Westminster, in the Tower, and in Sonthsea 
Castle, Hants; he died in Westminster 28 Dec, 
1671, brother of Henry 1651, etc See Alumni 
West., 125; Foster's Gray's Inn Reg.: Ath., iii. 
944; Burrows; Calamy, iii. ziz ; 8c D.N.B. 

Bagsnawe, Edward, s. John, of Culworth, Northants, 
gent Christ CnintCH, matric 29 March, 1667, 
aged z6 ; a student of the Middle Temple 1671. 
brother of Francis and John 1671. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. [as] 

Bagshaw, Edward, s. E., of Aston. Northants, gent. 
Christ Church, matric 20 March, 1702-3. aged 
15 ; B.A. 1707, M.A. 1709. 

Bagshaw, Edward, s. Henry, of 'Dysh* (? Durham), 
doctoris. Christ Church, matric 4 Oct., 1709, 
aged 19 ; student 1709 from Westminster, B.A. 
17x3, M.A. 1716. Set Alumni West., 251. 

Bagshawe, Francis, is. Edward, of Broughton, 
^lorthants, arm. Lincoln Coll., matric 24 Oct., 
16341 stgcd 15 ; bar.-at-kw, Middle Temple, 1642. 
See Foster^ s Judges and Barristers. 

Bagshaw, Francis, s. John, of Culworth, Northants, 
gent. Magdalen Coll., matric. 20 Oct, 1671, 
aged 17 ; demy 1671-81, B. A. 1675, M.A. 1678, fellow 
1681-9, expelled by the commissioners of James II., 
restored 1688, captain of a company of scholars 1685 
on the breaking out of the Duke of Monmouth's re- 
bellion, brother of Edward 1671, and of John 1671. 
See Bloxam, v. 316; & Ath., i., p. cii. 

Bagshaw, Francis, s. Thomas, of mkewell, co. Derby, 
gent Christ Church, matric 13 April, 1698. aged 
17 ; B.A. 1701, M.A. 1704, B.D. 1711, one of these 
names portioner of Waddesdoo, Backs, 1731. [30] 


Harrington Bagshaw. 

1500— 1714. 

John JJakeham. 

Bagshaw, Harrington, a. John, of Culworth, North- 
uDts, gent Magdalen Hall, matric 15 Dec., 
1685, aged 15 ; demy Magdalen Coll. 1686-94, 
B.A. i6i39, M.A. 1692, fellow 1694-7, chaplain of 
Bromley CoU. 1696, until 1735, rector of St. Mary, 
Woolwich, Z706, P.C Bromley 1700, died 29 May, 
Z739. See Bloxantt vi. 52. 

Bagshaw, Henry, arm. Christ Church, subscribed 
7 July, 1651, student 1651 from Westminster, B.A. 
7 April, 1655, M.A. iz June, 1657 (incorp. at Cam- 
bridge 1659), B.D. 1668, D.D. 167X, a writer, licence 
7 April, 1674, to marry Mary, daughter of Sir Edward 
Nicolls, Bart., of Foxton, Nortbants ; preb. York 
1667, of Southwell 1668, rector of Carlton in Lynd- 
rick, Notts, and of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate,i670, and 
of Houghton-le-Spring, 1677, canon of Durham z68i, 
until his death 30 Dec., 1709, brother of Edward 1647. 
See Alumni West,, 136; Ath., iv. 631 ; GuUA, 461 ; 
Marriage Licences, ed. Foster ; & D,/V.B, 

Bagshawe, Henry, of Chapel-le-Frith, co. Derby, gent. 
Jesus Coll., matric 30 May, i68a, aged 16; a 
student of Gray's Inn i68s, as son and heir of Henry, 
of Gray's Inn, arm. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Bagshawe, John, student of Christ Church 1564* 
B.A. 17 Feb., 1568-9, M.A. 29 March, 1572, ? canon 
of Lichfield 1569 \Le Neve, L 607, 592), rector of 
Whittington, Salop. 1585, and vicar of Oswestry 
159Z {Thomas, 657), rector of Barlborough, 00. 
I>erby, 1584. See roster's Index EccleHasticus & 
O.H,S., i. 273. 

Bagshawe, John, s. Edward, of Morton Pinkney, 
Nortbants, arm. Lincoln Coll., matric 4 Nov., 
1636, aged 15 ; a student of the Middle Temple 
1656, brother of Francis 1634. [5] 

Bagshaw, John, s. John, of Culworth, Northants, 
gent. Christ Church, matric. 12 May, 1671, aged 
16 ; B.A. 28 Jan., 1674-5, M.A. 1677, B.D. 1685, 
vicar of Sibbertoft. Northants, 1684, brother of 
Francis 1671. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bagshaw, Thomas, s. Henry, of Shugborough, co. 
Stafford, gent. MAGDALEN HALL, matria 6 July, 
t666, aged 17. 

Baguley, Alexander, s. Alescander, of Okenbottom. 
CO. Lancaster, p.p. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 16 
July, 1668, aged 19 ; B.A. 1672, rector of Aughton, 
CO. Lancaster, 1674, of Burton with Coates, Sussex, 
1693, and of Up Waltham, Sussex, 1705. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Baguley, Charles, 1658. See Bagley. 

Baguley, Richard, s. R., of Bolton, co. Lancaster, 
gent. Bkasbnosc Coll., matric. 22 Oct, 1689, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 1693, ^-^ z^- [lO] 

Baguley, Samuel, s. Thomas, of Carleby, co. Lincoln, 
sacerd. University Coll., matric. 4 July, 1634, 
aged 17; one of these names vicar of Brixworth, 
Northants, 1651, etc., his father compounded for 
Carleby 18 March, 1585-6, while another Thomas 
was instituted to that rectory 9 April, 1625. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Baguley, William, s. Richard, of Bolton-in-the-Moore, 
CO. Lancaster, gent Brasenosb Coll., matric. 
28 March, 1688, aged 18. 

Bagwell, Henry {Bagwylde), B.A. 13 July, 1530, 
regular canon of the order of St. Austin, of St. Mary's 
College, one of these names compounded for the 
rectory of Hatfield, Herts, 7 Oct. , 1559. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus & Fasti, i. 84. 

Bagwell, Henry, s. Philip, of Mednem par. Musbury, 
Devon, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. 4 Nov., 
1631, aged 20 ; B.A. 14 May, 1633, M.A. 30 June, 

Bagwell, John, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
t matric 30 July, 1585. aged 18 ; ' fourteen years in 

' theology,' B.D. 26 June 1605, and licence to preach 

28th, vicar of Ewny-juxta-Lanant and St. Ives, Corn- 
wall, X596, and of Tregony x6oi, rector of Stoke 
CUmsland 1613, and of Stoke Goldington, Bucks. 
96x3. See Foster's Ind^Jf Eccltsiasticus, [XB] 

Bagwell, John, 8. John, of Truro, Cornwall, p-p. 
Gloucester Hall, matric. 2 April, 1669. ngcd is ; 
B.A. from Exeter Coll. 1672, M.A. from New 
Inn Hall X676. 

Bagwell, John, s. Ftunc of Colyton. Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 8 March, 1680-x, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 1684. M.A. 1687, fellow 1687-97, procior 1695. 
minister of Merton, Oxon, 1690, vicar of Bishops 
Nympton 1695, of Pelynt 1696. and of St. L*-aI 
X707. rector of St. Ive X706, canon of Eaceter 1700, 
and vicar of Colan, Cornwall. X715. died m X725. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus A Boase, 82. 

Bagwell, John, 8. J., of Mcrther, CornwaU. cler. 
EXETER Coll., matric. 22 M.irch, 1707-8. aged 17: 
B.A, 1711, M.A. X714. one of these names vicar cf 
Okehampton, Devon, 1716, and of Colan, Cornwall, 
1717. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bailey. See Bayley. 

Bailius, James, s. Peter, of Piedmont, Savoy, ministo; 
Lincoln Coll., matric. a March, 1675-6, aged 

21. 1^0] 

Balnbridge, Christopher, provost of Queen's Coll. 
1495, bishop of Durham X507-9. and archbishop of 
York X509.14. See AIM., ii. 70a : & Cooper, i iS- 

Balnbrldge. John, D.Med. Cantab. (? B.A. from 
Emanuel Coll., 1603, M.A. X607, D.Med. 1614). 
incorp. 7 July, 1620, irom Worcester Coll. (s. 
Robert, of Ashby-de-la-Zouch), Savilian prof, of 
astronomy X621-43, superior Linacre reader 1635. 
died 3 Nov., 1643, buried in Merton College Cbapel. 
See Munk's Eoll, L X75; AtM,, iU. 67 • V.N.B. & 
Gutck., L 20. 

Bainbridge, John, s. John, 'doctoris.* St. Alban 
Hall, matric. 18 Feb.. X627-8, aged 16; RA. i3 
Feb., 1627-8, M.A. 3 June, 1630, one of these names 
vicar of Ashbumham, Sussex, X632. See Fosters 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

BainbrlgJJ, John, a. William, of Watling. Sussex, 
genu Wadham Coll. , matria X4 July, X677, aged 
j6 ; suiscrided asBosBRiGG, B. A. from Univeksjtt 
Coll. 1681, M.A. X684, a Med. 1688. 

Bainbrlgge, John, s. John, of Lockington. ca Lri- 
cester, arm. Hart Hall, matric a July, 1707, 
aged 17; B.A. 17 11, M.A. 20 March, 1713-14. rector 
of Walton-on-the-Wold. 00, Leicester, X729, brother 
of William, 1703. I25j 

Bainbrigge, Reginald, of Westmorland, pleb. 
Queen's Coll., matric-cntry under date 1572. aged 
24 ; Taberdar X575, RA. 4 July, 157^ M..^ 10 
July, 1579, one of these names vicar Bumsted Steeple. 
Essex, 158a. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & 
O.H.S., xii. 6x ; for a contemporary of this name 
see Cooler, ii. 439 ; & D.N.B, 

Bainbrldge, Thomas, M.A., Cambridge, incorp. « 
July, 1603, possibly the master of Christ's College, 
Cambridge, 1620-46, vice-chancellor X627, died at 
Cambridge, Sept., X646. Sec D,N,B, & Fosters 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Balnbrldge, Thomas, fellow Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge, B. A. X654, M.A. 1661, 'per Liieras Regias' 
i incorp. xa July, 1669), proctor 1678, D.D. ('per 
Jteras Regias') 1684, vice-master of his college, vicar 
of Barrington x664,and of Chesterton X679-87, rccior 
of Orwell 1700-3, all in co. Cambridge. See Fastt, 
ii. 313 ; D,N,B. & Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bainbrigg, Wellesbome, s. Robert, of Shelsudf. 
Oxon, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 30 June. 
1626, aged X5. 

Balnbrlgge, William (Bainbridge), s. William, of 
Lockington, co. Leicester, arm. Magdalen Hall, 
matric. 27 March, X685, aged X7, of the Old Hall. 
CO. Leicester, died X4 Aug., X705. [30; 

Bain^brigge, William, s. John, of Lockington. co. 
Leicester, arm. Magdalen Coll. , matric. 23 Apnii 
1703, aged x6 ; brother of John X707. 

Bakehasii John (Bacbam), B.A. (sup. 15 Dec.), iS^^ 


Aaron Baker. 

1500— 17 14. 

John Baker. 

Baker, Aaron, & John, of Alphington, Devon, pleb. 
Wadham Coll., matric. 10 April, 1668, aged 16 ; 
B.A 1671, M.A. 1674, a preacher at or near Putney, 
Surrey, rector of West Alwington, or AUington 1679, 
&tber of Aaron, next named, of John 1707, and 
Anthony 1715. See Fastis ii 344; Marriage Lutn' 
ces, ed. Foster, & Gardiner, 27a. 

Baker, Aaron, s. A , of Alvington, Devon, clcr. Wad- 
ham Coll., matria 9 June, 1698, aged 15 ; B.A. 14 
Feb., X701-3, M.A. 1704, bar.-at-law. Middle Temple 
1707. See Foster's /u^a and Barristers, 

Baker, Arthur, of London, 'eq. aur. GL' Brasenose 
Coll., matria 12 Dea, 16x7, aged 12 ; B.A. 6 July, 
z69o, bar.-at'law, Inner Temple, 1639. as ana son 
of Richard, of Middle Aston, Oxon, knight Sec 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Baker, Borlase, s. Robert, of Maidenhead, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. 22 June. 1666, aged 18 ; 
B.A 1670, M.A« 1673, vicar of Shapwick, Dorset, 
1673. See Foster^s Index Eeclesiasticus, 

Baker, Charles, s. John, of Windsor, Berks., arm. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 21 June, 1679, aged 16 ; 
tnr.-at-law. Inner Temple, 1687. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. [5] 

Baker, Charles, s. Charles, of Ottery St Mary, Devon, 
gent Exeter Coll,, matric. 7 March, 1704-5, 
a^ed z6; bar.-at-Iaw. Middle Temple 17ZI. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Baker, Christopher, created M. A. 28 Sept , 1663. 

Baker, Christopher, s. John, of Trull, Somerset, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric. 31 March, 1671, aged 15 ; 
B.A. 1674 : M.A. from Hart Hall, 1677. 

Baker, Daniel, of Kent, gent Merton Coll. , matria - 
entiy under date 20 Dec., 1577, aged 19. 

Baker, Danid, of co. Warwick, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric 9 March, 16(^-4, aged 16 ; demy 
Magdalen Coll. 1605-11, B.A. 25 JaxL, 1608-9, 
M,A. 26 Feb., 1612-13, rector Ashton4ipon-Mersey, 
Cheshire, 1620. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus'Si 
Bloxam, v. 27. [lO] 

Baker, David, of ca Monmooth, gent Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 28 May, 1590, aged x< ; a student of 
the Inner Temple 6 May, 1597, as of Abergavennv, 
CO. Monmouth, and late of Clifford's Inn, gent (s. 
of Wm. Baker, gent, steward to the Lord Aber- 
gavenny), bom at A. 9 Dec., X575, bred in Christ 
Church Hospital, recorder of Abergavenny, turned 
monk under the name of Augustin Baker, died in 
Gray's Inn Lane, 9 Aug., X64X, buried in St. Andrew, 
Holbom. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, ; Ath,, 
iij. 7 ; & D.N.B. 

Baker, Edmund, of co. Somerset, pleb. St. Alban 
Hall, matric. 9 Nov., 1621, aged 20 ; BlA. 3 July, 
1622, M.A. 23 June, 1625. 

Baker, Edmund, s. Edmund, of Middlesex, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 27 Nov. , 1640, aged x6 
(? fellow New Coll., by the visitors X650, M.A. 
1659, ejected 1660). See Burrows, 170. 

Baker, Edward, of co. Worcester, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric. 6 Feb,. x589-9o, aged 18. [ift] 

Baker, Edward, M.A Cantab, incorp. X3 July, 1591. 

Baker, Edward, M.A. Cantab, incorp. 15 July, 1595. 

Baker, Edward, of Northants, ' der. fil.' Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 19 Nov., 16x9, aged X7 ; B.A. from 
TRiNrnr Coll., x8 Feb., 1622-3, rector of Helmdon. 
Nbrthants, X624, another of these names, also rector 
in X572-X59T. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Baker, Edward, B.A. from Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge, x6ao. incorp. as M.A. x5 July, X628. 

Baker, Edward, s. Edward, of London, gent Mer- 
ton Coll., matric. 28 May, x686, aged X7. 

Baker, Eosebius, s. James, of Ilton, Somerset, cler. 
Wadham Coll. , matric. X3 May, 1700, aged x8. 

Baker, Frauds, scholar of Corpits Christi Coll., 
X569, fellow X57X, B.A. X4 Jan., 1573-4. M.A. 29 
March, 1577, B.D. 4 July, xs86, died x Nov., X587. 
See Gutck, i. 409- [21] 

Baker, Fnuicis, anxL, created D,C.L» sx Feb., 1642-3. 

Baker, Frederic (or Bacher), pleb. Christ Church, 
matric. and EL A. x6 March, 1651-2, M.A. xj Dec., 
1656, a student of Gray's Inn, 1655. See Foster's 
Gray's Inn Reg. & Burrows, 170, 

Baker, George, of 00. Durham, gent Queen's Coll. , 
matria 15 Dec, X615, aged X9 ; son of Oswald, of 
Durham, derk of the Chancery of Durham, recoixler 
of Newcastle-upon-Tvne, one of the loyal defenders 
of that town X64 , baptized at St Mary-le-Bow, 
Durham, x8 May, 1596, died at Klngston-on-Hull 
Aug., X667 ; called a knight by Surtees. 

Baker, George, B.A. from Magdalen Hall, 26 April, 
X632, M.A. from St. Alban Hall, 7 Feb., X634-S, 
rector Sedlescombe, Sussex, 1641. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, [25] 

Baker, George, gent BalliolColl., matric. 9 Dea, 
X653. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Baker, Gregory, of Kent, pleb. All Souls' Coll., 
matric. 25 Oct, X59X, aged ic 

Baker, Henry, of Devon, picb. Exeter Coll., 
matric -entry under date 3 Dec, X575, aged 21. 

Baker, (Sir) Henry, of Kent Magdalen Coll., 
matric 6 June, x6oo (as arm.), aged 13; B.A. 31 
May, 1603, a student of Middle Temple X604 (as 
son-and-heir of John, of Cranbrook, Kent, esquire), 
of Sissinghurst, Kent, knighted 5 July, 1606, and 
created a baronet 29 June, x6xx, iHiried at Cran- 
brook, 4 Dec . X623. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Baker, Henry, 8. H., of Midhurst, Sussex, paup. 
Exeter Coll., matric X3 Dec, x68a, aged X7; 
B.A. 1686, rector of Ljfnch, Sussex, 1699. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [30] 

Baker, Hugh (Bacar), a A. 8 July, 1521, M.A. X3july, 
X525. vicar of Alveley, Essex, X53X, rector of Little 
Burstead, Essex, resigned 1533, rector of Finchley 
X533, canon of St Paul's, X533. died before 30 Sept, 
X536. See Le Neve, ii., 383 ; & Newcourt, 

Baker, James, 8. Thomas, of Shafton, Dorset, gent. 
All Souls' Coll., matric xo April, X674, aged x6. 

Baker, James, s. Phil, of Marden, co. 'Her.' (Herts), 
p. p. University Coll., matric 26 March, x68o, 
aged x8. 

Baker, James, 9. Thomas, of Bishops Nympton, 
Devon, cler. Balliol Coll., matric. 26 Feb., 
X685-6, aged 17 ; RA. 1689, vicar of Kilmersdon 
and rector of Bablngton, Somerset, X69X. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Baker, James, s. William, of Stapleford, Wilts, p.p. 
Mekton Coll., matric 29 March, 1704, aged 15 ; 
B.A. X707. [35] 

Baker, John (Bakar), B.C.L. ; D.C.L. (sup. 26 March) 
1506, B.Can.L. X506-7, B.D. before April, 1509, 
D.D. 22 Jan., X513-X4, canon of Lincoln 1509, 
rector of Lymington, Somerset 1509, and of Cro- 
combe X5X3, etc See O. fI.S.,L; & Fasti, i. 28. 

Baker, John, B.A. 25 (or 27) June, 1507, M.A. zo 
June, X513. See O.Ii.S., i. 

Baker, John, B.A. 3 Feb., X522-3. 

Baker, John, demy Magdalen Coll. 1531, B.A. 17 

Feb., X532-3 (? as BARKER). See Bloxam, iv. 55. 
Baker, John, secular chaplain, B.Can.L.. (sup. March), 

1534-5. [40] 

Baker, John, student of Christ Church X568 (from 
Westminstor), B.A. 27 Feb., XS71-2, M.A. 5 May. 
X575. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. & Alumni 
West,, 47. 

Baker, John, B.A. from Christ^s Coll.. Cambridge, 
X579, adm. ' ad eundem ' as M.A. xa May, X589. 

Baker, John, of ca Worcester, pleb. Broadgates 
Hall, matric ax Sept, X58a, aged X9; B.C.L. 9 
July, X589. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Baker, John, of Sussex, gent St. Mary Hall, 
matric 19 July, x^88, aged x8. 

Baker, John, of 00. Worcester, arm. Balliol Coll. , 
matric 5 May, X598, aged X3, (Memo. : John, son 
and heir of Francis, of Hillcourt, Grafton Flyford, 
CO. Worcester, gent., bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 
X607.) See Foster's Judges and Barristers, [ftBj 


John Baker. 

1500— 1714 

Samuel Baker. 

Baker, John, of Sussex, arm. fil. nat. max. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 31 Oct., 1606, aged 17 ; a 
student of the Inner Temple 1607, as of Battel, 
Sussex, gent. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Baker, John , of Dorset, gent. Exeter Coll. , matric. 
16 Junet 1610, aged 18 ; RA. la Not., 16x3, M.A. 
lajune, i6z6, B.D. 9 July, 1623, possibly rector of 
Weston Buckhom, Dorset, 1630. Seie Foster's Index. 

Baker, John, subscribed 27 May, 16x4, B.A. from 
Christ Church 4 July, 16x4, M.A. 4 July, 16x7. 

Baker, John, of Sussex, gent. Queen's Coll., 
matric 18 June, 16x9. aged 19. 

Baker, John, of Sussex, pleb. LINCOLN COLL., 
matric. 23 Oct., 16x9, aged x6. [5] 

Baker, John, of Sussex, arm. fil nat. max. Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric. 21 Jan., 1619-20, aged x8; 
of Groombridge, Sussex, a student of the Middle 
Temple 162X, as son and heir of Robert, of Gilritchc, 
Sussex , esq. , deceased. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Baker, John, s. Thomas, of Crickett, Somerset, pleb. 
New Inn Hall, matric 4 Nov.. X63X, aged 18; 
B.A. 20 June, 1634, creat^ M.A. 2x May, 1649, 
possibly rector of Curry Malet, Somerset, 1651. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Baker, John, s. John, of Knighton, co. I^icestcr, 
gent. Lincoln Coll., matric. 17 April, 1635, 
aged 17. 

Baker t John, pleb. St. John's Coll., matric. 20 
Feb., 1648-9. 

Baker, John, gent. St. John's Coll., matric. 13 
Nov., 1650; B.A. 4 March, 1651-2, M.A. 25 Oct., 
1654, born 15 Dec, 163X, entered the Merchant 
Taylors' School 1643. See Robinson^ L 154. [lO] 

Baker, John, gent. Trinity Coll., matric ao May, 

Baker, John, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric z8 March, 
1656^ ; B.A. 1660. 

Baker, John, gent. Christ Church, matric 15 
June, 1657 ; B. A. 28 Feb. , i659-6a 

Baker, John, arm. Magdalen Colx*. matric a8 
June, X659. 

Baker, John, s. William, of Worcester (dty), pleb. p. p. 
Oriel Coll., matric 11 March, 1663-4, aged 17; 
B.A. 5 Feb., 1666-7, M.A. 1669, possibly rector of 
Hadzor, co. Worcester. 1674. See Foster's Index. 

Baker, John, s. J., of Dursley, co. Gloucester, p. p. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 13 Nov., 1668. aged 16. 

Baker, John, s. Thomas, of Kingsbury, Somerset, 
pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 29 April, 1670, 
aged 17 ; B.A. X672, M.A. 16761 ("17] 

Baker, John, s. J., of Trull. Somenct, gent. Wad- 
ham Coll., matric 13 Sept, 1670, aged 17 ; fiither 
of John 170a 

Baker, John, s. John, of Exeter, pleb. Wadham 
Coll., matric 7 June, X671. aged 17. 

Baker, John, s. William, of Gittisham, Devon, p.p. 
Exeter Coll., matric 21 March, 1^2-q, aged X5; 
B.A. 1676, M.A. x68o, possibly vicar of Lostwithiel, 
Cornwall, X69X, preb. 01 Endefion in Cornwall 1696, 
and rector of Candenham 170X. See Foster's Index. 

Baker, John, s. (? Quinton), of Quinton, co. Gloucester, 
cler. Oriel Coll., matric 25 May, 1688, aged 
X5 ; B.A. X692. [21] 

Baker, John, «. James, of Preston, Wilts, gent. 
Hart Hall, matric. 8 March, 1697-8, aged 18; 
B.A. from Wadham Coll. ao Oct, X70X. 

Baker, John, s. J., of Trull, Somerset, gent. Wad- 
ham Coll., matric 24 May, 1700, aged 16. 

Baker, John. s. Thomas, of Ombersley, ca Worcester, 
gent University Coll., matric. 24 March, 

_ X703-4, aged 14. 

Baker, John, s. Aaron, of Alvington, Devon, cler. 
Wadham Coll., matric. 2 July, 1707, aged 16 ; 
B.A. 17XX, M.A. 19 Jan., 1713-14, fellow 1714-19, 
proctor 1719, died during his year of office See 
Gardiner, 431. [as] 

Baker, John Payne, 1668. See Payne. 
Baker, Michael, of Sussex, gent BraseNOSE ColL., 
matric 19 Oct,, Z582. aged 19. 

Baker, Michad, B.A. from St. John's Coll.» Cam- 
bridge, i6x8-X9 ; incorp. as M.A. 9 July, 1622, 
rector of Clopton, Suffolk, 1631. See Foster's Index 

Baker, Nicholas, s. William, of Ilton, Somerset. c!cr. 
Wadham Coll., matric 11 Feb.» 1695-6, aged 16 : 
R A. X699, M. A. 1702, fellow 1704, rector of Chisel- 
borough, Somerset, 1704-49, and vicar of Broad- 
windsor, Dorset, 1724-47, canon of Wells 1733, died 
in 1749, father kA Nidiolsis 1737. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus & Gardiner, 389^ 

Baker, OUver (Bacar), RA. 3 April, 1525. [»o] 

Baker, Peter, RA. 5 Feb., 1525-6. 

Baker, Peter, s. William, of Tiward ^utt, Cornwall, 
gent. Exeter Coll., m.atric 9 Apnl. 164 1, aged 16. 

Baker, Philip, B.A. 23 Feb., 1537-8, M.A. 12 Julr, 
X542. For a contemporary of this name see Cooper, 
ii. 322 ; & Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Baker, Richard, fellow of New Coll. 26 Aug., 1503, 
from Freshwater, Isle of Wight, d^ed 1510. 

Baker, Richard, B.A. 3X March, 1522. [35^ 

Baker, Richard, gent Brasenose Coll., matr.c- 
entry under date ^ April, 1576, aged 17. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers & Ath,^ ill. 7. 

Baker, (Sir) Richard, of Kent, gent Hart Hall, 
matric. 23 Oct, 1584, aged 16; created M..A. 9 
July, X504, M.P. Arundel 1593, and East Grinstead 
X597-8 (son of John, of Sissinghur^t. Kent), of 
Middle Aston, Oxon, and high sheriff 1620. author 
of 'Baker's Chronicles,' knighted at TheobaMs 7 
May, 1603, died in the Fleet 18 Feb., 1644-5, buried 
in St. Brides. See D,N.D. & Fasti, L 268. 

Baker, Richard, s. Thomas, of Highgate, Middlesex, 
minister. Brasenose Coll., matric 6 Dec, 1622, 
aged 14. 

Baker, Richard, as. Thomas, of Laytonstone. Essex, 
milids. Wadham Coli~, matric 29 Oct, 1624, 
aged 15 ; brother of Thomas 1623. 

Baker, Richard, s. R., of London, Middlesex, gent 
University Coll., matric 31 March, Z69X, ag^i 
16 ; B.A. 1694, M.A. 1697. [fto] 

Baker, Robert, B. A. (sup. x6 Feb.], 1507-8, ' after two 
years at Cambridge and two at Oxford.' 

BaKer, Robert, B.A. 17 Feb., 1544-5; fellow of Okikl 
Coll. March, 1546, from Worcester, expelled m 
Oct, 1546. 

Baker, Robert, of Somerset, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric. 7 April. 1587, afljed 18. 

Baker, Robert, of Kent, pleb. Corpus Christi Colu. 
matric. 19 June, x6i8, aged 18 : B.A. xo July, 1619. 
See Foster^ Judges and Barristers & O.h.S. , x. 372. 

Baker, Robert, s. Robert, of Grafton, 00. Worcester, 
geot. Balliol Coll., matric z8 Nov.. 1699, 
aged 18 ; a student of Gray's Inn 1793. See Foster's 
Grays Inn Reg, [*5] 

Baker, Samuel, B.A. from Christ's Coll., Cam- 
bridae, 16x5, fellow, M.A. 1619 (incorp. 7 Mar, 
1623), RD. 1627, created D.D. 1639, rector of Sr. 
Margaret Pattens, London, 1625-37, canon of St 
Paul's 1636, rector of St Christopher-le-Stocks 
1636-40, and of St. Mary-at-Hill X637, canon of 
Windsor 1638-9, and of Canterbury 1639, rector cf 
South Weald, Essex, 1640, sequestered in 1645. 
See Add. AfSS. 15,669-71 ; Fasti, I 4x2 ; Foster s 
Index Ecclesiasticus & D.N.B, 

Baker, Samuel, s. Richard, of Stiatford-on-Avon, co. 
Warwick, pleb. University Coll., matric 23 
Nov., 1633, aged 15 ; B.A. 20 June, 1637, M.A. 7 
May, x64a 

Baker, Samuel, s. Jos., of Prestwood. co. StifTord, 
cler. Pembroke Coll.. matric. 19 March, i636-;, 
aged 17; B.A. X690, M.A. 1603, B. and D.D. 172S, 
rector of St. Michael, Cornhilf, 1705 (? canon of St. 
Paul's and canon residentiary 1727), rector of Set- 
trington and of Dunnington, Yorks, 1722, rector of 
Barnes, Surrey, X730, canon of York X735, and 
chancellor of York 1741, bom at Prestwood in Feb.. 
1670, died 9 Nov., X749. See Gutch, 36 ; RawliU' 
son, XX. 39 ; Foster's Index Ecclejiasticus, 


Samuel Baker. 


William Baker. 

Baker, Samuel, s. Hogh, of Dorchester, Dorset, pleb. 
Wadkam Coix., matric 33 March, x682-3, aged 
17; R A. 1686, rector of Chilcombe i6g6-z704, and 
(k Askerswell, Dorset, 169(3-1703. See Foster's 
Index Bcclesiasiiats & Gardiner^ 336. 

Baker, Samuel, s. Phil., of Manxon, Hants, der. 
Exeter €k>LL., matric. 97 March, 1699, aged 18 ; 
EA. 1702, rector of Sherboume St John, Hants, 
zToi-a, vicar of Worth Matravers, Dorset, 1708-14, 
rector of Laverstoke, Hants, 17x5-30, and of 
Lasbam 1730. See Foster's Index EccUnasticus. 

Baker, Skinglays, gent Merton Coll., subscribed 
3 April, 1693. 

Baker, Theophilns, of Devon, gent Broadgates 
Hall« matri& 23 Oct, 1590, aged x8. 

Baker, Thomas (Bakar), seciUar chaplain, B.Can.L. 
May, XS31. [5] 

Baker, Thomas, of Sussex, gent. Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 19 Oct, X583, aged x6. (Memo. : 
Thomas, of Battle, Sussex, bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 
1393- ) See Foster's Gray's Inn Admissions & Berry's 

^ Am/, 3S3. 

Baker, Thomas, of Berks, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matric. 19 April, 1583, aged x8 ; B.A 15 June, 

Baker, Thomas, of Kent, arm. St. Alban's Hall, 
matric. 15 Oct., 1591, aged 15; possibly a first 
consin of Sir Richard the Chronicler, and knighted 
IX May, X603, father of Thomas 1623, and of 
Richard X624. 

Baker, Thomas (Backer), M.A Cant, incorp. 25 July, 

Baker, Thomas, of Sussex, gent Magdalen Hall, 
matric. x6 June, x6io, aged X7 ; a student of the 
Inner Temple 16x3. as of Mayfield, Sussex, mt 
Sec Foster's Inns of Court Reg. itO] 

Baker, Thomas, of London, eq. aur. fit Brasenose 
Coll., matria xa Dec., x6x7, aged x< ; B.A. 6 July, 
x62(x (Could he be a son of Sir Richard ?) 

Baker, Tliomas, of Sussex, arm., fit nat max. 
Magdalen Hall, matric X7 April, 16x8, aged 

Baker, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Whittingham, Suffolk, 
militis. Wadham Coll., matric. xo Oct, X623, 
aged X7 ; brother of Richard X624. 

Baker, 'Thomas, 1. Janies, of Ilton, Somerset, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 8 May, 1640. aged X5; 
scholar Wadham Coll. X645, B. A. xo April. X647, 
vicar of Bishop's Nympton, Devon, X660-89, an 
eminent mathematician, died 5 June, X690. See 
Burrows, x62 ; Atk., iv. 286; Gardiner, 256; 
D.N.B. ; & Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Baker. Thomas, s. Thomas, of All Hallowes, London, 
cordwainer, admitted sizar of St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge, 23 Jane, 1647, aged x^, B.A X650; 
incorp. as M.A. ix July, 1654. See Mayor, 85. 

Baker, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Southwark, Surrey, 
gent Christ Church, matric. 3 May, 1662, 
agedao; student x66x, from Westminster School. 
^si^ Alumni West., \%y [I6] 

Baker, Thomas, s. Aaron, of Bowhay, Devon, gent. 
Oriel Coll., matric. 16 March, i664-|, apedao; 
(? licenced to marry, 34 April, 1660, Susanna 
Blagrave, of Oxford, spinster ; another licence 38 
July, 1690, then a widower, to marry Joane Heron, 
of Abingdon, Berks, widow. See Marriage Licences, 
ed. Foster. 

Baker, Thomas, s. Andrew, of Grafton, co. Worcester, 
gent Magdalen HALL,inatria 8July, 1670, aged X7, 
aA 1674 : M.A. from All Souls' Coll. X7 Jan., 
1677-8, incorp. at Cambridge X679, rector of Harriet- 

-^ sham. Kent. 1686. See Fasti, \\. 361 : & Heame, i. aaa 

Baker, Thomas, s. George, of Crook, ca Diorham. 
St. John's Coll., Cambridge, admitted E A. 1677, 
fellow 1680, ejected 1717, M.A x68i (incoq). xa July, 
1687), B.D. z688, the eminent Cambridge antiquary, 
rector of Long Newton, co. Durham, 1687-90, a 
non-juror, died a July, 1740; See Dictionary of 
Natwnal Bu^rafhy, 

Baker, Thomas, s. John, of Ledbury, co. Hereford, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll. , matric. 18 March, 1696-7, 
aged X7, B. A. from Christ Church X700 ; M.A 
from Sidney Sussex Coll., Cambridge, X709. 

Baker, Thomas, s. Thomas, dT Wrexham, co. Den- 
bigli. gent Christ Church, matric. aa Jan., 
1683-4, aged x8; vicar choral St Asaph X695, 
vicar of Danwrst, co. Denbigh, 1696, rector of 
Manafon 1702, father of Thomas X7TI. See 
Foster's Index Eulesiasticus & Thomas's St, 
Asaph, 566. [ai] 

Baker, Thomas, s. T., of Widdington, Salop, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. X4 July, 1698, aged 17 ; 
B.A. X702, M.A 1709, vicar of Much Wenlodc, 
Salop, X706. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Baker, Thomas, s. William, of Lichfield city, cler. 
Christ Church, matria 6 April, 1704, aged X5 ; 
B.A. X708, M.A X5 March, X710-XX, possibly rector 
of Bolnhurst, Beds, X71X, vicar of Mucking, -Essex, 
17x4, and of Ravensdon, Beds. See Foster's Index 

Baker, Thomas, s. Th., of Mannfan, co. Montgomery, 
cler. Pembroke Coll., matric 26 AprU, X7xx, 
aged x8. 

Baker, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Ombersley, co. Wor- 
cester, gent Oriel Coll., matric xa March, 
I7xx-ia, aged x6 ; B.A. X7X5, M.A. 17x8, rector of 
Upton Warren, co. Worcester, X719. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, [28] 

Baker, Tobias, created M.A x Nov., 1643. 

Baker, William (Bakar). B.C.L. 2 July, 1509, ' recon- 
ciled 3 July, X5a6, alter banishment from the Uni- 
versity,' B.Can. L. (sup. 27 June), 153X. See O.H.S, , 
i. 66. 

Baker, William, B.A Feb., 1526-7. 

Baker, William, fellow of New Coll. 1528-34, from 
St. John's in Alresford, Hants ; B. A 8 July, 1531-2. 

Baker, William, of Middlesex, ' Gen. Cond.' Mekton 
Coll., matric. 25 April, X586, aged 18 ; B. A from 
St. Alban Hall 27 Oct, 1589, M.A 4 Tuly, 

X592. [so] 

Baker, William, of Devon , gent University Coll. , 
matric. 29 July, X603. aged z6; B.A 3 Feb., X606-7, 
M.A 24 Oct, 1609. 

Baker, William, of CO. Monmouth, arm. fil. nat. max. 
St. Alban Hall, matric ao April, X604, aged 18 ; 
a student of the Middle Temple x6o6, as son and 
beir of Richard, of Abergavenny, 00. Monmouth, 
esq. , deceased. See Fost^s Inns cf Court Reg, 

Baker. William, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric 
Mien. X655, chorister 1653-4, demy 1653-6, B.A. 
x6 Oct, X655. See Bloxam, v. 2x6. 

Baker. William, servitor. Wadham Coll., matric 
xo March, 1656-7, subscribed as of Magdalen 
Coll., from which college he graduated B.A. in 
z66o, possibly vicar of Ilton, Somerset, 1660, and of 
Huish Episcopi X664, rector of Lufton x666, and of 
South Bradon 1669, father of William x686. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Baker, William, s. Abraham, of London, gent 
Trinity Coll., matric. 7 July, X665, aged 16, 
B.A. from Magdalen Hall 1669 ; M.A from 
New Coll. 23 Jan., x67i-2. [as] 

Baker, WilUam, s. William, of Crondell. Hants, pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., matric 29 Oct, x666, aged x6 ; 
B.A. x67a 

Baker, WilUam, s. Fran., of Kent, pleb. All Souls' 
Coll., matric xo June, 1681, aged 17. 

Baker, William, s. William, of Ilton, Somerset, cler. 
Wadham Coll., matric x8 March, 1635-6, aged 
x6: scholar x686, B.A. 1689, M.A X692, fellow 
X693, proctor X696, B. & D.D. 1707, warden X719- 
24, rector of St Ebbes, Oxford, 1697, of Padworth, 
Berks, X708-X5, of St. Giles*in-the-Fields 1715-32, 
and of Bladen, Oxon, 17x2, archdeacon of Oxford 
X7X5, bishop of Bangor X723, and of Norwich X737, 
until his death at Bath 4 Dec, X732. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus: HawliHSon^ i. 317 ; Gardiner^ 
344 ; & D,N,B, 


William Barer. 

1500— 1714, 

Justinian Baldwyn. 

Baker, William, s. Jos., of Kettering, Nortbants. paup. 
Merton Coll. , matric. 9 Dec. , i68i, aged z6 ; B. A. 
1685, M.A. 1688, rector of Hardwick, Norlhants, 
i6pz, and of Lutton 1707. 

Bakewell, Thomas, s. August., of Staunton, 00. Derby, 
plcb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 17 April, 1635, aged 
16 ; a A. 23 Oct., 1638, M.A. 3 July, 1641, ejected from 
the rectory of Rolleston, co. Staflford, in 1661, etc. 
See Calamy, iii. 230. 

Balason, Laurence, of Queen's COLL., a A. 25 Feb., 


Balborow, William, fellow of All Souls' Coll. zsoa 
B.Can.L. 24 Oct, 1507, sup. as B.L.L. for D.C.L. 
29 Jan., Z507-8, and for D.Can.L. 10 May, 2510^ 
principal of New Inn Hall 15x0, and vicar ot 
Lyming, Kent, 1513, until his death Nov., 2514, 
buried in the church of St. Peter-le-Bailey, Oxon, will 
proved at Oxford 12 Dec. , 2514. See Fasti, i. 20, 30. 

Baloan^nall, John, M.A., Edinburgh, 27 July, z6ii. 
'minister verbi,' incorp. from EIxeter Coll. 14 

Jan., 26x2-13, B.D. 2 Dec, 2619, rector of Talten- 
lill, 00. Stafford, 2628, canon of Rochester 2628, 
vicar of 'Boxley, Kent, 2639. See Fasti, i. 352 ; 
Boase, 59 ; & Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, [•] 

Baloanqnal, Samuel. M.A. Edinburgh, 30 July, 2614, 
incorp. 2 July, 2628, and also at Cambridge in the 
same year. 

Baloanquall, Walter, ' minister verb!.' M.A. Edin- 
burgh 27 July, x6oQ, fellow of Pembroke Hall, 
Cambridge, i6xx, U.D. incorp. 24 July, 2628 |s. 
Walter, cler.), chaplain to the king, master of tne 
Savoy 26x7-28 and 2622, vicar of Harston 2615. and 
of Waterbeach, co. Cambridge, 2627, also of Goud- 
hurst, Kent, 2625, rector of Kingstone, Kent, 2632, 
and vicar of Boxley 2642, dean of Rochester 2624, 
and of Durham 2639, sequestered in 2642, died at 
Chirk Castle, co. Denbigh. 25 Dec. , 2645. See Fasti, 
L 384 ; Foster's Index EccUsiasticus; & D,N,B, 

Baloh, Francis, s. Thomas, of Tavistock, Devon, 
minister. Magdalen Hall, matric 22 July, 2661, 
aged 20. 

Balone, John, of Dorset. Gloucester Hall, matric. 

22 June, 2604, aged 29; 'famulus Mri. Hawley 
principalis.' [lO | 

Balch, Robert, pleb. Merton Coll., matrjc. 2a 
June, 2632. B.A. 22 June, 1632; M.A. from St. 
Mary I^ll 23 April. 1635. 

Baloh, Robert, s. Th. , of Dulverton, Somerset, gent 
St. Alban Hall, matric. 3 June, 2668, aged 26. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Baloh, Robert, s. R.. of Biadon, Somerset, pleb. 
Wadham Coll., matric 23 Dec, 266^, aged 25; 
scholar 1670. B.A. 2673, M.A. 2676, fellow 2676, 
proctor 2680, subwarden 2685. See Gardiner^ 282. 

Baloh, Thomas, s. John, of North Currey, Somerset, 
pleb. Wadham Coll., matric 3 Nov. {sic), 2626, 
aged 20 ; B.A. 27 June(j»f). 2626, M.A. 9 July, 2630, 
vicar of Dulverton, Somerset, 1643, until his death 

23 July. 2648. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & 
Gardiner, 84. [l*] 

Balden, John, of co. Southampton, pleb. Lincoln 
Coll., matric 26 March, 2602, aged 23.^ B.A. 28 
Feb., 1605^, M.A. 7 July, 2624 (as Baldwin). 

Balderston. John, fellow Emanuel Coll. Cambridge, 
B.A. 2662, M.A. 1666, B,D.2673(incorp. 25 July, 2673), 
president 2680, D.D. 2682, canon of Peterborougn 
2682, rector of Llanynys, co. Denbigh, 2697, died in 
Sept., 2729. See Foster's Index Si S, PauFsS, i?., 5a 

Baldwell, Thomas, of St. John's Coll. in and before 

Baldwyn, Acton, s. Charles, of Stoke Castle, Salop, 
arm, Balliol Coll., matric 27 Nov., 1698, aged 
15 : a student of the Inner Temple 2702, M. P. Lud- 
low 2705. until his death, 30 Jan. , 2727. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Baldwyn, Charles, s. Charles, of Bockleton, co. Worces- 
ter, arm. Balliol Coll. , subscribed 23 May, 2704, 
aged 27 ; bar.-at-law of Lincoln's Inn 2724, brother of I 

Siamueil. itti. S«>i» Fnst^r** tudtr0i amd Rarriiffrs. I 

Samuel, 2711. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Baldwin, Charies, s. Sam., of Stoke Castle, Salop, 
arm. Queen's Coll.. matric 23 Dec, 2667, a^ed 
25 ; of Elsich and Stoke Castle, bar.-at-law of the 
Inner Temple 2674, licence 22 May, 2679, to marrf 
Elizabeth Acton, of Bockleton. co. Hereford, spinster, 
M.P. Ludlow 2682 and 2690-8, died 4 Jan., 2706. 
brother of William 2666. See Foster's Judges ami 
Barristers, [20] 

Baldwyn^Edwaxd, 'serviens.' s. Rldiard, of Munsioiv. 
Salop, p. p. Christ Church, matric 27 March. 
2664-5, A^cd x6 ; a A. 22 Feb., 2668-9. rector of 
Easthope, Salop. 2673. See Foster's Index, 

Baldwyn, Edward, s. William, of Tredingtoo, co. 
Worcester, gent St. Mary Hall, matric. 29 
March, 2666-7, aged 24; B.A. 2670, brother of 
William same date See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Baldwyn, Edward, s. Francis, of Shrewsbury, genu 
Wadham Coll., matric. 9 Dec, 2687, aged 26 ; a 
student of the Middle Temple 2695. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Baldwyn, Edwyn, s. Edward, of Twyning, co. Glou- 
cester, gent. Christ Church, matric ix Dec. 
2663, aged x8 ; bar.-at-law of the Inner Temple 2673, 
brother of Thomas 2674. See Foster's Judges and 

Baldwyn, Edwyn, s. Stephen, of Twinning, co. Glou- 
cester, arm. Gloucester Hall, matric 26 Oct.. 
1^5* aged 24; a student of the Middle Tempie 
2696. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [25] 

Baldwin, Francis, s. Francis, of London, pidx St. 
John's Coll.. matric 24 July, 2665, aged x6 ; B. A. 
2669, M.A. aa March. 2672-3, bom 26 Oct.. 2648, 
entered Merchant Taylor's School 2662. See Robin- 
son, i. 260. 

Baldwyn, Henry, of CO. Lancaster, pleb. Braskkose 
Coll., matric 9 Dec, 2597, aged 22 ; B.A. 9 Feb., 

Baldywn. Henry, s. Edward, of Beconsfield, Bucks, 
gent. MERTON Coll., matric 30 May, 2^p9. aged 
26 ; a student of the Inner Temple 2679, brother of 
Richard 2686. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Baldwyn, Hemy, 8. Henry, of London, gent. Pem- 
broke Coll, matric vi March. 2697, aged 26 ; a 
student of the Inner 'Temple 2696. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Baldwyn, Henry, s. Fr., of Shrewsbury, Salop, gent 
Christ Church, matric 2 March, 2698-9, aged x8 ; 
B.A. 2702, M.A. 2705, rector of Pontesibuxy (tbinl 
portion), Salop, 2707, and of first portion 2;r20. and 
of Dowies 2707. See Foster^s Index EccUsiasticus. 

Baldwin, James, B.A. from Trimitt Coll.. Cam- 
bridge, 2698, M.A. 2704, incorp. 9 July, 2706, recror 
of Icklingham St. James, Suffolk. 2706, and of 
Quiddenham, Norfolk, 2706. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, [3IJ 

Baldwin, John, of Berks , ' cler. fil,* UNrvERsrry ColuI 
matric 32 Oct., 2595, aged 22 ; B.A. 23 Feb., 2596-7, 
vicar of Aldermaston, Berks, 2623. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus, 

Baldwin, John. Lincoln Coll. 260a. See Baldek. 

Baldwin, John, s. William, of Maidenhead, Berks, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric 20 Oct.. 2623. 
aged 27. B.A. 6 July. 2626 ; M.A. from St. Edmund 
Hall 26 May. 2629. 

Baldwin, John, created B.CL. 28 March. 2646-7, 'sot 
educated in any university.' See Fasti, iL S9: 
Foster's Parly, Dicty. & S, Pauls S. iP., 38. [35] 

Baldwin, John. s. Ric, of Munslow, Salop, {rent 
Balliol Coll., matric 20 March, 2684-5, aged 17. 

Baldwin, John. s. Thomas, of Kidderminster, ca 
Worcester, der. Pembroke Coll.. matric. 34 
March, 2697-8, agted 27 ; B.A. 2702, M.A. 2704. 

Baldwyn, John. s. John, of Ludlow, Salop, genl. 
Balliol Coll. , matric 26 April, 2709, aged 17 ; & 
student of the Inner Temple 2709. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Baldwyn, Justinian, student of Christ Chttsch 2^. 
from Westminster School, B.A. 96 Jan.. 2570-1, 
M.A. 29 March, 2573-4. See AhtmitU^ West., 47. 


Martin Baldwin. 

1500— 1714. 

Thomas Balguy. 

Baldwin, Martin, &A. Tsinitt Coll., Dabl'm, 1671, 
inoorpu zz July, 1676 p bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 
1677, as of Meriden, oa Warwick, gent). See 
Fo^ei^s Ju4ges and BarriiUrs, 

Baldwin, Richard, of co. Lancaster, pleh. Brasb- 
KOSE COLL., matric. 7 May, i6oa, aged 27 ; B.A. 31 
Oct, Z605. 

Baldwin, Richard, of Northants, pleb. St. John's 
CoLL^ matric a8 May, 1619, aged z6 ; B.A. from 
St. Mast Hall 25 Oct. 1631. M. A. z Feb., 1635-6, 
rector of Whitfield, Northants, Z644, tmriea there 
8 Jan. , 1666^. See Foster's Index EuUsiasHaa. 

Ealdwyn, Ridiard, s. Edward, of Beoonsfield, Backs, 
genL St. John's Coll., matric. ao May, 1686, 
aged 17 ; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 1689, tnrother 
of Henry Z679. See Foster's Judges and oarristers, 

Baldwyn, Robert, s. Humfrey, of Markesfeild, co. 
Leicester, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric. 23 Jan., 
1635-6, aged z6. [5] 

Baldwjn (Sir), Samod, s. Charles, of Borwarton, 
SaU^, gent Balliol Coll., matria 6 March, 
1634-5, ^^ 16 ; of Stoke Castle, Salop, bar.-at-law. 
Inner Temple, 1646. bencher 1663, serieant-at-law 
1669, King's Serjeant Z673, knighted 5 Feb. 1673-3, 
M.P. Lodlow 1659, licenced 35 July, 1648, to 
many Elizabeth Walcott, of St Thomas the Apostle, 
spinster, died 15 and buried on the I. T. skie Temple 
Church, Z7 July, Z683, monument and arms.fathtr 
of William 1666, and of Charles 1667. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, 

Baldwyn, Samuel, s. Charles, of Bockleton, co. Wor- 
cester, arm. Balliol Coll., matric Z5 March, 
X7IO-IZ, aged 17 ; brother of Charles 1704. 

Baldwyn, Thomas, of Salop, gent St. Mary Hall, 
matric 23 Oct, 1590, aged 13 ; B.A. from Chkist 
Church ao Oct., 1597, M.A. 4 June, z6oo, rector of 
Richard's Castle, &ilop, 2604. See Foster's Index 

Baldwin, Thomas, of Middlesex, pleb. Trinity 
Colu, matric 30 Oct.. 1592, aged Z7. 

Baldwyn, Thomas, s. Edward, of Twynning, 00. 
Gloucester, gent Magdalen Hall, matric 20 
Nov., 1674, aged z8 ; B.A. Z678, brother of Edwyn 
1663. [10] 

Baldwyn, Thomas, s. T., of Dymock, co. Gloucester, 
p. p. Pembroke Coll., matric a6 March, z68o, 

Baldwyn, Thomas, s. William, of Tredington, co. 
Worcester, gent. Baluol Coll., matric zo May, 
1697, aged Z7, 

BaldW3m (Sir), Timothy, s. Chaxies, of Burwarton, 
Salop, gent. BALLIOL COLL., matric 6 March, 
1634-5, suied Z5, B.A. zy Oct, 1638 ; fellow All 
Souls' Coll., 1639-61, B.C.L. 36 June, 1641, 
D.C.L. 6 Dec, 1653, principal of Hart Hall Z660-3, 
of Stoke Castle, Salop, a student of the Inner Tem- 
ple 1635, sinecure rector Llandrillo in Rhos, 1647, 
chancdlor of Hereford and Worcester, knighted by 
Charles II. zo July, 1670, a master in Chancery 
1670-83, died in 1696. See Foster's Inns of Court 
AV^. / D.N.B. & FasH, ii. 17Z. 

Baldwin, William, B.A. (sup. Jan.), Z533-3. See 
D.N.B. &.^M., L34Z. 

Baldwin, William, arm. Christ Church, matric. 33 
July, 16^6. See Foster's Inns of Court Heg, [15 J 

Baldwin, William, s. Samuel, of Stoke, Salop, arm. 
Queen's Coll., matric 4 May, 1666, aged x6 ; a 
student of the Inner Temple 1664, brother of Charles 
1667. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Baldwyn, William, s. William, of Tredinton, co. Wor- 
cester, gent St. Mary Hall, matric. 19 March, 
1666-7, aged Z5 ; brother of Edward same date. 

Bale, Cliarles (? mte), of London. Christ Church, 
matric 12 Oct , 1708, aged 17. 

Bale, Christopher, s. Christopher, of Exeter (city), arm. 
Exeter Coll., matric 23 March, 1697-8, aged 17 ; 
a student of the Middle Temple Z698. See Foster's 
Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Bale, George, of co. Leicester, gent Jesus Coll., 
matric 21 Jan., 1585-6, aged 13 ; a student of Lin- 
coUi's Inn, 159X, probably son of Sir John, of Carle- 
ton Curlieu, co. Leicester, and fieUher of Sir John. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [ao] 

Bale, Giles, of CO. Worcester, 'der. fil.* CHRIST 
Church, matric 6 May, z6o8, aged z6. 

Bale, James, of Somerset, gent Wadham Coll., 
matric 24 April, z6z8, aged 17. 

Bale, John, of Somerset, gent Gloucbstek Hall, 
Aiatric Z7 June, Z597, aged 17. 

Bale, John (Bayle), s. John, of Worcester (city), pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric 20 June, x6a8, aged 18; 
RA. 23 May, X631, M.A. 5 July, Z634. 

Bale, John, ' Dordretchti infra HoUandiA natus Exon 
Dev. habit,' s. Thomas, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matric. a April, 1677, aged 17, B^A. z68o; M.A. 
from All Souls' Coll. 1684. [25] 

Bale, Philip, fellow of Exeter Coll. X515, B.A. 
(sup. 30 June), 15x6, M.A. 5 June, Z521, junior 
proctor Z52d, sup. for BlD. 29 Jan.,.z533-3, after 
twelve years study), rector 1531-6, vice-rector (senior 
fellow) autumn Z5a9, rector of Honiton 1540, rector 
of Combe Raleieh, Devon, z^55, made his will 6 
May, Z5^9, and proved Z4 June following. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus & Boose, 30. 

Bale, Robert, ob. Z503. See Ath,, L 7 ; & Cooper, i. 8. 

Bale, William, as. John, of Carlton, ca Leicester, 'eq. 
aur.' Lincoln Coll., matric 30 July, Z635, aged 
Z5 ; of Humberston, co. Leicester, a student of the 
Inner Temple, Z637. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bales, Peter, circa z6io. See Ath„ i. 655. 

Bales, Richard, B.A. from St. John's Coll., zz July, 
Z593, M.A. 9 July, Z596, vicar of Buckland, Berks, 
Z598. rector of Pusey z6:^ See Foster's Index 
Eulesiasticus, [30] 

Balford, WiUiam, B.A. 26 June. Z5Z4. M.A. 3 Feb., 
Z52I-3, one of these names vicar of Bassingboume, 
ca Cambridge, Z545. See Foster's Index Ecclesi- 

BalMy, Henry, s. Henry, of Rowley, 00. Derby, gent 
Brasenose Coll., matric 10 May, Z667, aged z8 ; 
a student of Gray's Inn i663, buried at Hope zo 
July, zyzz. See roster's Grays Inn Admissions. 

Balmy, John, s. Henry, of Darwent, co. Derby, gent 
MAGDALEN HALL, matric 30 March, 1694. aged 
Z5 ; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, Z703. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Balgay, Nicholas (or Ralguayj, demy Magdalen 
Coll. Z559, B.A. 33 July, 1560, fellow 1560-67 (as 
of Northantsj, M.A. ao Oct, Z564. E & D.D. 9 
July, Z586, scnoolmaster 1567-83, canon of Salisbury 
1583-91, sub-dean z§89-9i, rector of Boscombe and 
vicar of Idmiston, Wilts, 1584, rector of Newton 
Tony Z589, master of the Temple Church 1591, 
rector of All Hallows-the-Great 1595, and of St 
Edmund's, Lombard Street, 1593, until his death 
in Aug., z6oi. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus; 
0,11. S,, i. 242; ScBloxam, iii. 126. 

Balfi^ye, Paul, of Northants, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric -entry tmder date 22 Dec. 1576, aged 
15 ; demy 1576-9, B.A. 3 July, 1579. fellow 1579-90, 
M.A. 24 Oct., 1583, rector of Swaby, co. Lincoln, 
1590, until his death in 1624. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiastieus & Bloxam, iv. aoi. [35] 

Balgay, Paul, 'der. fil.' Magdalen Hall, matric 
24 June, 1653 ; a A. 39 Jan., 1656-7, rector of South 
Croxton 1662, and of Beeby, co. Leicester, 1690. 
Sse Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus, 

Balgay, Thomas, B.A. from Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge, z6x6 ; incorp. B.D. 10 July, 1627. rector of 
Stoke Doyle, Northants, 163a, and of Stoke Albany 
1647, licence 26 Feb., 1641-2 (then aged 40), to 
marry Mar^, daughter of lipomas Westfield, D.D. 
See Marrtage Licences, ed. Foster ; & Add^ MS. 

f 6x] 

Thomas Balgay. 


Richard Ball. 

Balfirayt Thomas, of CO. Lincoln, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 23 Nov., i6ai, aged lo ; B.A. from 
Magdalen Coll. 17 June, 1624 ; M.A. from St. 
Mary Hall x6 June, 1629, a student of Grey's Inn 
1613, as of Stamford, co. Lincoln. See Foster's 
Grays Inn Admissions, 

Ball, AnthonVi s. A., of Grendon, 00. Hereford, gent 
Trinity coll., matric. 19 May, 1670, aged 17 ; a 
student of the Inner Temple 1673. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Ball. Benedict, s. B., of Whippingham, Isle of Wight, 
cler. Brasenosb Coll., matric. xo Oct, 169a, 
aged 16 ; B. A. 1696, M.A. 1699, rector of Conning- 
ton, Cornwall, 1703, and of Paston, Northants, 1707. 
his father rector of Huntsham, Devon, i66a, and of 
Whippingham, aforesaid, 1665. See Foster's Index 

Ball, Benjamin, of Somerset, pleb. Wadham Coll., 
matric ai Feb., 1616-17, aged 17; B.A. 34 April, 
16x9, M.A. 28 May, i6sta. 

Ball, Charles, s. Gab., of Somerton, Somerset, p. p. 

All Souls' Coll., matric. 36 Feb., 1674-5, <^R<^ 

17. L5] 

Ball, Daniel, B.A. from Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, 

1649 : M.A. from Christ's Coll., Cambridge, 

incorp. 11 July, 1654. 

Ball, Gabriel, of Somerset, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matric. 8 June, 1604, aged 19 ; B.A. 19 Nov., z6ia. 
rector of Closworth, Somerset, 1617. 

Ball, Gabriel, s. John, of Thurlebare. Somerset, pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., matric 23 Dec, 1622, aged 

Ball, Gregory, of Somerset, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric 17 March, 1 591-2, aged ao; B.A. from 
Magdalen Coll. 22 Feb., 1594-5; M.A. from 
Exeter Coll. 30 June, 1599. 

Ball, Henry (Baule), of Lichfield (city), pleb., scholar 
of New Coll. 1571, B.A. 38 Feb., 1575-6, M.A. 27 
Oct, 1570, aD. ^]u\yt X588, D.D. 4 July, 1594, 
rector of Ulcombc, Kent, 1583, precentor of Chiches- 
ter 1587, canon 1593, and archdeacon 1596, until his 
death 30 March, 1603. See Le Neve, L 261 ; Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, [lO] 

Ball, Henry, of Devon, gent Gloucester Hall, 
matric 31 Oct, 1600, aged 19. 

Ball. Henry, s. BayliiT, of Northampton (town), gent 
\i agdalen Hall, matric 16 June, 1626, aged 16 ; 
B.A. 5 Feb., 1628-9, M.A. 20 Oct, 1631. 

Ball, Henry, s. Hugh, of Cossington, Somerset, sacerd. 
Corpus Christx Coll., matric. 7 Nov., 1634, aged 
17; a A. from St. Mary Hall 3 Feb., 1637-8, 
vicar of PAwIett, Somerset, 2648. 

Ball, Hugh, of Somerset, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric. 17 June, 1597, aged so ; B.A. from Mag- 
dalen Hall 3 Feb., i6oo-x, rector of Cossington, 
Somerset, 2604. See Foster^s Index EccksiaS" 

Ball, Hugh, s. H., of Worsewall, Cheshire, gent 
Brasenosb Coll., matric xx March, 2697-8, aged 
17 : RA. X701. [15] 

Ball, James, s. J., of Monmouth (town), pleb. Uni- 
versity Coll., matric 27 Dec, 2700, aged 25; 
B.A. 2704, vicar of Trellank with Penalt, oa 
Monmouth, 2707. See Foster's Index EcclenaS' 

Ball, Joachim, B.A. from St. John's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 2583; inoorp. 8 Dec, 2597, rector of St 
Endelllon, Cornwall, 2597 (as Baal). See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus & 0,a,S,^ x. 966. 

Ball, Jobs, B.Gramni. (sup. a8 May), 2524. 

Ball, John, student of Christ CniniCH 2552, B.A. 96 
Jan., 2554-5. M.A. 90 Oct, 2558, B.C.L. 34 July, 
2^64. one of these names canon of Lichfield 1566 
{Le Neve, i. 639). and vicar of Payhemboiy, Devon, 
2568. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Balle, John, of Oxon, pleb. Brasenose Coll. 
matric 34 Oct, x6oo, aged 25; B.A. 34 Jan. 
2603-4, son of William Ball and Agnes Mahet hi 
wife, baptized at Cassington, Oxon, 24 Oct.. 258: 
(Wood states that he graduated from St. Maki 
Hall, but see next scholar), curate of Whirmore 
ca Stafford, died 30 Oct, 264a See D,N,B. I 

AtA,, a. 67a [ao 

Ball, John, of Somerset, pleb. St. Mart Hall 
matric 32 June, 2605, aged 26: B.A. 27 Feb. 
2608-9, M.A. 3 July, x6x6. one of these nannes rrctoi 
of Langton Matravers, Dorset, x6x8, and of Dor 
Chester All Saints in 1638. See Foster's Imda 

Ball, John, of CO. Gloucester, • cler. fit* New Colu, 
matric 23 Oct. , 2609, aged 28 ; B.A. 4 Joxie, 2613. 
M.A. 3 May, 2627. 

Ball, John, of Bucks, pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., 
matric 8 Dec., 2625, aged 29 ; B.A. 23 Dec, 1615. 

Ball, John, RA. from Pembroke Colu, Cambridge, 
2626; incorp. 20 July, 2637. 

Ball, John, I. Laurence, of Northampton (town), pleb. 
Queen's Coll., matric 9 Nov., 263a, aged 15; 
B.A. 27 Dec, 2635, M.A. 36 June, 2638. [ZS] 

Ball. John, sacerd. fit Wadhau Coll., matric 20 
I-eb., 2^-9; scholar 2649, B.A. 27 July, 2652. 
M.A. 32 May, 265^, fellow 2655, until his death 30 
July, 2660, buried m the College Chapel, administra- 
tion at Oxford 26 Aug., 266a See Burrtnos, 398; 
& Gardiner, 279. 

Ball, John, * der. fit* Exeter Coll., matric 9 April, 
265a (called Bulls in Mat, Reg.), 

Ball, John, s. Job., of Yatminster, Dorset, p. p. Wad- 
ham Coll., matric 3 June, 2663. aged z6 ; B.A. 
from St. Mary Hall 5 Feb., 2666-7. 

Ball, John, s. John, of Banbury, Oxon, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric 38 May, 2666, aged 17; 
chorister 2665-9. B.A. 2670. See Bloxam, L 93. 

Ball, John, s. J., of Heathfield, Somerset, der. Hart 
Hall, mairic 30 March, 2673-4, aged 28 ; B..\. 
2677, one of these names instituted to rectory of 
Heathfield 23 July, 266a See Foster's Index EccU- 
siasticus. [SOj 

Ball, John, 8. William, of 'Univers, Oxon,' paup. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric 26 Nov., 2690, 
aged 25 ; bible clerk. B.A. 33 March, 2697-8, curdte 
of St. Anne's, Blackfriars. lecturer at St Bartholo- 
mew's, kept school at Greenwidi, died at Oxford 
36 July, 2739. See Rawlinson, ii. 235, 262. 

Ball, John. 8. Job., of Godroaston. Dorset, pleh 
'rRiNiTY Coll., matric. 25 May, 2702, aged 18. 

Ball. John, s. James, of Amersham, Bucks, gent. St. 
MARY Hall, matric 37 Nov., 2702, aged 19; 
vicar of Chesham (Leicester and Wobum medieties), 
Bucks, 2722-5a See Rawlinson, iv. 337. 

Ball, Nicholas, of Devon, gent Merton Coll.. 
matric ao Oct, 2593, aged 23. 

Balle, (Sir) Peter, 'subscribed' 3 June, 2624, created j 
D.CL. 29 Feb., 2643^ son and heir of Giles, of, 
Mamhead, Devon, bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 
2633, an associate to the bench 2636, Lent reader' 
1642, recorder of Exeter, knighted at Oxford 7 Oct, | 
2643, M.P. Tiverton 2636, 2638-0, and April to ^f^ 
2640, then attorney-general to Queen Mary, buriea 
at Mamhead 4 Sept, 268a See Eastt, il 65: 
Gardiner, 34 ; & Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [SSJ 

Ball, Richard, of Northants, demy Magdalen Colu 
2^88-90, B.A. 30 Jan., 259C>-2, fellow 2590-16081 
M.A. 4 July, 2594, RD. ao July, 2603, licenced tj 
preach 5 March, 2603-3, Gresham professor o^ 
rhetoric, London, 2604-23 (? 2598), vicar of Sc 
Helen, London, 2603, 'the first person who sab* 
scribed the three articles in the University register. ; 
See Bloxam, iv. 338. 

Ball, Richard, s. William, of Warwick, gent Wa>« 
ham Coll., matric 6 May, 2693, aged 27. !^ 
Gardiner, 2f7t» 

f 6aJ 

Robert Ball. 

1500— 1714, 

Ralph Ballard. 

Ball, Robert. BJV. 28 Oct., 1510. 

Ball, Robert (Baule), scholar of New Coll. 1569, B.A, 
10 June, 1573, M.A. 22 June, 1577 ; one of these 
names rector of Eastington, co. Gloucester, Z58a 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasHcus & O.H.S.^ xii. 28. 

Ball, Robert, of Devon, gent. Bboadgates Hall, 
matric. 6 Nov., x6z8, aged 27 ; B. A. from Balliol 
Coll. 38 Feb., 1621-2, M.A. zo June, 1624, vicar of 
Sl Mary Church, Devon, 1624. See Fosters Index 

Ball, Robert, s. John, of Yatcley, Hants, arm. Chkist 
Church, matric. 25 Nov. , 1670, aged 16. 

Ban, Sanrael. M.A. from Peter House, Cambridge ; 
mcorp. 15 July, 2673. (Memo. : Samuel, s. Thomas 
Ball, of Northampton, der., admitted a pensioner ^ 
of St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 22 May, 2659, " 
aged 26. B.A. 2662, M.A. 2672 ; one of these 
names rector of Elton or Aylton, Hunts, 2673.) See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus & Mayors 241. [s] 

Ball, Samuel, s. William, of Brackwell, Berks, arm. 
I'RiNiTY Coll., matric. 20 June, 2687, aged 25. 

Ball, Simon, B.A. (sup. 2a Nov.) 25x3; fellow of 
Mertcn Coll. 25x6, M.A. 22 July, 2520, RD. 
(sup. 26 March) 2520-2, proctor 2526. B.Med. and 
admitted to practice 8 July, 2527, principal of New 
Inn Hall at his death in 2527, died intestate, 
• order for collecting his goods ' 30 Oct, 2527. See 
Grijitks & OM.S., iv. 249. 

Ball, Thomas, B.A. iirom Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 
2622 ; fellow Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, 2625, 
M.A. 2625, incorp. as M.A. 25 Jul^, 2628, ' minister 
of the gospd,' i.e, vicar of All Saints and rector of 
St. George, in Northampton, 2629, rector of St. 
Gregory and AU Saints 2634, buried there 22 June, 
2659, aged 69. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus &, 
Fasii, i. 444. 

Ball, Thomas, s. Fran., of Chudley, Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric 23 March, 2675-6, aged 27 ; 
B.A. 2679. 

Ball, Thomas, s. Nath., of Osboston, 00. Leicester, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matric. 22 March, 2699- 
2700, aged 24 ; B.A. 2703, M.A. 2706, B.D. 2714, 
D.D. 25 Jan.. 2735-6, vicar of Navestock, Essex, 
273<, until his death 7 July, 2763. See Foster's 
Index EcclesiasHcus, [lOl 

Ball, lliomas, 9, T., of Kinjrton, Somerset, pleb. Wad- 
ham Coll., matric 26 March, 27x3, aged 20, B.A. 
17x6 ; M.A. from Magdalen Hall 2729. 

Ball, Walter, s. William, of Almaley, ca Hereford, p.p. 
St. Alban Hall, matric zo April, 2674, aged 28 ; 
B.A. 2677. 

Ball« William, of Devon, gent Merton Coll. , matric 
20 April, 2592, aged 28 ; a student of the Inner 
Teniple 2595, ^ ^ Totnes, Devon, gent See Fos* 
ter's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Ball, William, of Oxon, pleb. Waoham Coll. , matric. 
30 Oct. 2628, aged 25. [15] 

Ball, William, s. John, of Ottery (Autiey), Devon, gent. 
Kxeter Coll., matric 8 Dec, 2637, aged 23 ; EL A. 
25 June, 2642, M.A. 27 Oct., 2648. See Calamy, 
iii. 324. 

Ball, William, arm. Queen's Coll. , matric 20 Nov., 
2652. See Fostei's Inns of Court Reg, 

Bail, William, pleb. Wadham Coll. , matric 2 April, 
3656 ; B.A. from Hart Hall 2a Oct., 2658, created 
M.A. 2 July, 2662, one of these names vicar of Over- 
ton, Hants, 2662-3. So^TosXex^s Index EccUsiasticus, 

Ball. WiUiam, ' phannacopola Univ.,' Oxon, s. William, 
' bed inf. artium, Univ. Oxon ' ; privilegiatus 29 Dec , 
1663, aged 24 : his father, yeoman bedel, died in Mag- 
dalen parish, Oxon, 30 Dec, 2679. See Ath., i. 87. 

Ball, William, s. G. (? • Gul'), of Treby, Cheshire, pleb. 
Jesus Coll., matric 27 May, 2673, aged 28 ; B.A. 
28 Jan. p 2675-6. M.A. 2678, one of these names vicar 
of Holywell 2682-92, and of Northop, Flints, 2691- 
2727. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, [ao] 

Ball, Vniliam, s. William, of Kingsbridge, Devon, p.p. 
St. Mary Hall, matric. 29 April, 2678, aged 29 ; 
(? bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 2692, as son of 
Wm., of Mamhead, Devon, esq.). See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. [ao] 

Ball, William, s. Andr, of Bristol (city), p. p. St. 
John's Coll., matric 8 Dec, 2682, aged 16 ; B.A. 
29 March, 2687-8. 

Ball, William, s. G. (? • Gul '), of St. Minver, Com- 
wall, p. p. Exeter Coll., matric. 22 Feb., 2720- 
22, aged 28 ; B.A. from New Inn Hall 2724. 

Ball, William, Queen's Coll., 2723. See Basil. 

Ballam, Edward, of Bucks, pleb. St. Mary Hall, 
matric -entry under date 20 Dec, 2577, aged 28 ; 
B.A. 27 May, 2579, M.A. 22 March, 1582-a. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus ^ for Edmund. 

Balam, John, B.A. 24 Jan., 2512-23. [Z%\ 

BalaziK John, B.A. from Christ Church 5 Feb., 

Balam, John. s. John, of Eveshaia, ca Worcester, 
sacerd. New Inn Hall, matric 26 June, 2635, 
aged 27; B.A. 27 Jan., 2638-9, M.A. 27 Jan., 
2642-2; one of these names rector of Wittrisham, 
Kent, 2647, and vicar of Damerham, Wilts, 2658. 
See Foster's /»<^ EccUsiasticus Bl Add. MS. 25.672. 

Ballam, John, s. Jonadab, 'of Soutwhark,' gent. 
Wadham Coll., matric 28 March, 2692-2, aged 
26: B.A. 2695, MA. 2698, as Ballam. See 
Gardiner t 375. 

Balam, Richard, B.A. from Christ Church 27 Feb., 
2600-2. For one of these names see Dictionary of 
National Biography. 

Balam, Richard, 'subscribed' 26 April, 2623; RA. 
from St. Mart Hall 24 Nov., 2615, M.A. 8 July, 
2628, vicar of Shome, Kent, 2625. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus. [SO] 

Ballan, John, s. John, of Preston, co. York, pleb. 
University Coll., matric 2 April, 2664, aged 27 ; 
B.A. 2667. 

Ballard, Gregory, Vernon exhibitioner, St. John's 
Coll. 2613, B.C.L. 22 May, 2619, born in Jan., 
2595, entered Mercliant Taylors' School 2609, lather 
of ]ohn 2662. So^ Robinson, i. 63. 

Ballard. Hemy, s. Richard, of Pebwortb. co. Glouces- 
ter, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric 20 Dec, 2642, 
aged 27 ; ejected from the vicarage of Tachbrook by 
the act c^ nonoonfonnity 2662. See Calamy, iii. 350. 

Ballard, John, s. Edward, of Weston, ca Gloucester, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric. 2 Dec , 2632, aged 29 ; 
B.A. 23 Feb., 2632-3, B.Med. 28 Nov., 2635, prac- 
ticed physic at Weston-sub-Edge, died «t Oxford 3 
May, 2678, buried at Weston. See Ath., iii. 2x78. 

Ballard, John, s. Francis, of Worcester (city), gent. 
Balliol Coll., matric 27 April, 2638. aged 27; 
B.A. 28 J^n., 2642-2, vicar of Great Malvern 2644. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. [36] 

Ballard, John, s. Gregory, of Oxford (dty), gent., 
I.L.B. St. John's Coll., matric 29 Ocl, 2662, 
aged JUL 

Ballardrr^hn, s. J., ot New Sarum, Wilts, pleb. 
St. EDMimo Hall, matric 28 March, 2674-5, aged 
29 ; B.A. from New Coll. 1679, B.C.L. & M.A. 
2682, aMed. 2685, D.Med. 2688, father of the next 

Ballard, John, s. J(ohn), of • Salesbury,' Wilts, doctoris. 
Trinity .Coll., matric 25 Nov., 2707, aged 25 ; 
RA. from Corpus Christi Coll. 27 Jan., 2722-22, 
M.A. 9 March, 2724-5. B.D. 2724 (incorpi at Cam- 
bridge 2728), D.D. 2732, vicar of Welland. co. 
Worcester. 2730, rector of Steeple Langford, Wilts, 
2732. See Foster's Index Ecctesiasticus. 

Ballard, Josua, gent Corpus Christi Coll.. 
matric 29 Feb., 2648-9, appointed scholar by the 
visitors 2648. See Burrows, 85, 272, 256. 

Ballard, Nicholas, gent. Balliol Coll., matric 
25 July, 265$. ^ ^ , ^t*®] 

Ballard, Ralph, of Oxen. pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric 9 June, 1625, aged 29; RA. 6 July, 


Richard Ballard. 

1500— 1714. 

Francis Bampfylde. 

Ballard, Richard, s. Thomas, of Woodhurst, Sussex, 
gent. Magdalen Hall, raatric. 16 April, 1624, 
aged 18 ; B.A. from Magdalen Coll. 25 Oci., 

Ballard, Richard, gent Hart Hall, matric 4 April, 
Z691, aged 17. 

Ballard, Samuel, gent. Merton Coll., matric. 13 
March, 1651-2, B.A. 4 July, 2655. 

Ballard, Wniiam, s. G. (? • Gul.'). of Worcester (city), 
pleb. Christ CiiURai, matric. 23 Feb., 1685-6, 
aged 15; B.A. x March, i689-9a See Foster's 
Index EccUsiastiats, 

Ballet, John, p.p. St. Alban Hall, matric. 3 July, 
1663. [5] 

Ballet, Thomas, B.A., from Magdalen Coll.. 14 
May, 1639. one of these names rector of White 
Staunton, Somerset, 1662. See Foster's Index 

BaUowe, Daniel, s. William, of University of Oxon, 
S.T.D. Oriel Coll., matric. 4 March, i630-z 
aged 15 ; M. A. 30 June, 1636, brother of Thomas 

Ballow, Daniel, s. Daniel, of Aid well, Oxon, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. x6 Oct., 1663, aged 14 ; 
demy 1663-70, B.A. 1667, M.A. 1670, one of these 
names vicar of Chard, Somerset, 1692. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasiicns & Bloxanit v. 2i5o. 

Ballowe, Henry, s. William, of Camervill, Middlesex, 
gent. Waduam Coll., matric. 31 March, 1696, 
aged x6. 

Ballowe, John, of Oxon, gent Broadgates Hall, 
matric. 8 June, X599, aged X5. [lOj 

Ballowe, John, of co. Lincoln, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric. 19 April, z6z6, aged X9 ; B.A. 15 June, 

Ballow, Thomas, B. A. Cambridge, incorp. 9 July, i6o<, 
rector of Belleau, co. Lincoln, x6o6. See r oster s 
Index EccUsiasticus & O.H.S,, x. 366L 

Ballowe, Thomas, s. (Wm.). of Oxon, ' doctoris.' 
Christ Church, matric. xa Oct., 1621, aged 15 ; 
student, B.A. X7 June, X624, M.A. 17 April, 1627, 
created D.D. 12 Sept, x66x, Whyte professor of 
moral philosophy x63c>^, vicar of Sutton with Sea- 
ford, Sussex, x63p, from which he was sequestered 
in X645, rectorotWestley Waterless, co. Cambridge, 
1640. canon of Chichester x66o, rector of South 
Stoke 1663-79, and of Felpham, Sussex, x669-7o, 
brother of ]>Biniel X63X. See Foster's Index EccUsi- 
asticus & Add. AIS. 15.669. 

Ballowe, William, s. William, of Oxon, gent, Christ 
Church, matric. 9 Feb., 1587-8, aged X4; B.A. 9 
June, X591. M.A. X3 May, X594, proctor X604, B.D. 
a6 June, 1605, licenced to preach xSJuly. 1606, D.D. 
29 Nov., x6x3, in the service of th^lord high chan- 
cellor of Enghmd X605, rector of Milton Bryant, 
Beds, X604, canon of St. Paul's x6xx, and of Christ 
Church x6x5, until his death in Dea, x6x8, father of 
Thomas X621, and of Daniel 163X. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus. 

Ballowe, William, s. Thomas, of Thame, Oxon, gent 
Christ Church, matric. 8 Dec., x6a6, aged X7; 
B.A. X7 Dec., 1628, M.A. 4 July, 1631. [15] 

Ballow, William, s. Henry, of London, gent New 
Coll., matric. 13 Nov., X663, aged 19 ; B^A. X667. 

Balliman, John, gent Exeter Coll., matric az 
July, 16^3. 

Ballman, John, s. Henry, of Crediton, Devon, p. p. 
Balliol Coll., matric 21 Oct, 1708, aged 18; 
RA., 17x2, rector of Thelbridge, Devon, 17x2. 
See Foster's Index Eeelesiastiats, 

Ballyman, John, s. John, of ' Uffculme,' Devon, gent. 

Balliol Coll., matric 6 Nov., 17x3. aged 17 ; 
B.A. X7X7, KT " 
D.Med. X728. 

B.A. X7X7, M.A. Z720, EMed. ax 

13. ai 


Balman, Thomas, s. Richard, of Bristol (city), pleb. 
St. John's Coll., matric 17 April, X635, a^ed x8 ; 
B.A. 2x Jan., x635-6. astudentoi the Middle Temple 
X638. See Foster's Inns of Court Keg. [ao] 

Balme, Robert (Bawlme), of London, pleb. Lincoln 
Coll., matric 8 Dec, X587, aged 17 ; B.A. zo Feb., 
X590-X, M.A. 17 May, 1595, vicar of Staunton Drew, 
159a, and rector of Butcombe, Somerset, 1609. and of 
Llangattock, co. Mon., x6xa See Foster's Index. 

Balner, Reynold, or Rainold, B.A. 5 Feb., X534-S 

Balsam, Scipio. of Milan, licenced to practice median;* 
17 Dec. 1596, from Magdalen ColL See OJHJS,, x. 378. 

Balster, Jacob, of Wincantop, Somerset, pleb. New 
Inn hall, matric 7 April, z688, aged 19. 

Balster, John, s. Joseph, of Stoke Trister. Somerset, 
pleb., p. p. Hart Hall, matric 28 Nov., x66z. 
aged 2X ; B.A. 7 Dec, x66x. [25] 

Balater, Richard, s. Thomas, of Colyton Ralciyh.' 
Devon, pleb. Hart Hall, matric zz March, 
X683-4, aged X9 ; B.A. X687. 

Balstone, Harry, of Dorset, pleb. Broadgates 
Hall, matric 27 March, 1584. aged x6. 

Balstone, John, s. Thomas, of Bradpole, Dorset, pleb. 
New Inn Hall, matric x6 Nov., X632 ; aged 18. 

Balaton, William, B.A. 9 Feb., 1578-9, M.A. x July. 
X581, vicar of Axmouth. Devon, 1589. See Foster's 
Index Eclesiasticus & O.H.S., xii. 79. 

Baltasar, Benedict, B.CL. Z7 Feb., 1537-8, as * Bene- 
dict Gwardus.' [30] 

BambrldM, Thomas, B.A. from Trinity Coi-i~, 
Cambndge, Z654, incorp^ as M.A. X3 July, 1669. 
See Bainbridge & Fasti, iL 3x3. 

Bamford, Eubulus, M.A. X3 Tunerx58Q. 

Bamford, James, B.A. Marcn, x C79-80. See Baui- 
ford in Dictionary 0/ National Biography. 

Bamforde. John, fellow of Brasenose Coll., 1573. 
B.A. 3 Feo., X573-4. See O.H.S., xii. 37. 

Bamford, Ralph, B.A. from Brasenose Coll.. 17 
May, X575. M.A. X2 June, X578. 1 35] 

Bamforde, Robert, B.A. from Brasenose Culi., 
3 Feb. , X573-4, M.A. 10 June. X580, canon of Lici> 
held x^Q7. See 0.ff,S,, xii. 37. 

Bampfyide» Amias (s. Richard), of Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric -entry under date 3 IXc, 
'575* ^^ ^S} of Poltimore, Devon, a student < \ 
the Middle Temple X576. M.P. Devon 1597-^"^. 
knighted at Windsor 9 July. X603, died p "Kh., 
X625-6, father of the next named and of Eduaiu 
x6i6. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Bampfllde, Amias, eq. aur. fil., 'subscribed' 4 
Feb., X6X3-4; B.A. from Corpus Christi Coli. 
9 Nov., x6i6. of Weston Bampfield, a student of 
the Middle Temple x6x8, as 3rd son of Amias. of 
Poltimore, Devon, knight See Foster's Inns cf 
Court Reg. 

Bampfylde (Sir) Copleston, s. (John), Bart CoRPrs 
CiiRiSTi Coll., matric 90 March, X650-X, and 
baronet, M.P. Tiverton 1659, Devon 1671-9, and 
x685-7, his will dated 24 Aug., X69X, proved a May. 
x69a. See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary k 

Bampfeilde, Edward, of Devon, 'eq. aur. fil.' 3s. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric 7 June. x6i6, agid 
x6 ; of Stoke Canon, a student of the Middle Temple, 
x6x7, as 4th son of Amias, of Poltimore, Devon, 
knight, died in 1644. brother of Amias, x6x6. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [40] 

Bampfield, Edward, S. J., of Bianscombe, Devon, 
paup. WADHAic Coll., matric x6 March, X690-1. 
aged x8 ; B.A. from St. Mary Hall 1694. See 
Gardiner t 369. 

Bampfylde, Francis. 3s. John, of Poltimore. Devon. 
arm. Wadkam Coll., matric 16 May. x634,aged 
x8 ; B.A. 4 July, X635. M.A. 7 July, X638, sometime a 
cavalier, rector of luunpisham, Dorset, 1640. onon 
of Exeter X64X, and minister of Sherborne, Dorset. 
X653, ejected x66a ; Wood says of him, ' that he was 
first a churchman, then a presbyterian, aftenrards 
an independent, an anabaptist, and at length almost 
a compleat Jew and what not ;' 'a noiKx>oformist 
divine, died in Newgate prison x6 Feb., 1683-4- 
^ee Atk, , iv. X26 ; Gardiner, xxo ; Foster's Indtx 
EccUsiasticus; Caiamy, ii 149 ; & DMA 


Giles Bampfibld. 

1500— 1714. 

Edward Bangor. 

Bampfield, Giles, of Devon, 'der. fiL' Corpus 
Christi Coll., ma trie. 31 Aug., 1583, aged 14 (Sir 
An)>'as, 1575, had a brother of this name), bee 
Foster's InTis of Court Reg, 

Bamfeild, James, 5. (Amyas), of Devon, equitis. St. 
Alban Hall, matric 19 Jan., i69o-z, aged 18 ; 
RA. 9 May. z6ai, M.A. 4 Feb., i633-4, rector of 
Biack Tonington, Devon, 1637, and of Rattery 1634. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasHcus. 

Bamfjlde, John, of Somerset, arm. Broadgates 
Hall, matric-entrv under date ao July, 1578, aged 
13 : a student of the Middle Temple 1584, as son 
and hdr of Thomas, of Hardington, Somerset. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bamptylde, John, of Devon, milltis fiL Ezetkr 
Coll., matxic 13 July, 1604, aged 18 ; a student of 
the Middle Temple 1607, as son and hdr of Amias, 
of Poltimore, Devon, knight ; M. P. Tiverton Z621-3, 
Devon x6a8-9, father of Frands 1^4. 

Bampfeild, (^r) John, s. John, of Poltimore, Devon, 
arm. Wadh AM CoLL. , matric. 30 Oct. , 1629, aged 
19; a student of the Middle Temple 1630, M.P. 
Penryn 1640. until seduded Dec. 1648, created a 
baronet 14 July, 1641, died in April 1650. See 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary & Gardiner^ 93. 

Bampfjlde, John(Baumfeild), s. Thomas, of Harding- 
ton, Somerset, arm. CHRIST Church, matric. 24 
May, 1639, aged z6; died in z66z, brother of 
Warwick. [6] 

Bampfylde, John, 2s. John, bart Magdalsn Hall, 
matric. 12 Julv, Z659. died in Z664. 

BampfyidOy John, s. Hug., of Wareley, Devon, arm. 
Christ Church, matric 96 Jan., 1707-8, aged x6; 
of Hesteicombe, M. P. Exeter Z715, Devonshire Feb., 
1736. died 17 Sept, 1750. brother of Warwick same 
date. See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary^ 

Bampfleld, CoL (Joseph), created \L A. z6 Jan. , z643«3, 
a royalist coloneL See Dictionary of National BiO' 

Bampfeild« Lewis, 3s. John, of Poltimore, Somerset 
{itc), arm. Wadham Coll., matric. 30 Oct, z6a9, 
aged Z7 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, Z638. See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, [lO] 

Bampflldy Richard, of Devon, arm. Exbter Coll. , 
matric. Z7 Nov., Z58Z, aged z5 : a student of the 
Middle Temple Z583, as and son of Richard, of 
Poltimore, Devon, esq. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Bampfyid, Richard, s. Job., of Poltimore, Devon, 
gent. Wadham Coll., matric Z3 Dec, Z667, 
aged 17. 

Bamfeild. Thomas, s. John, of Poltimore, Devon, 
ann. bXETER COLL., matric. 15 Mav, Z640, aged 
17 ; bar.-ai-Iaw, Middle Temple, Z649, bencher 1659, 
speaker of the House of Commons March to May, 
16C9, recorder of Exeter, and M.P. 1654-60. died 
8 Oct, Z673. See Foster's Judges and Barristers & 

Bampfylde. Warwick (Baumfeild). s. Thomas, of Har- 
dington, Somerset, arm. Christ Church, matric 
24 May, Z639, aged Z5 ; died z694-5, brother of 
|ohn same date 

Bampfirlde, (Sir) Warwick Coplestone, 'Bart.,' s. 
Hug., of Wareley, Devon, bart Christ Church, 
matric. 26 Jan.. 1707-8, aged 18; 3rd baronet, M.P. 
Exeter lyzo, Devon 1713, until nis death 7 Oct., 
1727, brother of John same date. [X5J 

Bampfield, William. ' ser.' Wadham Coll. , matric. 
11 April, z66o, B.A. 1663, M.A. from King's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1667, rector of Loxbeare z666, and of 
Arlington, Devon, 1667. See Foster's Index EccU" 

Bampton, James, s. William, of Ringwood, Hants, 
pleb. HAicT Hall, matric 6 Nov., z668, aged 18 ; 
fellow New Coll., B.C.U 1676, vicar of Sopley, 
Hants, 1674. bom iz Feb., Z646, died iz May, 1683. 
See GutcA, i. 224 ; Fasti, ii. 353 ; & Foster's Index 

Bampton, John, BA 26 Jan., Z569^a 

Bampton, John, s. Jasper, of Salisbury, Wilts, gent 
Trinity Coll., matnc. Z3 March, 1705-6, aged z6; 
B.A. Z709, M.A. Z713, founder of the Bampton 
lectures, rector of Stratford Toney, Wilts, Z7X8, 
canon of Salisbury Z7Z8, until his death in Z75Z. 
See D,N,B, 

Bampton, Joseph, s. William, of Pollcott, Bucks, 
pleb. University Coll., matric 3Z March, Z67Z, 
aged 17 ; B.A. from Magdalen Hall Z674. M.A. 

^(m* [ao] 

Banastre, Henry, arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric 
2z July, z6sz. 

Banastre, Henry, ' serviens,' s. Richard, of Altham, 
CO. Lancaster, arm. Brasbnosb Coll., matric 
23 March. z66o-z, aged z8. 

Banbery, Cyprian, *cler. fiL' Magdalen Hall, 
matric zo Nov., Z654, B.A. 4 Feb., Z657-8, incorp. 
(?as M.A.) at Cambridge, Z675, rector of Knipton, 
00. Leicester, Z664. and of Teigh, Rutland, Z675. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Banberye, Edward, of Middlesex, gent Trinity 
Coll., matric 8 July, Z59Z, aged Z5 ; B.A. (sup. 

JFeb.), Z593-4, M.A. 9 July, Z596, a student of the 
nner Temple z^96, as of Stepney, Middlesex. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Banoroft, John, pleb. Christ Church, matric zo 
Feb., z<92-3, aged z8; student Z593 (from West- 
minster), B.A. z6 June, Z596, M.A. 3Z May, Z599. 
B.D. 9 July, Z607, D.D. 24 Jan. z6o9-zo, master of 
University Coll. z6o9-3a (son of Christopher, 
eldest son of John Bancroft, of Famworth, co. 
Lane, and brother of Archbishop Bancroft), canon 
of St. Paul's Z609, rector of FinchW, Middlesex, 
z6oz, of Stourmouth and Orpington z6o8, of Wood- 
church Z609, and of Biddenden z6zo, all in Kent 
vicar of Cuddesden, Oxon, and of Bray, Berks, Z633, 
bishop of Oxford Z632, until his death Z2 Feb., 
Z640-Z. See Ath, Ox,^ il. 893 ; Alumni West,, 63 : 
& D,N,B. [ZS] 

Banoroft, Richard, archbishop of Canterbury Z604, 
and chancellor of the University z6o8, until his death 

2 Nov., z6za See Fasti, i. 324. 

Banorofte, Richard, zs. Richard, of Willesden, Mkldle- 
sex, arm. University Coll., matric 6 Dec, Z622, 

Banoroft, Thomas {alias Holden), s. William Bancroft, 
alias Holden, of Littleover, co. Derby, sacerd. Ne^v 
Inn Hall, matric z8 Jaa, z632-3, aged z8 ; EA. 
z^Jan., Z634-5. 

Band, William, of Donet, pleb. HART Hall, matric 
z March, Z587-8, u[ed aiS. 

Bandinell, James, of Hants, ' cler. fil.* Broadgates 
Hall, matric. za March, Z618-Z9, aged Z7 ; B.A. 
from Christ Church 4 Dec, z6a2, M.A. ao June, 
1625. [zo] 

Bands, Morris, created B.A. from Lincoln Coll. z5 
April, Z648. See Bawdes. 

Banger, Bernard, of Dorset, pleb. New Coll., 
matric 9 Feb., z^8z-2, aged zo; B.C.L. z6 June, 
z6oz, administrauon bond with will, at Oxford, 

3 Oct, z6z5. 

Banger, Bernard, of Dorset, pleb. Brasenosb Coll. , 
matric 28 April, 1615. aged z6 ; B. A. from Merton 
Coll. z5 Oct, z6i8 : M.A. from Magdalen Hall 
30 June, z63^, vicar of Frampton, Dorset, Z623, 
zector of Yarhngton, Somerset, Z634, father of Josiah 
and of Bernard next named. Soc Foster's Index 

Banger. Bernard, s. Bernard, of Yarlington, Somerset, 
saoenL Trinity Coll., matric zz March, Z64Z-2, 
aged Z5 ; B.A. 3 Dec, Z645, rector of Mapperton, 
Dorset, Z663, father of Peter Z683. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bangor. Edward, a A. from Christ Church 8 Feb., 

Z588-89. [35] 

Bangor, Edward, of Sussex, 'der, fil.'^ Hart Hall, 
matric a Nov., z62Z, aged Z7. 


JosiAH Banger. 

1500 — 1714. 

Henry Bankes. 

Banger. Josiab, ' der. fiL' Magdalen Coll. , matric. 
10 Nov., 1645, aged 18; derk 1647-53, fellow 
1648, by the visitors B.A. 15 March, 1648-9, fellow 
Trinity Coll. 1651, M.A. 10 July, 16^1, kept some 
terms at Cambridge (son of Bernard), vicar ot Broad- 
hembery, Devon, ejected as a nonconformist, St. 
Bartholomew's Day 1666, and imprisoned in Exeter 
under the * Five Mile Act,' lived many years at Mon- 
tacute, brother of Bernard 164a. Sc« Calamy, ii. 
12 ; Bloxam, il. 64 ; & Burrows, 

Banegar, Nicholas, of (Toller), Dorset, pleb. New 
Coll., matric. -entry under date (? 157a), aged 19 ; 
scholar 1571, fellow 1573, B.A. 28 Feb., 1575-6 (as 
Wm.), M.A. 27 Oct., Z579, administration bond 
with will, at Oxford, 13 April, 1624. See Gutch, 
L 206. 

Banger* Nicholas, zs. Bernard, of Oxford, arm. St. 
MARY Hall, matric. 9 June, 1626, aged 19 ; B.A. 
22 June, 1626, ? buried in St. Mary's 1632. See 
Gutck, i. 2o6». 

Banger, Peter, s. Bernard, of Holnes, Dorset, der. 
IsiNiTY Coll., matric. 26 March, 1683, aged 17 ; 
KA. from St. Mary Hall 1686, M.A. 1600. vicar 
of Frampton, Dorset, 1693. See Fosters Index 

Bannester, Alexander, s. Richard, of Bolton, co. 
Lancaster, gent Brasenose Coll., matric. 9 Dec., 
1631, aged x8 ; B.A. zi Nov., 1634, a student of 
Gray's Inn Z640. See Foster's Gray's Inn Reg, [5] 

Bannister, Edward, of wilts, pleb. Trinity Coll. , 
matric. 26 Oct, Z621, aged 18; B.A. from Hart 
Hall, 7 Feb., Z624-5, M.A. 6 June, 1627. 

Banister, Gasper, s. 'G.,* of Shaftsbury, Dorset, 
pleb. Oriel Coll., matric. 5 April, 1688, aged 
Z7 ; B.A. Z691, as Jasper in Cat, Grads, 

Bannester, George, of co. Worcester, gent St. 
Mary Hall, matric. zx Oct, Z583, aged Z5. 

Bannester, George, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric 24 Oct.. Z595, aged 17; B.A. zo 
Feb., Z606-7, vicar of Brinsop, co. Hereford, i6zi, 
father of Richard Z622. See Foster's Index EcclesU 

Banister, Frauds, of Trinity Coll., licenced to 

Practice medicine, admitted B.Med, and licenced 
KMed. 23 May, Z620. See O.H.S., xil. 39Z. [ic] 

Banister, Henry, B.A. from Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Z584, incorp. as B.D. Z2 July, Z603. 

Banister, Henry. See also Banastre. 

Banester, John, minorite, B.D. (sup. 24 Oct), Z508. 

Banister, John, after seven years in Med. sup. for 
licence to practice Med. 30 June, Z573, practic^ in 
Nottingham, removed to London, where tie practiced 
by licence of the College of Physidans, monumental 
inscription St. Olaves, Silver Street See Ath. i. 
56Z ; Munk's Roll, i. Z04 ; & D,N,B, 

Bannister, John, s. John, of Twigworth, co. Glou- 
cester, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. 2Z June. 
Z667, aged Z7 ; chorister 1663-7Z, B.A. Z671, clerk 
Z674-6, M.A. Z674, chaplain Z676-8. See Bloxam, 
i. 93. [15] 

Banister, John, pharmacopola, s. Tho., of Bray, 
Berks, privilegiatus, 26 Nov., z686, aged 22; 
apothecary, will proved at Oxford 20 April, Z7Q3. 

Banastre, Laurence, BA. from Clare Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Z626, incorp. 10 July, Z627 ; one of these 
names a student of^ the Inner Temple Z628, as son 
and hdr of Sir Robert, knight See Foster's Inns 
0/ Court Reg. 

Bannester, Nicholas, of CO. Lancaster, gent. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric. Z4 Oct, 1597, ag^ zi ; (called 
Banister \n Matric, Reg,)B,A, 4 Dec., z6oo, M.A. 
20 May, Z605. 

Banester, Richard, of CO. Gloucester, pleb. Glou- 
cester Hall, matric. Z9 Feb., z58i-2, aged z8. 

Bannester, Richard, of Salop, arm. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. a^ March, z6o9-zo, aged Z7. {ao] 


Bannester, Richard, s. George, of Brinsop, cq 
Hereford, minister. Brasenose Coll., mairiq 
6 Dec, Z622, aged z8 ; vicar of Burghill, co. Hcrei 
ford, Z625. See Foster's Index EccUsiastictis, 

Banister, Thomas, of co. Worcester, pleb. Mag 
DALEN Hall, matric-entiy under date 9 April 
1579. aged z8. 

Bancuster, Thomas, s. Henry, of Upton, co. Leices 
ter, gent Brasenose Coll., matric. 7 Nov.! 
Z634, aged z6; bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, Z6471 
See Foster's ludges and Barristers. 

Banister, Thomas, * apothecary,* privilcgiatns i Nov., 
Z654. See next entry. 

Banister, Thomas, 'apothecary,* s. Joh., of Oxford 
(city), pleb., privilegiatus Z4 Sept, z666, aged 45 | 
administration at Oxford 5 April, Z69X [25; 

Bannister, Thomas, s. Edward, of Tenbary, coj 
Worcester, pleb. Christ Church, matric z| 
March, z672-3, aged z6 ; B.A. Z677. 

Banester. Thomas, ' musicus,' s. Jelirey, of London, 
privilegiatus 5 Aug., Z673, aged 25. 

Banister, Thomas, s. Tha, of London, privilegiatus 
6 May, ztoz, aged 2Z. 

Banister, Thomas, pharmacopola, & John, of Oxfon] 
(city), privilegiatus 20 Jan., Z707-8, aged 2z ; ad« 
ministradon at Oxford 2 May, Z726. 

Bannester. Timothy, s. Timothy, of Reading, Berks^ 
pleb. NEW Inn Hall, matric. zz Dec, z6Lio,i 
aged z6 ; M.A. 4 Aug., Z648, fellow Z649. bv th^ 
visitors. See Burrows, Z69. 381. [30] 

Bannister, William, s. Richard, of Aynsworth. co. 
Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose Coll.. matric. 5 
Dec. z6a3, a^ed Z9 ; B.C.L. from All Solij*' 
Coll. z7 Apnl, z63o, incorp. at Cambridge i6j2. 
died 22 March, Z635. See Gutck, i. 296. 

Banaster, (Sir) William, s. William, of Turk Deane. 
CO. Gloucester, gent Christ Church, matric 
26 Nov., Z669. aged z8; bar.-at-Iaw, Middle 
Temple, Z679, seijt-at-law 8 June, Z70S, knighted 
3 June, Z7Z3, one of the judges of South Wales, a 
baron of the exchequer Z7Z3. until superseded 14 
Oct, Z7Z4. 

Bankes, Charles, s. Rob., of Chorley, Cheshire, p.p. 
Brasenose Coll., matric z April, z68o, aged z6 ; 
B.A. 1C33. 

Bankes, Charles, s. Charles, of London, Middlesex, 
cler. Christ Church, matric 2 July, Z707, aged 
zo; B.A. Z7ZZ, M.A- Z7Z5. student Z707, from 
Westminster School, until his death, buried in 
Christ Church Cathedral 29 April, Z7Z8. See GuUk, 
i. ^16 ; & Alumni West, 248. 

Banoks, Edward, Christ Church, incorp. z547-8, 
student Z550, sup. for licence to practice medidoe 
30 June, Z574, as M.A. and 20 years in medicine 
See O.H,S,, xiL 35. [35] 

Banke, Edward, B.A. Cambridge, incorp. 4 May. 
z6o8, M.A. from BroADGATES Hall Z2 May, z6oS. 
See 0,H,S,, x. 366. 

Bankes, Henry, B.A. from Christ's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Z580, sup. 7 May, Z583, for incorporatioa, 
M.A. (Oxford) 20 June, Z583, vicar of Seamer, 
Yorks, Z585, rector of West Heslerton Z587, and of 
Scrayingham Z592, and of Settrington Z599, canon of 
York Z595. precentor Z613, canon of Southwell 161?. 
until his death before 27 Aug., ZO17. See Ix Neve, 
iii. 420 ; & 0,H,S„ x. 364. 

Banks, Henry, B.A. Cambridge, incorp. z6 I>ec,z6i4' 

Bankes, Henry, of Coventry, plebu St. John's 
Coll., matric Z3 Oct, z6z5, aged 18 ; BlCL. 3^ 
April, z62Z. 

Banokjrs, Henry, s. Daniel, of London, Middlesex, 
gent TRINITY COLU, matric 20 June, Z628. aged 
i^; B.A. 24 Jan., Z63Z-2, M.A. 24 Oct, Z634. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, [§0; 

Bankes, Henry, of Kent, 'der. fiL' New Coll., 
matric 26 Oct, z66o; B.CL. z6^. rector of 
Midley, Kent, Z669. See Foster's Index Bccledai- 


James Bankes. 

1500 — 1714, 

Richard Banninge. 

ttnkes, James, student of Christ Church, 1567, 
B..\. 7 July, 1573. Sec O.H.S., xii. 29. 

Sancks, James ie, M.A. from Trinity Coll., 
Cambridge, incorp. 3 July, 1700. {Memo. : James 
E»nkes, RA. from Trinity Coll. 168a, M.A. 
1666. rector of Lilley, co. Lincoln, 1706.) See 
Fester's Index EccUsiasiicus, 

Sankes, Jerome, eq. fiL min. 0ueen's Coll., 
nutric. 34 Jane. 1653, a student of Gray's Inn 1653, 
ts jrd son of John, late lord chief justice of com- 
mon pleas, died unmsOTicd. See Foster's Grafs 
Inn Rfg, 

Sankes, (Sir) John, of Keswick, Cumberland. Queen's 
Coll., matric. 23 Feb., 1604-5, aged 15, as pleb. ; 
created D.C.L. 31 Jan., 1642-3, of Corfe Castle, 
Dorset, bar.-«t-law, Gray's Inn, 1614, Lent reader 
1630 (then prince's attorney), bencher 1631. treasurer 
1631-5, knighted at Sl James 5 June, 1631, attorney 
to Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, etc. 
(after Charles II.), M.P. Wootton Bassett 162^-4, 
Morpeth 1625-6, 1627-8, attorney-general 1634, chief 
jastice of common pleas 1641, P.C. 1642, ordered to 
be impeached and forfeited by the House of Com- 
mons, died at Oxford 28 Dec., 1644, father of John 
1643, and Jerome 1653. See Foster's Grays Inn 
Admissions ; Fastis ii. 44 ; Gutch, i. 486 ; & Foss. 

Bankes, John, of Oxon, gent. Christ Church, 
m.itric. 8 March, 1604-5, aged 15. [5] 

Sankes, John, of Wilts, pleb. Merton Coll., 
matric 9 Nov., 1621, aged 16 ; B.A. 22 Feb., 1624-5, 
M.A. 28 June. 1628, vicar of St. John's, Isle of 
Tkinet, 1636, rector of Ivychurch 1647. See Foster's 
hdex EccUsiiuticus. 

Bdnkes, John, is. John, of Corfe Castle, Dorset, eq. 
aar. Oriel Coll., matric. zo July, 1^3, aged 17 ; 
brother of Jerome. See Hutchin's Dorset^ iii. 240. 

Banks, John. s. William, of 'All Cannings.' Wilts. 
p. p. Exeter Coll., matric. z April, z68o, aged 


Bankes. John, s. J., of IJverpool, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 9 March, 1710- 
II, aged z8. 1 

Bankes, John, s. T., of Hunnington, co. Warwick, 
ami. MAGDALEN COLL., nuUric. 8 May, Z711. 
«ged 19, [10] 

Bancks, Peter, of Devon, ' paup. schol.' fiL Exeter 
Coll., matric. z6 June, z6zo, aged Z9 ; possibly 
rector of Zeal Monachorum, Devon, Z630. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasiicus. 

Banckes, Ralph, ' serviens.' Corpus Christi Coll., 
matric. 12 June, Z65Z. See Foster's Gray's Inn 

Banks, Richard (Bankys), B.A. (disp. zo Nov.), 

3ancke, Richard, s. Rich., of Ilkley. Yorks. gent. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 6 April, Z665, aged zy ; 
B.A. 18 Feb., Z668-9, M.A. z8 Jan., z67Z-2, vicar of 
Appleby, co. Lincoln, z^4. See Foster's Index 
BccUsicuticus & Fastis iL 328. 

ianks, Robert, a canon of Christ Church (8th stall) 
15461 deprived for being married early in Q. Mary's 
reign, restored Z559, and appointed to the 6th stall 
the same year, rector of Moreton, Essex, Z548, 
deprived 1554, but restored, died 20 Aue., Z59Z. 
See Le Neve^ ii. 527, 530 ; & See Fosters Index 
EctUsiasHcus, [I5] 

sancks, Simon, of Cumberland, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric 26 Nov., Z596, aged 18 ; B.A. from 
St. Edmund Hall z July. z6oo, M.A. 6 July, 
1603, incorp. at Cambridge Z605. rector of South 
Stoke, Sussex, 1616. See Fosters Index Ecclesias- 

Banke, Thomas, s.t.p., rector of Lincoln College 
1493- X503, vice-chancellor of the University Z501-2. 

Banks, Thomas, B.A. 4 Dec.. Z57Z, M.A. 24 July, 
1574- See Le Neve, I 83 ; Foster's Index Ecclesias* 
ficMi; FasH, i« Z96 ; & OM,S,, zil za 

Banke, Thomas, of Somerset, 'derfil.' Magdalek 
Hall, matric. 26 Tune, z62Z, aged z8 ; B.A. 5 
Tune. Z624. vicar of Wellow, Somerset, Z636. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasiicus, 

Bankes, Thomas, s. William, of Winstanley, co. 
Lancaster, arm. Christ Church, matric 4 July, 
Z676, aged z6 ; B.A. z68o, M.A. 22 March, Z&2-3, 
vicar of Newport Pagnell, Bucks, 1689, brother of 
William Z676. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasiicus, 

Bankes, Urian, s. Robert, of Hackleton, Wilts, pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., matric ai Feb., Z633-4, aged 
Z7 ; B.A. 20 Oct, Z636, M.A. 2 July, Z639, vicar of 
Fuggleston, Wilts, z66a See Foster's Index Eccle^ 
siasOcus. [21] 

Banks, William, of Devon, pleb. Queen's Coll., 
matric 9 Dec, Z597, aged Z5 ; B.A. from Hart 
Hall 28 May, z6oz. 

Banks, William, B.A. from Jesus Coll., Cambridge, 
z6z7 ; incorp. as M. A. zo July, Z627, possibly canon 
of York Z623, rector of Scrayingham Z627, and of 
Settrington Z633. See Foster's Index EccUsias* 

Banoks, William, s. William, of Gilderson, Yorks, 
pleb. University Coll., matric z6 Dec, Z634, 
ased z6 ; B.A. from Exeter Coll. 30 Oct., Z638 ; 
M.A. from University Coll. 3 July, Z64Z. 

Bankes, William, s. John, of Topsham, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric Z7 Nov., Z637, aged z6; 
B.A. 2< June, Z64Z, vicar of Sidbuiy. Devon, Z645, 
and of Ottery St. Mary and of Heavitree Z646, 
canon of Exeter z66z. See Foster's Index EccUsias- 
iicus, [as] 

Bankes, V^lliam, y.s. Job., of London, equitis. St. 
Alban Hall, matric 3 Feb., 1664-5. aged z8. 

Bankes, William, s. G. (? ' Gul.'), of Devon, minister. 
Exeter Coll., matric zo March, Z670-Z, aged 


Bankes, William, s. William, of Winstanley, co. 
Lancaster, arm. Christ Church, matric 4 July, 
Z676. aged 17 ; a student of Gmy's Inn 1676, M. P. 
Wigan Z679-8Z and in Z689. when he died, brother 
of Thomas Z676. See roster's Grafs Inn Ad* 

Bankworth, Robert, s. Richard, of London, 
'Stationarii, Gen. Cond.' Magdalen Hall, 
matric. 3Z Oct., z6a3, aged z6, B.A. z Feb., z626-7; 
M.A. from St. Eduund Hall zz June, 1629. 

Banner, James, scholar of Brasenose Coll.. B.A. 
Z7 Oct, Z564, M.A. za July, Z567. See O.H.S,, 
i. ^S^ [30] 

Banner* Richard, subscribed 9 Dec, Z63Z ; B.A. from 
Brasenose Coll. 3 Nov., z63a, M.A. 4 June, 

Banner, Richard, s. Sam., of Birmingham, co. War- 
wick, gent. University Coll., matric 3Z March, 
Z696, aged z6; B.A. Z699, M.A. Z7oa, B. & D.D. 
Z727. minister of Marston Chapel, co. Worcester, 
25 May, Z704 (the day on which it was consecrated), 
until his death, author of ' The Use and Antiquity 
of Musick in the Service of God,' died at St Giles, 
Oxford, zo May, Z750, buried in the chapel of 
University College. See RawUnson, xvi. Z25; & 
Guich, i. 68. 

Banner, Richard, s. Joh., of Thames Street, London, 
gent Queen's CIoll., matric 29 April. Z7Z4, aged 
Z7 ; a student of Luicoln's Inn Z7Z5. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Banninge, John, s. John, of Burbage, Wilts, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll. , matric. 2 July, 1624, aged Z4 ; 
chorister Z62Z-3Z, B.A. zz Feb., z63o-i, M.A. zy 
Oct., Z633, one of these names sequestered to the 
vicarage of Wickford, Essex, in Z645. See Bloxam, 
i. 37 ; & Add, MS. Z5,669. 

Banning. Nathaniel, 8. Tho., of Sopworth, Wilts, 
p. p. Queen's Coll., matric. 3z March, Z682, 
aged Z9. [SS] 

Banninge, Richard, of Wilts, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric Z7 Nov., 1581, aged Z5. 



Stephen Banning. 

1500— 1714, 

Charles Barcroft. 

Banning, Stephen, 8. That of Sopworth, Wilts, 
minister. St. Albak Haix, matric 2 April, 1669, 
aged 19; B.A. 1673, rector of Lasboroagh, 00. 
Glouoester, 1684. See Foster's index Ecclesias- 

Bannlnge, Thomas, s. Wi]]jam, of Oaie, WUts, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. zz Mar, Z639, aged xy ; 
B.A. zz Dec, z644, rector of Sopwoith, Wilts, 
z66o, father of the uist and neit named. 

Banning, WiUiam, s. Thomas, of Sopworth, WilU, 
minister. Mekton Coll., matric 2 April, 1669, 
aged Z7 ; B. A. Z67S, brotho' of Stephen. 

Banthrop, Roger (or Baynthzope). M.A. 3 Feb., 

Banting, Richard (Bantyng), M.A. Z3 Dec, Z5T2. 

Barlier, Christopher, 'Bibliopolis,' privUegianis 14 
March, z6z6-z7, aged 28 ; ' sabscnoed 28 March. 
z6z7, as Barbar.* [6] 

Barbonr, Edward, 8. ^^nUiam, of London, gent. 
Christ Church, matric 27 June, Z67Z. aged z6 ; 
B.A. Z675, M.A. Z677, student Z67Z, from West- 
minster School, buried In Christ Church Cathedral 
4 Dec. z688. See Alumni West, 171 ; & GuUh, 

Barlier, Edward, s. Rob., of Adderboiy, Oxon, ann* 
Trinity Coll., matric Z5 Nov., Z707. aged z6. 

Barber, Fftmds (serviens). New Inn Hall, matric 
20 Jiilyi z654« 

Barber, George, s. George, of Ashmeade, DorKt, 
gent Magdalen Hall, matric 16 March, z637- 
38, aged z8 ; B.A. x8 Nov., Z64Z. See Gardiner, 

960. rioj 

Barbour, Geom, s. Leicester, of Tamworth, co. Star- 
fotd, gent Mbrton Coll., matric 3 June, Z663, 
aged », B.A. Z667 ; fellow of Oriel Coll., M.A. 
Z67Z, E. Med. Z678. See i4/4. , L , pp. Ixzvii. & Izxxv. 

Barber, George, s. Rob., of Ashmoore, Dorset, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric 23 May, 1667, aged ij, 

Barbonr, Humfrev, s. Thomas, of Edwine, co. Here- 
ford, sacerd. wadham Coll., matric 4 Nov., 
Z631, aged z6; B.A. from St. John's Coll. 20 
Nov., Z634, vicar of Avenbuxy, co. Herefoid. See 
Foster's Index Ecelesiasiicus. 

Barber, John, secular chaplain, B.Can.L. 4 Feb., 
Z524-5, B.C.U Z9 Feb., Z527-8 ; fellow of All 
Somas' COLU Z528, D.C.L. Z7 Feb., Z532-3, a 
member of the College of Advocates Z532, died at 
Wrotham, Kent Z549. See D,N,B, & Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasiieus, 

Barbor, John, * subscribed' 13 May, 16x3, B.A. fipom 
Broadgatbs Hall 20 June, z6i6l [is] 

Barbare, John, of Oxon, pleb. Gloucester Hall, 
matric xo Nov., 150Z, aged Z3. 

Barbonr, John, s. Thomas, of Bockleton, co. Wor- 
cester, saoerd. St. Alban Hall, matric ia July, 
x6a6, aged z6 ; B.A. 26 Nov., Z637, vicar of Eardis- 
ley, CO. Hereford, Z642, and of Clifton-on-Teme, 00. 
Worcester, Z662. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasiieus » 

Barber, John, s. J. , of Upton, Somerset, pleb. Br asb- 
NOSECOLL., matric 24 March. Z674-5, aged z6. 

Barber, John, s. John, of Kingham, Oxon, gent 
Trinity Coll., matric. 1$ July, z68x, aged Z4 ; 
aA. x68^, M.A. x688, B.D. Z697, D.D.Z713, vicar 
of BidduTph, ca Stafford, x688, rector of Shenley, 
Bucks, zyoa, and of Buscott Z717, vicar of Whiston, 
ca Monmouth, 17x61 See Foster's Index Ecclt- 

Barbar, Laurence, RA. x6 June I5za, fellow of All 
Souls' z5x^, M.A. 2^ June, i<x6, held a proctor's 
place by Wolsey's direction May to Michaeltnas 
X5a2, vicar of Lawford, Essex, X526, canon of Lin- 
coln Z526, died X538. See Foster's Index Ecclesias^ 
Hcus; Le Neve, 11^ 234 ; & OM.S,, i. 79. [ao] 

Barbar, Nicolas, B.A. 2 July, XS15. 

Barber, Richard, fellow of All Souls' Coll. 1539, 
B.C.L. za July, x^o, after twenty years' study, 
D.C.L. (sup. 5 June) 156^, warden i565-7i, Chantry 
(priest of), B.M. in Chichester 154X, vicar choral 


Chichesta: Cathedral 1541, vicar College of Wind* 

sor X54^, canon of Lincoln 1552, rector of Wappea* 
ham, Northants, Z553, archdeacon of Bedford 155% 
and of Leicester Z560, rector of Harrietsham. Kent, 
1570, and of Handborough, Oxon, 1572, treasanr 
and canon of Lichfield Z574. and rector of Yoxall, 
CO. Stafford, ZS75, died Z5 Feb., z589-9a See Fasti, 
i. zzz, Z7S. 

Barbar, Richard, s. Rich., of Wolverley. ca Worcester, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 3 May. 1678, aged 
z^; B.A. 21 March, z68i-2. one of these names 
vicar of Willington x688, and of West Dean, Sussex, ! 
x69a See Foster's Index Ecclesiasiieus. 

Barber, Robert, s. George, of Ashmere, Dorset. gcnL 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 8 May, X635. ai;ed 18 ; 
a student of the Middle Temple Z637. See Foster's 
Inns o/Couri Reg, 

Barber, Robert, s. William, of Addeibary, Oxon, ann. 
Christ CHtntCH, matria 7 March, Z683-4. aged 16. 

Barber, Robert, s. R., of Oxford (city), gent Mertov 
Coll., matric. 21 Marc^, z683'4. aged 15. [26] 

Barber, Sparry, s. Hen., of Feckeaiham, ca Worcester, 
pleb. rEMBROKB Coll.. matric. Z3 March, I675-6, 
aged z6 ; B.A. from St. Mary Hall z68o. 

Baroer, Sylvester, of Rutland, pleb. St. Albas 
Hall, matric-entry under date 98 Feb., 1580-1, 
aged 9T* 

Barbar, Thomas, ' subscribed ' 28 March, z6o6. 

Barbor, William, ' der. fil.' Pembroke Coll., matric. 

22 Feb., z650'Z. [SO 
Barbor. William (or Bareboe), pleb. Exeter Coll., 

matxlc. zo March, z656^, B.A. z66oi. See Foster's 
Index EcclaiasHcus, 

Barber, William, s. Robert, of Adderbnry, Oxon. gent. 
Queen's Coll., matric. %\ Tune Z637, aged 17. 

BarbOXL, James, s. Thomas, oT Woodhay, ca Southtoo, 
pleb. Trinitt Coll., matric. 20 June, z628, aged 
z8 ; &A. 22 Nov., Z63Z. 

Barebone, John, of ca Gloucester, demy Mag- 
dalen Coll., z^67-7z, RA. 23 Oct., 1570. fellow 
»S7'-78t M.A. 9 Julv, XS74, B.D. 8 July. 1581, sup. 
for licence to preach 158a, vice-president 1578. ex- 
pelled, chaplain of Merton, 'a noted and zealous 
Ramist.' See Bloxam, iv. ijo, 

Barbon, John, s. Eusebv, of Holcott, Northants, pleh 
Exeter Coll.. matria x6 Oct., Z640, aged z6; BA 
7 Feb., X645-6, MJl. X Feb.. X647-8, expeUed by the 
visitors in 1648, vicar of Dallington Z66Z-75, rector of 
Pitsford, Northants, Z670, until his death 23 June, 
z688, buried there. See Aih,, iv. 239; & Bumnes. 

Barbon, John, s. John, of Pit^ord, i^orthants. cler. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 23 March, z682-3.aged 
z6; student of Middle Temple Z687. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Eeg, [96] 

Barbone, Nicholas, arm. Magdalen Hall, matric 

23 July. Z656, aA. Z2 Feb., z658^ See MuDk's 
Roll, 1. 345 : & D,N.B, 

Baroham, Frands (barcam), of Devon, gent. St. 
Alban Hall, matric. z6 Oct, z6oz, aged 15: 
B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. ao June. 1605. 
M.A. z8 March, Z608-9. subscribed as Barcham. 

Barcbam, John ( Barcombe). of Devon, pld}. Exeter 
Coll., matric. 8 Dea, 158/, aged Z5 ; scholar Cor- 
pus Christi Coll. 1588, B.A. 5 Feb., z59o-i, M.A. 
Z2 Dec., Z594, fellow Z596, B.D. 7 July, Z603. D.D. 
Z4 March, z6z5-x6, incorporated at Cambridge 1622 
(as Barkham), eldest son Laurence Barcham. of St 
Leonards, Devon, chaplain to Dr. Bancroft and Dr. 
Abbot, Archbishops of Canterbury, rector and dean 
of Booking, canon of St Paul's x6zo, until his death 
25 March, 16^, buried in the chancel, author of the 
* Display of Heraldry' (Guillim's Heraldry), father 
of George Barkham, of St John's X635. See p. : 
Ath.,m,'\S\ &D.N,B. 

Barolay, Alexander de, poet and divine. See Aih., 
i. 205. [40; 

Baroombe. See also Barkham. 

Baroroft. See also Bearcroft. 

Barcroft, Charles, s. John, of Croydon, Surrey. pl<^ 
Pembroks Coll, I matric. 30 June, i6a6, aged 17. 


Charles Barcmft. 


Isaac Bargrave. 

Barcroft, Charles, s. Robert, of Whvjstone, Middlesex, 
plebi St. Edmund HALL/matic. 26 April, 1688, 
aged sa ; one oC these names vicar of Colyton Raw- 
mgfa, Devon, 1690, and father of Richard 17x2. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 
Barcroftf Hugh, B.A from Stdnst Sussex Coll., 
Cambndge, 1623, incorp. as MA. xo July, 1627, 
D.D., rector of Wyberton, 00. Lincoln, 1638, and 
of South Hykeham 1639, canon of Lincoln x66i 
until his death before 25 Oct, 1669. See Lt Neve, 
XL 217 ; & Foster's Index EccUsiastiaa. 
Barcroftfjohn, s. Ambrose, of Colne, co. Lancaster, 
pleb. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 15 Feb., X632-3, 
aged x8 ; B.A 90 Oct, 1635, M. A 3 July, X638, rector 
of Roughton. oa Lincoln, 16391 See Foster's Index, 
Barorofty John. s. J., of Westminster, arm. Oriel 

Coll., matric. ao March, X673-4, aged 17. 
Baroroft. Paul. s. William, 01 London, doctoris. 
New Coll. matric. 14 Oct, 17x2, aged 18 ; fellow, 
died 8 Jan. , Z7i5*x6, aged 23 (sic). Sm Gutch, , i. 213. 
Barcroft, Richard, s. Charies, of Colyton Rawleigh, 
Devon, cler. Hart Hall* matria 10 April, 17x2, 
aged X9 ; B.A from Merton Coll. X7X6. [6] 

BaiCTOfte, Robert, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Univer- 
sity CoLU, matric. z6 Oct, x6ox, aged 14 ; B.A. 
from Corpus Christi Coll. 90 Jane, X605, M. A x8 
Klarch, 1608-9, R D. x8 June, x6x7, D. D. x8 July, 1623. 
Barcroft, Thomas, s. William, of Barcroft, co. Lan- 
caster, pleb. Brasenosb Coll.. matric 5 Dec., 
1623, aged x8 ; BA. 26 Oct, X626, M.A 7 July, X631. 
See Whitaker's Whall^, ii. 219. 
Barcroft, William, of CO. Lincoln. ' cler. fil.' Corpus 
Christi Coll., matric. o Nov., i62x.aged X7, B.A. 
15 Feb., 1624-5; M.A itQm Pembroice Coll., x 
Jaoe, 1627, vicar of Hawbui:^h, ca Lincoln, X63X. 
See TosXiex's Index Ecclesiastuus. 
Bard, Christopher, gent Wadham Coll., matric. 
8 Dec., 1658, bar.-at-Iaw, Inner Temple, x666, as 
soa of Maximilian, of London, arm. ; brother of 
NathanieL See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 
Bard, Col. Henry, nominated to be created D.C.L. in 
1643, royalist colonel, governor of Worcester, 
educated at Eton and King's College, Cambridge, 
knighted aa Nov., X643, had a warrant for baronetcy 
8 Oct. X644, created Viscount Bellomont x8 July, 
1645, died in x66o. See FasH, ii. 6& [11] 

Bard, Masdmilian, s. Thomas, of London, arm. 
Lincoln Coll.. matric. 26 March, x68o, aged 16 : 
a student of Middle Temple X683, baptixed at St. 
Peter's, Cheapside, X2 Dec., X663, nephew of Chris- 
topher. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 
Bard, Nathaniel, s. Maxim., of London, gent Wad- 
ham Coll., matric. xa July, x66i, aged X7; B.A 
1664, bar.-at-law. Gray's Inn X671. See Foster's 
Grafs Inn Admissions. 
Bard, William, arm. Balliol Coll. . matric. x^ Dec. , 
1651 ; of North Kelsey, co. Lancaster (son of William, 
of East Hall, ca I^ncoln), bom X636, died May, 
Bardner, Richard, 1504. See Ath., I 8. [15] 

Bardolfe, Thomas, fellow of New Coll., x5i8-22. 

from Titchfield, Hants ; B. A X4 Julv, X522. 
Bardsey, George, B.A from Queen^s Coll., Cam- 
bridge, X622. fellow X625, D.D. X638. incorp. X2 
Aug., 1645, vicar of Arkesden, Essex, x6q5. died at 
Oxford in JaxL, 1645, buried 20th in the College 
Chapel of St. Michael's. Northgate, Oxford. See 
Fasti, it. 81 ; Walker's Sufferings, ii. X90 ; & Foster's 
index Ecclesiasticus. 
Bardsey, James created B.D. in convocation, X70ct., 
1643, tector of Hickline. Notts. 1641. See Foster's 
Index ; Fastis ii. 60 ; & Add. MS., X5,67a . 
Bardsley, Philip, s. *Jon,' of Macclesfield, Cheshire, 
pletx orasenose Coll., matric. 29 March, X672, 
aged 28 ; B. A from Hart Hall X675. 
Bardsley, Richard, of Oriel Coll. X669. See 
Beardslet. [20] 

Barfelde, John, of London, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric. 9 July, X585, aged X2. 

Bareflelde, Lewis, of London, pleb. Balliol Coll^ 
matric. -entry under date a May, xqSx, aged x8i 
fellow of Exeter Coll. X583-92. B. A 6 Tufy, 1586, 
M. A a8 June, X589, vicar of Heston, Middlesex, 
X591, and of Great Dunmow, Essex. X594. See 
Foster^s Index Ecclesiasticus h Boose, 48. 
Barefoote, Francis, of Hants, pleb. St. Mart 

Hall, matric. 27 Nov., X58X, aged x8. 
Barfoot, George of Essex, gent ; B. A from Christ's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1576; incorp. from Broad- 
gates Hall 23 Nov., X58X, aged 24, M.A 20 
June, x^82, rector of Fyfield, Essex, X578. 
Barfoot, Henry, gent New Colu, matric 17 July, 
X675 ; B.A X679, M.A. X5 Jan., X682-3, rector of 
Birchanger, Essex, X684. See Fostei's Index. [25] 
Barefoot, James, B.A from Pembroke Coll. 4 

July, 1655. 
Barfoote, Tames, s. William, of Stanton Harcourt, 
Oxon. pleb. Lincoln Coll., matria aa March, 
1677-8, aged X4; BbA x68i. M.A X684. 
Barefoote, John (Barfote), from Hampton, scholar of 
Corpus Christi Coll. X562, B.A 3 April, 1566, 
fellow X566, M.A. 27 May. XS70, B.D. 3 July, X576, 
D.D. X9 Jan., X578Ha, rector of North Cray, Kent, 
X576, of Rand, co. Uncolo. 1583, and of Becking- 
ham X585, archdeacon of Lincoln X58X, canon X582, 
made his will 26 July, X595. proved 28 Jan. following. 
See Le Neve, ii. 47 ; Foster's Index Ecclesiastiau ; 
FasH, i. axo; & O.H.S., xii. 64. 
Barfoot, John, fellow of New Coll. x^-75. from 
Southley. Oxon ; B. A X2 July, X568. M. A. 97 June, 
X572. B.Med. and licenced to practice 8 March. 
1577-81 D.Med. IX July. X581. See O.H.S., xiL 21. 
Barfote, John, s. (John), of Dorset, D.Med. Brase- 
NOSE Coll., matric. 20 May, X603. aged 15 ; B.A. 
from Balliol Coll. 26 Oct, X605, M.A 96 Oct, 
X609, rector and vicar of Itchenstoke, Hants, Z605. 
vicar of Great Ludford. oa Lincoln, 16x3. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [SO] 

Barfoote, John, of co. Lincoln, pleb. BroADOATES 

Hall, matric. 5 (B. A xoth) May, x69o, aged 20. 
Barfootte, Robert, s. H., of Basingstoke, Hants, 
gent New Coll., matric. 13 Aug., x68x, aged 
xo ; BlA 1685, M. A Z4 Jan., X688-9. 
Barfoote, Thomas, s. James, of Staunton Haroonrt, 
Oxon, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 22 Nov., 
1639. aged 17 ; B. A a Dec., 1643, M. A 4 July, X646. 
Barford, Richard, s. Tho., of Wormleighton, co. 
Warwick, minister. Magdalen Coll., matric. x 
Dec., 1669, aged X7; B.A from Magdalen Hall 
X673, M.A X676, rector of Wilton St Mary, Wilts, 
X678, and of Long Newnton X702, brother of the 
next named. See Foster's Index &. Le Neve, il 664. 
Barford, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Wormleighton, co. 
Warwick, minister. Trinitt Coll., matric. xa 
Dec., x66x, aged 17; clerk of MAGDALEN COLL. 
1664.7, RA 1665, chaplain X667-72. M.A x668, rector 
of Fovant, Wilts, 1674-170X. and of Chihnarcke x686- 
XTox. preb. of Salisbury X679. prebcndal vicar of 
North Newnton, Wilts. X674, died in X70X. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Bloxam, ii. 74. [SS] 
Barford, Thomas, B.A. from New Coll. 27 Oct, 
X708, vicar of North Newnton. Wilts, 1711, and of 
Winterboume Stoke 1711, rector of Cbalbury, 
Dorset, X714, vicar of Horton with Knowlton, 
Dorset. 1719. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, . 
Barford, WiUiam. s. John, of Woodloe, co. Warwick, 
pleb. All Souls' Coll., matria 6 Tune, X634, 
aged X9 ; B. A 24 May, X636, M.A 26 March, X639. 
Bar^ave, Isaac (Bargar), EA from Clare Coll., 
Oimbridge, X604 (incorp. as M.A. xa July, x6o8. 
and again 9 July, x6n), D.D. X622 (son of Robert, 
of Bridge, Kent), rector of Cbartham, Kent, chap- 
lain to Prince Charies and when he became king, 
• pastor ' of St Margaret's Church in Westminster, 
canon of Canterbury X622, dean X625. rector of 
Eylhome x6x4, vicar of Tenterden 1626, of Lydd 
X627, and of Chartfaam 1628, until he died Jan., 
X642.3. See¥osXeT'sIndex;£>,NB.;&Fasti,l^S' 


John Bargrave. 

1500=— 1714. 

John Barker. 

Bargrave, John, B.A. from Pehbrorc Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Z032; fellow of Peter House, ejected 1643, 
incorp. as D.D. 10 July. 2663. 'a great traveller,' 
rector of Harblesdown St Michael 1661, and of 
Pluckley, Kent, 1662, canon of Canterbury z66a, 
until he died zz May, z68o, aged 70, buried in his 
Cathedral See FasH, ii. 267 ; & Foster's Indtx. 

Bargrave, Robert, of Kent, arm. University 
Coll., matric 31 Oct., Z617, aged 17 ; B.A. zi 
Feb., Z619-S0 (as Henry), a student of Gray's Inn 
z6i7. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

Bai^grave, Robert, s. Isaac, of Cantert)uiy. doctoris. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric. zo May, Z643, 
aged Z4; a student of Gray's Inn Z640. See Fosters 
Grays Inn Reg, 

Barham, James, s. William, of Rye, Sussex, pleb. 
University Coll., matric 25 June, Z712, aged 20, 
B.A. Z716; M.A. from Ebianuel Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Z725, vicar of Headcom, Kent, Z723. and of 
Bethersden Z728. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Barliam» Robert, of ' Cane,' arm. Balliol Coll., 
matric. ZZ May, z6z5, aged Z7 ; a student of the 
Inner Temple z6i6. as son and heir of Robert, of 
Bough ton Monchelsea, K^nt, gent. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, [5] 

Barke, william, archdeacon ; incorp. as M.A. 28 Jan., 
Z5Z2-Z3. See 0,H,S,t i. 84. 

Barker, Ambrose, B.A. from Christ's Colu, Cam- 
bridge, ZS7Z ; incorp. as M.A. zs July, Z578. 

Barker, Andrew, 'subscribed' zo April, Z635. 

Barker, Antony, of Corpus Christi Coll. 2z Oct., 
Z5Z7, from Berks; fellow Z5Z9. M.A. zoFeb., Z522-3, 
one of these names rector of Wroughton, alias 
Elingdon, Wilts, Z530, vicar of West Ham, Essex, 
Z538, of Borford, Oxon, Z542, and of Burfield, Berks, 
Z547, canon of Lincoln Z540, and of Windsor Z541, 
died about Nov. , Z5^z. See Le Neve, iii. 393 ; & 
Foster's Index EccUstasHcus. 

Barker^ Anthony, of Northanu, gent New Coll., 
matnc. Z4 June, zi;94, aged 20; R A. 20 March, 
Z597-8, M.A. Z5 Oct, z6oz, one of these names 
rector of Heyford Warren , Oxon, Z609. See Foster's 
Index EcclesiasHcus, [10] 

Barker^ Anthony, s. Antony, of Sunning, Berks, 
militis. Trinity Coll., matria 5 Dec., z623, aged 
Z9 ; B.A. 6 Feb., Z625-6, bar.-at-law, Middle l>mple, 
Z633, recorder of Wallingford Z640, and M.P. Z640 
(UP.), until void Z5 Feb., Z640-Z, a justice of the 
peace for Berkshire, brother of Henry z6z5, and of 
Nathaniel z6i8. See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Barker. Christopher, created M.A. 28 Sept, i66^{Cat. 
(jroolr.), query a student of Lincoln's Inn Z64Z, as 
son and heir of Christopher, of Colebrook, Bucks, 
gent , deceased. See Foster^s Inns of Court Reg. 

Barker, Edmund, B.A. from Queen's Colu, Cam- 
bridge; M.A. from Magdalen Hall 31 Oct, 
1649, one of these names rector of Buriton, Hants, 
z66o, and of Chalton Z670. See Foster's Index. 

Barker, Edward, scholar of New Coll. Z564, B.C.L. 
zx July, Z576. See O.H.S., xii. 35. 

Barker^ Edward, of Berks, gent. Bkoadgates Hall, 
matnc. 22 Feb., Z582-3, aged za ; a student of the 
Middle Temple Z59Z, as 5th son of William, of 
Sunning, Berks, esquire. See Fostei's Inns of Court 
Reg, [IS] 

Barker, Edward, of co. Derby, pleb. Lincoln 
Coll., matric. 22 June, z6io, aged z8. 

Barker, Edward, s. Thomas, of Wilstorpe, co. Lin- 
coln, gent St. John's Coll., matric. 3 July, 
z668, aged z8, B.A. Z672 ; M.A. from Christ 
Church 8 March. z674-5, bom z6 April, Z650. 
entered Merchant Taylors' School Z663, a student of 
Gray's Inn Z670. See Robinson, i. 2(S4 ; & Foster's 
Grafs Inn Admissions. 

Barker, Gabriel, of Notts, 'cler. fil.' Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 6 July, z6c4, aged Z9. 

Barker, George, 8. ' Randolphl,' of Dunham-on-the- 
Hill, Cheshire, 'pleb. sent' Christ Church, 
jnatric. a Nov., 16431 aged 34. 


Barker, Henry, of Berks, eq. aur. fiL Broadgate 
Hall, matric 24 Nov. , Z615, aged zy ; i>ossibl| 
a brother of Anthony Z623, son of Nathaniel z6i3. 

Barker, Henry, s. Henry, of Hurst, Berks. Trinit' 
Coll., matric. 5 Dec., Z623, aged z8 ; B.A. 6 Feb. 
Z625-6, M.A. 8 July, Z628 (incorp. at Cambridge 
Z634), fellow of All Souls' College z63r, expellei 
Z648, one of these names vicar of Down ton, co 
Hereford, Z638. See Foster's Index EccUsiasiicii 
& Burrows, Z38. [21 

Barker, Hemy, s. Thomas, of Middlesex, arm, 
Oriel Coll.. matric. 4 June, Z64Z, ^i^cA 16 
bar.-at-law, Middle Temple. Z656, an associate o 
the bench Z663. derk of the Crown in Chancery, hi: 
father Thomas, a bencher of the Middle Temple 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Barker, Henry (or Harry), s. Joseph, of Sherborne, 
Dorset, minister. Trinitt Coll.. matric. i 
March, xtfjor'^, aged z6; B.A. Z676. M.A. 1679, 
B.D. Z689, D.D. Z7Z3. rector of Rotherfield Grtfvs, 
Oxon, Z720. canon of Westminster Z7Z6. until \m 
death 5 Sept. Z740, buried 7th, in Westminstei 
Abbey. See Foster's Index Ecelesiasticus. 

Barker, Hugh, of Northants, 'Gen. Cond.' New 
Coll., matric. 4 March, Z585-6, aged 28 ; fellow 
Z585. B.CL. Z9 Febb, r^9Z-2, D.CL. zy June, 1605, 
practising law in Chichester Z604. advocate 1607, 
chancellor of the diocese of Oxford, dean of Lh<: 
Arches, and presklent of the college of advocates, died 
Z632. See Fasti, i. 307 ; Gutch, i 200- z ; & D.N.B. 

Barker, Hugh, s. Robert, of Great Horwood, Bucks, 
gent New Coll., matric. 90 April. Z627, aged 19 ; 
B.A. Z5 Jan., z^o-z, M.A. 21 Oct., 1634, RMed. 
from St. Mary hall 23 April. Z638, D.Med. fJron 
New Coll. 28 June, Z642 ; of Newbury at the time 
of the Heralds' Visitation Z664, brother of William 
z6a5. and of Robert Z633. [as] 

Barker, Hugh, s. Hugh, of Newbery, Berics, Med. 
Doc. New Coll., matric. 3 July. z668. aged 17; 
bar.-at-law of the Inner Temple Z676. licence 6 March. 
Z679-80, to marry Eliaabeth. daughter of Henr>' 
Whitehead, of 'Tytherle^, Southants, esq. See 
Foster's Judges and Barruters & Gutch, i. 223. 

Barker, James, s. J., of Walthamstow, Essex, der. 
Merton Coll., matric. 9 March, Z7Z0-Z1. aged iS, 
B.A. 2z March, Z7Z5-z6; M.A. from Clare Coll.. 
Cambridge, 1725. See Foster's Index EccUsiistiitu, 

Barker, John, B.A. 27 Feb., z53»-3. See Baker. 

Barker^ John, of Berks, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matnc -entry under date Z5 April, Z580. aged 17. 

Barker^ John, of Berks, arm. Broadgates Hall, 
matnc. -entry under date circa Z58Z, aged 17 ; a 
student of the Middle Temple Z582, as 2nd son d 
William, of Sonning, Berks, esq., and late of New 
Inn. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, |30 ' 

Barker, John, B.A. from Pembroke Hall, Ca(»- 
bridge, ZS79, M.A. from King's Coll. 1583, 
incorp. zz July, Z586. 

• Barrker,' John, of co. Denbigh, pleb. Gloucestes 
Hall, matric. 6 May, zs85, aged zy ; B.A. fron 
Balliol Coll., matric. 6 Feb., Z589-9o, M.A. 
3 March, Z592-3, canon of Llandan Z597. ^ee 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus & Le Neve, ii. 265. 

Barker^ John, of Salop, arm. University Coll, 
matnc. — June, Z596, aged z6 ; B.A. zo Dec, 1597. 
subscribed as ' Berker,' a student of Gray's Inn 1599 
(as son and heir of Rowland, of Hormond, Salop. 
arm.). M.P. Shrewsbury z6oz, baptized at Ufiington 
1579. o.s.p. z6i8, brother of Walter Z599. See 
Foster's Grafs Inn Admissions. 

Barker, John, of Bristol, arm. St. Mary Hall, 
matnc. Z2 Oct.. 1599, aged Z4 ; father of John 1631. 

Barker, John, of Salop, 'cler. fil.' Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 25 Jan., Z604-5, aged Z7 ; B.A. ii 
June, Z605, one of these nanies vicar of Stotterdon, 
Salop, z6z8, of Silvington z6i8, and of Cleobury 
Mortimer z6a4, rector of Pytchley, Northants, 1633. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, [%%] 

John Barker.- 

1500— 1714. 

Thomas BarkeiI. 

Barker, John. s. John, of Bristol, gent Lincoln 
Coll., inatric. 25 Nov., 1631, aged 17. 

Barker, John, am. Exeter Coll., matria zjune, 
1652, ? bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, 1659, as son and 
heir of WiUlam, a master of the bcDch who was son 
and heir of Sir Anthony, of Sonning, Berks, knL 
See Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Barker, John, aim. Christ Church, matric. 18 
March, 1656-7. See Foster's Grays inn Reg, 

Barker, John, arm. Baluol Coll. , matric. a6 Oct , 

Barker, John, s. J., of Over, co. Chester, p. p. St. 
Edmund Hall, matric. aS Feb., z672-3. aged 21. 

Barker, (Sir]^ John, s. J(ohn), of Trimley, Suffolk. 
Merton Coll., matric. 10 Feb., 1673-4, aged z8 ; 
4th baitmet(in 1665?), M.P. Ipswich Dec., x68o-i, 
1685-7, 1689, until ms death in 1696. [6j 

Barker, John, s. Geo., of Drayton, Salop, pleb. 
Balliol Coll., inatric z6 July, Z675, aged Z5 ; 
B.A. Z679. 

Barker, John, ' der. fiL' St. Alban Hall, matric. 
13 July. z68o, aged z6, B.A. Z683 ; M.A. from St. 
Edmund Hall z69a 

Barker, John, B.A. from Emanuel Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Z679, incorp. as M.A. z6 June, Z692. 

[Barker, Joseph, s. John, of Ham, Somerset, pleb. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric. zo March, z6^-8, 
aj^ed Z5.] See next entry. [lO] 

Barker, Joseph, s. John, of Ham, Somerset, pleb. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 9 March, Z637-8, 
aged Z5; BwA. 23 Nov., Z64Z, M.A. z March, Z644-5, 
fellow Z646, expelled Z648, rector of Babcary and 
Almsford, z66o, and of Shepton Beauchamp, S*omer- 
set, z66z, vicar of Sherborne, Dorset, Z663, canon of 
Bath and Wells z66z. See Lt Neve, l z8z ; Foster's 
Index Ecclesiastictts ; & Burrows, 

Barker, Joseph, <der. fiL' Trinity Coll., matric. 
17 Match, Z670-Z, aged z6; demy Magdalen Coll. 
z67a-8, B.A. Z674, M.A. Z677, zector of Buckland 
St. Mary Z677, and of Yarliogton, Somerset. Z679. 
Sec Foster's index Ecclesiasiicus &. Bloxam, v. 

Barker. Nathanid, of Berks, eq. fil. Trinity Coll., 
matnc. 6 Nov., z6z8, aged z8 ; B^A. Z4 June, z62z, 
M.A. from Hart Hall Z7 April, Z624, rector of 
Stoke TUmage, Oxon, Z630, brother of Henry z6x5, 
and Anthony z6a3. See Foster's index Eulesiasticus. 

Barker, Peter, s. Sam., of Wrexham, co. Denbigh, 
pleb. (suhk p.P'). Jesus Coll., matric. 29 Oct., 
1700, .nged zy ; & A. z Feb. , Z704-5, rector of Sudeley, 
CO. Gloucester, zyzz, vicar of Stevington, Beds, Z7Z6, 
rector of St. Mary Old Fish Street, London, Z690. 
See Foster's index Eulesiasticus, 

Barker, Ralph, fellow Gonville & Caius Coll., 
Cambridge, B.A. z666, incorp. as M.A. 22 Feb., 
167 z -2. D.D. Lambeth, incorp. at Cambridge Z692, 
sinecure rector of Llainfawr, ca Merioneth, Z697, 
canon of Bath and Wells Z694, treasurer Z695. died 
6 June, Z708. See Le Neve, i. Z74; & Foster's 
index EcclesiasHcus, flS] 

Barker, Richard, B.A. 30 June, Z5z6, M.A.26jan., 
1519-20, RD. zs July, Z528. 

Borkar, Richard, of Berks, arm. Broadgates Hall, 
matric 19 Jan., Z58X-2, aged Z5. 

Barker, Ridmrd, s. Richard, of Polbrook, Northants, 
der. New Coll., matric. 24 March, z68z-2, aged 
Z9 ; RA. Z685, M.A. Z689, fellow of Winchester, 
rector of St. Maurice & St. Mary, Winchester, Z704. 
See Foster's index EcclesiasHcus &, Eawlinson, ii. 

Barker, Richard, s. Hugh, of Great Horwood, Bucks, 
arm. New Coll., matric. Z9 Feb.. 1705-6, aged 
19 ; a student of the Inner lemple Z705. See F05 vt's 
inns of Court Reg. 

Barker, Robert, of Northants, ger.t. New Coll., 
matric. Z3 Dec., Z588, aged 20: B.C.L. 3 May, 
1595, of Great Horwood, Bucks (son of Robert, oif 
Culworth, Northants), and father of William 1622. 
and Hugh 1627, [20] 

barker, Robert, of Cheshire, pleb. St. Mart Halu 
matric. zo Oct, Z589, aged zy ; RA. 6 Feb., Z593-4. 
See Foster's index Ecclesiasticus, 

Barker^ Robert, of Bristol (city), gent. Oriel Coll., 
matnc. Z3 July, Z604, aged Z5. 

Barker, Robert, s. Robert, of Great Horwood. Bucks, 
genL New Coll., matric. 28 June, Z633, aged 22 ; 
nominated D.D. Z646, but rdfused to t)e created, 
brother of William Z622, and Hugh 1627. See 
Fasti, ii zoa 

Barker, Robert, s. Willkm, of London, gent. Uni- 
versity Coll., matric. az Oct, Z676, aged Z7 ; a 
student of Gray's Inn Z679. See Fostex^s Gray s inn 

Barker, Robert, s. John, of Ipswich, Suffolk, bart 
Merton Coll.. matric. 28 July, Z677. aged z6; 
a student of Gi.i>'s Inn Z679. as of Faulkenham, 
Suffolk. Sec 1- obicr's Gray s inn Reg, & Marriage 
Licences, ed. Foster. [28] 

Barker, Robert, s. R., of Dore Hall. co. Derby, 
gent. Pembroke Coll., matric. zo Oct., zyzo, 

Barker, Robert s. Hugh, of Great Horwood, Bucks, 
New Coll. , matric. ao Sept . Z7Z4, aged Z9 ; B.C.L. 
Z720, D.C.L. Z735, ^car of Adderbury, Oxon, Z735. 
See Foster's index Ecclesiasticus, 

Barker, Roger, B.A. 20 Oct, Z558. fellow of Balliol 
Coll. Z560. M.A. Z2july. Z567, one of these names 
vicar of St Laurence Jewry, London, Z572, and of 
Newbold on Avon, co. Warwick, Z575. See Le Neve, 
i. 637. 

Barker, Roger, s. Roger, of Astwood, Bucks, pleb. 
Christ Church, inatric. 24 Nov., Z637. aged Z9 ; 
B.A. from Magdalen Coll. z6 May, Z64Z. 

Barker, Rowkmd, of Northants, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll., matric-entiy under date Z57Z. aged 20; 
demy Z570-3. See Foster's Grays inn Reg, & 
Bloxam, iv. Z85. tso] 

Barker, Roland, of Salop, pleb. Balliol Coll., 
matnc-entry under date Z575, aged 26 ; of Hagh- 
monde, Salop, sheriff Z585 (son of James, of Hagh- 
mond), father of John Z596. and of Walter Z599. 

Barker, Roland, s. Walter, of Salop, arm. Magda- 
len Hall, matric. 27 Nov., Z640, aged z6. 

Barker, Samud, s. Andrew, of Faiiford. co. Glouces- 
ter, arm. Trinity Coll., matric. Z3 March, z67^-6, 
aged z6 ; of Fairford, co. Gloucester, sheriff zmz, 
M. P. Cricklade, Wilts, Z702-8. See Foster's Parlia- 
mentary iMctionary, 

Barker, Samuel, s. Austin, of Medford, Northants, 
gent Wadham Coll., subscribed z June, Z704, 

aged Z7; B.A. Z3 Feb., Z707-8, died Z7S9. Sc» 
RawHnson, vi. z^ ; Gardiner, 4Z8 ; & D.N.B, 
Barker, Scory, s. Henry, of Chiswick, Middlesex, arm. 

Oriel Coll., matric. zy May, Z667, aged Z5 ; 
bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, Z676, bencher Z69Z, 
Lent reader Z692, treasurer Z702, M.P. Waliing- 
ford z67o-8i, Middlesex z7o^-zo, of Chiswick. See 
Foster's Parliamentary IHctumary, [SS] 

Barker, Simon, s. Tho., of Claines, co. Worcester, 
arm. Oriel Coll., matric. za Oct, z688, aged 


Barker, Thomas, B.A. (sup. Z4 May) Z5zz, M.A. Z5 
June, Z514. 

Barker, Thomas, of Brasenosb Coll,, B.A. 27 Jan^, 

Barker, Thomas, scholar of New Coll. in Z568, 
B.A. 7 Feb., Z57Z-2 (as Parker), M.A. 2z Feb., 
1575-6. See Foster's index Ecclestasticts & O, ii,S, , 
?"i. 12. 

Barker, Thomas, of Berks, arm. Broadgates Hall, 
matric-entry under date circa Z58Z, aged Z3 ; B.A. 
(sup. 5 Nov.), Z584; (? bar.-at-law Middle Temple 
Z5Q4, Lent reader z6z5. treasurer Z623, 3rd son of 
William, of Sonning, Berks, Esq.); father of Henry 
Z641. See Foster's /«4^cr and Barristers & O.N.S. . 
xii. Z25. [^o] 



Thomas Barker. 

1500— 1714. 

Richard Barley. 

•Barker. Thomas, of Nortfaants, fent NbwColl., 
matne. 31 Oct, 2583, aged 19 ; tcbolar 1581, fellow 
until 1608, RA. 99 April, 1587, M.A. 15 Jan., 1590-z, 
lioenoed to preach 21 Oct , 1605, ' late a fellow ;' one 
of these names rector of Heyford Wanen, Oxon, 
X597, and vicar of All Saints with rectonr of St. 
Peter Stamford z6oz, etc. See Foster's Index Eccle- 
siasHcus & 0,H,S,t zii. 143. 

Barker, Thomas, of co. Denbigh, pleb. Baluol 
Coll., matric ^Dec., z6oi, aged 18 ; RA. aoOct., 
Z607, rector of Uandogget, co. Denbigh, z6iz, 
vicar choral St. Asaph 1617, rector of Denbigh 
1624. See Foster's Index EecUsiastiens, 

Barker, Thomas, M.A. Cambridge, inoorp. Z4Tal7,z6o9. 

Barker, Thos., M.A. Cambridge, Incorp. 11 July, 1609. 

Barker^ Thomas, of CO. Yoric, pleb. Christ Church, 
roatnc. 3 July, 1618, aged ao; RA. 24 Feb., 1619- 
90, M.A. 6 ]uly, z6a6. [g] 

Barker, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Chiswick, Middlesex, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 90 Feb., 1634-5, 
aged z6; a student of the Middle Temple 2630. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Barker, Thomas, pleb. P£ubrokb Coll., matric. 
98 June, 1659. 

Barker, Thomas, of Preston, Cheshire, pleb. Brase- 
NO6B Coll., matric zo April, Z685, aged Z9. 

Barker, Thomas, s. Tha, of Daventry, Northants, 
gent. Balliol Coll., matric. za April, Z719, 
aged zy; RA. from Lincoln Coll. 17Z5, M.A. zyzS. 

Barker. Walter, of Salop, arm. Universitt Coll., 
roatnc. za Oct, Z599, aged zy ; a student of Gray's 
Inn z6oz (as son of Rowland, of Hormond, Salop, 
arm.), sheriff of Salop z63z, father of Rowland 1640, 
and brother of John Z596. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. 

Barker, WllUam, demy of Magdalen Coll. Z544-5Z, 
RA. 4 July, Z554, fellow ZSS4.5, ^•^- 3° J«ly. iS73' 
See Fosters Index Ecclesiasitais ; Bhxam, iv. 99, 
135 ; EasH» L Z42; & Le Neue, i. Z78, 909. [n] 

Barker, William, of co. Worcester, pleb^ St. Mary 
Hall, matric-entry under date 97 March, Z579, 
aged z6, RA. 99 Nov., Z58Z ; fellow Oriel Coll. 
Z589. See 0,H,S,, xiu 79. 

Barker, William, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 99 April, Z586, aged 93. 

Barker, William, of St. Mary Hall B. A. 25 Feb., 
Z596^, M.A. 5 July, Z599, licenced to practice 
medicine Z4 July, z6oz, RMed. & D.Med. Z4 July, 
Z607, a learned physician. See O.II.ii,, xii. 202. 

Barker^ William, of Salop, pleb. Balliol Coll., 
matric. az Nov., z^5, aged z8. [&a] 

Barker, William, of c^oex, eq. aur. fil. Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 94 Nov., z6z5, aged z8 ; (?a student 
of Middle Temple z6z4, as son and heir of Anthony, 
of Sunning, Berks, Kt.) See Foster's Inns 0/ Court 

Barker. William, of Bucks, arm. St. Edmund Hall, 
matnc. 4 Dec., z6z8, aged 90 ; B. A. 27 Feb^ , z6ai-2. 

Barker, William, of Bucks, gent. New Coll., matric. 
z5 Felx, Z62Z-3, aged Z9 ; RA. 22 Nov., Z695, M.A. 
6 June, Z629, B.D. 25 May, 1637, D.D. 5 Sept, z66z 
(son of Robert, of Great Horwood, Bucks), fellow 
z6az, expelled by the Parliamentary visitors Z648, 
canon of Canterbury z66o, rector of Hardwick, Bucks, 
z66z, until his death there 26 March, Z669. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus ; FasHt li. 957 ; & 

Barker, William, of London, gent. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 23 March, Z682-3, aged z6. 

Barker, William, arm. St. John's Coll., matric. z 

June, z688. 
Barkham. See also Barcham, p. 68. 



Barkham, (Sir) Edward, s. Robert, of Rowlright, 
Oxon, Bart. Brasenose Coll., matric. Z4 Dec., 
1695, <^^ '5> o^ Wainflete, 00. Lincoln, 3rd 
baronet, died Z3 Feb., Z7ZZ. 

Barkhain. George, zs. John (Barcham), of Booking, 
Essex, S.T.D. St. John's Coll., matric. Z7 Dec., 
Z635, aged Z7; a student of Lincoln's Inn Z637. 
See also Barcham & Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg, 

Barksdale^ Charles, 8. Clement, of Kaunton, ca 
Gloucester, minister. Wadham Coll., matria 17 
April. z668, brother of the next named. 

Barksdale, Chariton, s. Qem., of Nannton, ca 
Gloucester, saoerd. Magdalen Colu, matric 13 
Dea, Z667, aged 15; chorister z663-7a, RA. 1671, 
rector of Hawling, ca Gloucester, 1676. father 
of Clement Z694. See Foster^s Index Ecclesiastutu 
& Bhxam, i. 93. [zs] 

Barksdall, Qement, s. John, of Winchcomtie. co. 
Gloucester, pleb. Merton Coll., matric. 3 Feb., 
z6a5-6, aged Z7; B.A. from Gloucester Hall 

3' Oct, z6a9, M.A. 5 June, Z632. diaplain All 
allows, Oxon, 1637, master of Hereford Free 
School Z637, vicar-choral, and rector of Sl Nicholas, 
Hereford. Z64Z, rector of Nannton and Stow-on-tbe- 
Wold, CO. Gloucester, z66o, bom at Winchcombe 
on Sl Qement's Day. 21 Nov,, 1609, died 6 Jan., 
Z687, buried in chancel ofNaunton, lather of Charles 
and of Charlton. See Atk., iv. 221 ; & /?. AT.B, 

Barksdale, Clement, s. Charlton, of Hawling, ca 
Gloucester, cler. Magdalen Coll., matric. Z9 May, 
Z694, atj^ed 15 ; chorister 1690-8. See Bioxam^ i. 122. 

Barksdale. Frauds, zs. John, of Newberye, Berks, 
arm. Magdalen Hall, matric. iz Oct., 1633, 
aged Z5; B.A. 3 May, Z636, M.A. 9 May, 1639 
(incorp. at Cambridge Z644), D.Med. 8 June, 1649. 
liellow Magdalen Coll. Z648-53 (by psu-Iiamenrary 
commissionen), bursar Z649, vice-ptesident z65a 
See Burrows, 171 ; & Munk s Roll, L 275. 

Barksdale, John, B.A. from Christ Chitrch 23 
June, Z587, .M.A. 90 May, Z590, canon of South* 
well Z593 {96tLe Neve, iii. 437), rector of Harlaxtoo, 
CO. Lincoln, z6zz. See Foster's Index Ecclesias- 
ticus & O.H.S,, zii. Z43. 

Barksdall, John, 'subscribed' z JaiL, Z595>6, B.A. 
from Corpus Christi Coll. 23 July, Z599 ; one of 
these names (of Berks), bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn. 
z6o8, bencher Z633, Loit reader z6a3. See Foster's 
JudMS and Barristers, [30] 

Barksdell, John, 'Gloucester carrier,' privilegiatas 
zz Jan., Z706-7, aged 45. 

Barksdale, John, * carrier.' of Norleach, co. Glouces- 
ter, privilegiatus 4 March, Z670-Z, probably father of 
William Z686. 

Barkesdale, Nathaniel, 'subscribed' z July, Z613, 
B.A. from Brasenose Coll., Z3 Dec., Z615. M.A. 
from St. Mary Hall, 8 July, i6z8. rector of St. 
Martin's, Worcester, Z624. See Fostei^s Index. 

Barkesdale, Richard, B.A. from Trinity Hall, 
Cambridge, z6z8, incorp. as M.A. Z4 July, z6i8. 

Barksdale, Simon, s. Thomas, of Winchester, Hants, 
gent. Corpus Christi Coll., matric a8 Aug.. 
Z634, aged i8 ; B.A. 8 May, Z63S. [S5] 

Barksdale, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Mtchdmarsh, 
Wilts, sacerd. All Souls' Coll., matzic zoDec., 
Z64Z, aged z6. 

Barkesdale, William, student of Christ Church. 
Z57Z, a A. 7 July, ZS73, M.A. 3Z Oct, Z576, sup. 
for licence to preach 28 May, Z58a, vicar of Marsioa 
St. Lawrence, Northants, Z576, of Sireatley. Berks. 
Z584, canon of St. Paul's Z573, of Sarum Z580. of 
York, Z590, and of Worcester Z604, until his death. 
a^ Feb. , Z638-9. See Le Neve ; Foster's Index Ec- 
clesiasticus & 0,H,S,, ziL 29. 

Barksdale, William, s. John, of Oxford (city), pleb. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric Z9 Nov., z624, aged 
Z9 : B.A. Z7 March, z6a6-7. 

Barksdale, william, B.A. from Queen's Coll.. 
Cambridge, incorp. 6 July, Z648, fellow Quekn's 
Coll., Oxon, by visitors Z648, ejected 1660, M-.A. 
29 July, Z650. See Burrows, Z77, 2Z4. 

Barksdale, William, * ser.' Oriel Coll., matric 2^ 
Oct., 1659. f40l 

Barksdale, William, s. John, of Northleach. co. 
Gloucester, p. p. Merton Coll., matric. Z9 March, 
Z685-6. aged Z7. 

Barley, Richard, of Herts, pleb. Broadgates Hall, 
matnc 23 JiUy, Z596,agedz6 ; B^A. a8 Jan., Z599-z6oa 


William Barlee. 

1500— 1714, 

John Barnard. 

Birlee, WiDlam. & John, of London . gent Lincoln 
Coll, matric. 23 March. 1683-4, aged x6 ; a student 
U the Inner Temple x686. See Fostec^s //uu of 

BarlOT, George, s. Richard, of Orton, Westmorland, 
pieb. Queen's Coll., matric. 9 Dec., 1636, aged 
16; B.A8 July, 164X. 

Barlov, Hemy, of co. Derby. BrasenOSB COLL., 

mairic. Z2 Feb.. 1584- c aged aa 
Barlow, James, B.A. 37 Nov., X56a. 

SarloWy John, fellow of Corpus Chkisti Coll. 1517, 
from Essex ; BLA. (sup. 13 Nov.) 1517, M.A 5 July, 
1521. See Foster's Index EuUsiasticus ; Lt Neve, 
ii. 547 ; A 0,H.S,, iv. 351. [S] 

3arlowe, JcAn, of Cheshire, pkb. Hart Hall, 
matiic 31 Oct, 1600, aged 19 ; RA 9 July, 1608, 
minister of Plymouth, Devon, cumte or lecturer at 
Haii&x. SeeWlA.,fl.55i. 

Barlowe, John, of 00. Pembroke, gent jEsus Coll. , 
matric 2 Nov., 1607, aged z8 ; astodent of Middle 
Temple 1605 (as son and hdrof George, of Slebeech, 
CO. Pembroke, esquire), a royalist colonel See 
Foster's Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Barlowe, John, 'sabscribed,' z July, z6z4, BlA from 
Trinity Coll. 37 Nov.. 1617, M.A. 28 June, 1620. 

Barloe, John. B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 19 
Feb., 1630-Z, M.A. x8 March, x633-4. [9] 

Barlowe, K>hn,s. Richard, of Prestwich, oa Lancaster, 
pleb. BRASENOSB CoLU, matric. 9 Dec, X631, 
aged 19 ; RA 23 Oct., 1633, M.A 30 June, X637. 

Barlow, Laurence, of 00. Lancaster, pleb* Brase- 
NOSE CoLU, matric. 3 Nov., 16x5, aged x8 ; B.A 
4 Feb., i6i8-i9, ^^A 2 Nov., X621, rector of Nettle- 
ton, Wilu. 1629. SebFos^jo'z Index EecUsiasHcus. 

Barlow, Paul, s. Rowland, of Jefferson, co. Pembroke, 
gent. Queen's Coll., matric ax Oct, X706, aged 

Barlow, Ralph, of 00. Chester, pleb. Oriel Coll., 
matric April. X594, aged ao ; chaplain New College, 
B.A. la June, X596, M. A. 28 April, 1599 (incorp. at 
Cambridge X604). B.D. from Corpus Christi Coll. 
19 Jane, x6o6, licenced to preach 29 Oct, 1606, D. D. 
II Jane, x6io, rector of Radnage, Backs, x6o6, and 
of Farthingstone, Northants. X609, of Fawley. Hants, 
z6xi. etc, preb. of Lincoln 1608, archdeacon of 
Winchester 1609, and preb. x6iz, dean of Bath and 
Wells i63x. buried in Wells Cathedral 27 July, 163X. 
See Fostei's Index Ecclesiasticus & Le Neve, i. X54. 

Barlow, Randolph. B.A from Pembroke Hall, 
Cambridge, fellow X593, M.A X594. incorp. x6July, 
x6oo, D.D., rector of Ripton Regis, Hunts, x6ox, 
canon of Kildare x6x2-X7, archdeacon of Meath X613, 
<lean of Leighlin 16x4, precentor of Kilkenny 
(? Ossory) x6x5. dean of Christ Church Dublin, 
1618-24, archbishop of Tuam x6a9, until his death 
23 Feb.. x^.8, a^ 66. See Cotton's Fasti Ecc, 
Hib. ft Wood's Fasti, i. 288. 

Barlowe, Richard, of co. Lincoln, 'der. fit' Mag- 
dalen Hall, matric x July, X603. aged 14; 
chorister Magdalen Coll. z6o4-x2. B. A 27 May. 
161 1, one of these names rector of Morton, co. Derby, 
161a. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Blcxam. 

r, '1-47. [15] 

carlowe, Robert, s. 'Randulpbi,' of Ashton, co. 
Chester, pleb. BrASENOse Coll., matric 9 Feb., 
i^37'8. aged 19; B.A 14 Oct, X64Z (subscribed 

Barlow, Thomas, incept as M.A. 2 July, X53Z. 

Barlow, Thomas, s. Richard, of Orton, Westmorland, 
pleb. Queen's Coll., matric z July, 1625. aged 
16 ; R A. 24 July, x630, fellow X633, M.A 27 June, 
^633, B.D. 33 July, X657, D.D. 2 Aug., 1660. provost 
1657, head keeper of Bodley's library 1652-60. lecturer 
of Church HiU. near Burford, Oxon. Lady Margaret 
prof, 1660-76, preb. of Worcester x66o, archdeacon 
o( Oxford X664, bishopof Lincohi i675until hisdeath 8 
Oct., X691, at Bugden, Hunts. See Ath,, i., p. liv., 
iv. 333 ; Fasti, ii. 238 ; Burrows, 74-89 ; ft D,N,B, 

Barlow, William, bishop of St Asaph X535, and St 
David's X536, Bath and Wells X547, and of Chi- 
Chester Z559. father of the next named. See Ath, , I 
^; it £^. 

Banowe, William, of Balliol Coll., RA x Feb., 
X564-5 (s. William, bishop of Chichester), preb. of 
Winchester X581. rector of Easton, Hants. 1577, 
chaplain to PxiaoR Henry, archdeacon of Salisbury 
x6x4. until his death 2^ May, X625, buried in the 
chancd of Easton. See roster's Index Ecclesiasticus/ 
Ath, , it 375 ; & D.NB, fao] 

Barloe, William, B.A from ST. John's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, XS84, M.A X587, fellow Trinity Hall XS90, 
incorp. as D.D. 7 Aug.. x6oi. rector of Orpington, 
Kent X597, canon of St Paul's x597-x6ox, and of 
Westminster x6ox, dean of Chester X603. rector of 
Southfleet, and bishop of Rochester X605, and of 
Lincoln x6o8, until his death 7 Sept, X613, his will 
proved 13 Oct. , 1613, buried at Bugden. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus; Fasti, i. 294 ; & D.N.B. 

Barlow, William, of Sussex, gent Christ Church, 
matric. ao Nov., x6oz, agra x8 ; student i6oz ^from 
Westminster School), B.A 27 June, X605. M.A 30 
May, x6o8, student of the Middle Temple 1608, as 
son and heir of Randolph, of Chichester, Sussex, 
esquire, deceased. See Foster's Gray's Inn Reg, & 
Alumni West,, 7a 

Barlow, William, 8. John, of Petersfield, Hants, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 27 June, X623, aged 18 ; 
R A 6 July, 1626, one of these names rector of West 
Grinstead, Wilts, 163a See Foster's Index. 

Barnaok, Ralph, fellow of New Coll. X49S-1517. from 
Alresford, Hants, M.A 26 April, 1507. registrar of 
the university x^o8-i7 (sup. for B. and D.D. 28 June, 
XS15), RD. 7 May, 1516, commissary or vice-chan- 
cellor x«9, vicar of Adderbury X517, rector of Up 
Clatford x^2. See O.H,S„ i. 52. 

BamalCTll^chard. B.D. 6 March. XS16-17. [as] 

Barnard, Edward, of co. Gloucester, gent St. 
John's Coll., matric 26 June, x6io, aged x6. 

Barnard, Edward, arm. Balliol Coll., subscribed 
7 Nov., X65S. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Barnard, George, ann. Lincoln Coll.. matric 20 
20 March, x65o-i, RA 7 Dec, 1653, M.A. 20 June, 
X656. See Foster's Gray's Inn Reg. & Index EccU' 

Barnard, George, s. G., of par. St Giles, London, 
Middlesex, p.p. St. Mary Hall, matric xi Oct, 
X707, aged x8 ; B.A. 17x1. incorp. at Cambridge, 
1723, M.A. from Emanuel Coll. X723. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Barnard, Henry, RA. X7 Dec, 1576. [30] 

Barnard, Henry, of Somerset, plebw Queen s Coll., 
matric x8 NIarch, X607-8, aged xs ; R A from St. 
Edmund Hall 2 Nov., x6xi, M.A 30 June, i6ia, 
rector of Lufton, Somerset, X614. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Barnard, Hugh, scholar of Corpus Christi Coll. 
IS70-X, fellow 1572, B.A X4 Jan., 1573-4. M.A. 29 
^la^ch, 1577. See O.H.S., xii. p. 36. 

Bamarde, Humphrey, of Salop, pleb. Jesus Coll., 
matric 18 July, X603, aged 26. 

Barnard, Joel, of Oxon, gent Magdalen Coll., 
matric 24 Nov., X58X, aged xs ; demy X580-5. See 
Bloxam, iv. 223. 

Barnard, Joel, of Notts, gent. Magdalen Hall, 
matric. 21 June, i6i6, aged X9; B.A 29 Jan., x6x6- 
X7, M.A 23 Nov., X620, one of these names rector 
of Clewer, Berks, x6s2. See Foster's Index Eccle- 
siasticus. [36] 

Barnard, John (? student of Christ Church X571) : 
B.A 17 Dec, X576, vicar of Pirton, Oxon, X582, 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & O.H.S., xii. 

Barnard, John, of Dorset, ' cler. fil.' Hart Hall, 
matric. 27 April, 1604, aged x8; B.A. xa Nov., 
X607, M.A. 7 July, 16x0. rector of Winterbomc 
Clenston, Dorset, x6i8. Sec Foster's Index EccU- 


John Barnard. 

1500— I7I4, 

Hannibal Barnes. 

Barnard, John, s. Wiliiam. of Harrow-on-the-Hill, 
Middlesex, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 23 
June, z6a6, aged 19 ; B.A. 90 June, 1629. 

Barnard, John, B. A. from St. Alban Hall 5 March, 

Barnard, John, s. John, of RIsington, co. Gloucester, 
gent Lincoln Coll., matric. 3 March, 1637-8, 
aged 15; a student of Lincoln's Inn 1641. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Barnard. John (or Bernard), of Lincoln Coll. ; 
createa B.A. 15 April, 1648, fellow x6^, I7 the 
visitors, M.A. 20 Feb., 1650-1, B. & D.D. 9 July, 
1669 (son John, of Castor, co. Lincoln), a pensioner 
of Queen's Coll., Cambridge, rector of Wadding- 
ton. CO. Lincoln, 1656, and of Gcdney, preb. of 
Lincobi 1673, until his death at Newarke 17 Aug., 
1683, buried in the chancel of Waddiogton, father 
of John Z676. See Ath, Ox., iv. 96 ; Burrows; & 

Barnard, John, gent Queen's Coll., matric. 24 
June, 1653, &A. zx July, 1656. M.A. from Balliol 
Coll. i^ March, 1659-60, as Bernard. [5] 

Barnard, John, s. J(ohn), of Waddington, ca Lincoln, 
doctoris. Lincoln Coll., matric 17 Nov., 1676, 
aged 15, B. A z68o ; fellow of Brasenosb Coll. 
1683-8, MA. 1683, moral phil. lecturer by royal 
mandamus x686, elected 1687, resigned 1689. rector 
of North Thoresby, co. Lincoln, z68i, and of Little 
Ludford St Peters X70Z, and vicar of Kelstem Z702. 
S«^ Foster's ludix JSccHtsiasfUus ; Ath. Ox., iv, 610 ; 
Ileame, L 230 ; ft D.N,B, 

Barnard, Nathaniel, B.A. from Emanuel Coll., 
Cambridge, z6z8, inoorp. as M.A. Z5 July, z638. 
See FaStt, i. ^6. 

Barnard, Nathaniel, of Trinity Coll., B.A. (sap. 
Z9 Oct) Z633. See O.H.S. , vii. 4Z4. 

Barnard, Nathaniel, s. William, of Wokingham, 
Berks, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 28 May, 
z6a4, aged Z5. 

Barnard, Richard (Bernard), of Lincoln Coll. : 
B.A. 29 Nov., X553, M.A. Z7 Dec, ZS56. [iol 

Barnard, Robert, M7A. 24 Oct, Z5X6. 

Barnard, Robert. M.A. Z9 Feb., Z590-I. 

Barnard, Samuel. Magdalen Colu Z607. See 

Bamarde, Thomas, of Southants, pleb. New Coll. , 
matric -entry under date zo Jan., Z574-5, aged 23. 

Barnard, Thomas, of Oxon, 'cler. til.' Christ 
Church, matric 22 Feb., X604-5, aged 18. [15] 

Barnard, William, of London, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric 30 June, Z615, aged 17, B.A. 9 May, 
z6i8 : M.A. from GLOUCESTER Hall 6 July, Z621, 
incorp. at Cambridge Z637. See Add. MS. Z5,669. 

Barnard, William, s. John, of Forthampton, co. 
Gloucester, pleb. Oriel Colu, matric Z5 Oct, 
Z641, aged z6; B.A. z March, Z644-5, M.A. Z4 Dec, 

Barnairdus. See Bernardus. 

Bame, Miles, fellow Peter House, Cambridge, z66z, 
B.A. Z659, M.A. Z663 (incorp. za July, Z664), D.D. 
Z682 (son of Sir WiUiam, of Woolwich, knight), 
chaplain in ordinary to Charles 11., rector of King- 
stone, Kent, Z660-82, vicar of Madlngley, ca Cam- 
bridge, z666-8a, rector of Glaston, Rutland, z683- 
170Z. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticm & Fasti, 
ii. 279. 

Bame, Richard, eq. fil. St. John's Coll., matric. 
za July. X588, aged Z5 ; B.A. z8 April (or May), 
Z59t, of Tangley, Surrey, 8th son of Sir George, of 
London, citixen and lord mayor Z586, died 6 Oct.. 

Z620. [ao] 

Bambye, Charles, of co. York, gent, 'scholaris Mri. 

Case* Jesus Coll.. matric 5 Feb., ZS84-5, aged 

Bameby, Edmund, s. William, of London, Middlesex, 

gent Wadham Coll., matric 27 March, 1707. 

aged Z5 ; RA. Z7Z0, M.A. Z713, vicar of Bar>vick in 

Elmet, Yorks, Z72Z. See Foster's Index EccUsias- 


Bameby, Eustace, of Northanu, militis. fiL 
John^s Coll., matric z6 Nov., Z621, aged z6. 

Bambye, Frauds, of CO. Yoric, gent, 2 July, 15& 
aged za ; Mr. Case's scholar. 

Bamaby, Gabriel, of SaUsbury, gent New Co: 
matric 3Z July, Z677, <^S^ z8 ; B.A. z68x, M 
Z4 Jan., Z684-5, proctor Z694, rector of Wyke and 
Woolverton, Hants, Z697. See Foster's Imdex EaU^ 
siasticus, [z 

Bamby. James, 'subscribed' 15 Oct., Z654. 

BamaDie, John, of Bucks, pleb. Magdalen Hau« 
matric -entry under date 22 Dec, Z576, aged 15. 

Bamaby, John, of Wilts, gent Balliol ColUi 
matric 9 Oct, Z584, aged z6. 

Bamaby, John, • subscribed * 29 Oct , Z58S. 

Bameby, John, of ca Worcester, ann. Brasen'Oi 
Coll., matric z6 June, z6zo, aged Z7. [30] 

Bameby, John, s. *Kichard. of Brockhampton, ak| 
Hereford, arm. Christ Church, matric 19 May,] 
1702, aged Z7; a student of Lincoln's Inn 1703^ 
and died Z726. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. \ 

Bameby, Nicholas, s. Ric, of Brockhampton. co. 
Hereford, gent Christ CntntCH, matric. zi Feb., 
1695-6, aged Z5 ; a student of the Middle Temple 
Z696, and died about Z70Z, brother of the last namei 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, I 

Bameby, Nicholetts, s. John, of Canon Pion, ool' 
Hereford, arm. Balliol Coll., matric zi Not., 
Z664, aged 20; of the Hill-in-Bockleton, ca Wof', 
cester. J .P. , baptized 2a April, Z644. ' 

Bameby, Richard, s. John, of Brockhampton, ca 
Hereford, gent Christ Church, matric 17 Jo]/. 
Z663, aged Z7 ; B. A. Z667, of Brockhampton, baptind I 
there Z5 Oct, Z644, bar.-at>law. Middle Temple, 
Z679, died Z4 Feb., Z7Z9-ao, father of John and 
Nicholas. Seis Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Bameby, Thomas, of co. Hereford, arm. fil. nat. 
max. Brasenose Coll., matric 3 June, 1603, 
aged z6 ; a student of the Middle Temple x6o6, as 
son and heir of Robert, of Lawton, co. Hereford, 
esquire. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, [3S 

Barnes, Barnabye, of Yorks, Episcopi fiL Brase- 
nose Coll., matric 8 July, Z586, aged Z7 (son of 
Richard, bishop of Durham) ; * Ivrist,' buried in the 
church of St Mary-le-Bow, Durham, in Dec, 1609, 
brother of EmanueL See Surtees' Durham^ L. 
botxii., & iii. 355 ; Atk., ii. 47 ; & D.N,B. 

Barnes, Bartholomew, s. Edward, of All Hallovs, 
Honey Lane, London, gent Magdalen Hall. 
matric 20 Oct., Z636, aged z6 ; B.A. 23 Jan., 1629- 
30, M.A. ao Oct, z63a. 

Barnes, David, s. Humphrey, of Horsington, Somer- 
set, pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric 30 June, 
Z665, aged z8. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Barnes, Emanuel, 'Episcopi Dundm,' fiL Magda- 
len Coll., matric. -entry under date 20 Dec, 1577. 
aged z6 ; B.A. 27 May, Z579 (S.S. professor Basle 
University). M.Al 29 May, Z58Z, incorp. at Cam- 
bridge Z587, canon of Durham Z585, and of York 
z6oa, rector of Houghton4e-Spring Z584, of Wol- 
singham, co. Durham, Z587, and of Ciayke. Yorks, 
z6z2, died in Z6Z4, brother of Bamafay. Seie Fasti, 
i. az8 ; & Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Barnes, Frands, 'subscribed' 22 June, z6zo. [ftO] 

Barnes, Francis, s. Rowland, of Sapey, ca Heretord. 
paup. St. Alban Hall, matric 8 July, z68i, 
aged z8 ; B.A. Z685, rector of Stoke Lacy. co. 
Hereford, Z690. See Foster's Index Ecctesias- 

Barnes, Gabriel, of Devon, gent Magdalen Hall, 
matric 26 Oct, z66o; of Honiton, t)ar.-at-law, 
Inner Temple, z668. Ucenoe 23 Nov., Z674, to 
marry Prudence Amory, of St Bride's, London, 
spinster. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Barnes, Hannibal, s. Hannibal, of Ansty, Wilts, pleb. 
St. Alban Hall, matric Z4 July, z626, aged ao ; 
B.A. 26 Jan., z6a9-3o, M.A. 20 Oct, Z632. rector of 
Oving, Bucks, z66o. See Foster's Index Eulesias* 


• -^ 

Henry Barnes. 

1500 — 1714. 

Humphrey Barnett. 

Barnes, Henry, of Dorset, gent New Coll. , matric. 
7 April, 1609, aged aa 

Barnes, Henry (serviens). s. Antony, of Witton-le- 
Wear, 00. Dcrbam, pleb. ; privilegiatus 13 Aug., 
1637* aged 35; 'fomulus Ven. Viri Doris. Potter 
CotL Rc^. PkiepositL' 

Bames, James (Bame), B.A. 13 March, 1507-8. 

Barnes, John (Bamjrs, or Barons), chaplain of Mag- 
dalen Coll. 1539, B.A. 20 Oct, 1540, M.A. (sup. 
Febi), Z545-6. See Bloxam, ii. 127. 

Barnes, John (Bamesse), of Christ Church 1551, 
RA. z Dec., 1553, M.A. 4 Nov., 1557, possibly (the 
brother of Richard) chancellor of Durham Cathe- 
dral, one of these names rector of Haughton-le- 
!>keroe, co. Durham, 1578. See Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus & Longstanfe's Darlington, bocxi. [5] 

Barnes, John, of Oxoo, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
maihc 35 Oct, 1589, aged za. 

Barnes, John, 'stationanus,' s. Roger, of Oxford 
(city), ' stationarii ' ; privilegiatus 24 March, z6a6-7, 
aged 33. (Memo.: J. B., bookseller, admitted at 
Oxford z6 Nov., Z674.) 

Barnes, John (or Bamesius), Z630-Z. See AtA. Ox,, 

Barnes, John, pleb. St. Mary Hall, matric 26 
Nov., 1650 ; B.A. 29 May, Z651. 

Barnes, John, B.A. from Emanusl Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Z664. M.A. 1668 ; incorp. 13 July, Z669. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiastiau» [&0] 

Barnes, Joseph, s. Robert, of Grajres, Ozon, sacerd. 
Magdalen Hall, matric Z3 April, Z632, aged Z7 ; 
B.A. 24 Oct, Z634, M.A. Z5 June, Z637, incorp. at 
Cambridge 1639, vicar of hast Ilsley, Berks, Z639, 
father of Robert Z665. See Foster's Index EccUsi- 

Barnes, Joseph, a. Robert, of East Ilsley, der. 
Wadham Coll., matric 7 July, Z693, aged Z7 ; 
B.A. Z696, M.A. Z698, chaplain z697-9, one of 
these names rector of Frin^ord, Oxon, Z726-53. 
See Foster's Index EceUsiastuus & Gardiner, 376. 

Barnes, Joshua, sisir of Emanuel Coll. , Cambridge, 
IX Dec, Z671, B.A. 1675, fellow Z678, M.A. 1679, 
B.D. z686, regius professor of Greek 1695 ; incorp. 
9 July, Z706, died 3 Aug., Z7Z2, buried at Heming- 
tord, Hunts. See Dictionary of National Bio^ 

Barnes, Martin, created B.A. vj Oct, Z643, in con- 

Barnes, Nathaniel, s. William, of Whitboume, co. 
Hereford, gent jESUS CoLL., matric. zi Feb., 
1706-7, aged 17; B.A. Z7Z0, M.A. Z715, vicar of 
Ombersley, co. Worcester, Z722. See Foster's 
Index EccUnasticus, [&6] 

Barnes, Peter (Bamis or Barons), B.A. 33 Oct., Z526, 
M.A. (sup. 26 May) Z528. (Mema : adroon. at 
Oxford for Peter Bames, B.A., z8 July, Z528.) 

Barnes, Richard, fellow of Brasenose Coll. Z552, 
B.A. I Feb., Z553-4, M.A. zo March, ZSS6-7 (B.D. 
Cambridge), created D.D. za Feb., Z570-80 (son of 
John Barnes, of Bold, co. Lancaster), rector of 
Stanegrave and Stokesley, Yorks, chancellor of York 
Minster Z56Z, and canon residentiary, suffragan 
bishop of Nottingham Z567, bishop of Carlisle 1570, 
and of Durham isp'67, died 24 Aug., Z587, father 
of Bamabye and Emanuel. See Foster's Yorkshire 
Visttatians, p. 50 ; Ath,, ii. 826 ; Fasti, i 2Z5 ; 
Cooper, iL zs; & D.N.B. 

Barnes, Richard, of Oxon, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric z6 April, 1591, aged Z7 ; servus Mr. Den- 

Barnes, Robert (Bame or Baron), B. A 6 May, Z534, 
fellow of Merton Coll. Z538, M.A. 29 July, 154T, 
EMed. sup. Z547-8, created D.Med. 27 Aug., 1566, 
Linacre lecturer Z558, his will proved at Oxford la 
Dec, Z604. See Fasti, L Z76 ; Ath,, 45 ; & O.H.S,, 
iv. 338, 

Barnes, Robert, of Oxon, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric Z3 March, Z589-90, aged Z3 ; chorister Z590, 
demy Z59Z, RA. 27 May, Z597, fellow Z597-Z612, 
M.A. 3 Tuly, z6oz (incorp. at Cambridge Z604), 
B.D. and licenced to preach 6 July, z6zo (son of 
Joseph Bames, printer to the University), rector of 
Swynoombe, Oxon, z6o6, and of Rotherfield Greys 
z6z2, and possibly rector ol East Ilsley, Bucks, z63a 
See Fosters Index Ecclesiasticus ; Bloxam, L 24 ; 
&/•«/», L 339. [ao] 

Barnes, Robert, s. Joseph, of Hsley, Berks, minister. 
Pembroke Coll., matric. zo March, Z664-5, aged 
17 ; B.A. z668, M.A. Z67Z, rector of Faraborough, 
Berks, Z677. father of Joseph Z693. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Barnes, Robert, s. ' Philoth,' of Dunnington, co. Lin- 
coln, pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric 3 Nov., Z676, 
aged z6 ; B.A. z68o, M.A. z6iB6, RD. Z69Z, vicar of 
I^ngtoft, CO. Lincoln, Z687, and of North Somer- 
cotes Z692. See Foster's Index Ecclesicuticus. 

Barnes, Samuel, s. Thomas, of Longdon, co. Worces- 
ter, cler. Balliol Coll., matric z March, Z7i3- 
Z4, aged z8 ; B.A. Z7Z7, M.A. Z7az, vicar of Ashton 
Keynes, Wilts, Z735. See Foster's Index Ecclesias- 

Barnes, Thomas (or Baren), RA. (sup. 14 Jan.) 
Z5Z0-ZZ, M.A. June, Z5Z8 (as ' Barons'). 

Barnes, Thomas, of CO. Worcester, arm. Trinity 
Coll., matric-entry under date Z573, aged 18. 

Barnes, Thomas, of Berks, pleb. All Soul's Coll., 

matric 8 July, Z586, aged 32; B.A. 9 Nov., Z587. 

M.A. 5 July, Z594, then in orders. [26 1 

Barnes, Thomas, of Wilts, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 

matric 9 May, 1595, aged Z7 ; RA. 30 Oct, 


Barnes^ Thomas, of Dorset, pleb. New Coll., 
matnc 25 Oct, Z605, aged Z9. 

Barnes, Thomas, gent Oriel Coll., matric Z3 
July, z66a See Foster^s Inns of Court Reg. 

Barnes, Thomas, s. Joh., of Hereford (city), p. p. 
Balliol Coll., matric 7 March, Z70^-o, aged z8 ; 
B.A. Z709, M.A. Z7Z3, vicar of Woolhope, co. 
Hereford, Z7a9, rector olf Moreton-upon-Lugg Z739, 
canon of Hereford Z736. See Le Neve, L 526 ; & 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [so] 

Barnes, William (Bamys, Baron, or Barons), B.A. Z5 
June, Z544, of Christ CntJRCH ZS47, M.A. Z547, 
RD. (sup. 2Z July) Z556, one of these names rector 
of Waddesdon, Bucks, zst portion, Z555. and por- 
tion Z562. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Barnes, William, s. WiUiam, of Talton, co. Worces- 
ter, gent Wadham Coll., matric 7 Nov., Z634, 
aged z6. 

Barnes, William, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 
37 Nov., z6?o; RA. 37 June, Z654, M.A. Z4 May, 
Z657. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Barnes, William, s. William, of Cudwortb, co. 
Warwick, ann. New Coll., matric 6 July, z683, 
aged z6. 

Barnett, Benjamin, s. Constantine, of Rowleston 
Park, CO. Stafford, pleb. Merton Coll., matric 
Z4 Dec, z668, aged z8 ; B.A. Z672, M.A. z6^5, 
B. & D.D. Z701, vicar of Bishop "Tawton, Devon, 
z686. of Plumstead, Kent, Z693, canon of Glouces- 
ter Z69Z, until his death in Z707. See Le Neve, 
i. 450 ; Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [35] 

Barnett, Daniel, s. Richard, of Aston, co. Chester, 
p.p. Brasenose Coll., matric z July, 1676. 
aged z8 ; rector of Baddiley Z69Z. until he died 7 
May, Z736, buried at Wrenbury. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus & Rawlinson, xvi. Z37. 

Barnett, Gilbert See Burnet. 

Barnett, Humphrey, s. H(umphrey), of Downton, co. 
Hereford, cler. Christ Church, matric z6 April, 
1698, aged z8 ; B.A. Z701. his father instituted vicar 
of Downton 1675. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastic 


John Barnett. 

1500 — 1714, 

John Baron. 

Bamett, John, s. Jos., of Ironbridge, Salop, p. p. 

Balliol Coll., nmtric 17 April, 1673, aged ao. 
Bamett, Nehemiab, a. Humiley, 01 Manchester 

isic), Salop, saoerd. Nkw Inn Hall, inatric. 25 

Nov., x^, aged ax. 
Bamett» Thomas, a. Jos., of Walton, co. Derbjr, 

gent. All Souls* Coll., matric. 9 Nov., 1694, 

aged 17, derk 1694, B.A. 23 March, 1697-8; M.A. 

from St. Mary Hall 1701. XawHmsom, v. 4x9 ; 

XX. 47. 
Bamewall, Robert, 'subscribed' 93 Feb., 1593^ 

See also Barnwell ft Foster^s Grays Inn Reg, 
Barney, Francis, s. Job., of King's Norton, co. 

Worcester, der. Gloucester Hall, matric. 24 

Feb., 1707-8, aged X7 ; a A. 171X, M.A. 17x4. [sj 
Barney, John, s. J., of Worfield, SaJop, p.p. St. 

Alban Hall, matria 3 July, X674, aged vj \ 

perhaps father of the last named. 
Barney. Theophilus. s. Frands, of Worfidd, Salop. 

sacerd. Pembroke Coll., matric. 18 March, 

X635-6, a|[ed xo ; B. A. 5 Julv, 1639, his father in- 
stituted vicar ot Worfidax3 Oct, 16x7. 
Barney. Timothy, s. Francis, of Worfield, Salop, 
' saoerd. Pembroke Coll., matric 30 June, 1637, 

aged x8 ; B.A. 13 May, X64X, brother of the last 

Barney, William, EA. from Christ Church, 13 

Oct., 1715. See Cat, Grads, 
Bamfleld, John, s. Abr., of Buddand Braer, Devon, 

gent. Exeter Colu , matric. x April, 1664, aged x8. 
Bamefelld, Richard, of 00. Stafford, gent. Brase- 

NOSE Coll., matric 27 Nov., X580, aged 15; B.A. 
K Feb., X59I-2, (s. Richard, of Norbury, co. Staf- 
ford), a poet, of Dorlestone, parish of Stone, co. 

Stafford, buried in the Church of St Michad, Stone, 
6 March, 1627. See AiJL, i. 683 ; D.N.B. [&l] 
Barnbam, Benedict, of St. Alban Hall in or 
before 1572 (s. Frands, of London, merchant and 
alderman h M.P. Minehead 1588-9, and Yarmouth. 
Isle of Wight, X597-8, alderman of Bread Street 


Ward X591, sheriff of London and Middlesex 1591, 

Bamham, Rpger (Bamam), B.A. sup. March, X527. 

Bamsby. WilUam, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 
28 April, x6<9. 

Bamsby, William, s. William, of Bridgwater, Somer- 
set, paup. Wadham Coll., matric 14 July, X683, 
aged x6 ; B.A. from St. Alban Hall X687. rector 
of Thorpe Abbots, Norfolk, 1689, vicar of Wemb- 
don, Somerset, 1693, until his death in X7X5. See 
Foster's /mtex Eccusiasticus, [&6] 

Eamsdale, John, s. John, of Woodford, co. Glouces- 
ter, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. xx Mardi, 
X635-6, aged 17 ; RA. 24 Oct, X639, M.A. 23 June, 

Bamsley, Reginald, Benedictine, B.Can.L. 8 July, 
1527 ; one of these names rector of Upper SweU, 
CO. Gloucester, X554. See Foster's Index. 

Bamesley, Thomas, of Oxon, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric, x6 Oct, X584, aged x8; B.A. from 
Magdalen Coll. 7 Feb., X588.9; one of these 
names rector of Tumaston, 00. Hereford, X604. See 
Foster's Index EcclesicuHcus, 

Bamsley, Walter, of Salop, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric. -entry under date 20 July, 1578, aged 
18 (or x6 ?); B.A. X3 March, 1581-2, rector of 
Rustiodc, ca Worcester, X787. See Foster's Index, 

Bamsley, William, Benedictine, sup. for B.D. in 
Dec, 1508. See OM.S.^ i. 43. [ao] 

Bamstone, John, of Cheshire, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., mairic. -entry under date 3 Nov., X58X, aged 
18 ; B.A. xy June, 1585, M.A. xi July, x^89. B. and 
D.D. xy June, x6x5 (s. William, of Churton 
Cheshire), preb. of SalisDunr x6oo, rector of Ever- 
leigh, Wilts, X598, and of Winterslow, Wilts. 1635, 
di«i 30 May, X645, at Everton, Wilts. See Fasii, 
I 363 ; DM,B, ; Foster's Index BccUHasticus, 

Bamston, Trafford, 8. Trafford, of Corrington, ca 
Chester, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric 30 
April, X697, aged 15. See Oimenxf s Cheshire, li 


Barnwell, Henry. EA. from Pembroke Coll.. 
Cambridge, X584, inoofpi as B.Dl 22 June, 1611. 
rector of Banning, Kent, 1693. ^^ Foster's Index 

Barnwell. John, s. Christopher, of London, Middle- 
sex, pleb. Exeter Coll., mairic 13 Dec, 162^ 
aged x8 ; B.A. xy Feb., X625-6. 

Barnwell, Robert, X594. See Barnbwall. [25] 

Bamwelh Thomas, s. William, of Milbrook, Beds, 
der. Christ Church, matric 3 April. X704, aged 
X7 ; B.A. X7o8, M.A. xyxx. 

Bare. Peter, or Cambridge, D.D., incorp. xx July, 1576, 
a French refugee (son of Stephen Baro and Ptiilippa 
Petit, his wife). B.C.L. Bourses 9 April. X556. of 
TRINITT Coll., Cambridge, Lady Margaret pro- 
fessor of divinitT X574-96, and incorp. B.C.L. 3 
Fd)., Z575-6, and created D.D. X576, died in Loo- 
don April, X599, buried in St Olave's* Hait Street 
See Fasti, L 203; & D.N,B, 

Bare, Samuel See Bavo. 

Baron, Andrew, fellow of Peter House, Cambridge 
&A. 1664. M.A. x668, incorp. X3 July, X669. 

Baron, Bartholomew, s. George, of Limerick, Irdasd, 
gent Queen's Coll., matric 2 March. 1675-6. 
aged x8 ; B. A. from Queen's Coll. 1679, brother 
of John same date [SO] 

Barron, Benjanrin, 8. Benjamin, of London, geot 
Christ Church, matric 26 June, 1640, aged 

Baron, Charles, 8. James, of London, arm. St. 
John's Cotx., matric. ax Nov., 167X, aged 17. 

Baron, Christopher, gent Exeter Coll., matric 
XX Dec, X658, a student of the Inner Temple 165S, 
as of Egloskerry, Cornwall, gent See Fosters 
Index EcelesiasHcus, 

Baron, Ellis, s. Job., of Eglodceny, Cornwall, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric. 23 Nov., x666. aged iS; 
scholar x667-9. See Gardiner^ 264. 

Baron, George, of co. Lancaster, pldx Exetts 
Coll., matric -entry under date 3 Dec., X575, aged 
26^ [8S] 

Baron, George, s. G., of Tintagd, Corowall. pleb. 
Pembroke Coll., matric x March, x69i-a, aged 
X9; B.A. 1695. 

Baron, Geoige, s. Job., of Hathdedge, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric 7 March, X705-6, aged 17: 
B.A. 1709, M.A. X7X2, rector of Honeychurch, 
Devon, X7ia, and of Trevalgo, Cornwall, X7'24. See 
Foster's Index EulesiasHcus, 

Baron, Henry, B.A. 25 Fd)., Z539-30- 

Baron, Henry, pleb. Oriel Coll., matric z March. 

Baron, Henry, s. James, of London, arm. St. John's 
Coll., matric. 30 Oct, X67X, aged X9. [fto! 

Baron, James, of co. Lancaster, pleb. St. Johns 
Coll., matric X4 June, 1594, aged 19; B.A 35 
Febk, X597-8. 

Barron, James, s. George, of Plymouth, Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric 20 March, z634>5, ^f^ '^ ' 
B.A. 30 Oct, X638, M.A. 3 July, zof^x ; fdlow of 
Magdalen Coll. X648, ordered 8 June, x&tQ. to 
be created B.D. when he pleased, incorp. at Cam- 
bridge X650, one of the visitors x6u, minister of 
Hendred, Berks, until ejected by the act of uni- 
formity, died hi X683. See Fasti, ii. 147 ; Calami, 
i. 288 : & Burrows. 

Baron, John, gent Exeter Coll. , matric 23 July, 16^6. 

Barron, John, s. Hartgill, of Windsor, Berks. St. 
John's Coll., matric xo March, X667-8, aged 16 ; 
a student of Middle Temple x67a See Foster's Inm 
0/ Court R^, 

Baron, John, s. George, of Umeridc, Irdand, gent 
Queen's Coll., matric 2 March, X675-6, aged 19: 
B.A. 1679, ^'A- i^^i brother of Bartholomew, same 
dP4e. IftS] 


John Baron. 

1500— I7I4, 

Miles Barrett, 

Baron., Joho. s. J., of Henley, co. Worcester, p,p, 
Baluol Coll., iiiatric zi May, x686, aged z6; 
a A. 1 Mardi, 1689-90, M.A. 1692, RD. 1700. D.D. 
8 Feb., Z704-5, master 1705-22, ▼ioe-chancellor 1715- 
18, preb. of Bristol X713, rector of Heath, Oxen, 
1713. died in collie ao Jan., ZTSz-a, his will 
proved at Oxford a6 Feb., Z72Z.3. See Hearrn, \. 
13^; RawHmjon, iv. 193 ; GuUh, i Z03 ; & Foster'i 
Index Eceksiasiicus, 

Baron, John, s. WUliam, of Egloskerry, Cornwall, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric. 8 March, 1697-8, a^ed 17 ; 
a A. 1701. fellow 1703-X3, M. A. 1704, rector ox Duloe, 
Conwall, 1705, See Boast, 87. 

Barron, John, s. L,of Haverfordwest, ca Pembroke, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. z6 March, 1705-6, aged 
16 ; EA. 8 March, Z709-ZO, M.A. Z7xa. 

Barron, John, s. Mich., of Frooester, ca Gloucester, 
plebi Wadrah Cou., matric. 24 July, 27x3, aged 
15; B.A. 17x7. 

Baron, Lyond, zs. Christopher, of London, arm. St. 
John's Coll., matric. ao Oct., z696, aged 15 ; born 
27 March, x6io, entered Merchant Taylors' School 
1621. See Xobinson, i. X04. [§J 

Baron, Miles, alias Fitzgerald, Ushop of Ossoiy 2527. 
Sec Ath., ii. 757. 

Baron, Robert, s. George, of Plymouth, Devon, gent. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 25 Nov., X63X, aged 17 ; 
Ur.-at-law, Middle Temple, Z64X. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Baron, Samuel, a. John, of Harley, co. Worcester, 
pieb. Balliol Coll., matric. zz March, Z694-5, 
aged 15 ; B. A. 1698, M.A. X70Z. 

Baron, Walter (or Bazne), RA. X5 Feb., Z533.4, M.A., 
13 Dec , x5^, one of these names rector of Little 
Critcbell, alias More Critchell, Donet, Z545. See 
Foster's Index EcclesiasHcus. 

Barons. See also Barnes. [&0] 

Barons, Christopher (Bemys), feUow of Exetek Coll. 
1500, M. A. 8 March, 1507-8. See Boose, 28. 

Barons, Robert, fellow of New Coll. 1520-3, from 
Fovant, Wilts; B.CL. (sup. 22 Nov.), X527, a 
teacher at Eton. 

Barons, Wilham, master of the Rolls X502, and bishop 
of London X504-6. See Ath„ 11. 694 ; ft Foss* 

Barradale. ^ Baxsooale. 

Barrel!, Bartholomew, plelx Exeter Coll., matric. 
3 April, 1658. [15] 

Barrell, Edmund, s. Frands, of Rochester, Kent. pleb. 
HitAS£N0S£ COLL., matric 6 April, 1693, aged 16 ; 
B.A. 1696, M.A. 1700, bom 3 Julv, i^, rector of 
Kiiigsdown, Kent, xtoo, preb. of Norwich 1702, and 
of Rochester X705, vicar of Sutton-at-Hone 1706, 
rector of Fawkham X712, vicar of Boxley 1720, died 
13 March, X765, brother of Francis 1680. See 
roster's Index Ecelesiasticus \ & Rawlinson, vi. Z4Z ; 
x>i. 129. 

Barrell, Edward. See Barrett. 

Barrell, Frauds, s. (Frands), of Rochester, Kent, 
seT)L-at>law. Brasenosb Coll., matric 25 June, 
1680, bar.-atlaw, Middle Temple, z686, bencher 
1707, M.P. Rochester Z70z-a, brother of Edmund 
1693. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

\ Robert, of Somerset, pleb. St. Mart Hall, 
matric 17 Oct, z6oo. aged z8 ; B.A. from Brase* 
nose Coll. Z5 Feb., Z603-4, M.A. zo July, 1607, 
rector of Boughton Malherbe, z6zz, and of Ailing- 
too, Kent, Z625. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Barrell, Robert, s. Robert, of Maidstone, Kent, 
sacerd. MAGDALEN COLU, matric 28 June, Z633, 
aged Z7 ; demy z63z-4, B.A. Z3 May, z6q4, fellow 
^^4St M.A. 3Z Jan., Z636-7, died x8 May, Z645, 
ftdmintstration granted at Osdbrd 3 March, 1652. 
See Bloxam, v. X29, [ao] 

Barrett, ( ) created M.A. 2 Dec, X642. 

Barret, Adam, EA. from Trinity Coll., z July, Z589. 
rector of Wootton, Isle of Wight, 1C89. father of 
Johni623. StcFosiUa^s Index Bcclestasticus. 


Barrett, Arthur (servlens). s. William, of Maidstone, 
Kent, pleb., p. p. Mbrton Coll., matric Z4 Nov., 
x66z, aged x8. B.A. x666; M.A. from Christ's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1680, rector of Sutton Waldron. 
Dorset, X676, and of Caundle Bishop z68o. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Barret, Edward, B.A. Cambridge Z552, M.A. Z555, 
inconp. 2^ July, Z560, fellow of Eton Coll. Z563. 
See Fasti, 1. Z59. 

Barrett Edward, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric. -entry under date 3 Dec, Z575, aged Z5. 

Barrettf Edward, of Essex, arm. QimEN's Coll., 
matric Z7 March, Z597-8, aged z6 ; (son of Charles, 
of Belhouse, Essex), a student of Lincohi's Inn x6oo, 
knighted Z7 April, z6o8, M.P. Whitchurch Z6Z4, 
and Newport 162Z-2, chancellor of the Exchequer 
and P.C. Z628, created Baron Bairett of Newburgh 
In Scotland 17 Oct, Z627, buried at Aveley 2 Jan., 
1644-5 ; see Walter, same date. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. [ae] 

Barrett. Edward, of Wilts, arm. 'fil. nat. max.* St. 
Johns Coll., matric 30 Ma^^, 1617, aged X7; a 
student of the Middle Temple z6zo, as son-and-heir 
of Nicholas, of Tytherton Lucas, wUts, gent. See 
Foster's Inns cf Court Reg, 

Barrott, Edward, a. Edwazd, of Brigbtwitch (? Droit- 
wich), ca Worcester, gent Trinity Coll. , matric 
4 June, Z64Z, aged Z7. 

Barret, Edward, s. Mich., of Pyecombe, Sussex, cler. 
Lincoln Coll., matric za March, x6q3-4, aged z6 ; 
B.A. 93 Feb., z697-8, twin brother of Serenus and 
brother of Micfaad 1689. 

Barrett, Ent, jr.s. Paul, of London, equltis. Trinity 
Coll.. matric Z5 May, Z70Z, aged ly ; half-brother 
of George z68a See Le Neve s Knights. [so] 

Barrett, George, s. Thomas, of Norile, Oxon, * privi- 
legiatus.' 28 Nov., Z662, aged ao; 'serv. to Dr. 
Bailey, vice-chancellor.' 

Barrett, Geoige, s. Paul, of ' Cantoar,' arm. TRiNirr 
Coll., matric. 26 March, z68o, aged zy; bar.-at- 
law, Gray's Inn, Z687. bencher Z707, died 1709, 
buried in chancel of St Margaret's. Canterbury; 
half-brother of Ent See Foster's Judges and Bar- 

Barrett, George, s. John, of Churchlench, co. Wor- 
cester, der. Balliol Coll. , matric 26 Oct , Z7Z4, 
aged z6 ; B.A. Z718, one of these names vicar of 
South Cemey, co. Gloucester, Z720. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Barrett, John (Barrat), fellow of New Coll. Z4 June, 
Z506 (from Sowthome, Oxon), B.A 25 June, X510, 
elected fellow of Winchester Z5Z3, died 14 May, Z524. 
See Bloxam, iv. 50. 

Barrette, John, of Oxon, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric-entry under date Z57z,aged 20 ; demy Z560-76, 
B.A. 28 Feb., z|75-6. See Bloxam, iv. Z75. [38] 

Barrett, John, ot Cornwall, gent Broadgates 
Hall, matric 28 Feb^, zc88-o, aged x8. 

Barrett, John, s. Adam, of Isle of Wight 'sacerd.' 
Magdalen Hall, matric 7 Feb., z62a-3, aged z8 ; 
EA. Z4 Feb., z625-6i. 

Barrett, John, s. Nicholas, of Lavington, Wilts, pleb. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 20 April, Z627, agea z8 ; 
B. A. a June, Z627, M. A. zc April, 1630, one of these 
names rector of Ashley, Wilts, Z64Z. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus & Fasti, 1. 455. 

Barrett, John. s. George, of Oxford (city), pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matric 26 March, z686, aged zy; 
RA. Z689, M.A. Z693. See Foster's Index Ecclesi- 

Barret, Michael, of Oxon, pleb. Tesus Coll., matric 
Z2 May, Z615. aged zy ; B. A. from Lincoln Coll. 
z July, z6z8. [ftO] 

Barret, Michael, s. M[ichael], of Pyecombe, Sussex, 
cler. BrasenoseColu, matric z8 March, Z688-9, 
aged z < ; brother of Serenus and Edward. 

Barrett, Miles, s. Joh., of *Dean par., Lancashire,' 
plebi Brasenosb Coll., matric 6 July, zyzz, 
agedz89 B»A. Z7Z5. , 


Paul Barrett. 

1500— 1714, 

William Barrow. 

Barrett, (Sir) Paul. Magdalen Hall, matric. ao 
Nov. , 1650, as pleb. (son and hdr-apparent of Paul, o( 
Chislett, Kent, gent.), bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1659. 
bencher 1679, recorder of Canterbury, M.P. Romney 
1678-9-Z681, serj.-at-law 1648, and knighted at 
Windsor Castle 33 Jan., 1683-4, ^^^ 9 May, 1685, 
aged 53, father of George x68o, and of Ent 170Z. 
See Le Neve's Knights &. Foster's ParliamaUary 

Barrett, Philip, 'der. fit' Lincoln Coll., matric. 
19 July, Z659 ; one of these names rector of Bishop- 
stone 1663, vicar of Alfriston 1664, nnd of Burpham 
Z671, all m Sussex. See Foster's Index EccUsias- 

Barrett, Richard, aA. 91 Nov., 1565. M.A. a6Junc, 
1570, of Brasenose Coll. ; fellow of Oriel 
Coll. before 157a, proctor 1574, See O.H.S., 
i. 258. 

Barret, Richard (or Baret), of Comwall, 'gen. 
cond.* Broadgates Hall, matric. zo Dec, Z585, 
aged x^ 

Barrett, Robert (or Barrat), demv Magdalen Coll. 
Z506, B.A. X March, Z507-8. See Bloxamt Iv. 48. 

Barrett, Robert, B.A. 3Z Jan., Z5Z2-Z3. [6] 

Barret, Serenus. s. Michael, of Pyecoube, Sussex, 
cler. Lincoln Coll., matric. 3 Nov., Z693, aged 
z6; B.A. X697, bom Z7 Oct, Z677, curate of Mid- 
hurst, Sussex, rector of New Fishboume, Sussex, 
Z7Z3 [Rawlinson, v. 274 ; xvi. Z30), vicar of Torting- 
ton, Sussex, Z703. twin brother of Edward and 
brother ot Michael Z609. SSee Fosters Index Ecc, 

Barrett, Simon, s. Thomas, of Hungerford, Berks, pleb. 
Christ Church, matria 5 April, Z639, agea Z7: 
KA. 8 July. Z647, ejected from the rectory of Great 
Shefford, Berks, z663, under the act of uniformity. 
See Calamyt 1. 295. 

Barratt, Thomas (or Baret), B.A. (sup. 15 June) Z5i4« 

Barrett, Thomas (Barett), B.C.L. 96 Feb., Z528-9, 
D.CL. Z5 March, Z528-9, principal of New Inn 
Hall z5ao, canon of Christ Church Z540, canon 
of St. Paul s Z534, of Lincoln Z539, rector of Laindon 
with Basildon, Essex, Z534, rector of St. Olave's, 
Southwark, z S4z. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus ; 
U Neve ; & I^asti, I 8a [xo] 

Barret, Thomas, B.A. 14 Feb., ZS76-7. 

Barret, Thomas, of CO. Southampton, 'der. fil.' 
University Coll., matric. 9 Nov.. z63z, aged z8; 
B.A. Z4 Feb., z62i^-6, vicar of ShorweU, Isle oi* 
Wight, z63a. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Barrett, Thomas, s. Richard, of Carmarthen (town), 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. z Feb., z62a-3, aged 
ao ; B.A. z^ Feb. , z6a2-3. 

Barrett, Waiter, of Essex, arm. Queen's Coll., 
matric. Z7 March, Z597-8, aged Z4; B.A. ao Oct., 
z6oz, a student of Lincoln's Inn, z6oa. possibly 
brother of Edward same date. See Foster's Inns if 
Court Reg. 

Barrett, William (Barett), B.C.L 3Z Oct. zsas. [is] 

Barret, William. Exeter Coll., matric. 20 Nov., 
Z58Z ; 'scholaris,' monition, 27 Jan., Z582-3. See 
Griffiths' Oxford Wills, 

Barrett, William, of Dorset, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll.. matric. 2 July. Z585, agedz4. 

Barrett, William, of London, gent Christ Church, 
matric. 22 Feb., Z62Z-2, aged az ; B.A. 28 Feb., 
Z62Z-2, allowed to count za terms at Ounbridge; 
one of these names vicar of East Tilbury Z629. 
See Foster's /»<&r Ecclesiasticus & OM.S., x. 372. 

Barringer, William, 'subscribed' z July, z6z4, B.A. 
from Trinity Colu zy Dec., z6z6, M.A.28 March, 
Barlngton, Alexander, of Irekmd, gent. Hart 
Hall, matric. 8 Nov., Z583, aged z8; one of these 
names settled at Timoge, Queen's County, died zc 
Sept, Z635. See Funeral Certificates^ Foster's Cot- 
lectanea. [20] 

Barrington. John, M.A. Trinity Coll., Dublin, 
incorp. xojuly, Z683. See Cat, Grads, 

Barrington, Richard, s. Tho., of Hatfidd. Essezj 
arm. Wadham Coll.. matric 7 April. Z690, agd 
z6 ; a student of Middle Temple Z692. See Foster! 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Barodale, Gabriel, s. fjos., of Coventry, pleb. Uni< 
VERSITY Coll., matric. 9 May. zyzz. aged 20, 
B.A. 4 Feb., Z7Z4-Z5 ; M.A. from King's Coll. 
Cambridge, Z7Z8, vicar of Weston-apon-Avoo, ca 
Gloucester. Z722. See Foster's Index Ecelesiasiuiu, 

Barrodale, Henry. See BURRAGE. 

Barrodall, John, of go. Leicester, pleb. Linoolm 
Coll., matric. Z4 Oct, Z596, aged zy; EA k 
July, z6oo, M.A. 9 July* z6za. [as] 

Barrbdell, John, s. Thomas, of Famdon, Nortbants. 
sacerd. Trinity Coll., matric. sz May, Z641, 
aged zc 

BarradaU, Thomas, of 00. Leicester, 'der. fiL' Lin- 
coln Coll., matric. 4 July. z6o6, aged Z5 : RA. 
30 Jan.. Z609-ZO, M.A. 6 July, z6z3 ; one of these 
names rector of East Famdon, Northants. i52Z 
See Foster's Index EceUsiasticus. 

Barrodale, William, * servient' Oriel Coll., m&tric. 

95 Feb.. Z650-Z. 

Barrow, Thomas & Ismad. See Borsowes. page 15L 
Barrow, Anthony, s. Edw., of Brevan, co. Glamor^, 
gent. Jesus Coll., matric 7 June, 1699, aged 17; 
B. A. 1703, rector of Little Tinteme, col Monmouth. 
Z7Z3. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [SO] 

Barroajgrllt Francis, B.A. from Emanuel Coll., 
Cambridge, z6zo; incorp. 6 July, Z614, M.A. from 
St. John's Coll., Oxford, 7 July. z6z4, rector of 
Woolsthorpe, co. Lincoln, zmi, and of Langar, 
Notts, X637. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus; 

PasH, L 359 ; & OM,S.t x. 367. 
Barrow, Harbert, 'scrviens.' Queen's Coii,, 

matric. zo Nov., 1654, BuA. z6 Feb., z657<S. M.-^. 

30 Oct., z66o. 
Barrowe, Hugh, s. Gilbert, of Wlg^, co. Lancsster, 

pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. zy July. 1635, 

aged zy; B.A. 24 May, Z639, M.A. 31 March. 

z64a, vicar of Lancaster z66o, probably father of 

John Z673, and of William Z670. 
Barrowe, Hugh, 'der. iiL' Christ Church, matric: 

3 July, Z663 ; B.A. from Corpus Christi Cou. 

96 Jan., Z666-7, M.A. 10 March, Z669-70, proctor 
Z679, B.D. z68z, rector of Heyford Purcell, Oxford, 
vicar of Buckland. Berks, Z685. See Foster's Indix 
Ecclesiasticus & Fasti, ii. 38a 

Barrow, Isaac, scholar of TRiNrrr Coll.. Cara- 
bridge, Z647. B.A. Z648, fellow 1649, M.A. 165% 
incorp. as M.A. za July, 1653, Eu. 1661. D.D. 
Z670, master Z672-7, (s. Thomas, of London, citizen, 
linendraper to Charles I.), born in London Oct., 
Z630 ; pensioner of Peter House, Cambridge. 15 
Pec, Z643, fellow EtV)N Coll. z66o, Greek pro- 
fessor, Cambridge, z66o, geometry professor. Gkes- 
HAM Coll., z66a, F.R.S. Z663, Lucasian professor 
of mathematics, Cambridge, Z664, and vice-chan- 
cellor Z675. pi«b. of Sanim Z67Z, died in West- 
minster 4 May, Z677, buried in Westminster Abbey. 
See D.N.B. ; Alumni West., as ; & Fasti, n. 178. 

BarrowO) John, s. Tho., of Potterspury, Northants, 
genL St. Edmund Hall, matric 5 May. z668. 
aged zy; B.A. 23 Jan., z67Z-a, M.A. Z674, vicar o< 
New Windsor, oierks, 1680, canon of Windsor 1682. 
died Z9 March, 1684. See Foster's Index Ecdesics-^ 
ticus; Le Neve, iii. 405; & Fasti, ii. 344. [SS] 

Barrow, John, s. Hugh, of Lancaster (city), minister. 
St. Alban Hall, matric. ao March. z67a-3, a^ed 
Z5 ; B.A. Z676. MJ\. Z679. rector of Drayton. Ozon, 
Z695. brother of William 167a See Foster's Index 

Barrow, William (Barow or Barroo). B.A. ; B.C.L i 
July, Z510, B.Can.L (sup. 26 Oct) Z515. See 
Foster^s Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Barrow, William, s. Hugh, of Lancaster (city), 
minister. St. Alban Hall, matric. z8 March, 
Z669-70, aged z6; B.A. from Corpus Ciiristi 
Coll. 1673, M.A. 1676, brother of John z6^. 


William Barrowby. 

1500— 1714. 

Francis Bartlet. 

Barrowby, William, s. Job., of London, gent. 
TiiNiTY Coll., matric. 6 Nov., 1699, aged z6 ; 
RA. 1703, M.A. X706. B.Med. 1709, D,mA, Z713, 
feUov coU. phys. 17x8, F.R.Sw 1721, physician to 
Sl Bartholomew's Hospital 1750, died * of a dead 
palsy ' 30 Dec. , Z75I1 bis father a physician at Oxford, 
aftM- in London. See Eawliruon, v. 198 : Monk's 
Roli, ii. 61 ; ft D.N,B. 

9arrj, Abel, of Devon, pleb. Broadgates Hall, 
matric. 24 Oct, z6oo, aged zo. 

Barzy, Bulstrode. s. Franc., of London, gent Oriel 
Coll., matric. 30 April, z688, aged zy ; a student 
of the Inner Temple z688. See Foster's Jmu of 
Court Reg. 

dOTTJ. Edward. ORIEL COLL., matric. Mich, and 
Hillary Z656, subscribed zo March, Z656-7 (as 
Edmund), bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, Z667, as son of 
Christopher, of Hampton Gay, Oxon, gent, pro- 
bably father of John Z693. See Foster's Gray's Inn 

Barry, Frands, gent MAGDALEN COLL., matric. Z9 
Nov., Z650, demy Z648 (by visitors), B.A. za Oct, 
165a, M. A. from Oriel Coll. 3 July, Z656, vicar of 
Kingsey, Bucks, z666. See Foster's Index Eccle^ 
siasticus / Bloxam, v. 2x3 ; & Burrows, 173. [5] 

Barry, Frauds, s. F., of Fordingbridge, Hants. St. 
John's Coll., matric ao March, 1677-8. aged z6. 

Barry, Francis, s. Walter, of * Sarum,' Wilts, gent 
Trinity Coll., matric. Z7 April, Z7Z3, aged 15 ; 
B.A. 31 Jan., Z7i6-i7, M.A. X7Z^, vicar of Nether 
Wallop, Hants, Z722. See Foster's Index Eccle- 

Barry, Hon. Henry, s. 'Hon. G.,' of Santry, co. 
Dublin. Ireland, baronis. St. John's Coll., matric. 
10 April, Z700, aged 16 ; this entry may refer to 
Henry, 3rd Baron Barnr, of Santry. 

Barrie, James, of 00. Cork, Ireland, 'baronis fil.' 
Broadgates Hall, matric. i July, Z603, aged za ; 
may be a son of David, Lord Barrymore, Z581-Z6Z7, 
though not named in the peerage. 

Barry, James, B.A. Trinity Coll., Dublin, z6az, 
Nl A. Z634. inoorp. zo Jul^, z6a7, and also at Cam- 
bridge 1627 (son and heir of Richard, of dty of 
Dublin, alderman), bar.-at-law Lincoln's Inn Z628, 
recorder of Dublin, seijt-at-law z6a9, and baron of 
the exchequer (I.) Z634, knighted Aug., Z640, chief 
justice of the king's bench, Ireland, z66o, created 
Boron Barry, of Siantry, t8 Feb., z66z, died 9 Feb., 
1672, father of Richard Z65X. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers, [&0] 

Barrie, John, of Devon, pleb. Trinity Coll. , matric. - 
entry under date za Dea, Z572, aged zy; 'Mro. 
Hindmer tntori gram.' 

Ban7, John. s. Edward, of Hampton Gay, Oxon, gent 
Hart Hall, matric. zo Oct, Z693, aged zy ; a 
student of Gray's Inn Z696, licence a July, Z7c^, to 
marry EUzabeth Lowe, of Thrupp, Oxon, spr. See 
Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Barrr, Richard, 'equitis fil.* Jesus Coll., matria 
5 Dec., Z651, entered a student of Lincoln's Inn zy 
Aug., z66o, as son of Sir James, of dty of Dublin, 
koight, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1666, probably 
Richard, and Lord Santry, and father of Henry, 
3rd k)rd. See Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

Barrr, Richard, s. R(ichardf, of Upton Scudamore, 
Wilts, der. QtTEEN's Coll., matric. X3 March, 
1710-XZ, aged Z9 ; B.A. Z7Z4, M.A. Z7Z7. one of 
these names vicar of Bitton, co. Gloucester, Z724-66, 
and rector of Upton Scudamore, Wilts, Z749>66, his 
father instituted to Upton Z69Z, and his son Richard 
instituted in Z766. See Foster's Index Eeelenas^ 

Bzrry, Robert, s. A^ncent, of Hampton Gay, Oxon, 
geot Merton Coll., matric. ag March, Z694, 
aged z8 ; B.C.L. zyoo, vicar of Northfleet, Kent, 
1708. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [&8l 

Barry, Thomas, s. Rich., of Cowbridge, co. 'Glam., 
p. p. Jesus Coll., matric. 9 March, 1676-7, aged 


Barry, Vincent, of Oxon, gent Oriel Coll. , matric 27 
Oct, z6z5, aged Z7 ; B.A. zo May, z6z7, of Thame, 
Ozon, and a justice of the peace, a student of Gray's 
Inn z69o, as son of Francis of Thame, Oxon, died Z9 
July, z666. See Foster's Gra/s Inn Admissions. 

Barry, Vincent, s. Vincent, of Hampton Gay, Oxon, gent. 
Oriel Coll., matric. 33 March, Z676-7, aged zy ; 
a A. zo Feb., Z679-80, M.A. Z683. a student of the 
Inner Temple Z682, vicar of Fulham, Middlesex, 
z6qz. See F'ostex's Inns of Court Reg, 

Barstable, James. See Bastablb. 

Barston, John, pleb^ New Inn Hall, matric. 30 
Nov., z6§2, B.A. S June, Z656; ejected from the 
living of Asbton, ca Hereford, z663, under the act of 
uniformity. See Calamv, ii. 289. fSOl 

Barstowe, John (Beretowe), of St. John's Coll., 
circa Z58Z. 

Bartelott. Walter, s. (Walter), of Stopham, Sussex, 
gent Oriel Coll., matric. Z3 March, Z705-6, 
aged Z7 ; B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. Z709, 
M.A. 6 March, Z7za-Z3, of Stopham, vicar of Alfris- 
ton & Selmeston, Sussex, Z7z6, canon of Chichester 
Z7az, vicar of Rottingdean Z732, buried 25 Oct., 
Z743. See Foster's Baronetage. 

Barter, Adam (or Baxterj, of Cumberland, pleb. St. 
Edmund Hall, matnc-entzy under date ao July, 

1578* <tscd Z9. 

Barter, Edward, s. Edward, of Lavington, Wilts, 
paup. Queen's Coll., matric. 24 Nov., Z693, 
aged Z9 ; & A. Z697. [2ft] 

Bar&r, George, * scrviens. ' Magdalen Coll. , matric. 
29 Oct, Z657, one of these names vicar of Lyng, 
Somerset, Z663. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Barter, William, s. Robert, of Shaston, Dorset, pleb. 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 6 Mav. Z642. aged zy. 

Barter, William, s. G. (? * Gul '), of Exeter (city), p. p. 
Exeter Coll.. matric. a8 Feb., Z698-9, aged z8; 
B.A. ZToa, rector of St Edmond's in Exeter Z708. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bartholomew, John, s. William, of Eastbourne. 
Sussex, pleb. Christ Church, matric. 23 June, 
1674. aged z8 ; B.A. Z678. 

Bartnolomew, Phi, s. Leon, of Rochester, Kent, 
arm. St. John's Coll., matric. 36 July, Z709. 
aG[ed z8 (called Thomas in Mat. Reg.), [29] 

BarUemew, Richard, of CO. Southampton, gent. 
Queen's Coll., matric. Z9 Jan., Z587-8, aged aa. 

Barthomew, Robert, s. John, of Stanlalce, Oxon, 
pleb. Merton Coll., matric. aa March, Z677-8, 
aged Z5, B.A. z68z, M.A. Z684 ; B.D. from Lin- 
coln Coll. z69a (called Edward in Mat. Reg.), 
rector of Over Moigne, Dorset, Z703. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bartbelmew. Thomas, B.A. from St. John's Coll. 

3 May, Z630, M.A. 6 April, Z639. 
Bartbolmew, William, s. William, of Campden, co. 

Gloucester, minister. Christ Church, matric. 22 

March, z66o-z, aged z6 ; B.A. z664i his father 

named Add. MS., Z5.67Z. 
Bartholomew, William, s. Richard, of West Hill, 

Oxon, gent TRINITY COLL., matric. zz Feb., Z7zz- 

za, aged z6. 
Bartin, John, s. John, of Haukesley, ca Stafford, pleb. 

Exeter Coll., matric z April, Z642, aged z8 ; 

EA. aa Oct, Z645. See Burrows, zsz, z6o. [35] 
Bartlettv Deane, s. Rog., of Oxford (city), pleb. 

Merton Coll., matria z8 March, 1686-7, aged Z7; 

aA. 3 March, z69Z-a, M.A. Z693, vicar of Walt^m 

St Laurence, Berks, Z703. See Foster's Index Ece, 
Bartlett,£llis. s. ElUs, of Bmnscombe, Devon, gent 

Exster Coll., matric. az June, Z633, aged Z7 ; a 

student of the MiddleTemple Z635, father of John, and 

of Ellis next named. See Foster's /ww o/Owr/ ie<?. 
Bartlett, ElUs, s. ElUs, of Brandescombe, Devon, gent 

Exeter Coll., matric. a6 April, z66a, aged Z7. 
Bartlet, Francis, of Oxon, pleb. Brasenose Coll.. 

matric. a March. z6o9-zo^ aged z6 ; ' paap. schoL, 

aA. az Oct, Z6Z3. 


Henry Bartlett. 

1500— 1714. 

Samuel Barton, 

Bartlottf Henry, s. John, of Mayden Newton, Dorset, 
pleb. Wadham Coll., matric. 16 May. 1634, 
aged 16; B.A. 16 Feb., 1636-7, M.A. 4 July, 1640, 
fellow Z648, resigned 1651, one of these names to be 
curate of Butesbury, Essex, 1645. See Add, MS,, 
15,670 ; Gardiner, 1x7 ; & Burrows, 

Baruet. John (Berthelet), of London, arm. ST. 
]OHN s Coll., matric. 39 Tan., z590-x, aged x6. 

Bartle.t, John, of Wttu, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matria z July, 1603, aged 19 ; B.A. 31 Oct, z6o6. 

Bartlet, John, 'der. fi'l' Nsw Inn Hall, matric. 9 
Dec, 1650 ; ejected from the vicarage of Fremington, 
Devon, 1663, under the act of nnilbrmity, died in 
1679. S^ Calamy, it 39. 

Bartlett, John, s. EUis, of Branscomb, Devon, gent. 
Wadham Colu, matria 6 April, z666, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 1669, brother of Ellis 1662. [g] 

Bartlett. Richard, M.A., fellow of All SoiTLS' Coll., 
a Med. 15 Feb., 1513-14, 'the first fellow admitted 
into the College of Physicians.' president 1537, 1528, 
1531. 1548, died in Blacklrian, London, buried in 
the church of St Bartholomew-the-Great, Smith- 
field. See Munk's Jfoii, i. 33 ; ft Fasti, ii. 35. 

Bartlett, Richard, of Devon, gent. Exbter Coll., 
matric. 30 Jan., 1606-7, ^41^ '9 ! & student of the 
Middle Temple z6i3, ,as son of John, of &ceter. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Bartlett, Richard, s. Richard, of Fiampton, Dorset, 
pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric. a8 Feb., 1639-40, 
aged 17 ; clerk 1648, expelled by the parliamentary 
visitors the same year. See Bloxam, ii. 65 ; « 

Bartlett, Richard, s. Ri., of Cotley, Devon, p. p. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 30 June, 1693, aged 17 ; 
B.A. X70Z, rector of West Buckland, Devon, 17^ 
See Foster^s Index Ecclesiastieus. 

Bartlet, Robert, of Dorset, pleb. Jesus Coll.. 
matric-entry under date circa 1578. [&oj 

Bartlet, Robert, of Wilts, gent. Magdalen Hall, 
matric. 16 Nov., i63z, aged 24; B.A. 7 July, 1635, 
M.A. zsMay, z6a8. 

Bartlet, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Mapowder, Dorset, 
plebb Christ Church, matric. a July, X669, aged 
18; B.A. X673. 

Bartlett, Thomas, of St. John's Coll, in and before 

Bartlet, Thomas, EA. from Exeter Coll. 7 July, 

Bartlet, Thomas, of Magdalen Coll., B.Mus. zz 
July, x6xo. ri5] 

Bartlett, William, KA. 3 March, Z575-6, one of these 
names rector of Winterbome Monkton, Dorset, Z576. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus, 

Bartlet, WlUiam, of Christ Church, a A. 3X Jan., 
Z605-0, one of these names vicar of Yetmister, 
Dorset, z6o8. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus, 

Bartlett, William, s. William, of Tunbridge, Kent, 
pleb. St. John's Coll., matric 30 June, i6!i6, 
ai^ed z8. 

Bartlett. William, s. William, of Exeter, Devon, pleb. 
New inn Hall, matric. 4 Nov., Z63X, aged az ; 
rector of Bideford, sequestered thereto by order sc 
Tuly, 1644, and resigned before ao June, Z647, died 
in z68a, father of John x65a See Ath., iij. 364; 
Add. MS,, i5,67X ; Calamy, ii. 4 ; & D,N,B, 

Bartlett, WiUlam, s. William, of Sutton, Berks, pleb. 
All Soin^' Colu, matria 5 Dec, Z643, aged z8. 

Barton, Arthur, s. Francis, of Brou^bton, 00. Worces- 
ter, pleb. Trinity Coll., matnc 35 Jan., Z697-8. 
aged 30 ; B.A. zz Feb., z6a7-8. [2IJ 

Barton, David, s. John, of Southampton, Hants, gent 
Magdalen Hall, matric 36 Jan. , z637-8, aged xc ; 
B.A. z8 Nov., Z641, M.A. 7 Aug., x66o, rector of St 
Margaret's, New Fish Street, London, 1662, and of 
Chislehurst Kent, 1670. See Foster's Index Ecc, 

Barton^ Edmund, of Oxon, pleb. Brasenose Coll., 
matnc Ma^, Z594, aged Z4; B.A. 6 Feb., z^98-9, 
one of these names rector of Broseley and Linley, 
Salop, z6z7. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus., 

Barton, Edward, s. Edward, of Worcester (dty). pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matric Z5 June, Z633, aged 18; 
B.A. 33 April, Z634, one of these names v:car o( 
Bottesharo, co. Qimbridge, Z637. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiastieus, 

Barton, Geffiy, B.CL. (sup. Nov.) Z533. [as] 

'Barton, George, of ca Lancaster, pletx Brasekose 
Coll., matric 5 Sept. Z584. aged z8 ; 6. A. 2 Jaly. 
X588, fellow, M.A. 5 July, Z593, B.D. Z4 April, 1600, 
will proved at Oxford 34 March, z6q3. 

Barton, Henry, s. PhiL, of Thomebiiiy , co. Hereford, 
gent BRASENO6B Coll., matiic 3 Dec. 1701. 
aged z6 ; B. A. from Christ CHintCH Z705 ; M.A. 
from Brasenose Coll. Z708, one of these names 
rector of Bredicot and of Churchill, ca Worcester, 
Z739. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus. 

Barton, John, KA. (sup. 7 Dec) Z57Z, one of these 
names rector of Bermondsey. Surrey, 1571. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus ft 0.ff,S., xii. zc 

Barton, John. Exeter Coll., Z643. See Bartin. 

Barton, John. ' der. fit' Magdalen Hall, matria 
35 July, z6ss ; E.A. 9 July, z6s8. M.A. Z4 Mav. 
z66z. See Foster's Inns 0/ Court Hee. ^^30^ 

Bairton, John, s. Steph., of Newport, Isle of Wight. 
pleb. Merton Coll., matric zi Nov., z67o.agv^ 
Z7 ; B.A. Z674, M.A. Z677, rector of Compton, Hants, 
X677, chaplain of Winchester College, died z6 SepL, 
Z683. See ^a.,i 98; & Foster's /ivd^^cei: 

Barton, John, a. RQg., of Barton, Northants, gent 
Trinity Coll., matric zo Oct, 1695, aged 17; a 
student of the Middle Temple 1696. See Foster s 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Barton, John. s. Sam., of Great Bricikhni, Bucks, der. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 36 Oct, Z699, aged 16; 
B.A. Z703, M.A. Z706, rector of Sherringtoo. Bucks. 
Z7ZZ, and of Great Brickhill Z7Z5. See Fosters 
Index Ecclesiastieus, 

Barton, Joseph, s. William, of Haxton, Wilts, pl<?h. 
New inn Hall, matric a8 March, Z679, aged 19 : 
B.A. z68a. vicar of Sellinge, Kent, 1680, etc See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus. 

Barton, Nathan, s. Edmund, of Brosley, Salop, sacerd. 
New Inn Hall, matric za Dec, Z634, aged i3; 
B.A. 9 April, z638» M.A. 7 July, 1641, created B.D. 
Z9 May, Z649, ' a sturdy, seaious, and daily preachy 
of the blessed cause in the parliamentary army.' 
See FasH, ii. Z46. TsSj 

Barton, Philip, s. George, of London, pleb. Trinity 
Coll., subscribed 33 May, Z704, aged z8 ; B.A. s6 
Jati., Z707-8, M.A. Z7Z0, one of these names vicar of 
Denchworth, Berks, Z730-49. See Foster's Inda 

Barton, Philip, s. P(hilip), of 'Kyre,' co. Worcester, 
genL New Coll., matric 5 Aug., xyza, aged 17; 
B.CLi Z730, fellow Z734, D.C.L. Z733, admitted o 
Winchester CoUecre 37 Sept, 1708, preb. of Chiches- 
ter Z730, and of Winchester Z73Z, canon of Christ 
Church, Oxford, Z733, rector of Hannington, Hants, 
Z738>3Z, and of Houghton Z739*33, vicar of BuhtoB. 
Hants, Z733, and of rortsea, Hants, Z75Z, died 13 
July, Z765. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus di 
Rawlinson, xvL Z33. 

Barton, Richard, s. John, of Eastcoale, Northaots 
gent Brasenose Coll., matric 9 Dec, 1631, 

Barton, Robert, of Cimaberland, pleb. Queek's 
Coll., matric 17 Nov., Z58Z, aged Z9 ; B.A. from 
St. Mary Hall 25 Dec, Z587, M.A. z Jtilv. 

Barton, Samuel, s. Isaac of London, pleb. Magda- 
len Hall, matric aa March, z66o-z, aged 16: 
B.A. Z664, M.A. Z667. See Foster's IncUx Eccksi- 
asticus, [to] 

Barton, Samuel, s. John, of Harrietsbam, Kent, p.p. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 33 Oct* Z665, aged 17 ; 
scholar of CORPUS Christi Coll. z666, B.A. 1669. 
M.A. 4 March, Z673-3, fellow, B.D. 3 M&rch, 1681-2, 
D.D. Z697, chaplain of St Saviour's, SouthuArk, 
chaplain to Spcdcer of the House oif Common -. 


Sidney Bazalgette. 

1715— 1886. 

Edward H. Beale. 

Bazalgrette, Sidney. 6s. Lewis, of St. Marylcbonc, 
London, arm. Balliol Coll., mathc. 6 April, 
1824, aged 17; B.A. 1827, of the Inner Temple 
I Feb., X828. 

Bazely, Rev. Henry (Charles Barnes), o.s. Thomas 
Tyssen, of Poplar. Middlesex, der. Brasenosb 
Coll.. matric. z June, x86i, aged zB ; B.A. Z865, 
aCL. x868. died i March, Z883, aged 4a 

Bazely, John, 2s. Charles Henry Baker, of South 
Church. Essex, der. Braseno3E Coll., matric. 
25 May, 1853, aged x8; B.A. 1857, M.A. z86o, 
▼tear of North Stoke 1870, until his death 27 Feb., 

Bazely, Thomas Tyssen, 4s. John, of Cleethorpe, co. 
Lincoln, arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 8 Feb., 
Z826. aged Z7 ; a A. zSao, M.A. Brasenosb Coll. 
Z832, of the Inner Temple 5 May, 1830, select 
preacher at Oxford Z840, rector of Foplar Z839-60, 

Bazett, Rev. Henry, is. Richard Young, of London, 
gent. Worcester Coll., matric. zs Oct., Z877, 
aged 19 ; aA. z88o. M.A. Z884. 1 8] 

Bazett, Henry Capel Purling, s. Henry, of Richmond, 
Sarrey, arm. university Coll., matric. 20 June. 

z8ps. aged 15. 


Bazett, Walter, 2s. Alfred Yotmg, of FIndon, Sussex, 
der. New Coll., matric. Z5 Oct. 1875, aged 19 ; 
a A. 1879, M.A. z88a. 

Bazley. Gardner Sebastian, zs. Thomas Sebastian, of 
Rostoeme, Cheshire, arm. (now baronet). Mag- 
dalen Coll. .matric. z6 0ct, Z8S2, aged Z9; a A. 
z886. of the Inner Temple 24 April. Z885. See 
Foster's Baronetage, 

Beach., John Hynes, s. Thomas, of Isle of Jamaica, 
arm. Oriel Cou«, matric 14 Feb., Z783, aged 

Beach, John Newton, zs. John Newton, of Liverpool, 
gent. Corpus Christi Coll., matric. Z9 Oct.. 
Z883, aged z8 ; aA. z886. [lOj 

Beach, Michael Beach Hicks-, 8. Michael, of Nether- 
haven, Wilts, arm. Christ Church, matric. 23 
Oct. . z8oo, aged ao ; lather of the 8th baronet. See 
Foster's Baronetage, 

Beach, Sir Michael £dward Hicks-, Bart, zs. Michael, 
of Londcm, baronet. Christ Church, matric. Z7 
OcL, Z855, aged Z7 ; aA. Z858, M.A z86z, created 
D.CL. 1878. chancellor of exchequer Z885-6, chief 
secretary Ireland Z874-8, Z886-7, M.P. East Glou- 
cestershire Z864-85, Bristol Z885. See Foster's 

Beach, Michad Hicks Hides-, zs. Michad Hicks- 
Hicks, of Netheravon, Wilts, arm. ChristChurch, 
matric. 8 Dec, Z827, aged z8 ; 8th baronet, M.P. 
East Gloooestershire Z854. See Foster's Baronet- 

Beach, William, s. Thomas, of Fiddleton, Wilts, arm. 
New Coll., matric. z8 May, Z739, aged Z9. father 
of William, named bdow. 

Beach; WnUam Frederick Hicks-, as. Michad Hlcks- 
HicKS, of Fairford. co. Gloucester, baronet Christ 
Chitkch, matric. Z9 Oct, Z859, aged z8. See 
Foster's Baronetage, [iS] 

Beach, Willkun Hides, s. Michad, of Cohi St. Alwins, 
CO. Gloucester, arm. Christ Church, matric az 
Oct, Z803, aged Z9; a A Z807, M.A. z8zi, of 
OaUey riaU, Hants, and of Keevil. Wilts, M.P. 
Mahnesbozy z8za-z7, assumed the surname and 
aims of Beach only, by royal licence 34 Jan. , Z838. 
See Foster's Baronetage, sub. HiCKS. 

Beach, WilUam Hicks Hicks-, as. Michael Hicks, of 
Wasing, Berks, arm. Oriel Coll., matric 24 
Oct. zSaS, agedz7; B.A. Z832, born Z9 Nov., 
z8zo. died 7 Aug.. Z844. 

Beach, William Roberts, zs. Thomas, of Bridport, 
Dofsec arm. Magdalen Hall., matric 29 Jan., 
1863, aged 35 ; M.A. Lambeth z86z, senior chap- 
lain Akiershot Z883. canon St John's Cathedral, 
Victoria, Hong Kong. 

Beach, William Wither, s. William, of Fiddleton. 
Wilts, arm. New Coll.« matric z Dec. Z764. 
aged z8. 

Beach. William Wither Bmmston, zs. William, of 
Oakley, Hants, arm. Christ Church, matric z5 
Oct, Z845, aged z8 ; a A. Z849, M.A. Z856, of 
Oakley Hall, Hants, and of Keevil. Wnts. M.P. 
North Hants Z857-85, West Hants Z885. See 
Foster's Baronetage. [ao] 

Beachoroft, Rev. Charles Seward, 3s. Richard, of 
London, gent Pembroke Coll., matric 25 Oct, 
Z869, aged Z9 ; B.A. Z874, M.A. Z876. 

Beachcroft, Francis Porten, zs. Samud, of Chelsea. 
Middlesex, arm. Corpus Christi Coll.. matric. 
90 Oct. z86o, aged Z9; B.A. Exeter Coll. Z864, 
bar.-at-kiw, Lincoln's Inn, 6 June, Z87Z. See 
Foster's Men at the Bar, & Coll, Reg. Z59. 

Beachcroft, Robert, 8. Sam., of All Hallows, Barking, 
London, gent Balliol Coll. , matric. 90 May, 
Z724, aged z6 ; B A. 23 Jan., Z727-8, M.A. Z733. 

Beachcroft, Robert Porten, s. Robert, of Queenhithe, 
London, arm. Oriel Coll., matric 3Z Oct, 1798. 
aged Z7 ; a A. z8o2, M.A. z8o^, rector of Blunham, 
Beds, z8o6, until his death 9 I>^v., Z8301. 

Beachcroft, Thomas Seward, as. Samuel, of Chelsea. 
Middlesex, gent Exxter Coll.. matric za June. 
Z867, aged Z7. [as] 

Beachey, Henry George, .3s. John, of Newton Bushdl, 
near Highweek, E^on, arm. Exeter Coll., 
matric Z2 Dec, z86o. aged Z9 ; B.A. Z864. 

Beadel, Rupert William, as. William James, of 
Chelmsford, gent Peubroke Coll., matric Z7 
Oct, Z878, aged z8. 

Beadey, John Charles, o.s. John, of Wootton-under- 
Edge, CO. Gloucester, gent Brasenose Coll., 
matric. 2 June. Z829, agM Z7. 

BeadoJL, Edward, s. Richard, of Oakeford. Devon, 
gent Balliol Coll., matric 25 Nov., Z723, 
a^ed Z7 ; aA. Z727. 

BeaaoJL, Frederick, s. Edward, of Lincoln's Iim Fields. 
London, der. Trinity Coll.. matric 4 May. 
Z796, aged z8 . B. A. z8oo, M.A. z8c4. chanceDor of 
Welh Cathedral Z823, preb. z8o6, canon residentiary 
z8zz, rector of North Stoneham, Hants, Z811-79, 
vicar of Titley, co. Hereford, z8zt-76, died zo June, 
1879, aged zoz. [so] 

Beadon, Rev. Frederick Fleming, zs. Frederick, ot 
btondiam, Hants, der. Oriel Coll., matric. 24 
June, Z823, aged Z7,' B.A. Z827, M.A. Z832. died 
26 Dec, z88a 

Beadon, Richard Beaumont, zs. Richard John Beau- 
mont, of Sherwdl, Devon, cler. University 
Coll.. matric. Z7 Oct, z868, aged z8 ; B.A. Z873. 

Beadon, Richard John, 49. Robert, of Taunton, 
Somerset, gent Queen's Coll., matric. 16 Nov., 
z8a2, aged z8 ; B.A. Z826, M.A. Z829, rector of 
SherweU, Devon, Z834. 

Beadon, Robert John, 3s. William, of Taunton, 
Someieet. arm. Exeter Coll., matric 17 Oct, 
Z863, aged Z9; B.A. z868, M.A. Z876, bar.-at-law, 
Inner Temple.i Z7 Nov., Z870. See roster's Men at 
the Bar^ ft Coll. Reg. z6a 

Beal, James, s. James, of London, arm. Christ 
Church, matric za April, Z756. aged az. [36] 

Beal, Samuel Gilbert, as. William, of Tavistock, Devon, 
cler. Exeter Coll., matric. 24 Jan., 1862, aged 
zo; aA. z866, M.A. Z873, domestic chaplain to 
Elarl of Strathmore z868. Coll. Reg., z6o. 

Beale, Arthur Geach, zs. William Landowne, of 
Willesden, Middlesex, arm. Trinity Coll.. matric 
Z4 Oct. 1876, aged z8 ; B.A. z88o, M.A. z8i34. 

Beale, Daniel Chauncy, o.s. Thomas Barbot, of 
Gumley, co. Leicester, arm. Exeter Coll., matric 
23 May, z86z. ac^ed 18 ; B.A. Z864, bar.-at-law, 
Inner Temple, 26 Jan., z866, died Oct., Z877. 

Beale, Rev. Edward Hill, 4s. Miles, of St. Helen's. 
London, gent St. John's Coll., matric 25 June, 
z86o, aged z8 ; B.A. Z867, M.A. z868. 


Francis Beale. 

1715— 1886. 

James Bearslet. 

Bealo. Fxands, s. Thomas, of Landflo, co. Carmarthen, 
plec. Jesus Coll., matric 17 Nov., 1748, aged 

Befl&, Frederick, s. William, of Newent, 00. Glou- 
cester, cler. St. Alban Hall, matric. 9 May, 

18x7* ^cd 19. 
Beale, John, s. ' Mil,' of Newent, co. Gloucester, gent 

Merton Coll., matric. 90 Nov., 1721, aged 18; 

B.A. St. Mart Hall 1795. 
Beale, John, s. Miles, of Newent, co. Gloucester, gent. 

Pembroke Coll., matric. 17 March, 1743-4, 

ac^ed 10. 
Beale, John Downes, as. William, of Maidstone, Kent, 

aim. University Coll., matric. 24 March, 1846, 

aged 17; B.A. 1850, M.A. 1859, of the Inner 

Temple 26 March, 1846. [5] 

Beale, Robert, s. John, of Newbury, Berks, gent. 

Trinity Coll., matric. x June. 17x5. aged z6. 
Beale, Samuel Whitmore, s. Samuel, of Upton, co. 

Worcester, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 2 April, 

x8z6, aged 18. 
Beale, Seaman Curteis Tress, o.s. Seaman, of Tenter- 
den, Kent, gent. Wadham Coll., matric. x6 Oct, 

1850, aged 18 ; B.A. 1854, M.A. X857, vicar of St. 

Michael, Tenterden, 1864-81, died 23 Dea, 1885. 
Beale, Theodore, 2s. Thomas, of Ldntwardine, Salop, 

arm. Brasenosb Coll., matric 6 June, 1838, 

aged 17 ; B.A. 1842, rector of Hopton Castle, co. 

Hereford, 1856. See Foster's Our Noble and GmtU 

Beale, Thomas, s. Barthol., of Leintwaxdine, co. 

Hereford, arm. Pembroke Coll., matric. 3 March, 

1790-Z. aged 21. [lOl 

Beale, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Dorchester, Dorset, 

gent. Queen's Coll., matria 6 March, 1750-1, 

aged 17 ; B.A. 1754. M.A. 1757, 
Beale, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Heath House, Salop, 

arm. Pembroke Coll., matric. 24 April, 1765, 

^ed 17. See Foster's Our Noble and Gentie 

Beale, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Heath, Salop, arm. 

Oriel Coll., matric. 30 April, 1805, aged 17 ; died 

21 March. 1845, leaving issue. 
Beale, WiUiam. Christ Church, B.C.L. 1795. See 

Beale, William, 'manciple of Christ Church;' 

privilegiatus 6 Nov., 1772. [X6] 

Beale, WiUiam, s. William, of Newent, co. Gloucester, 

der. Magdalen Hall, matric. 17 Jan., 1809, 

aged 22. 
Bealing, John, s. George, of Meeis, Wilts, cler. 

Exeter Coll., matric 17 March, 17x7-8, aged ao ; 

B.A. 172X. 
Bealy, lliomas, s. John, of Abbots Carswell, Devon, 

gent. Exeter Coll., matric. 26 Feb., X750-X, 

aged 18. 
Bealy, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Abbots Carswell, Devon, 

cler. Exeter Coll., matric. 24 March, 1792, aged 

26 ; BA. 1795. 
Bealy, Thomas, ts. Thomas, of Winsford, Somerset, 

cler. Worcester Coll., matric x8 May, 1839, 

agedflc [ao] 

Beaman, Fxands Qement Offley, 2s. Ardeme Hulme, 

of Hooshungabad, East Indies, arm. Queen's 

Coll., matric 24 Oct., 187^, aged x8. 
Beames, John, s. John, of London, gent. Exeter 

Coll., matric xi Nov., 1805, aged 22 ; B.A. Lin- 
coln Coll, 1809, M.A. 1829. 
Beames, Thomas, xs. John, of Greenwich, Kent, arm. 

Lincoln Coll., matric xo May, 1832, aged 17; 

B.A. 1837, M.A. 1838. 
Bean, Rev. Alexander Henry Stillingfleet, xs. Alex- 
ander Lewis Wellington, of Bolton, co. York, cler. 

Pembroke Coll., matric 4 Feb., x868, aged x8 ; 

&A. 1871, M.A. X884. 
Bean, Alexander Lewis Wellington, 4s. Willoughby, of 

Amboise, France, gent Pembroke Coll., matric 

28 Jan., X836, aged 20; B.A. 1839, M.A. 1843, P.C. 

Sowerby, Yorks, X852. [as] 

Bean, Charles, s. Charies, of Beaksbome, Kent, der, 
Merton Coll., matric 97 July, 1727, aged X5; 
RA. X73X, M.A. X734. 

Bean, Edwin, IS. John, of Bombay ,(M.D. (sabs. 'arm.'). 
Trinity Coll., matric z8 Oct., xfli69, aged x8; 
B.A. X873. 

Bean, James Augustus, 3s. John Littlefiekl, of Havaot, 
Hants, gent ST. Alban HalL, matric 5 Julj, 
X822, aged 22. 

Bean, Reginald, s. Reginald, of Stoke Underham, 
(sub-Hambden), Somerset, der. Wadram Coll.. 
matric 19 May, X797, aged 2a 

Bean, Reginald Henry, s. Sylvester Prior, of Tistin 
Hull, Somerset, gent. Queen's Coll., matric 
ax June, x8x5, aged x8. [SO] 

Bean, Robert, s. Charies, of Bisbopsboume, Kent, 
cler. Merton Coll., 5 Dec, 1733, aged x8 ; B..A. 
1738, M.A. X74X. 

Beans, Edward, s. John, of Corwen, co. Merioneth, 
gent. Hertford Coll., matric 15 May, 1795. 
aged x8 ; B.A. X799, M.A. x8ox. 

Bear, John William, xs. John Penney, of Mdboome, 
Australia, gent Non<4Coll., matric X7 Oct, 1874, 
aged 2a 

Bear, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Loughear. co. Glamor- 
gan, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 17 Dec, 1767. 
aged X9 ; B.A. X772. 

Bearblook, James, s. James, of London, gent TRncrrr 
Coll., matric 26 May, X784, aged z8. [35] 

Bearoroft, Edward, s. Edward, of Westmhister, aim. 
University Coll., matric X3 Nov., X777, aged x8, 
B. A. X78a ; ALL Soin^' Coll. M.A. X7aQ. 

Bearoroft, James, as. Edward Henry, of Haverford- 
west, CO. Pembroke, arm. Oriel Coll., manic. 
2X April, 1836, aged x8 ; B. A. 1840, rector of Hadsor. 
CO. Worcester, X842. 

Bearoroft, Philip, s. Philip, of St Sepulchres, LoDdon, 
doctor. Worcester Coll., matric 31 Mardi. 
X748, aged x6 ; B.A. X75X, M.A. X754. 

Bearoroft. PhlUp, xs. James, of Oddingley, 00. Wor- 
cester, der. Keble Coll. , 25 Jan., 1871, aged 21 ; 
B.A. X874, M.A. X879. 

Bearoroft. Philip Ro^er, s. Edward, of London, anii. 
Oriel Coll., matnc xo Feb., 1789, aged 18. r«0] 

Bearoroft, Thomas. 3s. Edward Henry, of Haverford- 
west, gent Queen's Coll. , 28 Jane, 1838. aged 19 .* 
B.A. x84a, M.A. X847, rector of Fiti, Salop 18^, 
until his death a Febk, 2877. 

Beard, George Henry Augustus, asL Thomas, of 
' Leonard Stanley,' co. Gloucester, gent Pembroke 
Coll., matric x Nov.. X827, aged z8; B.A. 1823. 
M.A. X835. 

Beard, Richard RIdout, xs. George, of ^gbastoo. ca 
Warwick, ann. Magdalen Coll., matric 17 Oct., 
X874, aged X9 ; B. A. 2878. M.A. x68a, of Lincolii's 
Inn 20 Nov., 1876. 

Beardsley, Job, s. Geoige, of Bixmin^iam, cc War- 
wick, gent Trinity Coll. , matric 10 May, X7a> | 
aged x8 ; B.A. X729. 

Beardwell, James, * orchesiei r privflegiatiis xa Aug.. 
I7aa [M] 

Beardwell, James, a. James, of St. Anne's, Sobo. 
Westminster, gent oT. 

^ 1793 


March, X790, Bgol xo; 
Bloxam, Vol. I. 

Alban Hall, matnc 37 
B.A. All Soin^' Colu 

, Henrv, a. Henry, of St Giles, Middlesex. genL 

Christ Church, matric 17 June, 17x8, aged 18; 

B.A. X722. See Alumni West, 
Beare, Robert, s. Robert, of Twyford. Hants, got 

Queen's Coll., matric a Nov., 1725, aged 19; 

B.A. X729. 
Beare, WllUam. s. William, of Newton Busbell. Devoo* 

gent Balliol Coll., matric 27 March, tjyhl 

aged x8 ; B.A. Corpus Christi Coll. X74S. M -^ I 

2X Feb., X745-6, B.D. X75S. 
Bearsley, James, * servant to the master of Usivas^X! 

CoU.,*^privilegiatus, x8 May, X778. W 




Frederick R. Beart. 

Beart, Frederick Robert, as. Robert, of Godmanchester, 
Hants, ans. Wadham Coll., matric. 37 Nov., 
1868, aged 18 ; RA. 1873, M.A. 1877. 

Beasler, Edward Calvert, 3s. Thomas Calvert, of 
Haistone, ca Leicester, gent. Wadham Coll., 
matiic. 9 Feb., 1848, aged 19 : B.A. 1855. 

BeaslOTy Hcnrv Frank, M.A. TRlNiTir COLL., Dublin 
(HA. 1839. M.A. 1833), ad eundem 36 June, 1851, 
curate of Bahopstone, Wilts. 

Beasley. William Cole, zs. William, of Surfleet, co. 
Lincoln, cent Lincoln Coll., matric. i Dec., 
183X, aged z6 ; B. A. 1836, M.A. 18^, bar.-at-law, 
Inner Temple, 30 April, 1853, bencher 1876, Q.C. 
z88o, recorder of Hull 1874. See Foster's Men at 
the Bar. 

Beatson, William Michael, is. William Bums, of 
Chittagong. East Indies, M.D. Trinity Coll., 
matric 34 JaiL, 1876, aged 19 ; B.A. z88a [b] 

Beatti6, James, prof, of moral philosophy in the 
imiversity of Aberdeen 1760, created D.C.L. 9 July, 
1773. poet and essayist, M.A. Marischal Coll., 
Abetdeen, 1753. born at Laurencekirk, Kincardine. 
2^ Oct. , 1735, married 38 June, 1767, Mary, daughter 
of — Dunn, rector of Aberdeen Grammar School, 
and died 18 Aug., 1803. 

Beattie, Thomas Alexander, zs. James, of Louisville, 
America, arm. NoN^CoLL., matric. z Feb., 1879, 
aged SI. 

Eeatty, Andrew, s. Adam, of Sheepwash, Devon, gent. 
Balliol Coll., matric. Z4 March, Z735-6, aged id, 
RA. Z729. 

Beatty, C3ciavius Holmes, y.s. Pnkenham William, of 
Marantiam, Brazil, gent. ExETER COLL., matric. 
35 Jan., 1883, aged 16; B.A. Z884, bar.-at-law, 
Middle Temple, 19 May, 1886. I 9] 

Beatt>% William. M.A. Magdalen Hall, Cambridg*; 
(B.A. 1717, fellow, M.A. 1731). incorp. 6 July, 1733, 

Beauchamp, Francis, Viscount. Christ Church, 
1760. See Conway. 

BeauclUUIip. Rev. George Cliristopher Proctor, as. 
Henry William Johnson, of Aston, co. Worcester, 
der. Worcester Coll., matric. 5 Dec., 1844. 
aged 19 : B.A. 1849, M.A. 1871. See Foster s 

Beancliamp, Henry Robert, s. Joseph, of Penzance, 
Cornwall, arm. Exeter Coll., matric. z8 March, 
181 c. aged z8 ; died 30 Feb., 1817. 

Beaudliainpy John Boughton. s. John, of Newbold. co. 
Warwick, arm. St. Edmuno Hall, matric. 6 Nov., 
1799. aged zo; B.A. z8o3. 

Beauchamp, Richard, B.A. Trinity Coll., Dublin, 
1730. incorp. 14 Oct, Z73Z, M. A. St. John's Coll. 
Z3 March, 1733-3. [I5I 

Beaachaxiip, Sydney Charles, zs. Joseph Sydney, ot 
Paddington, Middlesex, gent. Queen's Coll., 
matric. 39 Oct, 1867, aged 19; B.A. 1873. M.A. 
1874, rector of Little Laver, Essex, 1878. See 
Foster^s Baronetage, 

Beauchamp-Frootor. Sir William, Bart., Mag- 
dalen Cdll., roatnc. Z5 March, Z737-8. See 

Beauohamp, William Henry Johnson, s. William 
Henry, of Chaseley, co. 'N^'orcesler, arm. Wor- 
cester CoLU, matric. 33 June. 181 1. aged 17 ; 
B. A. 1815, M.A. 1818, rector of Monks Risborough, 
Backs, died 3Z Aug. , 1868. See Foster's Baronetage, 

Beanolerk, Aubrey, s. Vere, Baron Vere. Queen's 
Coll., matric. 8 April, 1758, aged 17: 5th Duke 
of St Albans, diea 9 Feb., 1803. See Foster's 

BeaudlSrk!^ "Uharies Tjeorge, s. Topham, of West- 
mmster, arm. Christ Church, matric. 35 Oct, 
'790* ^^ i^» of St Leonard's Lodge, Sussex, 
M.P. Richmond. 1796-8, died 25 Dec., 1846. [aoj 

Bcauderk, Charles William, zs. Frederick, of Kimp- 
too. Hens (f«c), doctor. Christ Church, matric 
3^ Oct, Z834, aged z8; RA. 1838, of WinchfieM, 
Hanti, died 38 May, 1863, leaving issue. See 
Foster's Peerage , D. St Albsms, 

Edward A. H. A. Beaumont. 

Beaaderk, Frederick Edward, is. Charles William, 
of Winchneld House, Hants, arm. Christ Church, 
matric. 30 Jan., 1871, aged 18 ; of the Inner Temple, 
35 March, 1873. See Foster's Peerage^ D. St Albans. 

Beanolerk, Hemy, s. Henry, of Westminster, arm. 
Christ CntniCH, matric. 33 March, 17^, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 1767, M.A. 1769. rector of Greens Norton, 
Berks, died 8 Nov.. 1817. 

Beanolerk, ' Lord' James, y.s. Charles, Duke of St. 
Albans. Queen's Coll.. matric. 13 July, 1737, 
aged 17; BwA. 1730, M.A. 1731, R & D.D. by 
diploma, s July, 1744, bishop of Hereford. 1746-87, 
canon of Windsor, died immarried ao Oct, Z787. 
See Foster's Peerage, 

Beanolerk, John , s. Henry, of London, der. Christ 
Church, matric. ai Oct, 1789. aged 17; RA. 1793, 
M.A. 1796, bar.-at*law. Mkldle Temple, died 8 Jan., 
1840. See Foster's Peerage^ D. St. Albans. [25] 

Beanolerk, Lord Sidney, 5s. Charles, Duke of St. 
Albans. Trinity Coll., matric. 4 Dec., 1731, 
aged 18 ; created M.A. 35 Oct , 1737, D.C. L. 6 July, 
Z733, M.P. Windsor, 1730-^, vice-charoberlam to 
the king, P.C. Z740, died 33 Nov., 1744, grandfather 
of Charles George named above. 

Beanolerk, Topham, a. SMney, of Windsor, Berks, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. iz Nov., Z757, aged 
Z7 ; a book-collector, died zz March, 1780, leaving 
issue. See Foster's Peerage^ D. St. Albans. 

Beanford, Henry Walter, s. Hemy, of Tavistock. 

Devon, gent Exeter Coll., matric. az Feb., 

X799i ^S^ z8 ; B.A. z8o3. 
Beanfort, Claude St Lawrence Pftul, zs. William 

Augustus, of Kilroan, ca Cork, cler. Merton 

Coll., matric. 35 Jan., Z884, aged aa 
Beanfort, Rev. Daniel Augustus, M.A. Jesus Coll., 

Cambridge (B.A. 1837, M.A. 1840). ad eundem 31 

April, i^i, rector of Lymm., Cheshire, 1849-68, 

and of Warburton, 1849-73. [30] 

Beanfort, Sir Francis, created D.C.L. za Jc*ie, 1839 
(then captain R.N.), rear-admiral (redredlist), 1846, 
K.C.B. 39 April, Z848. hydrographer to the navy. 
Z833-55, for an account of his services, see O'Bymes' 
Naval Biographical Dictionary (son of Rev. Daniel 
Augustus Beaufort, D.D., rector of Navan, etc., 00. 
Meath), died zy Dec., Z857. leaving issue. 

Beanfort, Henry, Duke of. See SOMERSET (^). 

Beanfort, Leicester Paul, as. Daniel Augustus, of 

Warburton. Cheshire, der. Queen's Coll. , matric. 

33 Oct, Z873. aged z8 ; EA. Z878, ECL. & M.A. 

1879. bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 7 May, 1879. See 

Foster's Men at the Bar, 
Beanfort, Louis Walter William, as. William Augustus, 

of Kilroan, co. Cork, cler. Worcester Coli«, 

matric. 19 Oct, 1886. aged 19. 
Beanfort, William Augustus, M.A. Trinity Coll., 

Dublin (&A. 1834. M.A. 1843). ad eundem 5 June. 

1856, vicar of Egglestoae, co. iXirham, 1877. [35] 
Beanmont, Arthur Morton, is. Joseph, of London. 

arm. St. John's Coll., matric. 16 Oct, 1880, 

aged 19 : B.A. 1884. 
Beanniont. Arthur James, is. Arthur Chichester, of 

New York. America, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 

5 Dec., 1831, aged 33 ; B.A. 183^. 
Beanmont, Chanes Richard, s. John, of St Andrews, 

Holborn, London, arm. Brasenosb Coll. , matri& 

z June, Z796, aged Z9 ; B.A. z8oo, B.C.Lw 1803. 

D.C.L. 1808. 
Beanmont, Dudley ZamolskJ, 4s. Thomas Wentworth, 

of Scarborough, 00. York. arm. Christ Church, 

matric. 17 Oct., 1855, aged 19 ; RA. i860, bar.-at- 
law, Lincoln's Inn, 6 June, 1863. See Foster's 

Yorkshire Collection. 
Beanmont. Edward Akrovd Herbert Ayrton, o.s. 

James Akroyd, of Powell, Devon, cler. Balliol 

Coll., matric. 34 Jan., 1876, aged 19; B.A. 

i88a |«0] 

I'^sro D 


^C.^uSWc ^ \kJ^^ t^- 6f'/0^) ^ {^An> 



Edward J. B. Beaumont. 1715—1886. Herbert J. Beaver. 

Beaumont, Edward John Bradshaw, is. Thomas 
George, of Butterleigh, Devon, ckr. Oriel Coll., 
matric. 15 Oct, 1879, aged 18; R A. 1883. of the 
Inner Temple, 5 Dec., 1883. 

Beaumont, D'nus D'nus EUie de (generalis in supr. 
Senat Parisiensi catisarum patronus, etc.), created 

. D.C.L. 15 Oct., 1764. Cat. Grads,^ Advocate- 
General in the parliament of P&iis. See Gmt't 
Mag., vol. xxxiv., pp. 154, 496. 

Beaumont, Francis Henry, o.s. Francis William, of 
Dunmow, Essex arm. Oriel Coll., matric. 13 
May, 1852, aged 18; E A. 1856, M.A. 1876, of 
Buckland Court, Surrey, treasurer for the county. 
See Foster's Baronetage. 

Beaumont, Francis Montagu, is. Francis Henry, of 
London, arm. New Coui, matric 13 Oct, 1876, 
aged 19 ; of the Inner Temple, 28 Jan. , 1879, served 
in South African War 1881. and in Egyptian Cam- 
paign 1882. See Foster's Baronetage. 

Beaumont, Frands Morton, 2s. John, of Winchdsea, 
Sussex, arm. St. John's Coll., matric. 30 June, 
18^6, aged 17 ; B.A. 1861, M.A. 1864, vicar of Holy 
Tnnity, Coventry, 1872. [5] 

Beaumont, George, Bart, s. William, of Dunmow, 
Essex. New Coll., matric. 27 Nov., 1745, aged 
19: 6th baronet, high sheriff co. Leicester, 1761, 
died 4 Feb. , 1762. See Foster's Baronetage. 

Beaumont, (Sir) George (Bart), s. George, of Dun- 
mow, Essex, baronet New Coll. , matric. 4 May, 
1772, aged 18 ; 7th baronet, M.P. Beeralston 1790*6, 
F.S.A., died s.p. 6 Feb., 1827. See Foster's 

Beaumont, Sir George Howland, Bart., is. George 
Howland Willoughby, of Addington Park, Surrey, 
baronet Christ Church, matric. 4 June, 1846, 
aged 17 ; a patron of art, 9th baronet, died 8 June, 

Beaumont, (Sir) George Howland Willoughby (Bart), 
IS. Thomas, of Buckland, Surrey, arm. Christ 
Church, matric. 14 Oct. 1819, aged 19; 8th 
baronet, died 7 June, 1845. ^ei^Yo^iefs Baronetage. 

Beaumont. Harry IS. Alfred, of Thumscoe, Yorks, 
gent Queen's Coll., matric. 25 Oct, 1886, 
aged 21. flO] 

Beaumont, Hennr, s. Richard, of Whitley, co. York, 
arm. Christ Church, matric. 10 March, 1736-7, 
aged 19 ; died unmarried 14 Oct, 1743. ^^ Foster's 
Yorkshire Collection. 

Beaumont, Henry, D.D. Trinity Coll., Dublin, 
(B.A. Z851. M.A. Z854, a, & D.D. 1866), adm. 
' comitatis causa ' 9 June, 1864, and also 7 June, 
1866, rector of Freshford, Bath, 1854-56. 

Beaumont, Henry Hamond Dawson. 3s. Thomas 
George, of Chelmondeston, Suffolk, cler. Balliol 
Coll., matric. 19 Oct., x886. aged 19. 

Beaumont, Henry Ralph, 5s. Thomas, of St Maryle- 
bone, London, arm. CHRIST Church, matric. 
21 Oct, 1824, aged 17; RA. 1828, M.A. 1831, 
died 1838. 

Beaumont, Hubert George, 3s. Wentworth Blackett, 
of Lbndon, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. x6 Jan., 
1883, aged 18 ; B. A. x886. See Foster's Yorkshire 
Collection. [18] 

Beaumont, James Akroyd, M.A. Trinity Coll.. 
Cambridge (B.A. 1841, M.A. 1844), adm. 'comitatis 
causa' 13 June, 1861, rector of Poughill, Devon, 

Beaumont, John, s. Jos. of Batley, Yorks, pleb. 
University Coll., matric 13 April, 1717, aged 
20 ; RA. 8 March, 1720-1. 

Beaumont, Montmorency, is. Henry, of Bath, 
Somerset, B.D. CHRIST CHintCH, matric. 14 
Oct., 1870, aged 16. 

Beaumoni, Richard, s. Ric., of Kirk Heaton, co. 
York, anxL University Coll., matric. 28 June, 
X738, aged 17 ; of Whitley Beaumont, Yorks, died 
there xo Sep., 1764, leaving issue. $e9 Foster's 
Y^rkshirt Collectum. 

Beaumont, Richard Henry, s. Richard, of "WTiitlcy, 
CO. York, arm. Brasbnosb Coll., matric 30 
April, 1767, aged x8 ; created M.A. 19 Jan., 1771, 
ot Whitley Beaumont, F.S.A., died unmarried 23 
Nov., i8ia [aoj 

Beaumont. Samuel, 4s. John, of Manchester, gent. 
Christ CHimcH, matric. i8 Oct., 1869. aged 19: 
a A. 1873. 

Beaumont, Thomas, s. John, of Boston, ca Lincoln, 
gent BRASENasECoLL., matric. 14 March. 1732-3. 
aged 20 ; EA. 1736. 

Beaumont, Thomas, s. William, of Dcnmow, Essex, 
gent. New Coll. , matric. 26 June, 1747. aged 18 ; 
brother of Sir George, 6th baroneL 

Beaumont, Thomas, s. Henry, of London, gent 
Hertford Coll., matria x8 June, 1752, aged 18. 

Beaumont, Thomas Richard, s. Thomas, of Chapel 
thorpe, CO. York, gent UNrvERsnr Coll., 
matria 22 March, 1777, aged 18; M.P. Ncrthum 
berland 1705-1818, lieut. -colonel 21st light dragoons, 
father of Henry Ralph Beaumont aforesaid. [2SJ 

Beaumont, WiUiam, s. WilUam, of Dunmow. Essex, 
arm. New Coll., matric. 13 March, 1745-^. ^«* 
18 ; brother of Sir George. 6th baronet. 

Beaumont, William Beresford, 2s. George H. G., ot 
Addington, near Croydon , Surrey, baronet. Christ 
Church, matria 31 May, 1849, aged x8 ; B.A. 
1853, M.A. 1856, rector of Cole-Orton 1864. Sec 
Foster's Baronetage. 

Beauvoir, Osmond, s. Osmond, of St Andrews, 
Holbom, London, arm. QUEEN'S CoLU, matria 
lo July, 1742, aged 17. 

Beauvoir, Osmond, M.A. ST. John's Coix., Cam- 
bridge (B.A. 1742, fellow. M.A. 1746), incorp. 30 
Apru, 1750. 

Beavan, Alfred Edward, 4s. Hemy, of London, gent 
Worcester Coll., matric. 12 Oct, 1867, aged 18 ; 
S.CL. k a A. 1870. M.A. X874. vicar of Hatlidd 
Heath, Essex, 1877-85. [SOJ 

Beavan, Benjamin, s. John, of Dorston, 00. Hereford, 
pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 15 April, 173^. 
aged 19 ; B.A. 19 Feb., I739"40- 

Beavan, Edward s. Edward, of Chelsea, Middlesex, 
arm. Pembroke Coll., matric. 12 July, 1799. 
aged 19. 

Beavan, Henry, s. Samuel, of Newchurch, co, 
Radnor, gent. Jesus Coll.. matric. n May, 1761. 
aged 2a 

Beavan, Samuel, s. Samuel, of Newchurch. co. 
Radnor, arm. Jesus Coll., matria 15 May, 1762. 
aged 19 ; B. A. 1773. 

Beavan, Samuel Sydney, is. John Griffiths, of Dart- 
mouth, Devon, arm. ST. Mary Hali^ matric 
I Feb., 1882, Aged 18. [35 

Beaven, Rev. Alfred Beavcn, o.s. John, of Brisiol, 
CO. Gloucester, gent. Exeter Coll., matric. 18 
Oct., 1864, aged 17, exhibitioner 1864; scholar 
Pembroke Coll. 1865, S.C.L. ft BlA. 1868, M.A 
1873, head-master Preston Grammar School 1874 
Boase^ 161. 

Beaven, James, 2S. Samuel, of Weslbuiy, Wflts. arm. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 4 Nov., i8ao, aged 19; 
B.A. 1824, M.A. 1827, B. & D.D. 1842. professor of 
Divinity, University of Toronto. 

Beaver, George, s. Herbert, of University of Oxford, 
gent Corpus Christi Coll., matric 28 Feb., 
1743-4, aged 13; Magdalen Coll. RA. 1747. 
Corpus Christi Coll. M.A. 4 Feb., i75o-*» 
B.D., 1759. 

Beaver, Herbert, s. Herbert, of Oxford (dty), gent 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 30 June, 1741, aged 13; 
B.A. 1745, M.A. 1748. Coll. Reg', voL ii. & 

Beaver, Herbert, s. Herbert John, of Ash, Surrey, 
cler. Queen's Coll. , matric. 7 Feb. ,1817, aged x6 : 
B.A. 1821. [«0J 

Beaver, Herbert John, s. Herbert, of Wells (city), 
cler. Corpus Christi Coll., matria ix JtiJT. 
1781, aged 14; B.A. 1785, M.A. 1789, &D. 



Herbert N. Beaver. 

1715— 1886. 

Thomas Beckford. 

Beaver, Hertxrt Napleton, s. Herbert, of Leeds, co. 

York, arm. Balliol COLL., matria 14 Dea, 

1815. affBd x6u 
Beaver, James, s. Herbert, of Oxford University, gent 

OsiEL Coll., matric. 14 Jan., 1740-z, aged x8; 

B.A. 1744, M.A. Z749. 
Beaver, James, s. James, of Lewknor, Oxon, cler. 

Corpus Chsisti Coll., matric. a6 Nov., 1773, 

aged za {m) ; B.A. Z777. M.A. Z78Z, B.D. 

Beavis, Peter, s. Richard, of Faningdon. Devon. 

araL UNXVERsmr Coll., matric. 25 May, Z736, 

aged z8. 
Beavis, Peter, s. Pfcter. of Warkleigb, Devon, der. 

EXETES Coll., matric. X7 March, 1743-4, ^S^ '5 '» 

RAsFcb., Z747^ [S] 

Beazeley. Michael Wommn. o.s. Alexander, of Port- 
land, Dorset, gent. Lincoln Coll., matric. Z9 

Jan., Z885, aged z8. 
Beazley, C&irks Rajrmond, o.s. Joseph, of Lewisbam, 

Keot, gent. Balliol Coll., matric. 19 Oct., 

1886, aged z8. 
Bebb, Rev. Llewellyn John Montford, zs. William, of 

St John's, Cftpe Town, cler. New Coll., matric. 

15 Oct, z88z, aged Z9; scholar z88i, B.A. Z885, 

fellow and lecturer Brasenose 1885. 
Becber, Hemy. s. John, of St Michael's. Bristol, 

gent Merton Coll., matric. 90 March. 17x7-8. 

aged Z5; St. John's Coll. B.A. Z724. M.A. 

Becber, Henry, s. Henry, of Oxford (dly), cler. St. 

Masy Hall, matric. 22 March, z745-6, aged Z9 ; 

RA Z749. [10] 

Becber, Henry, s. John, of Anngrove, co. York, arm. 

Magdalen Coll., matria 15 April, Z776, a^ed z6. 
Becber, Sir Henry (Wrixon), Bart. is. William 

Wrixon, of Castle Mayner, Ireland, baronet Uni- 

vsxsiTir Coll.. matric a6 April. 1346. aged 19; 

and baronet, high sheriff ca Coric, Z876. See Foster's 

Becber, James Young, as. of — B., of Cuttack, East 
Indies, arm. Worcester Coll.. matric. 5 Dec, 
zS33* aged 19 ; B. A. Z838, chaplain Bengal Estab. 

Becber, John Thomas, s. Michael, of Cork, Ireland, 
arm. Christ Church, matric 33 May. 1788, aged 
18; B.A. Z793. M.A. Z795, P.C Thurgarton and 
Hoveringham, Notts, Z799, vicar of Rampton and of 
Midsomer Norton, 1801, preb. and vicar-general of 
Southwell, z8z8, rector of Bamborough, Yorks. Z830, 
a writer on social economy, died 3 Jan., Z848, aged 
78. Sec Alumni West 

Becber, Sir William Wrixon, Bart., s. William Wrixon, 
of Ballygiblin, co. York, arm. Magdalen Coll.. 
matric s8 Nov., Z796. aged z6 ; created a baronet 
30 Sep., Z83Z, M.P. Mallow Z818-26, assumed the 
surname and arms of Becher, which were confirmed 
to him by royal licence ag Sep., Z831, died 33 Oct, 
1850. See Foster's Bamutage, [18] 

Beck. Cadwallader Coker, y.s. James, of Alle5ley, co. 
Warwick, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. z6 Dec, 
i837i aged z8 ; R A. Z84Z, rector of Crowell, Oxon, 

xSeck, Francis, 3s. John, of St. Margaret's. Lothbury, 
London, arm. Exeter Coll., matric. 33 May, 

-. 1850, aged z8 : RA. Z854. 

Beck, Frederick John, zs. Morris, of Stoke Newington, 
Kent, arm. 'TRiNiTr COLL., matric z6 Oct, 1871, 
aged Z9 ; B.A. 1876, M.A. Z883, vicar of Roath, co. 
Glamoigan, Z883. 

Beck, James, s. James, of Bombay, East Indies, arm. 
TRiNmr Coll.. matric zz Oct, z8oo, aged ai. 

Beck, James, M.A. Corpus Christi Coll., Cam- 
bndge (B.A. Z830. M.A. Z843), ad eundem 5 July, 
1848, rector of KIdeston, Suffolk, Z879. [20] 

Beck, James Price, zs. Simon Adams, of Doughty 
Street, London, gent. Oriel Coll., matric a 
Nov., Z849, aged 18; R A. Z853, of Lincoln's Inn 
la Nov., Z85S. 

Beok, Thomas, s. Robert, of Meryott, Somerset, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric. zz March, Z747-8, aged so ; 
B.A. Z75Z. 

Beck, Thomas Batman, 6s. Edward, of Needham 
Market, Suffolk, gent. Magdalen Hall., matric 
33 Dec, Z846, aged 40. 

Beck, William, zs. William, of Stepney, Middlesex, 
gent. Pembroke Coll., matric. Z9 Nov.. Z846, 
aged z8 ; B.A. Z850. M.A. Z853, rector of Clanna- 
borough, Devon, 1867. 

Beck, William Nash. zs. William, of Worcester (city), 
gent Magdalen Hall., matric z8 March, Z847, 
aged Z9. [28] 

Beoke, James Henry, 4s. John, of Northampton, gent 
University Coll., matric zz Oct. Z873, aged 94 ; 
Non-Coll. B.A. Z878, M.A. Z879, headmaster 
Modem School, Liverpool College, zSda, precentor 
of Liverpool Cathedral. 

Booker, Rev. Charles Otto, o.s. Charles Lewis Chris- 
tian, of London, gent MfiRix}N Coll., matric 
Z3 Oct. Z878. aged Z9; RA. z883, M.A. z88c 

Booker, Ferdinand Wilbelm, o.s. Ferdinand William, 
of Bath, Somerset, arm. Exeter Coll., matric 
4 June. Z846. aged z8 ; B.A. Z850, M.A. Z853, vicar 
of St. Luke, Holbeacti, co. Lincoln, 1880. 

Beoker, Wilfrid, TS. Hannibal Lee, of Reddish, Cheshire, 
gent New Coll., matric. az Oct, z868, aged z8 ; 
B.A. Z873. 

Beokett, air Edmund, Bart, Lord Grimthorpe. See 
Denison. [so] 

Beokett, Joseph Adkins, zs. Joseph, of London, gent. 
Merton Coll., matric 33 March, Z833, aged z8 ; 
B.A. Z836, P.C. Forrest Row. Sussex, z84g. 

Beokett, Oliver, s. Oliver, of Melling, co. Lancaster, 
arm. Brasenose Coll., matric Z7 Dec, Z779, 
aged z6 ; B.A. Z783, of Lincoln's Inn Z783. 

Beokett, Thomas, s. Oliver, of Winchester (city), arm. 
Brasenose Coll. , matric z6 Dec . 1778, ageid Z7. 

Beckett, William, s. William, of Lavington, Wilts, 
gent. Merton Coll., matric Z9 Oct, Z743, aged 
z8 ; RA. Z746. 

Beokett, William. QuEBN'8 COLL., Z838. See 

Beokett, William Thomas, o.s. Thomas, of London, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric az May, 1836, aged 
x8 ; RA. Z840, M. A. Z843, rector of Ingoldsthorpe, 
Norfolk, Z85?. [95] 

Beokford, Ballard, s. Thomas, of ' Opp. Hisp. Ins. 
Jamaic {i.e. Spanish town), gent St. JOHN'S 
Coll., matric 37 Oct., Z736, aged z8. 

Beokford, Rev. Charles Douglas, s. Francis, of St 
Marylebone, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric 31 

July, z8z6, aged z8, R A. Z819 ; ALL SouLS' COLU 
I. A. Z833. died z8 July, Z884. aged 8d 

Beokford, F nmds, s. Peter, of Jamaica, arm. St. 
John's Coll., matric 4 Nov., Z741, aged z8; of 
Basing Park, Hants. See Foster's Peerage, R 

Beokford, Frands, s. Francis, of St Marylebone, 
London, arm. Christ Church, matric. 33 Oct, 
Z807, aged 18 ; of Coldstream Guards, died June, 
1875. aged 86. [S9] 

Beokzord, Geoige, zs. Horace William, of St George's, 
London, arm. (afterwards B. Rivers). Christ 
CHintCH. matric 5 June, z838, aged Z7 ; 4th Baron 
Rivers, died 38 April. z866. See Foster's Peerage, 

Beokford, Peter, s. Peter, of Isle of Jamaica, arm. 
Christ CHintCH, matric 3Z Oct, zyao, aged Z7. 

Beokford. Peter, s. Julines, of Stapleton, Dorset, arm. 
New Coll., matric za April, Z757, aged Z7 ; M.P. 
Morpeth Z768, father of Horace, 3id Lord Rivers. 

Beokford, Richard, s. Peter, of Isle of Jamaica, arm. 
Balliol Coll., matric. Z5 Jan., Z737-8, aged Z5; 
University Coll. RA. Z73Z, of the Mkldle Temple 
Z730, an fUderman of London. See Foster's Peer- 
age, B. Rivers. 

Beokford, Thomas, s. William, of London, aim. 
Baluol Coll., matric 6 July, 1769, aged 17. 


William Beckford. 1715— 1886. 

John Bedford. 

Beokford, William, & Peter, of Isle of Jamaica, arm. 

Balliol Coll., matric. 17 Dec., 1725, aged 17; 

B.A. 1729, M.A. 1732, of Fonthill Abbey, Wilts, 

M.P. Shaftesbury 1747-54, London 1754-70, lord 

mayor 1763 and 1770, in which latter year of office 

he died 21 June. See Foster's Peerage^ B. RiVBKS. 
Beokford, William, s. Richard, of Isle of Jamaica. 

arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 27 March, 1762, 

aged 17 ; created M.A. 6 April, 1765. 
Beokingnam, Stephen, s. Stephen, of St. Giles, 

London, arm. Trinity Coll., matria 9 July, 

1748, aged 18. 
BeokleSy Henry, s. Thomas, of Isle of Barbados, 

gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 24 Oct, 1751, 

aged 19. 
Beokles, WUliam Augustus, 5s. Edward Hyndman, 

formeriy bishop of Sierra Leone. NON-COLL., 

matria zo April, 1873, aged 23. [s] 

Beokley, Henry, 3s. Thomas, of Lymington, Hants. 

arm. Exeter Coll., matria 23 May, 1823, aged 

18 ; B.A. Z827. 
Beokley, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Lymington, Hants, 

gent. New Coll., matria 8 July, z8o8, aged z8 ; 

B.A. 1812, M.A. Z815. 
Beokman, William, s. Diaderick, of Wapping, 

Middlesex, gent, Brassnosb Coll., matria 4 

June. 176Z, aged z8. 
Beokton, Arthur Curtis, zs. Joseph, of Eccles, co. 

Lancaster, gent. New Coll., matric. 4 Dea, Z882, 

aged 18 ; B.A. 1886. 
Beckwith, £d\Yard George Ambrose, s. Edward 

James, of Oxford (city), der. Lincoln Coll.. 

matria 4 May, Z814, aged Z9 ; Magdalen Coll. 

a A. z8i8, M.A. Z823. [10] 

Beokwith. Edward (James), s. Edward, of Norwich 

(city), pleb. Magdalen Colu, matria 6 Feb., 

17871 aged z6, B.A. 2700 ; New Coll. M.A. Z793, 

nuDor canon St PeluTs Cathedra] and of West- 
minster Abbey. Bloxam, vols, i., iL 
Beckwith, Ernest George, 3s. George Langton, of 

Blymhill, Salop, cler. New Coll., matria 9 Dea, 

1881, aged 18 : B.A. 1886. 
Beokwitn, George, zs. Edward Geoige, of Christ 

Church, Surrey, cler. New Coll., matria 23 Oct., 

Z854, aged ZQ ; clerk Z855, ^-^ '^S^* ^-^ '^'t 

minor canon Winchester Cathedral z86o, chaplain of 

St. Mary's College, Winchester, Z863, died Z5 May, 

Beokwith, Geoi^e Langton, 3s. Henry Arthur, of 

York (dty), der. All Soul's Coll., matric. 25 

June, Z844, aged zy ; B.A. Z848, M.A. Z85Z, vicar 

of Collingham, Yorks, Z874. 
Beokwith, Henry Arthur, & John Christmas, of St. 

Luke's, Norwich, doctor. Magdalen Coll., 

matria 3Z March, z8z4, aged Z7; B.A. z8z8, M.A. 

z82a Coll, Reg., vols, i., iL [15] 

Beokwith, Henry William, zs. Henry, of Stockton, 

CO. Durham, gent University Coll., matria 

6 Dea, Z838, aged z8; B.A. Z843. M.A. Z853, 

rector of St. Mary, Bishop-hill-the-Elder, York, 

Z854, until his death 28 March, Z87Z. 
Beckwithy Herbert Birley, 4s. George Langton, of 

Shifnal, co. Stafford, cler. New Coll., matria 

Z2 Oct., Z883. aged Z9. 
Beokwith, John, s. Edward, of Norwich (dty), gent 

Magdalen Hall, matria z July, Z893, <^^ 43 » 

Mus. Baa & Mus. Doc. 5 July, Z803, organist of 

St Peter, Mancroft, Norwich. Z794, of Norwich 

Cathedral 1808. died 3 June, Z809. buried as John 

Christmas Beckwith. 
Beokwithy John, y.s. Edward Lonsdale, of Surbiton, 

Surrey, arm. New Coll., matria z6 Oct, z88o, 

aged zp ; B.A. Z884. 
Beokwitn, Samuel Boydell, o.s. Samuel, of Brompton, 

Middlesex, amL St. John's Coll., matria z8 

Nov. , Z822. aged z8 ; B. A. zSay. [ao] 

Beokwith, Sidney, zs. Thomas Pcrcival, of Chelsea, 

Middlesex, arm. CORPUS Christi Coll., matria 

a6 Oct, Z885, aged 18. 

Beokwith, Thomas Perdval, is. Thomas, of St 

George's, Bloomsbury, London, arm. Christ 

Church, matria Z5 May. Z845, aeed z8 ; B.A. 

z8i49, M.A. z85a, bar.-at-law, Linoolas Inn, 8 May, 

Z85Z. See Fosto's Men at the Bar, 
Beokwith, William, s. Woodifield, of Easington. co. 

Durham, arm. Universitt Coll., matria 9 May, 

Z79Z, aged z8 ; of Thurcroft, Yorks, and oS Trimdon, 

ca Durham, died 3Z Dea, Z847, leaving issue. 
Beddard, Frank Evers, zs. John, of Dudley, co. 

Worcester, gent New Coll., matria Z3 Oct., 

Z876, aged z8 ; B.A. z88o, M.A. Z883. [aft] 

Beddin^OZl, Charles Lindsay, as. Samuel Henry, or 

London, gent. Pembroke Coll., matric. 27 Oct, 

Z884, aged Z7 ; of the Inner Temple 6 Jan., Z885. 
Beddin^on, George Stuart, zs. Samuel Henry, of 

London, gent Pembroke Coll., matria 27 Oct, 

Z884, aged Z9. 
Beddoes, Thomart. s. Richard, of ShifFnal. Salop, 

gent St. John's Coll., matria zs Nov., zyyj, 

aged zs; Pembroke Coll. B.A. Z779. M.A. Z783, 

M.B. & M.D. Z786, a celebrated physidan, died 

24 Dea, z8o8. 
Beddoes, Thomas Lovell. zs. Thomas, of Clifton, 00. 

Gloucester, doctor. Pembroke Coll.. matria z 

May, Z820, aged z6 ; B.A. z82S. M. A. Z828. 
Beddome, Rev. John Arthur, 2s. Richard Boswell, of 

Clapham, London, gent Pembroke Coll., matric. 

8 Dea, z8s7, aged as ; B.A. x86i, M.A. z86s. died 

22 Feb., Z876. 
Beddoes, WHUam Francis, zs. William Minton, of 

Wistaostow, Salop, M.D. Christ Church, matric. 

Z3 Oct, Z876, aged z8; exhibitioner Z876, EA 

z88o, M.A. Z883, bar.-at>law. Inner Temple, as Jane. 

Z884. See Foster's Men at the Bar. fso] 

Beddjr. Joseph Fawcett, M.A. Trinity Coll., Dublin 

(B.A. Z831, M.A. 1834), ad eundem 30 March, 1854, 

P.C. St Thomas's, Monmouth. 
Bedford. Albert Edward Riland, 4s. Wniiam Kirlc- 

patriae Riland, of PortobeUo, Scotland, cler. 

Brasenose Coll., matric. az Jan., Z884, aged 19 ; 

B.A. z886, bom 27 Dea, Z864. 
Bedford, Arthur, s. Robert, of St Thomas. Bristol, 

Somerset, pleb. Brasenose Coll.. matria ao 

March, Z728-9, aged z8 ; B.A. 7 March. Z733-3. 
Bedford, Arthur, s. John, of Loiidon, arm. St. 

John's Coll., matria zq Oct, Z790, aged a& 
Bedford, Arthur William, zs. William Fanshawe. of 

Cheltenham, arm. Oriel Coll., matria z June, 

1882, aged z8 ; B.A. z8sS- [SSl 

Bedford, Bedford, o.s. Christopher, of St John's. 

Manchester, gent St. Mary Hall, z82z, assumed 

the luune of Kenyon, which see. 
Bedford, Bernard Francis Riland, 6s. William Kirk- 

Patrick Riland, of London, cler. Brasenose Coll., 

matria ao Oct. z886, aged 18 ; bom z6 Jan.. 1868. 
Bedford, Rev. Charles, as. James Gower (or Cover), of 

Twyford, Hants, cler. New Coll. . matria 23 Jan., 

1836, aged z8 ; B.A. Z839, died zz April, Z878. 
Bedford, Edward, s. Henry, of Sadbury. oa Gloa- 

oester, cler. Exeter Coll., matria 8 April, 17171 

afed Z7 ; B.A. Z72a 
Bedford, Edward Henry, zs. John, of Saigeant's Inn. 

London, arm. St. Mary Hall, matria 6 Jul;. 

z82z. aged 19. [^] 

Bedford, Frederick William. LL.D. Trinity Coll., 

Dublin (B.A. z8so, LL.a z8s3, LL.D. Z858). ad 

eundem 4 May, z8s9. 
Bedford, Rev. Henry. LL.B. EMANUEL Coll.. 

Cambridge (LL.B. 1857, LL.D. z866), ad eundem 

zz July, Z857. 
Bedford, Rev. James Gower (or Gover). s. James, o( 

Portsea, Hants, gent St. John's Coll., matric. 

Z7 Dea, Z804, aged Z9; New Coll. B.A. z8o8i 

diied 30 March, Z87Z. 
Bedford, Rev. John, zs. Thomas, of Whittlesea, 00. 

Cambridge, cler. Lincoln Coll. , matria 24 March, 

^^SS» <>€^ '^ • ^"^ '^^» ^*^ '^i* principal of 
South Norwood College 188a. 


Richard Bedford. 

1715— 1886. 

John B. Beed. 

Bedford, Richard, s. Richard, of Crediton, Devon, 
pleb. Queen's Coll. , matric. x Tune, 1786, aged 18 ; 
re-entered la Jane, 1833, as Richard Gordon 
BEDFORD, RA. zyOct., 2833, M.A. zo June, 1835. 

Bedford, Richard Bisse Riland, 35. William Riland, of 

Sutton Coldfield, co. Warwidc/ cler. Brasenose 

Cull. , matxic. 33 June, 2848, aged z8. 
Bedford, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Ufifington, Berks, 

gent Wadham Coll., matric. 2 April, 1720, aged 

26; B.A. X723. 
Bedford, Thomas, s. Frands, of Creed, Cornwall, cler. 

Exeter Coll., matric 33 Jan., 2752, aged 28; 

B.A., 2756. 
Bedford, Thomas, s. William, of Gosport, Hants, gent. 

New Coll.. matric 24 April, 2763, aged 29 (died 

at Gosport, July, 2773 ?). [S] 

Bedford, Thomas, s. William, of Worcester (city), 

geuL Oriel Coll.. matric 9 Nov. 2780, aged 29 ; 

B.A. 2784, M.A. 2787. 

Bedford, William, M. A. St. John's Coll., Cambridge 
(BwA. 2732, M.A. 2725, M.D. per Lit. Reg, 2737), 
iscorp. 9 July, 2733. 

Bedford, Wmiam, o.s. Wllliam, of Devonport, Devon, 
arm. ORIEL CoLL., matric 2a April, 2826, aged 

Bedford, William, 2s. James Gover (or Gower), of 
Aving-ton, Hants, der. New Coll., matric 5 June, 
1S34* aged 29 ; B.A. 1838, M.A. 2843, vicar of 
Marshficld, co. Gloucester, 2858, until his death, 
17 Febi, 2882. 

Bedford. William Kirkpatridc Riland. 2s. William 
Riland, B.. of Sutton CoId6eld, ca Warwick, cler. 
Brasenose Coll., matric 5 June, 2844, aged 17 ; 
BlA. 2848, M.A. 2852, rector of Sutton Coldfield 
afisd.. 2850, and rural deatL [lO] 

Bedford, wmiam Riland, s. William, of Birmingham, 
00. Warwick, arm. Uniyersity Coll., matric 28 
Jan., 2822, aged 27 ; B.A. 28x5, M.A. 18x9, rector 
of Sutton Coldfield, co. Warwick, died 6 July, 

_ 7843. 

Beding^eld, John LonguevUle, 2s. John James, of 
Sl ^ames, Westminster, arm. Christ Church, 
matric 35 May, 2829, aged 28; of Ditchingham 
HaU. Norfolk, died 2872. 

Bedingfeld, Robert, s. Edmund, of St. Clement 
Danes, London, gent. Hart Hall, matric. a 
April, 2737, aged 27; RA. 6 Feb., 1740-2, M.A. 

Bedsmore, Thomas, 2S. Thomas, of Lichfield, co. 
Stafford, gent New Coll., matric s Feb., 2877, 
aged 41. 

oeoaon, Rev. Alfred, 3s. George, of Manchester, gent. 
Brasenose Coll.. matric 29 Oct, 2875, aged ao ; 
B.A. 2879, M-A- 2882. [18] 

Bedwell, Fxancis, 2s. Francis, of Stroud, co. Glou- 
cester, gent. Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 2 
March, 2856. aged 28; exhibr. 2856, B.A. 2860, 
M.A. 2865, B.D. 2874, vicar of Llangattock juxta 
Caerieon, co. Monmouth, 2885. 

Bedwell, John, s. John, of Masy Hampton, co. Glou- 
cester, gent Brasenose Coll., matric 22 Oct, 
1731. aged 26 ; B.A. 2735, M.A. 2738. 

-oedwell, John Weekes, s. Thomas, of Brinkworth, 
Wais, gent Oriel Coll., matric 3 March, 2758, 
aged 28 : B.A. 2761. 

Bedwell, Robert, s. John Weeks, of Cheltenham, co. 
Gloucester, cler. New Coll., matric 24 March, 
1788, aged 26. See next entry. 

Bedwell, Robert Secundus. Magdalen Hall, B.A. 
ai Feb., 2792, M.A. 24 Oct., 2794. See preceding 

aee, Rev. Samuel Fry, 2s. John, of Tiverton, Somerset, 

der. St. Mart Hall, matric 26 Jan., 2877, aged 

x8; aA- 2883. 
Bee, Thomas, s. Thomas, of South Oirolina, America, 

^nn. Oriel Coll., matric 7 March, 2783, aged 

18; B.C.L. 2789. 

Beehe, Arthur Henry Thompson, as. Henry Thomas, 
of Stockwell, Surrey, cler. Non-Coll., matric 23 
Oct, 2884, agedaa 

Beehe, Henry Thomas, as. William Price, of Ken- 
nington, Surrey, arm. New Inn Hall, matric 
23 Oct, 2879, aged 45 ; B.A. 2883, M.A. 1886, 
vicar of Yeovil, Somerset, 2884. 

Beehee, James, s. Thomas, of Leominster, co. Here- 
ford, gent. Wadham Coll., matric 35 June, 2773. 
aged 18 ; RA- 2777. [2B] 

Beehee, James, s. James, of Bredwardine, 00. Here- 
ford, cler. Worcester Coll., matric 28 Oct, 
2827, aged 28. 

Beebe, Rev. William Newton Percy, 2S. Henry Thomas, 
of Brixton, Surrey, cler. Trinity Coll., matric 
21 Oct., 2879, aged 32 ; B.A. 2883. M.A. 2886. 

Beehy, Charles Evans, as. James, of London, gent 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 32 Oct, 2876, aged 33; 
B.A. 2879, M.A. 2883. 

Beeby, James, s. James, of St James, Westminster, 
gent Hertford Coll., matric 24 June, 2806, 

Beeby, Rev. James, 2s. James, of Kensington, Mid- 
dlesex, arm. Exeter Coll., matric 28 Jan., 2866, 
aged 29 ; mission preacher to Bishop of Bedford. 

2882. [so] 
Beeby, William, s. Geoige, of Brigham, Cumberland, 

pleb. Queen's Coll., matric 2 Ajnil, 2784, aged 

27 ; BlAI 2789. M.A. 2793. 
Beeoh, Edwaid, s. Thomas, of Milwich, co. Stafford, 

cler. St. John's Coll., matric. 24 July, 2722, 

aged 29 ; B.A. 27 March. 2726-7. 
Beech, Henry Edward. 3s. James, of Brandon, co. 

Warwick, arm. Pembroke Coll., matric 25 Oct, 

2876, aged 29 ; bom 5 Nov., 2856. 
Beeon, Howard, as. William Philip, of Blackheath, 

Kent, gent Worcester Coll., matric 21 Nov., 

1873, aged 28 ; B.A. 2877, M.A. 2880, rector of 

Great Bealings., Norfolk, 2886. 
Beecll, James, o.s. James, of Kingsley, co. Stafford, 

arm. Corpus Christi Coll., matric 24 June, 

18^, aged 27 ; B.A. 2834. [18] 

Beeon, Reginald, 4s. James, of Brandon. 00. Warwick, 

arm. Christ Church, matric. 20 Oct, 2879, 

aged 27 ; born 24 March, 2862. 
Beooll, Rowland John, 2s. James, of Coventry, co. 

Warwick, gent. Christ Church, matric 13 Oct, 

2872, aged 27 ; of Brandon Lodge, co. Warwick, 

J.P., D.L., and of the Sbawe, co. Stafford, bom 25 

Nov., 2853. 
Beeobey, Samuel, ' carbonarius,' privilegiatus, 4 

July, 2797. 
Beecbey, William John. o.s. William Henry Jones, of 

Devises, gent Non-Coll.. matric 29 April, 2881, 

aged 29 ; Merton Coll., B.A. 2886. 
Beeoblng^, Harold Antony, 2s. Thomas, of Tunbridge 

Wells, arm. Magdalen Coll., matric 29 Oct. 

2883. aged 28 ; B.A. 2886. [40] 
Beeobing, Henry Charles, as. James Plummer, of 

London, gent Balliol Coll., matric 19 Oct, 

2878, aged 29; B.A. 2883, rector of Yattendon, 

Berks, 2885. 
Beeobin^, Horace Arthur. 2s. Arthur Thomas, of 

Tonbridge, Kent, arm. Oriel Coll., matric 27 

Oct, 1883, aged 28 : B.A. 2886. 
Beeobingr, Waiter Charies, 2s. Arthur Thomas, of 

Tonbridge. Kent, aixii. Trinity Coll., matric. 

21 Oct, 2884, aged 28. 
Beeoroft, George 'Audus' Beaumont, 2s. George 

Skirrow, of near Leeds, co. York, arm. Christ 

Church, matric 28 May, 1864, aged 29; Mus. 

Bac. 2867. B.A. 2868, M.A. 2872. 
Beeoroft, Robert, s. Robert, of London, gent 

University Coll., matric 23 July, 279a, aged 

20. [M], 

Beed, John Bishop, s. John, of Taunton, Somerset 

gent. All Souls' Coll., matric 30 May, 27901 

aged 29. 


Wm. p. R. Beedle. 

1715— 1886. 

Thos. H. Belcher. 

Beedle, William Page Richards, & Thomas, of Silver- 
ton, Devon, gent. Wadham Coll., matric. 20 
May, 1814, aged z8 ; B.A. 1810. 
Beeke, Henrv, s. Christopher, of Kingsteignton, Devon. 

Corpus Christi Coll. , matric. 6 May, 1769, aged 

18, B.A. 1773: fellow Oriel Coll., 177^, M.A. 

1776, B.D. 1785, D.D. i8oo. vicar of St. Marv the 

Virgin. Oxford, 178a, proctor 1784, rector of Ufton 

Norcot, Berks, 1789, regius prof, of modem 

history 1801-13, dean of Bristol 1814, vicar of Wcare, 

Devon, a celebrated financial critic and writer, died 

9 March. 1837. 
Beeke, Richard, s. Christopher, of Kingsteignton, 

Devon, cler. Oriel Coll., matric. 8 De&, 1770, 

aged 17. 
Beele, WllUam, s. Abr., of Plymouth, Devon, gent 

Christ Church, matric. za March, 1718-9, aged 

15; B.C.L. I7a5. as Beale. 
Beeley, Thomas, 8. George, of Stockport, Cheshire, 

pleb. Trinity Coll., matric. a8 March, 1760. 

aged ai. [S] . 

Beeman, Allen Everett, is. Frederick, of Litchfield, in 

America, gent. St. Mary Hall, matric. 19 Oct., 

1877, aged aa. 
Beer, Thomas, s. Richard, of Sutton-on-the-Hill. co. 

Dert)y, pleb. Magdalen Hall., matric. 4 April, 

1759. aged ax. 
Beer, wlliiam, zs. WiUiam Rundell, of Kingsbridge, 

Devon, gent. Non-Coll., matric. i Feb., 1879, 

aged 18 ; Worcester Coll., B.A. 1881. 
Beer, William Thomas, s. William, of Pontefract. co. 

York, gent. Worcester Coll., matric. zz Feb , 

z8oi, aged 18 ; B.A. 1805. M.A. Z807. 
Beesly, Augustus Hpnry. ^s. James, of Feckenham, 

near Bromsgrove, co. Worcester, cler, Wadham 

Coll., matria aa March, 1858, aged X9 ; B.A. i86a. 

M.A. 1864. [lOj 

Beesly. Edward Spencer, zs. James, of Feckenham, 

CO. Worcester, cler. Wadham Coll., matric. 7 

June, 1849, aged z8; clerk Z850, B.A. Z854, M.A. 


Beealy, James, s. James, of Kimbolton, Hunts, pleb. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric Z3 April, Z804, aged 
ai ; EA. 1808, M.A. i8ia 

Beeston, Richard, s. Euseb., of Presteign, Radnor, 
cler. Trinity Coll., matric. 30 May, 1718, aged 

Beeston, William, s. John, of London, doctor. 
Christ Church, matric Z9 June, Z730, aged Z9 ; 
B.A. Z734. 

Beet, George, s. John, of Wentworth, co. York, pleb. 
Brasenose Coll., matric. la Oct, 1738, aged ao ; 
B.A. Z74a. [18] 

Beethom, John, s. John, of Heversham, Westmore- 
land, gent. Queen's Coll. , matric. 14 July, x8o6 ; 
aged z6 ; B.A. 1810, M.A. 18x3. 

Beeton, Mayson Moss, 4s. Samuel Orchard, of Green- 
hithe, Kent, gent. Magdalen Coll, matric 19 
Oct, Z883, aged z8. 

Beever, Fredenck John Holt, as. Jonathan, of Ll^n* 
fair Duffrinclwyd, near Ruthin, arm. Jesus Coll., 
matric. aa Feb.. Z849, aged 18; B.A. 185a, fellow 
1855, M.A. 1856. 

Beever, John, s. Joseph, of Sandal, 00. York, gent. 
University Coll., matric. 9 Feb., Z73i-a,aged 17. 

Beever, Willlam Frederick Holt, zs. William Holt, of 
Cowbridge, co. Glamorgan, cler. Oriel Coll.., 
matric a3 April, Z873, aged z8 ; B.A. Z876, of Lin- 
coln's Inn 3 Nov., Z876. [20] 

Beever, William Holt, zs. Jonathan, of Llanfair, co. 
Denbigh, arm. Jesus Coll., matric. az Nov., 
Z844, aged Z7 ; B.A. Z849, M.A. 1851, of Pencraig 
Court, CO. Hereford, preb. of Llandaff z866, vicar of 
Marstow, 00. Hereford, z88a. 

Beever, Edward, s. John, of Norwich (city), doctor. 
Christ CmntCH, matric a6 Oct, Z787, aged 17; 
B.A. Z79a. 

Beever, James, s. James, of Norwich (city), arm. 
University Coll., matric a6 May, Z786, aged aa 

Beevor, Miles, s. Thomas, of Hethd, Norfolk, aim. 
University Coll., matric zo May. Z774.aged 17^ 
B.A. Z778, M.A. 1781. B. & D.D. Z815, of Mulbar 
ton and Hethel, Norfolk, J. P. . D. L. . rector of Heihel, 
Z79a-8, of BIrcham Newton with Tofis. Z789. vicar 
of Ketteringham, Norfolk, Z786, died ag Dec, i834* 
See Foster's Baronetage, 

Begrbie. Alexander, s. Alexander, of Ilampstead, 
Middlesex, arm. Exeter Coll., matric a4 Klarcb^ 
Z817, aged Z7; B.A. z8ao. [asj 

Begrble, Rev. Alexander George, o.s. Charles, of St. 
Andrew's, Holbom, London, genL Queen's 
Coll., matric Z7 March, Z853, aged z8 ; St. Mast 
Hall, B.A. Z857, Queen^s Coll.. M.A. 1880; 
sub-warden and tutor of Southwark Miss. College^ 

Begble, Alfred John. o.s. Alfred William, of Agra, 
Kast Indies, arm. Trinity Coll. . matric. 18 Oct.. 
1869, aged Z9 ; B.A. Z874, M.A. Z876. of the Inner 
Temple Z870, vicar of Framsden, Suffolk. 1883. 

Behr, Bemhard (Martin), o.s. Moritt. of London, amu 
Brasenose Coll. , matric z6 June, Z859, aged 18 ; 
B.A. Z863, M.A. Z870, died 4 Jan., z88i. 

BehrendS, John Bernard, y.s. John George, of St 
Boiolph's. London, arm. St. John's Coll., 
matric as June, Z849, aged z8 ; B.A. Z853, M.A. 
z8s7, B.C.L. Z859, D.C.L. Z863. 

Behrens, George Benjamin, 3s. Edward, of Man> 
Chester, gent Corpus Christi Coll., matric 10 
Oct, Z883. aged z8. [SO] 

Behrens, Harry, 4s. James, of Bradfonl, Yorks, gent 
New Coll. , matric zo Oct , Z873, aged Z9 ; B.A. 
Z877, M.A. z88a, of the Inner Teoaple zo Nov., 


Behrens, Oliver Philip, as. Edward, of Manchester, 
arm. Oriel Coll., matric 30 Jan., Z882, aged 
z8; B.A. Z885. 

Beigrhton, Thomas, s. George, of Wirksworth. ox 
Derby, gent Merton Coll., matric Z7 March, 
Z7I7-8. aged Z5 ; B.A. Z7az, M.A. Z724. 

Beiffhton, William, pletK Bras&nose Coll., 
matric. a4 Nov., Z7aa, aged z8 ; B.A. Z7a6. 

BelbitZ, Joseph Hugh. o.s. Joseph, of Worcestfr, 
gent. Hertford Coll., mamc aa Oct, x886, 
1886, aged z8. [35] 

Beloher, Alfred Bernard, 5s. Thomas, of Faringdoo, 
Berks, arm. Queen's Coll., matric ao Nov., 
Z879, aged z8 ; B.A. Z883, M.A. z886. 

Belcher. Brymer, zs. Alexander Brymer, of Roehamp- 
ton, Surrey, gent. Wadham Coll., matric a6 
Oct. Z837, aged Z7 ; B.A. Z841, M.A. Z845. vicar 
of Bodiam, Sussex, X885. 

Beloher, George Paul, zs. Paul, of Ashbourne, ca 
Derby, cler. Worcester Coll., matric 20 Oct, 
z8z8, aged z8 ; B.A. z8aa, M.A. Z826. BD. 1837, 
vicar of Butterton, co. Siafiford, z83a-8r, rector of 
Heather Z837, until his death Z5 Feb., Z884. 

Beloher, Rev. Gilbert Edward, zs. Brymer, of London, 
cler. Magdalen Coll., matric z8 Oct, 1873. 
aged Z9; St. Alban Hall, B.A. z88i, Mag- 
dalen Coll.. M.A. Z883. 

Belcher. Herbert George, 5s. Charles, of Little 
An well, Berks, gent Exeter Coll., matric 23 
Oct, Z885, agttd Z9. [Mj 

Beloher, Hugh Walter, as. Brymer, of London, cier. 
Magdalen Coll., matric Z3 Oct., 1879, ag«d 19; 
B.A. z883^ M.A. 1887. 

Beloher, P&ul, s. John, of Bratby, co. Derby, pleb. 
St. John's Coll., matric 33 Oct, Z761, aged zS. 

Beloher, Richard, 'pist(Mr,' privil^[iatus Z4 Jao-i 

Beloher, Thomas, s. Benjamin, of Wantage, Berte, 
pleb. Christ Church, matric 86 March, 1751. 
aged z8 ; B.A. Z754. 

Beloner. Rev. Thomas Hayes, as. Thomas, of Faring- 
don, Berks, gent Queen's Coll., matric 22 Oct., 
z866, aged zo ; B.A. Z871, M.A. Z873, principal of 
Brighton College z88z. [tSj 


Thos. W. Belcher. 

1715— 1886. 

Francis L. Bell. 

Beloher, Thomas Waugh, B.M.. M^ Trinity 
Coll.. Dublin (B.A. 1851, B.M. 1854, M.A. 1854, 
M.D. 1863), ad eyndem 30 Oct., 1856, rector of 
Ffampton Cotterell, Somerset, 1886, late fellow 

Belcher, William de Pipe, 4s. Paul, of Ashbourne, co. 
Dertiy, der. Magdalen Hall, matria ao Jane, 
1837, aged 19 ; B.A. 1832, rector of Thurlby, co. 
Ucc»lo, 1864-73. 

Belcher, William Thomas, ss. Robert Brown, of Bir- 
mingham, gent Queen's Coll., matric. a July, 
1867, aged 40 ; Mas. Baa 6 July, 1867, Mus. Doc. 

Beldam, James Ward. 3s. Edward, of Royston, co. 

Cambridge, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. ax Oct, 

1880, aged 19 ; B.A. 1886. 
Beldam, P^rdval Edward, 4s. Edward, of Royston, co. 

Cambridge, gent. Magdalen Coll., matric. 13 

Jan., 1883, aged ao ; B.A. 1886. [8J 

Beldam, Valentine Edward, as. Edward, of Royston, 

CO. Cambridge, arm. New Coll., matric. a6 Jan., 

1878. aged 18 ; B.A. 1881. M.A. 1884, bar.-at-law. 

Middle Temple, 7 July, x886. 

Beldon, Joseph, s. Joseph, of Damall, co. Yorks, gent 
St. Mary Hall, matric. 17 Oct., 1803. aged 51. 

Beley, Charles Allen Evans, o.s. Charles, of Birming- 
ham, 00. Warwick, arm. St. Mary Hall, matric 
i Dec., 1847. aged iq; B.A. 1854, M.A. 1857, of 
the Inner Temple x6 Jan. , 1857, vicar of Manning- 
tree, Essex, 1878. 

BdlfjEiflt, George Hambleton, Earl of. Christ 
Church, z8x6. See Chichester. 

Belfield, Allen, s. John, of St. Peter's, Exeter, Devon, 

arm. Oriel Coll., matric. aa March, X730-X, 

aged x8. [lOJ 

Belfield, Finney, s. John, of Exeter, Devon, arm. 

Oriel Coll., matric. 16 Nov., i7ao, aged 16. 
Belfield, Finney, s. Samuel, of Pnington, Devon, cler. 

Oriel Coll., matric. a9 March, 1775, aged 16; 

B.A X778, M.A. X781. 
Belfield, Finney, s. Finney, of Bury Pomeroy, Devon, 

der. Oriel Coll., matric. a6 March, 1801, aged 

Jj ; B.A. 1805, M.A. X807. 
Belfield, Frederick, 4s. John Finney, of Paignton, 

Devon, arm. New Coll., matric. 19 Oct, z88a, 

aged X9 ; B.A. 1887. 
Belfeild, Henry, s. Henry, of Studham, Herts, gent 

Pembroke Coll.. matric. 11 May, 1780, aged x8; 

felkyw Exeter Colu 1784, a A. & M. A. 1788. died 

Feb., 1789^ CoiL Rej[,, 1x3. flS] 

Belfield, Henry Conway, is. John Finney, of Pkfgn- 

ton, Devon, arm. Oriel Coll., ao Oct., X874, 

af^fd x8 : RA. 1877, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, X7 

Nov. , x88ou See Foster's Men at the Bar. 
Belfield, John, s. John, of Exeter (city), arm. ORIEL 

Coll., matric. 8 March, x7i9-ao, ai^ed 17. 
Belfield, John Finney, o.s. Finney, of Paington, Devon, 

cler. Oriel Coll., matria a4 March, 1830. aged 

x8; RA. 1834, M.A. 1836, of Primley HiU, Devon, 

i' ''* 
Belfield, Samuel, s. John, of Exeter, Devon, arm. 

Oriel Coll., matric. x6 July, xyad, aged 17 ; B.A. 

1730, B.C.L. 1733. 
Belfield, Thomas Daniel, xs. Thomas Daniel, of St. 

Dunstan's-in-the-East, London, gent Oriel Coll., 

matric. 4 Nov., X84X, aged x8. [aO] 

Belfoor, Frauds Cunningham, 5s. Nicholas, of Ald- 

ridge. ca Stafford, gent Magdalen Hall, matric. 

21 Jan., X819. aged 3a; B.A. 1833, M.A. i8a5, 

bar.-at-law. Inner I'emple, 7 June, 1833. 
Belfonr, Ok^, s. John, of Highgate, Middlesex, gent. 

Hertford Coll., matric. 7 April, 1794, aged 17 ; 

bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn x8k)3. 
Belgrave, Charles William, as. Thomas, of North 

Rilwortb, 00. Leicester, cler. Lincoln Coll., 

matric. 6 Nov., 1837, aged 19; B.A. 1841, M.A. 
1844, rector of North Kilworth, Northants, X854. 

Belgrave, Chas. Wm. Posthumous, s. Thos., of Louth, 
CO. Lincoln, gent. Lincoln Coll., matric. 17 July, 
X807, aged 17 ; B.A. x8xx, M.A. 18x4, B^D. zSaa. 

Belgrave, George, ED. St. John's Coll., Cambridge 
(RA. X770, fellow, M.A. 1773, B.D. 1781), s. 
Jeremiah, cler. Inoorp. x6 June, x8oa. Trinity 
Coll. D.D. 17 June, x8oa, rector of Cockfield, died 
s.p. March, 183X. 

Belgrave, Percy, as. William, of Preston, near Bath, 
arm. Christ Church, matric. ao May, X875, ^^ 
19 : B.A. X878. [26] 

Belgrave, WiUiam, cs. William, of Sumford, co. 
Lincoln, cler. Lincoln Coll., matric. a March, 
X84X, aged z8 ; B. A. 1845. M. A. X849, ot Preston 
Hall, Rutland, high sheriff 1875. 

Belgrave, William, s. WiUiam, of Cassington, Oxon, 
pleb. Christ Church, matric aa Oct, 1765, aged 
17 ; B.A. X769, M.A. X77a as Belgrove. 

Belgrave, William, xs. WiUiam, of Priston, Somerset, 

arm. brasenosb Coll., matric. a8 May. 1874, 

aged X9 : B. A. X878. 
Belln, Charles Joseph, s. Charles, of Salisbury (dty), 

gent New Coll., matric. x June, x8o8, aged x8 : 

B.A. x8i3. [SO] 

Belk, Oswald, xos. Thomas, of Hartlepool, co. Durham, 

gent Queen's Coll., matric. 33 Oct, x88a, aged 

19 ; B.A. 1885. 
Belk, Walter, 7s. Thomas, of Hartlepool, co. Durham, 

gent Queen's Coll., matric. a4 Oct, 1877, aged 

ao ; B.A. x88o. 
Bell, Alexander, s. Thomas, of Brampton, Cumberland, 

pleb. Queen's Coll., matric 14 Oct, X7a5, aged 

Bell, Alexander James Montgomerie, 4s. Alexander 

Montgomerie, of Edinburgh, arm. Balliol Coll. , 

matric. 17 Oct, X864. aged X9 ; exhibitioner 1864, 

B.A. 1869, M.A. X87X. 
Bell. Bertie Edward, as. Edward William, of FonthiU- 

Gifford. Wilts, gent St. John's Coll., matric. 

X7 Oct, X885 ; aged x8. [SB] 

Bell, Charles William, xs. William, of Rhuddlan, Flints. 

gent jESUS Coll., matric. aa Jan., x87a, aged 

Bell, Charles William, 3s. Thomas, of South Moor, co. 

Durham, ann. Trinity Coll., matric x6 Oct., 

x886, aged X9. 
BelL Daniel Duncan, as. Robert, of Makeney, co. 

Derby, gent. Charsley Hall, matric x6 June, 

1874, aged ax. 
Bell, Edward, s. Alexander, of Bombay, East Indies, 

arm. Merton Coll., matric 5 Dec, 1830, aged 

Bell, Rev. Edward, B.A. Trinity Coll., Dublin, xs. 

Daniel, of Downpatrick, co. Down, clerk. St. 

Edmund Hall, incorp. 9 Feb., 187X, aged a3; 

M.A. X875, vicar of Holy Trimty, Loughborough, 

1878. L40] 

Bell, Edward, o.s. Edward, of Reigate, Surrey, ann. 

Hertford Coll., matric aa April. 1884, aged aa 
Bell, Edward CoUingwood David, o.s. Edward John, 

of Wickham Market, Suffolk, cler. Balliol Coll. , 

matric 30 Nov., 1850, aged 17. 
BcU. Edward John, s. Richard, of Newcastle-upon- 

Tyi^e, arm. Christ Church, matric a6 Oct, 

X809, aged X7 ; B.A. 18x4. 
Bell. Francis, s. Francis, of All Saints, Hereford (city), 

pleb. Br ASENOSE Coll. , matric 5 July, lyao, aged 

18; B.A. I7a4. 
Bell, Francis de Beauvoir, is. William, of Guernsey, 

arm. Exeter Coll., matric ax Jan., X885, aged 

18. [48] 

Bell, Francis Jeffrey, xs. Francis Jefirey, of Calcutta. 

Magdalen Coll., matric 34 Jan., XS74, aged 18; 

B.A. X878, M.A. x88o. 
Bell, Francis Lendon, 3s. Henry, of Randwick, 

Australia, arm. Merton Coll., matifc. 35 Jan., 

1 88a, aged 17 ; B.A. X885. 


Frederick Bell. 

1715— 1886. 

Robert J. Bell. 

Bell, Rev. FYederick, 5s. William, of Rochester, Kent, 
arm. University Coll., matric. z6 Oct, z866, 
aged 19 ; B.A. 1870, M.A. 1874, diocesan inspector 
of schools, Peterborough, 1878. 

Bell, Frederick, 2s. William, of Preston, co. Lancaster, 

M.D. New Coll., matric. 24 Jan., z88i, aged 18 ; 

B.A. z886. 
BelL Frederick William, zs. Frederick, of Dawlish, 

Devon, cler. St. Mary Hall, matric. 30 Jan., 

Z874, aged 33 ; exhibitioner Z875. 

Bell, George, s. George, of London, cler. Merton 
COLL., matric. 8 April, Z740, aged Z7 ; B.A. Z7 Jan., 
1744-S. M.A. Z748. 

I^ell, Rev. George Charles, zs. George, of Streatham, 
Surrey, gent Lincoln Coll., matric. 36 March, 
Z85Z, aged iq; Worcester Coll., B.A. Z855, 
fellow s M.A. z8^7, head master Marlborouf;h 
Collqge Z876, and of Christ's Hospital Z868-76, 
select preacher, Oxford, Z867, Z885. [BJ 

Bellf George Edward, as. Thomas, of Sutton, near 
null, CO. York, gent St. Alban Hall, matric. 

fz March, Z857, aged 33 ; B.A. Z863, vicar of 
lenley in Arden Z876. 
Bell, George Edward, o.s. Alfred, of St Pancras, 
London, gent Wadham Coll., matric. 3z May, 
1858, aged z8. 
Bell, George Joseph, as. George Joseph, of Edinburgh 
(city), arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 3< Feb., Z833, 
aged ao; B.A. Z836. M.A. Z843, B.M. Z843, of 
Lincoln's Inn aa April, 1835. 

Bell. George Meredith, o.s. John, of Newton, Van 

Dieman's Land, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric 

7 June, Z85S, aged z8. 
Bell, Henry Edward, is. Henry, of Newbum, North- 
umberland, arm. University Coll., matric. 37 

Oct., Z830, Aged 18; B.A. Z834, vicar of Chatton, 

Northumberland, Z87Z. [lOj 

Bell, Hush Barker, s. Joseph, of Ailsbuiv, Bucks, 

gent Magdalen Hall, matric. 36 May, 1739, 

aged ao, bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, Z743, bencher 1760, 

died a Oct, Z766. 
Bell, Hugh Barker, s. Hugh, of Aylesbury, Bucks, 

arm. New Coll., matric. 8 Aug., Z759, ^S^d 18 ; 

of Gray's Inn 1760, died Z793. 
Bell, James, as. Robert, of Manchester, gent. Queen s 

Coll., matric. Z7 Oct, Z864, aged Z9; B.A. 1869, 

M.A. Z876, head master Woodstock Grammar 

School 1880. 
Bell. James Frederick Spencer Spencer-, zs. James, of 

Fa we Park, Cumberland, aim. Magdalen Coll., 

matric. z6 Oct, z883, aged Z9 ; of Lincoln's Inn 

35 Jan., Z&83, drowned in Derwentwater Lake 

o Sep. , z886. 
Bell, James Glendenning, 3s. Alexander, of Salford, 

near Manchester, gent Magdalen Hall, matric. 

6 July, z86o, aged 3a [iS] 

Bell, James Robertson, o.s. James, of Glasgow, arm. 

'Trinity Coll., matric. z6 Oct., 1880, aged Z9; 

B.A. z884^ of the Inner Temple a8 Oct., i88z. 
Bell. John, s. John, of Osier, co. Warwick, cler. 

JraMBROKE Coll., matric ao May, Z733, aged 3Z ; 

B.A. 3 March. Z736-7. 
Bell. John, s. 'Timothy, of Lazonby, Cumberland, 

pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 3 Nov., Z735, 

aged Z7. 
Bell. John, s. Thomas, of Dovenby, Cumberland, 

pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 33 Feb., Z733-4, 

aged z8 ; B.A. 9 Feb., Z737-8. 
Bell, John, s. William, of Ulcomb, Kent, cler. 

university Coll., matric. Z4 Dec.. 1770, aged az. 
Bell, John, s. John, of St Olave's, Middlesex, gent. 

St. John's Coll., matric a May, Z776, aged z8; 

B.A. Z780, M.A. by decree of convocation zz Feb., 

Z784, B.D. Z789, D.D. Z797. [ai] 

Bell. John, 8. Robert, of Wakefield, co. York, pleb. 

Queen's Coll., matric. Z4 Oct, Z794, aged z8; 

B.A. 1798, M.A. z8oz. 

Belly John, 58. Matthew, of Newborn, Northiinaber- 
land, arm. University Coll., matric zz Juzke. 
Z833, aged z6; B.A. Z837, M.A. Z833, vicar of 
RothweU, Yorks, Z839, died Z4 Oct, Z869. 

BelL John, o.Sb John, of Thirsk, co. York. arm. 
C^iST Church, matric Z7 Oct, Z837, aged z8. 

BelL John, as. John, of London, arm. Universitt 
COLL., matric z6 Oct, Z875, aged Z9 ; B.A. Z878. 

Bell. John Chapman, o.s. James, of St Stephen's. 

Norwich, arm. Trinity Coll., matric 29 April. 

Z830, aged z8 ; B.A. Z834. [2tf] 

Bell, John Robert Kennedy-, zs. Robert, of Duffield. 

CO. Derby, gent Charsley Hall, matric. 7 

May, Z874, aged 33. 
Bell, Rev. John Stormont, 3s. Christopher Seymour, of 

Alnwick, Northumberland, arm. Queen's Coll., 

matric 24 Oct, Z877, aged z8; B.A. z88z, M.A. 


Bell, John William Bussey, as. John, of Edgbaston, 

ca Worcester {sic), gent Magdalen Hall. 

matric z Nov.. Z859, aged Z7; B.A. Z863, M.A. 

Z867, vicar of Bampton Lew, Oxon, z88o-6. 
Bell. Joseph, s. Joseph, of Aylesbury, Bocks, gent 

New Coll., matiic ao March, Z73z-a, aged 19; 

B.A. Z73^, M.A. Z739, rector of Radley, Berks. 

father of Robert, Z783. [30] 

Bell, Matthew, s. Matthew, of Newcastle, Northnmlier- 
land, arm. Oriel Coll., matric az April, Z785. 
aged z6 ; of Woolsington, high sheriff Z797, died 

Bell, Matthew, s. Matthew, of Pontdand, Northumber- 
land, ann. Christ Church, matric 24 April, 
z8zz, aged z8; of Woolsington, Northumberland, 
high sheriff z8z6, M.P. Feb., z8a6-3a. South North- 
umberland Z833-53, died 36 Oct, Z87Z. 

Bell, Matthew Denny, zs. Alexander Davison Mac- 
kenzie, of Quebec, gent Christ Church, matric 
zo Oct, Z879, aged Z9. 

Bell, Rev. Maurice Frederick, ss. George William, of 
London, arm. NON*COLL., matric z8 Oct. i£3o. 
aged z8; RA. Hertford Coll. Z884, M.A 

Bell, Nicholas Dodd Beatson, as. Andrew Beat son, o 
Aberdeen, gent Balliol Coll., matric Z9 Oct. 
z 886, aged Z9. (35I 

Bell. Obadiah, s. Robert, of Metheringham, co. Lincoln, 
cler. Lincoln Coll., matric zo April, Z764, 
aged z8 ; B.A. 1767. 

Bell, Richard, s. Richard, of Newcastle, Northumber- 
land, arm. Christ Church, matric. 34 Oct, Z805, 
aged z8. 

Bell. Richard Christopher, s. John, of Aloester. co. 
Warwick, der. Magdalen Hall, matric 3 April, 
1750. aged 30. 

BelL Robert, s. Thomas, of Weston-sub-Edge, 00. 
Gloucester, cler. Pembroke Coll., matric 30 
May, Z744, aged z8. 

Bell. Robert, s. Robert, of Metheringham, co. Linoolo, 
cler. Lincoln Coll., matric Z9 May, Z76d. 
aged z6 ; RA. Z773. [»o] 

Bell, Robert (B.A. TRINITY COLL., Dublin, z8i8. 
M.A. Edinbtugh Z819), 3s. Thomas, of Dublin, ' 
Med. Doc Worcester Coll., inoorp. 9 June, | 
Z84Z, aged 43 ; M.A. z July, Z841, vicar of New- 
bottle 1862-73. and P.C. Eye, Northants, Z843-62. 

Bell, Robert Alfred Ernest. 8s. Robert, of Manchest*?. 
gent Merton Coll., matric a8 Jan., Z878, aged 

Bell, Robert Barker, s. Joseph, of Radley, Bucks, der. I 
New Coll., matric. 37 May, 1783, aged z8 ; ECL | 

Bell, Robert Benn. s. John, of St Olave's, Hart Street, 
London, gent ST. JOHN'S Coll., matric 5 July, 
1777, aged 16. f*4] 

Bell, Robert John, s. Matthew, of Newbum, North- 
umberland, arm. Oriel Coll., matric 38 May, 
z8z8, aged z8 ; B. A. Z833, M.A. Z835, ^^ 28a6. 


Robert J. Bell. 

1715 — 1886. 

Septimus Bellas. 

Bell, Robert John, 39. John, of OultOD, near Leeds, 
00. Y<nk, der. Brasenose CoiX. , matric. 25 May, 
^853» *ir«d 19. 

Bell, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Madresfield, co. Wor- 
cester, der. Merton Coll., matric. 13 Dec, 1738, 
aged 19. 

Bell, Thomas, as. Thomas, of St Martin's. Isle of 
Guernsey, arm. Exeter Coll., matric. 21 Feb., 
1839, aged 18 ; B.A. 1843, M.A. 1845, rector of the 
Vale, Guernsey, 1859. 

Bell, Thomas, 3s. Thomas, of Cheltenham, co. Glou- 
cester, arm. Exeter Coll.. matric. 30 Jan., 1856, 
aged 19 ; B.A. i860, M.A. 1862. 

Bell, William, s. Thomas, of Tardebigg, co. Wor- 
ct^er, der. Worcester Coll., matric. 30 March, 
1726, aged 17; B.A. 1729, M.A. 1732. [S] 

Bell, William, s. John, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields, 
Middlesex, gent. Trinity Coll., matric. 8 Feb., 
1757-8, aged 17 ; B.A. 1731, M.A. 1734. 

Bell, William, s. Thomas, of Birmingham, co. War- 
wick, gent. Christ CHtmcii, matric. 22 March, 
1776, aged 18. 

Bell, William, s. James, of Gillingham, Dorset, arm. 
St. Alban Hall, matric. 12 May, 1792, aged 18. 

Bell, Wilham, IS. Christopher, of Ohon, Suffolk, arm. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 11 March, 1841, aged 19; 
B.A. 1844. 

Bell, William, is. William, of Stieatham, Surrey, 
arm. EXETER CoLL., matric. 25 May, 1844, aged 
17 : RA. 1851, M.A. 1852, of the Inner Temple 8 
Nov., i8si. [10] 

Bell, Rev. William, is. Thomas, of Cheltenham, co. 
Gloucester, doctor. Brasenose Coll., matric. 
12 March, 1846, aged 18 ; B.A. 1849, M.A. 1854, 
bead-master of Carhsle High School 1855. 

Bell, William Alfred, 4s. Alexander, of Prestbury, near 
Macclesfield, Cheshire, gent. Queen's Coll., 
matric 5 June, 1852, aged 21 ; B.A. 1856. 

Bell, William Boscawen, s. Adam, of Deptford, Kent, 
gent St. John's Coll., matric. 27 June, 1809, 
aged zS ; B.C.L. 1817, of Lincoln's Inn 3 Aug., 

Bell, Rev. William Christopher, is. William, of Staly- 
bridge, Cheshire, cler. Brasenose Coll., matric 
21 OcL, 1878, aged 19 ; B.A. 1882, M.A. 1887. 

Belly William l^wrence Leonard, o.s. William 
Lawrence, of Peterborough, gent. St. John's 
Coll., matric 16 Oct, 1886, aged 21. [15] 

Bell, William Nassau, s. Thomas, of Newport, Essex, 
cler. Balliol Cou^, matric 19 Oct., 1805, aged 

BellairSy Charles, 3s. Henry, of Oxford, cler. Wor- 
cester Coll., matric 16 Feb., 1837, aged 18: 
New Inn Hall. S.C.L. 1841 BwA. 1851, rector of 
Goadby Marwood 1882. 

Bellairs, Rev. Frederick John Walford, is. Charles, 
of Braworth, co. Warwick, cler. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. 3 May. i86a, aged 19; B.A. 1865. 

Bellairs, Henry, s. Abel Walford, of Stamford, co. 
Lincoln, arm. St. Mary Hall, ncuitric 3 July, 
1816, aged 25 ; B.A. 1820. M.A. 1823. hon. canon 
Worcester 1853, vicar of Hunsingore 1832 (a mid- 
shipman R.N., wounded at Trafalgar, afterwards in 
15th hussars), died 17 April, 1872. 

Bellairs, Henry Reginald Lancaster, 4s. Charles 
Bishop, of Bedworth, co. Warwick, der. Wor- 
cester Coll., matric 25 Jan., 1871, aged 18 ; 
B.A. 1874, died 30 March. 1879. [20] 

Bellairs, Rev. Henry Spencer Kenrick, is. Henry 
Walford, of Edgeley, Cheshire, arm. Pembroke 
Coll., matric 19 Oct, 1859, aged 19 ; B.A. 1863, 
M.A. 1866, Marathi and Gujerad reader Balliol 
Coix. 1883, late prof, of Elnglish literature Elphin- 
stone College, Bcmibay. 

Bellairs, Henry Walford, is. Henry, of Twickenham, 
Middlesex, cler. Corpus Christi Coll., matric 
19 Nov., 1831, aged 19; New Inn Hall, B.A. 
i^35t M.A. 1840, vicar of Nuneaton, 187a, hon. 
canon of Worcester, i88a 

Bellairs, Ralph Hamon, ss. Henry Spencer Kenrick, 
of Belgaum, East Indies, cler. Balliol Coll., 
matric 19 Oct. , 1886, aged 19. 

Bellairs, Stevenson Gilbert, is. George, of Nar- 
borough. CO. Leicester, gent. Magdalen Hall, 
matric 17 Oct, 1844. aged 19; B.A. 1848, M.A. 
1854, rector of Goadby Marwood, ca Leicester, 
1856, until his death 1882. 

Bellamy, Andrew s. Richard, of Chetnoll, co. Dorset, 
gent. Balliol Coll., matric 27 Feb., 1755, 
aged 19; B.A. 1758. [28] 

Bellamy y Arthur, 5s. Edward, of Oxford, gent St. 
Mary Hall, matric. 6 July, 186^. aged 26. 

Bellamy, Charles, s. John, of All Hallow's, Barking, 
London, arm. St. John's Coll., matric. 26 
Tune, 181^, aged 15 ; B.C.L. 1822, D.C.L. 1826. 

Bellamy, ^ward, s. John, of Rotherham, co. York, 
gent St. John's Coll., matric 27 June, 1809, 
aged 17; B.A. 1813, M.A. 1816, B.D. 1822, vicar 
of Dersingham. Norfolk, 1840, died 15 July, 1874. 

Bellamy. Frederick, 2s. Montagu, of Oxford, gent 
NoN*COLL., matric 17 Oct, 1874, aged 21 ; 
commoner of St Mary Hall, and assistant at the 
Radford Observatory, died 11 May, 1878, aged 25. 

Bellamy, Geoi^^e, 3s. George, of Plymouth, Devon, 
gent. Lincoln Coll. , matric 4 Feb. . 1825, aged 
16: B.A. 1829, M.A. 1831, D.C.L. 1864, rector of 
Wark, Northumberland, 1858-80, of Bellingham 
1851-8, chaplain R.N. 1840-51, died 17 Jan., 
1880. [SOJ 

Bellamy, Humphrey, a. Humphrey, of Westminster, 
arm. Oriel Coll., matric 25 Jan., 1782, aged 

Bellamy, James, IS. James William, of London, cler. 
St. John's Coll., matric 27 June, 1836, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 1841, M.A. 1845, B.D. 1850, D.D. 1872, 
vice-chancellor 1886, president St John's College, 

Bellamy, Rev. James William. M.A. Queen's Coll., 
Cambridge (B.A. 1812, M.A. 1815). 2s. John, of 
Rotherham, co. York, gent St. John's Coll., 
incorp. 12 April, 1820, aged 31 ; B.D. 1821, vicar 
of Sdlindge, Kent, 1822. 

Bellamy, John, s. Andrew, of Chetnoll, Dorset, cler. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 16 April, 1791, aged 18; 
B.A. 1795. 

Bellamy, Richard, s. Richard, of Monmouth, pleb 
Oriel Coll., matric 9 July, 1753, aged 18 ; B.A. 
1757, M.A. 1760. [IB] 

Bellamy, Richard, 2S. John, of St James, Clerken- 
well. arm. Pembroke Coll., matric 4 March, 
1826, aged 21 ; B.A. 1829, M.A. 1832, P.C. St 
Mary's, Streatham, 1855, until his death 13 July, 

Bellamy, Thomas, s. Richard, of Monmouth, cler. 
St. John's Coll., matric 13 May, 1782, aged 

Bellamy, Thomas, s. Andrew, of Chetnole, Dorset, 
gent. Exeter Coll., matric 27 May, 2797, aged 
18 : B.A. 1801. 

Bellamy, William, s. John, of Ross, co. Hereford, 
pleb. Jesus Coll., matric 12 Dec, 1744, aged 
19; B.A. 1748. 

Bellamy, William, s. Richard, of Monmouth (town), 
cler. WADHAM Coll., matric 8 April, 1784, 
aged 15. [40] 

Bellas, Lancelot, s. Richard, of Bramptton, West- 
moreland, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric 4 April, 
^759 f ^S^ 20 ; B. A. 1763. M.A. 1766. 

Bellas, I^ncelot, 8. Richard, of Brampton, West- 
moreland, gent Queen's Coll., matric 2 April, 
181T, aged 17 ; B.A. 1815, fellow M.A. 1819, rector 
of Bramshott, Hants, 1832, until his death 18 June, 

Bellas, Septimus, 7s. Richard, of Brampton, West- 
moreland, arm. Queen's Coll., matric 29 March. 
1822, aged 18: B.A. 1826, M.A. 182^, vicar of 
Monks Sherborne, Hants, 2848, until his death 30 
Nov., 1875. 


Thomas Bellas. 

1715— 1886. 

Henry A. S. Bence. 

Bellas, Thomas, s. Richard, of Brampton. Westmore- 
land, pleb. Queen's Coll., matnc. 24 Oct., 1758, 
aged 18 ; B.A. 1762, M. A. 17(56. 

Bellas, Thomas, s. Richard, of Brampton, Westmore- 
land, gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 31 May, 
1809, aged 19 : B.A. 1813, M.A. i8i6, vicar of St. 
. Michael's, Bongnte, 1823, until his death 15 March, 

Bellasis, George, s. Joseph Bellas, of Long Marlon, 
Westmoreland, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 27 
Nov., 1749, aged 18 ; B.A. 1753, M.A. 1756, B. & 
D.D. 1767, rector of Yattendon, vicar of Basilden 
and Ashampstead, Berks, altered the spelling of his 
name by warrant 29 May, 1792, died 24 Jan., 1802, 
father of Edward Bellasis, seij.-at-Iaw. 

Bellasis, George Hutchins, s. John, of Bombay, East 
Indies, ann. Queen's Coll., matric. 29 Jan., 
Z798. aged 19 ; of Holly Hill, Bowness, died 4 Jan., 

Bellasis, Joseph Harvey, s. George (Bellasis), of Yat- 
tenden, Berlcs, doctor. Queen's Coll., matric. 
Z2 July, 1775, aged 16; colonel E.I.C.S., killed at 
the bead of his regiment in storming a fort near 
Lahore, Dec., 1799. See Foster's Yorkshire Collec- 
turn, [5] 

Bellerb^, Edward Johnson, is. William Benson, of 
Pickering, Yorks, gent. New Coll. , matric. 5 Feb. , 
1877, aged z8 ; Mus. Bac. 1879. 

Bellers. Simon, 8. John, of co. Worcester, pleb. St. 
John s Coll., matric. 29 Oct., 1731, aged 19. 

Bellers, William, 'illuminator,' 'privilegiatus,'9April, 

Bellett, George, zs. George, of Bridgnorth, Salop, 

der. Christ Church, matric. i8 Oct., 1854, aged 

29 ; B. A. 1859, M.A. 1861. 

Bellett, Rev. Henry Richard. 4s. Geoige, of Bridg- 
north, Salop, der. St. Alban Hall, matric. 2 
May, 1865, aged 18 ; B.A. 1869. [10] 

Bellett. Rev. John Crosthwaite, 0.5. Thomas, of 
Bandon, Ireland, der. Pembroke Coll., matric. 
30 May, 1849, BK^ '9 : B.A. 1854, M.A. 1856. 

Bellett, Richard (Baron), s. Thomas, of Batheaston, 
Somerset, gent St. John's Coll. , matric. 9 Feb. 
'795. aged 17 ; RA. 1798. 

Bellew, John, s. John, of Barnstable, Devon, genf. 
St. Mart Hall, matric. 27 Ocl, 1784. aged 


Bellew, John. IS. William, of Exeter (dty), gent. 

Magdalen Hall, matric. 30 Nov., 1821, aged 

18. [1ft] 

Bellew, John Chippendall (Montesquieu), is. Robert 
Higgin, of Lancaster (town), arm. St. Mart 
Hall, matric 9 Feb., 1843. ^^ '9! chaplain of 
St John's Cathedral. Calcutta, 1851, minister of St 
Mark's, Hamilton Terrace, 1857-62, and of Bedford 
Chapel, Bloomsbury, i862<8, a well-known public 
reader, assumed the surname of Bellew in lieu of 
Higgin 1845, died 19 June, 1874, father of Kyrle 
Bellew, actor. See Foster's Peerage^ B. Bellew. 

Bellew, Thomas, s. William, of Cheriton, Devon, 
arm. Oriel Coll., matric. 21 Oct, 1774, aged 

Bellewes, George Oliver, is. Geoige, of Blackhenth, 
Kent, cler. Brasenose Coll., matric. 22 Oct., 
z88o, aged 18 ; B.A. 1884, M.A. 1887, bor.-at-law. 
Middle Temple, 7 July, 1886. 

Bellhoase, Albert Turner. 5s. William, of Manchester, 
gent Oriel Coll., matric. ao Oct, i860, aged 
x8 ; RA. X864, M.A. 1867. 

Bellhouse, Charles Hatton, is. James, of Manchester, 
arm. Okiel Coll., matric 14 Oct, 1864, aged 

Bellhoase, Walter, IS. Ernest, of Altrincham, 
Cheshire, gent Magdalen Coll. , matric. 23 Oct . 
x885.aged x& [ao] 

Belli, Charles Almeric, s. John, of Bath (city), arm 
Christ Church, matric. 8 June. 1810, aged 18 ; 
B.A. 1814, M.A. 1816. rector of I'agglesham, i822-6a 
vicar of South Weald, Essex, 1823-77, precentor St 
Paul's Cathedral, 1819, died 6 Jan., 1886. See 
Alumni West. 

Belli, Frederick Macquoid, 4s. William Hallowes. of 
Hoogley, East Indies, arm. Christ Church, 
matria 16 June, 1859. aged 19. 

Bellingham, Henry Alan, zs. Alan, of Castle Bd- 
lingmim. co. Louth, Bart. Exeter Coll.. matric 
14 Oct, 1865. aged 19; B.A. 1869, M.A. 1873. bar.- 
at-law, Lincoln s Inn, 17 Nov.. 1875, M.P. ca 
Louth, 1880, private chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII. 
See Foster's Baronetage. 

Bellia, James Robert, s. Francis William, of Bombay, 
East Indies, arm. Wadham Coll. , matric. 14 Jao. , 
1804, aged 18. 

BelliS, William Russell, s. Francis William, of 
Bombay. East Indies, arm. Wadhau Coll.. 
matria 14 Jan., 1806, aged 2a [25^ 

Bellot, Charles Fillan, as. Lewis Frederick, of London, 
gent Non-Coll., matric. 16 Oct. 1869, ^S^ '9* 
B.A. 1874, curate of St. Paul, Covent Gardea, 

Bellot, Hugh Hale Leigh. o.s. William Henry, of 
Leainington Priors, co. Warwick, M.D. TRiNin* 
Coll.. matric. 16 Oct, 1880. aged 18 ; RA. 1884. 

Bellow, Rev. William, 2s. John, of Adderbury. Oxon. 
gent Queen's Colu, matric. 10 Dec, 1863, 
aged 19 ; B.A. 1867, M.A. 1871. 

BellTSe, Edwin Reginald, o.s. Edwin Swinfer, of 
Wybunbury, Cheshire, cler. Exeter Coll., raairic. 

3 June, 1876, aged ao ; B.A. 1881, M.A. 1883. 
Belshaw, Barker, s. George, of St Mar., White. 

Chap., Noting. (jiV). gent Brasenose Coll.. 
matric. 28 Feb.. 1726-7. aged 19. [30] 

Belaon, Frederick, y.s. George John, of St. Maigarei's, 
Rochester, arm. Universitt Coll., matric. sS 
April, 1826, aged 17 ; B.A. 1830. 

Belson, George dc Veulle, is. Henry Geoige, of St. 
Heller's, Jersey, cler. New Inn Hall, matric 
22 Oct. 1878. aged 18; St. John's Coli.. B.A. 
1881, M.A. 1885. 

Belson, William Eveleigh, is. Henry Fage. of 
Rochester, Kent Oriel Colu, matric. 27 Feb., 
1845, aged 18 ; B.A. 1849, M.A. 185a, vicar of 
Lyneal with Colemere, Salop, 1874-84. 

Belward, Rev. Henry Bdward Moyse, s. Richard 
Moyse, of Yannouth. Norfolk, gent Queen's 
Coll., matric. 30 March, i8ii, aged 19; of Met- 
tingham, Suffolk, took the additional name of Bel- 
ward by royal licence 13 July, 1813. died aa June, 

Bellward, John. s. Jona., of Becdes, Suffolk, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. 19 May, 1743, aged 17 i 
B.A. 18 March, 1746-7. [85, 

BenbOW, Edward, qs. John, of St. George the Martyr, 
Queen's Square. London, arm. Pembroke Coll. 
matric, 6 March, 1823, aged 16 ; B.A. 1828, M.A. 
1829, of Lincoln's Inn, 21 June, 1824. 

BenbOW, John Edward, is. John, of Cowley, Middle- 
sex, arm. Merton Coll., matric. 9 March. 1878, 
aged 19. 

BenbOW, William, s. Thomas, of Wolverhampton 
CO. Stafford, gent Trinity Coll., matric. 7 Dec^. 
1732. aged 17 ; B.A. 1736. 

Benbow, William Leonard, 4s. John, of Uxbndge. 
Middlesex, merchant Christ Church, matrjc 
13 Oct. 1882. aged 19; B. A. 1886. 

Bence, Christopher Joseph Edmunson. 2s. Samuel, of 
Marshfield, Wilts, gent Worcester Coll., natnc, 

4 June, 1851, aged 23. [*®l 
Bence, Henry Alexander Stailde, is. Henry ot 

Thorington, Suffolk, arm. Balliol Coll.. matnc. 
10 April. 1835. aged 18 ; RA. 1839, of Tboriogton 
Hall, Suffolk, died 30 May, z88z. 


John B. Bence. 

1715 — 1886. Alex. M. Bennett. 

Benoe, Rev. John Britten, as. John, of Henburv, co. 
Gloacester. arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 35 Nov., 
iaf7, aged 18 ; St. Mary Hall S.C.L. 1854. 

Benoke, Albert Henry. o.s. John Albert, of Liverpool, 
arm. Brasbnosb Coll., matric. 19 May, 1864, 
a^ 17 ; B.A. 1869, M.A 1871. bar.-at-law. Middle 
Tempte, 30 April, 1873. See Foster's Mm at ihi 

Bendy, Winiam, s. William, of (Pto7).t ca Stafford, 
genL St. Edmitnd Hall, matric. a April, 1748, 
a§ed x8. 

Beneoke, Paul Victor Mendelssohn, xs. Charles 
Victor, of Roeharopton, Surrey, aim. MAGDALEN 
Coll., matric. 21 Oct.. 1886, aged 18. 

Bengoacrll, Edward Stuart, 4s. George, of Clifton, 
near Bristol, arm. Oribl Coll.. matric. 6 May, 
1858. aged 18 ; EA. x86x, M.A. 1865, Mus. Bac. 
1872, rector of Hemingby, co. Lincoln, 1876. [g] 

Bengongrll, Ernest Heoiy. 4s. John Charles, of 
Wotton under Edge, oa Gloucester, arm. Obiel 
Coll., matric 5 Feb., 1886, aged 19 ; bom 29 Nov., 

Bengon^lly Gecrge Henry, is. George, of Clifton, ca 
Glouoester. arm. Oriel Coll., matric 3 June, 

1846, aged 18: B.A. 1850, M.A. 1853, died s.pb 
Oct., 1865. 

Bengongrlly 1^^ Alan George, xs. John Charles, of 
Wotton under Edge, co. Gloucester, Arm. Exetek 
Coll., matric 8 June, 1878, aged 18; B.A. 1884, 
M.A x886. bom 14 July, 1859. 

Bengoiig*ll, John Charles, as. George, of Clifton, 
Somerset, aim. Exeter Coll., matric 28 Jan., 

1847, aged 17; Oriel Coll., B.A. 1851, of the 
Ridge, CO. Gloucester, high sheriff 1877. 

BengOOjffll, Samuel Edmund, as. Henry, of Whitcomb, 

near Bath. arai. Trinity Coll., matric 27 Nov., 

1850, aged 18. [10] 

Benhaniy James Erie, 3s. Mark, of London, gent 

St. Masy Hall, matric 26 April, 1879, aged 30. 
Benison, Joseph, s. Joseph, of Stockport. Cheshire, 

gent brasenose Coll., matric 15 May, 1721, 

aeed 18. 
Benj afield, John Frederick, o.s. John, of Bury St 

Edmunds, Suffolk, arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 

23 Oct, 1818, aged 19 ; RA. 1822. 
Benn, Anthony, s. John, of St Bees, Cumberland, 

arm. Queen's Coll., matric 25 Sep., 1760, 

aged xy. 
Benn, Geoige Charles, 5s. Thomas, of Rugby, co. 

^K^rwick, arm. Merton Coll. , matric 28 May, 

184X. aged X9 ; B.A. 1845. [iS] 

Benn, John. s. Anthony, of Hensiogham, Cumberland, 

arm. University Coll., matric ao June, X782, 

aged x6 ; Bw A. 1786. 
Benn, WflKam, is. Joseph, of Muncaster, Cumber- 
land, gent Queen's Coll., matric xy June. 1830, 

aged 19 ; B. A 1837. 
Benn, William Heyg<'tte, as. Thomas, of Rugby, co. 

Warwidc, arm. ExETER COLL., matric. 9 May, 

1833, aged x8 ; Merton Coll. B.A. 1838, M.A. 

1841, rector of Churchover, co. Warwick. 1853. 
Bennet, Benson, s. Samuel, of Eardisle^, co. Here- 
ford, der. Hertford Coll., matnc 17 Dec, 

1759, aged 18. 
Bennety Charles, Lord Ossulston. is. Charles, Earl of 

Tankenrilie. Christ Church, matric. 17 Oct.. 

1827. aged 17 ; B. A 1831, 6th Earl of Tackerville. 

See Foster's Peerage. [aO] 

Bennet, Daniel, ' alchymista ;* privilegiatus x6 Feb.. 

Bennet, Edward Kedington, 43. James Thomas, of 

Cheveley, ca Cambridge, der. u niversity Coll. . 

matric 2X Oct, x8s4, aged 20; B.A. 1858, M.A. 

1664, D-C.L. 1867, rector of Bunweil. Norfolk, 

Bennet, Frohock, s. Edward, of Trefeglwys, co. 

Montgomery, der. Jesus Coll., matric 26 March, 

1728, aged xy. 

Benett, Geoige, s. John, of Donhead St. Andrew's, 
Wilts, cler. Trinity Coll.. matric 2 April, 1813. 
aged ao ; of Salesman's Cross. Surrey. 

Benet, Gilbert, s. Gilb.. of Reepham. co. Lincoln, 
der. Merton Coll., matric. ax Oct., 1723, 
aged x8 ; B. A X727. [as] 

Bennet, Gilbert, s. Edward, of Trefelgwys. ca Mont- 
gomery, cler. Jesus Coll., matric 14 Feb., 
1731-2, aged i8. 

Bonnet, Gilbert, s. Gilbert, of Bangor, 00. Carnarvon, 
cler. Jesus Coll., matric 23 May, X751, aged 16 ; 
B.A. X755. 

Benet, Henry, & John, of Donhead, Wilts, doctor. 
Oriel Coll., matric 30 Jan., x8oi, aged xy; 
died s.p. 

Bonnet, James Thomas, s. Philip, of Barton. Suffolk, 
arm. Balliol Coll., matric 25 Nov.. 18 13. 
aged 17 ; B.A 1817, M.A 1831, rector of Cheveley, 
CO. Cambridge. 1832, until his death 12 July. 1868. 

Bonnet, John. s. Thomas, of Norton Bavant. Wilts, 
arm. ST.< Edmund Hall, matric 6 April. 1754. 
aged 24; B.C.L. 1760, D.C.L. 1770 {as Benet), 
rector of Donhead St Andrew, Wilts, and of Over 
Moigne, Dorset, died 1808. [so] 

Bonnet, John, ' servant to Dr. Kennlcott;' privilegiatus 
18 May, 1778. 

Bonnet, John Wick, s. John, of Laleston, co. Glam- 
organ, arm. University Coll., matric 26 May, 
1813, aged 17. 

Benet, Joseph, s. Josiah. of Abington, Berks, der. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 13 Dec, X737, aged 16; 
B.A 174X, M.A 1744. 

Benet, Josiah, s. Josiah, of Salisbury (dty), paup. 

Trinity Coll., matric 22 Nov., 1715, aged 18; 

B.A. 1719, M.A. 1726 as Bennet. 
Bonnet. Josiah, s. Rooert, of Wootton-under-Edge, 

CO. Gloucester, pleb. University Coll., matric. 

2 May, 1728, aged 19 ; B.A. 29 Feb., 1731-2. [SS] 
Bonnet, Mydhope Wallis, s. John, of Tresilian, Corn- 
wall, der. Pembroke Coll., matric 9 June, 18x3, 

aged x8 ; B. A 18x7. 
Bonnet, Richard s. Edward, of Lawhitton, Cornwall, 

arm. Exeter Coll., matric 30 May, 1734, aged 

Bonnet, Richard Gully, s. John, of Tresilian. Cornwall, 

arm. Pembroke Coll., matric xx Oct, x8xx, 

aged xy. 
Bonnet, Robert, s. Richard, of Tanton, Devon, gent 

Balliol Coll., matric ix March, x7X9-ao, aged 

19; B.A'X723. 
Bonnet, Robert s. Edward, of Lewhitten. Cornwall, 

arm. Exeter Coll., matric. x8 March, 1739-40. 

aged x8. [40] 

Bonnet, Samuel, s. Ben. . of Wootton-under-Edge. co. 

Gloucester, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 7 

May, X728, aged x8. 
Bonnet, Samuel Cradock, s. Samud, of co. Gloucester. 

der. University Coll., matric 8 Nov., 1731. 

aged 18. 
Bonnet, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Norton Bavant, Wilts. 

arm. Wadham Coll. . matric 4 June. X747. aged 

18 ; of Pythouse, Wilts, founders km to Archbishop 

Chicheley, died I797* 
Bonnet, William, s. Edward, of Lawhitton, Cornwall, 

arm. Exeter Coll., matric 5 May, 1730, aged 

Benet, William, s. Thomas, of Tisbury, "V^lts, arm. 

Wadham Coll., matric. 28 Oct, 1796. aged 17; 

B.A Merton Coll. x8ox. of Lincoln's Inn 2 May, 

1800. [48] 

Benett, William Charies. is. William Morgan, of St 

Pancras. London, amu Christ Church, matric 

xy Oct, i86a, aged 18. 
Bennett, Alexander Morden, is. Alexander, of Chariton, 

Kent, arm. Worcester Coll., matric 16 Nov.. 

1826. aged x8; B.A 1830, M.A 1834. vicar of 

Boumeiqovth 1845, until his death 19 Jan., x88a 


Alex. S. Bennett. 1715 — 1886. 

John Bennett. 

Boxxnetty Alexander Sykes, is. Alexander Moiden, of 
Sutton, Somerset, der. Exeter Coll., matric. 
ao Jan., 1856, aged 18 ; B.A. i860, M.A. i86a, vicar 
of St Stephen's, Bournemouth, 1883. 

Bonnett, Alfred, zs. Thomas, of St. Peter's, Chichester, 
gent. New Coll., matric. 17 Oct., 1825, aged 20 ; 
Mus. Bac 17 Nov., 1825. 

Bennett, Archibald Somerville, as. Peter, of Edgbas- 
ton, CO.. Warwick, gent New Coll., matric 13 
Oct, I876. aged 19 ; B.A. 1879. 

Bennett, Barwell Ewins Worthington. is. Barwell 
Ewins, of Marston, near Market Harborotigh, gent. 
Oriel Coll., matric. 10 May, 1849, ^S^ 18 ! B.A. 
1B53, M. A. 1856, rector of Corby, co. Lincoln, 1873, 
and rural dean. 

Bennett, Benjamin, s. Peter, of Shaftsbury, Dorset, 
pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 11 July, 1728, aged 
19 ; B.A. 1732. [B] 

Bennett, Charles Stemdale, is. William Stemdale, of 
St. Pancras, London, arm. Merton Coll. , matric. 
4 Nov., 1863, aged 17; Charsley Hall B.A. 

Bennett, Charles Wcntworth, 3s. James, of Cadbury, 
Somerset, arm. Magdalen Hall, matric aa 
June, 1848, aged aa 

Bennett, Charles William, as. Hugh, of Pershore, co. 
Worcester cler. Worcester Coll., matric 17 
Oct, 1884, aged 19. 

Bennett, Christopher, s. Christopher, of Chester (city), 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 94 April, 1723, 

Bennett, Daniel. IS. William, of Blackheath, Kent, 
arm. Merton Coll., matric 24 March, 1841, aged 
17: of Faringdon House, Berks, J. P., D.L., also 
J. P. Wilts. [10] 

Bennett, Rev. Edmond Thomas, is. Thomas, of 
Coleraine, near Londonderry, Ireland, arm. Mag- 
dalen Coll.. matric 10 April, 1869, aged 19; 
B.A. 1872, M.A. 1875, of Castleroe, co. London- 

Bennett, Edward, s. John, of Warminster, Wilts, gent. 
Christ Church, matric 12 April, 1728, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 1731, M.A. 1734 as Bennet. 

Bennett, Edward Leigh, s. John Leigh, of Thorpe, 
Surrey, cler. Merton Coll. , matric ao June, 1817, 
aged 17 : B. A. 1821, vicar of Long Sutton, co. Lincoln, 
1843, until his death 9 Nov., 1886. 

Bennett, Emest Nathaniel, o.s. George, of Colombo, 
Ceylon, cler. Wadham Coll., matric. 19 Oct., 
1885, aged 19. 

Bennett, Emest Edward Leigh, 4s. Edward, of Long 
Sutton, CO. Lincoln, cler. Corpus Christi Coll., 
matric a8 Jan., 1868, aged 19 ; B.A. 1871. [15] 

Bennett, Emest William, is. James Arthur, of South 
Cadbury, Somerset, cler. New Coll., matric 10 
Oct., 1884, aged 18. 

Bennett, Frank Ewan, Ks. James Hatchard, of Salis- 
bury, Wilts, gent New Coll.. matric 30 May, 
1868. aged 19 ; B.A. 1873, M.A. 1875. 

Bennett, Frank Selwyn Macaulay, as. Henry Edward, 
of Torquay, Devon, arm. Keble Coll., matric. 
aa Oct., 1885, aged 18. 

Bennett. Frederick, o.s. John Leech, of Merton. 
Wimbledon, gent. Wadham Coll., matric. ao 
Feb., 1840, aged 17 ; B.A. 1843, M.A. 1846, vicar 
of Shrewton 1853, with Maddington, Wilts (1851), 
rural dean 187a 

Bennett, Frederick, is. Frederick Hamilton, of St 
John's, Worcester (city), der. Merton Coll., 
matric 4 Nov., 1863, aged 19; B.A. 1868, M.A. 
1870, rector of Farley, Surrey, 1885. [ao] 

Bennett, Frederick George, is. Matthew, of St Thomas, 
Exeter, Devon, gent St. Mary Hall, matric 
38 June, 1861, aged 18; scholar i86x, B.A. 1864, 
B.CL. 1869, preb. Chichester Cathedral, and master 
of the Ptebendal School, Chichester, 1879. 

Bennett, Frederick Hamilton, 3s. — • B., of Dan- 
gannon, co. Tyrone, arm. Christ Church . matric 
aa Oct, 1835, aged 19; BA. 1839, NLA. 1843. 
perp. curate Freeland, Oxon, 1869, until his death, 
a Oct, 1873. 

Bennett, George, 4s. Henry, of Naples, Italy, der. 
New Coll., matric 13 Nov., 1851, aged 19 ; scholar 
1851, S.C.L. 1854, B.A. & M.A. 1858. 

Bennett, George Spencer Leigh, 3s. Edward^ of Long 
Sutton, CO. Lincoln, cler. Pembroke Coll. , matric 
18 Oct, 1864, aged 19 ; B.A. 1867, vicar of Long 
Sutton, CO. Lincoln, i88i5. 

Bennett, Geoffrey Thomas, as. James Hatchard, of 
Solihull, 00. Warwick, der. UNivBRsmr Coll., 
matric II Oct, 1884* aged ao. l^S] 

Bennett, Henry, s. Henry, of St Neots, Cornwall, 
gent Balliol Coll., matric 14 Jan., 1744-5, 
aged 18; B.A. 1748. 

Bennett, Henry, s. Francis, of Salisburr (dtj), der. 
Balliol Coll., matric 3 April, 1745. ^S^d 18; 
All Souls' Coll. B.C.L. 1760. 

Bennett, Henry, 3s. Joshua, of Caversham, Oxon, 
cler. Queen's Coll., matric 10 April, 2875. aged 

Bennett, Henry Currie Leigh, is. Henry, of Thorpe, 
Surrey, der. New Coll., matric 14 Oct., 1871, 
aged 19 ; B.A. 1875, of Thorpe Place, Surrey, bar.- 
at-law. Inner Temple, a6 Jan., 1878. See Foster's 
Afett at the Bar, 

Bennett, Henry Leigh, s. John Leigh, of St. George's, 
Hanover Square, London, cler. Christ Church, 
matric 5 Nov., i8ia, aged 17; B.A. 1817, M.A. 
1819, of Thorpe Place, Surrey, vicar of Thorpe 
184974, died 31 Aug., 1880. [30] 

Bennett, Henry Ldgh, as. Edward Leigh, of Lechiade, 
CO. Gloucester, der. Corpus Christi Coll.. matric 
6 Feb., 18 u, aged 18: B.A. 1855, M.A. 1870, of 
Lincoln's Inn 31 May, 1854, preb. of Lincoln 
Cathedral 1873, rector of Thrybogh, Yorks, 1875, 
rural dean of Rotherham 1881. 

Bennett, Rev. Henry Morden, as. Alexander Morden. 
of Boumroouth, Hants, der. St. Mary Hall, 
matric 3 Feb., 187a, aged ao; B.A. 1874, M.A. 

Bennett, Hugh, s. John, of Avlsbear, Devon, gent 
Queen's Coll., matric aa March, 1745-6, aged ao; 
B.A. 1749. 

Bennett, Hugh. s. John, of Bromsgrove, 00. Wor- 
cester, der. Worcester Coll., matric a6 June. 
1790, aged 18 ; B.A. 1794. M.A. 1797, vicar of 
Elmley Castle, co. Worcester, 1800, unt^ his death 

Bennett, Hugh, 3s. Hugh, of Marchington. co. . 
Stafford, cler. St. Edmund Hall, matric ao Oct, 
1836, aged 18 ; B.A. 1840, M.A. 1&44, fellow Wor- 
cester Coll. 1853, rector of Pirton, co. Wor- 
cester, 1878. l^S. 

Bennett, Hugh Frederick, is. Hugh, of Elmley Castle:, 
CO. Worcester, cler. Non-Coll., matric 11 Feb., 
i88a, aged 19 ; Worcester Coll. B.A. 1884. 

Bennett, James, * servant to the president of Magdden ;' 
' privilq^atus ' 16 May, 1778. 

Bennett, James Hatchard, is. James, of Salisbury. 
Wilts, gent Exeter Coll., matric 30 ApnI. 
1846, aged 18 ; B.A. 1850, M.A. 1857, rector of 
Lydford, Devon, 1879. 

Bennett, John. s. Hugh, of Chaddesley Corbet, co. 
Worcester, pleb. Oriel Coll., matric a8 March, 
1750. ««!Bd 18 ; B. A. 1754. 

Bennett,7ohn, s. William, of Laleston, ca Glamorgan, 
arm. Pembroke Coll., matric 19 Oct, i779> 
aged 17. 1*0] 

Bennett, John, 3s. Thomas, of Market Overton, Rut- 
land, gent Lincoln Coll. . matric 5 March, 184^ 
aged 19 ; B.A. 1849, M.A. 185a. 

Bennett, John, 3s. WiUiam, of Plymouth. Defon. 
arm. Exeter Coll., matric 16 Feb., 1874, aged 
19; exhibr. 1874, B.A. 1877, M.A. 188& CoiL 
Reg,, 167, 


John B. Bennett. 1715 — 1886. 

Edmund Benson. 

Bosinetty John Bidgood, xs. Thomas, of Wivelscombe, 
Somerset, gect M AODALBN HALL, matric. 38 Nov. , 
1823. aged 16: BbA. xSaS, M.A. 1856, fonnerly 
head master of Blackburn Gxammar School 

Bennett, John Ldgh, s. WooUey, of Broadwell, co. 
Gloacester, der. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 33 
Jul, 1787, aged 18; B.A. 1790, M.A. 1796 (as 
benett). of Thorpe Place. Surrey. 

Bennett, John Ldgh, s. John Ldgh. of Plnmere, 
Bucks, der. Exeter Coll.. matric 5 Nov., 1813, 
a^ed 18 ; died s.p. 

Bennett, John Light, s. William, of East Orchard, 
Dorset, arm. 'nuNiTY COLL., matric 24 March, 
1763, aged 30 ; B. A. 1766. 

Bennett, John William James. o.s. John, of Devon- 
port, gent St. Edmund Hall, matric 2z June, 
1836. aged 33 ; B.A. z84a [B] 

Bennett, Joseph Henry, o.s. Joseph Henry, of East 

Tei|nmoath, arm. COKPUS CHBISTX COLL. , matric 

91 Oct, 1833, aged 19. 
Bennett, Joshua, zs. Joshua, of Cloverly, Salop, arm. 

Chkist Chukch, matric 3Z Oct, Z839, aged z8 ; 

EA. 1833, M.A. Z836, vicar of Caversham, Ozon, 

Bennett, Rev. Julian Levett, zs. John, of Sturry, near 

Milton, Kent, der. WORCESTER Coll., matric 

17 Oct., Z863. aged z8 ; B.A. 1868, M.A. Z876. 
Bennett, Lawrence Henry, 3s. Henry, of Bedminster, 

00. Gloucester, gent. Trinity Coll., matric z6 

Oct.. 1880, aged z8 ; B.A. Z884. 
Bennett, MatOiew. s. William, of East Orchard, 

Dorset, gent Oriel Coll., matric. zy March, 

1737. tLged z6 ; B.A. Balliol Coll. 1730. [10] 
Bennett, Philip, s. Philip, of Mapertown, Somerset, 

gent Balliol Coll., matric zy Dec, zyss, 

aged 18. 
Bennett, Reginald Arthur Renaud, ss. Frederick 

Hamilton, of Kemerton, co. Gloucester, der. 

Magdalen Coll., matric 36 Jan., z886, aged 

Bennett, Robert Augustus, zs. Robert Dnrhurst, of 
London, gent New Coll., matric so Oct, Z874, 
aged 19; B.A. Z878, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, zz 
May, 1881. Sec Fostefa Men aUAe Bar. 

Bennett, St John, 3s. Alexander, of Charlton, Kent, 
ann. WORCESTER COLL., matric 6 May, Z83Z, 

Bennett, Samuel, s. Samuel, of St -Giles-In-the-Flelds, 
Middlesex, gent ST. Edmund Hall, matric. 3Z 
June, 17x5. aged zs. [isj 

oennett, Samuel, s. Samud, of Eardisley, 00. Here- 
ford, der. Christ Church, matric 8 March, 
^757 > aged z8; WORCESTER COLL. BA. 39 Jan., 

Bennett, Stephen, 2s. Thonras, of Ccleraioe, London- 
deny, arm. Oriel Coll., matric 4 June, Z845, 
aged z8 ; BA. Z849, M.A. Z852, rector of Uphill, 
Somerset, z863. 

Bennett, Stephen Ashlock, 5s. James, of Salisbury, 
gent Baluol Coll. , matric Z4 April, z866, aged 
19: B.A Z87Z, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 36 Jan., 
1874. Sec Foster's Men ai tAe Bar. 

Bennett, Sympson, s. William, of I.Angrord, Somerset, 
pleb. Christ Church, matric 3 April, Z733, aged 

^ X7 : a A 1736. 

Bennett, Theophilus, M.A. Trinitt Coll., Dublin 
(B.A Z845, M.A. Z849), ad eundem 24 June, Z853. 

Bennett, Thomas, s. Chnstopher, of Worvin, Cheshire, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric z6 Nov., Z716, 

-J aged 25 : B.A. Z730. [ai] 

''^nnett, Thomas Randle, 3s. John, of Manchester, 
gent Christ Church, matric zz Dec, Z839, 
^ged z8; B.A. Z843. M.A. Z846, bar.-at-law. Inner 
Temple, tj Nov.. 1855, died 23 Feb., x88s. See 
rosin's Men at tJU Bar. 

Beimett, William, s. Ch., of • Warboroughs West,* 
Cheshire, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric z8 
^^s'cb, Z7Z6-7, aged 94 ; B.A. 20 Feb., zyao-t. 

Bennett, Willlam. s. William, of East Orchard. 

Dorset, gent BallioL Colu, matric zo March, 

Z7Z7-8, aged z8. 
Bennett, William, s. Thomas, of Shafton, Dorset, 

gent Balliol Colu, matric. sx> May, 1735, aged 

„ 18. [as] 

Bennett, William, s. William, of East Orchard, 
Dorset, arm. Trinity Coll., matric 8 May, 
Z760. aged 20. 

Bennett, William, s. John, of Danbury, Essex, gent 
St. John's Coll., matric. 3 July, Z782, aged z8 ; 
B.A. Z786, M.A. Z793. RD. Z79S. 

Bennett, William, s. WilUam, of Westminster, arm. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 26 March, Z805, aged 

Bennett, William Bewes. as. John Rowe. of Chilston, 
Devon, arm. Wadham Coll., matric 23 June, 
183Z, aged z8 ; B.A. Z835, 

Bennett, William Coles, s. William, of Sah'sbury (dty), 
gent Queen's Coll., matric zo Oct, z8zz, aged 
zy; B.A. z8z6, M.A. Z8Z9. [SO] 

Bennett, Wniiam James Early, zs. William, of 
Halifax, America, arm. Christ Church, matric 
9 May, Z823, aged z8; B.A. zSay, M.A. Z829, 
vicar of Frome Selwood, Somerset, Z852, until his 
death zy Aug., z886. See Alumni West, For 
list of his writings see Crockford's Clerical 

Bennett, william John (B.A. Trinity Coll., Dublin, 
Z839), 9s. William, of i>ursley, co. Gloucester, gent. 
St. Edmund Hall, incorp. 21 Nov., Z839, aged 
23; M.A. iz Oct, Z84Z, B.D. Z851.D.D. Z854. 

Bennett, William Tohn Ewins. as. Barwell Ewins, of 
Marston Trussell, Northants, gent Oriel Coll., 
matric. 5 Dec, z8so, aged z8; B.A. Z855, M.A. 
z86o. bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 26 Jan.. Z859. 

Bennett, William Stemdale. M.A. St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge, z868 (Mus. Doc Z856). created D.CL. 
22 June, Z870, prof, of music in the University of 

Bennett, Woolley Ldgh, 8. John, of Elsham, Nor- 
folk, gent Hertford c5oll., matric 4 Nov., 
1753. aged Z9 ; B.A. Z756, rector of Finmere, 
Oxon, died Z5 July, Z790. [15] 

Bennett, WoolIey Leigh, s. Woolley Leigh, of Fin- 
mere, Oxon, cler. Merton Coll., matric 3Z 
Jan., Z794, aged Z9; B.A. Z797, M.A. z8o8 father 
of John Leigh Bennett, Z787. 

BennettO, James, s. James, of St. Stephen, Cornwall, 
gent Exeter Coll., matric 7 June, Z774, aged 
22 ; B.A. Z779. 

Bennltt, Pynson VHImot. zs. William, of Dudley, co. 
Worcester, arm. Trinity Coll. . matric 8 March, 
z8^5. aged z8 ; BA. 1858. M.A. Z862. 

Benniit, William, as. Joseph, of Kinver, co. Stafford, 
ann. Trinity Coll., matric az March, Z854, 
a^ed Z9; B.A. Z858, M.A. z86o, rector of Bletchley, 
Bucks, z86z. 

Bennooh, Archibald James, o.s. Archibald, of Isling- 
ton, Middlesex, gent Magdalen Hall, matric 
Z4 March, 1856. aged Z9 ; B.A. z86o, M.A. Z864, 
vicar of St Luke's. South Norwood, Surrey, Z874. 

Benoy, John, as. James, of Kidwelly, co. Carmarthen, 
gent Jesus Coll., matric 16 Oct, 1884, a^ed 

X9- F«l] 

Benson, Alfred, 0.8. Charles, of Bradford, Yuriu, 

gent Queen's Coll., matric. 22 Oct, z8i72, aged 

Z9 : exhibitioner z87a, B. A. Z876, B. Med. & M. A. 

Benson, Rev. Charles, 5s. John Peter, of Witheridge, 

Devon, der. Exeter Coll., matric 23 May, 

Z874. aged z8 ; BA. Z879, ^-^ ^^^' 
Benson, Christopher, 4s. John, of Cockermouth, 

Cumberland, der. QtmEN's Coll.. matric z8 

Mardi, Z826, aged Z7 ; B.A. Z830, M.A. Z842, vicar 

of Brampton, Cumberland, z84i-73. 
Benson, Edmund, 8. George, of Salisbury (dty), gent. 

Queen's Coll., matric 25 Nov., Z778, aged 24; 

B.A. Z782, M.A. Z78€. [4B] 


Edward B. Benson. 

1715— 1886. 

WiLLUM T. Benson. 

Benson, Edward Beckingham, s. Thomas, of Cam- 
bridge, arm. Hertford Coll., matria 9 Nov., 
I773» aged 18 ; B.A. 1777, M.A. 1780, as EDWARD 
Buckingham Benson. 

Benson, Edward Oliver, is. Joseph, of Houoslow, 
Middlesex, doctor. Wadham Coll., matric 13 
May, z8a9, aged 18 ; B.A. 1833. 

Benson, Edward White. M.A. Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge (B.A. Z853, fellow, M.A. 1855. B.D. 1862, 
D.D. 1867), ad eundem 4 June, 1856, ist bishop of 
Truro 1877, archbishop of Canterbury 1883, created 
D.C.L. 24 April. 1884 (son of Edward White Benson, 
Esq., of York and Birmingham Heath), born 14 July, 
2839. See Foster's Peerage, 

Benson, Florance John, 5s. Henry Roxby, of London, 
arm. Christ CHtXRCH, matric 25 May, 1883, 
aged 18. 

Benson, Francis s. Benjamin, of Leyland, co. Lan- 
caster, gent. Hertford Coll., matria 9 Dec., 
1809, aged aa; RA. Queen's Coll. 1814, M.A. 
i8ao. [6] 

Benson, Francis Robert, 3s. William, of Tunbridge 

Wells, Kent, arm. New Coll., matric. 96 Jan., 

1878. aged 19 ; bom 4 Nov.. 1858. 
Benson, George Frederick, is. William Thomas, of 

Montreal, arm. University Coll., matric. 13 

Oct., 1883, aged 18. 
Benson, Godfrey Rathbone, 4s. William, of Ahiesford, 

Hants, arm. Balliol Coll., matric x6 Oct, 

1883, aged 18. See Foster's Lancashire Collection. 
Benson. Henry Weightman, 3s. Henry Roxby, of 

Teddington, Middlesex, ann. Brasenosb Coll. , 

matric. la June, 1873, aged 17. 
Benson, Tames, s. John, of St. Swithin's, London, 

gent. Wadham Coll. , matric. 3 July, 1722, aged 

z6; B.A. 1726, Magdalen Hall M.A. 13 Feb., 

1729-30, as 'John.' [lOj 

Benson, James, s. John, of Hackney, Middlesex, der. 

Christ Church, matric 14 July, 1739, aged 17 ; 

B.A. 1743, M-A. 13 March, 1745, B. & D.CL. 

9 March, 1754. 
Benson, John, s. John, of Northam, Devon, gent. 

Trinity Coll., matric 16 March, 1720-1, aged 

Benson. John. M.A. Trinity Coll., Cambridge 
(1726), incorp. 11 July, 1726. 

Benson, John, s. John, of Hackney, Middlesex, gent. 
Christ Church, matric 26 Jan., 1742-3, aged z8 ,* 
B.A. 1746, M.A. 1749. 

Benson, John, s. James, of Liddington, co. Glou- 
cester, doctor. Christ Church, matric. 12 March, 
1772, aped 17 ; RA. 1775. fis] 

Benson, John Peter, is. John, of Napp, near Bideford, 
Devon, gent Exeter Coll., matric 3 July, 1821, 
aged 18 ; B.A. 1825, vicar of Witheridge, Devon, 
1843, died 1875. 

Benson, John Peter, 4s. John Peter, of Witheredge, 
Devon, der. Exeter Coll. , matric 31 May, 1873, 
aged z8 ; B.A. 1877, M.A. 1880, rector of Qee, co. 
Lincoln, i88<. 

Benson, Joseph, s. John, of Melerby, Cumberland, 
pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric 15 March, 1769, 
aged 21. 

Benson, Joseph, s. John, of Haversham, Westmore- 
land, gent St. Edmund Hall, matric. 4 May, 
180X, aged 2| ; R A. 1807, M.A. 1807, Queen's Coll. 
R &D.D. 1819, P.C. Hounslow, Middlesex, 1814-51, 
rector of St. Breock, Comwalli 1851, until his death 
z March, 1861. 

Benson, Lyde Ernest Geoige, 4s. Moses George, of 
Worcester, arm. St. John's Coll. , matric 9 June, 
1864, aged 19 ; bar.-at-law. Inner 'Temple, 6 June, 
1872. See Foster's Men at the Bar, [ao] 

Benson, Martin Edgar, o.s. Martin, of Dunstable, 
Beds, cler. St. John's Coll., matric 28 Jan.. 
1841, aged 17; B.A. 1844, M.A. 18^7, rector of 
Ringwottld, Kent, 1866, until his death 27 March, 

Benson, Moses, y.s. Ralph, of Lh^erpool, co. Lancaster, 

arm. Christ Church, matric 25 May, 1819, 

aged 19 ; of Lutwyche Hall, Salop, J.P.. D.L., 

died zi April, Z87Z. 
Benson, Prockter Mdhuisht zs. John Peter, of 

Witheredge. Devon, cler. EXKTBR Coll., matric 

24 Feb., 18^4 ; New Inn Hall R A. Z859, Exkter 

Coll. M.A. z868, vicar of Witheredge. Devon. 

Benson, Ralph Augustus, zs. Moses Georige. of 

Malvern, co. Worcester, arm. Christ Church. 

matric. 2Z Oct, Z846, aged z8; B.A. Z850, M.A. 

Z864, bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 26 Jan.. Z854. 

recorder of Shrewsbury z 866-79. died zz March. 

Z886. See Foster's Men at the Bar, [2«] 

Benson, Ralph Beaumont* zs. Ralph Augustus, oc 

London, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. 2z Oct. 

z88o, aged z8 ,* of the Inner Temple z6 Nov., z88x 
Benson, Ralph Lewin, as. Ralph, of Liverpool, co. 

Lancaster, ann. Christ Church, matric 26 May. 

z8z9, aged Z9; B.A. 1823, M.A. Z825. rector of 

Easthope, died 29 Aug. , Z849. 
Benson, Richard Cuming, is. Richard Matthew. <^ 

Clifton, CO. Gloucester, arm. Merton Coll.. 

matric 26 Feb., 1880. aged ao; RA. 1883, B.C.L. 

& M.A. 1886, bar.-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 26 Jan.. 

Z885. 5^ Foster's Men at the Bar, 
Benson, Richard Meux, 4s. Thomas Starling, of St. 

Geoqge's, Bloomsbury, arm. Christ Church, 

matric 9 June, Z843, aged z8; RA. Z847. M.A. 

Z850, vicar of Cowley, Z850-70, & of Cowley St. John, 

Ozon, Z870-86. 
Benson. Robert, s. Sam. , of St. Leonard. Shoreditch, 

Middlesex, arm. Pembroke Coll., matric az Oct.. 

1733. aged Z7. 
Benson, Robert, s. John, of Heversham, Westmore- 
land, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric zs June. 

Z789, aged 2Z. [30] 

Benson, Robert Haggard, s. Robert, of Yark (city). 

der. University Coll., matric a Dec, z8oo, 

aged z8. 
Benson, Robert Henry, zs. Robert, of Fairfield, ca 

Lancaster, arm. Balliol Coll., matric az Oct. 

z86o. aged Z9 ; B.A. Z874, of the Inner Temple 

2$ Jan., Z873. 
Benson, SawreyBrownlow, 3s. Richard Brownlow. of 

Pulverbatch, Salop, arm. Christ Church, matric 

4 June, z88z, aged 20; B.A. Z885. 
Benson, Thomas, s. William, of Comey, Cumberiand, 

cler. Queen's Coll., matric Z7 F^. lyao-z. 

aged z8 ; B.A. 20 March, Z726-7, M.A. Z73a 
Benson, Thomas, s. Edward, of Shenfif^ld. Essex. 

arm. Wadham Coll., matric Z3 June, Z787. 

aged Z7 ; RA. Z79Z, M.A. Z795. [38] 

Benson, William, s. Jonathan, of Cockermouth, 

Cumberland, pleb. Queen's Coll. , matric Z7 May, 

X779> >ircd z8 ; B.A. Z783, M.A. Z786, B.D. Z797. 

D.D. Z820, proctor Z796. 
Benson, William (B.A. Trinity Coll.. Dublin). 9. 

William, of Dublin, Ireland, aim. St. Mart 

Hall, incorp. 18 Jan., Z785, aged 23; M.A. Z787. 
Benson, William Arthur Smith, zs. VAlliam. of New 

Aliesford, Hants, arm. New Coll. matric z6 Oct., 

Z874, aged Z9 ; RA. 1878, bom zy Oct, zfi54. 
Benson, William Denman, 2s. Heniy Roxby, of 

Teddmgton, Middlesex, arm. Balliol Colu, 

matric az Oct, Z867, aged Z9 ; RA. Z872. bar.-at- 
law. Inner Temple, 6 June, Z874. See Foster's 

Men at the Bar, [S9* 

Benson, William John, as. John Peter, of Witheredge. 

Devon, der. Exeter Coll. , matric zz Oct . 1862. 

aged Z7; Charsley Hall RA. Z867, Exetek 

Coll. M.A. Z872. vicar of Kenton, Suffolk. Z8S4. 
Benson, William Peter. Exbter Coll. Z873 See 

John Peter Benson. 
Benson, William Tate, o.s. John, of Walton, near 

Liverpool, amu Brasenose Coll., matric 17 

March, Z842. aged z8 ; New Inn Hall, SwCL 

z8S3, B.A. z855. 



Charles Beauclerck. ^^500— 1714^ 

Beauclerck, C&arles, Earl of Burford, bom at White- 
hail, s. (Cba/les), Duke of Sl Alban's. New 

ic. 24 April, 1714, aged i8 ; and Duke 

of Sl Alban's, K.G. 1741. K.E 1725, M.P. Bodmin 
1718-39, Windsor 1722-6. constable of Windsor 
Castle 1730, lord of the bedchamber to George II. 
X738. died 27 July, 1751, buried in Westminster 
Abbey. See Foster's Peerage. 

Beauford, James, s. John, of St Colomb, Cornwall, 
minister. ExETER COLL., matria 10 July, 1668, 
aged 15 ; B.A 1672, M. A 19 Jan., 1674-5. sector of 
Lanteglos, Devon, 1677, and vicar of Padstow, Corn- 
wall, 16&4, brother of William same date. 

Beaofordf John. s. William, of St. Colomb, Cornwall, 
plebw Exeter Coll., matric 21 June, 1633, aged 
16 ; B.A. 15 Oct, 1635, M.A 29 May, 1638. 

Beaoford, William, s. John, of St Colomb, Cornwall, 
minister. Exeter Coll. , matria 10 July, 1668, aged 
16 ; B.A. 1679, M.A 10 Jan., 1674-5 (incorp. at Cam- 
bridge 1678), one of these names rector of Pillaton, 
Cornwall, 1702, brother of James same date* See 
Foster's /ttdex EccUsiasticus, 

Beacf crest, Luke, of Ozon, gent Balliol Coll., 
matric. -entry under date 1575. aged 41 ; a student 
of the Kfiddle Temple X5Q1, as son of Richard, of 
Dorchester, Ozon. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 
& Aih,^ i. zzxvii [B] 

Beaofotl, Heuy, of ca Warwick, arm. fil. nat maz. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 20 April, 1621, aged 15 ; 
of Edmondsoote, 00. Warwidc, son df the nezt 

Bcaufoy, Thomas, of co. Warwick, gent St. John's 
Coll.. matric. 8 Nov., 1594, aged 16 (?) ; a student 
of the Middle Temple Z59<. as son and heir of 
ThoDoas, of GnyscUffe, ca Warwick, esquire (who 
was knighted zz May, Z603). iiather of the last named. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Beaufoy, William, gent Pembroke Coll., matria 
a8 June, Z659 (subscribes ' William Fawnt '). 

Beanlieu, George, s. Luke, of Upton, Backs, x^a, 
Christ Church, matria 29 Apnl, Z7P3, aged z8 ; 
B.A Z7d8, M.A 17ZZ. 

Beanlieiu Luke, RD. from Christ Church 7 July, 
1685 {Cat. Grads.), a French refugee, educated 
in Saumur University, chaplain to Sir George 
Teffreys, lord chief justice of England, vicar of 
Upton- cam -Chalvey, Bucks, Z670-81, rector of 
Wliitcburch, Ozon, 1686^ canon of St Paul's 1687, 
preb. of Gloucester Z687, died May, Z723, father of 
George last named. See Fasti, ii. 396 ; Atk., iv. 
668 ; Heanu, L ^i ; Foster's Index Ecc. ; %lD.NM. 

Beanmonty Christopher (Beamond or Bemonde), B. A 
(sap. 23 May), 1569 ; for one of these names see 
Foster's Grafs Inn Admissions. [ll] 

Beanmont* Francis (Bemont), B.A (sup. May) Z556. 
See Cooper, iL 2^ 

Beaumont, Francis, Baronis fit Broadgates Hall, 
matric. 4 Feb., 1596^. aged 12; the dramatic 
poet, a student of the Inner Temple 1600, as of Grace 
Dien, co. Leicester (3rd son of Francis, a justice of 
the King's Bench), he married Ursula, daughter and 
co-heir of Henry Isle^, of Sundridge, Kent, was 
buried in St Benedict's Chapel in Westminster 
Abbey 9 March, 1615-16, brodier of John and of 
Henry same date. See AtK^ il 437; & Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

3eaazQ0nt, Geoiige, s. George, of Wnchester, Hants, 
S.T.D. NEW Coll., matric. z July, 167Z, aged 18 ; 
B.A. 1674, M.A 14 Tan., 1677-8, rector of Michel- 
marsh, Hants, 1684 ; his father instituted to rectory of 
Alrcsford 1662. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Beaumont, (Sir) George, s. Heiuy, of Stoughton, ca 
Leicester, baronet New Coll. , matric. 9 Feb. , 1 68a- 
83. aged 18; B.C.L. 1690, D.CL. by diploma 7 Dea, 
X714, of Stoughton Grange, co. Leicester, 4th baronet, 
a commissioner for Lord IMvy Seal, a lord of the 
Admiralty, M.P. Leicester in 9 parliaments 1702, 
until his death 9 April, 1737, aged 7^ See Fos ^ 
ParliamaUary Dictionary^ 

Thomas Beaumont. 

Beaumont, Gilbert (Beamond, Beymond, or Bemond)» 
secular chaplain ; B.GranL z8 March, 1^20-21. 

Beaumont, Glidd. of Sussex, gent All Souls* 
Coll., matric. 31 Oct, 1598, aged 16; RA 17 
Dec., 1604, M.A. 8 July, 1608, rector of Giitisham, 
Devon, 1610. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Beanmont. Henry, B.A Cambridge, incorp. 1 Feb., 
1571-a : fellow of All Souls' Coll. 1571, M. A 
21 May, 1574. B.D. 4 July, 1586, D.D. 7 Nov., 
1616 (son of George), dean of Peterborough 1617, 
canon of Windsor 1600, and dean 1622, until his 
death 30 June, 1627, buried in St George's ChapeL 
See Fcuti, i. 187, 3^. 

Beaumont, (Sir) Hemy, Baronis fil. Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 4 Feb., 1596-7. aged 15 ; B.A. from 
Christ Church 7 July, 1600, a student of the 
Inner Temple 1597 (as of Grace Dieu, co. Leicester, 
son and heir of Francis, a justice of the Common 
Pleas), knighted 90 April, 1603. brother of Francis 
and John same date. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Beaumont, Henry, gent. St. John's Coll., matric. 

5 April, 1655. [aol 

Beaumont, James, s. Henry, of Stoughton, co. Lei- 
cester, baronet New Coll. , matric. 22 Dec. , 1701 , 
aged 16; fellow, B.CLb 1708, a student of the 
Inner Temple 1702, died 4 Jan., 1722, aged 25. See 
Gutch, i. 2%). 

Beaumont. John, M.A. Cambridge, incorp. zi July, 
1581 (B.A from Trinity Colu or from Magda- 
len Hall 1573), one of these names vicar of What- 
fieki, Suffolk. 1581, et& See Foster's Index Ecclesi- 
asticus; Cooper, ii. 272; & Alumni West., 47. 

Beaumont, (oir) John, Baronis fil. Broadgates 
Hall, matria 4 Feb., 1596-7, aged 14; a student 
of the Inner Temple 1598 (as of Grace Dieu, co. 
Leicester, son of Mr. Justice Francis Beaumont, 
deceased), created a baronet 29 Jan., 1627, died the 
following year, buried in the church of Grace Dieu, 
brother of Francis and Henry same date. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Beaumont, John (Beamount), s. John, of Wells, 
Somerset, pleb. St. Alban Hall, matric 28 
May, 1624. aged 22 ; B. A from Corpus Christi 
Coll. 23 Feb., 1627-8. 

Beaumonf, (Sir) Lewis (5th baronet), s. Hemy, of 
Stoughton Grange, co. Leicester, tasu'onet New 
Coll., matric. 24 Aug., 1694, aged 19 ; B.A. 1698, 
M.A 16 Jan., 1701-2, rector of Pyecombe, Sussex, 
1702, and canon of Chichester 1719, until his death 
3 Jan., 1739^40 (or 23 Dec., 1738). See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus. [25l 

Beaumont, Richard, s. Richard, of 'Wheatley, 
Yorks, arm. University Coll., matric. 14 Feb.^ 
1694-5, aged 17; of Whitley Beaumont, Yorks, 
died 27 June, 1704. See Foster's Yorkshire Collect 

Beaumonty Robert, of All Souls* Coll., proctor 


Beaumont, Robert Christ Church, 1616. See 
Bemund, p. 

Beaumont, Thomas, fellow of Mbrton Coll. 1484. 
See Fasti, i. 8 ; & O.H.S., iv. 242. 

Beaumont, Thomas, of Sussex, pleb. New Coll., 
matric. 19 June, 1610, aged 19 {? sup. for B. A. from 
All Souls' Coll. 22 April, 1611). Sec O. U.S., 
tH 307. [10] 

Beaumont, Thomas, 'subscribed' 23 April, 1613, 
from Wadham Coll. (auery student of the Inner 
Temple 1615, as of Stoughton Grange, co. Leicester, 
gent. ). See Gardiner, aa ; & Foster's Inns of Court 

Beaumont, Thomas, arm. New Coll., matria 15 
June, 1657 ; B. A 1660^ M.A 1664, incorp. at Cam- 
bridge 1669 (son of Sir Thomas, of Stoughton 
Grange, baronet), vicar of Sawbridgeworth, Herts, 
1673, and of Great Dunmow, Essex. 1678, canon <^ 
St Paul's 1681, rector of Thorley, Herts, 1690, died 
at Great Dunmow 15 JaiL, 1710, aged 71, £ftther of 
le next named. See Foster's Indtx^ 

Thomas Beaumont. 

1500— 1714, 

Robert Beck. 

Beaamont, Thomas, i. Thomas, of St. Andrew's 
Holborn, cler. New Coll., matric. s Nov., 1693. 
a^ed 19; B.A. 1697, M.A. 170Z, vicar of 
Alta, Essex. 1702-23. See Foster's Index Et^ 

Bdaamont, 'Thomas, Si William, of Danmow, { 

_ gent New Colu, matric. 30 Oct, 171X. ai 
subs. 'soc. ;' died early in Sept. 1719. tidng) 
fellow of about a year and a half s standing, 
of William 1703. See Heamt, iii. 455. 

Beaumont, Wilusm (Beamonde), master in _ 

admitted 19 March, 1508-9, * for at this time, and 
beyond all memory, no person could teach grammar 
publtckly, until he had first been gradnatod in, or 
authorised by, either of the universities.' bee Fasti, 
L 24; ft 0./r.5.,i. 64. 

Beaumont, William, s. William, of Great Dunmow, 
Essex, gent New Coll., matric x June, 1703, 
aged z8 ; B.A. Z707, M.A. 15 Jan., 17x0-11, proctor 
Z717. a student of the Middle Terisple 1701, brother 
of Thomas Z7zz. and father of air George, 6th 
baronet See Foster's Inns of Court Rig^ 

Beanvolr, Gabriel de, of Guernsey (s. Charii^), D.Med. 
Padua Oct, 1648, incorp. 27 Jan.. 1652-3. See 
FasH, ii. 173. [S] 

Beanvoir, William, s. G. (? ' Gul.'). of Guernsey, gent 
Pembroke Coll.. matric. 27 March. 1686, aiged z6. 

Beanvolr, William, s. Peter, of Guernsey, pleb. 
Pembroke Colu. matric. 4 Nov., 1687, aged 18; 
B.A. from All Souls* Coll. 1691, M.A. from 
Corpus Christi Coll., Cambridge, 1704. rector 
of St Saviour's, Isle of Guernsey, z6^ See Foster's 
Index EuUsiaitUus, 

Beanvoir, William, i. Tha, of Guernsey, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matric 27 Oct, 1697, ased 18 ; 
B.A. Z70Z, fellow, M.A. 1704, B. ft D.Med. 17x0, 
TMius professor of medicine 1729, until his death 

3 Feb., 173a 

Beavan. See Bevan. 

Beaver. Edward, a A. from Magdalen Coll., 

Camoridge, 1668. M.A, 1672, inoorp. 5 July, 1672, 
rector of East Hatley, and vicar of Tadlow, co. 
Cambridge, 2674, eta, licence 14 Dea, 1675. ^o 
marry Euinor Jeffnes, of St Martln's-in-the-Fields, 
spr. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticms ft Marriage 
Licences, ed. Foster. [10] 

Beaver, Herbert, s. Edw., of Wlckham, Hants, cler. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matria 3 June. 1709, aged 
Z9 ; B.A. zz Feb., 1722-23, M.A. Z2 Maitdi, Z7Z5-Z6, 
accomptant and steward of his college, superior 
bedel of law, registrar to the Bishop of Oxford, 
proctor of the vice-chancellor's court, a clerk of the 
market See Rawlinson, xvi. 254. 

Beaver, Oliver. New Inn Hall, Z586. See Beyer. 

Beavls, Peter, Z607. See Bevis. 

Beavls, Peter, s. Richd., of Clvsthouse, Devon, arm. 
Exeter Coll., matric. zz May. Z676, aged z8 ; a 
student of the Middle Temple 2679. See Foster's 
Inns 0/ Court Reg. 

Beavis, Peter, s. P., of Farrinsdon, Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric. 5 March, 2720-zz, aged z8 ; 
EA. Z7z6, B.C.U Z7Z7, rector of Satterleigh Z7az, 
of Warkleigh, Devon. Z722, and of Silverton St 
Mary, Devon, 2733. See Foster's Index Ecclesicu* 
ticms. [18] 

Beavis, Richard, s. Peter, of Gysthonse, Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric. 4 May, 1638, aged z6: a 
student of the Middle Temple 2646. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg* 

Beavis, WUliam, s. Peter, of Qysthouse, Devon, arm. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 9 April, 2642, l^ged 27; a 
student of the Middle Temple 2646. Sm Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Beaw, William, bom at Addeibury, Oxon, s. William, 
bishop of TJandaff. Magdalen Coll., matric. 

4 Nov., 2682, aged 25; B.A. 2685, B.C.L. 2686. 
D.C.U 2695, chancellor of the diocese ol LlandafT, 
M.P. St Michael, Feb. to Nov., 2702, died a prisoner 
in the Fleet 6 Jan., 1738. See Fostet's ParHamen- 
tary Dictionary^ 

Beaw, William, s. William, of Newbury, Berks, pleb. 
New Coll., matri& 6 Nov., 2635. aged x8 (as 
Bew) ; fellow 2637, B. A Z3 Tune, Z639. M.A. S 
Feb.. Z643-4. B. ft D.D. 6 July. 2666, as Beaw, 
expelled Z648, elected proctor Z649. restored 1660. 
major of a regiment of borM for Charies L. weDi 
beyond seas in Z648, and served the Swedes in tbeir 
war against the Poles, vicar of Adderbury, Oson. 
i66z, bishop of Llandaff Z679, until his death xo 
Feb., 2705-6, aged 90. See Burrows & Atk,, ir. 

Bebb, Richard, s. Richard, of Broadwas, Salop, p]eb. 
Pembboke Coll., matiic. 6 Nov., 2629. aged 22: 
B.A. 2 March, z63»>3. i^O] 

Beblngton, Josiah, s. Rl., of BicUey, 00. Cbe^ter. 
paup. Brasenosb Coll., matric. 3 April, 1691. 
aged z6 ; B. A. Z694. 

Beoher, Fcands, pleh. Pembroke Coli.. matric 
28 April. Z659 (called Bercher in Mai. Reg.). 

Beoher. Henry, of Hants, arm. Brasf.nose Coll., 
matric. Z4 Feb.. Z588-9. aged is* ^A 29 Feb., 
IS90-Z, M.A S July, Z59S. 

Beoher, Howard (Beecher). B.A. from Emanuel 
Coll.. Cambridge. Z639. M,A from Petek House, 
Cambridge, incorp. xo July, 1655. 

Beoher, William, ot London, arm. CORPXJS Chkish 
Coll., matric. zo Oct. Z594, aged 14; B.A. 4 
June, Z597, a student of the Inner Temple Z59S. 
late of Clifibrd's Inn. See Foster's Inns of Court 
Reg, ft Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. [25] 

Beoher, William (Beecher). s. William, of Wadhur t. 
Sussex, pleb. Magdalen Coll.., matria a8 June, 
2633, aged 27, a A. 50 Oct, 2635 ; M.A from St. 
Edmund Hall a6 May, 26^8. incorp. at Cambridge 
2645, rector of a moiety of Woodford, Northanis. 

Beohlng. John, B.A. az Jan., 2590-2, fellow All 
Souls (JOLL. 2522, M.A. 22 Feb., 2524*1. 

Beohlno, Samuel, s. Joseph, of Daventnr, North&nts, 
gent Lincoln Colu, matric. 24 March. 16^6-7. 
aged Z5. 

Beok, Cave, s. John, of St James, Qerkenwell, iim- 
keeper, admitted a pensioner of St. John's Colu, 
Cambridge, Z3 June. Z638, aged Z5. EA 1641; 
created M.A. from Christ Churcb zy Oct, 1643, a 
student of Gray's Inn 2648, rector of \^too m 
Droitwich 2660b St Helen's, Ipswich, 2662, and oT 
Monk Soham, Suffolk. 2674, writer on pasigrapbj. 
See Foster's Gr^'s InnReg,; Fasti, ii.6o; D.N.B.i 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus ; ft Mayor, a^ 

Beoke, Henry, of 00. Worcester, 'der. fiL' St. 
Edmund Hall, matric-entry under date 20 Jaly. 
2578, aged 29 ; a A. 23 June, 2580, M.A. 2a Jane, 
2583, factor of Holy Trinity, Chester, 258a See 
Foster's Index Eulesiasticus, [30] 

Beoke, Henry, 'subscribed' 9 Dec., 2624, B.A from 
Queen's Coll. 26 May, 2627. M.A. from Gloo- 
CESTER Hall 37 Nov., 2626. rector of Puscy. Berks, 
2630. and of Eaton Hastings, Berks, 2646. See Fos- 
ter's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Beeke,Job, of ca Gloucester, 'cler. fil.* St. Edmund 
Hall, matric. 23 March, 258z-a, aged 17; B.A. 
from St. Alban Hall 99 March, 2585, M.A xo 

Beoke.' John; aA. from Haet Hall 26 Nov., i63i« 

M.A. 90 June, 2634. 
Beoke, Michael, of co. York, pleb. Magdalen Hall. 

matric. a6 June, 2622, aged z8 ; B. A. z8 June, 1623. 

M.A. 4 May, 2626, rector of Upper Sapejr. co. 

Hereford, 2633. See Foster's Index EuUsiastuui. 
Beoke, Richarcf, ' subscribed* 2 Jan.. 2595-6. [35] 
Beoke, Richard, of co. Southants, pldi. MagdalW 

Coix., matric. ao Nov., z6a8, aged Z7; B.A from 

Magdalen Coll. zz Feb.. Z630.Z. M.A 24 Oct, 

2633, vicar of Stoke Charity z66o, and rector 01 

LScford, Hants, 266a See Foster's Index Beck- 

Beok, Robert, of Bucks, pleb. BroADGATES Hall, 

matric. 27 Nov.. 2628, aged x8. 


Samuel Beck. 

1500— 1714. 

John Bedell. 

Bcc^ Samod (or Beack), derk or chorister Cokpus 
CiisiSTi Coll. 1564, B.A. 15 Nov., 1570, fellow 
1570, M. A. 13 July, 1574, rector of Langtree, Devon, 
Z574, as Beck, and vicar of Fast Chudleigh 1585. 
S&& Fc^er^s Index EccUsiasticus, 

Beck, Thomas, of Salop, pleb. St. Mary Hall, 
matrk; -entry under date ao Dec., 1577, aged 16; 
B^ from Balliol Coll. 9 Feb., 1584-5, M.A. 
from St. Mary Hall (sap. 7 June) 159a. 

Beoker, Paul, of the Palatine of the Rhine, created 
M.A. 31 Aug., 1636. 

Becket, George. Bs asenose Coll. , matric. 29 March, 
167a, B.A. 1675. 

Becket, John, s Nic, of Ashwater, I>evon, ministei. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 5 May, z668, aged z6; 
B.A. X Feb.. 1671-9, M.A. 1674, rector of Ashwater 
1673. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [5] 

Beckett, John. s. William, of Bedford, Beds, gent. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 15 Oct., 1696, aged 
13 ; B. A. 1700, M.A. 1704, died 4 May, 1709, aged 
26l See Gutcht L 407. 

Beckett, Richard. M.A. from Christ Church 26 
June, 1619. incorp. at Cambridge 1622. 

Bcckford, Peter, s. Peter, of Jamaica, gent. New 
Coix., matric. 5 March, 1688-9, aged 15 ; bar.-at- 
law. Middle Temple, 1695, speaker of the House of 
Assembly. Jamaica, where he died 3 Nov., 1735. 
Sec Foster's Peerage, E. Rivers. 

Beckford, Thomas, s. Peter, of the Isle of Jamaica, 
gent. Merton Coll., matria zo Nov., Z699, 
aged 17 ; a student of the Middle Temple Z695, 
brother of Peter Z689. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Beckham, Edward, B.D. from King's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1666 (incorpk iz July, Z67Z), D.D. Z684, re- 
incorpi 8 July, Z696, rector of Thorp-Gayton, Nor- 
folk. z66a, and of South Pickenham 1682. See 
Foster's Index Ecclenasticus. [lO] 

Beckliani, Edward, s. Edward, of Sporle, Nortolk, 
doctoris* Merton Coll., matric. 27 May, Z696, 
aged Z7, B.A. 8 Feb., Z699-1700 ; M.A. from Oriel 
Coll. 1702, rector of West Cholderton, Wilts, Z7aa 
See Fosto^s Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Beckin^ham, John, s. William, of Chalburye, Oxon, 
pleb. Magdalen Coll., matric zo Feb., Z636-7, 
aged zp : B. A. 6 July, Z638. 

Beckin^XlBlll, Thomas, of London, arm. St. John's 
Coll., matric Z7 July, 1590, aged z6; (query a 
student of Lincoln's Inn 1593. as of Essex, gent 
See FostCT's Inns of Court Reg, & Parliamentary 

Eeckley, Robert, s. Rob., of High Hampton, Devon, 
p. p. TRINITY Coll., matric 5 May, Z673, aged 
Z7 ; B.A. 22 Feb., Z676-7, rector of Pyworthy, 
Devon, Z683. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Beckwithe, Roger, of St. Alban Hall, in or 
before z^72, of Hardwicke Hall, Notts, a student of 
Gray's inn Z572, died 8.p. in z^87. See Foster's 
Grafs Inn Admissions & Yorkshire Collection, ^ 

Beconsall, Thomas, s. John, of Lemster, co. Chester, 
pleb. Br ASENOSE Q}LL., matric 30 March. z68o, 
aged 16 : (called Bewnsell in Mat Reg. ) B. A. 1683, 
fellow. M.A. z686, B.D. Z697, vicar of Steeple Aston, 
Oxon, Z706, until his death in June, 1709. See Foster's 
Index Ecc. ; Heame, i. 23Z, ii. 213 ; Rawlinson, i. 394. 
Beconsawe, John (or Bekynsawe), from Broad Chalk, 
Wilts, fellow of New Coll. 1SZ8-38, when he 
married, B.A. 31 March, zsaa, M.A. 5 March, 
1525-6, B.D. (sup. 26 Feb.) Z528-9 (s. John, of 
Broad Chalke, from Lancashire), reader of tha 
Greek lecture in Paris, buried at Sherburne, Hants, 
20 Dec, Z559. See Ath,, i. 307. [l7] 

38Consawe, Morns, of Hants, gent Christ 

Church, matric z7Dec, Z586, aged 1$, 
Heconsaw, Peter (Becconsaw), of Hants, gent., 
matric X March. 1587-8, aged 13; Mr. Case's 
scholar. See Berry's Hants, Z24. 
BeconsaWf Thomas (Bekynsaw), B.C.L. 25 June, 


Bedber. Isaac, of London, pleb. Christ Church, 
matnc. 18 April, Z589, aged Z5. 

Bedbnry, William, s. Rog., of Salisbury, Wilts, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric 28 March, z699,'aged z6; 
B.A. from New Inn Hall Z703, vicar of Worie, 
Somerset, Z7Z3. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Beddal, Maurice, s. Martin, of Oxford (city), pleb. 
Pembroke Coll., matric 6 May, Z636, aged 16; 
a A. z8 June, Z639, M.A. 2Z June, Z642. 

Beddoe, David. All Souls' Coll. 1588. Sec Bedoes. 

Beddoe, Griffith, s. Evan, of Tlregindegg, ca Pem- 
broke, pleb. All Souls* Coll., matric 20 Nov.. 
Z663, aged Z9 ; B.A. Z667, as Griffin ; rector of 
Killymaenllw^rd, co. Carmarthen, Z667. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, [25] 

Beddoe, John, (Bedow or Bedo), usher of Magdalen 
Coll. ZSS4-7Z, B.A. z6 Feb. 1562-3, M.A. 5 July, 
zs66, master of the College School at Brockley 
ZS7I, died Z576-7. See Bloxam, iii. 124. 

Beddoe, John (Bedow or Bedoe), B. Gramm.. 8 July, 
Z558, fellow of Oriel Coll. Z563, from diocese of 
St. David's, rector of Llanvihangcl Penbedw, co. 
Pembroke, Z568. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Beddowe, John, 'sen' Merton Coll., matric 25 
Oct. , Z659. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Beddowe, Joseph, s. Thomas, of Hanmer, Flints, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. a March, z6^7.8, 
aged Z9 ; BlA. 3 March, i64Z-4, M.A. 13 July, 

Beddoe, Lewis, 8. Geor.. of Llampster, ca Pem- 
broke, p.p. St. Mary Hall, matric z8 March, 
1664-5, aged Z7 ; one of these names rector of 
Llanglydwen, co. Carmarthen, 1667, and vicar of 
Carew, co. Pembroke, x668. Sec Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, ^I'^J 

Beddoe, Richard (Bedow), of All Souls* Coll.. 
M.A. 30 June, Z505. guardian of the Fen (Vienna) 
chest Z5Z3. See 0,11.3,, i. 39. 

Beddoe, Richard, of Salop, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric 26 Jan., i6zs-z6, aged ao; a A. i Feb., 

Beddoe, Thomas (Bedo), of Salop, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric -entry under date ao March, Z578-9, 
aged Z9 ; B.A. from Jesus Coll. 28 Feb., Z583-4. 

Beddowe, Thomas, s. Joh., of Smithcutt, Salop, cler. 
Balliol Coll., matric za June, ztoz, aged Z7 ; 
rector of Smethcott Z708. See Foster*s Index Eccle- 

Bede, Robert. RA. 17 June, 1541. M.A. 154S. [38] 

Bede, Thomas, Benedictine, secular chaplain. B.D. 
83 I^lyi 1538, one of these names rector of Rother- 
hithe, Surrey, Z56a. See Foster's Index Ecclesias- 
ticus. ., . 

Bedell, Arthur (Bedill), B.A. i Dec, iSS3. M.A. zy 
Dec, ZS56, B.C.L. 9 Nov., Z565, D.C.L. 6 July, 
Z569, one of these names canon of Lichfield Z564, 
and M.P. zsya-Ss. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasti- 

Bedell, Henry (Bedyll), RA. Z3 Feb., 1555-6, M.A. 
5 July, Z566, at Corpus Christi Coll. Z552, from 
Oxon, rector of St P&ncras, Soper Lane, Z56Z, 
vicar of Christ Church, Newgate, London, Z568-76. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus; Bloxam, iv. Z03 ; 
Fasti, i. Z46 ; & D,N.B. 

Bedell, Henry (Beedle), M.A. Cambridge, incorp. 
Z2 July, Z597, probably rector of Puttenham, and if 
so father of the next named. 

Bedell, Henry (Beedell), s. Henry, of Puttenham, 
Surrey, sacerd. Magdalen Coll., matric 29 
March, z63a-3 aged z8 ; RA. 3 July, 1633, M.A. 
7 July. Z636, rector of Puttenham, Z636. [^Ol 

Bedell, Ingelram, M.A, (sup. 25 April) zsi2, rector of 
Castle Combe, Wilts, Z508, and of St. Michael, 
Crooked Lane. London, Z5Z6. See Foster's Index 

Bedell, John, B.A. z8 Feb., 1538-9. M.A, 38 May, 

Z543. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 
Bodeu, John, Magdalen Hall 1634. See Biddlb. 


7— a 

John Bedell. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Bedingfeild. 

Bedell, John, s. Sam., of Tollard RoyaU Wilte, 
paup. Balliol Coll., matric. 18 April, 169a, 
aged z8 ; B.A. 1696, vicar of Abbotsbury Dorset, 

Bedell, Richard (Bedal), of ca Stafford, arm. Trinity 
Coll., matric. -entry under date ao March, 1578-9, 
aged 18 ; B.A. xz Feb., 1584-5. 
Bedell, Richard (Beedle), of 00. Worcester gent. 
Trinity Coll., matric-entry under date zo April, 
Z58Z, aged 20. 
Bedell, Thomas (Bedyll, fellow of New Colu Z499- 
Z508, from Winchester, B.C.L. < Nov., Z508, chap- 
lain to Henry VIII. and clerk of the council, canon 
of Lincoln Z518, rector of Bocking, Essex, X522, and 
of St. Dionis Backcburch Z5a8, archdeacon of 
Qeveland June to Aug., Z533, of London 1533-4. 
and of Cornwall Z536, canon of St. Paul's Z534, of 
York z^36, of Wells and of Chichester, rector of 
All Hallows, Barking, Z534, died Sept., Z537. See 
Neweourt, i. 6a ; Fasti, 1/24 ; & D.N.B, 
Bedell, Thomas, demy Magdalen Coll. Z537, B.A. 
o Tune, Z539, See Bloxam, iv. 76. [s] 

Bedell, Thomas, «, Matthew, of London, Middlesex, 
gent. Merton Coll., matric. zo Oct, Z634, aged 
z8 ; B.A. Z7 Dea, Z635 (as Beedle), a student of 
Gray's Inn Z638. See Foster^s Grays Inn Reg. 
Bedell, WUliam (BedyU), B.A. Z9 Oct. Z5z6. See 

Bloxam, iii. 77. 
Bedford, Anthony, pleb. JBSUS COLL., matric. -entry 

under date circa Z578. 
Bedford, Arthur, s. Richard, of Tiddenham, co. 
Gloucester, cler. Brasenose Coll.. matric. Z3 
May, Z684, aged Z5 ; B.A. 23 Feb., Z687-8, M.A. 
9 July, Z69Z, baptized at Tuddenham 8 Sept, z668, 
vicar of Temple Church, Bristol, z^a, rector of 
Newton St Loe, Somerset^ Z7Z3, chaplain of A^e's 
Hospital, Hoxton, lecturer of St Botolph's, Aldgate, 
chai^n to Frederick Prince of Wales. See Foster^s 
Index EccUsiasHeus f Heamit L 13; Rawlinsom^ 
xvi. z6o : & D.N,B. 
Bedford. Edward, 'ser.' Christ Church, matric. 
z Apm, Z656 ; B. A. 23 March, Z657-8. [10] 

Bedford, Edward, s. E., of Prestbury, 00. Glouc., p. p. 
Trinity Coll. , matric. z6 May, xbjg, aged Z3 ; * ser.' 
Bedford. Frauds, 'der. fiL' Lincoln Coll., matric. 
X3 Julyi z6^i ^A. Z9 Jan., Z663-4; M.A. from 
King's Coll., Cambridge, Z667, rector of Fal- 
mouth Z664. See Foster's Index EcciesiasHcus, 
Bedford, Frauds ; fellow Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 
B.A. z68o, M.A. Z684 (incorp. Z3 July, z686), B.D. 
2692, vicar of Barton, co. Camoridge, Z700. and rector 
of Hickling, Notts, Z7Z6. See Foster's Index Ecc. 
Bedford, Henry, of Sussex, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric. z^ Oct., z6za, aged z8 ; B. A. from Lincoln 
Coll. 3 May, zdzc Sm Henry Burford. p. aza. 
Bedford^enry. s. £dw., of Prestbury, co. Gloucester, 
cler. Brasenose Coll., matric. 8 April, Z685, aged 
25 ; B.A. from St. Mary Hall z688. M.A. z^, 
rector of Little Sodbury, co. Gloucester, Z696. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. fig] 

Bedford, James, s. Isaac, of Clifton, Beds, der. ; B.A. 
from Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, Z646, incorp. s6 
May, Z649; fdlow Queen's Coll., Oxford, Z648, 
by visitors, ejected z66o, M.A. Z4 June, Z649, ^•'^> 
z8 June, Z657, ejected from rectorv of Bluntisham, 
Hunts, z66x See Burrows; FasH, ii. aoz; ft 
Calamy, ii. 3Z6. 
Bedford. James, «. * G.,' of Stretford, co. Hereford, 
p. p. Balliol Coll., matric. Z7 May, z67a, aged 
z8; one of these names vicar of Monkland, co. 
Hereford, z69a See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 
Bedforthe, John, BwA. Z3 Dec., Z5za. 
Bedford, John (Bytforde), B.A. (bup. az June) Z53Z ; 
one of these names vicar of Birley, co. Hereford, Z544. 
Bediorde, John, of Wilts, gent Balliol Coll., 
matr*c 6 July, Z613, aged z6 ; bar.-at-law, Lincoln's ' 
Inn, Z623, as son of George, late of dty of Sarum, 
"^ilts, Rent., deceased. See Foster's Judges and \ 
Barristers, [ao] > 

Bedford, John, s. Wniiam, of Bedford (dty). der 
Christ Church, matric, za June, Z703, aged Z9 
student from Westminster Z703, B.A. Z706. M.A. Z709 
incorp. at Cambridge Z730. vicar of WUlen, Bucks 
Z7Z3, until his death in Jan., Z765. See Rawlinsan 
xvi. z68 ; & Alumni West.^ 239. 

Bedford, Richard, s. Edward, of Prestbury, co. Glou 
cester, der. Christ Chi^ich, matric. z8 May, z6S8 
aged z6 ; aA. from St. Mary Hall z6 March, 

Bedford, Thomas, <cler. fiL' Brasenose Colu. 
matric. a April, z65a. 

Bedford, Timothy, ' ser.* Magdalen Halu , znatric 
Z5 June, Z657. 

Bedford, Timothy, fellow TRiNmr Coll., Cambridge 
B.A. Z667, M.A. z68z,incorpL zjj July, z686 ; one ol 
these names rector of St Just, Cornwall, Z722. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. [25] 

Bedford, William, of Bucks, pleb. Magdalen Coll. , 
matric. aa June, z6zo,aged z6 ; B.A. Z5 Feb., Z614-15, 
M.A, Z2 July, z6r7, vicar of Morton Pinkney, North- 
ants, z6z8. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Bedford, William, of CO. Hereford, pleb. Brasenose 
Colu , matric. 34 Nov. , t6z5, aged ao ; R A. 4 Dec , 
Z617, M.A. 6 July, z6k}, vicar of Monkland, co. 
Hereford, Z637. ^i>ee Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Bedford, Willlam, 'der. £L' St. John's Coll. 
matric. 39 July, Z65Z. 

Bedford, William, s. William, of Monkeland, co. 
Hereford, saceid. Brasenose Coll., raatric 11 
Nov., Z664, aged ao ; B.A. 1668, vicar of Eardisland. 
ca Hereford, Z669. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Bedford, William, s. Thomas, of Oxford, dty, ptp. 
New Coll, matric. 23 April, Z675, aged z6. 

Bedford, William, s. Samud, of Henlow, Beds, gent 
Christ Church, matric. Z4 May, Z675. aged 17 ; 
RA. 4 Feb., Z678-9. M.A. z68z, B. & D.D. 35 Feb., 
Z693-3, incorp. at Cambridge Z707, rector 01 Dun- 
stable, Beds, z68z, rector ot the united churches of, 
St. George's. Botolph, and St Botolph, Billingsgate, 
Z69Z. S^ Foster's Index EccUsiasticus A Raw/inson, 
iil z^6. [31], 

Bedford, William, 8. John, of Gerans, Cornwall, cler. ' 
Exeter Coll., matric. zo Dec, Z689, aged 22; \ 
B.A. from Hart Hall Z693. M.A. from Queen i 
Coll., Cambridge, Z71Z, vicar of TYegoney, Corn- 
wall. Z694, rector of Ash water, Devon, Z706. and of 
Gidleigh, Devon, Z7za. See Foster's Index EccU- 

Bedford, William, s. Edw.. of Oxford (dty), pleh. 
Brasenose Coll, matric. aaFeh., Z708-9. aged 17; 
B.A. Z7za. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Bedlngfield, Edmund, 'doctoris fiL' Christ 
Church, matric z April, Z656, B.A. aaF^, z659-6o^ 
M.A. z6(53, incorp. at Cambridge Z664. vicar of 
Market Lavington, Wilts, Z669, rector of Bishops 
Cleeve, co. Gloucester, father of the next named. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Bedlnerfleld, Philip, s. Edmund, of Cleeve, ca Gloo* 
cester, cler. Christ Church, roatria 30 May, 1689, 
aged 16 : of Broomsthorpe, Norfolk. [35] 

Bedlnerfleld, Robert, of Suffolk, gent CHRisr 
Church, matric. az Nov., z6z7, aged Z9 ; a student 
Z614 (from Westminster), B.A. Z7 Dec, z6z8. MA 
Z4 June, z62z, B.D. ao June, z6a8, D.D. az Jan., 
Z630-Z, and of Cambridge ad eundem Z632. nsctor of| 
Newton-in-£ly, ca Cambridge, Z63Z. until his death 
there in Z65Z, father of Edmund Z656. See Alumul 
West., 83 ; & Fasti, I 457. 

Bedingfeild, Thomas, gent. Christ Church, 
matric Z4 March, z6co-z, B.A. Z7jan., 1653-4, 
M.A. 90 June, Z656, B.Med. z6 May, Z659, created 
D.Med, za Sept., z66a (son of John, of Haleswonh. 
Suffolk), of Isieworth, Middlesex, licenced ao Joly. 
Z670, to marry Mary Weston, of Isieworth, father of 
th^ next named. See Marriage LUences, ed. Foster 
& Alumni IVest., i^ 

[ico ] 

• a 

, • • 

• • 

THOBfAs Bedingfield. 

1500— I7I4, 

Bedinerfleld, Thomas, b, Thomas, of Isleworth, Mid- 
dlesex, gent St. John's Coll., matric. 24 April, 
1693. Afcd z6 ; B. A. 1696, M. A. 1699. 
Bedizifffeild. WiUiam, feUow Queen's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, RA. 1668, M.A. 1672, incorp. 5 June, 1673, 
rector of Ashwelthorpe and Wrennineham, Norfolk, 
X679. ai>d of Bracon-Ash 1684. See Foster's Index, 
Bedingrfelld, William, s. Job., of * Nevis.* gent 
Univkrsitt Coll., matric 12 April, 1698, aged 17. 
Bedlowe. Anthony, of Devon, ' dialecticos.' Exeter 
Coll. , matria -entnrnnderdate 3 Dee. . 1575, aged aa. 
Bedlow John, M. A.; B.C. U (sup. Mich. Term) 1570. [si 
Bedlow, Thconas, B.A. from All Soul's Coll., 6 

July. Z60Z. See OM,S., zii. 227. 
Bedoes, David, of 00. Brecon, pleb. All Souls' 

Coll., matric. 34 May, 1588, aged 20 (?). 
Bedvell, Samuel, s. Tho.. of Bolton, Wilts, gent 

Queen's Coll. ^matric 8 May, 17x1, aged 17. 
Bedwell, Thomas, s. Th., of Meysey Hampton, 00. 
Gloucester, minister. Magdalen Hall, matric. 
o Nov., i^, aged 16. 
Bedyll, Thomas, 151a. See Bedell. [lO] 

Bee. John, s. Matth., of Wintertime, Wilts, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 14 March, 1667-8, aged 
17 : B.A. Z67Z. See Bloxam, v. 249. 
Bee, Matthew, gient Unitersitt Coll., matric. 3 Jan., 
1648-9 ; scholar by parliamentary visitors 1648. E A. 
6 Feb., Z650-Z. M.A. 21 June, Z653, minister of Coin- 
dlebury near Bicester, Oxon. See AtJL, i, p. xx. ; & 
Burrows, zyj. 
Bee, ViDcent. s. Bfotth., of Wendlebary, Ozon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matria Z9 March, 1674-5, aged 18 ; 
B.A. 1678, M.A. z68z, incorp. at Cambridge X684, 
vicar of Weekly, Northants, z686. See Fosters Index. 
Eeebye, Anthony, *ser.' Queen's Coll., matric. 15 
June, z6s7 ; BJ\. 25 Feb., 1660-z, M.A. 1664, vicar 
of Dinton also Dunnington, Wilts, Z674, and of 
Bronghton Gi£ford 168 c See Foster's Index, 
Beebey, John, 'ser.' Queen's Coll., matria 14 
June, Z649 ; batteler 1647. B.A. Z5 May, 1651. M.A. 
2 FeU, Z653-4, fellow Z654 (incorp. at Cambridge 
1656), RD. 28 June, 1662, 3rd son of Robert, 
leather-seller, bom in St Olave's, Southwark, 3 
April, 163^ ; vicar of Colham, Oxon, 1664, rector of 
Headley, Hants, z67a See Foster's Index Ecclesi- 
asticus; HoHnson, i. 17Z ; & Burrows^ 76. [18] 
Beebee, Joseph, *serv.* Queen's Coll., matria 26 

Beeoh. See also Beach. 

Beech. Andrew, s. Andrew, of London; D.Med. 
Padua 30 Dea, Z657; inoorp. 27 March,, z66o. 
See FasH, it 22^ 
Beech, John, 8. J., of Chetton, Salop, gent Pem- 
broke Coll., matria a March, 1698-9, aged Z7, 
EA. Z702 ; M.A. from New Inn Hall 1705. 
Beeche, Humphrey, of Northants, pleb. Univeesity 
Coll., matria 20 Oct, Z592, aged z8« [20] 

Beeche, Thomas (Beche), fellow of New Coll. 1519- 
34, from Warminster, Wilts, B.CL. (sup. 27 April) 
Z526. secular chaplain, B.Can.L. 18 Feb., 1527-8, 
died in 1531 at Winchester. 
Beeohfield,KJchard(Bechefield). of Salop, pleb. Jesus 
Coll., matria -entry under date 21 March, Z578-9, 
aged z8; B.A. 3 Feb., 1580-z, M.A. 2 July. 1585. 
Beeai21£rt William, 'subscribed' 16 April, z6z3, a A. 
from Magdalen Hall 6 June, 1616, M.A. 10 
July, Z619, rector of Burton with Coates, Sussex, 
1623. See Foster^s Index Eeclesiasticus. 
Beele, Robert, pleb. Exeter Coll., matria z5 
June, Z657 ; B.A. z66o, M.A. Z663, incorp. at 
Cambridge Z664, vicar of St Stephen-juxta-Saltash 
1666, rector of Dittisham, Devon, Z669. See Foster's 
Index Eeclesiasticus. 
Beeley, Robert, of CO. Derby, pleb. New Coll., 
matna z6 0ct, Z584, aged 19 ; scholar Z584, B.A. 
14 June, Z588, M.A. 7 April, Z592, one of these 
names rector of Winchester, St Peter Cheese Hill 
in ' Soca,' Z597. See Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus 
& OM.Sn SL Z49. [28] 

John Bei^s^pn* 

« • • 

Beeley, Samud (BeleyJ, of Surrey, pleD. JR\blt Hall, 
matna 27 April, 1604, aged 24 ; R^Jctfm E^^gter 
Coll. 13 May, 1609, B.D. trom Hart Hall 16 
Nov., zCoo, as Beelie, vicar of New Qiyirch.*io 
Romney, Kent, z6i2, and of Ticehurst Sussex, ^ij.' 
See Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus. •,: 

Beeley^ WUliam, of Beds, arnu University Coll., 
matna 31 May, Z594, aged i$» B.A. 8 Feb., Z597-8 ; 
M.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. Z3 Dec, 1602, 
B.D. 27 March, z6zo, rector of Kings Stanley, co. 
Gloucester, Z615, and archdeacon of Carmaithea 
Z6Z5. See Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus. 

Beere. See also Bere. 

Beere, John, s. Ric, of Broad Windsor, Dorset, p.pL 
Wadham Coll., matria 23 Nov., t&pt, aged z6. 

Beere, Richard, of Somerset, pleb. St. Alban 
Hall, matria 8 July, 1603. aged 18. [so] 

Bcesley, Basil (Bisley), B.A. 28 Feb., Z575-6, M.A. za 
July, 1578. See O.H.S., xii. 57. 

Beesley, Henry (BisleyJ, of co. Oxon, 'der. fil.' 
Merton Coll., matna 9 Nov., i6ai, aged z6 
B.A. 15 Dea, z6a4 ; M.A. from St. Alban Hall. 
2 June, 1627, created D.D. za Sept, z66i, bom in 
Oxford 22 July, 1605, tutor of Thomas Pope, Earl 
of Downe, rector of Swerford, Oxon, Z640, until his 
death 29 May, Z675, buried under the communion 
table, father of Thomas. See Ath., iil. Z037 ; & 
Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus, 

Beeslie, John, fellow of New Coll. Z633, B.A. zz 
April, 1635, M.A. z6 Jan., Z638-9, expelled by the 
parliamentary visitors Z648, restored 1660, died in 
Z667 (Burrcws)t one of these names rector of Tinge- 
wicke, Bucks, Z660-9. See Foster's Index Eeclesi- 

Beealey, Robert (Bisley), B. A. from Cambridge, Z569 ; 
M.A. Oxon ^ Julv, 1576, vicar of St Peter's-in-the- 
East, chaplain of Merton, died zz April, z6a^, will 
proved at Oxford, za May, z6a3, father of Henxy 
Z624. See Gutch, i. 24 ; ft O.H.S,, x. 363. 

Beealy, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Evesham, co. Worces- 
ter, pleb. p.p. (or 'artifido'). Brasekose Coll., 
matric. 22 March, z66o-z, aged Z9. [88] 

Beesley, Thomas, s. Heniy, of Swerford, Oxon, 
s.T.D. Merton Coll., matria 30 May, z666, 
aged zy. 

Beeston, Eosebitis, %. Ria , of Shrewsbury, der. Mai^ 
DALEN Hall, matria 6 March, z679-8o, aged z6. 

Beeston, George, s. Eus., of Presteign, oa Radnor, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matria Z9 March, Z7Z3-Z4, 
aged z8 ; B.A. Z7Z7. 

Beeston, Henry, fellow of New Coll. Z649, B.C.L.. 
z6 May, Z653, D.C.U za Feb., z66o-z, a student of 
Gray's Inn 165Z (as ddest son of William, of Poss- 
brooke. Hunu), headmaster of Winchester College 
Z658-79, warden of New Colleee Z679-170Z, preb. of 
Winchester Z664-95, rector of Over Wallop Z662. 
died Z2 May, zyoz, father of John Z69Z, and of 
Henrv next named. See GuUk, L aoz ; & Foster's 
Grays Inn Admissions. 

Beeston, Henry, s. Heniy, of Winton, Hants, D.CL. 
and warden. New Coll., matria 30 March, Z683, 
aged Z4 ; bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, Z694, bencher 
Z7Z9, treasurer Z730, recorder of Woodstock Z709, 
until his death at Whitney, Oxon, z6 July, Z743. 
See Foster's Judga and Barristers. [ikOJ 

Beeston, Hugh (Blston), B.A. z8 June, Z563, one ot 
these names student of Lincoln's Inn Z565, from 
Cheshira See Foster^s Inns of Court Reg. & Parlia^ 
mentary Dictionary. 

Beeston, John, s. William, of Uckington, Salop, plek 
Pembroke Coll., matria zo Dea, Z630, aged Z9 ; 
B. A. 29 April, Z634, M.A. 26 April, Z637. 

Beeston, John, s. Henry, of * Winton,' doctoris. 
New Coll., matria j^ Sept, Z69Z, aged z6; 
aA. 8 Feb., Z697-8, M.A. Z698, B.C.L. Z698, 
aMed. X700, D.Med. 1708, brother of Henry 1683, 

• o 



« • 


• • 

• •• 

«,• • • 


1500— 1714, 

Henry Bell. 


BeestO]l».*yohn.*s. J., of Ladlow» Salop, gent 

Ballioi« J2S0LL., matric. 10 March, 1702-3, aged 

Z7\ B.A. from All Souls' Coll. 1706, vicar of 

, *.CaidUain, Salop, 1718-23, rector of Lydbam 1727-40, 

•* *• tricar of Stoke Milborough 1740-54. See Foster's 

.'*•/',- vkdgx EccUsiasHeus. 

'•Beeston, Peter, of Cheshire^ pleb. Oriel Coll., 
matric. 18 June, 1585, aged 18; a student of the 
Middle Temple 1591, as late of New Inn, gent., 3rd 
son of George, of Beeston, Cheshire, knight. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Beeston, Richard. St. John's Coll., 1581. See 


Beeston, Richard, s. Richard, of Winington, Salop, 
pleb. St. Alban Hall, matric. 14 Nov., 1634, 
aged ZQ ; B.A. 16 Dec., 1636, M.A. x8 June, 1639, 
vicarotTrinley or Tirley, co. Gloucester, 1639, and 
of St Alkmund in Shrewsbury z66a, father of Euse- 
bius. See Foster s Index EcclesiasHciis, 

Beeston, Robert (Beistone), of Yorks, arm. Brase- 
NOSB COLL., matria -entry under date 9 Nov., 1579, 
aged 15 ; a student of Gray's Inn 1589, as" of 
Beeston, Yorks, gent., and of Staple InxL See Fos- 
ter's Gray's Inn Admissions, [5] 

Beeston, Thomas, 1520. See Biston. 

Beeth, VCllliam, Dominican, 1500. See Atk., i. 6. 

Beetham, Thomas, s. Edward, of Newby Stones, 
Westmorland. Ex£TER Coll., matric 9 Nov., 
1698, aged 18. 

Beethel, Ellis, s. Mat, of (Wimbome), Dorset, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 14 March, 1672-3, aged 18 ; 
subscribed as of New Inn Hall. 

Beeton, John, captain in the king's army; created 
M.A. 22 April, 1645. [10] 

Beke, Jeremiah, s. Henry, of Castle Acre, Norfolk, 
arm. Magdalen Coll., matric. 15 July, 1639, 
aged 25 ; a student of the Inner Temple 1638. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Beke, Marmaduke, s. William, of Cuddington, Bucks, 
gent Hart Hall, matric. 16 Oct, i66iB, aged 
ao; B.A. from New Coll. 1673, M.A. 15 Jan., 
1676-7, bar.^t-Iaw, Lincoln's Inn, 1682. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Belbin, James, s. Joh., of Shaftsbury, Dorset, pleb. 
St. Alban Hall, matric. 19 March, 1668-9, aged 
18 ; B.A. Z672, M. A. 1675. 

Belbin, Robert, s. Robert, of Shaftsbury, Dorset, pleb. 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 28 June, 1633, aged 17. 

Beloh, Thomas, s. J., of Barby, Northants, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric 6 Feb., 1676-7, aged 
20 ; B.A. 1680, M.A. 1683. [is] 

Belohamber, John, s. William, of Reading, Berks, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 20 Oct., 1626, 
a^ed 19; B.A. 22 Oct, 1629, M.A. 11 June, 1632, 
vicar of Whitchurch, Hants, 1640, rector of Havant 
1650, rector of St. Clave. Silver Street, in 1644. See 
Add, MS,t 15.669 ; & Foster's Index Ecclesiasiicus, 

Beloher, Dabndgcourt, arm. fil. nat max. ; fellow- 
commoner of Corpus Christi Coll. a March. 
];597-8 ; BwA. from Christ Church 8 Feb., i6oo-i, 
kept 8 terms at Cambridge University, a student of 
the Middle Temple 1601 (as son and heir of William, 
of Guilsboro, Northants, esquire), died in the Low 
Countries in 1621. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. ; 
Fasti, L 285 ; 0,H,S., x. 371 j & D.N.B, 

Beloher, John. Balliol Coll., 1604. See Bel- 


Beloher, Thomas, of Oxon, plebk St. Edmi^d 
Hall, matric. 28 May, 16x9, aged 23 ; B. A. 17 
June, Z619, rectbr of Westcot Barton. Oxon, 1639 
until sequestered in 1646. See Add. MS, 15.670 ; 
& Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Beloher, William, B.A. 27 June, 1577, one of these 
names vicar of Henfield, Sussex, 1590. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, [20] 

Belde, Richard, BnA. 20 Feb., 15x3-14, M.A. 30 May, 

Bele, John, Augustinion canon 1508. See Ath, , ii. 732. 

Belfelld, Allan, s. Allan, of Paignton (Devon), gent 
Exeter Coll., matric. 24 May, 1639. aged 16 : 
bar. -at-law, Inner Temple, 1650. Sec Foster's fud^ cs 
and Barristers, 

Belfilde, Edward, of London, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric. -entry under date 1575, aged 18 ; fellow 1576, 
B.A. 15 Oct, X580, M.A. 5 May, 1584, B.D. 17 Dec. 
1590 (son of Williim, a skinner), entered Merchant 
TayloPs School 1569, rector of W<rfverton, co. 
Warwick. See RoHnson, i. 14. 

Belfeld, John, B.A. of Cambridge, (snp. June) 1535. 
for incorporation, one of these names fellow of Eton 
21 Tune, XS36. [25 j 

Belfield, John, s. Alan, of Rattery, Devon, gent. 
Oriel Coll., matric. 6 March, 1687-8, aged 18 ; 
bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 1695, seijt.-at-Iaw 1716, 
M.P. Exeter X728-34, died 20 Ocl , 17SX. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers & Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Belfeld, Robert, of co. Lancaster, gent. Bra&enos£ 
Coll., matric. 21 Nov., 16x7, aged 14. 

Belgrrave, Anthony, s. William, of North Kilworth. 
CO. Leicester, pleb. Lincoln Coll., nuitria i 
June, X693, aged 16 ; B. A. 4 Feb. , 1696-7, vicar of 
Arnesby, co. Leicester, x73i-45. See Foster's Index 

Belflrrave, Cornelius, s. William, of Kilworth, co. 
Leicester, arm. Trinity Coll., matric; 15 March. 
1694-5, aged X7, B.A. 1698 ; M.A. from St. John s 
Coll., Cambridge, 1726, rector of North Kilworth 
170X, and of Ridlington, Rutland, 1726, vicar o( 
Lavendon, Bucks, 1725. See Foster s Index Eccle- 

BeUgrrave, James, 2s. Thomas, of North Kilworth. 
CO. Leicester, gent. St. John's Colu, matria 25 
Feb., 1624-5, aged 17 ; B.A. zo July, 1628 ; M.A 
from Gloucester Hall 3 June, 1630, chaplain of 
Christ Church, admon. granted at Oxford za Nov.. 

1639. as BSLGROVE. [30] 

Belcrrave, John, of ca Leicester, eq. fil. Trinity 
Coll., matric. Z5 Oct, z6x9, aged x6 ; B.A. 27 
June, 1622, vicar of Tetney, co. Lincoln. 1632 
(licenced X5 Oct., 1632, to marry Faith, daughter of 
Thos. Fleete, late of London, gent , deceased), rector 
of Etaislingthorpe, ca Lincoln. Z633. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus & Marriage Licences, ed. Foster. 

BelRrave, William, of CO. Leicester, gent St. John's 
Coll., matric. zx Dec, z6x8, aged x8. 

Belke, Thomas, of Kent, pleb. Queen's Coll., 
matric. 10 Dec., Z59T, aged Z7. 

Bell, Beaupr6, M.A. Cambridge, incorp. 9 July, 1594 
(4th son of Sir Robert, speaker of the House of 
Commons, and lord chief baron of the exchequer), 
a student of Lincoln's Inn X594, as of Norfolk, gent. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bell, Edmond, of 00. Worcester, pleb. Gloucestes 
Hall, matric. 17 Jan., z6oo-x, aged za ; a student 
of the Middle Temple x6x6, as son and heir of 
Xenophon, of WeU, co. Worcester, esq. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [ss] 

Bell, Edmund, B.D. Cambridge, incorp. zo July, 1627. 
one of these names rector of Thumscoe, Yorks, 
Z629. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bell, Edward, B.A. 23 Feb., Z537-8, M.A- X2 July, 
Z542, fellow of Merton Coll. Z539, d'<^ abouc 
Z577. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & O.II.S., 
iv. X58. 

Bell, George, of Bucks, pleb. Merton Coll. , matric 

?June, X603, ^^ <5 i ^^ ^ Nov., z6c6. 
, , George, s. George, of Grindon, co. Dtu'ham, 

minister. Brasenosb Coll., matric 27 .May, 

x66i. aged z6 ; B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 

9 March, X664-5. M.A. zo March. 1667-8, rector of 

Croft, Yorks, 1683, See Foster's Index Ecclesza- 

Bell, Gregory, B.A, 7 Dea, Z538, M.A. Z7 May. iS4i. 

fellow Queen's Coll. 1543. [iio] 

Bell, Henry, B.A. from Christ Church 22 Feb., 

Z594-5* ^ Foster's Index EcclesiasSicus & 0,II.S., 

xiL 188, 

[ 102 ] 

Jambs Bell. 

1500— 1714, 

Daniel Bellamy. 

Bell, James, chaplain Magdalen Coll. X548, at 
Corpus Christi Coll. 1548, B. A. (sup.) 1551, fellow 
1551 , and fellow of Trinity Coll. 1556, and rhetoric 
kctorer, turned protcsttmt, prelx of Wells 1596, 
bom at Bath, one of these names vicar of Siewkley, 
and rector of Cheddington, Bucks, 1554. See 
Bhxam^ ii 127; Atk.X 651 ; Fasti, i. 132; & D.NM, 

Bell, John, LUB. Cambridge 1504. D.LL. abroad, 
sup» xa Ckrt, 1531, for incorporation as D.C.L., 
chanc^Jor of the diocese of Oxford 1518, archdeacon 
of Gloucester and Worcester 1518 and Z539» rector of 
Weston-subi-Edge, oa Gloucester, warden of the 
CoUegJate Churdi of Stxatford-upon-Avon, ca War- 
wick, canon of Lichfield 1526, of St. Raul's 1528, 
of Lincofai 1528. and of Southwell 1528, chaplain to 
Henry VIII., and a privj councillor, bishop of Wor- 
cester 1539-43, died at Clerkenwell iz Aug., 1556, 
buried in the chancel of the church. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiastiau ; Cooper, i i6z ; Ath, Ojt., iL 
771 : & D.N.B. 

Bell, John (or Bele), demy Magdalen Coll. 1532, 
B.A. 12 July, IS35, fellow 154a 

Bell, John, R A. (sup. June) 1538. 

Bell, John, of Somerset, pleb. St. John's Coll., 
matric. a July, 1585. aged 15 ; B.A. 12 Feb., i589-oa 
See Foster's Index Eecienasticus, [5] 

Bell, John, of Salop, 'der. fiL' Queen's Coll., 
matric. 3 June, 16^, aged 22 ; B.A. from Corpus 
Christi Colu 13 Feb., 1606*7. See Foster's Index 

Bell, John, battelar Queen's Coll. 1647, B.A. 13 Dec., 
105Z. See Burrows, 76. 

Bell. John, s. Peter, of Lazenby, Cumberland, p. p. 
Queen's Coll. , matric. zo March, Z675-6, aged 16 ; 
B.A. 9 Feb., Z680-Z, M.A. Z684. 

Bell, John, s. William, of Wicfae, co. Worcester, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matric. Z3 July, z686, aged Z7 ; 
EA. Z690, M.A. z8 Feb., z6^3, brother of Robert 
same date. 

Bell, John, s. William, of Rowton, Salop, paup. 
PEMBROKE Coll., matric. z8 Nov., Z69Z, aged 

20. rio] 

Bell, John. s. J., of Lumtrow, oa Uncoln, p. p. Lin- 
coln Coll., matric. 5 April, Z707, aged Z7; B.A. 
Z7Z0, M.A. Z7X3, Ticar of Horkstow, co. Lincoln, 
Z714. and of Worlaby Z7a2. See Foster's Index 

Bell, Joseph, s. J., of Boston, 00. Lincoln, gent 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 26 March, Z675, aged z6 ; 
BwA. X678, M.A. z68z, rector of Halton Holgate 
CO. Lincoln, Z694. See Foster's Index EccUsiaS" 

Bell, Ralph, & G. (? ' GuL'), of Darlington, co. Durham, 
nrioister. Corpus Christi Coll.. matric. zz Dec., 
z668, aged Z7 ; rector of Warkworth, Northumber- 
land, z68z. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Bell, Richard. See Bebb, Z629. 

Bell, Richard, s. Humphrey, of Crosby Garrett, West* 
roorland, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 9 Nov., 
x63a, aged z6 ; RA. 30 Jan., z637-a [iS] 

BelL Richard, s. Thomas, of Hereford (city), pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. 7 March, Z688-9, aged Z5 ; 
B.A. Z692, vicar of Woolaston, co. Gloucester, Z696, 
rector of Tibberton 17ZZ. See Fostei^s Index EccU- 

Bell, Richard, s. R. . of London, gent Merton Coll. 
matric. 23 March, Z699-Z700, aged Z4. 

Bell, Robert, KA. from St. John's Colu 5 Feb., 

Bell, Robert, of co. Worcester, pleb. Balliol Coll. , 
matric. Z9june, Z607, aged Z7; B.A. 24 Jan., z6io- 
zz, M.A. 5 July, z6i6. 

Bell, Robert, s. Richard, of Broughton, Salop, pleb. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 7 Nov., 1634, aged 

^ 19. [ao] 

Bell, Robert, serv. Queen's Coll., subscribed 7 
Nov., 1655, B.A. 86 July, Z659. 

Bell, Robert, s. Rich., of Worcester (dty), p.p. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. z8 March, Z677.8, aged 
17, B.A. z68z ; clerk Magdalen Coll. z68zs, 
M.A. Z684, licenced ao May, z686. to marry Dorothy 
Eilary, of Worcester, spr. ; rector of Naunton Beau- 
chanu), co. Worcester, Z699, and of Pirton Z703. 
See Foster's Index Eulesiasticus : Bloxam, iL 79 ; 
& Marriage Licences, ed. Foster. 

Bell, Robert (M.A. Glasgow University), s. John, of 
* Scoti.,' gent Christ Church, matric. Z9 July, 
Z684, a^ed 18 ; M.A. by decree of convocation 22 
Tune, z686. 

Bell, Robert s. William, of Wche, ca Worcester, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matric. Z3 July, z686, aged z8 ; 
B.A. Z690, M.A. z8 Feb., 1692-3, brother of John 
same date. 

Belle, R<>ger, Benedicdne, aD. 5 July, Z535, D.D. 
Z2 July. Z53S. [as] 

Bell, Thomas (or Beyle), B.A. 3Z Jan., Z5Z2-Z3. 

Belly Thomas, B.A. Z9 Dec, Z528, M.A. (sup. 24 Nov.) 

Bell, Thomas, B. A. (sup^ 30 May) Z537. 

Bell, Thomas, B.A. 4 March, z 563-4. M.A. 19 June, 
Z566, fellow of Queen's Coll. Z566. 

Bell, Thomas, M.A. Cambridge, inoorp. 16 May, 1607. 
See FasH, i. 323. [30] 

Bell, Thomas, s. T[homas]. of Hereford (city), pleb. 
St. John's Colu, matric. 3 July, Z677, aged z8 ; 
B.C.L. Z684, bom a Oct, Z658, entered Merchant 
Taylors' School z672. See Robinson, L 27^. 

Bell, Thomas, s. W., of Droitwich, co. Worcester, 
gent. Pembroke Coll., matric. Z7 March, Z69Z-2, 
aged Z7 ; B.A. Z695, M.A. Z698, vicar of Tardebigg, 
CO. Worcester, Z706, rector of Liverpool 17 17, 
buried there. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus & 
Rawlinson, vn. 172. 

Bell. Thomas, s. William, of Worferton, Salop, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. z6 Feb., Z703-4, aged z6 ; 
B.A. 1707, rector of Quatt, Salop, Z7Z3. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Bellf Thomas, s. Fran., of Hereford (dty), pleb. St. 
John's Coll., matric. 9 Nov., Z709, aged z8, EA. 
Z7Z3 ; M.A. from King's Coll., Cunbridge, Z722, 
one of these names rector of Weston-sub.*£dge, co. 
Gloucester, z7ao, and of Madresfield, ca Worcester, 
Z723. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bell, William, M.A. 1$ Feb., Z505^, aCL. zi July, 
Z5Z9, B.D. (as Carmelite) sup. (18 Mav) 1522, 
one of these names vicar of St Michael. Dread 
Street, London, Z536. See Foster's Inetex EccUsias- 
ticus, [36] 

BelL William, RA. 8 May. z56a, felk>w of Balliol 
Coll., Z563-5. See Dictionary of National Bio- 

Bell. William, s. John, of Chigwell, Essex, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric a8 Nov., Z634, aged 

Bell, William, elected to St. John's Coll. Z643, RA. 
Z3july, Z647, B.D. za Sept, z66z, D.D. 23 June, 
z6^, bom Z4 Feb., Z626, entered Merchant Taylors' 
School Z638, chaplain Tower of London z66z, vicar 
of St Sepulchre's, London. Z662, canon of St. Paul's 
z666, lecturer at the Temple Church, archdeacon of 
St Alban's Z67Z, chaplain to Charles II. z668, died 
ZQ July, z68q, buried in St Sepulchre's 26th. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus; D,N,B, ; Atk., iv, 

?4 ; Robinson, L Z42 ; & Burrows, 
__ , William, s. William, of Sandhurst, ca Glouces- 
ter, gent Oriel Coll., matric .6 April, Z677, 
aged Z5. 

Bellamler, ( ), created RC.L z Nov., Z642. 

BellaiXIT, Daniel, s. Joh., of London, gent St. 
John s Coll, matric 4 March, Z705'^, aged z8 ; 
Dorn 25 Dec, Z687, entered Merchant Taylors' 
School Z702, a student of Lincoln's Inn Z707, author 
of the ' Christian Schoolmaster,' etc., became a 
clerk to Nicholas Martyn, of Lincoln's Inn, con- 
veyancer. See Rawlinson, vL Z76 ; Foster's Inns 
0/ Court Reg, ; Robinson, ii. 7 ; & D,N,B. l%l] 


Henry Bellamy. 

1500 — 1714, 

George Bellott. 

Bellamy, Henry, of London, piek St. John's 
Coll., matric. o Nov., 1631, aged 17; EA. z6 
May, 1625, M.A. 28 April, 1629, B.I). z8 Dec, 
1637, son of Robert, citizen and merchant taylor, 
born 37 July, 1604, entered Merchant Taylors' 
School z6iz. vicar of Sl Giles in Suburbs, Oxon, 
1636. See Foster's Index Bcclesiasticus ft RoHnson, 
i. 70. 

Bellamy, John (Balamie), B.A. 17 Dec., 1569, vicar 
of St Bartholomew the Less 15741 ^"^^ ^^ Chal- 
grave, Beds, 1582. See Foster's Index Ecciesias- 

Bellamy, John (Belljrmye), of Somerset, pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matiic. 29 Nov., 1594, aged 17. 

Bellamy, Robert (Ballambye), fellow of St. John's 
Coll. 1555, and of Trinity Coll. 1556, B.A. 8 
May, Z556, M.A. 28 May, 1560, B.Med. and ad- 
mitted to practice 16 Dec., Z566, D.Med« 23 June, 
Z571. See Foster's Index RccUsiasticus. 

Bellamy, Samuel, s. Richard, of Rampisham, Dorset, 
pleb., p. p. New Inn Hall, matric. 14 June, 
z66x, aged ao ; one of these names vicar of Shal- 
fleet. Isle of Wight, Z675. See Fostei^s /n^er. [b] 

Bellamie, Thomas, of Middlesex, gent. Christ 
Church, matric. 23 Nov., 158Z, aged zz; 'scho- 
laris Mri Wodson.' 

Bellasls, Nicolas (Bellisis), B.A. 9 July, Z568, a 
student of the Middle Temple Z57Z, as son and heir 
of William, of Newburgh, co. York, esq. See 
Foster^s Inns of Court Reg. ft Yorkshire Collection. 

Bellay, John, ZSS5. See Belly. 

Bellers, Foulke, s. John, of Alcester, co. Warwick, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matric. 5 Dec, Z623, aged 
17; B.A. from Gloucester Hall 2 June, z^, 
M.A. 15 April, Z630, rector of Arrow, co. Warwick, 
Z63Z, father of the next named. See Foster's Index 

Bellers, John, Lincoln Coll. Z63Z. See Billers. 

Bellers, Samuel, s. Fulke, of Stratford Bow, Essex, 
minister. Trinity Coll., matric. sz May, Z664. 
aged Z5. [U] 

Belletor, John (or Belter), secular chaplain, B. A. 27 
May, Z522, M.A. 5 July, Z524, proctor Z528, B.D. 
Z7 July, ZS29, D.D. (sup. 23 April) Z533, as ' BoLY- 
trye, of Merton Coll. 

Bellewe, Henrv, s. William, of Yamscomb, Devon, 
gent. St. Alban Hall, matric. Z4 July, Z676, 
aged Z7; of Stockleigh English, buried there 8 
March, Z7Z9-ao, father of the next named. 

Bellewe, Henry, s. Henry, of Stockleigh English, 
Devon, gent. Balliol Coix., matric 17 May, 
Z708, i^ed Z7 ; died 3 Nov., Z7Z2. 

Bellew, James, s. James, of Stockleigh, Devon, gent 
Oriel Coll., matric. Z3 Dec, 1639, aged z8; 
created M.A. z Nov., Z642. [15] 

Bellew, John, fellow of Exeter Coll. Z561, B.A. 
zo May, Z563, M.A. 4 July, Z566 (son of William, 
of Ash in Brampton and Alverdiscott. Devon), a 
priest of Bratton Fleming, buried at Monkldgb ao 
April, Z622. See Bo<tse, 43. 

Bellew, Richard, ' subscribed' from St. Mary Hall 
4 May, Z582, possibly son of another Richard. See 
Vivian's Visitations 0/ Devon. 

Bellew, Richard, of Devon, gent Exeter Coll., 
matnc. Z4 Oct., Z597, aged Z7. 

Belley. See also Belly. 

BeUinger, 'Deverox,' s. Edw., of Aston Tyrrold, 
Berks, minister. New Inn Hall, matric. 29 
March, Z667, aged z8. [20J 

Bellinger, Francis, of Brasenose Coll. Z708. See 
Mumc's Roll., ii. 2a Not named in Brasenose 

Bellinger, John (subs, 'stationer'), privilegiatus 22 
Dec., Z692. 

Bellinger, Peter, s. Pr., of Dublin, Ireland, pleb. 

Pembroke Coll.. matric. iz Oct., Z697, aged x8 ; 

RA. from New Inn Hall Z70Z, vicar of Enst 

Coker, Somerset, Z7Z3« See Fosto^s Index Ecclesias- 


Bellingham, Alan, s. James, of Levens, Westmor- 
land; arm. Queen's Coll., matric 4 June. Z674, 
aged z8 ; of Levens Hall, baptised at Haversham 
Z2 Feb., Z655-6, M.P. Westmorland April, Z678- 
Jan., z^8-9, z679-8z, z685-7. went into exile with 
James IL, made his will Z2 Oct., z688, and proved 
7 Dec., Z693. See Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Bellingham, Francis, of Hants, arm. (2od sod). 
Hart Hall, matric. 25 Oct., z6i6, aged Z7, RA. 
28 June, Z620 ; M.A. from New Inn Hall 2 May, 
Z634. [25] 

Bellingham, Henry, of Sussex, arm. Broadgates 
Hall, matri& -entry under date 28 April, z58o,aged 
z6; scholar New Coll., Z584, B.A. 14 June, Z586, 
M.A, 7 April, Z592, proctor Z598, possibly W.P. 
Chichester Z628-9. See Foster's Cumberland ^ 
Westmorland Visitations. 

Bellingham, Henry, s. Henry, of Stondey, co. War- 
wick, pleU Magdalen Hall., matric. 26 Oct.. 
Z627, aged ao ; B.A. 20 Nov., Z627, M.A. 8 Jaoe, 

Bellingham, Henry, s. Allan, of Penrith, Cumberland, 
gent. Queen's Coll., matric. 24 May, Z639, aged 
zy ; student of Gray's Inn Z642, a captain in Crom- 
well's army in Ireland, had a grant of Castle Belling- 
ham, M.P. CO. Louth z66z, died z8 Feb.. 1676. 
See Foster's Grafs Inn Reg. &. Foster's Baronetage. 

Bellingham, John, B.A. from New Coll. 8 April. 
z6oo, M.A. z8 Jan., Z603-4. See O.H.S., xii. 2aa 

Bellingham, Richard (student at Oxford and Cam- 
bridge), B.C.L. z July, Z5Z0, rector of HarlingtoD. 
Middlessx, Z525, Nevocourt. [30] 

Bellingham, Richard, fellow All Souls* Coll. Z570. 
B.C^ 25 June, Z576, D.CL. (sup. 2 April) Z582. 
See O.H.S.t xiL 53. 

Bellingham, Richard, of Sussex, gent Broadgates 
Hall, matric. -entry under date Aug. , 1578, aged 17 ; 
possibly brother of Henry Z580, and if so then son 
of Richard, of Hangleton, Sussex. 

Bellingham, Richard, of Sussex, gent. St. John's 
Coll., matric 8 March, Z604-5, aged 15 ; probabi/ 
son and heir of Edward, of New Timber, Sussex. 

Bellingham, Richard, of CO. Lincoln, arm. Bras^^ 
NOSE Coll. , matric. z Dec , Z609, aged zy ; a studert 
of Lincoln's Inn z6z2 (as son of WiUiam, of Bromby 
Woods, CO. Lincoln, esquire), recorder of BostoD, 
and M. P. Z628-9, went to New England, governor of 
Massachusetts, died 7 Dec , z67a. See Foster's Inm 
of Court Reg, 

Bellister, Simon (Bellystre), B.A. 7 July, Z539, M.A 
Z2 July, Z542, erroneously said to be archdeacoa of 
Colchester in Z545. See Fasti, i. zz6. [35] 

Bellmayne, Richard, of Devon, pleb. QtmEXS 

Coll., matric Z5 March, z6zo-zi, aged z6; B.A. 

25 Oct, Z6Z3. 
Bellmajne, Robert, of Devon, gent. Exeter Coll., 

matnc 20 July, z62z, aged 17 ; B.A. Z7 Feb., Z624-5. 

M.A. 6 July, Z627, vicar of St. Kew, Cornwall, 1639. 

See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Bellot, ( ), created M.A. z Nov., Z642. 

Bellot, Abraham. Merton Coll., Z676. See 

Bellott. Ambrose, of Cornwall, arm. Qxteen's Coll. . 

matric az Nov., Z628, aged 16 ; son of Renatns of 

Bochym, and aged 8 years at the Herald's Visitation 

in z6ao. [€0] 

Bellott, Arthur, 1585. ExetbrColl. See Billet. 
Bellott, Christopher, s. Renatus. of Bochym. Cornwall. 

pleb. EXETFR Coll., matric 5 April, Z639, aged 

zy ; high sheriil of Cornwall z69a. 
Bellott, Francis, s. Renatus, of Oimei Cornwall, gent. 

Exeter Coll. , matric 9 April, Z647, aged ao ; 

brother of the last named. 
Bellott, George, s. John, of Ashneys, 00. Stafford, 

arm. Hart Hall, matric ao May, 1640, aged 16 ', 

brother of Thomas x6^ 

i 104] 

Rawlet Bellott. 

1500— I7I4* 

William Benn. 

Bellott, Rawley, of Devon, gent Corpus Christi 
Coll., matric. a/ Oct, 1615, aged 14 ; B.A. 8Feb., 
z6i9-ao, M.A. 24 April, 2633, son and beir of 
Thomas, who went to Ireland. 

fiellot, Reginald, feUow Exbter Coll., 1575-84, 
RA. 3 March, 1573-4, M.A. 27 June, 1577, incorp. 
' at Cambridge 1581, vicar of Menheniot, Cornwall, 
1584 (son of Frands, of Cosbam, Wilts, afterwards 
of Bochym, Cornwall), died in x6oo, £a.tber of the 
next named. See Boose, 46. 

BeUot, Renatns, of Cornwall, * der. fiL' Queen's 
Coll., matric. z^ Nov., 1605, aged 15; KA. aa 
Jane, 1609, son of R^;inald la^t named. 

Bellott, Renatns, s. Thos., of Perran Uthnoe, Corn- 
wall, der. Exeter Coll., matric. 19 March, 
1679-80, aged 17 ; a student of the Middle Temple 
1681, one of these names M.P. St Michael, Corn- 
wall, 1702-5. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Bellott, Thomas, s. John, of Leeke, co. Stafford, arm. 
Trinity Coll., matric. 10 Sept, 1634, aged x8; 
KA. 6 May, z^, brother of Gc»ige 1640. [5] 

Bellott (Sir) Thomas (ad. bart), s. John, of Morton, 
CO. Chester, bart Christ Church, matric. xz 
July, 1668, aged z6 ; of Moreton, student of Lin- 
coln's Inn T67Z, born 22 Oct, 1651, M.P. New- 
castle-under-Lyme 1679-81, X690-5, 1698 until his 
death in 1699. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Bellwood, Mark, of co. York, pleb. UNITERSITT 
Coll., matric. z6 June, 16x0, aged z8. 

Belly,John (Belkiy). a A. zz Feb., Z554-5, fellow of 
Oriel CoLt. X556, M.A., 17 March, 1558-9, B.C.U 
and D.CL. 7 July, X567, provost 1566-73, incorp. 
at Cambridge 1574 (son of John Belly, or Bellay, of 
Hasdbary, Somerset), canon of Lincoln X574, a 
roaster in Chancery and chancellor of the diocese of 
Lincoln, died at Great Paxton z6o8. See Cooper, 

Belsher, John, of Somerset pleb. Balliol Coll., 
matric. 28 June, 1604, aged x8 ; B.A. from Glou- 
cester Hall 2x Oct, 161 1. 

Belsire. Alexander, fellow New Coll. X519-4Z, B.A. 
22 March, x52a-23, M.A. 25 Feb., 1526-7, vicar of 
Colerae, Wilts, X540, canon of Christ Church 1547, 
first canon of Osney and first president of St John's 
1555 «nt»I deprived 1559, died 13 July, 1567, at 
Handbourgh, Oxon. See Fo&Va's Index Ecclesias- 
tiau & Fasti, i. 74. [lO] 

Belsire, Alexander, fellow and scholar of New Coll. 
in and before X564. 

BelBiie, Richard, & Gabr., of Yate,co. Gloucester, gent 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 6 Feb., x667*8, aged 

Belsire, Thomas, & Gab., of Yate, co. Gloucester, 
gent Magdalen Hall, matria 2 May, 1673, ^S^d 
16 ; B.A. 6 Feb., X676-7, M.A. 1679. 

Belsonn, Augustine, of Oxon, gent Oriel Coll., 
matric. 6 Aug., X596, aged 17 ; of Aston Rowant, 
probably son and heir of William, of Brill, Bucks. 

Belson, Thomas, of Oxon, gent Exeter Coll., 
matnc -entry under date 3 Dec., Z575, aged X7. 

Belson, Thomas, of Oxon, gent St. Mart Hall, 
matria -entry imder date circa 1581, aged 16 ; B.A. 
{sup. 4 Feb.) 1582-3 (? inventory at Oxford 29 April. 
1592). See 0.//.5.,xii. xz6. [l6j 

Bemxmd, Robert of CO. Montgomery, pleb. Christ 
Church, matria ax June, x6i6, aged 22 ; B. A. (sup. 
3 July) x6x6i. 

Benam, John, ECan.L., ao Jan., 1505-6. 

Benbery. William, fellow of New Coll. xsii-15, 
from Rowsham, parish of Barwick, diocese of Bath, 
E A xy June, 15x6. 

Benbow, Robert (Bendbow or Bembow), student 
Christ Church, B.A. ax Jan., 1565-6, M.A. 9 July, 
Z568, rector of Severn Stoke, co. Worcester, 15^. 

Benohin. See also Bsnskin and Bewshin. (z\] 

Bendell, William, s. RJa, of Broadltch, Devon, p. p. 
Wadham Coll., matric. xx March, X694-5, aged xy ; 
B.A. 4 Feb., X698-9, M.A. from Sydney Sussex 
Coll., Cambridge, 1708, rector of Trusham, Devon, 
17x3. and of Little Cheney, Dorset, Z715. See 
Foster's Index Eeclesiasticus, 

Bendlowes. See Bindlowes. 

Bendy. William, 8. William, of Kingswinford, ca 
Stafford, pleb. New Inn Hall, matria 17 Oct., 
Z634, aeed 14 ; B.A. z8 Jan., Z637-8, bar.-at-law, 
Lincoln^ Iim, Z645. See Foster's /au^^f a«^ ^ar- 

Bendy. William, s. William, of Kingswinford, oo. 
Stafford, gent Magdalen Hall, matric x8 March, 
Z669-70, aged X5 ; B.A. X673, bar.-at-law. Middle 
Temple, z68q, his lather described as of Shutend. 
See Foster's judges and Barristers. [25] 

Benese, Richard, secular chaplain, B.Can.L. (sup. 6 
July) Z519, canon of the Augustlnian Priory of 
Merton, precentor of Hereford X538, rector of All 
Hallows, Honey Lane, London, X540, and of 
Long Ditton, Surrey, 1541, canon of Lincoln X542, 
rector of Long Leadenham, co. Lincoln, X542, died 
in 1546. See Fosters Index Ecclesiasticus ; Ath,, i. 
338 ; & D.N,B, 

BenfeUd, Sebastian (Benfild), of co. Gloucester, pleb. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matria 8 July, X586, aged 
zy ; scholar X586, B. A. 25 June, X589, fellow 1590, 
M.A 3 April, Z593, licenced to preach 23 Feb., 
Z598-9, B.D. Z4 Dec., z6oo, D.D. Z2 May, x6o8, 
llady Margaret professor of divinity x6x3-26, rector 
of Meysey Hampton, ca Gloucester, X605, until his 
death 34 Aug., 1630, buried 29th. Sm Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus; Ath,, ii. 487 ; ft D,N.B. 

Benfeild, Thomas, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric. X7 Nov., Z58Z, aged 19 (called Bbntleye in 
Mat. Reg.). 

Benger. See also Banger. 

Benger, Richard (Bangar), fellow of New Coll. 
X499-152X, from Aulton, Wilts, chaplain, B.C.L. 4 
April, x5oi3, ECan.U 3 Feb., 1510-xx, D.L.L. (sup. 
23 April) X5X2, D.Can.Lb a8 Feb., X5x8-Z9, vice- 
chanoellor X520, rector of Alton Barnes, Wilts, X5aa 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [30] 

Benger, Thomas, s. Tho., of Manningford, Wilts, 
meb. Hart Hall, matria 3 April, X700, aged 18 ; 
B.A. Z3 March, Z704-5. 

Bender, William, s. G. (? 'Gul'), of Ogboume, Wilts, 
pleb. Exeter Coll., matria z July, 1670, aged 
z8 (called Banger in Mat. Reg.) ; B.A. from St. 
Alban Hall 1674, M.A. 6 Feb., X676-7. 

Beningden, Thomas (or Benyng), B..\. 13 Feb., 
X516-X7; fellow of All Souls' Coll. 1517, M.A. 2 
May, X520, B.D. (sup. z6 March) 1520-x. 

Benlode* Thomas, Dominican, B.D. (sup. 3 Nov.) 

Benlowes, Edward, z6aa See Fasti, ii. 358; ft 
D,N.B. [85] 

Benlowes, George, s. G., of Ayskew, Yorks, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric. Z4 March, z67a-3, aged 

Benne, (Sir) Anthony, of London. Broadgates 
Hall, matric. 3X Jan., 1583-4, aged 14, as ' Cond. 
Gen,'; B.A, 16 Feb., 1586-7, bar.-at-law. Middle 
Temple, 1594, Lent reader 16x2, recorder of city of 
London x6x6-i8, knighted xi Sept, 16x7, died 29 
Sept, x6i8. See Remetnbrancia, 67; & Fasti, i* 

Benn, Robert, s. Tho., of Egremont Cumberland, 

pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 25 Feb., X713-X4, 

aged X9 ; B.A. X7X8, M.A. 31 Jan., X72X-2 (incorp. 

at Cambridge 1736), B.D. 1738, D.D. 1739, rector 

of Charlton-upon-Otmoor, Oxon Z745-53. See Fos* 

ter's Index Ecclesiasticus. 
Benn, William, rector of All Hallows, Dorchester, 

1629, eta, died aa March, z68o. See Ath,, uu 

[ 105] 

Christopher Bennell* 

1500 — 1714, 

John Bennet. 

Bennell, Christopher, s. Christopher, of Westminster, 
genL Christ Chusch, matric. 24 July, 1634, 
aged ao ; student 1625, B.A. 92 June, 1635, M.A. 
27 June, 1628, 'removed upon scandal and non- 
submission' 1648, restored x66a See Burrtwt. 

Bonnet, Adam, s. Adam, of Exeter, Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric. 4 Nov., 1636, aged it, 

Bennet, Ambrose, fellow of University Colu by 
the parliamentary visitors 1649, M.A. 24 July, 1652, 
bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, x66i. as son m John, of 
London, arm. (of kin to Sir S. Bennet). See Bur- 
raws ft Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Bennet, Bernard, B. A. from Brasenoss Coll. 17 Dec., 
X577« M.A. 7 July, 1581, canon of Hereford 1585- 
Z615. rector of Ross 1592, and of Bromyard (and 
portion), co. Hereford, 1395, died — Nov., 16x5. 
See Foster's Index EceUstastUus & OM,S„ ziL 

Bennet, Caiew, s. Nic., of Milton, Berks, cler. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 26 Oct, X703. aged X7 ; 
clerk 1703-14, B.A. 1707, brother of Nicholas 1609. 
See Bhxam^ ii. 85. [8] 

Bennet, Christopher, fellow of New Coll. X538-44, 
from Norton Bavant, Wilis. B.A. 16 May, X542, 
canon of Wells X543. See Foster's Index Ecclesias- 

Bennet, Christopher, of Devon, pleb. Oriel Coll., 
matric. 27 Oct., x6z5, aged 17. 

Bennet, Christopher, s. John, of Raynton, Somerset, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll.. matric. yDea. 163a, aged 
X5, B.A. 24 May, 1636, M.A. 24 Tan., 1638-9, 
incorp. at Cambridge 1646; D.Med, from Cathe- 
rine Hall 1646. fellow of College of Physicians 
X649, died 30 April, 1655, buried in St. Gregory's 
Church by St. Paul's. See Munk's Roll, i. 248 ; 
-4/A.,iii. 396; 8lD,N,B. 

Bennett, David, of 'Somerset vel Bristow,' pleb. 
Brasenosb Coll., matric. 17 March, 2597-98, 
aged 15. 

Bennett, Edmund, of Berks, pleb. Christ Church. 
matric. 24 Nov., 1581, aged X4. [lO] 

Bennet, Edward, B.A. 27 Feb., x53a-3. 

Bennet, Edward (Benet), of Christ Church 1555, 
a A. s July, 155a 


Bennet, Edward (Benet), B.A. 3X March, X574, fellow 
of Oriel Coll. 1575. See O.II,S„ xii. 41. 

Bennet, Edward (Bennytt), of co. Lincoln, pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matric ax Nov., 1589, agea 16; 
B.A. 28 June, XS93. 

Bennett, Edward, B.A. from St. EDBfUND Hall 22 
June, XS98. [18] 

Bennet, Edward, of Middlesex, pleb. Queen's 
Coll., matric. 21 Nov., X628, aged x6. 

Bennett, Edward, s. William, of Bruham, Somerset, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matria x.s Dec 1637. aged 
19 ; B. A. from New Inn Hall x July, X64X, vicar of 
South Petherton. Somerset, and rector of Morden, 
Surrey, ejected 1662, bom 18 April, 16x8, died 8 Nov., 
1673. See Calamy, ii . 139a ; Add, MS, , X5,670, p. x86b 

Bennett, Edward, s. E., of Treveglos. co. Mont- 
gomery, pleb. Wadham Coll., matric. 7 April, 
1698, aged 19 ; vicar of Trefeglwys aforesaid X706. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasHcus, 

Bennet, George, B.A. 3 April, x568,fone of these 
namesrector of Tun worth, Hants, 1578. 

Bennett, George, of Salop, pleb. St. Mart Hall, 
matric. 29 Oct, x6oa, aged ax ; one of these names 
▼icar of West Anstey, Devon, 16x4, etc L&O] 

Bennett, Gilbert, s. Gilbert, of West Ansty, Devon, 
pleb. Gloucester Hall, matric 4 July, 1634, 
aged x8. See Le Neve^ iii. X9a, 433. 

Bennet, Henry, M.A. (sup. xo Dec) 1573, one of 
these names sicxc of Llanewm, co. Pembroke, 1577. 
See Foster's Index Ecclestasticus & O.H,S., xii. 34. 

Bennet. (Sir) Henry (Benet), as. John, of Dawiev. 
Middlesex, militis. Christ Church, matric. '6 
Nov., X63S, aged xs; student X636. B.A. X9 Jun**, 
X639, M.A. 26 May, X642, ' removed long since on 
Statutable grounds Z65X,' created D.CU 28 Sept.. 

1663, knighted by Charles IL March, 1657, secretaiy 
of state x66a-74, M.P. CalUngton x66x*5. P.C. 1662, 
created a baron X665, and ^rl of Arlington 1672, \ 
K.G. X672, lord chamberlain X674-85. secret envoy 
to the Prince of Orange X674, died 26 July, X685. 
See Fasti, IL 274 ; Burrows, X91S, 329 \ Si D,N,B. 1 

Bennet, Henry, s. Simon, of Steeple, in the island of 
Purbeck, Dorset, plebw Queen's Coll., matric lo 
Sept , X636, aged x8. 

Bennet, Hugh (Beneu), student of Christ Chinch 
xs6x, B.A. I Feb., ts^'S* M.A. 9 July, 1567. [25] 

Bennet, Hugh, of Cheshire. *cler. fiL' Braseno^e 
Coll., matric. 28 Jan., x6x9-ao, aged X7 ; B.A 28 
Feb., x62X-2, M.A. 7 July, 1624. 

Bennet, Hugh, s. John, of Warminster, ^llts, pleb. 
Oriel Coll., matric x8 Feb., X624-5, aged 17; 
B.A. 30 Oct, x6a8, M.A. xz June, X634. See Fos- 
ter's Index Eulesiasticus, 

Bennett, Hugh, s. Joh., of Elsley, Devon, gent. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 31 Mardi, X70X, aged 17. 

Bennet, Humfrey, s. Thomas, of London, alderman. 
St. John's Coll., matric 4 July, X623, aged 18 ; a 
student of the Inner Temple 1623 (querv M. P. Peters- 
field x66x, until his death in 1667. knighted), possibly 
father of John X656. See Foster's Inns ef Court Jie^^. 

Bennet, (Sir) John, student CHRIST Church X573, 
B.A. XX June, X577, M.A. xs June, X580, procti>r 
X585. a ft D.CL. 6 July, X589. of Dawley. Middle- 
sex (and son of Richard, of Clapoot, Berks), vicar- 
general and chancellor to the archbishop c^ York, 
preb. of York, and judge of the prerogative 
court of Canterbury 1620, knighted at Whitehall 23 
July. x6o^, M.P. Kipon x 597-8, York x6oi. Ripon 
x6o4*iZi Oxford University x6x4 and 1621, till ex- 
pelled '.for divers exorbitant oppressions and bribery ' 
34 April, x68x, died x| FeU. 1626-7, father of John 
1605, of Thomas and Williaxn i6xx, and of Matthew 
16x5. See Foster's Gray's Inn Admissions: Fasti, 
i. 249 ; 0,H,S„ xii. 67 ; D.N.B, ; & Vivian's Visi- 
tations of Cornwall, p. 27. [30] 

Bennet, John (Benet), of London, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric. -entry under date ao Dec., X577, aged 
17 ; B. A. XX April, X579. See Foster's Index Ectl^ 

Bennet, (Sir) John (Benet), of Wilts, militis fiL 
Christ Church, matric. X5 Oct., 1605, aged 16 ; 
B.A. 4 Nov., x6o8, of Dawley, Middlesex (son of 
Sir John), knighted at Theok>ald's X5 June, i6z6. 
buried x6 Nov.. X658, father of John 163^ See 
Ftuti, i. 249 ; ft Foster's Gray's Inn Admissions. 

Bennet. John, M.A. Cambridge, incorp. 9 July. 1616. 

Bennett, John, s. John, of Chudleigh, JDtevon. gent« 
Exeter Coll., matric. X3 Dec., 1622, aged x8. 

Bennet, John (Benet), s. John, of Harlington, Middle- 
sex, equitis. PEMBROKE CoiX., matric. 24 Apnl. 
X635, aged 17 ; of Dawley, Middlesex, a student 
of Gray s Inn X636, knight of the Bath at the coro- 
nation of Charles II., captain of band of gentlemen 
pensioners, M. P. Wallingford 1663-79, created Lord 
Ossulston 24 Nov., X682, died in x688. See Foster s 
Cray's Inn Admissions, [35] 

Bennet, John (Benet), equitis fil. nat. min. Hakt 
Hall, matric. x April. X656, a student of Gray's 
Inn X655, as and son of Sir Humphrey, of Sbaldan. 
Southants, knighL See Foster's Grays Inn Admis- 

Bennet, John, a. John, of Sherborne, Dorset, pleb., 
p. p. WADHAM Coll., matric ax Feb., X661-2, 
aged x8. 

Bennett, John, s. Steph., of St Gerrans, Cornwall, 
p. p. Hart Hall, matric; 2 June, X67X, aged ao; 
B.A. 23 J^ui., 1674-5, brother of Stephen same date. 
See Alumni West,, 178. 

Bonnety John, s. J(ohn), of Westminster, Middlesex, 
gent Christ Church, matric. ao Oct, X676, a£:ed 
18 ; student, B.A. x68o, M.A. 1683. died 6 Oct.. 
x686. buried in Christ Church Cathedral, will proved 
at Oxford xx Oct, x688» See Atk.^ It. aoz ; GutcJk, 
1.5x4; &D.N,B^ 



John Bennet. 

1500— 1714- 

Thomas Bennett. 

Bennety John, s. Christopher, of Overton, Wnts, gent. 
Trinxtt Coll., matric. zo March, 1681-3, aged 

Bennet, Joho, s. J., of Coventry, ca Warwick, paup. 
Lincoln Couu, matiic. z Dec., x68a, aged z8 ; 
&A. Z686. 

Bennett, John, s. John, of London, Middlesex, gent 
St. Edmund Hall, matric. 31 May, 1701, aged 17 ; 
bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 1708 (query a master 
in chancery Z7Z7, until his death 4 Feb.. 1738-9). 
See RawliMson, vL 136; & Fostex^s Judges and 

Bennett, John, s. Joh., of Swansea, co. Glamorgan, 
geni. Univexsitt Coll., matric. 18 Dec., Z710, 
aged z8. 

Bennett, Leonard, of Herts, gent New Coll., 
mauic. zo Oct, 1594, aged ao. [S] 

Bennet, Matbew, of St. Edmund Hall, B.A. (sap. 
27 March) 1590, rector of^Oxwich 1605, of Cheriton 
16x0, and of Nicholaston 16x7, all in co. Glamor- 
gan. See Foster's Index EcclaiastUus & OM,S,, 
xiL 2x8. 

Bennett, Matthew (Benet), of co. York, eq. aur. fil. 
Christ Church, matric. zoNov., 16x5, aged x6; 
RA. X5 June. x6i6, a student of Gray's Inn x6i8, 
as son of John, of London, knight See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Bennett, Matthew, of Wilts, pleb. Magdalen Hall, 
matric 23 Nov., zdx6, aged x8, B.A. 96 Frb., 
z6ax-2, M.A. xo June, x6^ ; B. & D.D. from St. 
Mary Hall 4 July, X637, one of these names 
rector of Harlington, Middlesex, x6a8, eta See 
Foster's Index EccUstasHcus. 

Bennett, Michael, s. John, militis. Christ Church, 
matnc. 4 July, i^, aged x8; B.A. from Brase- 
NOSE Coll. 3 July. X638, M.A. from Christ Church 
30 April, X63X, vicar of Cowley, co. Gloucester, x63a, 
etc. See Foster's Index EcelesiasHcus ft Vivian's 
Visitations of Cornwall, p. 37. where his fisither is 
said to be a judge of the prerogative court 

Bennett, Nathaniel, gent Christ Church, matria 
18 March, Z656-7, a student of Gray's Inn 165^, 
migrated to the Inner Temple X658, as son and heir 
of Genrase, of Derby, esq. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, [lOj 

Bennety Nicholas, s. Christopher, of Plymouth, pleb. 
Magdalen Coll., matric. 30 March, x666, aged 
zy; B.A. from New Inn IL^ll 18 Jan., 1669-70. 
M.A. 1672, vicar of Blewbury. Berks, X676, and 
rector of Milton 1680, father of Carew and Roger 
1697, and of Nicholas next named. See Foster's 
Index EcelesiasHcus, 

Bennet, Nicholas, s. (Nicholas), of Milton, Berks, 
cler. All Souls' Coll., matria 7 Dec., 1699, 
aged x8 ; B.A. 1703, rector of Dipden, Hants, X707, 
tether of Carew 1703. and of Roger X697. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bennett, Peter, s. William, of Salisbury, gent Christ 
Church, matric. ao May, X664, aged xy; demy 
Magdalen Coll. X665-7X, B.A. 28 Jan.. X667.8, 
M.A. X670, fellow 1671-80, B.D. 33 Feb., X678-9, 
died 34 Nov., x68a See Bloxam, v. 371 ; Gulch, 

»• 349- 
Bennett, Philip, s. Fren., of Smallbrook, near War- 
minster, Wilts, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 5 
March, X668-9, aged X9 ; B.A. 167a, fellow 1674-88, 
M.A. X675, B.D. by diploma a6 Oct, X685. in her 
Majesty's service Jamaica. See Boose, 78 ; ft FasH, 
ii. 398. 

Bennety Ralph (Benet), of Berks, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric. -entry under date (? 1574). aged 
Z9 ; ' scholaris Mri. Baldwin,' probably brother of 
SirJohninxs73. [iB] 

Bennet, Richard, B.A. (sup.) 1548-9, one of these 
names rector of Buckntll, Ozon, 155 z. See Foster's 
index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bennett, Richard, of Cornwall, pleb. Exeter Coll. , 
matric. X7 March, X59x-a. aged X7 ; of Lawhitton, 
Cornwall, a student of the Middle Temple 1594 (»s 
son and heir of Robert, of Lawhitton, Cornwall, 
gent), called councillor-at-law in Visitation Pedi- 
gree, died 17 April, 16x9, father of Robert 1633. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Bennet, Richard, of London, gent Merton Coll., 
matria 3 June. X603, aged x6 ; a student of the 
Inner Temple 1606, as son and heir of Richard, of 
London, gent See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Bennett, Richard, of Salop, ' der. fil.' Hart Hall« 
matric. 8 Feb., X604-5, *%^ ^9* 

Bennett. Richard, 'subscribed^ 99 Oct, X6Z3. See 
Fosters Inns of Court Reg, [aol 

Bennett, Richard, a. Ellis, of Tivenon, Devon, gent 
Balliol Coll., matric. 7 Dec., 1646, aged x8 ; 
fellow X648, B.A. 6 July, X650, M.A. 4 July, X653. 
See Vivian's Visitations of Cornwall, 37 ; k Burrows, 
Z03, X77. 

Bennett, Robert (Benet), Benedictine, B.D. (sup. 
8 July) ;i533, D.D. (sup. 33 Nov.) X527 ; for a 
conteroponiry of this name, see Cooper, i. 177. 

Bennet, Robert, B.A. from Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bridge, X566, fellow X570, incorp. as M.A. 15 July, 
Z573, D. D. , chaplain to Lord Burghley, master of 
the hospital of St Cross, Winchester, X583. vicar of 
Eling, Hants, Z593, dean of Windsor 1595, and 
registrar of the Order of the Garter, bishop of 
Hereford X603, until his death 35 Oct, X617. 5)ce 
Fasti, i. X9X ; & D.N.B. 

Bennet, Robert (Bennyt), pleb. Balliol Coll., 
matric. 31 Nov. , X589, aged X4. 

Bennett, Robert, zs. Richard, of Lawhitton, Comi»-aIl, 
arm. Exeter Coll., matric. 13 Dec, x633, aged 
xy; BA. 35 Oct., Z634, a student of the Middle 
Temple x6a3, governor of St Michael's Mount 
and St Mawes Castle, a Parliamentary colonel, 
M.P. West Looe 1648 (L.P.) UU 16^3, Cornwall 
X653, Launceston 1654-5 and X659 (a Rumper), 
buried at Lawhitton 7 July, Z683, aged 79. See 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary & D. N.B, [25 J 

Bennett, Roger, of CO. Hereford, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. X4 Oct, X596, aged X3 ; B.A. 31 
Oct., 1598, M.A. xo July, x6oi. 

Bennett, Roger, s. Nic., of Milton, Berks, cler. 
Balliol Coll., matric. xa Feb., X696-7, aged x8 ; 
B.A. 34 March, i700'X, rector of Dijxien, Hants, 
X705, brother of Nicholas X699, and of Carew X697. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bennet, Samuel, s. William, of Wootton-under-Edge, 
CO. Gloucester, p.p. University Coll., matric. 
(si May) 1703, aged 19; B.A. X4 Feb., X705-6, 
rector or Ozleworth, oa Gloucester, 1719. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bennett, St John, s. George, of Wellbye, ca Leicester, 
arm. CHRIST Church, matric 34 June, z668, aged 
x6 ; father of Thomas 1693. 

Bonnet, Simon, of London, gent UNIVERSITY COLL. , 
matric. 15 Oct, 1603, aged 18 ; a stii''iit of the 
Inner Temple 1605- See Foster's Inns vf Court 
Reg, [30] 

Bennett, Stephen, s. Steph., of St Gerran's, Cornwall, 
p. p. Gloucester Hall, matric. a June, 1671 . 
aged X7; EL A. from Hart Hall 33 Jan., x674-5, 
brother of John same date. 

Bennetty Strode, s. Phil, of Mapperton, Somerset, 
gent. Hart Hall, matric. xa Oct, X708, aged 

Bennet, Thomas (Benett), B.C.L. 34 Oct, 1505. 

B.D. X535. See Fosters Index EcelesiasHcus; 

FasH, i. X4 ; 9l Le Neve, i. 305 ; ii. 386. 
Bennet, Thomas (Benet), B.A. ; M.A. X3 Feb., 1553-4, 

of Lincoln Coll. 
Bonnette, Thomas, of Oxon, pleb. TRiNmr Coll., 

matric. -entry under date 10 April, X58Z. aged X9. 
Bennett, Thomas, of Oxon, pleb. Christ Church. 

matric. 30 July, 1585, aged 17 ; B^A. from Broad- 

gates Hall 7 Feb., X587-8. [36] 

[ J07] 

Thomas Bennet. 

1500 — 17141 

Richard Benskin* 

Bennet, Thomas, ' eq. aar. fiL* RA. from Chkist 
Church 15 Dec, z6zo, possibly a student of Inner 
Temple z6i6, as son of Sir Thomas, citizen and 
alderman of London, if not indeed identical with 
the next named. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Bennet, (Sir) Thomas, subscribed 29 Oct, 1613, 
fellow of All Soul's Coll. z6zx, B.C.L. 32 Nov., 
z6i<, D.C.L. 3 July, Z634, a student of Gray's Inn 
za Aug., z6z7 (as a son of Sir John, lent.), of Babra- 
bam, ca Cambridge, bom at York 5 Dec., Z592, an 
advocate Z697, a master in chancery z^^-to, 
knighted at Whitehall az Aug., z66z, died ay jfunc, 
Z670. See Foster's Grt^s Inn Admissions; 
Burrowst 90 ; & D»N,B, 

Bennet, Thomas, of Wilts, gent Exbtsk Coll., 
matric. Z3 Dec., z6z5, aged z8 ; of Pythouse, Wilts, 
a student of Middle Temple z6z7, as son and heir 
of William, of Norton Bavant, ^^lts, esq., Cither 
of Thomas Z637. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Bennet, Thomas (Bennit), of ca Leicester, p]eb» 
Lincoln Coll., matric. za April, z6i6, aged zy; 
B.A. 25 Oct, z6z9, a student of Inner Temiue 1620, 
as son and heir of George, of Queensborough, 
CO. Leicester, gent See Foster's Inns of Court 

Bennett, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Watlington, Oxon, 
pleb. Christ Chihich, matric. 35 Jan., Z637-8, 
aged 34 ; B. A. 27 Nov. , 2632, as John. [SJ 

Bennett, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Hill River, ca 
Stafiford, pleb. Trinitt Coll., matric. z8 Nov., 
Z631, aged Z3. 

Bennett, Thomas, s. Christopher, of Shaftsbury, 
Dorset, gent Hart Hall, matric. 4 Oct, z6a^ 
aged zy ; a student of Middle Temple Z635. Sm 
Foster's Inns of Court Regm 

Bennett. Thomas, 8. Thomas, of Pythouse, Wilts, 
arm. Hart Hall, matric. Z3 Oct, Z637, aged 
zy ; of Pythouse, M.P. Hindon April, Z64Z, undl 
his death in Z644, probably father of Thomas, 
ixmdist colonel, secretary to Prince Rupert, and 
M.P. Shaftesbury zdyy-Sz and z688, aged 44. 

Bennet, Thomas, s. Henry, of Binfield, Berks, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. Z9 July, Z662, aged z8 ; 
student 1662, B. A. z666, M. A. Z669, * corrector of 
the press at the theatre,' vicar of Steventon ZG75, 
minister of Hungerford, Berks, died Aug. z6i3i. 
See Alumni West., Z54; Fastip iL 307; D,N,B, ft 
Atk, Ox., i., p. xdL & iii. 884. 

Bennett. Thomas, s. John, of Shaston alias Shafts- 
bury, Dorset, gent New Coll., matric. zz Nov., 
Z664, aged Z9 ; M.P. Shaftesbury Feb., z^6-7-z68z, 
a royalist colonel, secretary to Prince Rupert, and 
died in z688, aged 44. See Foster's Parliamentary 
Dicti4mary. [lO] 

Bennet, Thomas (Benet)i s. John, of Abingdon, co. 
Cambridge, gent University Coll., matric. 
26 June, Z674, aged Z5 ; EA. Z678, M.A. 8 March, 
i68o-z, proctor 1687 (incorp. at Cambridge Z683), 
B.D. Z689, master Z690, and died there za May, 
Z692, one of his father's names was M.P. Newton, 
CO. Lancaster, Z691-5. See Fasti, ii. 407. 

Bennet, Thomas (Benet), arm. Hart Hall, sub- 
scribed Z7 Nov., z69a See Foster's Inns of Court 

Bennett, Thomas, s. St John, of Welby, co. Leices- 
ter, gent Christ Church, matric. 29 March, 
Z693, aged 18, 

Bennett, Walter, of Berks, pleb. New Coll., 
matric. Z3 Dec. , Z588, aged 20 ; B. A. 7 April, 1592, 
M.A. z6 Jan., Z595-6. proctor 1602, B.D. 13 July, 
z6o8, D.D. July, Z609, rector of Little Wittenham, 
Berks, 1607, canon of York 1608, chaunter or 
precentor of the church of Salisbury z6o8, canon 
i6zo, archdeacon of Wilts with rectory of Minety 
z6za See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Fasti, 

J- 335* 
Bennett, Wniiam (Benett), &A. 31 Jan., 1512-13. 
See Fasti, i. 34 ; V,NJB. [3 5] 

Bennet, Winiam (Benett), secular chaplain, B.A. 31 
Jan., Z52^'^, diaplain Magdalen Coll. 1525. 
B.D. zz March, Z528-9, then abbot or prior of the 
Order of St Benedict, D.D. 5 July, Z535. See 
Bloxam, ii 4, Z26; & Fasti, i. 80. 

Bennett, VnUlam (Benett), aCL. z8 Feb.. zsay-S. 
See Fasti, L 76. 

Bennett, William, of co. Worcester, pleb. Glou* 
CESTER Hall, matric -entry under date 3 Aug., 
X5781 aged zy ; B. A. from Lincoln Colu 2 April, 
Z58X See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bennett, '^^niliam, of Sussex, gent Brasenose 
Coll., matric Z3 Oct, Z59JS, aged Z5 ; B.A. 18 
June, z6o2, M.A. Z7 June, Z605, one of these names 
vicar of Sidlesham, Sussex, Z625. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bennett, William, of co. Hereford, pldx Magdalen 
Hall, matric za Dec, z6oo, aged Z9; BJV. from 
Magdalen Coll. 5 March, z6o2-3, M.A. 5 Tuly. 
z6zz. See Foster's index EuUsiasticus, [20] 

Bennet, William (Benet), bom in 00. York, s. John), 
militis. Christ Church, matric 8 Nov., z6ii, 
aged Z7 ; bar.-at-law, Giav's Inn, z6ao, one of these 
names graduated B.A. from Christ Church 21 
June, z6z5, and proceeded M.A. z8 June, z6z8. 
See also next entry and Fosteir's Gray's Inn Admis- 

Bennet, Wniiam (Benet), of co. York, gent. Christ 
Church, matric 8 Nov., z6zz,aged Z7. 

Bennet, William, of Westmorland, plebi Queen's 
Coll., matric z8 June, z6z9, aged z8. 

Bennett, WiUiam, s. John, of Morleigfa, 00. Derby, 
pleb. St. John's Coll., matric Z3 Nov., 1629, 
aged Z9; B.A. from Lincoln Coll. 9 May, 

Bennett, wniiam, s. T^liam, of South Marston, 

Wilts, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric 15 Oct.. 

Z630, aged Z7 ; B.A. 3 July, Z633. [as] 

Bennet, wilUam, s. John, of Mawgan, Cornwall. 

pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric Z3 April, Z638, 

aged zy. 
Bennett, William, s. wniiam, of Laogley. co. Glon- 

cester, sacerd. Lincoln Coll., matric 8 April, 

Z647, c^S^d az. 
Bennet, William (Benett), s. William, of Gloucester 

(dty), pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric ai May, 

Z669, aeed z6 ; B.A. 4 March, Z672-3, M.A. 1677. 

vicar of Sandhurst, co. Gloucester, Z676. See Foster s 

Index Ecclesicuticus, 
Bennet, William (Bennit), s. J., of Kidderminster, co. 

Worcester, p.p. Pembroke Coll., matric 23 

May, Z679, aged Z7 ; B.A. 4 Feb., Z675-6. 
Bennett, William, s. J., of London, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric Z7 July, z68o, aged z8. [so] 
Bennifield, Thomas, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., 

matric 30 April, Z59Z, aged zy. 
Bennion, John. See Benyon, z668. 
Benoke, fidwazd, s. John, of Botreaux, Cornwall. 

pleb. Merton Coll., matric ao May, z64a, agsd 


Benoke, Nicholas, s. John, of Botreaux Castle, Corn- 
wall, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric zo June, Z63Z, 
aged Z9 ; B.A. ao June, Z63Z. 

BensaTd,Jfohn, s. John, of Langton, co. Leicester, 
pleb. BaLLiol Coll., matric 3 July, Z640, aged 
17. [35] 

Bense, Peter, Z637. See Ath, Ox„ iu 624. 

Benslon, James, of co. Derby, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric -entry imder date 3 Nov., Z581, a^ed 
z^; B.A. from Lincoln Coll. z6 Dec, 1583, 
M.A. 33 May, Z588, rector of Godington, Osoa. 
Z59a. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bensktn, Richard, of co. Leicester, pleb. Lincoln 
Coll., matric-entry under date Z575. aged 19.* 
(* Mro. Wilson tut. dial.') one of these names vicar of 
Ambrosden, Oxon, Z586W See Fostec's Index Eccles- 


Edward Benson. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Benson. 

Benson, Edward, of ca Wonsester* 'doctoris fit' 
Qu&EN's Coll., matric. ax Nov., x6a8, aged 17, 
KA. 10 May, 1631 ; M. A. from St. Edmund Hall 
XI Feb.. x633-4, z€ctorof Eastham, co. Worcester, 
1649. See Fosters Index EeeUsiasHcus &. Le Neve, 

Benson, Fiands, 1. Fran., of ' Scalthwaiterigg,* West- 
morlajid, pip. QUEEN'S Coll.« matxia 17 April, 
1668, aged 17. 

Benson, George, of Westmoriand, 'gen. cond.' 
Queen's Coll., roatric. 17 Dec., X585, aged x6 ; 
B.A. la July, 1589, MA. 7 July, x5oa, proctor x6oi, 
B. and D.D. 8 July, x6o7, canon of Hereford X603, 
vicar of Undridge, ca Worcester, 1604, rector of 
Aka a/ias Rock, 00. Worcester, 1607, made hia 
will 16 Sept., 1647, proved 3X May, X648. See 
Foster's Index £ccUsiasHcui & Le Neve, i. 496, 

Benson, George, E A. from Queen's Coll., 97 March, 
1604, M.A. la June, x6c7 (incorp. at Cambridge 
x6ia), B.D. X5 May, 1616 ; one of these names rector 
of Muffidd, Oxon, x6x8, canon of Chichester x6ax, 
rector of Patching, Sussex, x6a4, vicar of Poling, 
i6a8. See Foster's Index Eulesiastkus, 

Benson, George, of co. Worcester, 'doctoris fil.' 
Queen's Coll., matric ax Nov., x6a8, aged X5 ; 
B.A. xoMay, X63X ; M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 
XX Feb., x^-4. D.D. from Queen's Coll., a Aug., 
x66o (? rector of Cbetton, &dop, X638), canon and 
ardideacon of Hereford x66o, canon of Worcester 
X67X, dean of Hereford xoSept., x67a, until his death 
24 Aug., x69a, aged 78, father of Samuel X664, of 
John X669. See FasH, iL a37 ; Foster's Index EccU- 
siasiicus; & Walker's SnJ/kringt, [5] 

Benson, George, 8. George, of Kendall, Westmorland, 
plebu Queen's Coll., matric. 3 June, 2636, aged 


Benson* George, s. William, of Dovenby, Cumber- 
land, p. p. Queen's Coll., matric. xo July, X665, 
aged 17. 

Benson* George, s. John, of Cradley, co. Hereford, 
cler. Christ Church, matric. 8 Tune, X703, aged 
X9 ; student 170%, B.A. X707, M. A. 1710, rector of 
Peterstow, ca Hereford, X7X3. See Foster's Index 
£ccUsiasti£us 6i Alumni West,,a^, 

Benson* Henry, s. Rich.,of Charwelton, Northants, 
genu St. John's Coll., matric. xa Au|r., 1669, 
aged x6 ; of Dodford, Northants, shen£f X685, 
gentleman of the privy chamber to Charles II., a 
colonel in the army, died X4 Nov., X7a5, buried at 

Benson, Hezekias, or Exekias, s. Rich., of Bristol 
(city), pleb. St. John's Coll., matric. 34 Aug., 
1676, aged x6 ; BA. x68o, as Hexekiah. [lo] 

Benson* John, M.A. ; B.D. (sup. July) X546. See 
Foster's Index EcdenasHcus & St. PauTs School 
Reg., ax, aa. 

Benson, John, of Northants, pleb. University 
Coll., matric. x6 Jan., 1589-90, aged x6; called 
Joseph in Mat, Reg, 

Benson, John, of Oxon, pleb. Gloucester Hall, 
matric 4 Dec., x6ox, aged X9. 

Benson, John, of co. York, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric. 3X May, x6x6, agea X9 ; B.A. X7 Dec, x6x6, 
M.A. xo June, 16x9. 

Benson, John, s. (jeorge, of Hereford (city), D.D. 
Christ Church, matric xs July, X669, aged 17 ; 
student x66o, B.A. X673, M.A. X3 March, X675-6, 
rector of Cxadley, ca Hereford, x68a, rector of 
Upper Ledbury X703, pieb. of Hoieford X69X, until 
his death a8 May, X7X3, father of George X703. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiaUicus & Alumni West, x68. 

Benson, John, s. Tha, of Kendall, Westmorland, p. p. 
QUEEN'S Coll., matric aa Oct, X669, aged ao; 
BJ\. X673. [16] 

Benson* John Michael (1665), coondllor to King of 
Denmark. Set FaUi, ii, aBo, 

Benson* Martin, s. John, of Cradley, ca Hereford, 
der. Christ Church, matric x July, X706, aged 
X7 ; student X706, B. A. X7xa, M. A. x8 March, X7xa-X3, 
incorp. at Cambridge 173X, having been created 
D.D. 35 April, X738, bom at Cradley 33. baptised 
there 35 April, X689, entered the Charterhouse X703, 
preb. oT Sarum X7ao, archdeacon of Berks X7ax-^, 
canon of Durham X734« rector of Bletchley, Bucks, 
X737-37, chaplain to George III. X7a7, bishop of 

Gloucester X735, ^^^ ^*s ^^^ 3P ^^S* ' ^75^- See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus ; Rawl. AfSS,f Sc 

Benson, Oswald, minister of St Robert's House near 
Knaresborough. of the order of the Holy Trinity, 
RD. (sup. 30 May) X5a4. 

Benson, Richard, ot Salop, pleb. Exeter Coll., 
matric 3 June, X603, aged x8 ; EA. ao Jan., X606-7, 
one of these names rector of Saunderton. Bucks, 
x6xo, and father of William X636. See Foster's, 
IntUx Ecclesiastieus, [aoj 

Benson, Richard, s. William, of Bradley Bourne, co. 
Durham, pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., matric 
a J June, X637, aged ao ; B.A. 33 Nov., 164X, created 
M.A. a Dec, x64a. 

Benson* Richard, s. Richard, of Market Haiborough, 
oa Leicester. Lincoln Coll.. roatric X9 May, 
xyoa, aged 17 ; B.A. from St. Edmund Hall. 34 
Jan., i7oS'6, one of these names vicar of Mumby, 
CO. Lincoln, X7a4. 

Benson* Robert, B.Can.U (sup. 99 May) xcas. 

Benson, Robert, B.A. xa Dec, X561, M.A. X9 June^ 
X566, fellow of Balliol Colu, x569-7a; one of 
these names vicar of St Lawrence Jewry, London, 
157a See Foster^s Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Benson* Roger, M.A. Cambridge, incorp. 9 July, X594. 

Benson* Samuel, s. George, of Oxford (aty), S.T.D. 
Christ Church, matric X7 June, X664, aeed X7 ; 
B.A. x668, M.A. X67X, rector of Upton LoveU, Wilts, 
X676, canon of Hereford x68o, vicar of Sdlack, and 
archdeacon of Hereford X684, deprived X690, refused 
to take the oath of allegiance. [26] 

Benson, Simon (Beneson or Benyson), demy. Mag- 
DALEN Coll., X507; B.A. 9 Feb., X5X3-X4, fellow 
X516. M.A. June 1518, B.D. X7 April. X534. fellow 
of Eton X5a4 (as Benyson), sacristan (and chantry 
priest), Collqg^iate Church of Wimborne Miuster 
X535. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Bloxam, 
iv. 5a 

Benson, Thomas, B.A. Feb., X535-6, M.A. 3x June, 
X539. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Benson, Thomas, 0^ London, pleb. Broadgatbs 
Hall, matric xa Dec, x6oo, aged x8 ; student 
Christ Church x6oo, from Westminster, B.A. 
33 Oct, X604, M.A. x8 June, X607, B.D. X3 May, 
x6i8, D.D. X July, x6a3, vicar of Wath, Yorks, X613, 
rector of Carlton-in-Ltndrick, Notts, x6x6, canon of 
Southwell 1633, and of York X635, dead before 9 Oct., 
x66o, father of Thomas X637. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus; Le Neve, ill. 445; Rawlinson iii. 
238 ; Alumni West,, 69. 

Bensonn, Thomas, of 00. York, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric. xa Oct, x6ax, aged x8; B.A. 17 
Dec, x63x. M.A. X7 June, X634. [30l 

Benson, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Carlton, York, S.T.D. 
Christ Church, matric X7 Nov., 1637, aged X9 ; 
student 1637, from Westminster, B.A. 35 June, X641, 
M.A. Sjuly, X644. Alumni West,, xis. 

Benson* Thomas, s. Franc, of London, p. p. Queen's 
Couu, matric xa March, x668-9, aged x6 ; B.A. 

Benson, Thomas, s. William, of Broughton, Cum- 
berland, p. p. Queen's Coll,, matric 30 Oct, X683, 
aged X7. 

Benson, Thomas, s. Tha, of Cockermouth, Cumber- 
land, p. p. Queen's Coll., matric 3 April, 1696, 
aged X7; B.A. 1699. M.A. 1703, B. and D.D. 5 July, 
X7x6, vicar of Stanwix X705, and of Dalston 17x4, 
canon of Carlisle 27x6. See Foster's Index Eccle* 


1 109] 

(O/^i ddMf^^-^ 

William Bbnson. 

1500— 1714. 

Thomas Bektlet. 

B6IISOII, William, s. Richard, of Sanderton, Bucks, 
sacerd. Exeter Coll. , roatric. 18 March, x635-6, 
aged 17 : B.A. from Merton Coll. xa Dec., 1639, 
M.A. 6 July, 1643. See Foster's Index, 

B6D8ted, Abraham, ofca Southampton, pleb. Broad- 
gates Hall, matric 19 March, i6ox-2, aged x6. 

Bensted, Richard. B.A. See Binsted. 

Benstede, Gregory, of Hants, gent. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric. -entiy under date xo Jan., x 574-5, 

Bensted, Richard (Binsted), s. R., of Petersfield, 
Hants, p. p. St. John's Coll.. matric. 27 Oct, 
X709, aged x6 ; B.A. X715, as Benstead, brother of 
the next named. [S] 

Bensted, William (Binsted). s. Rich, of Petersfield, 
Hants, paup. Corpus CHRISTI Coll., matric. 19 
July, 171a, aged x6. 

Bent, James.^s. Thomas, of Gumley, co. Leicester, pleb. 
Lincoln Coll., matric. 8 July, X636, agedxS. See 
Nichols' History of Leicestershire, 

Bent, John, s. George, of Jacobstow, Devon, pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matric. 10 April. X674, aged 19 ; 
B.A. X677, M.A. x68o, admen, granted at Oxford 
25 June, x686. 

Bent. John, s. J., of Manchester, co. Lancaster, p. p. 
Wadham Coll., matric. aa Feb., x677-8,aged x8 ; 
B.A. 1681. 

Bent, Joseph, 8. Robert, of Reading, Berks, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. ao Oct, i6s6. aged x8 ; 
B.A. 33 Jan., i629-30. M.A. 35 Oct, x63a, rector of 
Stockton, 00. Warwick, X646, and of Misterton, ca 
Leicester, X65X. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bent, Nicholas, of co. Leicester, pleb. Lincoln 
Coll., matric. ix Dec., 1607, aged 19; B.A. 13 
Feb., x6ix-ia, rector of Braybrooke, Northants, 
x62a See Foster's Ittdex Ecciesiasticus, [u] 

Bente, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Enderby, co. Leicester, 
pleb. St. Mart Hall, matric xx July, 1633, 
aged x8 ; B.A. 30 Oct., X636. 

Bent, Thomas, s. Thomas, of London, gent Lin- 
coln Coll., matric. la March, X674-5, aged x^ ; 
B.A. X678, M.A. i68x, translated a French book, 
died at Geneva ax May, 1683, aged 33. See Fasti, 
ii. 380. 

Bent, Thomas, s. William, of Kibworth, co. Leicester, 
gent Merton Coll., matric. X9 June, X69X, age! 

Beniford, Richard (? Kentford), pleb. Christ 
Church, matric. a March, X585-6, aged 3a [15] 

Benthall, Lawrence, of Salop, arm. Oriel Coll., 
matric. 18 Tune. x6to, aged X9 ; a student of the 
Inner Temple x6ix, as eldest son of John, of Benthall, 
Salop. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg* 

Bentham. Benjamin, s. (Thomas), bishop of Lichfield. 
Merton Coll., matric. 26 Jan., X58X-3, i^ed 16; 
ffllow 1585-98, B.A. 34 Jan., X585-6. M.A. 15 May, 

1589. See Fostet's Ind&x EccUstasHcus & O.H,S., 
iv. 373. 

Bentham, Josias, B.A. from New Inn Hall a Nov., 
1636, M.A. 5 July, X633. (Memo. : Joseph Ben- 
tham, rector of Lunwick, Northants, 1647, etc.) See 
Fost«^s Index Ecclesiasticus & Add, MS, , 15,669. 

Bentham, Laurence (Bentam), BwA. ao May, 1536, 
M.A. 33 March, 1543-3; fellow of Oriel Coll. 
1537-48, from Somerset, vicar of EUingham, Hants, 
1548, rector of Pylle, Somerset, X554. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bentham, Thomas (Benton or Bentame), B.A. ao 
Feb.. 1543-4 ; fellow of Magdalen Coll. 1545-54, 
M.A. X547-8, turned out of his fellowship temp. 
Q. Mary, B.D. 1553, created D.D. 30 Oct, X566, 
bishop of Lichfield and Coventry 1560-79, died X9 
Feb. , X ^78-9. See Ath, , L 443, and ii. 816 ; Bloxam, 

ii. 68 : i. D,N,B. [ao] 

Bentham, Thomas, B.A. from Merton Coll. 17 

March, 1578-9, M.A. xx Dec., X581, one of his 

name canon of Lichfield X578, and of Chichester 

1590, rector of HocklifTe, Beds, X595. See Foster's 
Imex Ecclesiasticus & Le Neve, i. 6x6. 

Bentinck, William, created D.C.L. ao Dec., X670, 
then gentleman of the bedchamber to H.H. William, 
Prince of Orange (son of Heniy, Lord of Diepin), 
groom of the stole and first gentleman of the bed- 
chamber to William IIL 1689-1700, P.C. 1689, 
created Earl of Portland X689, K.G. X697, general 
of the horse X697, ambassador extraordinary tu 
Paris in X698 and X700, died 33 Nov., T709. See 
Foster's Peerage; Fasti, ii. 334 ; & D.N.B. 

Bentley» Charles, s. Charles, of London, gent 
Queen's Coll., matric. x8 Dec, 17x0, aged x8,- 
bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 17x8. See Foster's 
Judges and Barristers. 

Bentley, Edward, of CO. Warwick, pleb. St. Ed- 
mund Hall, matric-entry under date 39 March, 
X580, aged x6 ; B. A. (sup. X4 May) X58X 

Bentley, Edward, of CO. Warwick, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 7 Dec.. x63i, aged x6, B.A. 7 July, 
1635, M.A. 13 May, X638 ; RC.L. £rom All Souls' 
Coll. xx Dec., X634. See Foster's Index Ecclai- 
asticus, [25 j 

Bentley, Edward, s. Charles, of Kineton, 00. War- 
wick, arm. St. John's Coll., matric. 14 Nov., 
x66i, aged x6 ; a student of Uie Middle Temple 
X663. 1^ Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bently, George, s. John, of Haworth, Yorks, pleb. 
Brasbnosb Coll., matric. x April, 1643, aged 

Bentley, Hugh, of Queen's Coll., B.A. (sup. 14 

May) X508, M. A. (sup. 4 July) X513. 
Bentley, Hugh, of Cheshire, i^eb. Christ Chlhich. 

matric. -entry under date (? X574}, aged x6; B.A. 

from St. Mary Hall 13 March, x58x*a ; M.A. 

from Broadgates Hall 5 July, X587. 

Bentley, John, student of Christ Church 1567. B. A. 
36 Jan., X570-X, M.A. 36 March, 1574 (incorp. at 
Cambridge 1583), B. & D.Med, and licenced to 
practice 30 June, X589. [30J 

Bentley, John, of co. Warwick, gent St. Albah 
Hall, matric. 15 Oct, x6oa, aged 15 ; B.A. from 
Merton Coll. 3 Dec.. x6o6, one of these names 
vicar of Croxall, co. Derby, X617. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bentley, John, s. John, of Banbuiy, Oxon, pl^ 
Oriel Coll., matric. ao June, X628, aged 17. 

Bentley, ' Nathan,' s. John, of HaliHax, Yorks. pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matria 3X Jan.. x6i38-9, aged 
x8 ; B.A. 4 May, X63X, one of these names vicar of 
Normanton-on-Soar, Notts, X637. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bentley, Peter, of university Coll., B.A. (snpw 4 
Dec.) 1506. M.A. (sup. 35 April) X5X3. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bentley, Richard, scholar of St. John's Coll., Dim- 
bridge, 34 May. 1676, BwA. 1680, M.A. 1683 (incorp. 
from Wadham Coll. 4 July. X689), D.D. 1696. 
vice-chancellor 1696, president of Trinity College 
X699, regius professor of theol(^ 17x7 (son of 
Thomas Bentley, of Oulton, near Wakefield), bora 
there ay Jan. , x66i-3, rector of Hartlebury 1695-8, 
F.R.S., preb. of Worcester x693-i7oo, keeper of the 
Cotton and King's Library at St James's 1693. 
chaplain to King William and to Queen Anne, arch- 
deacon of Ely XTOi, and vicar of Haddenham and 
Wilburton, co. Cambridge, X70X, died X4 July, 1742, 
aged 80, buried in Trinity Chapd. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus ; Fasti /il^oj; Alumni West,, 
39 ; Gardiner^ 359 ; & D,N,B. [ss] 

Benuey, Thomas, M.A. ; B.Med. ay June. 1516, 
D.N^ed. June, xsx8, of New or University College, 
president of College of Physicians 1526, 1539, and 
X53a See Munk's Roll, i 34 ; & O.H.S., L 89^ 

Benuey, Thomas, of Yorks, pleb. Lincoln Coll., 
matric. -entry under date ao March, 1578-9, aged 19; 
B.A. 39 March, X582. 

Benttey, Thomas, a A. from Exeter Coll. 7 March, 
1587-8. See Fostor's Index EaUsiasticus, 


Thomas Bently. 

1500— 1714. 

Thomas Bere. 

BenHy, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Dilhorne. co. Staf- 
ford, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. 8 Dec, 1637, 
a^ed 17. 

Bentley, Thomas, s. Charles, of Kington, co. War- 
wick, arm. Queen's Coll., matric. 4 May, 1666, 
aged 18 ; a student of the Middle Temple 1669. 
See Foster's luus of Court Reg, 

Bentley, William, of co. Warwick, pleb. Balliol 
Coix.., matria 5 Oct, 2584, aged 14. 

Bentley* William, a. Ridiard, of Northwich, Cheshire, 
pWtx Balliol Coll., matric. 21 Jaly, 1623, aged 
so ; B. A. x6 Oct , 1623, created D. Med. za Sept , z66x. 

Bdnton, WiUiam, 'sen* Christ Church, matnc. 
ao July. 1654 (subscribed as of Brasenose College), 
admitted to Btasenose z654« as BfiMTOlf. See 
Calam/t iii 453, £5] 

Ben well* John, BJL 15 June, 2544. 

Benyon, Daniel, s. Daniel, of Whitchurch, Salop, 
gent OxiBL Coll., matric. 26 March, 1665-6, 
agted 29 : a student of Gray's Inn 2666. See Foster's 
Grays In» Admissions, 

Benyon, George (Benion), 2S. George, of London, eq. 
aur. St. John's Coll., matric. 2 Tuly, 2643, ag«l 
25 ; bis uither died in Nov., 26^, see Smyth's 
Obituary ^ p. 84. 

Beziyon, John, s. Ridiard, of Whitchurch, Salop, p.pi 
Pembroke Coll., matric. 4 May, 2668, aged 27 ; 
B.A. from St. Edmund Hall 27 Feb., 2670-2 ; 
M.A. from Hart Hall 2674 (as Bennion}* vicar 
of Malmesbury, Wilts, 2676-2705. See Foster's 
Indtx Ecclcsiasticus, 

BexiyOXl. Joshua, s. John, of Ash, Salop, gent New 
]!nn Hall, matric. ao June, 2634, aged 27 ; B.A. 
25 June. 2637, M.A. a May, 2640. [lO] 

lienyon, Laurence (Benion), of Bucks, plek Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric 34 Nov., 2582, aged 33; 
chorister 2573-80, EA. 22 March, 2584-5, rector of 
Great Wolston, Bucks, 2594. See Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus & Btoxam, i. 29. 

Benyon, Moigan (Bennion), of Bristol, pleb. St. 
John's Coll., matric-entry under date 2575, aged 
29; B.A. 3 March, 2575-6, rector of Cranrey, 
Surrey, 2583. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Benyon, Richard, of Essex, gent Lincoln Colu, 
matric. 22 April, 2627, aged 2a; B.A. 29 Feb., 
2623-3, a student of Lincoln's Inn 2636, as son and 
beir of Richard, late of Coggeshall, Essex, gent, 
deceased. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Ben yon, Robert s. Joh., of Malmsbury, Wilts, cler. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 33 Feb., 2697-8, aged 26 ; 
B.A. from Magdalen Hall 2702. 

Benyon, Thomas (Bynyon or Binion), fellow Merton 
Coll., 2557, B.A. 27 Dec, 2557, M.A. 33 Jan., 
2562-3, vicar of Embleton, Bucks {0,H,S.^ iv. 364), 
one of these names occurs as vicar of Elmedon, 
00. Durham, 2565. See Foster's Index Ecclesias- 
ticus, [15] 

Benyon, Thomas, B.A. from All Souls' Coll. 20 
tela., 2606-7. 

Eenyon, Thomas (Bennion), s. Thomas, of London, 
gent. Chsist Church, matric. 29 Oct, 2637, 
aged 29; student 2636, from Westminster, &A. 
20 June, 263a See Alumni West,, 98. 

Benyon. Thomas (Benion), s. T., of 'Hopesford 

Auld. Warwick, pip. . Queen's Coll., matric. aa 

July, 2673. aged 28 ; B.A. 2677, ^^^v ™ Wolfham- 

cote, 00. Warwick, z678-X793i See Foster's Index 


Benyon, WilUam (Bennion). of Salop, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric. 27 May, 259(5, aged 28, B.A. 
3 Dec., 2599; M.A. from All Souls' Coll. 3 
July, 2603, one of these names rector of Wootton, 
Northants, 2633. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Benyon, Worfy (Benion), s. 'Worley,' of St Giles, 
London, gent. St. John's Coll., matric. 30 
March, 2^, aged 25; a student of Gray's Inn 
1696. vicar of Walton-en-le-Sokeo, Essex, 2713. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. [ao] 


Berdmore, Edward (Beardmore), s. B., of Worcester 
(city), paup. Magdalen Hail, matric. 23 Not., 
2683, aged 27. 

Berdmore, John, s. Edward, of Worcester (city), 
p. p. St. John's Coll., matric. 2 April, 2664, 
aged 26; clerk Magdalen Coll. 2665-8, B.A. 
2667, one of these names rector of Branston, 00. 
Lincoln, 2668, of Erwarton, Suffolk, 2671, of Bum* 
ham Thorpe, Norfolk, 2682, and of Whitwell, co. 
Derby, 2692. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus ft 
Bloxam, il 74. 

Berdmore, Samud, s. Edw., of Worcester (dty), p. p. 
Merton Coll., matric. 29 Oct, 2693, aged 27, 
B.A. 2697 ; incorp. at Cambridge 2706, M.A. from 
King's Coll. 2706, vicar of St Mary, Notting- 
ham, 2708, preb. of Southwell 2723-43, rector of 
Lambley 2714, and of Holme Pierrepont 2729, 
chaplain to Evelyn, Duke of Kingston, 2729, rector 
of Cotgrave 2733, canon of York 2735. ^ F<>s- 
ter's Index Ecclesiasticus & Rawlinson, v. 435, 
XX. 48. 

Berdmore, Thomas (Beardmore), s. Edw., of co. Wor- 
cester, p. p. Trinity Coll. , matric. 20 April, 2690. 
aged 28 ; B.A. 9 Nov., 2603, incorp. at Cambridge 
Z728, M.A. from King's Coll. 2728, one of these 
names vicar of Framfield, Sussex, 2702, of Aldenham 
Z704, and of Watford, Herts, 2723. See Foster^s 
Index Ecclesiasticus, [24k] 

Bere, Edward, s. John, of London, gent Univer. 
SITY Coll., matric. 9 June, 2636, aged 26; BA. 
from Christ Church 30 Nov., 2639 (incorp. at 
Cambridge 2632), M.A. ^ June, 2633, student 2628, 
expelled 2648 by the parliamentary visitors, chaplain 
to the fleet 2643. •^ Burrows. 

Bere, Francis (Bear), B.A. from King's Coll., 
Cambridge, 2688, M.A. 2693, incorp. 7 Tune, 2699, 
vicar of Prescott, co. Lancaster, 27001 See Foster s 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bere. George, s. Tha, of Hudson, Devon, arm. 
Wadham Coll., matric. 33 Oct, 2704, aged 26; 
'was denied his degree for blasphemy' 14 April, 
X709, publicly recanted 34 March, 2720, probably 
brother of Thomas 2700. See Heame, iL 286 ; ft 
Gardiner, 429b 

Bere, John (Bcere) B.A. (sup. 30 June) 2517, M.A. 
(sup. 23 July) 2530 ; fellow Exeter Coll. 2532, 
rector 2539-32, rector of Endellion, in Cornwall, 
2534*64, and of Camboume 2543. See Boase, 32. 

Bere, John (Beere), RA. 26 Feb., 2576-7. [SO] 

Bere, John de la, arm., 'fiL nat max.' Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 29 July, 2659, of Southam (eldest 
son of Kennard de la Bere, of Southam), aged 4a 
at the Heralds' Visitation In 1683, father of the next 

Bere, John de la, s. J(ohn), of Southam. ca Gloucester, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric 8 April, 2683, aged 

28 ; died in 2690, at Hamburgh. 

Bere, John, s. Ric of Hockworthy, Devon, gent 
Exeter Coll., matric 25 April, 2709, aged 27; 
B.A. 272a, fellow 2724.33, M.A, 2725, rector of 
Puddington, Devon, 2729, until bis death in 2783. 
Sgc Boase 80 

Bere. Robert, RA. from St. Mary Hall 30 May, 
2624. ^ 

Bere, Roger (Beare), B.A. 2X Feb., 2576-7. See 
Foster^s Index Ecclesiasticus, [38] 

Bere, Simon (Beare), RC.L. 29 Feb., 25378, B.Can.L. 

29 Nov., 2533. 

Bere, Thomas, B.A. 30 April, 2578. 

Bere, Thomas, s, Th., of Hunisham, Devon, arm. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 4 March, 2669-70, aged 26 ; 
of Huntsham, M. P. Tiverton in 22 parliaments 2689, 
until his death 33 June, 2735, father of the next named. 
See Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary, 

Bere, Thomas, s. T., of Huntsham, Devon, arm. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric 2 July, 2700, aged 
28 ; a student of Middle Temple 2703, as son of 
Thomas, buried at Morebath a Nov., 2744. ^^ 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

William Bere. 

1500— 1714. 

Francis Berkeley, 

Sere^ William (Beare)> B.A. from Exeter Coll. 7 
Feb., 1623-4, one of these names rector of Cotiing- 
ham, Northanta. 1695. See Foster's Index £cc» 

Bereblook. See Bbasblock. 

Berenger, Richard, s. Thomas, of Iver, Bucks, arm. 
ExETEK Coll., matric. 19 Feb., z68<-6, aged 15; 
a student of Inner Temple 1689. See Fosters Inns 
qf Court H^, 

Berenger, William, 16x4. See Baeringer. 

Boresford. John, bom at Bolton, Richmondshire ; 
admittea pensioner of St. John's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 21 June, 1656, aged 18 ; incorp. as M.A. 
14 Jul^, 2663, one of these names vicar of West 
wrattmg.'co. Cambridge, 1669. See Foster's /if^(fir 
EccUnasHcus & Mayor, zaS. [s] 

Boresford, John, s, John, of Totnes, Devon, eent 
Trinity Colu, matric so March, 1683-4. agedf 16 ; 
bar. -at-law. Inner Temple, z69Z, See Yosvsa^s Judges 
and Barristers, 

Beresford, Michael, of Herts, arm. Hart Hall, 
matric. 23 Oct, z6i2, aged zo ; B.A. 6 Tune, z6z6, 
M.A. 27 April, Z619, vicar of Borden, Kent, Z6Z9. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Beresford, Robert (Benesford), s. John, of Rochester, 
Kent, pleb. St. John's Coll., matria 27 March, 
X672, aged x6 ; vicar of HaUiog, Kent, z688, See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Beresford, Roland (Beriforde), of London, gent. 
Balliol Coll., matric. -entiy under date Z575, 
aged z8 ; a student of Inner Temple Z577. t^ee 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 
Beresford, Samuel. B.A. from Maodalen Coll., 
Cambridge. Z637: M.A. from Queen's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Incorp^ zo July, z6s5, ejected from St. Wer*- 
burgs. Derby in Z662, died Oct, Z697. See Calamy, 

' i, 4C>3. [10] 

Beresford, Samuel, s. Thom., of Barbados, pleb. 
St. John's Coll., matric. z March, Z693-4, aged 
Z7 : B.A. 26 Feb., Z697-8, M.A. Z7oa 

Beresford, WiUiam, s. Richard, of London, arm. 
Queen's Colu. matric. zo April, z668, aged x6 ; 
a student of Lincoln's Inn z668. See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg, 

Ber^dgre, lohn (Berege), chaplain, B.Can.L. Z7 Feb., 

BeridATO, John, 'der. fil.' New Coll., subscribed 
7 Nov., 1655 (son of William, named below), bap- 
tized at Barrow Z2 Feb., z63Z-a ; D.D. from Christ 
Coll, Cambridge. Z684, vicar of Barrow, his cousin 
and namesake the rector of Massingham was B.A. 
from the same college in Z646. 

Berid^, Thomas (Berridge). s. John, of Tugby, ca 
Leicester, pleb. Hart Hall, matria. 23 May, 
Z628, aged 22. [15| 

Berldge, Willlam (Beregius), s. John, of Kibworth. 
CO. Leicester, S.T.D. Trinity Coll.. matric. 96 
Jan.. Z626-7, aged z8 ; B.A. 3Z Tan., Z626-7, M.A. 
i^ June, Z629, rector of Kibworth Beauchamp 1632 
(hcenced 26 Feb. , 1632-^, to marry Dorothy, daughter 
of Ambrose SacherweU, vicar of Over 'Todmarton, 
Oxon), rector of Great Catworthj Hunts, z6^j;, died 
99 Oct . Z640, father of John Z655. See Foster's Index 
EceUsiasticus & Marriage lAcences, ed. Foster. 

Berldge, William. z66o. See Bevsridge. 

Berington, Thomas, of Berks, pleb. ExeteR C0LL.1 
matric-entry under date 3 Dec., 157^, aged Z7. 

Beijea, John (Berieu), s. Richard, of Linton, Dorset, 
pleb. St. Mary Hall, matric zr July. z623, aged 
z8 ; B.A. 30 Oct, Z626, M.A. 4 July, z^, vicar of 
Norton Bavant, Wilts, Z638. See Foster's Index 

Bezjew, John, ' der. fit' Hart Hall, matric. z April, 
z6s6, B.A. zy Jan., z658-9, rector of Kingston 
Deverell, Wilts, z66z, preb. of Heytesbuiy 1660, 
vicar of Norton Bavant 1663. See Foster's Index 
Eceleshtticus. [20] 

Bexjew, John, s. Brew., of Kingston, Wilts, gent. 

hart Hall, matric. Z3 March, Z705-6, aged zy ; 

B.A. Z709, M.A. Z71X 
Bexjeu, John, s. Sam., of Pentridge, Dorset, cler. 

Hart Hall, matric. 28 Feb., Z710-ZZ. aged zy ; 

B.A. 25 Feb., 17Z4-ZS, rector of Over Compton, 

Dorset, Z726. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 
Bezjew, Joseph, s. Christopher, of Beconsfield, Bucks, 

pleb. Merton Coll., matric. 13 Nov., Z7Z4, aged 

z6 ; one of these names rector of Frome Vauchurch, 

Dorset, Z73Z, vicar of Kingsclere. Hants. 1732- 
Beri ew, Richard (Beriew), of Dorset, pleb. St. Alban 

Hall, matric 2 July, Z585, aged 20 ; B. A. zs June, 

Z588, rector of Litton-Cheney, Dorset, Z594. See 

Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 
Beijew, Samuel, of Kingston DeveriU, Wilts, * der. fit 

Hart Hall, matric. 30 May, 1674, aged z8 ; RA. 

zy Jan., Z677-8, M.A. z68o, rector of Pentridge. 

Dorset. 1688. ^/otYosXei^s Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Berkeley, Anthony (Barklay), of co. Gloucester, pleb. 
St. Alban Hall, matric-entry under date 90 Dec, 

X577' <^^ i^ [2^] 

Berkeley, Benjamin (Barkley), s. Steph, of Clungun- 
ford, Salop, pleb. Pembroke Coll., m&tric 2 
June, z^z, aged zy ; B. A. from All Souls* Coll. 
3 March, 1674-5, rector of Shelve, Salop, Z679, vicar 
of Hanley Castle, co. Worcester, Z685, rwaor of 
Clungunford, Salop. Z69X, and of Tokenham W^eek. 
Wilts, Z693. See Fost^s Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Berkeley, Charies, of Somerset, eq. aur. fiL Queen's 
Coll., matric. 3 Nov., z6x5, aged xs; probably 
son of Sir Maurice Berkeley, of Bruton, and himself 
knighted in Z623, and succeeded as 2ad Visooant 
Fitzhardinge (on the death of his son Charles, Earl 
Fal mouth, next named, who fell in a naval engagement 
with the Dutch 3 June, Z665), M.P. Somerset Z621-2, 
Bodmin 1624-5, Heytesbury Z625, Z626, z628-9. Bath 
April-May, X640, Heytesbury z66i, until his death la 
June, 1668, father pf the next named. See Foster's 
Parliamentary Dictionary & Fasti, iL 272. 

Berkeley, Charles, Viscount FiU Harding (r663), 
treasurer of H.M. household, created M.A. 28 Sept. 
Z663, a lord of the privy council (son of Sir Charles), 
knighted at Whitehall 30 May, z66o, created Baroa 
Botetourt and Earl of Falmouth zy Mardi. Z664-5. 
feU in a naval engagement with the Dutch 3 June, 
z66<, buried in Westminster Abbey 22nd. 

Berkeley, Charles, K.a, s. George, Lord Berkeley. 
Christ Church, matric 3 May. Z662, aged 13: 
created M.A. 28 Sept, Z663 ; 2nd Eari of Berkeley 
(Z698), F.R.S. Z667, Knight of the Bath 23 April. 
z66i, M.P. Gloucester i67^8z, Baron Berkeley bjr 
summons zz July, Z689, died 24 Sept, zyzo. See 
Foster's Peerage, [SO] 

Berkeley. Charles (Barkley), s. William, of Chester 
(city), pleb. Brasbnoss Coll., matric a8 March. 
Z683, aged z8 ; B.A. z686. 

Berkeley, Edward fBartley). St. Ediotnd Hall; 
RA. (sup. Z4 May) Z582, one of these names IIL?. 
Old Sarum Z586-7, possibly brother of Henry and 
Maurice Z590. 

Berkeley, Edward (Barkley), zs. Edward, of P^'Ue, 
Somerset, militis. Lincoln Coll., matric 2a Jan., 
Z635-6, aged zy ; married Philippa, daughter of 
George Speke, of White Lackington. Wilts, father 
of die next named, and of Maurice z66z. 

z66s, M.P. Wells Z679. till void Dec, z68o, Z685-7. 
Z689 until his death in zyoo ; brother of Maurice 1661, 
and father of Maurice Z697, and of William Z698. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 
Berkeley, (Sir) Frands (Barodeye), of Somerset, eq. 
fil. Magdalen Coll., matric -entry under date 
Z571, aged z6 ; and son of Sir Maurice, of Brutoo. 
Somerset, knighted in z599i probably father of 
Maurice 1615. [95] 


Francis Berkeley. 

1500— 1714. 

Maurice Berkeley. 

Berkeley^ Fiands (Barke1ey)» of Salop, gent Brase- 
NOSE Coll., matiic 16 Feb., 1598-9. aged 25, and 
■gain 14 July, 1602, RA. next day ; bar.-at-law, 
Lincoln's Inn, 1612, one of these names M.P. 
Shrewsbary 16x4, 162Z-3, 1624-5. See Foster^s 
Judges and Barristers, 

Berkeley, Fmnds, eq. fil. Christ Church, matric. 
8 May, 1652; B.A. 24 Fetx, x654-5, a student of 
Lincoln's Inn 1655, as 4th son of Sir Charles, of 
Braton, Somerset, knight See Foster's Inns of Court 

Berkeley, Francis (Barkeley), s. Thomas, of Ewdnesse, 
Salop, gent CHRIST CHURCH, matzic. 13 Nov. , 1663, 
aged 18 ; (query bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 1673}, 
as of Hadnall, Salop, gent (no parentage given), 
posibly lather of the next named. See inters 
Judges and Barristers. 

Berkeley, Frands, s. Frands, of Dudmaston, Salop, 
arm. CHRIST Church, matric. 8 June, 1697, aged 
17 ; a student of the Inner Temple 1696. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Berkeley, George (Lord). Christ Church, matric. 
10 June. x6i8, aged 16 ; created M.A. 18 July, 1623, 
8th or 4th Baron Berkeley, admitted to Gray's Inn 
1623. K.B. at the creation of Charles, Prince of 
Wales 3 Nov., 1612, died 10 Aug., 1658. See Fos- 
ter's Grays Inn Reg, ; (Atk,, iv. 625 ; Fasti, L 413 ; 
& D.N.B, [6] 

Berkeley, George (Barkley). s. William, of Qungun- 
iocd, Salop, sacerd. Brasenose Coll., matric. 26 
Nov., 1624, aged 17 ; B.A. 26 Oct, 1626, M.A 17 
June, 1629. 

Berkeley, George (Barkley), s. Samuel, of Qnngun- 
foFd. Salop, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 22 July, 
1664, aged 17 ; perhaps brother of James 1668. 

Berkeley. George, bom in Berkeley Castle, s. George, 
Baron Berkeley. CHRIST CHURCH, matric. 24 June, 
1668, aged 16 : created M.A. 9 July, 1669 ; a student 
of the Middle Temple 1667, rector, of Cranford, 
Middlesex. x686, canon of Westminster 1687, buried 
at Cranford 18 Oct, 1694. See Westminster Abbey 
Reg,, 29 ; Fasti, ii. 315 ; & Foster^s Inns of Court 

Berkeley, George, s. Rich., of Stoke Gifford, co. 
Gloucester, arm. St. Edmund Hall, matria 22 
Dec., 1676, aged 15; a student of Lincoln's Inn 
1680. made his will 20 June, 1684. See Foster's 
Index EccUsiasticus & Inns of Court Reg, 

Berkeley, George, scholar Trinity Coll., Dublin, 
1702 ; B.A. 1704. fellow & M.A. 1707 (incorp. 14 
July. 17 1 2), B. & D.D. X722 (son of William), dean 
of Derry 1724, made over his property in Rhode 
Island to found scholarships at Yale in 1731, bishop 
of Qoyne 1734-52. died 14 Jan., 1753, father of 
George. See D.N,B, [lO] 

Berkeley, Gilbert, B.D. 1538. See Cooper, I 446. 

Berkeley, Henry (Barckley or Barclei) ; scholar New 
Coix., fellow 1554-68, from Hereford, B.CLk Dec., 
1 561, D.C.L. 19 April, 1567 (? a student of the 
Middle Temple 1565. as son ana heir of Maurice, of 
Keynton. Somerset, knight), scholar Trinity Coll., 
Cambridge, 1546, an advocate 1567, M.P. Grinsted 
X57Z, a master in chancery 1575. died shortly before 
16 May, Z587, married Anne, widow of John 
BoUiey. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. & Cooper, 
iL 14. 

Berkeley, (Sir) Henry (Barkeley), of Somerset militis 
fil. Queen s Coll., matric. 13 Feb., 15891-90, aged 
XI ; of Yariington, Somerset (and son of Sir Henry, 
of Bmton). brother of Maurice same date. See also 
Henry x64a 

Berkeley, Henry (Barkeley), of 00. Worcester, arm. 
B.ALLIOL Coll., matric. 6 July, 1613. aged 19 ; 
?sttp. for B.C.L. 6 June. z6i8, from ALL Souls' 
Coll. (admitted 9th, as Richard), probably a younger 
son of Rowland, of Spechley, and brother of Sir 
Robert, a judge of the king's bench. 

Berkeley, Henry, 2s. Henry, of Yariington, Somerset, 
militis. Oriel Coll., matric. 20 March, 1639-40, 
aged 16 ; created B.A. 16 Jan., 1642-3. [15] 

Berkeley, Henry (Barkley), s. Henry, of London, 
Middlesex, gent Brasenose Coll., matric. 31 
Oct, 1690, aged 16; bar.-at-Iaw, Middle Temple, 
1696, and of the Inner Temple, ad eundem 1701, 
licenced 22 Dec., X702, to marry Dorothy Middleton. 
of St. James, Middlesex, spr. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers, 

Berkeley, Hugh (Barkley or Bardey), B.A. 5 July, 

Berkeley, James (Barkl^), s. Samuel, of Clungunford, 
Salop, minister. St. Alban Hall, matric. 4 May, 
1668, aged 17; B.A. 13 March, 1671-2, rector of 
Clungunford 1675, perhaps brother of George 16641 
See Foster's Index Eulesiasticus, 

Berkeley, John (Bawkeley), M.A. 7 Feb.. x5o8-9. 

Berkeley, John (Barkley), fellow of New Coll. 
1562^5, from city of Hereford, B.C.L. 27 Junt;. 
1570. See 0,H.S., i. 28a {20] 

Berkeley, John (Barcley), B.A. 29 Oct, X569. See 
O.H.S., i. 294. 

Berkeley, John (Barcley), of Salop, pleb. Oriel 
Coll., matric. 19 Oct, 1599, aged 17, B.A. 7 June, 
x6oa ; M. A. from ST. Edmund Hall 14 May, 1605, 
B.D. X3 May, 1618, headmaster Oswestry School 
1606, rector of Llanddoget, 00. Denbigh. 1606. 
vicar of Llansannan, co. Denbigh, x6xx ; rector of 
Newtown X613, prebw of Llanfair in St Asaph 1621, 
sinecure rector of Llandyssil, ca Montgomery, 1623, 
etc. See Foster's Index Bcclesiasticus, 

Berkeley, John (Barkeley), of Somerset, eq. fil. 
Magdalen Coll.. matric 24 Nov., X58Z, aged 15 ; 
possibly brother of Francis 157X, and of Robert 1579. 

Berkeley, John, 5s. Maurice, of Bruton, Somerset, 
militis. Queen's Coll., matric X4 Feb., 1622-3. 
aged 16 ; B.A. i June, 1625. knighted at Berwick 
27 JulXi 1639, for his services against the Scots, 
M.P. Heytesbury April- May, 1640, created Baron 
Berkeley, of Stra'tton, 19 May, X658. privy councillor 
x66o, lord-lieut of Ireland 1669, ambassador in 
France 1675, died 28 Aug., 1678, father of John 1677. 

Berkeley, John, 3s. Robert, of Canterbury, Kent, 
arm. Christ Church, matric 24 July, 1624, aged 
x8; B.A. 14 Dec, 1626, M.A. 10 July, 1629 
(query expelled by the parliamentary visitors 1648. 
see Burrows). [26] 

Berkeley, John, bom in London, a. John, Boron 
Berkeley, of Stratton. Christ Church, matric 
3 Aug., 1677, aged 13 ; a student of the Inner 
Temple X675, ^' \3'^) Baron Berkeley, of Stratton, 
admiral 1693, died 27 Feb., 1696-7. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg & D.N.B, 

Berkeley, John, is. (William), Baron B., 'subscribed.' 
Christ Church, X3 Aug., 17x3 ; 5th Baron Berke- 
ley, of Stratton, captain of the Yeoman of the 
Guard X743 and of the gent pensioners 1746, P.C. 
1752, constable of the 'n>wer of London, and lord- 
lieutenant of the Tower Hamlets, died s.p. x8 April, 

_ X773. 

Berkeley. Maurice (Barkeley), of Somerset, 'eq. fiL' 
Queen's Coll., matric 13 Feb., 1589-90, aged 13 ; 
B.A. X4 Feb., 1592-3, a student of the Middle Temple 
Z594 (as son and heir of Henry, of Bruton, Somerset, 
knight), M.P. Truro 1597-8,' Somerset x6oi, Mine- 
head 1604-11, Somerset 1614, his wiU proved 8 July, 
X617, father of Maurice next named, and brother of 
Henry same date. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Berkeley. Maurice, of Middlesex, *eq. aur. hV 
Queens Coll., matric. 3 Nov., 1615, aged 12; 
B.A. 25 June. 1618, M.A« 5 May, 1621, see Charles 
same date 

Berkeley, Maurice, s. Robert, of Oxford (city), arm. 
Christ Church, matric 24 Feb., x63z-2, aged 20 ; 
student 1630, BA. 11 June, 1634, M.A. 26 April, 
Z637, one of these names rector of Seagiave, ca 
Leicester, 1640. See Foster's Index Ecoiriasticus 
&AlumniHest,,io2, [30] 


Maurice Berkeley. 

1500— 17 14. 

Daniel Bernard. 

Berkeley, Maurice, 8. Edward, ' of Pvlle, Somerset, 
arm. Wadham Coll., matric. 12 July, i66x, aged 
x6 ; M.P. Wells 1705 to 1710, until unseated May, 
X716, conunanded the Somerset militia at the battle 
of Sedgemoor, died 1717, brother of Edward 1661. 
See Gardiner^ 242. 

Berkeley, Maurice, s. Edward, of ' Pylle,' Somerset, 
arm. Wadham Colu, matric 15 June, 1697, aged 
x6. See Gardiner^ 395. 

Berkeley, Michael (Barkeley), of Kent, arm. Christ 
Church, matric 19 Jan., 1615-16, aged 15; B.A. 
Q Dec 1618. 

Berkeley, Richard (Barkeley), of 00. Gloucester, arm. 
Magdalen Coll., matric 4 Feb., 1591-2, aged 12 ; 
of Stoke and Rendcomb, co. Gloucester (son and 
heir of Sir Henry), died za May, i66x, aged 83, 
M.P. X614, father of Thomas 1621, and giandCather 
of the next named, and of Robert 1670-1. 

Berkeley, Richard, s. Robert, of Rendoombe, oa 
Gloucester, gent. Oriel Coll., matric 2 March, 
X670-1, aged z6 ; B.A. from Hart Hall, X3 March, 
x675-6, M.A. 1677, his father, of Eycotts, parish of 
Rendoombe, brother of Robert same date [sl 

Berkeley, Robert (Barkley), of Somerset, 'mil. fil. 
Magdalen Coll., matnc -entry under date 4 April, 
X579. aged X3 ; a student of Lincoln's Inn, X584, 
possibly brother of Francis 157X, and of John 1581. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Berkeley (Sir) Robert (Barkeljre), of co. Worcester, 
gent. Queen's Coll., matric July, X597, aged la ; 
of Spetchley, M.P. Worcester x62x-2, xwb|-5, bar. -at- 
law. Middle Temple, x6o8, autumn reader X626, seijt.- 
at-law and king's Serjeant 1627 (and son of Rowland, 
of Worcester, esq.), knighted at Spetchley X4 April, 
X627, a judge of the King's Bench X632, died 5 Aug. , 
X656, grandfather of the next named. See rosto's 
Jtulges and Barristers & D.N,B, 

Berkeley, Robert, xs. Thomas, of Spetchley, co. Wor- 
cester, equitis. Christ Church, matric. 10 June, 

Richard same date 

Berkeley (Sir), Rowland (Barkeley), s. William, of 
Cotberidge, co. Worcester, arm. Christ Church, 
matric 24 Feb., x63i-a. aged 18; of Cotheridge, a 
student of the Middle Temple 1627, knighted at 
Whitehall 30 June, 164X, M.P. Worcester 1661-79, 
died in x6g6. See Foster^s Inns of Court Reg, fioj 

Berkeley, Rowland (Barkeley), s. Thomas, of Spetch- 
ley, CO. Worcester, gent Queen's Coll., matric. 
xo April, X635, aged X5 ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 
X646, his father. Thomas, was 6th and youngest son 
of Rowland, M.P. Worcester Z593i 1597-8. 1601, 
x6oc until his death in x6ix. See YoiAtx'z Judges 
and Barristers, 

Berkeley, Samuel (Barkley). of Salop, 'cler fil' 
Brasenose Coll., matric 2 Nov., X621, aged 18 ; 
B.A. 7 July, 1623 ; M.A. from New Coll. 17 May, 
X626, rector of Clungunford, Salop, 1630, canon of 
Hereford 1632. See Foster's Index Eulesiasticus. 

Berkeley, Thomas, B.A. X7 Dec, XS67 (query M.A. 
30 April, X580, and a student of the Inner Temple 
X568, as of Cressage, Salop). See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Berkeley. Thomas (Barkeley), of Devon, gent Lin- 
coln Coll., matric xx July, X589, aged X5; a 
student of the Inner Temple X591, as of Okenbory, 
Devon. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Berkeley, Thomas (Bearkley), s. Baron -B. Mag- 
dalen Coll., matric. 27 June, X590, aged X4; a 
student of Gray's Inn i C98, as son of Henry (7th or 
ord) Lord Berkeley, K.B. at the coronation of 
James I. 25 July, 1603, M.P. co. Gloucester X604 
until his death v.p. 2a Nov., x6ix, aged 37. See 
Foster's Grafs Inn Reg, [l8] 

Berkeley, Thomas, of CO. Gloucester, arm (3rd son). 
Magdalen Hall, matric 23 June, 162X, aged 16 ; 
£wA. ax OcL, 1624, son of Richard X59a. 

Berkeley, Thomas (Barkeley), s. Francis, of Shrews- 
bury, Salop, arm. Brasenose Coll., matric. 16 
Oct, 1635, »g«* 19 ; a student of Gray's Inn, 1637. 
See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Berkeley, Thomas, 'eq. fil. nai. max.* Christ 
Church, matric 23 July, 1656 ; a student of Middle 
Temple 1656 (as son and heir of Sir Rowland, of 
Cotheridge, co. Worcester), died in Greece 25 Oct., 
X669. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Berkeley, Thomas (Barkley), s. Tho., of Kingstooc, 
Devon, gent. Exeter Coll. , matric 29 Nov. , 1667, 
aged xy. 

Berkeley, WiUiam (Barkeley). of Salop, gent. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric x6 Feb., 1581-2, aged 18 ; B.A. 
19 Jan., XS85-6, M.A. a July, 1588, rector of Clun- 
gunford. Salop, X587. See Foster's Index Eccle- 
siasticus. [20] 

Berkeley (Sir) William (Barkeley). 4s. Maurice, of 
Bniton, Somerset, 'militis.' Queen's Coll.. 
matric X4 Feb., x622-3, aged xy ; B.A. from St. 
Edmund Hall xo July, 1624, fellow Merto.m 
Coll. 1625-46, M.A. xo July, 1600, a student of the 
Middle Temple 1624, governor of Virginia 166076, 
knighted at Berwick 27 July, 1639 (brother of John, 
xst Lord Berkeley, of Stratton). died 9 July, 1677, 
buried 13, at Twickenham. See Atk., lii., ; 
Burrows, i. 64 ; Foster's Inns of Court Reg, ; D,N.B. \ 
Fasti, i. 414; 0,H.S., iv. 284. 

Berkeley, William, gent Brasenose Coll. , matric 
x6 Nov., 1650 ; B.A. x6 Jan., 1650-1. M.A. 27 June, 
1653, one of these names rector of Clopbill. Beds, 
X665. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Berkeley, William, s. Edward, of Pylle, Somerset, 
arm. wadham Coll., matric 2 July. 1698, aged 
xy ; of Pylle, Somerset, assumed the additional final 
surname of Portman. ancestor of Lord Pbrtman, 
brother of Maurice X697. 

Berks, Richard, B.A. from Trinity Coll., Qimbridgc, 
X700, M.A. 1704, incorp. 8 July, 1704, rector of 
Bilsthorpe, Notts, X7X4. See Foster's Index Ealt- 

Bermingliaill, Remegius. esq., created D.CL. 6 
Aug., X677, a student of the Middle Temple 1674.05 
and son of Francis, Baron of Athenry, 00. Galway. 
See Foster's Inns <f Court Reg. [25] 

Bermore, James, of London, gent Balliol Coll, 
matric -entry under date circa. 16 Oct., X581, aged 

Bemarde, Abell, of co. Oxon . gent Christ Church, , 
matric 24 Nov., X581, aged X4; see Samuel 158a 

Bemarde, Benjamin, of London, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric 24 Oct., X59S, aged 15 ; B.A. 13 Dec., , 
X599, M.A. 3 June, 1603, incorp. at Cambridge 1607, 1 
rector of East Homdon, Essex. X609, licenced 6 May, 
x6o8, to marry Alice, daughter of Ralph Hollis, hie 1 
of Chesterfield, co. Derby, locksmith, deceased. See | 
Marriasfe Licences, ed. Foster & Robinson, I 31. 

Bernard, Benjamin, B.A. from Magdalen Hall, 
23 Jan., 1629-30. 

Bernard, ' Bethelohim,* s. John, of Qenston, Dorset, 
pleb. Trinity Coll., matric x8 March, 1635-6* 
aged \y, B.A. 29 Nov., X639. probably brother of 
Onesiphorus. ['^i 

Bernard, Cannanud, of Somerset, 'der. fil* Exktkr 
Coll., matric X7 Dec, X619, aged x8 ; EA. 21 
Feb., X622-3, M.A. X July, x6as, as Barnard, rector 
of Pitney Lortey, Somerset, x6a4, and Huish Epis- 
copi, 1625. Sec Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bemarde, Daniel, student of Christ Church 1564. 
B.A. 25 June, xs66, M.A. xo June. XS69, D.D. a 
April, X582, and June, X585, canon XS77, vicc-cbtn* 
cellor X586 (son of Thomas X546). died in Sept., 
xs88, buried in the choir of Christ Church Cathedral, 
admon. granted at Oxford 3X Aug.. X588, as Ber- 
nard. See Cooper, L 450 ; & Fasti, i 232. 

Bernard, Daniel, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric ana 
giad. B.A. z6 March, z65z-a. 


Dudley Bernard. 

1500— 1714. 

John Bbrriman. 

Bernard, Dudley, s. Abel, of Qewer, Berks, gent. St. 
Alban Hall, matric. 11 Oct., 1639. aged z8 ; 
created M.A. z Nov., 1642, also created B.D. 6 June, 

Bernard, Edward, 'cler. fil.* St. John's Coll., 
matric 25 July. 1655, &A. 12 Feb., 1658-9,. M. A. 
1662, proctor 1667. B.D. 1668 (incorp. at Cambridge 
1672), D.D. 1684, Savilian prof, of astronomy 1673-91, 
(ody son of Joseph, clerk), bom at Paulerspury, 
Korthants, a May, 1638, a learned astronomer, 
linguist, critic, and author, rector pf Cheam, Surrey, 
1672-3, rector of Brightwell, Berks, 1691, until bis 
death, 12 Jan., 1696^, will proved at Oxford 23 
April, 1697. See RoHnstm, l 181 ; Aih.^ iv. 701 ; 
FaOi, ii. 394 ; Rawlinsont xx. 54 ; & D.N.B, 

Bernard, Edward, s. Ed., of Basingstoke, Hants, pleb. 
Wadham Coll., matria 6 May, 1670, aged z6; 
EA &om Hart Hall 35 Feb., 1673-4, M.A. 

Bernard) Francis, of Reading, Berks, pleb. St. 
John's Coll., matric. 3 July, 1677, aged 16 ; B.A. 
1681, M.A. 1685, proctor 1690, B.D. 1691, rector of 
Codford Sl Mary, Wilts, 1698, and of Brightwell, 
Berk», 1703, father of Francis created a baronet. 
See Foster^s Index EcdesiastUus, 

Bernard, John, B.A. 30 Jan., xS79-8a [5I 

Bernard, John, s. John, of Forthampton, co. Glouces- 
ter, pldx Oriel Coll., matric. 4 May, 1627, aged 
16 ; aA. 4 Feb., 1629-30. M.A. 25 Oct., 1632. See 
Foster's Index EcclesiasHcus, 

Bemarde, John, s. Roger, of Shotery, ca Warwick, 
pleb. Oriel Coll., matric 20 June, 1628, aged 
16; EA. 15 June, 1630. M.A. 5 July, 1633. See 
Foster's Index Ecciesiasticus. 

Bernard, John. s. lames, of Tormarton, co. Glouces- 
ter, cler. Hart Hall, matric. 2 July. 1714, aged 17. 

Bernard, Joseph, s. Edward, of Stowey, Somerset, 
sacerd. New Coll., matric. x Dec, 1626, aged 
17 ; B. A. from Magdalen Hall xo May, 1631 (an 
Edward, vicar of Stowey 162X). 

Bernard, Nicholas, admitted to Emanuel Coll., 
Cambridge, 5 July, 1617, B.A. 1620, incorp. as 
M.A IS July, 1628 ; D.D. Trinity Coll.. Dublin, 
and incorp. again as D.D. 14 July, 1657, and 
at Cambridge 1650; chaplain to James Usher, 
primate of Ireland, rector of St Peter's, Drogheda, 
1628, dean of Kilmore 1628, and of Ardagh 1637, 
canon of Dromore X637, left Ireland on the breaking 
OQt of the rebellion, rector of Whitchurch, Salop, 
1660, preacher to the Hon. Society of Gray's Inn 
1651. until his death 15 Oct, 1661. See Foster's 
Gr(^'s Inn Reg, ; Fasti, i. 445 ; & D.N,B, [lO] 

Bernard, Onesiphoms, s. John, of Clanston, Dorset, 
saoerd. Wadham Colu, matric 17 Oct, 1634, 
aged 18 ; B. A. from Gloucester Hall 25 June, 
X636, M.A. x6 May, 1639, vicar of Deverill Long* 
bridge, Wilts, 1661, probably brother of Bethelohim. 

Bemaitl, Samuel, of Oxon, gent Christ Church, 
matric 20 Nov., X580, aged 19; see Abdl 1581. 

Bernard, Samuel, of Berks, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric 3 July, 1607, BS^d 16; B.A. 25 Oct, 1610, 
M.A 5 June, 16x3, B.D. 8 Feb., 1620-x, licence to 
preach 6 July, x62X (incorp. at Cambridge i&s2), 
D.D. 15 March, 1638-9, usher Magdalen School 
x6x2, master x6i7-25, vicar of Croydon, Surrey, 1624, 
until sequestered t^ the committee for plundered 
ministers X643, rector of Tarring, Sussex, 1629, of 
Holllngboume 1637, and of Buxted St Margaret, 
Sussex, 1638, deprived in the Rebellion, died 5 Aug., 
1657, buried in Farley Chtu'ch. See Bloxam, iii. 
X48; Fasti, i. 503; Add, MS,, X5,670, pi. 215 ; & 
Foster's Index Ecciesiasticus, 

Bernard, Samuel, s. William, of Winchfield, Hants, 
p. p. UNIVERSITY Coll., matric 13 March, 1699- 
1700, aged 17. 

Bemarde, Thomas, canon Christ Church 1546, 
restored 1559, B.D. 22 March, 1566^, bom at 
Castle Morton, co. Worcester, elected from Eton to 
King's CoUqge 1524, BbA« X530, M.A. X533, rector 

and vicar of Pirton, Oxon, 1546, chaplain Arch- 
bishop Cranmer ZC47, licenced to preach 1555, de- 
prived but restored on the accession of Elizabeth, 
died 30 Nov., 1582, buried at Pirton, father of 
Daniel 1564. See Cooper, i. 45 ; & Foster^s Index 
Ecciesiasticus. [is] 

Bernard, Thomas, s. Samuel, of the island of Jamaica, 
arm. Merton Coll., matric 20 April, 1703. aged 
16 ; a student of the Iimer Temple X703. See ros- 
ter's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bernard, Walter, s. James, of Heyton, Yorks, pleb. 
All Souls' Coll., matric 24 April. 1635, aged 16, 
EA. 24 May, 1639; M.A. from Hart Hall ix 
June, 1642, rector of Little Sandal, Yorks, 1652. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesieuticus, 

Bernard, William, s. William, of Berrowe, co. Worces- ^ 
ter, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 15 June, 1632, 
aged 15 ; RA. 3 Feb., 1635-6, M.A. 25 June, 1639. 

Bernard, William, s. Samuel, of Croydon, Surrey, 
doctoris. Christ Church, matric 24 Feb.. i66^-6, 
aged xy, RA 1669; fellow Merton Coll. 1672, 
M.A. 29 Jan.. X675-6, B. & D.D. x68<, said to have 
been vicar of Overton. Wilts, and of Maiden, until 
his death in X714, buried in woollen X5 Aug., as Sir 
William. See O.H.S,, iv. 295 ; St. Pauls School 
R^g'* 53 ; & Heame, iii. 69, aax. 

Bemardus, John, a Moravian. University Coll., 
matric x Dec, 1581, aged 28 (as pleb.) ; B.D. 3 June, 
1583. See Fasti, L 224 ; & O.H.S., x. 38a [20] 

Bemardus, John, of Holland, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric. X Oct, 1586, aged 42 ; subscribed his names 
as 'Jan Bemert 

Bemej, Henry (Barney), of Norfolk, gent Glou- 
cester Hall, matric 8 July, 1591, aged 13; 
Srbbably a son of Henry Bemey, of Park Hill, in 
Leedham, Norfolk. 

Bemej, John (Barney), of Norfolk, gent Glouces- 
ter Hall, matric 8 July, 1591. aged 11 ; student 
of Lincoln's Inn X598, a younger brother of Sir 
Thomas Bemey, knight, and of the last named. 
See Fostei's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bemey, William, s. G. (? 'Gul.'). of Norwich. Nor. 
folk, cler. Oriel Coll., matric. 20 March, 17x3-^1 
aged 17. B.A. X7X8 ; M.A from Caius Coll., 
Cambridge, 1729, one of these names rector of 
'Newton Flotman, Norfolk, I72X-63. See Foster's 
Index Ecciesiasticus, 

Bemso, Robert, M.A (disp.) X547-8. [25] 

Berrier, Gregory, of Oxon, pleb. Oriel Coll., 
matric in 1585, aged 16 ; B.A. 5 Feb., XS90-X. 

Berrill, Edward (Berrell or Berell), incorp. as RA. 28 
Jan., 1SX2-X3. 

Berrill. Tristram, of Devon, gent St. MART HALL, 
matric 6 May, 1608, aged 19. 

Berriman, Charles, s. Thomas, of Ratley, co. War- 
wick, sacerd. Oriel Coll., matric. 14 Dec, 1638, 
aged 16; B.A. 18 June, 1642, M.A. 30 Oct, 1660, 
rector of Beddington, Surrey, 1669, and of Brimps- 
field, CO. Gloucester. 1674. grandfather of William 
1705. See Fostei^s Index Ecciesiasticus, 

Bernman, George, s. Charles, of Frankton, ca War- 
wick, cler. Oriel Coll., matric xs Feb., 1683-4. 
aged 16. ' [30] 

Berriman, Hugh (Birriman). of Somerset, pleb. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric 27 Oct., 1615, aged 
18 ; RA. 4 July, 16x8, M.A. 5 May, 1621. 

Berriman, Hugh (Berryman), serv. Wadham 
Coll., matric xi April, x66o; B.A. from Hart 
Hall 1663, M.A. x666, rector of Kittisford, 
Somerset, 1667, until his death in X684. See Fos- 
ter's Index Ecciesiasticus. 

Berriman, James, s. John, of Bruton, Somerset, pleb. 
Wadham Coll., matric xa July, x66x. aged 17; 
B.A. 1665, M.A. 1668. 

Berriman, John, s. George, of Bideford, Devon, 
pleb. New Inn Hall, matric a April, 1669, 

[ "5 ] 


John Berriman. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Berry. 

Berriman, John, s. Joh., of London, gent. St. 
Edmund Hall, matric xa May, 1714, aged 19; 
B.A. II March, 1717-18, M.A. 1720, his father an 
apothecary, he was born in Bishopsgate Street, 27 
Jan., 1690-1, and put apprentice to a wire-drawer in 
Foster Lane ; lecturer of St. Maty Aldermar^ and 
St Thomas Apostle 10 April, 1719, rector of New 
Timber, Sussex, 1732, vicar of St. Alban's. Wood 
Street, and St. Olave's, Silver Street, 1743, brother 
of William 1705. See Rawlinson, 1. 288, and zvi. 
X82 ; & D.N.B. 
Berriman, Richard (Berryman), a. Roger, of Totnes, 
Devon, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 6 April, 
Z709, aged 18, B.A. 17x2 : M.A. from Balliol 
Coll. X71JS, inoorp. at Cambridge 1718. 
Bdrriman, Kichard, matric. 6 March, 1712-13. from 
Exeter Coll., as son of John Perriman, of 
' Mariansleigh,' Devon, pleb., aged 19; B.A. z 
March, 1716-17. 

Berrimaxi, Samuel (Beriman), of co. Gloucester, pleb. 
Oriel Coll., matria z March, 1587-8, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 5 Feb.. 1591-2. 

Berrimail, William, s. John, of London, Middlesex, 
gent Oriel Coll. matria 5 March. 1704-5, aged 
15 ; B.A. 1708, M.A 1711, B. & D.D. 1722, bom 
34 Sept, 1688 (son of John, of Bishopsgate, apothe- 
cary, and grandson of^^Charles aforesaid), rector of 
St Andrew's, Undershaft, and of St Mary Axe 1722, 
fellow of Eton Collie 1727. Boyle lecturer 1730-2, 
died 5 Feb., 1749-50, buried the zoth in St Mary 
Axe. See Rawlinson, ill. 201 ; iv. 387 ; xvi. 186 : 
RoHns(m, ii. 6 ; & D.N,B. [5] 

Borrow. See also Barrow. 

Berrowe, Edmund, of CO. Gloucester, gent Magda* 
len hall, matric. 24 March, 1586-7, aged 17. 

Borrow, Henry, pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., 
matri(i. 28 June, 1659; RA. 20 Feb., 1667-8. 

Borrow, John, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 4 
April, 1650 ; B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll. 18 
Oct, 1653, M.A. 17 March, 1656-7, rector of Blidc- 
ling, Norfolk, i66z, licenced 26 Feb., 1661-2, to 
marry Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Byfield, rector 
of Long Ditton, Surrey, vicar of Mitcbam, Surrey, 
Z670, aUo licenced 12 Feb., 1673-4 (then a widower), 
to marry Mary Boughton, of Surrey, spinster ; vicar 
of Watford, Herts, 1675. See Foster's Index EccU- 
siasticus & Marriage Licences^ ed. Foster. 

Borrowe, Thomas, arm. fiL nat max. Oriel Coll., 
matric. 24 June, 1653. [10] 

Berrowo, Thomas, pleb. Balliol Coll., matric. 16 
July, 1674 ; B. A. from Hart Hall 1678 ; incorp. 
at Cambridge 1690, M.A. from Queen's Coll. 
Z690, rector of Corringham, Essex, 1687, and of St 
Martin's Outwich, London, Z69Z. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticvs. 

"BGTTJ^ Amos, gent CORPUS Christi Coll., matric 
10 March, 1656-7; B.A. z66o, M.A. 16 March, 
1663-4, B.D. 1672, rector of Trent, Somerset, z68a 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Berry, Andrew (Byrry), demy Magdalen Coll. 
Z534, B.A. (sup. 30 May) 1537. Sec Bloxam, iv. 

« 75. 

Bony, Bartholomew, s. Thomas, of Swimbridge, 
Devon, pleb. New Inn Hall, matric. 7 April, 
1674, aged z8 ; RA. Z677 (as Bury). 

Berry. Benjamin, 'ser.' Magdalen Hall, matric 
19 Nov., 1650; chorister Magdalen Coll. 1650-4, 
B.A. 18 June, Z652, ejected on St Bartholomew's 
Day 1662, as a Nonconformist, from Maiy Tavy or 
Huxharo, Devon, also cait out of Tmll, Somerset 
See Calamy, ii.51 ; & Bioxam, i. 7a [is] 

Berry. Benjamin, 'ser.' All Souls* Colu, matric. 
a June 1652, chorister 1649, B.A. 29 Nov., Z654 ; 
M.A. from New Inn Hall 28 May, 1657. See 
Burrows, 173. 

Berry, Daniel, of Berks, 'der. fil.' Merton Coll., 
matric 3 Dec, 1602, aged 17} B.A. 5 July, 1606, 
M.A. 6 July, 1609, rector of Wasing, Berks, 1622. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiastkus, 


Berry, Daniel, B.A. from Emanuel Coll., Cam- 
briage, 1623, incorp. as M.A. 10 July. 1627, one of 
these names vicar of Knowestone and Molland. 
Devon, 1626, until sequestered 18 Sept, 1646. See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus & Add. MS., 15,670. 

Berry, Edward, of Berks, 'der. fiL* Oriel Coll., 
matric 15 Oct, 1602, aged 19. 

Berry, George, s. Bartholomew, of Lincoln (city), 
pleb. Christ Church, matric 14 Oct, 1636^ aged 
16 ; RA. 3 Nov., 1640. [20] 

Berry, Henry (Bury). B.A. 28 Oct., isia 

Berrie, Henry, of Kent pleb. Lincoln Coll.. 
matric -entry under date 157c. aged 20 ; ' dialecticas,' 
described as 'ez aedibus Daniell.' See O.H.S., 
xi. 66. 

Berry, Isaac, s. Edward, of London, gent. Christ 
Church, matric 3 July, 1629, aged 17, B.A. 31 
Jan., 1632*3: M.A. from Pembroke Coll. 14 
Nov., 1635, will proved at Oxford 15 June, 1638. 

Berry, John (or Bury), B.A. 4 Dec, 1513. 

Berry, John (Byrry or Bury), B.A. 30 June. 1523; 
fellow of Exeter Coll. 1526-36, M.A. 9 Nov., 
1526, B.D. 14 June, 1543, rector 1534-6: vicar of 
Exmouth 1536, died in 1558. See Boose, 32 ; & 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, [25] 

Berry, John, of Devon, pleb. Corpus Christi Coll., 
matric in Oct, 1596. aged 15, B.A. 13 Feb.. 1601-2; 
fellow Balliol Coll. 1603, M.A. 16 May, 1605, 
incorp. at Cambridge z6o8, one of these names vicar of 
Sudbury 1609, vicar of Heavitree, Devon, 1626, canon 
of Exeter 1632, rector of Wid worthy , (B. D. ) , on 
29 Dec, 1643, he was ' ordered to be created D.D., 
then absent m the king's service, when he desires it.' 
died 5 July, 1667, aged 87, buried in Exeter Cathe- 
dral. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus; AtA„ lii. 
777 ; & Fasti, il. 7a 

Beny. John, of Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric 
16 |une, z6io, aged 2z ; B.A. 21 June. 16 13, M.A. 
X9 June, z6z6 (incorp. at Cambridge 1619). 

Berry, John, s. John, of Exeter, Devon, gent. Exeter 
doLL., matnc 9 Dec. 1631, aged 16 ; RA. 9 June, 
Z63S, M.A. 8 May, Z638, one of these names rector 
of Georgeham, Devon, 1638. 

Berry, John, s. John, of Sellack. co. Hereford, pleb. 
EXBTER Coll.. matric. 21 June. Z633. aged 18; 
B.A. fro.n Hart Hall 16 July, 1636. 

Berry, John. s. John, of Georgeham, Devon, sac 
Exeter Coll.. matric 9 April. 1647. aged 16: 
M.A. from Oriel Coll. 24 Oct, 1653. vicar of 
Landkey, Devon, rector of East Down 1652, until 
ejected for nonconformity i66a, died Dec . I7<h- ^^ 
Calamy, ii. 21? ; Foster's Index Ecc, & p. 2i9,>?iA 

Berry, John, B.A. from Caius Coll., Cambridge, 
1650, incorp. as M.A. 13 July, 1658. [3l] 

Berry, John, s. Richard, of Branton. Devon, pleb. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 15 March, 1666-7, aged 17 : 
see also John Bury. See Boose, 77. 

Berry, Raphe, of Devon, arm. Exeter Coll. , matric 

8 Nov., 1594. aged 18. -r * « 

Berry, Richard (Byrry). B.A. (sup. 29 Jan,) 1507-8. 

Berry, Richard, of CO. Lincoln, gent St. Alban 
I-^ALL, matric, 15 Oct, 1602. a«ed 16: B-A. from 
Lincoln Coll. 2 July, 1606, M.A. 8 May. 1609, 
B.Med. (sup. 28 June) 1614. died in June, 165 1. 
See Fasti, i. 357. [35j 

Berry, Richard, 'serv.' Brasenose Coll.. matnc. 
a8 July. 1651, RA. 12 Oct, 1654. M.A. 20 July. 
1657, a chaplain or petty canon of Christ Church 
until 1670, rector of St Peter Ic Bailey, Oxford. 
1661. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus & Fasti, 

M. 90a 

Berry, Robert, pleb. University Coll.. matric. 6 
July, 1683 ; B.A. from Hart Hall 1687 (? a student 
of the Inner Temple 1685. as son and heir of William, 
of Roch, Cornwall, gent). See Foster's /«« 0/ Court 

Berry, Thomas, * Paup. Schol,' of Devon. Exetfr 
Colu, matric. 16 June, i6io, aged 19; B.A. 17 
May, 1613, M.A, 28 Jan., z6x9-ao, as BURY. 

116 ] 

William Berry. 

1500— 1714. 

John Best. 

Berry, Winiam (Bene), of Sanim, ' der. fil' Queen's 
CoLl^, matric. 9 Feb., 1609-10, aged 17; B.A. 8 
July. 1613. 

Berry, Wflliam, gent Exeter Coll., matric. za 
Nov., 1650 ; (?a student of Middle Temple 1652, as 
son and bdr of John, of Eastleigb, Devon, esq. ). See 
Foster's Jnus of Court Reg, 

Berry, WiUiam. s. Rich., of Bucklebuiy, Berks, p.p. 
£x£TER Coll., matric a Dec., 1701, aged 15; 
B.A. 1705. 

Berthean, Rene, cheated D.D. 18 Nov., z686. some- 
time minister of the Reformed Church in the univer- 
sity of Montpelier, died 95 Dec, 1732. See French 
Protestant ExiUi^ by Rev. D. C. A. Agnew, il 102. 

Bertie, Albemarle, bom at Grimsthorp, ca Lincoln, 
s. Robert, Earl of Lindsey, lord high chamberlain 
of England. University Coll., matric 3 July, 
1686, aged 17, RA. 1689, M.A. ai Jan., 1691-2 ; 
fellow All Souls' Coll. 2694, a student of Middle 
Temple 1686, M.P. Lincolnshire Z705-8, Cocker- 
moaih 1708-10, Boston 1734-41, auditor of the Duchy 
of Cornwall, died 23 Jan. , 1741-a. See Foster's inns 
0/ Court Heg. [5] 

Ecrtie, Hon. Charles (49. Montagu). Earl of Lindsey, 
created M.A. 8 Sept, 1665, of Uffington, co. Lin- 
coln, student of Middle Temple 1658, treasurer of 
the ordnance 1681, secretary to the lord treasurer 
1673, captain in the guards, M.P. Stamford Feb., 
1677-8, Jan., Z679, i^5-7i x^t until his death 
22 March, 1710-iz. See Fasti & Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Bertie, Charles, s. (James), Earl of Abingdon. CHRIST 
Church, matric 29 OcL, 1695, ^S^^ i^* ^.Pl. 1699, 
M.A. 1703; fellow All Souls' Coll., B.CL. 27 
Dec, 1706, D.CL. 23 Oct, Z71X, a student of tbo 
Middle Temple 1700, Savilian professor natural 
philosophy 1720-41, rector of Ken, Devon, Z726. 
See Foster's Index Ecelesiasticus, 

Bertie, Charles Montague, s. Henry, of Chesterton, 
Oxon, arm. Hart Hall, matric 16 Nov., 17IZ, 
aged z6 ; demy Magdalen Coll. Z714-19, RA. 
Z715, M.A. 1718, rector of Uffington, co. Line, Z7Z9, 
until his death zi Aug., Z744. See Bloxam^ vi. z86. 

Bertie, Edward, s. James, of Stanwell, Middlesex, arm. 
Christ Church, matric zo July, Z7Z2, aged z6 ; 
&A. Z7Z6, M.A. Z2 March, 1718-19, bar.-at-law, 
Gra/s Inn, Z727, died 21 Sept., Z733. brother of 
WUloBghby. S^ Foster's Grays Inn Admissions, 

Bertie, James, s. Henry, of Weston-on-the-Green, 
Oxon, arm. Hart Hall, matric. z6 Nov., 1703, 
aged Z5 ; created M.A. 23 July, Z709, of Weston, 
Oxon, died 9 May, Z728 (erroneously called ' Hon.' 
in Cat. Grads.), [lO] 

Bertie, Montague, Lord Norris. See Ath,^ i., p. ciii. 

Bertie, Nicholas, a captain in the king's army ; created 
M.A. 22 April, Z645 (son of Sir Peregrine Bertie), 
K.B.), died — ^Jan., Z67Z, aged 50. 

Bertie, (Right Hon.) Peregrine, vice-chamberlajn to 
Queen Anne; created D.C.L. 27 Aug., Z702, student 
of the Middle Temple Z679 (as 2nd son of Robert, 
Earl of Lindsey), teller of Uie exchequer, M.P. Truro 
May, Z70^-8, M.P. Boston 1685-7. 1690-8, 1701-5, 
1708, until he died s.p. zo Jul]f, Z7ZZ. See Foster's 
Inns ofCourt Reg, & Heame^ iiL W3. 

Bertie. Philip, bom at Havering, E!osex, s. Robert, 
Earl of Lindsey. Trinity Coll., matric 7 Feb., 
1682-3, ^^ '^ * ^'^ 1685, captain of a company 
of scholars 1685 on the breaking out of the Duke of 
Monmouth's rebellion, auditor of the Duchy of Corn- 
wall Z692, M.P. Stamford Dec, z694-8, buried at 
Edenhaim 30 March, Z728, aged 64. See Atk., \. ciii. 

Bertie, Richard (Barthew or Bartewe) ; scholar Corpus 
Christi Coll. Z534, from Hampton {i.e., Hants), 
Bj\. 3 May, z5377non. M.A. Cambridge Z564 (son 
of Captain Thomas Bertie, constable and governor 
of Huist Castle, Isle of Wight). M.P. co. Lincoln, 
1563-7, died 9 April, Z582, aged 64. See Cooper, i. 
453 \ FasH, i. X04 ; & D,N,B, [15 1 

Bertie, Robert, s. (James), Earl of Abingdon. New 
Coll., matric 4 May, Z693, aged z6; bar.-at-law. 
Middle Temple, 1699, M.P. Westbury, Wilts, z695- 
Z708, died z6 Aug., Z7Z0. See Foster's Judges and 

Bertie, (Hon.) Vere, s. (Montagu) Earl of Lindsey] 
created M.A. 8 Sept, Z665, bar.-at-law. Middle 
Temple, 1659, bencher Z674, serjt-at-law Z675, ^ 
baron of the exchequer Z675-8, common pleas 1^8-9, 
died 23 Feb., z68o-z, buried in Temple Church 5 
March following. See Foster's Judges and Barristers 
& D.N,B, 

Bertie, Willoughby, s. (Hon.) James, of Ix>ndon, 
arm. CORPUS Christi Coll., matric 27 Nov., 
Z707, aged Z5 ; 3rd earl of Abingdon, died zo June, 

Berwioke, Michael, of Notts, pleb. Magdalem 
Coll., matric. ac Oct, z6i6, aged z6; B.A. 8 Feb., 
Z620-Z, M.A. 23 June, Z625. 

Berwioke, Samuel, of Notts, pleb. Magdalen 
Coll. matric 9 Nov., z62z, aged z8 ; chorister 
Z616-24, B.A 6 Dec, Z623, clerk Z625-3Z, M.A. 27 
June, 1626. See Bloxam, i. 35. [20] 

Berzey, William, s. Ed., of Canaliggey, Cornwall, p. p. 
Christ Church, matric zo Nov., Z676, aged ao; 
&A. 25 June, z68o, rector of St Erne, Cornwall, 
Z697. See Foster's Index Ecelesiasticus. 

Besbeoll, Thomas, s. William, of Southwark, Surrey, 
pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric 25 May, 1627, 
aged Z5 ; B.A. 3 Nov., Z630, M.A. 24 Oct, Z633, 
sequestered to the rectory of Swepston, co. Leicester, 
Z646. Sec Add, MS., 15.670. 

Besly, John, s. Daniel, of Tiverton, Devon, paup. 
Balliol Coll., matric 22 June, Z692. aged 17, 
B.A. 1696; M.A. from Sydney Sussex Coll., 
Cambridge, Z719, rector of Eggesford, Devon, 1700, 
and of Cbawleigh Z703. See Foster's Index Eccte' 

Bealey, Richard (Bisley, Besiley, Beselei, or Byslay) ; 
B.A. 20 Feb., Z53Z-2, M.A. az April, Z535, as 
Bylsey. B.D. 24 March, Z539-40. D.D. (sup.) 
1547-8, of All Souls' Coll., one of these names 
vicar of Cumnor, Berks, 1541. See Fasti, i, 127. 

Besontll, John, s. Christopher, of Comerhall, Herts, 
pleb. Trinity Coll. , matric. 20 May, 1636, aged 16. 

Bespitohe, John, B.A. Cambridge 29 Jan., Z573-4, 
incorp. 25 June, ZS77, M.A. 4 July, Z577, one of 
these names vicar of Swindon, Wilts, in Z58Z, and 
rector of Fladbury, co. Worcester, Z584. See Foster's 
Index Ecelesiasticus & O.H.S,, x. 364. [26l 

Bespitoll, John, of CO. Worcester, 'cler. fit' BalLiol 
COLL.. matric 16 June, 1610, aged z8 ; B.A. az Oct, 
z6z3, M.A. Z2 June, z6z6. 

Bessey, Thomas, of Middlesex, pleb. Gloucester 
Hall, matric 26 Oct, z66o ; B.A. from Magdalen 
Coll. z666. 

Bessill, Jeremiah, s. Francis, of Leatherhcad, Surrey, 
pleb. Merton Coll., matric 22 June, Z632, aged 

Best. Edward ; B. A. from Peter House. Cambridge, 
1604, incorp. as M.A. za July, z6o8, rector of 
Elmley Lovett, co. Worcester, z62a See Foster's 
Index Ecelesiasticus, \j^^s 

Best, Edward, s. Edward, of Elmley, co. Worcester, 
sac Balliol Coll., matric March, 1646-7, 
aged 18, • serv.' ; B.A. 12 Oct, 1650, M.A. 23 Feb., 
1653-4. rector of Elmley Lovett Z663. See Foster's 
Index Ecelesiasticus. 

Best, Edward, s. Ed., of Elmley Lovett, co. Worcester, 
cler. Magdalen Hall, matric 29 June, Z693, 
aged z8 ; B.A. Z697. 

Beste, J-^mes, of Christ Church Z5S3 ; aA. 9 Dec, 

Bc-t, John, RGram. (sup. Jan.) ZS33-4, preb. of Batb 
and Wells 1553, created D.D. 30 Oct, Z566, bishop 
of Cariisle 1561, until his death 22 May, Z57a See 
Foster's Index Ecelesiasticus & Ath,, ii. 8C7. 

Best, John, of Lincoln Coll. ; B.A. zz July, 1557.^. 
See Foster's Index Ecelesiasticus^ [3ft2 


John Best, 

1500— 1714, 

Thomas Bettesworth. 

Best, John, of Kent, gent Oriel Coll., matric 
8 Nov., 1583, aged 14; B.A. (sup. 20 Oct) 1587. 
See also William 1589. 

Beste, John, of CO. Hereford, pleb. Christ Church, 
matric. 17 Dec., 1585, agea 16 ; B.A. from Brass- 
NOSE Coll. 16 Nov., 1588; M.A. from Christ 
Church 16 April, 1594, B.D. from Corpus Christi 
Coll. 18 March, 1605-6, D.D. from Christ Church 
23 June, 1610, canon of Hereford 1606, died Aug., 
Z637. See Lt Nevct L 5x5 ; & Foster's Imdex EccU- 

Best, John, s. Edward, of Elmley, co. Worcester, 
sacerd. Balliol Coll., matric. 29 March, 1639, 
aged 16; B.A. 29 Nov., 1642, vicar of Grimley, co. 
Worcester, 1646. See Foster's Index EccUsiasH- 

Best, John, s, Edw., of Elmley Lovett,'co. Worcester, 
der. Magdalen Hall, matric. 24 March, 1681-2, 
aged Z7 ; EA. 1685, M.A. x688, rector of Dover- 
dale, CO. Worcester, z688. See Foster's Index 

Best, John, s. Tha, of Old Swinford, co. Worcester, 
paup. Magdalen Hall, matric. 4 July, z688. 
aged Z7 ; B.A. Z692. [S] 

Best, Michael, of Yorks, pleb. St. Edmund Hall, 
matric-entry under date 29 March, 1580, aged 16 ; 
B.A. from Queen's Coll. 2 Nov., 1583. 

Beste, Richard, of London, gent Magdalen Hall, 
matric-entry under date 25 Feb., 1580-z, aged 17. 

Best, Richard, of Kent, gent Oriel Coll., matric. 
27 Oct, Z615, aged Z7; a student of the Middle 
Temple Z617. as son and heir of John, of Aliing- 
ton Castle, Kent, esq. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Beste, Thomas, B.A. 96 June, Z5Z5, chaplain, M.A. 

(sup. 9 April) Z519. 
Best, Thomas ; B.A. from Jesus Coll. Z7 March, 

Z588-9. See Foster's Judges and Barristers, [lO] 

Best, Thomas, s. Jo., of Croome Dabitot, co. Wor- 
cester, p.p. Magdalen Coll., matric. 5 Dec., 
Z679, aged 17 ; B.A. Z684. 

Best, William, of Kent, gent Oriel Coll., matric. 
2 May, Z589, aged Z7. See also John 1583. 

Best, William, s. John, of Croome Dabitot, co. Wor- 
cester, paup. Oriel Coll., matric. 13 July, 1683, 
aged Z7 *, B.A. 1687, one of these names vicar of 
Kenilworth, co. Warwick, Z690. See Foster's Index 

Best, William, s. William, of Killingworth. co. War- 
wick, cler. Balliol Coll., matric. 2 Dec, 1712, 
aged 16; B.A. 1716, M.A. 1719, B.D. Z726, D.D. 
31 Jan., z 729-30, bom at Kenilworth 2Z Sept, 
Z695, vicar of St LAurence Jewry, and rector of St 
Mary Nfagdalen, Milk Street, London, Z729. See 
Foster's Index EuUsiasticus & Eawlinson, v. Z2, 
xvi. Z91. 

Bestney, William (Bcsnay), RA. z8 July, ZS19. [is] 

Bestwiok, Richard, 'serv.' Exeter Colu, matric. 
zi April, 1660, B.A. 1663 ; M.A. from New Coll. 
z666. fellow of Exeter Colu Z667-71, vicar of 
Westport Wilts, z67a See Foster's Index Eccle- 
siasticus & Boase, 76. 

Betbani, Edward, s. Richard, of Aston Abbotts, Bucks, 
pleb. Hart Hall, matric 7 Nov., 1634, aged Z4 ; 
6. A. from New Colu 5 Feb., z6q8-9, M.A. 25 
June, 1642, vicar of Ganarew, co. Hereford, z66o, 
and rector of Whitchurch z66z. See Foster's Index 

Betham, Edward, s. £(dward), of Whitchurch, co. 
Hereford, cler. Balliol Coll., matria Z4 July, 
Z674, aged z8 ; B.A. Z678, M.A. 20 Jan., z68o-z, 
rector of Sollers Hope, co. HereTord. 1682, and 
vicar of How Caple Z697. See Foster's Index Eccle- 

Betham, John, B.A. 4 March, Z563-4 ; fellow Queen's 
Colu Z563, M. A, 19 June, Z566. 


Betham, Peter, RA. (sup. May) 1536. [ao] 

Betham, Ralph, fellow of Lincoln Coll. Z573-7; 
B.A. 29 Jan., zsto-z, M.A.3 July, Z576, one of these 
names vicar of Nafferton, Yorks, Z588. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus & O.II.S,, xiL 62. 

Betham, Robert ; RA. from St. John's Colu, 
Cambridge, Z693 (as Beetham), M.A. Z697, inoorp. 
Z2 Oct, 1698, one of these names rector of Silchester, 
Hants, Z698. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Betham, Thomas. Exeter Colu, 1698. See Bee- 

Betham, William ; EA. from Brasenosb Colu 10 
July, ZS77, M.A. 6 July, Z58a See CI/.S., xii. 

Betham, William, s. G. (? 'Gul'), of Coplin^on, 
Bucks, pleb. Brasenose Colu, matric. 4 Jaoe, 
Z700. aged x8 ; B.A. 2z Jan., Z7t2-i3. \ZS] 

Bethell, Ellis, 1673. Exeter Colu See Beethelu 

Bethell, Richard ; B.A. from All Souls' Colu 
^ March, Z602-3. 

Bethell, Samuel, s. William, of Hereford (city), p.p. 
Brasbnose Colu, matric. 28 March, Z705. aged 
Z7 ; B.A. Z700, rector of Dynedor, co. Hereford, 
1731, died 9th and buried Z3 Nov., Z766. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bethel, William, s. Walter, of Alne, oou York. * miliUs,' 
St. Alban Hall, matric. 20 June, 1634, aged 15 : 
B.A. 28 June, Z636, M.A. 27 April, Z639, B.&D.D. 
28 June, 1669, rector of Kirkby Overblow, Yorics, 
Z648, died 20 March, Z685. See Foster's Yorkshire 

Betson, Thomas, of Cheshire, pld). Brasenose 
Colu, matric. 8 July, 159Z, aged Z9 ; B.A. 26 Feb., 

_ 1594-5. „ „ [30] 

Bettenson. See Batenson. 

BetteZLSOn, Degorie (Betenson), of Cornwall, pleb. 
Broadgates Hall, matric 17 Jan., Z583-4. aged 
20 ; rector of Lesnewth, Cornwall, 1585. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bettenson, Richard, s. Digory, of Lesnewth, Corn- 
wall, gent Pembroke Colu, matric. zi March, 
z67z-2,aged20 ; B.A. Z675. M.A. Z678, a &D.Mcd. 

Bettenson, Thomas, of Cornwall, pleb. Exeter 
Coll., matric. 5 May, Z598, aged 20 ; E.A. 29 Oct, 
z6ox, M.A. Z4 June, Z604, rector of Otterham, Corn- 
wall, Z603, and of Minster z6z4, father of William 
Z637. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bettenson, Wllllam (Betenson), s. Richard, of Davids- 
towe, Cornwall, pleb. Exeter Colu, matric 21 
June, 1633, ag:ed 17 ; B. A. 18 Feb., Z636-7. [35] 

Bettenson, WlUiam (Betenson), s. Thomas, ol 
Minster, Cornwall, pleb. Christ Church, matric. 
8 Dec, Z637, aged 17; B.A. 8 Feb., Z641-2, M.A. 
z Feb., z647-8, one of these names vicar of Ilsington, 
Cornwall, 1663, and rector of Huntsham, Devon, 
1666. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bettenson, William, s. G. (? • Gul '). of Lesneath, 
Cornwall, genL EXBTER COLU, matric. 7 April. 
Z698, aged z8. 

Bcttsworth, Charles, s. Thomas, of Rogate, Sussex. 
genL Corpus Christi Colu , matric. 2 May. 16S7 
aged Z5 ; B.A. Z690, fellow, M.A. 27 Feb., 1693-4, 
rector of Kingston Bowsey, Sussex, Z700, and Tur- 
wide, Sussex, Z719. See Foster's Index EccltsiaS" 
ticus & Rawlinson, ▼. 270 ; xvL Z3Z. 

Bettesworth, Peter (Betesworth), of Sussex, gent. 
Jesus Coll., matric. Z5 March, Z582-3, aged 18; 
' scholaris Mri. Case.' 

Bettesworth, Peter (Betsworth), of Sussex, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. 30 July, Z596, aged 17. 

Bettesworth, Thomas, of co. Southampton, ann., 
' fil. nat. max.* Magdalen Hall, matric. z Julj. 
z6o8. aged 20 ; of Clifford's Inn, and a student of 
Middle Temple 1607, as and son of Peter, of Ham- 
bledon, Hants, esquire. See Foster's Inns of Court 
Reg. [Wl 

Bettesworth. Thomas, gent. UKivsitsiTY Coll., 
matric. xa Feb., z65z-at 


Thomas Bettesworth. 

1500 — 1714, 

Thomas Bevan. 

Bettesworth, Thomas, gent Cokpus Christi 
Coll., matric. a Oct, 1652. 

Betteswortlly Thomas, s. Th., of Rogates. Sussex, 
gent Pembroke Coll., matria 29 April, 17x3, 
aged 17. 

Betton, James; M.A. Cambridge, Incorp. 13 July, 
1624, sequestered to the rectory of Worthen, Salop. 
See Add, MS,, 15,671. 

Betton, Jame8» gent Queen's Coll., matric. x8 
Nov., x65a 

Betton, Robert, subscribed 4 Nov., 1614, bar.-at-law, 
Lincoln's Inn, 1621, as son and heir apparent of 
Robert, of Shrewsbury, gent See Fostors Judges 
ttnd Barristers, [§] 

Betton, Samuel, s. Edw., of Shrewsbury, Salop, pleb. 
Waoham Coll., matric. 29 March, 1709, aged 17. 

Bettris, Edward, s. Rd., of Oxford (city), 'privile- 
giatus,* 5 Nov., 1683, aged 34, * chirurgeon.' 

Bettriss, Richard, 'serv.,' s. John, pleb., 'famulus 
Dri. Fell,' matric. 6 Feb., X028-9, aged 22; called 
Bettridge in Mat. Reg. 

BettS, Edward, of Hants, pleb. New Coll., matria 
in April, 1597, aged 19 ; B.C.L. 7 Feb., X604-5. [•] 

BettS, Edward (Bettes), s. John, of Oxford (city), 
* privilegiatiis ' 4 April, X679, ^gcd 26 ; ' coquus.' 

Betts, Frands (Bettes), of Hants, gent. New Coll., 
matric. 24 Nov., 1581, aged 20 ; scholar X579, RC.L. 
I Feb., 1586-7, fellow, D.C.L. 5 June, 159a, will at 
Oxford dated 6 Oct, 1591, inventory 31 Jan., X593. 

Betts, Hugh (? Bysse), * subscribed' 25 Nov., 1631. 

Betts, John ; RA. 27 May, X574. 

Betts, John, of Kent, pleb. ST. Edmund Hall, 
matric. 23 May, 1590, aged 17. 

Betts, John, s. Edward, of Winchester, Hants, gent. 
Corpus Christi Coll., matric. 10 March, 1642-3, 
aged 19 ; scholar X642, B.A. 9 Feb., 1646-7 (ejected 
1648), B. & D.Med. XI Aprii, 1654. fellow Collie 
of Physicians 1664, physician in ordinary to Charies 
II., * a papist,' dead before 15 May, 1595, buried at 
St. Pancras. See AtK^ iv. 611 ; Mtmk's RoUt i. 318 ; 
Faiti, ii 183 ; Burrcws 8t D,N,B, flS] 

Betts, John. s. J(ohn), of Oxford (dty), pleb. Mag- 
dales Coll., matric. 10 June, X69X, a^;ed X5 ; 
chorister X690-7, B.A. 1697. See Bloxam, i, 122. 

Betts, Richard (Bets), of co. Lincoln, pleb. Mag- 
dalen Coll. , matric. -entry under date 9 Dea, 1579, 
aged 17; B. A. from Magdalen Hall, 4 Feb., 
X584-5. M.A. 5 July, X588. See Foster's Index 

Betts, Robert, B.A. from Peter House, Cambridge, 
1573 (as Richard), incorp. as M.A. 9 July, 1577. 

Betts, Thomas, & John, of Cowley, Oxon, ' privile- 
giatos,' 32 March, 1677-8, aged 22 ; ' bibliopegus.' 

Betts, William (Bettys or Beattis) ; B.A. of Cambridge, 
incorp. 7 Doc, XS25, M.A. 8 Feb., 1525-6, of Car- 
dinal Coll., fellow of Corpus Christi Coll., 
Cambridge, about 1531, chaplain to Queen Anne 
Boleyn, and died in March, 1535. ^^ Cooper^ i. 

^ 51. , [ao] 

Betts, 'WHliam (Bettis or Beettis) ; B.A. 18 March, 
iSao-i, M.A. 2 July, 1526, B.D. (sup. 9 Dec.) X531. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus & Cooper^ i. 51. 

Betty, Humphrey, 'serv.' Exeter Coll., matria 5 
June, Z651 ; B.A. 29 March, 1655, M.A. 11 June, 
1657, incorp. at Cambridge 1658, vicar of Bodmin 
1663, rector of Little Petherick 1673. See Foster's 
Index Eeclesiasticus. 

Betty, Humphrey, s. H(umphrey), of Bodmyn, Corn- 
wait cler. Christ Church, matric. X9 March. 
1685-6, aged 18 ; RA. 1689, M.A. 1692, rector of 
Yardley Hastings, Northants, 1696. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiastieus, 

Bettey, Joseph,, s. J(ohn), of • Paul,' Cornwall, gent. 
Hart Hall, matric x6 Feb., X713-14, aged 16; 
EA. 1717, fellow Exeter Coll., 1719, M.A. 1720, 
found dead in his chamber i Jan., 1730-1, adnion. 
granted at Oxford 29 Jan. See Gutch, t 120. ; 
iiawlinson, L 994; & Boasc, 91, 

Betty, Thomas, s. Humfrey, of Little Petherwick, Corn- 
wall, sac. Exeter Coll., matric. 6 Dec., 1639, 
aged 15. [as] 

Beran, Arthur, s. Zachariah, of Langhome, co. Car- 
marthen, gent Brasenose Coll. , matric. 28 Feb. , 
1704-5* aged 17; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple. 1712, 
M. P. Carmarthen 1727-41. See Foster's Judges and 

Bevans, Awbrey (Bevanes), of London, a. (Frank), 
D. C. L St. John's Coll. , matric. 26 Feb. , 1607-8, 
aged 15 ; a student of Lincoln's Inn x6x2, as son (^ 
Francis. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Bevans, Barbar (Beavans), of Kidderminster, co. 
Worcester, paup. Pembroke Coll., matric. xi 
March, 1683-^, aged x6 ; B. A. from New Inn Hall, 
X687, M.A. from Emanuel Coll., Cambridge, 
X7X0, vicar of South Brent 1700, canon of Wells 
X710, rector of Compton Martin, Somerset, X7xa 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus. 

Bevan, Charles, s. James, of ' Ye Hay,' co. Brecon, 
p. p. Jesus Coll., matric. x8 March, X679-80, aged 

Bevan, Daniel, 'ser.,' s. John, of Rosier (?), co. Staf- 
ford, pleb., p. p. All Souls' Coll.. matria 24 
May, x66i, aged x8, RA. 1664 ; incorp. at Cam- 
bridge 1665, M.A. from Clare Hall, Cambridge, 
x668, incorp. (Oxon) 19 July, X669. See Foster's 
' Index Bcclesiasticus. [30] 

Bevan, Daniel, s. D., of Wallingford, Berks, paup.. 
New Inn Hall, matric. x March, x68o-i, aged 
16. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

Bevan, Edward (Beavan), plebi Balliol Coll., 
matric. 12 May, 1651, B.A. z Feb., 1655-6. 

Bevans, Francis, of oa Carmarthen; a member of 
Bro ADGATES Hall in and before X57a ; fellow All 
Souls' Coll. 1573, B.C.L 31 Oct, 1579 (inoorp. at 
Cambridge 1581), D.C.L. 9 July, X583, principal of 
New Inn Hall 15)35-6, and of Jesus College 1586-1602, 
chancellor of the diocese of Hereford 1587, an ad- 
vocate X590, M.P. Bishop's Castle i593> died in 
x6o2, buried in Hereford Cathedral. See Cooper, 
ii. 331. 

Bevans, Hugh, of co. Brecon, pleb. Jesus Coll., 
matric. 19 Oct, 1599, aged X5. See Foster's Indix 

Bevan, James (Beavan), s. Hen., of Hereford (city), 
paup. Brasenose Coll., matric. ax Oct. 168 x, 
aged x8 ; B.A. 1685. [35] 

Bevan, John ( Beven), of Salop, pleb. Balliol Coll. , 
matric. -entry under date circa X578, aged 23. 

Bevans, John, B.A. from Jesus Coll. 9 Nov., x^9i, 
M.A. 5 July, 1594, then in orders. See 0.l/,S,, 
xii. 167. 

Bevans, John, s. J., of (? Kenby) Tenby, co. Pem- 
broke, pleb. Christ CHintCH, matric. 18 March, 
X712-13, aged 19 ; B.A. x March, X7x6-i7. See 
Rawlinson, vi. 97. 

Bevan, Nath., s. R., of Langhem, co. Carmarthen, 
pleb. Jesus Coll. , matric. 9 Feb. , 1685-6, aged 18 ; 
C.A. 1689, M.A. 1692, vicar of North Aston, Oxon, 
1693, rector of Llanrillo, co. Brecon, xyza 

Bevan, Nicholas, s. Roger, of Haverfordwest, co. 
Pembroke, genL jESUS COLL., matric 8 May, 
X635, aged 18 ; B.A. 17 Oct., 1^8, rector of Has- 
guard, CO. Pembroke, 2642. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiastieus. fftO] 

Bevan. Thomas, pleb. jESUS Coll., matric 23 July, 
1656; a A. x66o. M.A. i66a, R & D.D. 1683 
(Thomas Bevans rector of Llowes, co. Radnor, x66i, 
vicar of Llandilo-Vawr, co. Carmarthen,. x666), 
father of Thomas, X687. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiastieus & Fasti, iL 388. 

Bevans. Thomas (Beavans), s. Th., of Kidderminster, 
CO. Worcester, pleb. Pembroke Coll., matric. 
21 May, x68o, aged 15 ; B.A. 22 Jan., X683-4, M.A. 

Bevan, Thomas, s. Tb., of Carmarthen, S.T.D. Jksus 
Coll., matric x8 Mstfob^ 1686-7, aged 1$; B,A, 
X690, M.A. X693. ^ 


I ♦ 

Walter Bevans. 

1500— 1714. 

John Bicrerdike. 

Bevans, Walter, of 00. Carmarthen, pleb. All 
Souls Coll., matria a8 Nov., 1581, aged 17. 

Bevan, W., of co. Carmarthen, pleb. jESUS COLL., 
matria 15 Nfay, 1784, aged x8. 

Bevan, WlUiam, s. Joh., of St. Qears, co. Carmar- 
then, pleb. Jesus Coll., matric. 6 Dec., 1678, 
aged 17 ; RA. 1683, M.A. 1685, one of these names 
rector of Llanfrynach, co. Pembroke, x69a See 
Foster's Index EccUsiasticus, 

BOTan, William, s. Theophilus, of Carmarthen (town), 
arm. Christ Chusch, matria 30 June, 1703, 
aged 17 ; a student of Inner Temple 1701. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Bevan, William, s. G. (? Gul), of *Conhatring1,' co. 
Carmarthen, gent Jesus Coll., matria z July, 
1708, aged 16. [5] 

Bover, Nicholas, from a Gimnasium, at Kane (Caen), in 
Normandy, B.D. (sup. z^ June) Z506. 

Bever, Oliver, B.A. from New Inn Hall zz May, 

Beveredge, Francis, of CO. Derby, pleb. Oriel 
Coll., matria Z4 Oct, Z597, aged Z9. 

Beveridge, Miles, s. Hemy, of Orpington, Kent, gent 
Pembroke Coll., matria 30 Jan., z634-5, aged 24. 

Beveridge, William, s. William, of Barrow, co. Leices- 
ter, dea, admitted St. John's Colu, Cambridge, 
24 May, Z653, aged z6; B.A. Z656, M.A. 1660 
(incorp. zz May, Z669), D.D. 1679, vicar of Ealing, 
Middlesex, z66o, canon of Chichester Z673, and of 
St Paul's Z674, archdeacon of Colchester 1681, 
canon of Canterbury Z684, rector of St Peter, Corn- 
hill, Z673. chaplain to William III. and Queen Mary, 
zefused the bishoprick of Bath and Wells in 1691, 
Bbhop of St. Asaph 1704, until his death 5 March, 
Z707-8, aged 7Z. See Foster's Index Eulesuuticus ; 
D,N,B, ; & PasH, u. 31a [lO] 

BeTerland. Adrian, Z673. See Fasti, ii. 334. 

Beverly. George, 'ser., of Queen's Coll., sub- 
scrit)ed 26 Oct , z66o. See Foster's Index EccUsias- 

Beverley, James, M.A. from Corpus Christi Coll., 
Cambridge, 1675, incorp. Z5 July, Z679. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg. 

Beverley^ Oliver, gent Queen's Coll., matria 3 
July, 1658, a student of Lincoln's Inn 1659 (as 7th 
son of James, of Clopbill, Berks), licenced. 3 Feb., 
Z664-5, to marry Jane, daughter of John Chare, 
late of Wandsworth, Surrey, esq., deceased. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Beverley, Richard, Dominican, B.D. of Cambridjre, 
(sup. 29 June) 15ZO, for incorporation and for D.D. 

Beverley, Robert, M.A. from Corpus Chkisti 
Coll., Cambridge, i66z, incorp. Z5 July, Z679, 
rector of Houghton Conquest, Beds, Z674-6, vicar 
of Mdchboume, Beds, Z676-1704, and of Risely 
Z680-Z. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. [i6] 

Beverley, Robert, B.A. from Corpus Christi Coll., 
Cambridge, Z678 (incorp. 2a March, 1682-3, as of 
Christ Church, see Cat. Grads.), M.A. 1721, vicar 
of Kimbolton, Hunts, Z685-92, rector of Fyfield, 
Essex, Z693, and of Willingdale Doe, Essex, 1721, 
until bis deaith in Z733, licenced 26 Jan., i63(5-7. to 
marry Sarah Browning, of Kimbolton, widow. See 
Foster's Index & Marriage Licences, ©d. Foster. 

Beverley, WilUam, BA. 30 June, 1505. 

Beverston, John, proctor 1504, principal St. Alban 
Hall Z507, drowned in Oct same year. 

Bevingrton, John (Beavington), of co. Worcester, 
pleb. Christ Church, matria 4 Nov., Z583, 
aged 3z ; one of these names supplicated for 
B.C.L. z July, 1605, rector of Colne St. Denis, co. 
Gloucester, Z587. See Foster's Index EccUsias- 
ticus. [20] 

BevlB. See also Beavis. 

Bevls, John, s. George, of West Hamham, Wilt.^, 
gent Christ Church, matria 4 April, Z7Z2, aged 
z6; B.A. Z7Z5, M.A. Z718, astronomer, F.R.S. 
Z76S, died 6 Nov., Z77Z. See Rawlinson, vi. 97 ; 
ft DtN,Bp 

Bevls. Joseph, s. Thomas, of Much Waltham, Essex, 
pleb. St. John's Coll., matria ao Oct, z6a6, 
aged z8. 

Bevls, Peter, of Devon, gent Exeter Coli«, 
matria 30 Jan., Z606-7, aged Z5: bar.-at*law. 
Middle Temple, z6z7, as son and heir of Richard* 
late of Exeter, gent, deceased. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers. 

Bew, William, New Coll. Z635. See Beaw. [2s] 

Bewdley, Robert, Cistercian, BD. (sap. z6 May) 

Bewdley. WUliam, Cisterdan. B.D. (sap. Z2 May) 
Z528, Abbot of Flaxley. oa Gloucester, in Z528. 

Bewes. Harry, BCL. from Exeter Cou. a8 May, 

z666. See Cat. Grads. 
Bewes, Thomas, (or Bewis), gent Wadham Coll., 

matria 3 June, Z690. 
Bewes, William (Beues or Bews), of Cumberland, 

pleb. Queen's Coll., matria 7 May, z6oa, aged 

_ 17. [30] 

Bewett, Gabriel, B.A from Lincoln Cou^ z2 June, 

1589, M.A. 3 July. z6oi, rector of Harrmgton, co. 

Lincoln, Z597, and of Hatton. i6oz. See Foster's 

Index Ecclestasticus &. O.H.S,, x. 369. 
Bewick, Benjamin, s. Tho., of Heddon-i-the-Wall. 

Northumberland, arm. University Coll., mairic. 

13 JwlXi 1683, aged z8; BA. Z687. MA. 23 Jan.. 

z6Si9-9o, vicar of Barrow-upon-Soor Z70Z. See 

Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 
Bewlie, George, of Queen's Coll. Z564, B.A. 9 July. 

Bewshin. See also Bencrin and BENsicrK. 
Bewshin, John, of Somerset, pleb. Bkoadgates 

Hall, matria -entry under date 20 Dca, Z577. aged 

aa. [35] 

Bewshin, Richard, student Christ Church 156^. 

B.A. 21 Jan., 1565-6. M.A. 9 July, 1563. rector of 

Tort worth, co. Gloucester. Z570, of Beckington, 

Somerset Z577, and of Standerwick Z584. See 

Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 
BeWBhyn, Thomas, B.A. zz Dea, Z53Z, M.A. 6 

March, 1534-5. 
Bezhlll, John, s. John, of Waldron. Sussex, pleb. 

Magdalen Hall, matria zo Dea, Z64Z, aged 

Beyaert, William, subscribed az Oct.. z6z4: BA. 

from Christ Church Z7 Dea, z6z4, M.A. 15 

May, Z6Z7. See O.H.S., x. 377. 
Beynon. See also Benyon. [%o] 

Beynon, John, B.CL (sup. S3 June) ZS07. 
Beynon, Thomas, s. Rees, of Llangenning, co. 

Carmarthen, pleb. Jesus Coll. , matria 23 Apnl, 

1675, aged 18 ; B.A. 1679, ^^-A. Z682. 
Beynon, Thomas, s. Eignon, of Redbom, Herts, 

gent. University Coll., matria za June, i6Sg, 

aged Z5 ; a student of the Middle Temple z6&9b 

See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 
Beys, Thomas, BA. 29 Nov.. 151Z ; one of these 

names vicar of Inglishcombe, Somerset, Z54Z. See 

Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 
Bezar, Thomas, s. Gasp, of Kington, ca Hereford. 

p. p. New Inn Hall, matria Z3 July, z666i [€5} 
Blbo, John, of Worcester, pleb. Queen's Coll., 

matria 2Z Nov., z6a8, aged 3a 
Bible, Thomas (Bybie), of Essex, pleb. Balliol 

Coll., matria 28 Nov., Z595, aged Z7 ; B.A. 7 Dec. 

1598, M.A. 9 July, 160Z. 
Bick, Jonathan, s. Hodge, of Corse, co. Gloucester. 

p. p. Pembroke Coll., matria Z9 May, 1705, 

aged z6; B.A. from Magdalen Hall z Mardi, 

Bick, William, s. Hug., of Harpsey, co. Gloucester, 

p. p. Magdalen Hall, matria Z3 Feb., Z7o8-9, 

aged z8. 
Blckell, John, B.A. from EXETES COLL. Z4 Jan.. 

Z572-3. See O.H.S., xii. a±. [50] 

Blokeralke, John (Bekyrdyke), B.A. June, 1518. 

See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 


Stewart Bicsbrstaffe. 

1500— I7i4« 


BlOkerstaffe. Stewart, xs. Charles, of Wnderaess 
parish. Seal, Kent, *eq. anr.' CHRIST Church, 
matric. 96 Nov., 1677, aged x6: a student of the 
Inner Temple z68a See Surm Archaokigkal 
CoUecHoH, ▼. ; ft Fostei's Itms of Court Jitg. 

Biokerton, Alexander; a A. from Pbtkr Housb, 
Cambridge, 1671, M.A. 1675, inoorp. 13 Julv, 1675, 
rector of Brooghton, Backs, 1677. See Foster s Index 

Biokerton, John (Bykarton), chaplain, B. A. 27 Jane, 

Bickertoxiy Thomas, of Cheshire, pleb. Brascnose 
Coll-, matric. 13 Dec, 2592, aged 17; B.A. from 
Christ Church 25 Ocl, 1599. M.A. 8 June, 1602. 

Bickford, Arscott, pleb. , ' sic mentitus est coramensalis 
superior.' New Ikn Hall, matric. 13 Dea, 1658, 
of DuDsland, Devon, son and heir of William, of 
Biclcford Town, Devon, and SL Kevern, ComwaU, 
father of Edmund and William. [S] 

Bickford, Edmund, s. ' Arscot,' of Bradford, Devon, 
gent. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 8 June, 1703. 
aged Z9 (17), bar.-at-law. Inner Temple, 171a See 
Foster's Judges and Barristers, 

Biokford, Nathaniei, s. Job., of Biddngton, Devon, 
pleb. jBxetbr Coll., matric. 27 March, 1699, 
aged 18 ; B.A. 1703. 

Bio&ord, Nicolas ; RA. z8 Feb., Z538-9. 

Bickford. WiUiam, & Arsoot, of DunsLind, Devon, 
ann. ST. Edmund Hall, matric. 28 March, 1702, 
aged 17 ; of Dnnsland, brother of Edmund. 

Bicuaxn, Hugh, s. Hugh, of Bristol, arm. Oriel 
Coll., mauric 14 July, 17x3, aged z6 ; B.A. 1717, 
M.A. 24 March, i7Z9-9a [lO] 

BickliaxiI,Thomas(Byckam), B.Can.L. 5 Feb., 1534-5; 
one of these names vicar of Pitminster, Somerset, 
X54Z. See Foster's Index EccUsiastUus. 

Biouam, Walter, pleb. Lincoln Coll. , subscribed 
29 Oct., 1657, vicar of Dnlverton, Somerset, z662» 

Sickle, John. See Bickell. 

Bickle, John, 'serviens.' s. Rich., of Totncss, Devon, 
p. p. Exeter Coll., matric. 22 March, Z666-7, 
aged z6, E A. Z670 ; M.A. from Hart Hall 1673, 
vicar of Earls Wittenbam, Berks, X672, and of Mon- 
gewell, Oxon. Z685. 

Bickle, Ric, s. Oliver, of Morton, Devon , pleb. Trin ity 
Coll., matria 9 Sept., 1634, aged 19; B.A. from 
Hart Hall 20 Oct., 1636, M.A.Z5 June, 1639, rector 
of Denberry, Devon, Z646-62. See Calamy^ ii 22. 

Elckles, John; RA. from Christ Church 23 Oct., 
1604, M.A. z8 Tune, 1607. [I6] 

Bickley, ' Bmne, gent. New Coll., matric. 30 April, 
Z689 ; B.A. Z4 Jan., Z692-3, M.A. 1696, proctor Z705, 
B. & D.Med. Z710, of the Middle Temple z690t 

rrhaps brother of Tames same date. See Heame^ 
z6z ; & Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

BiokTey (Sir) Frauds, s. Fhmds, of London, gent. 
University Coll., matric. 24 March, Z636-7, aged 
Z4 ; and baronet of Attilborough, Norfolk, a student 
of Gray's Inn Z640, died x68z, father of the next 
named. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, ' 

Bickley (Sir), Francis, s. Francis, of Hackney, Mid- 
dlesex, gent Magdalen Coll., matria Z4 Dec., 
1660, a|^ 16 ; 3rd baronet of Attilbuigh, died in 1687. 

Bickley, James, gent. New Coll., matria 3 May. 
1689. See Brune same date. J'20l 

Blokliet Ralph, of Hants, gent Exeter Coll., 
matria-entry under date 3 Dea, Z575, aged Z7. 

Biokley^ Thomas, chorister. Magdalen Coll., 
1531 ; RA. Z9 Jfune, Z540, fellow 1540-54, M.A. 
Tune, 1545, RD. 1552, D.D. zo July, Z570. Greek 
lecturer 1542-7, vice-president Z553, chaplain to King 
Edward, or. preacher at Windsor, chancellor of 
Lichfield Z560, archdeacon of Stafford Z567, warden 
of Merton College 1^69-85, rector of Biddenden, 
Kent, Z562, canon of Lincoln 1572, rector of Sutton 
Waldron. Dorset, Z578. bishop of Chichester 1585, 
nntfl his death 30 April, Z596, aged 78. See O, H, S. , 
!^- 1^ • ^'*" "• *39 • Bioxam, U 10, iv. 58 ; I/eame, 

Blokley, Thomas, 3s. Brune, of Chidham, Sussex, 
arm. Brasenose C0L.L., matria Z2 July. x66i, 
aged Z9 ; probably father of Brune and James Z689. 

Bicknell, Edward, s. Rob., of Milverton, Somerset, 
pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matria 6 March, i6&7-8, 
aged Z7; one of these names RA. from Christ 
Coll., Cambridge, Z674. vicar of Bradford, Somer- 
set, Z682. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bioknell, William, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matria 
z May, Z65Z ; B. A. 4 April, Z655. M.A. 4 July, Z657, 
vicar of Portsea, Hants, ejected Z662, died Feb., 
Z696. See Calamy, ii. 276. [26] 

Bickton, James, fellow Christ CHintCH ; B.A. T545. 
M.A. 1547, dean of Ossory 1547 (? Kilkenny), will (at 
Oxford) dated 6 Oct. , i C52. hee Cotton's Fasti £ccL 
Hib, , ii. 407 ; & Foster s Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bidden, John (Byddell) ; B. A from Lincoln Colu 
7 July. z6z4, M.A. 4 July, Z622. See O.H,S,t xii. 
330 ; & Fasti t i. 407. 

Biddell. John (Bidle), s. Edward, of Wootton-under- 
Edge, CO. Gloucester, plebi Magdalen Hall. 
matria 27 Tune, Z634, aged z8 ; B.A. 23 June, 1638, 
M.A 20 May, Z641, ' the Socinian,' bapiised 14 Jan., 
Z615, master of the Crypt School In Gloucester, two 
of his works were ordered to be called in and burnt 
by the hand of the common hangman, he was often 
imprisoned, and died in gaol 20 Sept, Z662. See 
AtfL, iii. 593 ; Add. MSS,, Z5.669-70 ; ft D.N,B. 

Biddle, Tohn, s. J., of Wootton-under-Edge, co. 
Gloucester, pleb. St. Edmund Haix, matria 9 
March, z675-6, aged z8 ; B.A. Z679. 

Biddell, John, 8. Job., of Eversholt, Dorset, gent. 
Hart Hall, matria 28 Feb., zyzo-zz, aged z8 ; 
RA. from New Coll. Z7Z5, M.A. Z4 Jan., Z7Z8-Z9. 

Biddle, Thomas, of co. Warwick, pleb. Trinity 
Coll., matria 26 June, z6oz« aged Z5 (z8), called 
Beedle in Mat, Reg, pg^l 

Biddell, Thomas, s. Thomas, of St. Lanrence, Reading. 
Berks, pleb. St. John's Coll., matria 5 July, 
17x4. aged Z7 ; scholar Z7Z4. See RawUnson, zx. 

BiddellS, William (Bedells) ; RA. from Brasenosb 
Coll., Z5 Feb., Z586-7, M.A. 8 July, Z59a See 
Biddle in 0,H.S., xii. 139. 

Biddolph, Anthony, s. Michael, of Elmhurst, co, 
Stafford, pleb. All Souls' Coll., matria 24 April, 
1635, aged z6 ; B. A. 6 July, Z638, probably a brother 
of Sir Ineophilus Biddulph, barL,so created a Nov., 
Z664. See Foster's Baronetage, 

Biddolpll, Edward, s. Simon, of Franckton, co. War- 
wick, arm. Trinity Coll. , matric 3 June, Z702, 
aged X5 ; of Birdingbury, co. Warwick, a student of 
the Middle Temple Z703, father of Theophilus. 4th 
baronet, brother of Michael Z709, and 'Theophilus 
Z702. See Foster's Baronetage ft Inns of Court 

Ji*g' fssl 

Biddulph, Michael, of co. Stafford, gent Trinity 
Coll., matric 5 May, Z598, aged Z7 ; a student of 
the Middle Temple Z599, as son and heir of Simon, 
of Elmhurst, co. Stafford, gent., M.P. Lichfield 
Dec, Z646 (L.P.) till secluded in Z648, and died 
28 Jan.. 1657-8, probably brother of Walter Z605. 
and father of Anthony 1635. See Foster's Baronet^ 
age & Inns of Court Keg. 
Biddolpll, Michael, s. Anthony, of Ledbury, coJ 
Hereiord, arm. Brasenosb Colu, matria 23 
March. Z699-Z700, aged Z4 ; bar.-at-law. Lincoln's 
Inn, Z711, bencher Z7^o, treasurer 1750, died in 
Z758, probably brother ot Robert Z699. bee Foster's 
Judges and Barristers, 
Biddulpll, Michael, s. Simon, of Bibury, ca Warwick, 
gent. Hart Hall, matria 22 July, Z709, aged 16 ; 
demy Magdalen Coll. 1709-20, RA. Z713, M.A. 
21 Feb.. Z715-16. rector of Ripple 17x9-27. vicar of 
Blockley, co. Worcester, Z724-7, canon of Lich- 
field 1727, brother of Edward and Theophilus, 
Z702. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus ft Bloxam^ 
vi. 18a 


Robert Biddulph. 

1500— 1714. 

Thomas Bigges. 

Biddttlph, Robert, 'arm. fiL nat max.' Brasg- 
NOSE Coll., 'subscribed' 23 Aug., 1690 ; probably 
elder brother of Michael Z700, and if so then of 
Ledbury, co. Hereford. 

Biddnlph, Simon, s. Theophilus, of London, Bart. 
Trinity Coll., matric 9 March, 1676-7, aged 16; 
a student of Middle Temple 1678, seated at Bird- 
ingbury, ca Warwick, father of Edward 1702, 
Michael 1709, and Theophilus next named. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. & RoHnson^ i. 383. 

Biddnlph.. Theophilus, s. Simon, of Franckton, co. 
Warwick, arm. University Coll., matric. 13 
June, Z702, aged ^^ \ brother of Edward 1702, and 
Michael 1709. 

Blddnlpll, Walter, of ca Stafford, pleb. Trinity 
Coll., matric. 24 May, 1605, aged 18; B.A. 18 
Feb., 1608^, M.A. 26 June, z6iz, B.D. 14 Dec., 
1620, rector of RoUeston, co. Stafford, 1615, possibly 
a brother of Michael Z598. 

BldgegOOd, George, of Somerset, pleb. St. Alban 
Hall, matric. o Nov., 1621, aged 21 ; B.A. 16 
Feb., Z625-6 (called Bridgewood in MaU Reg,), [s] 

Bldgroodt Humfrey, s. Humfrey. of Exeter, Devon, 
gent. Exeter Coll., matric. 20 March, X634-5, 
aged 17 ; RA. 30 Oct., 1638. 

BidgOOd, John, fellow EXETER COLL. 1642, ejected 
by the parliamentary visitors 1648 (restored 1660}, 
M.A. 24 March, 1644-5, created RMed. 24 Jan., 
1647-8, admitted to practice medicine i Feb. , 1647-8 ; 
incorp. as D.Med. Padua from Exeter Coll. 20 
Sept., 1660, fellow i66o-2, hon. fellow College of Phy- 
sicians 1664, fellow 1686 (son of Humphrey Bidgood), 
bom in Exeter 13 March, 1623-4, died 13 Jan., 
X690-1, buried in Exeter Cathedral. See Boctse^ 67 ; 
Munk's Rollt i 384 ; Burrows; & Fasti, ii. 226. 

Bidfiroodyjohn, s. Hum., of Tiverton, Devon, gent. 
Exeter Coll.^ matric. 27 March, 1699, aged 

Bidgood, William, s. Vniliam, of Warminster. Wilts, 
pleb. Privilegiatus 18 Sept, 1666, aged 48 ; cook 
St. Mary Hall. 

Bidnell, William (Bydnell), B.A. (sap. Z2 Feb.) 1508-9, 
M.A. (sup. 25 April) 15x2 ; fellow of University 
Coll., inventory (at Oxford) 2 Dec., 1512. [10] 

Bidwell, Robert, M.A. Cambridge, incorp. 12 July, 
1603. rector of East Hoathley, Sussex, i6ia See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasiicus, 

Biclby, Thomas, B.A. from St. John's Coll., 
Cambridge, 1669, M.A. 2673, iucorp. 5 June, 


Bigff, Clement (Bigges), of Worcester, arm. Queen's 
Coll., matric. 24 Nov., 1599, aged 16; a student 
of the Middle Temple 1602. as and son of Thomas, 
of Lenchwick, co. Worcester, esq., brother of 
Samuel and Thomas 1594. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg, 

Bigg, David, arm. Corpus Christi Coll., matric 
17 March, 1653-4, see Richard 1692. 

Bigrge, Edmund, B.A. from MAGDALEN HALL 20 
I'ob., 1595-6, M.A. 5 July, 1599, vicar of Wilsford, 
Wilts, 1602, and of Woodford 1610, liEither of John 
1633. and of Richard 1625. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, [iS] 

Biggs, Henry, s. H., of Abcrberry, Salop, gent. 
Christ Church, matria 7 April. 1688, aged 


Bigg, Henry, s. Lovelace, of Chilton Foliot, Wilts, 

gent New Coll., matric. 22 June, 1710, aged 19 ; 

B.A. 1714, M.A. 14 Jan., I7i7-x8, B.D. 1725, D.D. 

1727, warden 1724-9, rector of Worting, Hants, 

1724, and of Famborough, Berks, 1733, died in 

1740, brother of William. 
Bigg, James, s. John, of Wickham, Bucks, pleb. 

New Inn Hall, matric. 30 Oct., 1629, aged ao ; 

B.A. 3 June, 1630, as Biggs. 
Bigg, James, gent. MAGDALEN HALL, matric. az 

Maidi, 1658^ 

Bigge, Jeffrey (Bygge), of Bucks, pleb. Jesus Coll.. 
matnc. 24 Nov., 1581, aged vj \ B.A. 7 Feb.. 
1582-3, M.A. 6 July, 1585 ; chaplain Magdalen 
dollege 1589-93, preacher at Horspath 1589, 1591, 
X592, master of St Thomas's Hospital, Salisbury. 
Z593, and rector of Patney* Wilts, 1593. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & Bloxam, iL 129. 

Bigg6, John, s. Edmund, of Wilsford, Wilts, sac. 
BRASBNOSB COLL., matric. 15 Feb., 1633-3, aged 
x6; B.A. 20 Feb.. 1635-6, M.A. ao Oct., 1638, as 
Biggs, brother of Richard 1625. [ax] 

Bigg, John, s. William, of London, gent. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 27 June 1690, aged 17. 

Bigge, John. s. Math., of York (dty). pleb. Uni- 
versity Coll., matric. 23 April, 1692, aged 16; 
B.A. zz Feb., z695-6. 

Bigg, John, s. J. of 'V^ccham, Bucks, doctoHs. 
PEMBROKE Coll., matric 7 April, 1698. 9ged 
17: B.A. from New Inn Hall 1702. M.A. 

Bigge, Jonathan, arm. Christ Church, matric 
Z3 July. z66a [as] 

Biggs, Joseph, of Southampton, pleb. Merton Coll., 
matric 9 Nov., z62z, aged z8 ; B.A. from St. 
Alban Hall az Oct, Z624, M.A. 2 June. 1627. 
rector of Little Horsted, Sussex. Z65X See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus & Add. MS., Z5,669, p. 79. 

Bigg, Lovelace, s. Richard, of Hurst, Berks, arm. 
St. Edmund Hall, matric 27 June. 1679. aged 
Z7 ; a student of Lincoln's Inn z68o, faiho* of 
William 1706, and Henry Z7Z0, and brother of 
Richard X67Z. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Biggres, Raphe (Bygges). of Wilts, pleb. Exeter 
Coll., matric. 28 June, 1583, aged Z9; B.A. 21 
Feb., Z586-7, M.A. 29 Oct, 1589. 

Biggs, Richard, 'subscribed' Z3 May, 16x3; (?RA 
irom New Coll. x8 April. x62X, M.A. 16 Jan., 
Z624-5), one of these names vicar of Steeple Morden, 
CO. Cambridge, Z628. See Foster's Index EccUsias- 

Bigge, Richard, s. Edmund, of Wilsford, Wilts, sac 

Queen's Coll., matric. 20 May, Z625, aged 16; 

RA. from St. Edmund Hall Z4 Feb., z623-9. 

M.A. 24 Jan., z6qz-3, vicar of Shrewton, Wilts. 

X663, brother of John Z633. See Foster's Index 

Ecclesiasticus, [30] 

Bigg, Richard, s. R[ichard], of Hurst, Berks, ann. 

New Coll., matric. 27 Sept, z67r. aged Z9; 

brother of Lovelace X670. 
Bigg, Richard, s. D., of Wallingford, Berks, arm. 

Corpus Christi Coll., matric 8 March, z69i-a, 

aged x6 ; B.A. Z695, M.A. Z698. 
Bigges, Robert (Bigge, Bygge, or Byggys), B.A. 

4 July, Z5Z3, M.A. (disp. 22 Jan.) Z5Z&-19, BD. 

Z2 Dec, Z527, rector of Loxton, Somerset, vicnrof 

Compton Beauchamp 1529 (as M.A). See Weaver. 
Biggs, Robert, of Christ Church Z56Z, B.A 16 

Jan., Z56Z-2, one of these names rector of Garsden, 

Wilts, Z579. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 
Bigge, Robert, s. Richard, of London, Middlesex. 

gent Magdalen Hall, matric. zz May, 1632, 

aged Z7; demy Magdalen Coll. Z634-7, RA. 

19 Jan., Z63S.6, M.A. 27 Oct, Z638, fellow z637-47. 

See Bloxam, v. Z34. [35] 

Bigg, Samuel (Biggs), of ca Worcester, ' militis fil. 

Queen's Coll., matric 3 June, z6o8, aged 16; 

his father. Sir Thomas, was knighted a May. Z603. 

and died 4 May, Z613, brother of Thomas Z594, and 

of Clement 
Big«3, Thomas (Byggs), aCL. a July, Z509. one of 

these names vicar ot Bishops Lydlard, Somerset, 

Z529. See Weaver. 
Bigges, Thomas, of Somerset, 'cler. fil.' New 

Coll., matric 24 Nov., Z58Z, aged 28 ; rector of 

Standerwick, Somerset, Z586, possibly son of John 

who was rector here Z562-84. See roster's Index 


[ "2 ] 

Thomas Bigg. 

1500— 1714, 

Nicholas Billingsley. 

Bigj?, (Sir) Thomas (Bigges), of co. Worcester, arm. 
Queens Coll., matric. 8 Nov., 1594, aged 17; 
of Lenchwick, which he sold, a student of Middle 
Temple 1^97 (as son and heir of Thomas Bigge, of 
Lenoiwick, co. Worcester, eso.), M.P. Evesham 
X614, x6az, created a baronet 26 May, 1620, and died 
XI Jan., t63z-2, brother of.Qement and SamueL 
Foster^s /mms of Court Reg» 

Bigee, Thomas, s. J., of Cherton, Wilts, p. p. 
TRiNiTT Coll., matric. 17 Nov., 1685, aged 16; 
B. A. from St. Masy Hall 6 July, 1689. 

Biggs, Thomas, s. H., of Banton, Salop, gent 
Christ Critrch, matria a8 May, X69Z, aged 16 ; 
RA. 99 Jan., X694-5, M.A. 1697, B.D. X708, rector 
of Westwell, Ozon, 1706, and of Chastletcn 17x5, 
canon of Wells 1723. See Foster's Index EccUsias" 

Biggt Thomas, s. Jos., of St. Cement's, London, 
pieb. Queen's Coll., matric. 5 May, 17x0, aged 
x8 ; B.A. 3 Feb., 17x3-14. 

Bigges, William (Byggs), probably commoner of 
Magdalen CoUege in and before 1564. [5] 

Bigg, Wmiam, & William, of High Wickham, Bucks, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric za July, x66z, 
aged z6. 

Bigg, William, s. Ix)velace, of Manydown, Hants, 
genL Balliol Coll., matric. 4 March, x705-6, 
aged 16 ; RA. X709, M.A. X7X2, B.Med. 17x5, died 
uomaxiied at Oiford in X7X5, brother of Heniy 

Biglazid, Edward, s.t.b., Cambridge, incorp. xo 
July, x6o6; MA. from Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 
rector of Osgathorpe, co. Lincoln, x6x6, and of East 
Leake, Notts, x62x (son of Edward), baptized at 
Chelmsford 17 June. 1576, died in 1650. See Fos- 
ter's Lancashire Collection, 

BigmorOy William, of London, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric. 26 June, x6io, aged X7 ; son of 
William, citizen and currier, bom in Jan., X592, 
entered Merchant Taylors' School X605, incorp. as 
RC.L. at Cambridge X622, died 2X Aug., X63X ; as 
'B.C.L., fellow of St. John's College,' admon. was 
granted at Oxford 26 Nov., X63X, Griffiths. Sm 
Robiniomy L 49 ; & Gutch, 1. 564. 

rignell, Henry, ' s. Foulke.' of Soulden, Ozon, pleb. 
Brasenosb Coll., matric. 18 Nov., 163X, aged xo; 
B.A. from St. Mary Hall 90 Oct, X632, bom m 
St. Mary's parish, Oxford, — July, x6ix, ' taught a 
petty school, and became a hackney and scanckilous 
preacher,' rector of St. Peter Bailey, Oxon, 1645, 
ejected, and died in the West Indies. See D.N,B. ; 
Add, MS., X5,67x, pp. 66, 248 ; & Atk., iiL 406. 

Bignell, Stephen, s. John, of St Mary Mounthaw, 
London, pleb. St. John's Coll., matric. 28 June, 
X7X0, aged 19; B.A. X7X4, M.A. 1718, RD. 1724, 
D.D. X729, bom 4 July, X691, entered Merchant 
Taylors School in X701, rector of East Farodon 
X733, and Aston-le-Wall, Northants, 1734, died xo 
Jan.. X747-8. See Foster's Index Eu&iasticus Sc 
Rohinson^ ii. 7. [Xl] 

BignalL WiUlam, R A. xa July, 1535. 

Bigod. ^) Francis, 1537. See Ath,. 1. xox ; & 

Biker. See Bvker. 

Bilclif, Thomas. Bboadoatcs Hall, matric-entry 
under date drca x^x. [18] 

Eiloliffd, Thomas, of Berks, arm. St. John's Coll., 
matric xo Nov., x6x5, aged x6 ; a student of the 
Inner Temple x6x5, as son of Thomas, of London. 
See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

BilcUflb. Thomas, s. Thomas, of Norenburie, co. 
Lincoln, sacerd. Broadgates Hall, matric. X9 
March. x633-4. aged x8. 

Biley, John, s. Edward, of Mesham, co. Derby, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric 7 Nov., X7X2, aged 16; 
RA. vj\6, vkar of Kempston, Beds, 1724. See 
Foster's indtx MwUsiattUus* 

Bill, Henry, s. Joh., of Cosford, co. Worcester, gent. 
Balliol Coll., matric 27 Feb., 1694.5, aged 


Bill, Thomas. Wadham Coll.. matric ao July, 
X654 ; servitor X653. RA. xo Oct., X657, M.A. 3 
July, x66o, rector of Over Worton, Oxon, 1664, as 
Bills. See Foster's Index Beelesiasticus & Car- 
diner, 205. [20] 

Billers, John, s. William, of Leicester (town), gent. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 25 Nov., X63X, aged 17; 
B.A. X4 June, X634, M.A 26 April, X637, inoorp. 
at Cambridge X639. See Nichol's Leicester, iii. 

Billet, Arthur, of Cornwall, gent EXETER COLL., 
matric. 30 July, X585, aged x8. 

Billet, William, B.A. from St. John's Coll. 158X ; 
incorp. as M.A. X4 July, X584. 

Billiald, Thomas (of Notts), 'famulus Decani.' 
Christ Church, matric 18 March, X607-8 ; RA. 
X5 Feb., x6xi-xa. 

Billinge, Edward, of Cornwall, arm. fil. nat max. 
Exbter Coll. , matric X4 June, x6x6, aged X9 ; 
eldest son of Richard, of Hanger, in the parish of 
St Tudy, buried at St Tudy in 162X. [2s] 

Billing, John, Minorite, B.D. 8 April, x^38 ; one of 
these names rector of Wilton St. Mary. Wilts, X539, 
of West Grinstead X552, vicar of Burbage, Wilts, 
X553, rector of Barfoid X559. See Foster's Index 

Billings, Jonas, of CO. Denbigh, pleb. Jesus Coll., 
matric 20 Nov., X58X, aged 26. 

Billinge, Joseph, of London, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric 24 Oct, x6oo, aged X7; B.(j.L. 26 
Jan., 1606-7, a proctor in the Court of Arches, See 
Robinson, i. 34. 

Billing, Martin, s. Martin, of Weedon, Northants, 
pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric a8 Jan., 1624-5, 
aged x6 ; Bw A. 25 June, 1628, M. A. 5 July, X633. 
rector of Ravensthorpe, Northants, 1632, until his 
death, buried there 19 Dec., 16^ See Foster's 
Index Beelesiasticus, 

Billings, Roger, B. A. — March, X579>8o, one of these 
names rector of Hasguard, co. Pembroke, in 1574. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus, [30] 

Billingford, Thomas ; a A. from BROADGATES Hall 

? March, X572-3, M.A. (sup. June) X577, rector of 
^gmere, Norfolk, xc82. See Foster's Index EccU" 
siasticus & St, Paul's School Reg, , 24. 

BiUinghnrst, Robert, of Sussex, pleb. Balliol 
Coll., matric. 6 July, x6x3, aged xy; B.A. from 
Magdalen Hall 30 Oct., x6x6, M.A. xo July, 1619. 

Billingsley, Sir Henry, X55X. See Ath,, i. 76a ; & 

Billingsley, Henry (?sup. for B.A. z8 Jan., X579-80). 
See killingsley. 

Billingsley, Henry, of London, gent Christ 
Church, matric 5 Feb., i6xa*x3, aged xy ; RA. 
2X June, x6x5, as 'eq. aur. fil.,' his father, Sir Henry, 
lord mayor of London 1596, and knighted 6 Feb., 
X 596-7. See Ath,t i. 761; & Fosters Gra/s Inn 
Admissions, [96] 

Billingsley, John, s. Thomas, of Chatham. Kent, 
pleb. £x£TER Coll. , matric 8 July, 1642, aged xy ; 
admitted to ST. John's Coll., Cambridge, 21 Sept., 
1644, aged 19, B.A. 1648. incorp. (from Corpus 
Chkisti Coll., Oxford) 24 April, X649, and pro- 
ceeded M.A. 28 April, X649, fellow by the parlia- 
mentary visitors 1648 (incorp. at Cambridge x65a), 
vicar of Chesterfield, co. Derby, ejected for noncon- 
formity in 1662, died 30 MsC^, X6JB4. See Ath. , iv. 611 ; 
Durrvws; Feuti, ii. 123 ; Calamy, i. 40X ; & D.N.B, 

Billingsley, Nicholas, of Oxon, pleb. All Souls' 
Coll.. matric 27 Oct, X620, aged ax ; B.A. 9 Nov.« 
xdio, M.A 31 Oct, X623. incorp. at Cambridge X635, 
one of these names master of Faversham School, 
rector of Betshanger X644-5X, father of the next 
named. See Fosto^s Indix JSaUsiastUus, 

1 123 ] 

Nicholas Billingsley. 

1500 — 1714* 

Giles Bingley. 

Billingsley, Nicholas, 'der. fil.' Merton Coll., 
matric. 10 March, 1656-7; RA. 95 March, 1658, 
poet and divine, vicar of Weoblejr, co. Hereford, , 
until deprived in 1662 by act of uniformity, kept 
school at Ab e r gav enny, incambent of Aure, ca 
Gloucester, died at Bristol in Dec. , 2709. See Fasti, 
ii. 313 * Calamy, ii. 297-8 ; ft D.N.B, 

Billingsley, Ralph, s. Benj., of Hinchwick, c«. 
Gloucester, gent St. Mast Hall, matric. 3 June, 
1679, aged X7. 

Billingsley, Richard, of 00. Warwick, pleh. Brase- 
NOSE Coll., matric -entry under date 3 Nov., 1581, 
aged z8 ; B.A. (sup. 27 June) 1585, M.A. 5 July, 
1592. See 0.//,S., zii. 132. 

Billingsley, Richard, s. Nic, of Blakney, 00. Glou- 
cester, cler. St. Mary Hall, matric 4 March, 
1674-S, aged 14. 

Billingsley, Samuel s. S., of London, Middlesex, 
pleb. TRINITY Coll., matric 16 July, 2693, aged 
x6; B.A. 1696, M.A. zyoo, vicar of^Horley, Surrey, 
1701, rector of Newdigate, Surrey, 1708, canon of 
Chichester Z716, and archdeacon of Surrey Z7Z9, 
buried at Horley 6 June, 1735. See Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus & Rawlinson, vi. 39. [s] 

Billingsley, William (Byllingsley), of CO. Warwick, 
pleb. Brasenosb Coll., matric i March, 1587-8, 
aged 37 ; B.A. 6 July, Z593« rector of Gayton-le- 
Marsh, co. Lincoln, 1599, and of Glaston, Rutland, 
1605. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastuiu. 

Bilson, Harmann. fellow Merton Coll. 1537 ; B.A. 
37 March. 1538-9. connected by descent with the 
dukes of Elavaria ; lather of Thomas 1563. See^/!^., 
iL 169. 

Bilson, Harman, as. Thomas, of Maple Durham, 
Hants, militis. University Coll., matric 37 
Aj;>ri], 1633, aged 17 ; brother of Thomas 2627, and 
Leonard 1632. 

Bilson, Leonard, of Merton Coll. ; B.A. (sup.) 
X540-Z, then schoolmaster at Reading, M.A. 1547, 
rector of Havant Z548, canon of Sarum Z5^3, Win- 
chester according to Wood, See Fosters Index 
EccUsiasticus ft Fasti, i. Z33. 

Bilson, Leonard, s. Thomas, of Maple Durham, Hants, 
militis. University Coll., matric 37 April, z63a, 
aged z6 ; B.A. 5 Febt, Z634-5, M.A. 3Z Oct, Z637, 
brother of Harman z63a, and of Thomas Z637. [10] 

Bilson, Leonard, s. Tho., of London, arm. New 
Coll., matric 13 June, 1699, aged 17; possibly 
M.P. Petersfield 1703, until his death shortly before 
90 Oct, Z7Z5. See Foster's Parliamentary Dic- 

Bilson, Lewis, s. Leonard, of Maple Durham, Hants, 
arm. University Coll., matric. 21 April, Z676, 
aged z6. 

Bilson, Thomas (s. Harman, of Winchester), fellow 
New Coll. Z563-72; B.A. zo Oct, Z566, M.A. 
5 May, Z570, B.D. 34 June, Z579, D.D. 24 Jan., 
Z580-Z, rector of Chawton, Hants, Z574, of Michel- 
marsh 1577, of Droxford Z583, and of Kingswonbv 
Z586, all in Hants, canon of Winchester Z570, 
warden of Winchester College, bishop of Worcester 
Z596, and of Winchester Z597-16Z6, and a privy 
councillor, buried z8 June, x6i6, in Westminster 
Abbey. See Ath., ii. X69 ; Foster's Index Ecclesias^ 
ticus; Chester's U^estminster Abbey Rig,, ZZ3 ; ft 

Bilson, (Sir) Thomas, s. (Thomas), bishop of Win- 
chester. NEW Coll., matric. 38 Nov., z6o6, aged 
Z5; a student of Lincoln's Inn 1609, M.P. Win- 
chester 16x4, knighted 2^ Oct, Z613, father of the 
next named. See Foster^ Inns of Court Reg, 

Bilson, Thomas, s, Thomas, of Maple Durham, Hants, 
militis. Pembroke Coll., matric 7 Dec, Z627, 
aged Z5 ; brother of Harman and Leonard 1632. 

Bilson, Thomas, s. Thomas, gent St. Edmund 
Hall, matric Z2 Nov., 1696, aged z8. [l6j 

Bilson, Thomas, s. T., of Maple Durham, Hums, 
arm. New Coll., matric z8 March, Z699-1700, 
aged i6b 

Bilstone, Edward, s. Edw., of Cirencester, 00. Gkm- 
cester, gent Wadram Coll., matric 26 March, 
Z7Z3, aged Z7 ; exhibitioner Z7Z3, scholar Z7Z4, B. A. 
Z7z6, M. A. Z719, fellow Z7Z9*23. rector of Mundesley 
ft Trimin^ham, Norfolk, Z722. See Foster's Index 
Eulesiasttcus ft Gardiner, 45a 

Bilton, John, fellow Magdalen Coll., Cambridge; 
B.A. Z663, M.A. Z667, incorp. Z3 July, Z669, vicar 
of Milton, CO. Cambridge, z668. See Foster's Index. 

Bindlowes, Christopher, of Westmorland, arm. 
Queen's Coll., matric 9 Nov., Z583. aged 18 
(subscribed as Bimdlbs) ; a smdent of Gray's Inn 
Z580 (probably son of Robert Byndlose, of Haylston. 
Westmoriand). See Foster's Grays Inn Reg. [20I 

Bindlowes. Thomas (Binlowes); &A. from Sydney 
Sussex Coll., Cambridge, Z650, incorp. as M.A. 
zz luly, Z654. See Bendlowes, Fostei's Grays 
Inn Admissions. 

Bindlowes, Walter (Bindlose or Bindles), scholar and 
B.A. from Trinity Coll., Cambridge, Z579-80; 
incorp. 3Z May, Z582, M.A. 4 July, Z583, possibly 
brother of Christopher. See Cumberland & WeU- 
morland Visitations, ed. Foster. 

Bindon, George, s. George, of HilfSBrren, Somerset, 
pleb. Lincoln Coll., matric 27 Mlarcb, 1640, 
aged z8; B.A. from Brasbnose Coll. Z2 Oct. 
Z643. See Calamy, lii. 225. 

Binfeld, John, s. Richard, of Bristol, Somerset, pleb. 
Magdalen Hall, matric zz May, z63a, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 24 May, Z636. 

Binford, James, s. William, of WiUiton, Somers^, 
gent Balliol Coll., matric 9 March, Z687-8. 
aged Z7; B.A. Z69Z, M.A. Z694. [25] 

Bingham, Charies, scholar of Corpus Christ! Coll. 
Z566, from Dorset fellow Z568, E.A. Z5 Nov., Z570, 
M.A. 4 Oct, Z573, sun. for licence to preadi 20 
June, Z576, vicar of Croft 00. Linooln, Z576, possibly 
8th and youngest son of Robert, of Meloomb Bing- 
ham, and brother of Sir Richard, Sir George, and 
Sir John. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasficus. 

Bingham, Edward, s. Rob., of Yenson, Somerset, 
pleb. £XETKR Coll., matric z March, 1708-9, 
aged z8 ; B.A. zyza, M.A. Z7Z5. 

Bingham, Henry, of Dorset militis fiL Magdalen* 
HALL, matric zo Oct, Z589, aged z6; probably 
son of Sir Geoigc 

Bingham, John, of Sussex, 'cler. fil.' Christ 
Church, matric 8 June, 1604, aged z8; 'pauper 
scholaris.' See Charles above. 

Bingham, John, s. Richard, of Bingham, Dorset, aim. 
Brasenosb Coll., matric 9 Dec, Z63X, aged 18 ; of 
Melcomb Bingham, a student of the Middle Temple 
1632, colonel of a regiment for the parliament, 
governor of Poole, and defender of Corfe C^tlc 
which was subsequently taxed to the ground, M.P. 
Shaftesbury Nov. , Z645 (L. P.) till 1653, Dorset z653-9, 
*a Rumper,' died Z673, brother of Robert See 

aged Z5 ; B.A. z688, M.A. 1691, deacon Z69T, priest 
1692, author of 'Origines Ecclesiasticse,' rector of 
Headboume Worthy, Hants, 1695. and of Hav.inti 
zyza, died Z7 Aug. , Z723. See Rawlinson, ii. 57,cc3 ; • 
Heame, i. Z14 ; &, D.N.B, 

Bingham, Richard, s. Stroud, of Henstridge, Somerset 
gent. EJtETER Coll., matric 9 March, z682-3, 
ag^ Z5 ; of Melcomb Bingham (on the death of hts 
uncle. Colonel John, M. P., aforesaid), M.P. Bridpoit 
Z702-5, Dorset April, Z711-13, died in Z735. ^^ 
Foster's Parliamentary Dictionary. 

Bingham, Robert, sec. to Marquis of Dorchester 
(T created) M.A. 7 March, Z645-6, probably brother 


of John Z63Z. See Fcuti, iL 86. 
Giles, s. Giles, of Upt 
pietx Corpus Christi Coll., matiic 8 March, 


s. Giles, of Upton, 00. Gloucester, 

1632-3, aged 2Z ; B.A. z June, Z633, M.A. Z9 Jan., 
1635-6, vicar of Stanford in the \^e, Berks, 1642. 
See Foster's Indix Mccksiastiau^ 


James Bingley. 

1500 — 1714. 

Nicholas Birche. 

Bingley, James (B3mgley) ; scholar Trikitt Coll. 
1576, B.A. 22 March, 1577-8. fellow 1580, M.A. 
4 May, 1582, rector of Guniley, co. Leicester, 1591. 
See O.H,S,, xii. 74. 

Bingley, John. s. John, of Temple Combe, militis. 
Chsist Church, matric. 6 Dec., 1633. aged 15; 
a student of the Middle Temple 1635 (his father 
knighted 90 Jan., 16x7-18, at Theobald's). See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg^ 

Bingley, Micbadl, s. Mich., of Upton, co. Gloucester, 
pieb. University Coll., matric 22 May, 1663, 
aged 17 ; B.A. 1666, M.A. 1669. 

Bingley, Peter, B.A. 26 Jan., 1569-70 ; fellow Balliol 
Coll. 1572-3, M.A. 2 May, 1^73, rector of Bray- 
brooke, Nortbants, 1572. See Foster's Index EccU'- 

Bingley, Richard, of Lenthall Starks, ca Hereford, 
p. p. Brasenose Coll., matric. 12 Dec., 1673, 
aged la [5] 

Binglye, Thomas, of ca Leicester, pleb. Trinity 
Cull., matric 17 Jan., 1583-4, aged 20 : B.A. from 
Lincoln Coll. 14 Jan., 1588-9, M.A. 23 Feb., 

Binkes, Robert, of 00. York, pleb. New Coll., 

matric 2^ Oct., 1583, aged 18. 

Binkes, Robert (Binckes), of Oxon, pleb. St. John's 
Coll., matric. 12 Nov., 16x9, aged 18 ; B.A. 9 May, 
1622, M. A. 4 May, 1625, vicar of Bedfont, Middlesex, 
163a See Fostor^s JtuUx Bcckiiasticus, 

Binkes, William (Binxe), of ca Leicester, pleb. 
Gloucester Hall, matric -entry under date 10 
Jan., 1574-5. ag«d i? ; RA. 8 Feb.. 1577-8. one of 
these names rector of St. Andrew, Worcester, 1585. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus^ 

Binmoore, Richard (B^moore), s. Bartol, of Biffgin- 
ton, Devon, pleb. Exeter Coll., matric 4May«. 
1638, aged 17; BLA. 10 Feb., 1641-2, created M.A. 
2 Dec, Z642. See Calamy, \L 97. [lO] 

Binner, William (Bynner), pleb. jESUS CoLL. , matric. 
25 July, 1655; B.A. 90 Jan., 1658-0, inoorp. at 
Camt)ridge 1664. as Bynner, one ot these names 
vicar choral of St. Asaph, z66x, rector of Cemmes, 
ca Montgomery, z668. See Foster's Index EccU' 

Binnes, John ; 6. A. from Magdalen Hall 30 Oct, 
i6i3» having kept 13 terms at Cambridge 

Binsley, William, of New Coll. ; B.C.L. & B.Can.L. 
June. 1536, rector of Calverton, Bucks, 1549, vicar 
of Adderbury, Oxon, 1551-4, canon of Lincoln 1553. 
rector of Barby, Northants, 1555, chancellor to David 
Pole, bishop of Peterborough, archdeacon of North- 
ampton i5Sff and canon of the and (1554-9). and 6th 
stalls 1559, in Peterborough, buried in the cathedral 
20 Oct., 1569. See Fastt, i. Z02; & Foster's Index 

Binsted. See Benstbd. 

Birch, Abdias ; M.A. Cambridge, incorp. 14 July, 
1602. vicar of Shifnall, Salop, 6ther of Elias. [16] 

Birch, Charles (Byrch), s. Sampson, of Stafford (town), 
gent. St. John's Coll., matric 27 March, T(rj7, 
aged 15 : B.A. from ORIEL COLL. 1680, M.A. 1683, 
rector of Longford, ca Derby, 1692. See Fosters 
Index Bcclesiasticus, 

Birch, Edward, arm. Christ CntmcH, matric 26 
Nov., 1650: B.A. 17 Feb., 1652-3, bar.-at-law. 
Middle Temple, 1657, as son and heir of John, of 
the Middle Temple, genL See Foster's Judges and 

Birch, Edvrard (Byrch), s. Thomas, of Leacroft, co. 
Stafford, arm. Trinity Coll., matric 3 June, 

1702, aged 16 ; a student of the Middle Temple 

1703. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg, 

Birch, Ellas, s. ' Abdias,' of Shifnall, Salop, saoerd. 

Exeter Coll., matric a Dec, 1631, aged ao; 

a A. 6 Feb., 1632-3. 
Birch. Francis (Byrch), s. John, of Aston, co. Stafford, 
- pleb. Oriel Coll., matric 8 July, 1625, aged 20 ; 

B.A. 30 Octr, X628, M.A. 3 July, 1632. [ao] 

Biroh, Francis, s. Robert, of Eastergate, Sussex, genL 
Brasenosb Coll., matric 21 Oct, 1636, aged 16 ; 
B.A. 16 June, 1640. 

Birohe, George, minister of God's Word; B.A. 18 
June, 1568 (15 years), one of these names rector of 
Uley, CO. Gloucester, 1555, and vicar of Witley, 
Surrey, 1564. See Foster's /irdlex Eulesiasticus, 

Birohe, George, of ca Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric 6 July, 1593, aged 17 (called Burch 
in Mat. Re^.). See Visitations of Lancashire , 
Chetkam Society. 

Blroh, Henry (Byrch), s. Abel, of Middleton, co. Lan- 
caster, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric 9 Dec, 
1631, aged 16; B.A. 22 April, 1634, M.A. 18 Feb., 

Birch, Isaac (Byrch). s. Nicholas, of Bigton, Devon, 
sacerd. Exeter Coll., matric a Dec, i63x,nge.l 
18; B.A. 9 June, X635. [25] 

Blroh, James, s. James, of London, pleb. Jesus 
Coll., matric. 30 April. X624, aged 15 ; B.A. 23 
Feb., 1627-8, M.A. 14 May, 1632, B.D. 9 July, 164a 

Biroh, James (Byrch), s. John, of Milson, Salop, genL 
Balliol Coll., matric. 3 July, 1640, aged 17. 

Biroh, James, s. William, of Milson, Salop, pleb. 
Balliol Coll., matric 26 March, 1680, aged 17 ; 
B.A. 21 Feb., 1683-4, vicar of Mamble, co. Wor- 
cester, 1690. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Birohe. John (Berche) ; B.A. 10 Feb., 1573-4, M.A. 
3 July, 1577. one of these names vicar of Grimley, 
CO. Worcester, 1584. See Foster's Index Eulesi* 

Birohe, John (Byrche), of co. Lancaster, pleb. Brase- 
nose Coll., matric 13 June, 1589, aged 19 *, (? B.A. 
from St. Mary Hall 18 Nov. , X598). [30] 

Biroh, John, s. Richard, of Chesham, Bucks, pleb. 
Trnity Coll., matric 13 May, 163X, aged 18; 
B.A. 4 May. X632, M.A. from Gloucester Hall 
i^ April, 1635. See Foster's Inns of Court Admis- 

Biroh, John, s. John, of Whitbome, co, Hereford, 
arm. Brasenose Coll., matric 19 July, Z662, 
aged x6. 

Biroh, John (Byrch). of Halesowen, Salop, p. p. Pem- 
broke Coll., matric 24 March, 1670-1, aged x8; 
B.A. 1674, M.A. 1677. ^^^ Foster^s Index Eccle- 

Biroh, John, s. Franc, of Namptwich, Cheshire, pleb. 
Brasenose Coll. , matric. 10 April, 1679, aged z8 ; 
B.A. 1682, M.A. X685. See Foster's Inns of Court 

Biroh, John, s. John, of Wantage, Berks, der. Trinity 
Coll., matric < April, 1707, aged 15: B.C.L. 17x6, 
rector of Binfield, Berks, 1721, his ^ther vicar of 
Wantage 1692. [35] 

Biroh, John (Burch), s. James, of Manchester, co. 
Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric X9 
March, i7Xo-iz, aged X7, B.A. X714; M.A. from 
New Coll., 17x5. See Foster's Index Ecclesias- 

Biroh, John, s. Geor., of Harboume, co. Stafford, gent. 
Pembroke Coll., matric 12 Nov., X708, aged 15 ; 
B.A. X712, as Richard. 

Blroh, Jonathan, s. J. (' Joh.'). of Birmingham, co. 
Warwick, gent trinity Coll., matric. 14 Jan.. 
Z700-X, aged 15 ; B.A. from New Coll. 1704. M.A. 
X707. incorp. at Cambridge 1711. vicar of Spondon, 
ca Derby, X7X9. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Biroh, Nathaniel, s. N., of Ailesbury, Bucks, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric. xo April. X674. aged x6, 
B.A. X677 ; M.A. from St. Alban Hall x68o. 

Birohe, Nicholas (Byrche). s. William, of Plymouth, 
Devon, gent. Exeter Coll. , matric. 2 Dec , 1631, 
aged 17 ; BbA. 9 June, X635, M.A. 7 April. 1638, 
rector of Clavelleigh, Devon, i66a See Foster's 
Indix Ecclesiasticus. [fto] 


Nicholas Birch. 

1500 — 1714. 

James Bird. 

Birch, Nicholas (Burch), s. Nich.. of Rochdale, co. 
Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose Coll. , inatric. 3 May, 
1670, atjed 1$; B.A. 20 Jan., 1673-4, M.A. 1676. 
B.D. i6iB4, died 15 Oct., 1694, will (at Oxford) proved 
8 March, 1695. See Gutch, i« 379. 

Blrcli, Peter, s. Thomas, of Lancaster Town, gent. 
Christ Church, matric. 12 May, 1673. aged ai ; 
(kept several terms at Cambridge), B.A. 93 March » 
1673-4, M.A. 23 June, 1674, RD. 4 Feb., 1683-4. 
D.D. 7 July, 1688. rector of St. Ebbe's, Oxford, 
lecturer at Ou^x, chaplain to the Duke of Onnonde. 
minister of St. James', Westminster, 1699-4, chap- 
lain to the House of Commons 1689, canon of 
Westminster 1689, rector St, James-in-the- Fields, 
Westminster, 1692, vicar of St Bride's, Fleet Street, 
Z694-5, died 2 July, 17x0, buried in Westminster 
Abbey 4th. See Ath, Ox., iv. 659; Rdwlinson, iii. 
251 ; Faiti, ii. 404 ; Westminster Abbey Reg., 268 ; 
Foster's Index Ecc. / Heame, i. 231 ; & D.N.B. 

Stroll, Robert (Byrche) ; B.C.L. (sup. 9 F«b.) 1513-14, 
one of these names LL.D., rector of Wyddial, 
Herts, 153a See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Biroll, Robert (Byrtch), of Bucks, pleb. St. Mary 
Hall, matric. 5 March, 1584-5, aged 19. 

Biroh. Robert ; B.A. from St. John's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1576, incorp. 9 May. 1585. [5] 

Bircll, Robert (Burch), s. Thomas, of Codington, co. 
Lincoln, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 27 June, 
Z623, aged 18 ; B.A. from St. Edmund Hall 28 
June, 1628, M.A. 30 April, 1631. 

Biroll, Samuel (Bertch). s. Samuel, of Manchester, ca 
Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 3 
March, 1636-7, aged z6 ; perhaps subscribed as 
chaplain Corpus Chrxsti Coll. zi Oct., 1655, ^°d 
created M.A. from St. Mary Hall z8 July, 1655, 
then between 30 and 40, several years a captain ia 
the parliamentary army, vicar of Bampton, Oxon 
(and portion), 1658, until ejected in 1662 under the 
Act of Uniformity, kept school at Shilton, Berks, died 
32 Jan., 1679. See Foster's Index Ecclmoiticus ; 
Fasti, iL 291 ; & Calamyt ill Z14. 

Biroh, Samuel, s. Sam., of Chilton, Oxon, gent St. 
Edmund Hall, matric 28 June, 1679, aged 25. 

Biroll, Samuel, s. Sam., of 'Notingham town,' cler. 
Merton Coll., matric. 4 Dec., Z7zz, aged 17; 
B.A. Z715, rector of Eccles Z724, and vicar of Rowd- 
ham, Norfolk, Z728, rector of Stickney, co. Lincoln. 
Z730. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Biroh, Thomas, of 00. Lancaster, gent Brasenose 
Coll., matiic. zz July, Z589, aged z8; a student of 
Gray's Inn Z592, as of Manchester, ' and now of 
Barnard's Inn.' See Foster's Gra^s Inn Reg. [lo] 

Blrohe, Thomas, gent. Brasenose Coll., matric. 
8 March, 2648-9; B.A. Z5 Oct, Z652, bar.-at-law. 
Gray's Inn, Z65Z, as son and heir of Thomas, of 
Birch, CO. Lancaster, arm. See Foster^s Gray* s Inn 

BlrohO; Thomas (Byrche), s. Ed., of Leacroft, 00. 
Stafiford, gent Magdalen Coll., matric. 26 Jan., 
2676^, aged 27 : a student of the Middle Temple 
2678, father of Edward 2702. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Birohe, William, of ca Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric. 5 Nov., 2584, aged 20; B.A. 7 July, 

Blron, William, s. Richard, of Bedwardine, co. Wor- 
cester, pleb. Oriel Coll. , matric 22 July, 2634, 
aged 29 ; B.A. from Hart Hall 5 May, 2636. 

Biron, William, fellow Trinity Coll., Cambridge ; 
B. A. 2709, M.A. 2722, inoorp. 24 July, 2722, one of 
these names rector of All Saints, Evesham, 2724, 
vicar of Hockley, co. Worcester, 2797, and canon of 
Worcester 2727-42. See Le Neve, iii. 88. [15] 

Biroliall. See also Burchall. 

Birohall, John, of co. Lancaster, pleb. Brasenose 
Coll., matric, as Nov., 2627, aged 27; B.A. 2a 
Nov., 2622. 

Birohalli Robert (Byrchall), B.A. (sap. 97 fan.) 
2506-7; this entry is erased in the original. See 
0,H.S., i. 

Birohett, John. See Burchett, p. azi. 

Birohatt, Richard (Burchattj, s. Thomas, of Gilford, 
Surrey, pleb. Merton Coll., matric. 20 June, 
2634, aged 27; B.A. 27 Dec.. 2636. one of these 
names rector of Madresfield. 00. Worcester, 2672. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. { 20l 

Birohett, Samuel, s. Richard, of Leigh Court, co. 
Worcester, minister. Merton Coll., matric. 24 
June, 2667, aged 27 ; B.A. from Ballxol Coll. 
2672, rector of Leigh, co. Worcester, 2673, and of 
Redmarley 2686. See Foster's Index Ecciesias- 

Birolllnslia, David (Byrchinsha), s. J., of Llansanan, 
CO. Denbigh, p.p. Jesus Colu, matric. 2 July, 
1675, aged 27; B. A. 2679, M.A. 2683, rector of 
Lydford, Devon. 2688. vicar of Salcombe 2702, 
rector of Clyst St Lawrence 270a. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Birohinsliaw, Maurice (Byrchynshaw), of Magda- 
len Coll., RGramm. 22 Dea, 2522. B.CL. a 
July, 2525, surmaster of St. Paul's School 2525, preb. 
of Wells, precentor of Vaynol (with prebend) in Sl 
Asaph's 2538-64. rector of Denbigh 2543, died ia 
Z564. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus / Fasti, i. 
3a, 4a ; Bloxam, iii. 76 ; & St, Pauts School Reg. , 17. 

Birohmoro, Thomas (Byrchmore), of Bucks, pTeb. 
Christ Church, matric. 34 Nov., 2625. aged 25; 
B. A. from Magdalen Hall 9 June, 2629, M.A. 4 
July, 262a, rector of Beachampton, Bucks, 2628. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. [2ft] 

BirolilXlore, William, s. Bennett, of Hanslop. Bucks, 
pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric 8 May, 2635, 
aged 26 ; B.A. 25 Dec. 2638, M.A. 2 July, 2642. 

Bixde, Andrew (Byrde), of Oxon, pleb. Merton 
Coll., matric 25 Oct, 2592, aged 28 ; B.A. 27 
Feb., 2594-5, M.A. 23 June, 2509, B.Med. 20 July. 
2625, licenced to practice 22 July, 2625, D.Med. 25 
June, 2628, father of the next named. 

Bird, Andrew (Byrd), s. Andrew, of Reading. Berics. 
D.Med. University Coll., matric 4 July, 2634. 
aged 26 ; B.A. 8 May, 2635, M.A. 28 Jan., 2637- 

Bird, Bernard (ser.), s. John, of Coomb Rawly, Devon, 
pleb. p. p. Exeter Coll., matric 3 April, 2661. 
aged 28 ; B.A. from Gloucester Hall 2664 (as 
Byrd), vicar of Combe, Hants, 2666. and of Uf- 
culme, Devon, 2686. See Foster's Index Ecclesias' 

Bird, Christopher (Byrd), 8. Thomas, of Cfaist. Sussex, 
gent. Trinity Coll., matric 28 Nov.. 2632. aged 
26 ; one of these names rector of Bassingharo, co. 
Lincoln, 2646. See Add. MS., 25,67a [30] 

Bird, Cornelius, s. Richard, of Weir, Salop, pleb. 
Hart Hall, matric. 5 May, 2707, aged 28 ; one of 
these names vicar of Keropsey, co. Worcester, 2728. 

Bird, Edward (Berde), of Somerset, pleb. St. Alban 
Hall, matric 26 Oct., 2602, aged 26 ; B.A. from 
St. Mary Hall 27 June, 2605, M.A. 23 June^ 2609. 
called Byrd in Mat. Reg. fsx] 

Bird, Emanuel, s. James, of (Broom) Brougham, West- 
morland, pleb. Queen's Coll., matric. 24 Dec, 
2695. aged 28 ; brother of Henry 2693. 

Blrde, Henry (Boerde) ; B.A. (sup. 20 Oct) 252a. 

Bird, xienry, M.A. Cainbridge; inoorp. 30 Aug., 2605, 
rector of St. Nicholas Aeon, London, 2604, and of 
Tooting Graveney, Surrey, 2626. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bird. Henry, s. James, of Brougham, Westmorland, 
p. p. Queen's Coll., matric 22 Feb., x69a-3, aged 
x6 ; B. A. 2698, fellow, M.A. 2700, admon. at Oxford 
granted 14 Dec, 2705. See Hearm, I 225. fs5] 

Bird, James, s. J(ames), of Brough-on-Stainmoce, West- 
moriand, arm. Queen's Coll., matric 23 May. 
2687, aged 26 ; bar.-at-law. Gray's Inn, 2699, hanged 
for the murder of his wife; brother of John 2^2. 
See Foster's Gra/s Inn Admissions. 


James Bird. 

1500 — 1714. 

William Bird. 

Bird, James, s. Joh., p. p. Queen's Coll., subscribed 
18 Feb., 1701-2, aged 23; B.A, 1702, M.A. 16 
March, 1704-5, one 6( these names vicar of Thom- 
ton-by-Homcastle, co. Lincoln, 1706, and of Lang- 
ton-t^-Panney 1708. See Foster's /ndex EccUsias- 

Bird, Job, of Bucks, 'cler. fiL' Exeter Coll., matric. 
20 Feb., IS9S-6, aged 15. 

Birde, John (Byrde), M. A. (disp. as Carmelite, 26 April) 
1510, B.D. 12 June, 1510, D.D, 20 Feb., 1513-14, 
provincial of his order 1516-19 & 1522, suffragan to 
the bishop of LlandafF 1537, with title of bishop of 
IVnrith, bishop of Bangor 1539-42, zst bishop of 
Chester 1541, deprived for being married in 1554 
(and also of his archdeaconry of Richmond and 
Chester), suffragan to Bonner, bishop of London, 
vicar of Great Dunmow, Essex, 1554, died in 1558. 
See AtK, i. 238 ; Cooper, i. 190; Foiti, L 38; & 

Bird, John (Byrde), B.A. 16 Feb., 1530-1. 

Birde, John, B.A. (sup. 2 Nov.) 1570. [5] 

Bird, John (Byrde). pleb. All Souls' Coll., matric 

23 Dec., 1584, aged z6. See Fostei^s Inns of Court 


Bird, John (Byrde), of Berks, gent Magdalen 
Coll., matric 25 Oct, 2589, aged 13; chorister 
1590-5, B.A. 6 Nov., 1595, one of these names vicar 
of Bicester, Oxon, 1605. See Foster's Index Ecclesi- 
asiicus & Bioxam, i. 25. 

Bird, John, of Backs, gent Exeter Coll., matric 
30 Jan.. Z600-Z, aged z6; B.A. from Chkist 
Church 23 Oct, 1604, M.A. 18 June, 1607 (incorp. 
at Cambridge z6o8|, B.D. 24 Nov., 1615, rector of 
CheddJngton, Bucks, z6iz, and of Wendlebury, 
Oxon, Z6Z4. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bird, John (Byrd), of Oxon, plebb St. Edmund Hall, 
macric 28 June, 1620, aged z6 ; B.A. from Merton 
CoLU 7 Feb., Z623-4. See Fasti, i. 41Z. 

Bird, John (Byrd), ' Universit Attumat' ; privilegiatus 
29 Jan. , Z640-Z, aged 37. [lOj 

Bird, John, s. James, of Brougham, Westmorland, pleb. 
Queen's Coll.. matric. 23 March, 1690-z, aged 16 ; 
bar.-at-Iaw, Gray's Inn, Z699, dead before 3 Feb., 
Z709-ZO, brother of James Z687. See Foster's Grays 
Inn Admissions. 

Bird, John. s. William, of All Saints. Hereford (city), 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric z6 Dec, Z7Z4, 
a^ned z8, B.A. Z7Z8; incorp. at Cambridge Z723, 
M.A. from King's Coll., Cambridge. 1723. 

Bird. Jonathan, B.A. from Magdalen Hall 9 July, 

Bird, Joseph, subscribed 4 Nov., z6z4 ; EA. from St. 
Alban Hall z8 Jan.. 1616-Z7, M.A. 22 Oct, Z619, 
incorp. at Cambridge z62z, vicar of Bierton, Buclcs, 
z6a4, etc See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bird, Josias. B. A. Cambridge ; incorp. from All Souls' 
Coll. 4 May, 1609, M.A. 27 Oct, z6oo ; ' under the 
inspection of his kinsman or unde, Dr. William Bird. * 
See FasH, i. 335. [iSj 

Bird, Richard (or Bryde), secular chaplain ; B,CL. 6 
June. X5Z9, B.Can.L. 21 July. Z522. 

Birde, Richard, fellow of New Coll. 1530-9, from St. 
Peter's in Winchester, vicar of Elyng Z539, died in 
1586. See O.H.S., i. 306. 

Birde, Richard, scholar of Trinity Coll. , Cambridge, 
156)8. R A. 1569, fellow, M. A. Z572 (incorp. Z5 July, 
1578). B.D. 1580, created D.D. z6o8, rector of 
Woodchurcb, Kent, z^82, and of Brookland, Kent, 
1^97, archdeacon of Cleveland z589-z6oz, canon of 
Cauterbury Z590, buried in Canterbury Cathedral Z9 
June, 1609. See Coofer, il 52Z ; & DM.B, 

Bird, Richard (Byrd), 01 Oxon, • clcr. fit* Magdalen 
Hall, matric 4 June, Z619, aged z6 ; B.A. Z70ct, 


Bird, Robert. See Burd. Z669 and Z704. [aa] 

Bird, Robert, secular chaplain; B.Can.L. 26 Oct, 
1531. See Fosters Index EcelesiastiatSn 

Bird. Roger, RA. from Christ Church 23 Oct, 
163s, rector of Ipsley, co. Warwick, 1640, father of 
the next named. See Foster's Index EcclesiasHeus, 

Bird, Roger (Byrd), s. Roger, of Ipsley, co. Warwick, 
minister. Queen's Coll., matric z6 May, Z672, 
aged z6. 

Bil'd, Samuel, pensioner of Queen's Coll., Cambridge, 
Z566, B.A. Z570, M.A. 1573, fellow of Corpus 
Cbristi College 1574-6, served the cure of St. Peter's, 
Ipswich, Z580-1604, a student of the Bodleian Z604, 
incorp. 8 May, z6o<, one of these names rector of 
Snargate, Kent, z6ii, canon of Canterbury z6i8. 
See Cooper, ii. 429 ; Fasti, i. 307 ; & D.N.B. 

Bird, Stoughton, s. S., of London, gent Balliol 
Coll., matric zo April, Z7za, aged z8; B.A. Z715, 
M.A. Z718. [as] 

Bird, Thomas (Byrde or Brydde), of Magdalen 
Coll., chaplain, B.A. 29 April, Z506 (had a priest's 
cure in the country), M.A. z6 May, Z5zz, B.D. 22 
June, 1520, B.C.L. (sup. 7 June) Z520, B.Can.L. 2z 
July, Z522, one of these names vicar of Brumpton 
Regis, Somerset, Z5Z5. See Foster's Index EccUsi' 
asiicus & Fasti, i. 33. 

Bird, Thomas, surgeon ; admitted to practice — May, 
Z537. See O.H.S., i. z88. 

Bird, Thomas (Byrd), of London, pleb. Christ 
Church, matric 8 July, Z586, aged Z3; B.A. 
(7 from St. Edbiund Hall) 19 June, Z593. 

Bird, Thomas, s. John, of Braxted, Essex, saoerd. 
Lincoln Coll., matric 30 April, Z624, bs^ vj \ 
B.A. from Pembroke Coll. 20 June, Z629 (incorp. 
at Cambridge Z63X), ordered to be created B.I>. 
22 June, 1646, vicar of Somerby, co. Leicester, ' at 
his first coming to Oxford he was for one year or 
two of Lincoln Coll., M.A. of zo years standing, 
had suffered imprisonment at Leicester and loss of 
goods for doing his majesty's service at Belvoir 

Bird, Thomas, a. Thomas, of Midgham, Berks, pleb. 
Trinity Coll., matric z8 Nov., Z63X, aged Z5, 
B.A. zz Feb., z633-d ; M.A. from Magdalen 
Coll. 28 Nov., Z636, vicar of Brimpton, Berks. 
1638. See Fosto's Index Ecclesiasticus, [30] 

Bird, (Sir) Thomas, created M.A. 3Z Aug.. Z636, and 
also D.C.L. z8 Nov.. Z643. & captain in the king's 
army, governor of Eccleshall, in Staffordshire, a 
master m chancery Z660-5, knighted Z2 May, z66z, 
buried in the Temple Church zo June, Z665, Inner 
Temple side See Basti, ii. 63. 

Bird, Thomas, s. Nathaniel, of Long Ichington, co. 
Warwick, \^€q, Balliol Coll. , matric 30 March, 
z666, aged zy. 

Bird, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Mamble, co. Worcester, 
p. p. All Souls' Coll., matric Z7 July, Z674, 
aged z8 ; B.A. Z678. 

Birde, William (Berde), B.A. 7 March. Z54Z.2. 

Bird, William (Byrde), of Ireland, pleb. New Inn 
Hall, matric -entry under date Z575, aged 18; 
' Scholaris Mri. Case.' ;.35] 

Bird, (Sir) William (Bpd). of Essex, gent All 
Soul's Coll., matnc 28 Nov., Z58Z, aged 20; 
fellow Z578, B.C.L. 4 July, Z583, D.C.L. Z3 Feb., 
Z587-8 (son of William, of Walden, Essex), official 
principal and dean of the arches, M.P. Oxford 
university Z609-ZZ, knighted at Bedford 22 March, 
z6z7, a judge of prerogative court of Canterbury, 
buried in Christ Church, Newgate, 5 Sept, z624. 
See FasH, i. 240. 

Bird, William, of Ireland, pleb. Gloucester Hall, 
matric 4 Jan., Z582-3, aged z8 ; B.A. from Brase- 

pleb. St. Edmund 

NOSE Coll. 9 Feb., Z584-5. 
Bird, WiUiam (Byrd), of Essex, 

Hall, matnc z8 March, jfuvj-^, aged z8, B.A. 
27 May, z6iz ; fellow All Soul's Coll., M.A. 
20 Apnl, z6z5. B.C.L 2 May. z6z7. D.C.L. 4 July, 
Z622 (son of Thomas, of Littlebury, Essex), custos 
or master of the prerogative court of Canterbury, 
died 28 Nov.. Z639, buried in Littlebuiy Chuicu. 
See FasHt L 407* 

[ 127] 

William Bird, 

1500 — 1714, 

Miles Birkett. 

Bird, William (Byrd), of Devon, pleb. Hart Hall, 
matric. 16 June, 1610, aged 16; B.C.L. from All 
Soul's CoLu xo Dec., 1617. 

Bird, William (Byrd), gent Jesus Coll., matric. 
25 July, 1655. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bird, William (Byrd), s. Samuel, of Claverock, co. 
Leicester, gent. Lincoln Coll., matric. 23 June. 
1665, aged 16; RA. 1669, M.A. 18 Tan., 1671-2, 
bar.-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1676, his fattier rector of 
Cleybrook. co. Leicester. See Foster's Grays Inn 

Bird, William (Byrd), s. William, of Qaybrook, co 
Leicester, arm. Balliol Coll., subscribed 23 
May, 1704, aged 15; B.A. 11 Feb., 1707-8, M.A. 
1710, vicar of Claybrooke 1716. See Fostez's Index 

Birdall, Aaron, s. William, of Exeter. Devon, gent. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 9 March, 1637-8, aged 16; 
B.A. z8 Feb., 1641-2, vicar of Knowestone, Devon, 
1662. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, [5] 

Birdall, Edward, of Devon, gent. Exeter Coll.. 
matric. 26 Feb., Z584-5, aged 18 ; vicar of Abbots 
Kerswell, Devon. 1(91. See Fostei^s Index Ece, 

Birdall, Thomas, s. William, of Exeter, Devon, pleU 
Exeter Coll., matric z6 July, 1625, aged 17. 
See Calamy, iii. 243. 

Birdall, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Exeter. Devon, 
gent. Oriel Coll., matric. zo July, z66i, aged 
z8; EA. z8 Jan., Z664-5, M.A. Z667. rector of 
Jnstow and Dunchideock, Devon, z668, father of 
the next named. See Fostei^s Index Ecclesias- 

Birdall, Thomas (Byrdall). s. Th., of Dunchideock, 
Devon, der. Exeter Coll.. matric. 22 Feb.. 
Z691-2. aged z6. B.A. Z695 ; incorp. at Cambridge 
Z721 and M.A. from King's Coll. Z721, vicar of 
Dunsford, Devon. Z7Z6. See Foster's Index Ecclesi- 

Birk, John (Byrke). B.A. 6 May, Z534. [xo] 

Birkbeok, Adam. M.A. 27 Feb.. Z507-8, elected 
chaplain (? librarian) of the University Z3 Oct, Z513 ; 
fellow of Queen's coll.. Z5z8. rector of Crocombe, 
Somerset. Z52a See Fosto^s Index Ecclesiasticus 
& 0,H,S„ L 54. 

Birkbeok, Antony (Birkebeke), B.A. 2 July, zsis, 
M.A. June, Z5z8 ; fellow of Queen's Coll. Z524. 

Birkbeok, Antony (Barbyke), EA. (sup. 9 Feb.) 

Birkbeok, Charles, s. C, of London, Middlesex, 
gent. BALLIOL Coll., matric 29 March, Z707, 
aged 17 ; B. A. 1710, vicar of Stockbury. Kent, Z722. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Birkbeoke. Humfrey (Byrkbecke), of Westmorland, 
genL Queen's Coll., matric. zo May, Z583, 
aged 2z. ^5] 

Birkbeok, John, B.A. (sup. March) ZS33-4, one of 
these names vicar of Great Canfield, E^sex, Z545. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Birkbeok, Paul, & A. from Pembroke Coll., Cam- 
bridge, Z580, incorp as M.A. Z2 Feb., Z590-Z, rector 
of Aldeburgh. Suffolk, Z590. See Foster's Index 
' Birkbeok, Symond, of Westmorland, arm. Qitbbn's 
Coll., matric. 24 OcL, z6oo, aged z6 ; tabarder. 
B.A. 26 Oct, Z604, M.A. Z2 Tune. Z607, B.D. 15 
May. z6z6 (son of Thomas, of Hornby, 00. West- 
morland), vicar of Gilling with Chapel of Forcet. 
Yorks. z6z7, buried in Foroet chapel Z4 SepL, Z656. 
See Ath,, iii. 42Z ; & D.N,B, 

Birkbeok, Thomas; 'ser.' Queen's Coll., matric. 
zo Nov.. Z654 ; a student of Gray's Inn Z655, as 
son and heir of George, of Orton. Westmorkind, 
buried 4 June. Z707. See Foster's Grays Inn Reg, 

Birkbeok, William, s. Henry, of Mallerstang in 
Kirby Stephen, Westmorlajid, husbandman, ad- 
mitted a sizar of St. John's Coll., Cambridge, 
z6 0ct, Z657, aged z6; fellow, B.A. z66z, incorp. 
as M.A. Z3 Jtily, Z669. See Mayor, Z34. [ao] 

Birkby, William (Byrckbey or Byrckbye), KA. z6 

Dec 1543. M.A. ZS47. 
Birkenbed, Henry (Birkened), of Chester, arm. 

Brasenose Coll., matric. 21 Nov., 16x7, aged z6: 

of Rackford, Cheshire, baptized at Waverton in 

Sept, Z599, M.P. CO. Chester Z6S3. died July z66o. 

buried in Sl Sepulchre's. London. 
Birkenhed, Henry (Birkhened). s. H., of CarriDcham. 

Cheshire, pleb. Beasenose Coll., matria 22 

Nov., Z672, aged z8. 

Birkenhed, (Sir) John (Berkinhead), s. RandaB. of 
North wich. Cheshire, pleU Oriel Coll., matric. 
Z3 June. Z634, aged Z7 ; servitor Z632, B. A. Z5 Jan . 
z636-7, created M.A. Z4 June, z639 (incorp. at Cam- 
bridge Z657) ; fellow All Souls' Coll. Z639. until 
ejected Z64J8, Whytes professor moral philosophy 
Z643-8, ejected, D.CL 6 April, z66i. originator of 
the royalist journal ' Mercurius Aulicus/ Z642-5, 
M.P. Wilton (June) Z661-79, knighted 14 Nov., 
Z662, master of faculties office, master of requests 
Z664, and a member of the Royal Society, died 
within the precincts of Whitehall, 4 Dec. Z697. 
See Ath. Ox., iii. Z203 ; Fasti, i. 5Z3 ; & Burrows, 

Birkenhed, Peter (Berkinhead). *ser.' Christ 
Church, matric. 23 July, 1656, rector of Somer- 
cotes St. Peter, co. Lincoln, Z663. and South 
Somercotes SL Mary Z672. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus, [25j 

Birkenhed, Robert (Birkhened). s. Theophilus. of 
Highgate, Middlesex, gent. Wadham Coll., 
matric. 2 April, Z677, aged Z4. 

Birkenhed, Thomas (Berkenhead), s. Thomas, of 
Warrington, co. Lancaster, paup. Corpus 
Christi Coll., matric. Z3 May. z684. aged 19; 
(query student of Gray's Inn Z687). See Fostei's 
Grays Inn Reg, 

Birkenhed, William (Birkhened), s. Richard, of 
Canterbury, Kent. genL St. [ohn's Coll.. matric 
6 Dec., 1639. aged z8 ; (query created B.C.L. 20 
Dec Z642). 

Birkenhed, William (Berchenhead). s. John, of 
Weston, Cheshire, pleb., p.p. Brassnoss Coll., 
matria 22 March. z66o-z. aged z8; B.A. Z664, 
vicar of Henstridge, Somerset, Z669. See Foster's 
Inns of Court Reg, 

Birkett, Edward, s. Henry, of Workington, Cam- 
bridge, p. p. Queen's Coll., matria 26 Feb.. 
Z7ZZ-Z2, aged Z7 ; B.A. Z7Z5, M.A. ztzS. vicar of 
Kirkland, Cumberland, Z72Z, canon of Carlisle Z733- 
68. and rector of Bewcastle Z738. and vicar of Ad- 
dingham Z758-68. See Foster's Index Eac. [SO] 

Birket, John, of Queen's Coll., Cambridge. a.A. ; 
incorp. Z5 Nov., Z648, from Magdalen Coll., 
master of the free school at Grantham Z649. vicar of 
Swinderley, co. Line., Z650. until ejected in Z662, one 
of these names vicar of Gosberton, co. Line. , Z662, died 
at Auber, co. Line., 5 May. Z684. See Calamy, ii. 433. 

Birket, John, s. J., of Kendall, Westmorland, pip. 
Queen's Coll.. matric. 23 May. 1672. aged Z7; 
B.A. Z677, M.A. 1682 (subs, as Berchett), vicar of 
Milford, riants, Z679-Z723, fathered the next named. 

Birket, John. s. J(ohn). of Milford* Hants, der. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 26 March, Z705, aged 15. 
B.A. Z708 ; incorp. at Cambridge and M.A. from 
St. Johns Coll.. Z729, rector of Compton Abbas. 
Dorset, Z725, vicar of He Brewers, Somerset, Z743. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Birkett, Miles (Burkitt). s. WiUiam, of Bogbrooke, 
Northants, pleb. St. Edmund Hall, matric. 13 
Nov., z6a9, aged Z9 ; B.A. 3 Tune, z630 (incorpi at 
Cambridge Z632, ?as Bbrker). M.A. Z4 May, 1633, 
originally a zealous churchman, and latterly a non- 
conformist, rector of a portion of Pattishall, North- 
ants, Z634, of Hitcham, Suffolk, Z657, and of Irstead 
z66z, vicar of Neatishead, Norfolk. z66z. ejected 
ynder the Act of Uniformity. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesiasticus; D.N,B,; & Caktmy, iiL 8. 



1500— 1714. 

Elias Bishopp. 

Birket, Wniiam, s. Thomas, of LoDdon, gent Exeter 
Coll.., nuuric ax Nov.. 1634, aged 15 ; B.A. 24 Oct, 
1637, M.A. xz Jane, x6i4a 

Birkhead, Christopher (Byrkhed), s. Gabriel, of West- 
minster, Middlesex, gent Chjust Church, matria 
24 July, X624, aged 18 ; B.A. 37 June, X637, M.A. 
17 April, X630, B.D. 13 Oct, 1^7, vicar of Long 
PrestoD, Yorks, 1636, died in 1643. See Alumni 
West., 93. 

Birkhead, Daind, M.A. Cambridge ; incorp. 9 July, 

1605. Daniel Bxrkhead, rector of Langton, 

Yorks, z6zo, of EgglescUflfe x6io, and of Winston 
x6ii, both 00. Durham, canon of Durham 16x9, 
until his death in X624, one of these names also 
canon of Sarum 16x7. See Le Neve, iiL 314, 3x8 ; 
& Foster's Index EccUnasticus, 

Birkheady George (Burkhead), of Westmorland, pleb. 
Queen's Coll., matric. 3 May, 1594, aged x8; 
B.A. 24 April, 1599, M.A. 30 June, z6o3, B.D. 5 
July, z6io, licenced to preach 6 July, x6xo, rector 
of Blechingdon, Oxon« 16x7. See Foster's Index 

Birkhead, Henry, s. John, of London, gent TRiNirr 
Coll., matric. 4 July. 1634, aged x6, B.A. xx Feb., 
1636-7; fellow All Souls' Coll. X638-57, M.A. 
5 June, X641, D.Med. (disp.)95 April, X653, 'Latin 
poet,' the proficssorship of poetry was founded in 
1708 from bis bequest ; registrary of the diocese of 
Norwich resigned x68x, had a chamber in the Middle 
Temple, but does not appear to have been a member 
of an Inn of Court, much less a barrister, died on 
Michaelmas Eve 1696, buried in St Margaret's, West- 
minster. See Atk,^ iv. 573 ; Burrows ; & D.N,B, 

Birkheade, John, of London, pleb. Queen's Coll. , 
tnatria ao Feb., X606-7, aged 14 ; possibly iJEither of 
Henry last named. \fi\ 

Birkhead, Joseph , ' ser.' Magdalen Coll. , matric. 
X April, Z656; B.A. from Lincoln Coll. xa Feb., 
X657-8, incorp. at Cambridge x66i; M.A. from 
Magdalen Coll., Cambridge, x66z. incorp. at 
Oxford 23 July, X669, rector of Houghton on the 
Hill, oa Leicesier, X678, vicar of Moulton, Northants, 
x688. See Foster's Index Ecelen<uticus. 

Birkhead, William, of ca York, gent Magdalen 
Hall, matric. x Feb., 1593-4, aged x6 ,* a student 
of Lincoln's Inn X595, one of these names rector of 
Gamston, Notts, X597. See Foster's Index Ecck- 
siasHcus & Inns of Court Reg, 

Birkin, Roger ; fellow of New Coll. 34 April, X506 
(from St Peter's, Bristol), B.A. 35 June, icio, 
'licenced M.A. 9 De&, X5X4, and created M.A. 
s July, 15x5,' died isaa 

Bilks, Richard (Byrkys) ; B.A. (sup. xy March] 
1505-6. [10] 

Biraley, Michael; EA. from Queen's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, X554, sup. 6 Sept, X566, for incorp. as 

Bixatall, William; D.D. from King's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, x663, incorp. xo July, 167^ (EA. X640), 
canon of Wells x66o, rector of Eversleigb, Hants, 
1663, father of the next named. See Foster's Index 

Birstall, William, s. William, of Eversley, Hants, der. 
St. John's Coll., matric. 3 Dea. X674, aged X5; 
B.A. from New Inn Hall X678. M.A. x68i, vicar 
of Chittome St Mary, Wilts, X683. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Birt. See also Burt. 

Birt, James, s. Thomas, of Satton, co. Hereford, pleb. 
Wadham Coll., matric. 30 May, X707, aged x8 ; 
servitor X707, B.A. 36 Feb., 17XO-XX, incorp. at 
Cambridge X733 ; M.A. from Trinity Hall X7a3, 
rector of Holton, Oxon, X790, and of Staunton, co. 
Gloucester, 1734, vicar of Dixton, 00. Montgomery, 
X736. See Foster's Index EccUtituticus & Gardiner, 
430^ [15] 

Birt, Philip, s. Thomas, of Sutton, co. Hereford, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. 4 July, X7X3, aged ij ; 
B.A. X Feb., X717-X8, M.A. irao, vicar of PuUoxhill, 
Beds, X739, canon of Hereford X733-60, rector of 
Llangela, co. Carmarthen, 1741, and of Blunham, 
Beds, X743. See Foster^s Index EcciesiasHcus. 

Birtt, Thomas, of Carmarthen, gent Jesus Coll., 
matric. X4 Oct, X597, aged x8. 

Birt. Thomas, s. Tho., of Bristol, p. p. Gloucester 
Mall, matric. 3 July, 1669, aged x8 ; EA. X673. 

Birt, Walter (Byrt), pleb. New Inn Hall, matria 
6 June, x66o, one of these names vicar of Ewema 
Minster, Dorset, 1676. See Foster's Index Eccle' 

Birtwhistle, Anthony (Birwisle) ; scholar of Brass- 
nose Coll. ;e565, EA. x6 Jan., x569-7a [ao] 

Birtwisle, Edmund, B.A. 36 Oct, X564. 

Biflbey, John (Bisbie), E A. from Queen's Coll., Cam- 
bridge, 1634, incorp. as M.A. 15 July, x6a8, vicar of 
Edstaston, Salop, canon of Lichfield X634, ejected 
during the Civil War, possibly lather of the next 
named. See Calamy, 

Bisby, Nathaniel, ' der. fiL' Christ Church, matric 
xo Nov., X654 ; EA. 4 Feb., X657-8, M.A. X7 July, 
x66o (incorp. at Cambridge xdda), E & D.D. x668, 
incorp. at Cambridge 16^ (as. John, cler. ), bom at 
Bradley Hall, 00. Stafford, 5 June, X635, rector of 
LongMelford, Suffolk, x66o, until deprived as a non- 
juror in X690, died X4 May or^x6 Sept, X695, buried 
■t Long MeUbrd. See Afk*, iv. 640; Rawlinson, 
hr. 1x3 ; Alumni IVest., Z43 ; Fastit iL 199 ; Heame, 
U. 68 ; & D.N.B, 

Bisbey, Samuel, s. John, of Wem, Salop, p. p. Bal- 
LiOL Coll., matric. x6 July, X664, aged xy. 

Bisoo, John, s. Robert, of Wickham, Bucks, gent 
New Inn Hall, roatri& 30 June. x633, aged 17 ; 
EA. I Feb., X636-7, puritan divine, preacher at 
Abingdon, Berks, and at St. Thomas, Soutbwark, 
buried at High Wycombe 9 June, 1679. See A Ik., 
ill. ZX98 ; Calamy, i. X35 ; & D.N.B. [26] 

Bisooe. John, gent Magdalen Hall, matric. xz 
April, x66o ; a student of the Middle Temple X665, 
as son and heir of John, of Drayton, Middlesex, 
esq. See Foster^s Inns t^ Court Reg, 

Bisoo, Samuel, ' ministri fiL New Inn Hall, matria 
6 June, x66o, one of these names vicar of Bisbam, 
Berks, x666, and of Wellingborough, Northants, 
z69a Sm Marriage Licences, ed. Foster ; & Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bishopp, Allen, of Dorset, pleb. St. Alban Hall, 
matnc. 30 Jan., x6oo-x, aged x8 ; B.A. 7 Feb., X604-5, 
rector of Stalbridge X609, vicar of Frampton-on- 
Sevem, co. Gloucester, X633, and of Ashton Keynes, 
Wilts, X635. See Fostec^s Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bisbopp, Edward (Byshoppe), of ca Worcester, pldi. 
Queen's Coll., matric, 13 March, 1606-7 » ^S^d 
xy ; bar.-at-law. Middle Temple, 16x8, as and son 
of Edward, late of Evesham, ca Worcester, gent, 
deceased. See Foster's Judga and Barristers, 

Bisbopp, Edward (Bysshopp), of Sussex, eq. fiL 
Trinity Coll., matric. 33 Oct, x6x9, aged x8 ; a 
student of the Inner Tem^e x6ao, as son and heir 
of Sir Thomas, of Parham Park, Sussex, baronet (so 
created 34 July, x6ao), knighted x8 Dec., X635, 3nd 
baronet x636, and high sheriff, Sussex, X635, governor 
of Arundel Castle X643, ^'P* Steyning x6a6. Biamber 
X640 till void (double return) x6 Dec the same year, 
died in X649. See Foster's inns of Court Reg, [SOJ 

Bishop, Edward, s. Richard, of Felton, Salop, gent 
Christ CHintCH, matric 6 Dec , X639, aged xy ; a 
student of the Middle Temple X64X. See Foster's 
Inns of Court i?ef . 

Bisbopp, Elias, s. John, of Exeter (city), pleb. Corpus 
Christi Coll., matric 13 March, 1704-5, aged xy ; 
EA. X708, M.A. X7X3, B.D. X73X, vicar of Buckland. 
Berks, 1730, rector of Bassingbam, co. Lincoln, X735. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

[ 129 ] 

Francis Bishopp. 

1500 — 1714. 

Thomas Bishopp. 

Bishopp, Francis, gent. Balliol Coll., matric. 17 
March, 1653-4; B.A. 9 Feb., 1657-8, rector of 
Stanhoe, Norfolk, z66i, vicar of Docking 167a 
See Foster's Indtx EccUsiasiicus. 

Bishopp, Heniy ; student of Christ Church 164a 
from Westminster School, M.A. 25 June, 1649. See 
Alumni West, zz8. 

Bishop, Henry, s. William, of Sedlescomb, Sussex, 
arm. Trinity Coll., matric. 3 July, 1708, aged 
x6 ; a student of the Middle Temple 1708. See 
Foster's Inns of Court Rtg, 

Bishop, Henry, s. William, of South Wamborough, 
Hants, gent. Hart Hall, matria 14 July, 17x1, 
aged Z4; demy Magdalen Coll. 171 z, until his 
death 4 Tune, Z7Z4. See Bloxam, vi. Z83. 

Bishopp, Humphrey, s. Walter, of Plympton, Devon, 
pleb. Exeter Coll., matric. za March, X674-5, 
aged Z9; B.A. z68z, vicar of Padstow, Cornwall, 
z6i85. See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. [5] 

Bishopp, Humfry, s. John, of Sbaftsbury, Dorset, arm. 
Wadham Coll., matric. 9 June, 1698, aged Z7; 
bar.-at-law, Middle Temple, X706, buried at Salis- 
bury. See Hutchins' Lin^set, ii. 738; & Foster's 
Judges and Barristers^ 

Bishop, James (Busbippe), of co. Warwick, gent 
Jesus Coll., matric a Aug., T58Z, aged 14; 
VScholaris Mri. Case.' 

BishopPt James, of Dorset, pleb. Broadgates 
Hall, matri& a8 Jan., z6oa^, aged z6. 

Bishop, James, s. James, of Lavington, pleb., p. p. 
Magdalen Hall, matric. Z3 July, 1664, aged Z5 ; 
EA. from Magdalen Coll. z668. 

Bishop, James, s. Henry, of Sudbury, Devon, paup. 
Exeter Coll., matric. ao March, Z683-4, aged z8 ; 
a A. Z687. [10] 

Bishop, John, secular chaplain ; B.A. (sup. Jan.) 
Z53z-a. See Foster's Intlex EccUsiasticus. 

Bishop. John (Bisshope), fellow or scholar of New 
Coll. in and before 2564. See Foster's Index Ec- 

Bishop, John (Byshop), of London, gent. Univer- 
sity Coll., matric z8 June, Z585, aged 15 ; called 
BiSHOPPE in Mat. Reg. 

Bishop, John (Bysshoppe), of Cornwall, gent. Exeter 
Coll., matric. a July, Z585, aged 2a 

Bishop, John (Bissbopp), of co. Stafford, pleb. Glou- 
cester Hall, matric. Z7 June, Z597. aged 17. [15] 

Bishopp, John (or Byshop). of Kent, ' cler. fiL' Cor- 
pus Christi Coll.. matric. 25 June, Z604, aged Z7; 
RA. from St. Mary Hall z Feb.. Z607-8, M.A. 
from Corpus Christi Coll.. 8 July, z6z2. 

Bishop, John (Byshopp), of Devon, pleb. Exeter 
Coll., matric. 3Z Oct., z6o6. aged z8, 'paup. 
schol. ;' B.A. 37 June, z6zo, rector of Nymet Row- 
land, Devon, X6Z9. See Foster's Index Ecclesias- 

Bishop, John, of co. Gloucester, pleb. St. Edmund 
Hall, matric. 3 June, z6o8, aged 18. 

Bishopp, John, s. Humphrey, of Cahie, Wilts, pleb. 
Hart Hall, matric. Z3 April, z632, aged z8 ; B.A. 
iz Feb., X633-4, one of these names rector of Stock- 
Hnch-Magdailen, Somerset, Z640, See Foster's Index 

Bishop, John, s. William, of Holway, Dorset, pleb. 
Baluol Coll., matric. 90 April, Z633, aged ao; 
B.A. 7 June, z63a, M.A. Z5 April, Z635, rector of 
Batcombe, Dorset, Z636. See Foster's Index Eccle^ 
siasticus & Fasti, i. 478. [ZO] 

Bishop, John. s. Humphr., of Chilcomb, Dorset, gent. 
Wadham Coll., matric Z9 Dec., z668. aged Z9 ; 
a student of the Middle Temple z666-8. died Z9 Jan., 
1682, brother of Thomas of same date, and fiather of 
Humphrey z69d. See Gardiner, 277. 

Bishop, John, s. J., of Cranboume, Dorset, pleb. 
tJ NiVERSiTY Coll., matric. at June, Z672, aged Z7. 

Bishop, John, s. Robert, of Bridport, Dorset, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric. 3 April, 1674, aged 20; 
KA. Z677, rector of Tarxant Keynston, Dorset, Z694. 
See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus^ 

Bishop, John, 8. Moses, of Exeter, Devon, p.p. Hart 
Hall, matric. 3Z March, Z685. aged z6 ; B.A. from 
Exeter Coll. 7 March, z688-9. 

Bishopp, John, s. J., of Oxford (dty), genL Hart 
Hall, matria Z4 Jan., Z702-3, aged Z5. [25l; 

Bishop, John, s. J., gent. ; Hart Hall, matric 28 
March, Z705, aged Z5 ; B.A. from St. Ma&y Hall 
22 Feb., Z708-9. 

Bishop, Richard (Bysshope. or Bosdiype) ; B. A. 4 

_ July, ZS12. 

Bishop, Richard, demy Magdalen Coll., Z538; 
B. A. 7 May, Z544, M.A. Z547, one of these names 
rector of Idlioote, co. Warwick, Z543. See Bloxam, 
iv. 78. 

Bishop, Richard (Bushop), s. Richard, of Stoke St. 
Milburgh, Salop, pleb. St. Mary Hall, matric. 
2 April. Z64Z, aged Z4. 

Bishop, Robert (Byshoppe). of Wilts, pleb. Merton 
Coll., matric. 25 Jan., 1582-3, aged Z9 ; a student 
of Gray's Inn Z584, as of Mere, Wilts. See Foster's 
Gray's Inn Reg. [30] 

Bishop, Robert ; B.A. from Exeter Colz.. zq .^pril. 
z6z6 (? a student of the Middle Temple Z614, as son 
and heir of Robert, of Mere, Wilts, gent.). See 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bishop, Robert, s. Edward, of Ashton Keynes, Wilts. 
pleb. Qtjeek's Coll., matric. z April, Z674. ^S^^ 
z5 ; B.A. from Wadham Coll. 21 Fet>., Z677-8. 

Bishop, Robert, s. Joh., of St. Colurob. Cornwall, der. 
Exeter Coll., matric. 23 March, Z699-Z700, agedij 
Z5; BbA. Z7P3, M.A. Z706, rector of Sl Pin nock, ,j 
Cornwall, Z707. Sw Foster^s Index Ecclesiasticus. 

Bishopp, Rc^er, of co. Warwick, genL Gloucester 
Hall, matric. 24 July, Z590, aged z6 ; a student of 1 
the Inner Temple Z593, as of Gt. Wolford, co. War* 
wick, late of Qement's Ian, gent. See Foster's Inm 
of Court Reg. 

Bishop, Samuel, gent Christ Church, matric. x6 
Dec., Z648 ; B.A. Z7 Dec, Z65Z. M.A. a6 May, 1654. 
vicar of Finchingfield, Essex, z66a, £ither of the next 
named. [35] 

Bishop, Samuel, s. S., of Finchingfield. Essex, gent 
Wadham Coll.. matric 4 March. Z686-7, aged 17 ; 
scholar Z687, B.A. Z690, M.A. Z693, exhibiciooer 
Z693-4-5, fellow Z695, seems to have died same year. 
See Gardiner, 349. 

Bishop! Thomas (Bysehop) ; B.A. 30 June, X5z6. M.A. 
28 March, Z522, master of the Grammar School at 
Magdalen College Z523-6. See Bloxam, ili. 60 ; & 
a//.5., i. zoo. 

Bishop, Thomas; scholar of Corpus Christi Coll 
15741 B.A. ap Oct, Z577, possibly father of John 
Z604. See Marriage Luences, ed. Foster &. O.H,S., 
xii. 69. 

Bishoppe, Thomas, of co. Stafford, pleb. Exetek 
Coll., matric 23 Nov., Z604, aged z8 ; fellow of 
Trinity Coli-, B.A. 2 June, z6o8. M.A. 5 May, 
z6z2, admon. (at Oxford) granted 3 Aug.. z6i6. 

Bishopp, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Gloucester (c:ty), 
pleb. Wadham Coll., matric 4 Nov., Z631, Mged 
z8; scholar Z632, RA. 4 July, Z635, sub^ean 1637. 
died 9 Jan., Z638. See Gardiner, zza. [ftO] 

Bishopp, Thomas, s. Robert, of Curry Rivel, Somer- 
set, pleb. St. Mart Hall, matric 7 Nov., 1634, 
aged z8. 

Bishop, Thomas ('sen'), s. Thomas, of Martocke. 
Somerset, pleb., p. p. Magdalen Hall, mau.c. 
24 May, z66z, aged z6. 

Bishop, Thomas, s. Humphr., of Chilcomb, Dorset, 
genr. Wadham Coll.. matric. Z9 Dec. z66S, 
aged zy; a student of the Middle Temple i663, 
buried in the ante chapel of Wadham 7 Oct., id6o, 
brother of John same date See Gardiner 277. & 
Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bishopp, Thomas, s. Thomas, of Minehead, Somerset, 
gent. Wadham Coll., matric. 4 July. 1676. aged 
z8 ; B.A. z68o, MA. Z683. one of these names rector 
of Greeting All Saints, Sufiblk, Z706. See Foster's 
Index Ecclesiasticus, 

[ 130 ] 

William Bishop. 

1500 — 1714, 

Ralph Bisse. 

Biflliopy VnUiam. xs/a See A/A., ii. 356, 863; & 

Bishop, William (Bushopp), s. John, of Newbirgh, co. 
Stafford, pleb. Jesus Coli* , matric 25 Jan., 1627-8, 
aged 17 ; B-A. 5 July, 1631, M.A. 11 June, 1634. 

Bishop, William, s. Richard, of Northleach, co. 
Gloucester, pleb. Magdalen Haix, matric. 19 
June, Z635. aged 22 ; B.A. from MAGDALEN CoLL. 
xaDec., 1635. 

Bishop, William, arm. Balliol Coll., matric. az 
March. Z650-Z; B.A. 9 Nov., Z652, M.A. 30 May, 

Bishop, William, s. Richard, of South Wamborough, 
Hants, arm. St. John's Coll., matric. 5 May, 
1671, aged 16 ; a student of the Middle Temple 
'673. father of Henry 1711. See Foster^s Inns of 
Court Reg. [5] 

Bishopp, William, s. George, of Moore. Salop, gent. 
Trinity Coll.. matric 14 July, 1677, aged 16; 
RA. 8 March. z68o-i, M.A. 19 Feb., 1683-4, one of 
these names rector of Hayes, Middlesex, 1685. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesuuttcus, 

Bishopp, William, s. John, of Gloucester (city), gent 

McRTON Coll., matric. Z4 March, i68o-z, aged 

Bishopp, Wniiam, s. John, of Sadbunr, ca Gloucester, 

genL OsiEL Coll., matric. 15 May, 1711, aged 

21 ; Bw A. 26 Jan., 1714-25. 

Bisp>':'!n, Samuel, subscribed zi Nov., 16x4 (? student 
o. wr.iy's Inn X613. as son and heir of William, of 
London, gent.). See Foster's Gray's Inn Reg, 

Bispham, Samuel, D.Med. Leyden ; incorporated 
1633. practiced in Loudon, and died there in X664. 
See Palatine Note-Book^ iii., pp. 72-3; & Fasti, i. 
47a. [10] 

Bispham, Thomas, s. William, of Billing, co. Lancas- 
ter, gent University Coll., matric. 4 July, 1634, 
aged X7 ; B.A. 20 Oct., Z636. 

Bispham, Thomas, doctoris med. fiL Queen's 
Coll., matric. 23 July, X656; bar.-at-law, Gray's 
Inn. 1663 (as son and heir of Samuel, of co. Lan- 
caster, doctor of physic), licenced 17 July, X663, to 
marry Frances, daughter of William Bowles, of St. 
James's. ClerkenweU, esquire. See Foster's Judges 
and Barristers & Palatine Note-Book, 1883, iii., 
pp. 72-3. 

Bissaker, EusUce, of co. Warwick, pleb. St. Jon n's 
Coix., matric. 8 May, x6oi, aged 17; B.A, from 
Balliol Colu 7 Feb., z6o4-5 (called Bizaker in 
Afat. Reg.). 

Bisse. See also BvssE. 

Bisse, Edward, 'subscribed' 3 June, z6x4. student of 
the Middle Temple 1608 (as son and hfirof Edward, 
of Spargrove, Somerset, gent.), subsequently a 
royalist colonel, and died in 1644, probably father 
of John 164X. See Foster's Jnns of Court Reg. 
& Gardiner, 21. [X5] 

Bisse, Edward, s. Thomas, of Weston, Somerset, 
sacerd. All Souls' COLL., matric a May, 1634, 
aged 19; B.A. 29 Jan., X634-S, brother of Thomas 

Bisse, Edward, & PhiL, of Bristol (city), gent. St. 
Edmund Hall, subscribed 17 May, 1698, aged x6 ; 
RA. X4 Feb., X70X-2, M.A. 1710, vicar of Portbury 
and of Easton in Gordano, Somerset, 1706. See 
Foster's Index Ecclesiastieus. 

Bisse. Frauds. New Inn Hall, matric. 23 May, 

Bisse, George, a. Edward, of Batcombe, Somerset, 
arm. St. Alban Hall, matria 9 April, 1641, aged 
X7 ; a student of the inner Temple 164Z. See Fos- 
ter's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bisse, Georee, s. G(eorge), of Engliscombe, Somerset, 
genL Wadham Coll., matric. 2 June, 1671. aged 
16; scholar X67Z, B.A. 6 Feb., 1674-5, died x6 
March following. See Gardiner, 289. [ao] 

' Bisse, James, of Somerset, pleb. Magdalen Coll., 
matric. -entry under date X57X, aged X9 ; demy 1569- 
75, B.A. z April, XS73, fellow ZS74-84, M.A. 25 
June, X577 (incorp. at Cambridge 1581), sup. for 
licence to preach 1583, B and D.D. ao Jan., 1595 6, 
canon of wells 1583, suh^lean 1585, rector of Mells, 
Somerset, X583-9, vicar of Bishops Lydiard 1586-9, 
and rector of Christian Malford, Wilts, X590-X607, 
and of Blagdon X597, until his death in X607 (que^ 
student of the Middle Temple 1565. as son and heir 
of John, of Stocklane, Somerset). See Foster's Inns 
of Court Reg. ; Ath., ii. 26 ; Bloxam, iv. Z74 ; ft 
Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus, 

Bisse, James (Bysse), of Somerset, arm. Magdalen 
Coll., matric. ax June, X583, aged x6 ; one of these 
names rector of Crosoombe 1623, and perhaps father 
of William X626. 

Bisse, James, s. Edward, of Bruton, Somerset, genL 
Trinity Coll., matric. Z4 March, Z672-3, aged 

Bisse, James, s. James, p.p. Brasenose Coll., 
matric. x6 OcL, 1677, aged 18 ; B.A. X683. 

BiSfiie, James, s. Edward, of West Ham, Essex, gent 
Wadham Coll., matric. 30 Tune, 1687, aged X7; 
scholar X689, B.A. 169X, exhibitioner X687, etc., 
M.A. X9 Jan., i693-4, fellow 1695, B.Med. 1697, 
D.Med. X70X, bom m Aug., X669, entered Merchant 
Taylors' School X683 ; of Codiooie, Herts, where he 
died 22 Oct , X748, aged 80. See Robinson, 1- Jii ; 
& Gardiner, 352. [asj 

Bisse, John (Bysse), chaplain ; B.C.L. (sup. 25 Jan.) 

Bisse, John, of Magdalen Hall B. A. z6 May, Z569, 
M.A. xoOct, 1573. 

Bisse, John, 'cler. fil.' Wadham Coll., matric. 28 
March, X655, scholar in 1655. as of Lullington, 
Somerset, aged X7; BA. Z5 Feb., X657-8 (son of 
Thomas), rector of Oldbury-on -the- Hill 1660. buried 
Z9 July, 1686, father of Philip Bisse, bishop of Here- 
ford. See Foster's Index Bcclaiasticus & Gardiner, 

Bisse, Philip (Bysse), B.Can.L. (sup. Z3 July) 1533, 
one of these names rector of Stanton Priors, Somer- 
set, iq3X. Sec Weaver. 

Bisse, niilip, B.A. 28 June, X560 ; fellow of Brase- 
nose Cull. X56X, M.A. 20 Oct., X564 ; fellow of 
Magdalen Coll., B.D. X4 July. Z569. D.D. 8 July, 
X580, incorp. at Cambridge 1581 (son of Richara, of 
Stokeland. Somerset), rector or Batcombe 1564, 
vicar of Wiveliscombe Z572, sub«dean and canon of 
Wells X57X, archdeacon of Taunton X584. until his 
death 28 Oct., X613, aged 7a, buried at Batcombe, 
Somerset. See Foster's Index Ecclesiasticus & 
Fasti, i. 2x6. [SO] 

Bisse, Philip, subscribed 3 June, z6x4; B.A. from 
Wadham Coll. 5 July, x6x9, a student of the 
Middle Temple zrao, as 3rd son of Edward, of 
Spargrove, Somerset, esquire; brother of Edward 
x6x4, and of Upton Z614. See Foster's Inns of 
Court Reg. 

Bisse, Philip, 8. Samuel, of Wells, Somerset, gent. 
Wadham Coll., matric. 3 July, X629, aged 17, 
scholar X629-32; B.A. from Magdalen Coll. xo 
Nov., X632, B.C.L. 29 April, X634, vicar of Pound- 
stock X637-40, archdeacon of Cloyne X64X, murdered 
by the Irish X642. See Cotton's FasH EccL Hib., i. 
3x9 ; & Gardiner, xoi. 

Bisse, Philip, s. J(ohn), of Oldbury*on-the-Hil1, co. 
Gloucester, cler. NEW Coll., natric. 15 June, 
z686, aged x8 ; B.A. 1690, M.A. 15 Jan., X693-4, 
B. and D.D. 29 Jan., x705-6, F.R.S., bishop of St 
David's X7X0. and of Hereford 17x3, until his death 
at Westminster 6 Sept, 1721, brother of Thomas 
Z69X. See Rawtinsou, L z66^, and xvi. Z99 ; Heame. 
i. 284;&Z>.MA 

Bisse, Ralph (Bysse) ; fellow New Coll. Z5X0, from 
St Michael's. Stoke^ Somerset, B.A. 3 July, 15x4, 
M. A. — June, 15^8* <l>«<i u^ <53o> 

[ 131 ] 9-2 

Robert Bisse. 

1500 — 1714. 

Lancelot Blackburne, 

BiBse, Robert (Bysse), fellow of All Souls' Coll. 
1503, B.C.L. ; B.Can.L. 24 Oct, 1507, D.CL. 
(sup. zo Dec.) 1507, incorp. as Robert Byst, D.C.L., 
^in Curia Romaaa' a Nov., 1513. D.Can.L. (sup. 3 
April) 15 19, principal of Henxsey Hall 1514, vicar- 
general to the bishop of Bath and Wells 1524, had 
cure of Frome-Braunche Sl Catherine 1514, rector 
of Greinton and Batcombe 1534, and vicar of Mud- 
ford 2539, all in Somerset, ' a great pluralist,' canon 
of Wells 1537, died about Dea, 1546. See Wtaver 
& FasHt L ^9. 

Slsse, Samuel (Bysse), of Somerset, gent. Magda- 
len Coll., matric ax June, 1583, aged la ; demy 
1585-94, B.A. II Feb., Z590-Z, M.A. 4 July, 1594, 
See BloxatHt iv. 324. 

Bisse, Thomas, of Somerset, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matiic.-«ntry under date aa Dea, 1576, aged 

Bisse, Thomas, EA. from All Soitls' Coll. 13 Feb., 
1595-6, M.A. XQ Oct, 1599; incorp. at Cambridge 
X607, canon of Wells X609, rector of Elingdon. alias 
Wroughton, Wilts, 161 1, and of Weston-super-Mare 
x6ia, and vicar of Weare, Somerset, 1637, preb. of 
Bristol X613, until his death in 1633, father of 
Edward x^, and of Thomas next named. See 
Le Nwe, i. 3s8 ; & Foster's Index EecUsiasticus. 

Bisse, Thomas, s. Samuel, of Somerset, preb. of Wells. 
St. Alban Hall, matria 13 Dec., X633, aged 19; 
B.A. 38 Jan., 1633^, one of these names rector of 
Oldbury, oa Gloucester, X641. See Foster's Index 
Ecclesuutieus. [5] 

Bisse, Thomas, B,A. from Oriel Coll. 34 Jan., 

3isse, Thomas, s. J(ohn), of Oldbury, co. Gloucester, 
- der. New Coll., matric. «> Sept, X691, aged z6; 
fellow of Corpus Christi Coll., B.A. 1695, M.A. 
3 March, 1698-9. B.D. 1708. D.D. 37 Jan., Z713-X3, 
preacher at the Rolls Chapel, London, 171c, preb. tk 
Hereford 17x3, chancellor X716, rector of Cradley 
and a portion of Ledbury X713, and of Weston- 
iinder-Penvard, co. Hereford, X716, died 33 April, 
1731. age« 56. brother of Philip x686. See D.N.B, ; 
Xawhnson, i. 344, and il. 1x3; & Foster's Index 

Bisse, Upton, subscribed 3 June, x6x4, B.A. from 
Wadham Coll. 3 July, x6i6, M.A. 39 Jan., i6ao- 
31 (son of Edward, of Spargrove). rector of Alms- 
ford, Somerset, x63o, brother of Upton. See Fos- 
ter's Index Ecclesiastiau & Gardiner, 33. 

Bisse, Walter (Bysse). of Wilts, pleb. Magdalen 
Hall, matric. 36 Feb., X607-8. aged 10; B.A. 38 
May, 161 1, rector of Bishopstrowe, Wilts, X619. 
See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 

Bisse, William (Bysse|, principal of St Alban's Hall 
x^o7, until his death so Jan., X509-10, buried in 
Merton College. See Guich, i. 37. [10] 

BisS3, William (B^se). M.A. of Cambridge (sup. 15 
July) 1567. for moorporation (query D.D.) (sup. in 

^, July) ^7^ 

Bisse, William, s. James, of Croscombe, Somerset, 
sacerd. CORPUS Christi Coll., matric 14 July, 
1636, aged x6; M.A. from Brasenose Coll. 9 
May, X633. rector of East Quantoxhead. Somerset, 
1633, canon of Wells X635. See Foster's Index 

Bissell, Charles, pleb. Magdalen Hall, matric. 
33 July, 1656; B.A. X659. 

Bissell, Daniel, of Sussex, pleb. St. Alban Hall, 
matri& X3 Oct, X615, aged x6. 

Bissell, Joseph, s. George, of Portsmouth, Hants, 
gent Balliol Coll., matric. xo July, 17x3, aged 
x6 ; a student of the Inner Temple X711 (his father's 
name as Charles). See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. 

Bissell, Samuel, s. William, of Hilltop, par Ledbury, 
CO. Hereford, gent. St. Alban hall, matric. 30 
Feb., 1683-4, "g«i 18 : B.A. X687. [i«] 

Bissell, Timothy, s. Daniel, of Gilford, Surrey, pleb., 
p.p. Maqdalbn Colu matric. aa May, 1663, 

Bisson, John, of Dorset. • der. fil.' Christ Church, 
roatnc. 39 Oct, XS85, aged ax ; B.A X3 June. X588. 

Bisson, Thomas, s. George, of Salisbury, Wilts, pleb. 
Oriel Coll., matric. xa Dec., X633, aged x8 ; B.A. 
8 July, X626. 

Bisson, William (or Bysson). of Dorset 'der. fiL' 
Christ Church, matric. 8 July, X586, aged X7 ; 
B.A. 3X March, X588-9, M.A. 9 June, X593, rector 
of a mediety t>f Okeford Shilling or ShiUiogstooe. 
Dorset, X597. See Foster's Index Ecclesiastuus, 

Biston, Richard, of London, pleb. St. John's Coll.^ 
matric. Nov., X58X, aged x8 (called Byestone in 
Mat, Eeg.) ; B.A. from St. Mary Hall aa Tune. 
X584: M.A. from St. Edmund Hall 13 June, 
X588 (as Biston), one of these names vicar of 
Valding, Kent, X59(S. See Foster's Index Ecclesias^ 


; li.D. 

Biston, Thomas (Bystone), Augustinian canon 

(sup. a8 March) x5ao. 
Bitzord, John (Bytforde or Bidforde). B,A. (sup. ax 

June) XS33, B.C.L. (sup. Feb.) 1535-6. 
Bitzord, John, B.A. 34 July, X538, M.A. {sap. Mich. 

term) xua 
Blaby, John. M.A. (sup. in March) 1509. [25] 

Blaby, Tristram, of co. Worcester, pleb. St. Mary 

Hall, matric. -entry under date 37 March, 1579, 

aged X3 ; rector of Broadwas, co. Worcester, X586. 

See Foster's Index EccUsiasticus. 
Blaohford, Robert, s. R., of Newport, Isle of Wight, 

gent. Exeter Coll. , matric. 36 Nov. , X669. aged 18. 
Blaohford, Robert, s. Christopher, of Totnes, Devon, 

pleb. Hart Hall, matric. 33 Nov., X7X4. aged 

x8; B.A. X7X8. as John. 

Blaokaller. See abo Backaller. 

Blaokaller, George, s. George, of co. York. Corpus 
Chkisti Coll., matric. X3 July, X638, aged 17; 
•senr.,' a A. from University Coll. 7 July, 1642. 
rector of Etton, Yorks, x66o. See Foster's Index 
EccUsiasticus, [30J 

Blaokaller, George, • serviens.' University Coll. . 
matric. xo March, x656-7; B.A. x66o, rector of 
Otterhampton, Somerset, X685. See Foster's Index 

Blaokaller, Henry, gent Exeter Coll., matric. 
X9 May, X6S9. 

Blaokaller, William, s. Rob., of Abingdon, Berks, 
gent. i'i£MBROKE Coll., nnairic. xo Dec, 16B0, 
aeed x6; a A. X684, M.A. 1687. 

BlaCKamore, Arthur, s. An., of London, pleb. 
Christ Church, matric. 7 May, 1695, aged xd. 

Blackbome, John, s. William, of Billings, co. Lan- 
caster, genL Brasenose Coll., matric 19 Junr, 
X640, aged x8 ; B.A. 38 Nov., X644. B.D. ai Oct, 
x663, brother of William X636, and Richard X633. 

Blackbome, John, 'pauperis.' Brasenose Coll., 
matric. 13 March, x667-8, aged 17; B.A. 1671, 
M.A. X674. B.D. X6S4. D.D. 1704. rector of Si. 
Martin, alias Carfax, in Oxford, X686-93. and of 
Stoke Bruerne, Northants, 1693, until his death, 
burjed 38 April. See Foster's Index Ecc. [S6l 

Blaokbnme, John, s. Tho., of Rocktord. Cheshire, 
pleb. Brasenose Coll., matric. 15 March. X694-5, 
aged x6. 

Blacicbame, John, s. J(onathan), of Orford, ca 
Lancaster, arm. Brasenose Coll. , matric. 8 April, 
X713, aged X7 ; a student of the Middle Temple 1712, 
lord of the manor of Warrington by purchase. di«i 
30 Dea, X786. See Foster's Inns of Court Reg. & 
Lancashire ColUction, 

Blackbome, Lancelot, s. Richard, of London, geoL 
Christ Church, matric. ao Oct, 1676, aged 17; 
student X676, B.A. x68o, M.A. by decre? of convo- 
cation 38 Jan., 1683-4, being then abroad in the 
kiug's service at Nevis, bom 10 Dec., x6^. rector of 
Camerton, Somerset, X684-97, and of Calstock, ' 
Cornwall, X697, vicar of Alternon. Cornwall, 1699, 
preb. of Exeter X69X, subdean x695-X7oa, 1704-5. 
canon residentiary X700, dean 2705. aichdeacon oi ' 
Cornwall zyxs, chaplain to the king, bishop of Exeier 

[ 132 ] 

Richard Blackburne. 


William Blacrmorb. 

Z717. and lord high almoner 1723, and archbishop 
of York 1724, until bis death 33 March, Z743-3, 
buried in St. Margaret's. Westminster. See Ram- 
linsom^ L 299, zx. 59 ; Ath.^ iv. 66z ; Alumni IVest., 
178 : Foster's Imdex EccUsiasticus ; ft D.N.B, 
Blackbome, Richard, s. William, of Billmg. co. 
Lancaster, gent Brasenosb Coll*, matri& 15 
Feb.. 1632-3. aged ai ; B.A. 5 July, 1636, brother of 
John 1640, and William 1626. 

Blackbome, Thomas, s. William, of Blackley Hurst, 
CO. Lancaster, gent Bkasbnose Coll., matria 
22 Nov., 1639, aged 18 ; B.A. 7 Feb., 1642-3, B.D. 
13 Sept, x66z. See Foster's Lancashire Collection 
& Bmrroms, 168. 

Blackbtime, William, s. AVniiam, of Billing, co. 
Lancaster, pleb. Brasenosb Coll., matri& 20 
Oct., z6a6, aged 17, RA. zo July, Z628 ; M.A. from 
St. John's Coll. 26 May, Z63Z, incorp. at Cam- 
bridge Z633. vicar of Charlbunr, Oxon, Z64Z, brother 
of John z640k and Richard Z633, etc See